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Below you may listen to all 15 of the songs on the Elvis Found Alive CD.  This is a YouTube channel and the songs will play in a loop all the way through all of the songs.

Highway 61 – Topic

Published on Jan 3, 2015




Before you begin enjoying the articles on this page, I have a new and important announcement.

I am so very pleased and honored to have the privilege of sharing a professionally created voice analysis of Jesse’s voice on the 15-song CD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE to which this page (which you are currently reading) is  largely  devoted. 

A wonderful visitor to our site has already shared a shorter version of his voice analysis of Jesse’s CD which was shared recently on our Messages to Jesse page and subsequently on my Current News and Events  page Nov. 2015 – cont’d.  After the positive reaction by myself and so many others, Daniel Vållberg, has spent so much of his time and expertise creating a much more in-depth analysis of Jesse’s voice on the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD. Mr. Vållberg is a professional music composer, producer and audio engineer whose vast experience qualifies him to give a knowledgeable evaluation of Jesse’s voice based upon sound scientific facts as well as other audible means of identification of one’s voice.

I want to be certain that no visitor leaves this page without taking time to visit the new page which is devoted solely to Mr. Vållberg’s very detailed document.  Below is the link to my new page which is titled: 



This document is well worth the reader’s time to thoroughly analyze and reach your own conclusion.  Jesse’s voice on this CD is the voice of Elvis Aron Presley.  Jesse confirmed this fact to me back in 2012 after the CD came out in January of that year.  I withheld listening to the CD so I would not have my opinion formed one way or the other until Jesse himself told me that it really is him on the CD.


I have adopted this song as my “theme song” because of the people who keep coming around wanting to start trouble.  LOL

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

“Talking, squealing, lying” 

“You really can’t make him hate her,

so your tongue becomes a razor”

“Talking, squealing, spying”

Highway 61 – Topic

Published on Jan 3, 2015

Provided to YouTube by Music Video Distributors Inc. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ · Highway 61


Please do take time to listen to this “fantabulous” song:

Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Elvis and Jesse another comparison

ELVIS 1970 to Jesse


Below is the list of the songs from the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD.  This is the image of the back cover of the album.



Interesting speech by Mayor of Shelby County.  This was not this years birthday celebration ceremony.  Mayor Luttrell left his office as mayor in 2018 after serving two four-year terms…so it could have been the “Elvis Found Alive” album to which he was referring.  I certainly hope so!  He would have taken office as Mayor in 2010 and the album came out in December, 2011.

Elvis Found Alive by Jon Burrows on Apple Music

Dec 6, 2011 – Album · 2011 · 15 Songs

To further pinpoint the year of this speech:

The Guest House at Graceland Opens



A visitor to our Messages For Jesse page, Christina,  has found a very good and important YouTube video.  This video is an interview with the actress Celeste Yarnall who appeared in movies with Elvis and who became a friend who knew him well and, more importantly, understood a lot about him and how he thought. 

In this interview she speaks quite a lot about Elvis.  The most interesting part of this interview is that she speaks about meeting “Jon Burrows” during the filming of ELVIS FOUND ALIVE.  You will hear her say that she signed a confidentiality agreement concerning what she learned during the filming of that movie.  She states that she did meet a man named “Jon Burrows” who sounds like Elvis, looks like Elvis, and who knew things that only Elvis would know.  One can surmise from all she says that the man she met was actually Elvis Presley…which we do know to be true because Jesse wrote it in his own letter and told me so during our phone conversations.

Of course, this is right in line with what Jesse told me about the film.  You may read Jesse’s two page letter which he wrote to me to be posted on this site.  Further down on this page you may read his handwritten letter detailing how he came to be involved in the making of that movie/documentary.  When Joel Gilbert first released the movie on DVD, he did call it a “documentary”.  However, the critics, who always rear their ugly heads, caused such a stink about it that he changed the description to “mockumentary”.   

Here is the link to the Celeste Yarnall interview which I know you will enjoy: 

Celeste Yarnall (Star Trek) at Wonder Con 2012

Reality Check TV

Reality Check TV Published on Feb 18, 2013

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012

For many years, people have been very skeptical and unkind regarding the fact that Jesse uses a voice distortion device when he calls me.  This has never bothered me in the least because I can still detect that it is his voice. As I have stated so many times, he has proven to me repeatedly that he is Elvis Presley during the past 21 years.

