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Tonight I have something so very special to share with everyone.  The following is written by Wanda June Hill personally for me to post on this website.  She and I have become good friends and she does KNOW now that Jesse really is Elvis Presley.  I have not mentioned this before because I did not, and DO NOT want anyone giving her any static because of her friendship with me and her support now of the truth which I have been telling on this site for the past 5 years.  Jesse and I have spoken of Wanda at length, he has told me several private things to tell her that she would recall from back all those years ago when they were such close friends.  Wanda has been reading my site, listening to Jesse’s new songs, has read Jesse’s book recently, has read many of the letters handwritten by him here on my site and she does know the truth.  She is very happy that Elvis did find a way out and that he has been alive all these years living as near to normal, as possible, a life.  Wanda recalls him talking to her so many, many times about the troubles with which he was dealing, the health issues which needed to be taken care of, of wishing he could go back to being the person that he was BEFORE he became ELVIS…saying “if I can even remember who that was“, and telling her how weary and tired he was of being ELVIS. 

Wanda was astounded to read in Jesse’s letters so many of the same things that he had spoken to her in private all those years ago.  As you may recall, I have pointed out a few times the fact that he wrote a good-bye letter to her in very early August 1977 (on the 3rd if I recall correctly) and then held it until time to mail it so that it would hopefully arrive to her on the 16th.  Well, she did receive it on the 15th instead.  I have since the very first time I saw that letter been absolutely convinced that he did that on purpose as a clue to her of what he had done.  When I mentioned this to him recently, he said “I didn’t think anybody noticed that!”  and sounded pleased that I did.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Wanda for preparing the following endorsement of Jesse, the truth on my website, and myself.  She chose to do this on her own with no request from me that she write it.  Jesse did say quite a while back when we were speaking of Wanda that he was so glad that she and I were becoming friends and that he hoped that she would stand up for me.  I immediately said to Jesse “Oh no, she can’t do that!  They would come after both of us.”  I feel so very honored and blessed to be friends with Wanda who has been a hero of mine since 1990 when I first learned of and bought her books.  She has been the most beautiful friend to him and has stood up and proclaimed what a wonderful man Elvis was just as I do now.  She and I share a mission of educating people about the real man.  A lot of the image we see and hear about today is so far removed from the real man.  So many in the media, so many former associates “friends”,  former family members, and just plain greedy authors and journalists have portrayed Elvis in such a way that even the real image, not to mention the real man, has been buried beneath so many lies.  I suppose that people who feel inadequate and small within themselves seek to drag someone of Elvis’s stature and magnitude down to a level that they can relate to themselves. 

I do ask that everyone be respectful of Wanda and her privacy.  A word to the wise is sufficient:  To all the “Elvis Experts“, Memphis Mafia, Stanleys, Wests, Hebler, etc. do not even try to discredit Wanda.  Many of you know that she was there for 15 years and she saw what some of you were doing at the hotel behind Elvis’ back.   Elvis told her private things about some of you.  Wanda has been a great lady in not wasting her time refuting your lies.  She has been stronger than I.  Some of you have told vicious and slanderous untrue things about Wanda which were nothing but the creations of your evil imaginations.  Wanda has, at all times, been nothing but a true friend to Elvis and a lady in every sense of the word. 

Those who have read all of Wanda’s books and followed her on the Elvis Lighted Candle site know that she has the handwriting, the voice of Elvis speaking with her, the phone bills proving that she was speaking with Elvis.  She turned down some huge offers to publish her book by publishers who wanted to include the private tapes of her conversations with Elvis.  She didn’t bat an eye and told them firmly “NO!”  She has always kept those tapes confidential and will never release them.  My respect for Wanda is endless.

So, without further adieu, please enjoy reading Wanda’s statement below.  I am so very honored to present this to my visitors.