I have always understood why Jesse uses the voice distortion device.  It is because, earlier, he did speak with people on the phone without the distortion device and his private conversations were taped and used for various material purposes.

Now, a DVD trailer is on YouTube where everyone may actually hear his unaltered voice.

I have been posting much information about the DVD and the comments which Jesse has made to me about it and finally a two page handwritten letter from Jesse explaining about this DVD.

It actually is Elvis/Jesse’s voice on the DVD.  However, the producer wrote a script which Jesse read from a TelePrompter and therefore the statements made by him are not the truth.

The producer followed Jesse for months and finally cornered him.  Because the producer had so much proof that Jesse is Elvis and threatened to expose him, Jesse did an interview which lasted almost 2 hours.

I detest the manner in which the producer went about tracking Jesse down and making him to feel that he was being blackmailed into lending his voice to this guy’s film.

Jesse is not at all pleased that they chose someone else to portray him in the finished film.  They had originally filmed Jesse in silhouette,  but chose to have an imposter portray him in the film…someone with their face blanked out.

I have been accused by a few of having a part in a “scam” because I have suggested that those, who are interested, purchase the DVD so that they may actually hear Elvis/Jesse’s voice…the voice of the  man with whom I have been in touch since beginning back in 1992 (20 years).  My only interest in this DVD is sharing the truth about it being Elvis’/Jesse’s voice in order that the fans may have access to hearing him speak after 34 years.

I detest the methods employed by the producer, Joel Gilbert.  However, I do believe that the fans deserve to hear the actual voice of Elvis recorded within the last several years…his voice as he sounds to this day.

Jesse wrote a two page letter for me to post on this site in order that he could substantiate me and to explain how the DVD with his actual voice came to be.

Below I shall copy and paste some of the material about this DVD which I have shown on my Current News and Events pages heretofore.  This will include Elvis/Jesse’s letter which is the most important item.

I am NOT telling anyone to go out and buy this DVD by any means.  That is strictly each person’s personal decision.  I will post below the link to the DVD trailer on YouTube where you may hear his voice without spending a cent.

I would be very happy if the producer did not make one cent off of this silly DVD because of the manner in which he obtained Jesse’s voice and because of the foolish manner in which he put the film together.  Jesse is not pleased with the end result himself.


Uploaded by  on Nov 30, 2011


ELVIS FOUND ALIVE – Movie Trailer (2012)

Nov 30, 2011

Joel Gilbert

New 2012 Film Release – Film Description: ELVIS has been FOUND, ALIVE! After visiting Graceland, Director Joel Gilbert made a Freedom of Information Act request for US government files on Elvis Presley. Incredibly, documents arrived from the FBI revealing an address for Federal Agent “Jon Burrows,” Elvis’ 1970’s alias, in Simi Valley, California. After a brief confrontation, Elvis agreed to chronicle the secret history of his life and “death” in an exclusive interview.

In Elvis Found Alive, Elvis reflects on his early life and career, and describes his admiration for his look-alike, comic book hero Captain Marvel Jr. He explains that social unrest in the late 1960’s and terrorism by the Weather Underground drove him to ask President Nixon to make him a Federal Agent. “If I could help save America, maybe it was my true destiny that God had prepared me for.”
Elvis reveals that he battled Weatherman Bill Ayers and the Mafia crime families during the 1970’s, leading to a faked death to go undercover. What followed was a long struggle to return to his singing career, and an Obama administration that is preventing it to this day. Elvis Presley remains the single most influential and respected figure in the history of Rock and Roll music. Today he is a symbol of America, as recognizable as the flag. Get ready, he’s back!

Here are the two pages of Jesse’s handwritten letter explaining about the DVD:


Below is the article which I wrote…including a timeline of how things unfolded between Jesse and I discussing this DVD.  He had no idea that it was even being released to the public until I asked  him about it on Friday, Feb. 3rd.  I caught him totally off guard and he lied to me and said that it was not him.  Nine days later, he called me back to apologize for lying to me originally and to explain to me some details of how this interview came to be done.  Finally, he wrote the above letter AFTER he had finally viewed the DVD for himself.  That was when he realized what a silly manner in which his voice had been used and his dismay that they used someone else to portray him physically in the film.


from my earlier articles on the Current News and Events pages:




I did receive Jesse’s letter today about the DVD. He has now watched it for the first time. The news is not good for the DVD and the people who produced it.

I am going to display just a bit of the letter so that you will know that I am telling the truth about receiving his letter…the excerpts which I show will discredit the DVD.

He is not happy with the DVD. He says that the person shown in the video is not him. So, I am very relieved to know that. I was having a very, very hard time convincing myself that it was him…even after he told me that it is him in the DVD. So, my initial denouncement of this person’s hands was correct.

Nor is the face on the DVD cover him. He writes: “ Please realize the only thing authentic is my voice which is really all they wanted.“ He states again that they had him reading from a teleprompter.

His letter is a long two page letter which also includes some personal things for me to read.

He says the whole DVD is “silly” and that he would never say those things about political people.

Now that I know all of this, it cast a very large shadow of doubt about the CD. 

This producer should be so ashamed of himself.

So, bottom line is this: If you want to hear Elvis’s voice, buy the DVD but don’t believe anything else shown in it. He said that he read from a teleprompter and that they used fact and fiction. This explains the contradictions between what he has always written in his private letters, the letters in the book, and the story told on the DVD. Please believe only that which he has written and said previously…NOT THE STORY IN THIS DVD.

Also, this definitely means that he has not promised to come out if Obama is not re-elected. So, please don’t hold on to any false hopes.

Below are smidgens from his letter:

So, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but other than the fact that they really did use Elvis’s voice, the DVD is a total scam.

Jesse writes that he is gaining nothing financially from this DVD. The only person reaping the income from this despicable use of Elvis/Jesse’s voice is the producer of this “MOCKumentary”. It is a cruel deception of the fans…just as I originally stated. The only change is that they blackmailed Jesse into doing the interview and misusing his voice.

So, I am back where I was before Jesse told me that it is him…denouncing the manner in which they have used Elvis/Jesse to make money.

Below is a tiny excerpt from his letter in which he apologized to me again for having to lie to me when I first asked him about the DVD.

He was totally forgiven before he ever apologized.


Because I am coming under further attacks by those who don’t believe a thing I say…even after 65+ pages of material and going on 3 years of having this web site, I have decided to go ahead and display Jesse’s letter about the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE DVD in full. I had wanted to ask him explicitly for permission to display the letter in full but it may be some time before I have a chance to ask him. As you will read in his letter, he is presently not well.

I asked him, when he called to tell me that it really was him on the DVD, if he could send me a letter to post on the web site about the whole situation and he immediately said that he would. But, I still had wanted to double check with him before I displayed the entire letter.

That was why I only posted a few paragraphs to prove that I did receive his letter.

After thinking it over very carefully, I will now display the letter in it’s entirety and pray that Jesse won’t mind.

Because people tend to spread all kinds of rumors based on bits and pieces of information without having all of the facts straight, I want to include a brief timeline of events regarding my speaking with Jesse about this darned DVD that I now wish…and which I am certain Jesse certainly wishes…I had NEVER heard of.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Because I did not believe that it was really Jesse on the DVD which I had watched very halfheartedly on Thursday night, I asked Jesse about the DVD. I told him a little about it…mostly that it was based on a 2 hour interview with supposedly him. He hesitated a little and asked me if it was photos which someone had taken of him out side of his house and I said, no, that it was an interview. He said that it was not him and that he had not sat down to do an interview with anyone. He then said something about a DVD out there which would prove the truth…when he said that I just brushed by that comment because I thought he was referring to the extremely brief video which he has told me about before that he says will be released when he is gone and will prove that he is Elvis.

I was completely willing to believe that the DVD was a scam and was not him, as he had said, and so I proceeded to trash it all over my site and my Facebook page. I cautioned everyone against buying it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Jesse called me back and said that he had something very important to tell me. He said that he had been so worried and had not been able to sleep since he told me that it is not him in the DVD. He said that it was really him in the video and that he was so sorry that he had not been honest with me. He told me as many of the details as he could about how the producer and his people found him and cornered him into agreeing to do the interview. He explained how they changed his clothing, hair, jewelry etc. for the interview. I have covered all of these details heretofore.

I was very alarmed because I had been trashing the DVD all over the place.