” I, Wanda June Hill, have known for many years and in recent months, have become a friend and full believer of Mrs. Linda Hood Sigmon who runs a wonderful website for Elvis Jesse Presley, otherwise known as “ELVIS” in all his glory. And I also know that Elvis goes by just Jesse now, that he approves her site and wants it to remain so he can know his fans are happy and enjoy it…just as he does. And that he now knows that I know “he made it”! ”

For many years I believed, because Elvis wanted me to– that he did die physically, however I now know that ELVIS did die, but only in the sense that he stopped “being”  Elvis the super star just to have a more normal life.  After all those many years of being ELVIS he was worn out, tired of spirit and body, he was killing himself and would have died had he not had the balls to say- “That’s it!  I’m outta here!  I can’t do this anymore!”  Sometimes people have to take drastic measures in order to survive mentally and physically.  His body was failing him, he had ill health a lot and had often worked feeling terrible, but he still did it the best he could; his mind was unable to shut off and sleep like a “normal person’s” and he was on a roller coaster of sleeping pills and stimulants to wake up and that was whipping him to death. He had to decide-  So he retired…but to do it he had to “kill off the image “ELVIS!” to save his life.  Do I think he was wrong?  NO WAY!  And he did not owe his fans any thing at all- he gave them everything he had already.  Only very few people knew of this plan…and I was NOT one of them. I believed, just as most of the world did.  I have recently found out and realize he just found a way to live, and I am so glad!

He was not the first man of public fame to choose to “die in order to live”…and he won’t be the last one either! 

We, the people, give them no other choice; think about it….

Thanks to Linda Sigmon, and her wonderful and honest website he was able to have a “voice” if he wanted to through her site.  Yes, she has known him for many, many years and of him even longer.  That is their business, not ours.  BUT we still had all the records, tapes, film and great memories…not many people lose a beloved one and have left what Elvis gave to us.  I appreciate it…and now even more, since I know he made the choice …to have a normal life…the life he left when he was not even 20 years old.  As he and his father say, “It came like a bolt of lightening…and changed their lives forever”…Gladys, Vernon’s and their surviving boy, Elvis.  Thank the good Lord for allowing him to live…for giving him that beautiful voice, for letting him grow up and be one of the very few men who are unforgettable and for letting us, his fans be here on earth at the same time he was!  After our generation there will not be people here who remember the living human being who became “ELVIS!”   Almost over night.

 So he is Jesse now, and tries to lead a more normal life and yet he still has to “hide” from the public, the press, and his enormous fan base that stretches around the world.  THE WORLD!  …is that a heavy weight or not? Think about it; it’s still “tied” to his ankle!

If you do not believe that Elvis did not physically die, go to her site and listen to: “The Dance”, a song not even written when the world knew that Elvis was still upon this earth.  And there he is, singing to us, his last farewell to all of his beloved fans.  Now that he knows he is growing old…he says he “could die any day“…but he left us a legacy of musical genius and it was recorded, just for you. And he had to “die” just to have a more normal life…as you do, and I do…but he could not unless he went in hiding- which meant giving up everything that life gave him and meant to him…and so he did…By dying publicly, with the normal process of death…Just so he could rest and live a quiet, unassuming and wonderful life…as …just a man….who as he says, “Had a famous brother…”

If you, the reader, don’t get it, don’t understand and have ill will and thoughts about it…it is YOUR problem and not Linda’s and not his!  He paid for every minute he lived here, with his talent, his voice and his honesty and concern for his fans, “the folks who gave me all of this..” he would say, “God, bless their hearts!”  And she does all that she has done, without making one cent off doing it. In fact, it costs a small fortune to keep all that information going. It’s not done for free, and she does not get paid for doing it…other than the wonderful appreciation she receives from those who want to know…”truth shines“, said E long ago,  and he’s still right!

For all those who want to be naysayers and blast their negative opinions around the world, have fun but look out, negativity can often come back- and bite your ass.  I am going to spend my time being happy he’s still here, that he had a good life away from those blinding spotlights that caused blinding headaches, and those so called reporters reviews etc.. And even, those who feel betrayed- that he managed to find a way…just to —live.  