I then removed all of my harsh articles from my web site, from my Facebook page, made apologies all around and ordered another copy of the DVD for myself as I had sent my only other copy off to our go-between so he could watch it and the+n send it on to Jesse for him to see.

I watched it once more and still thought that the voice sounded like Elvis but I was having a really, really hard time convincing myself that the man appearing in the interview was really him. But, I tried to accept the fact that it was because Jesse had told me so.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I received the letter from Jesse about the DVD… Today was the first time that I heard from Jesse after he had actually seen the DVD for himself. When he watched it, he was not happy at all for a number of reasons…one of which is that instead of releasing the video of him which they had shot of him in silhouette, they had used some other man to portray him.

You see, when he told me on Sunday, February 12 that it really was him in the video, he did not know that they had NOT used the silhouetted film footage of HIM when they made the actual DVD. This was the very first time that Jesse knew that the man we were all seeing in the video actually was not him but an imposter.

So below is every word which Jesse wrote to me in his letter. I have even left in the comments to me about the Valentine’s gifts which he sent to me as well as some things he received from some other people. When I have a chance, I will post a photo of the lovely ring which had belonged to Gladys as well as the silver ring which he bought for me a few days ago.

I do hope that everyone will treat this precious letter with the respect which Elvis/Jesse deserves.

I am working myself sick trying to prove the truth over, and over, and over, and over…I am about to the point of nervous exhaustion. I feel that I have furnished far more than enough proof that Elvis is alive and that he is Jesse to suffice anyone who takes the time to read every word, look at every document, look at every photo, look at every handwritten letter, look at the book which he wrote with Dr. Hinton, listen to his voice on this DVD (the voice of the man with whom I have been in contact since beginning in 1992...the voice so many of you have demanded to hear because I only speak with him through his voice distortion device) on and on and on the facts go.

You will see that Jesse read from a script on a Teleprompter…so the words he spoke are the creation of Joel Gilbert and not Jesse’s own words. Thus the comment which Jesse makes in his letter that “they used fact and fiction”.

So, here is Jesse’s two page letter to me about the blasted DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE

As you can guess, I am worn out and mad as H…at the producer of this video and what they have done to Jesse. The H… which they put him through by tracking him down so relentlessly and then black mailing him into making a recorded interview…telling Jesse that they only wanted his voice. Yes, it is obvious that they only wanted his voice…so they could use it too suit their selfish needs.

As you will see in Jesse’s letter, he says that he does not know whether or not he should be mad…well, I am mad enough for both of us!!!!! This Joel Gilbert has some nerve distorting facts and using Elvis/Jesse in this manner. Celeste Yarnall should be ashamed for being friends with someone of Gilbert’s caliber and appearing in a mockery of Elvis and his fans.

I still have no idea whatsoever if he recorded the songs on the CD or not. They do sound remarkably like Elvis…but I won’t believe unless Jesse listens to the CD himself and tells me that he did record them. I will let everyone know if this every comes to light. I have bought an extra copy of the CD which I will send to Jesse so he can hear it for himself before we discuss it. After the underhanded and deceitful way they have used him and his voice, I know that Jesse cannot trust to say anything about the songs even if he did record some songs for them, without actually hearing what they have put on the CD for himself.

Here are the two pages of Jesse’s letter in their entirety:

I will insert only a small image below and you will need to click on the image to go to the full page view of the pages of the letter.

Here are the two pages of Jesse’s letter in their entirety:

I will insert only a small image below and you will need to click on the image to go to the full page view of the pages of the letter.

 footnote:  Please see the two full size pages now inserted above on this page.

I hope this timeline and Jesse’s letter in full will suffice so that I do not receive any more questions or comments about the DVD situation.

I remind everyone that Elvis/Jesse does not owe anyone one single word of explanation about anything…EVER. He does all that he does out of the kindness of his sweet heart.

I will now be resting for a while…much needed rest.



We have an angel in our midst…her name is In Lak’ech. She has typed a transcript of Jesse’s letter word for word to assist those who are having trouble reading his handwriting. My deepest heartfelt thanks to her for doing this to assist me with some questions people are having.

Dearest Linda,

The pink box with two rings is for you. One (silver) I bought for you the other one is of Mamas that only you should have.

I am not sure what gifts came from who. I must call you before I send this package.

Yesterday I received the video that ____ sent. I hope people don’t believe that is me on the front of the video. I don’t know where they came up with this photo?

Worse yet are the gentlemen they used to portray me. I was shot in silhouette and without my knowledge they substituted someone else to portray me.

Remember I have never seen this video until yesterday. I don’t know if I should be mad or not. I agreed to lend them my voice. I read from a script from a teleprompter. They used fact and fiction and this is the first I had seen it.

Much of it is just silly. I would never criticize or comment on political people. These people had a lot on me and at first I considered it black-mail. But they stood by about what I would allow them to reveal, they seemed sincere about keeping me anonymous and would not bother me again.

To be on the safe-side I was relocated.

I am so sorry I had to lie to you initially but you know now I was completely caught off guard. I had not seen the video nor did I know when this was to be released. I gain nothing financially from the video and would like to ask your advice on the subject.

Tomorrow I am entering hospital for kidney stones and remove some spots on my chest.

Please realize the only thing authentic is my voice which is really all they wanted!

If there is anything more you would like from me please contact me.

With love,


I just enjoyed reading this intelligent review of the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE on Amazon. Com.  Even though this gentlemen does not believe that it is Elvis speaking on the DVD, he still gives a good review.  He just doesn’t have all of the information to accept the fact that Elvis is alive.

7 of 12 people found the following review helpful

5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely a message here.,January 28, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Elvis Found Alive (DVD)

You might as well know first hand that I do not read comments about my reviews and Amazon knows up front not to notify me of such contacts. Most of my many reviews are of non controversial items. So when I review a so called controversial book I do so from a conservative Christian viewpoint and there are people who love to bash anything conservative or Christian. It never fails to amaze me how people can give one star reviews bout books and DVDs that have just been released and it is so obvious that the book has not been read and the DVD not viewed. Well, I have recommended this DVD in a mass emailing and on Facebook. So haters out there may wish to skip this review. Those with no set opinions are invited to read on whether they agree or disagree. I recommend this DVD for the very simple reason I gave in the subject title, there is definitely a message here.

The very brilliant actress Celeste Yarnall put me on to this DVD admitting it is a “Mockumentary.” Yes, that is the right word. It is a documentary titled “Elvis Found Alive” and it is so well done that for a bit I was very close to believing Elvis is alive. I must state that I am not a conspiracy buff. The DVD is well done in covering the life of Elvis Presley, but after an hour of enthralling information from 1935 to 1977 there is evidence shown that his death was faked and he has been in witness protection off and on while working for the DEA. The information about Elvis’s early life comes from well documented films and the very words he has said himself. The narrator is the supposed Elvis, however he is so good you want to believe.

The purpose of this DVD is not to promote that the king is still alive. There is TV news coverage of the turbulent sixties and seventies and the rise of Bill Ayers. The true evil Elvis works against. The purpose by the end of the film is showing Bill Ayers as the puppet master behind Barack Hussein Obama and a plan to destroy America. There is so much information that this retired history/government teacher and observer knows, from his own research over the years, is very true about what is going on today. I would recommend this film primarily to introduce viewers to what may be the hidden purpose of it. To reveal what we are faced with today and why President Obama must be voted out of office. The rightful concerns that honest people have about Bill Ayers and the Chicago Mafia, concerns over the Obama desire to turn us into a socialist/communist nation. This is too true and too real.

This DVD is not a scam. It is a real look at the Elvis we once knew, who Celeste Yarnall knew very well, and concerns he had about the direction our country was going in as early as the late sixties and through the seventies. The king is not dead in spirit and we do honor to his memory to heed the things that he saw we were losing in America. The election in November is a contest that will save or lose the soul of the United States. Ah, I can hear the cries of outrage from the liberal socialist haters now and actually I am not bothered. Even if less than one percent of them is made to think by this DVD, then it will have been well worth it.

God bless the memory of Elvis Presley, those who put this DVD together and the USA.


THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 @ 4:30 PM


I just hung up from speaking with Jesse. He has just gotten his phone back and in working order so he could phone me.

He sounds fantastic!! He wants to reassure everyone that he is improving daily.

He did discuss the CD with me. He did tell me a little which I may pass along. He said that they had a group of good musicians there and they were so happy to be able to play and sing with him…it had been their dream.

He did not realize that they were ever going to release it to the public. He did enjoy singing again…it had been a long time. He has only listened to it one time.