To all those many fans who bought my earlier books, they were as full of him as I could make them.  I wanted his fans to know the man, behind the myth.  I believed he died; I didn’t want him forgotten and I wanted to leave something for all his fans to read and be proud of the guy we knew.  I’d do it again, and I am thrilled to learn that he ‘found a way’ and he is happy, enjoying simple everyday things that we take for granted, and that he lived here with us longer than we ever expected.  God works in mysterious ways!  Thank you Lord Jesus, for sending one of your own down here to entertain us, show us a loving heart, guide us with his example and teach us with his wise and generous spirit.  “Life don’t get any better’n this!” Said he, when speaking of an award he’d received for one of his recordings… he was in his 30’s at that time…he’s still saying it today…because of YOU, who still keep him at the top- he knows you are out there…and as always, when he kneels to pray, which he says is getting  harder due to his age, he prays for you-his fans….he always did.

Thank you,

Wanda June Hill

 Sincerely a fan; and always a friend…


There is one other thing that I would like to clarify regarding Wanda.  Some low-life imposter wrote a note to Wanda several months ago pretending to be Elvis.  I told Jesse about it and he said he DID NOT write that letter and he was not one bit happy that someone had tried to fool her that way.  The postmark on the letter was Kansas City, Mo.  So, you know who you are, and don’t you think for even one second that it was your pitiful fake letter that convinced Wanda that Jesse is Elvis.  The last laugh is on you, you miserable so-and-so.


SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2014

I wrote to Wanda June Hill asking for permission to post something from her material.  She sent me the following statement of permission for me to use anything which she has written or spoken regarding her close friendship with Elvis prior to August 16, 1977.   I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the time and hard work which she has put into telling the truth about Elvis (who IS now Jesse).  Her books, without a doubt, have been the most meaningful books about Elvis which I have ever read.  I so very highly recommend them to everyone. 

Below is the link to Amazon.com from which you may purchase her first book “WE REMEMBER, ELVIS


We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback

We Remember Elvis Wanda June Hills book

by Wanda June Hill (Author)

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added,because after 25 years, Elvis’ dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn’t know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

Also, I am sharing the web site from which you may download for FREE her second book:

Elvis – Face to Face

With love by Wanda June Hill

and a Few Friends


—–Original Message—–
From: Wanda June
To: lhsig
Sent: Sat, May 31, 2014 10:55 am







I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Hill who has been one of my heroes since 1990 when I first learned of, and bought her wonderful books.



I understand that there have been those who were associated with Elvis who have made untrue statements about Wanda June Hill and her 15-year friendship with Elvis.  Certain crude individuals have called her names, etc.  Jesse asked me, the first time that Wanda’s name came up in one of our conversations if I knew why one of his former associates was so mean to Wanda.  This same individual had come here to my website to attack me also.  So, I told Jesse that ML is mean to everyone.  I have told Wanda that, by asking me this question, it shows that Jesse has been aware of things going on involving Wanda and the publication of her book “We Remember, Elvis“.  Elvis never forgot his friends and he still doesn’t.

I am very happy to share a recording with my visitors.  Below is an 18+ minute tape of Elvis speaking with Wanda June Hill…prior to 1977, of course.  He had agreed to let Wanda interview him in conjunction with a student who was working on a course project.   You will hear Wanda tell him that she is going to do the conversation as an interview, you will hear her ask Elvis if this is taking too much of his time and he says no “I agreed.”  Near the end, you will hear Wanda tell him that, when he listens to the master copy, she will cut out anything that he wants to be removed from the interview.

I hope this tape will put to rest any lies being told that Wanda has lied and that she did not know Elvis.  Also, I want to make certain that everyone understands that Wanda has had no direct contact with Elvis nor Jesse since August 16, 1977.  All of her contact with Jesse has been through me.   Wanda DOES NOT know any way to contact Elvis/Jesse…nor does she know where he is located nor how to reach him.  I stress this fact because of the calls which she received last week from the two “reporters“.  I seriously doubt that the two men who pestered her were really reporters.  I think I know who was behind the calls and they need not bother Wanda or anyone else anymore.  There is NO ONE who will tell them a single solitary syllable about Jesse…nothing more than what is on my website.  So, MM, JC, GF, AJR, etc. just give it a rest!!!!

I know everyone will enjoy this special treat.  Elvis gave some wonderful insight into the man behind the image in his own words. I have had the tape from which I selected the following excerpts since 1990 and it has always been one of my favorite things…very meaningful to me.

I thank Wanda and Jesse, from the bottom of my heart, for giving their permission for me to share this taped material on my site.


MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2015

The following is a statement written by my good friend, Wanda June Hill.  Wanda has asked me to post her statement here on my site and I am very pleased to do so.  My heartfelt thanks as always, Wanda.

LINDA, if you can and will, please put this on your site…and include my name clearly.  I just felt I should say something-
I am tired of hearing people gripe and carry on because he isn’t “available” for comment and they think they own him
and his time.  that he OWES them a statement. ?????
I have something I would like to say- to all those people out there who refuse to consider the facts.
They rave about Elvis in every way but the right way; so he was human, like all of us are including the
one’s who keep being in denial.  He gave us his all, for as long as he could; being human he had health
issues; he needed to stop beating his body up entertaining us, his “greedy” fans who wanted to keep
seeing him perform.  He happened to be beautiful of face and form and talented to the point of being
nearly “unbelievably handsome” as many women fans have stated time and again.  And he had charm, talent
and personality as well as good looks.  Sure, we wanted him “out there” for us forever…
He was a human being, one of two, and he is the one who survived a difficult birth to grow and become
ELVIS, a name that the world knows, even in countries who do not speak nor understand English.  Nor
have they ever seen him in person…
As a fellow human being, and one who worked hard and had his “profession”, Elvis over worked his body and he
ended up paying the price in pain and misery.  He also was battling internal problems since he had a deformity
of his intestines, the result of being the surviving twin.  He lived, he became ELVIS and he wanted to give his
fans everything he could when he performed.  And then he was gone…said to have died at home in his bathroom.
Unfortunately, his fans cannot fathom that he might have managed to save himself by “dying” and escaping the
trap he had made for himself by being such a showman on stage.  He began to age, he had health problems that
all humans develop through the aging process. He never wanted to be old and unable to perform in the manner
he enjoyed, so he “died” publicly and for all times.  He was the “dead king” and his fans mourned.  They still do.
Some however have decided that since that was not the “truth”…he should come back and face his fans… Why?
He owes them nothing; he gave his all and more when he was out performing for them.  He left his legacy of records
and film…he did his job and did it so well, his fans thought they should know everything about him, their “dead” king.
Why they feel that way, I don’t know.  However, I do know that the only one who owns ELVIS is God himself, just as
He owns us all, even the non-believers.  Think about it.
I wanted to say that we as human beings need to care more about those who come, give us their life’s blood via their
ability to entertain us, give us joy, fun and a sense of happiness when we need it the most…  Why can’t we all accept
that they are not “owned by us” but come and do their job for us, because they want to make us happy and give us
relief from our daily cares through their hard work and abilities?  ELVIS did that, he surrendered his own needs to
give us pleasure and happiness.  We loved him on stage, listened to him on recordings and watched his films and were
happy to do so.  But we do not own him, the man behind that image.   If he has managed to find a way to have a life
and is still here with us on this planet…that is wonderful!  Who could not agree?
My point is, stop looking for him; let him have his life as he wanted it to be. “I’m just a normal guy, like everyone else, 
really,” he would say, and he meant it, lived it and enjoyed it.  And on the side, his job was being ELVIS.  People can’t
seem to accept that he needed to be “jus’ a regular guy, goin’ to work ‘n comin’ home when it’s done.
He sure would appreciate it.
wanda june hill

Sat, Mar 28, 2015, 9:17 pm


Please be sure to visit and read the below interview with my friend Wanda June Hill who was a close friend of Elvis’ for 15 years until he left on August 16, 1977.

Gary James interview with Wanda June Hill

Below is the link to the entire interview:



My dear best friend, MJ, shared the below 1980’s National Enquirer article with me to share here on my site.  This article was very interesting to me because of the friendship which I share with Wanda June Hill.  As you will see, at the time of this interview, Wanda did not know that Elvis did not die.  She did not come to full knowledge of the truth until she and I became acquainted back those many years ago.

Wanda had spoken with me about Elvis’s “beings of light” who showed him “a man in a white suit dancing on stage” when he was a small child and he did not know, at that time, that it was himself who he was being shown.

I apologize for the misalignment of the text at the bottom of the above article copy.  This article was a little too large for one scan and I had to create the two separate copies and join them.


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