He wants you, Mr. Gilbert, to know that you are to never attempt to contact him again.

He says that if you have anything else that he is not aware of, you are to contact me, Linda Hood Sigmon, and I shall tell him.  You may message me via the Messages to Jesse page on this site and I will get back to you via your web site.

You are not to release anything else without his prior knowledge.




As you probably know, I have withheld my opinion about the Elvis Found Alive CD because I refused to listen to it, other than brief samples on the Internet and the one song on the DVD, until Jesse told me if it really is him or not. Since he did tell me that on this past Thursday, I finally removed the cellophane from my copy which I have had for around a month. Tom and I listened to it all the way through yesterday morning and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very thrilled and ecstatic that Elvis gave me permission to divulge, here on my site, that it is his voice on the DVD and CD. For those who are in any doubt about his voice on the DVD…just take a listen to the CD and you should have no doubt remaining about whether my sweet friend, Jesse, is really Elvis Presley.

Everyone I know, who had already listened to it, was telling me that it absolutely is Elvis. However, because of the asinine manner in which the producer Joel Gilbert produced the DVD while using Elvis/Jesse’s voice reading from a teleprompter, I just did not even want to hear the CD unless I knew for certain that it really is Elvis/Jesse on the CD.

I have come under some very harsh attacks and threats because of my material regarding the DVD…even though I have, day-by-day, presented every word of truth that I knew about the DVD…including Jesse’s own statements and his two page letter confirming that it is his actual voice. One person has even claimed to have had a voice analysis done and found that it is not Elvis’s voice. This person is an ignorant fool…to say the least.

I stand 100% absolutely steadfast behind the fact that Jesse is Elvis and that it is the voice of Elvis Presley on the DVD and the CD. I will go to my grave stating this fact. I will not back down from the truth for even one second.

I believe that any honest Elvis fan who listens to this CD will come away with tears of joy in their eyes that, thank God, he is still here to this very day. I spoke with him again last night. I cannot put into words how very, very honored and blessed I feel to have been his friend for so many years. He is so very, very precious to me. Such a dear, sweet, kind and supportive friend.

So yes, I do recommend this CD to everyone. I don’t approve, for one second, of the manner in which Joel Gilbert obtained Elvis/Jesse’s voice nor the stupid and silly manner in which he used it in the DVD. Nor do I approve of the manner in which he published the CD without Elvis/Jesse’s prior approval. But, since the deed is done, I hope that every Elvis fan will get this CD and pass the word to everyone else that there is a new CD of Elvis as he sounds to this day.

I don’t want Joel Gilbert to make a penny from the DVD or the CD…but unfortunately that is the only way we can get it. I plan to order another copy and keep it unopened until the day I die. This is a landmark item and is monumental.

Below is a link to the page for the individual songs on itunes. You may listen to a good sample of each song here for free.


Elvis Found Alive

To preview a song, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to buy and download music.

Name Artist Time Price
1 Every Breath You Take Jon Burrows 4:33 $0.99 View In iTunes
2 Heartbreak Hotel Jon Burrows 2:12 $0.99 View In iTunes
3 Lisa Marie Jon Burrows 3:16 $0.99 View In iTunes
4 After Loving You Jon Burrows 3:06 $0.99 View In iTunes
5 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ Jon Burrows 6:17 $0.99 View In iTunes
6 Do You Know Who I Am? Jon Burrows 2:25 $0.99 View In iTunes
7 Big Boss Man Jon Burrows 3:00 $0.99 View In iTunes
8 The Dance Jon Burrows 4:41 $0.99 View In iTunes
9 Reconsider Baby Jon Burrows 3:53 $0.99 View In iTunes
10 Blue Hawaii Jon Burrows 3:29 $0.99 View In iTunes
11 That’s All Right Mama Jon Burrows 2:36 $0.99 View In iTunes
12 Right Here Waiting Jon Burrows 3:50 $0.99 View In iTunes
13 Are You Lonesome Tonight? Jon Burrows 3:11 $0.99 View In iTunes
14 Hawaiian Wedding Song Jon Burrows 2:47 $0.99 View In iTunes
15 Elvis is Back Rap Jon Burrows 3:30 $0.99 View In iTunes
BookletDigital Booklet – Elvis Found Alive Jon Burrows Album Only View In iTunes


As you can see, on itunes, the songs are credited to Jon Burrows. Gilbert and his crew promised Jesse that they would not reveal that he is Jesse now. So this is the reason for their use of Jon Burrows…I assume.

However….on Amazon, the same songs which are to be released in December, 2012 are shown as “by Elvis Presley“. Below is a sample of this:

 Amazon Elvis Found Alive by Elvis Presley

Amazon two views of Elvis Found Alive by Elvis Presley

Elvis Found Alive on Amazon by Elvis Presley

Also, at Walmart.com the artist is listed as “by Elvis Presley“.  Please see the examples below.

Walmart Elvis Found Alive CD by Elvis Presley

 Walmart Elvis Found Alvie

Gilbert knows that he is basing this upon the truth and that is why he can be so bold in doing the above…using Elvis’s real name on this product.

My dear friend Susan went on Amazon and did a search for the Elvis Found Alive CD and she was happy to see that, by coincidence, Jesse’s book came up in the same search with his current CD. How neat is that!!!!!

In closing this article, I would like to say to all those who intend to rip me, the DVD, the CD and everything on my site to shreds in an attempt to discredit me and Elvis/Jesse. Don’t waste your time trying to defeat me. I will NOT retract one single word on this site about this topic. I am not fearful of threats, etc.

Jesse told me on Thursday during our conversation (in a complimentary way) that I am a “hard-headed woman“. I laughed and said “Thank you!!!“ Yes, I am absolutely dead set when I know that I am right about something. I have known that Elvis is alive and is Jesse now for so many years…I am unmovable!!


A friend, Rick Thomas, wrote the following to me this afternoon:


I bought the Cd & DVD together and analyzed it as well and it is indeed Elvis. The key song is Do You Know Who I Am.

These guys are making tons of money off Jesse and he needs to have it stopped. I was never so mad watching this DVD the BS of finding him at home come on!! Although there is some truth but many misleading facts!!

Since I do television production, the key clues is a teleprompter — you must be a total idiot! not to notice they are putting words into his mouth!! Also he never discusses political views ever!! I loved the wax head Vernon grabbed from his office!! When Vernon was never told of the event!

I have the copies of the FBI Files and all they did was fill in the blanks true or false they didn’t care.

I feel Graceland with file a law suit against these people. I think Jesse has already taken care of.

Its makes me sad these guys got to meet him and all they did was use him. I would have given my right leg to have been able to do a friendly chat and have him discuss things, and even if I made a DVD or Cd audio, I would of donated all the profits to something Jesse cared about. I’m so disgusted with this jerk!


Me too, Rick!!

But the CD is just so fantastic!! Regardless of the circumstances, Elvis’s fans deserve to hear the singing voice of the sweet man with whom I have been friends for 20 years. Even if I did not have my almost 3 years-old site with 65+ pages of material documenting facts nor my 20 YouTube videos which back up my written words, just the CD alone should settle the issue once and for all that Jesse is Elvis.

I remind everyone, especially those new to my site who have missed so much, that we have two photos of Elvis/Jesse taken after 1977: The Pool house door photo and the photo of him with Benjamin. We have his handwritten letters not to mention his handwritten book. We now have a tape of his speaking voice on the DVD which he has written is his voice. Now for the grand finale, we have him singing 14 songs on a CD…the voice is absolutely unmistakable.

Only those who DON’T WANT TO HEAR ELVIS, for personal reasons, will even try to deny that the voice on the CD is really Elvis. Everything on the CD screams ELVIS!!

I have a very good friend who is a professional musician, has his own band and has been performing for decades. He has performed on the Grand Ole Opry regularly and has been a musician in the band of a very well known performer. He called to tell me the first time that he played it “This has got to be him.“.

This friend has listened to this CD countless times and played it for other musician friends and the consensus is that it definitely is Elvis singing. This friend is a qualified expert on Elvis’s voice. He has been a devoted fan of Elvis always.

He was acquainted with, and became friends with, someone who performed on stage with Elvis. This person indicated to him that Elvis did not die.


If any of my visitors care to express their feelings about the new CD by Elvis/Jesse, please do post on the blog page and I shall copy and paste your comments on this page. If we have a lot of comments, I may open a new page devoted to just discussing the CD. Only those of a positive nature will be posted…no nonsense whatsoever.

Let’s all ban together and give Jesse a standing ovation.


Let’s hear a J. Let’s hear an E. Let’s hear a S. Let’s hear another S. Let’s hear another E.

Now, let’s hear an E. Let’s hear a L. Let’s hear a V. Let’s hear an I. Lets hear a S.


Jesse, Jesse, he’s our man. He’s done it again as no one can!!!!

The lyrics to his song “The Dance” will touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes as you hear how Jesse changed a few words here and there to make it about his “dance” with his fans/audiences and his saying “goodbye” to them and leaving us. You may listen to this song in full from the YouTube link to the album near the top right of your screen.

I also like the fun song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin which goes on for all of 6:16 minutes and has Elvis and his touch all over it.

You can tell he was having a good time singing with musicians again.

Way to go Jesse!!!


Another comment about the CD from our excited friend, Rick Thomas:


I just finished listening to all the tracks on this Cd! wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! The king is back! absolutely Fantastic. it brought me to tears I thought back to 1977 and I missed my chance to see his Chicago concert.

As I listen to this cd I thought I was watching Elvis coming to life to Reclaim what Belongs to him. I wonder what he was thinking Recording these songs. maybe if we are lucky this can all come to an end and he can Reclaim the greatness of a man called Elvis Presley

Hail to the King! Rick


Well, I have a feeling that news of the CD is going to be taking the world by storm. People are starting to express their ecstasy after listening to any of the songs and especially the entire CD.

This is the best thing since sliced bread, people. I just put on my head phones and listened to it again and was just absolutely in heaven. I felt like a teenager again when one of Elvis’s records came out and I sat in my rocking chair and played it over and over and over.

Words cannot express how wonderful this CD is. I almost didn’t buy it at first because of the terrible thing the producer did with the DVD. As Jesse said, it is so silly. But I did go ahead and bought a copy but refused to even open it until Jesse said something about it. When he told me on Thursday that he did do the songs and he enjoyed singing again, then I knew it was safe for me to listen to it.

Any Elvis fan who misses out on this CD is going to be kicking themselves when others tell them how wonderful it is. It is just like being back in 1977 and getting a new album from Elvis. It’s like the last 34 years did not even happen.

I just feel so bad that they used Jesse this way and he is not even gaining anything from the sale of this CD. Plus they betrayed him by even publishing it without his prior knowledge.

Jesse said that he has only listened to it one time…he never did like to listen to his own records very much. He said something to me about the echo on some of the songs not being the way he thought it would or should be.


I am just bursting with pride of him. He is my hero…always has been, always will be.

This will give a black eye to every single former associate who has betrayed him and slandered him since he left. Look out Stanleys, Lacker, Red and Sonny West, Albert Goldman will even be rolling over in his grave…that little worm.

Well enough of my exuberance:

Here is what my good friend Lisa has posted on my wall on Facebook:

Lisa @posted toLinda Sigmon

3 hours ago

  • Im crying and crying and can’t stop lol. Here I found this link on YouTube giving the FULL SONG of Right Here Waiting for You that is on the CD — for folks that haven’t purchased it yet or listened to the full version.





This is “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”.  It is the longest song on the CD at 6:16 mins. and, to me, it showcases Elvis’ voice and his trademark touches the best.

Please do take time to listen to this “fantabulous” song:

Highway 61 – Topic

Published on Jan 3, 2015


Provided to YouTube by Music Video Distributors Inc. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ · Highway 61 Elvis Found Alive ℗ Copyright Released on: 2011-12-06 Artist: Highway 61 Auto-generated by YouTube.


Monday, April 2, 2012

From our Messages to Jesse board by Melanie:

Hi Jesse,
Your fans are still behind you. Linda told you certain that we, your fans are doing everything to make the world know who really sings on the CD.
My husband has an internet radio.


He has now listened to the songs completely. He said that “Elvis”. Now he is building the songs in his hit list. The songs are played repeatedly. The radio is playing around the clock. Our moderators will play the songs in their shows. They will also say something. My husband and I will make it a show next weekend. The program will be announced in advance on the website.
Best whishes

My heartfelt thanks to Melanie and her husband for all they are doing.

Let’s all try to tune in and enjoy this internet radio show…and hear Jesse’s songs.

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