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THE KING for 2018 !


Also Elvis’ song “Suspicious Minds” was in second place for the Song of Ages and was not far behind the #1

Also Elvis’ Album “Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley” was in second place for the Album of Ages and was not far behind the #1

So do NOT forget to vote for these two categories also!!!    

The Song of March – Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley with 5,687 Votes.

The Albums of March are Michael Jackson – Thriller and Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley. Both of them collected equal amounts of votes 6,817!!!!


Help Linda Sigmon get more signatures – We need 194 more signatures today!

Linda Sigmon and 4,832 people have already signed. Sign the petition now! NBC: Honor the 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special 

March 2, 2018:  5,389 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!


Petitioning NBC

Honor the 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special

On December 3, 1968, NBC aired what has since become known as Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special which was not only the most watched TV special that year, but also the catalyst for a rebirth in Elvis’ career and the motivating factor in his decision to return to performing in front of live audiences again after several years of making movies in Hollywood.

We are petitioning NBC to replay the unedited version of this special on the 50th Anniversary next December 3, 2018, in the same time slot of 9:00PM EST in honor of this historic television and cultural event.

This will not only be a great show of respect for the life and legacy of Elvis, but also a true thrill for his millions of fans around the world.










Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and text


TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018

I am very unhappy to learn that a person going by the name of Jon Aaron Bouroughs on Facebook has stolen two copies of Jesse’s handwritten letters from my website. Because these are my original material which have not been published anywhere else, they are copyrighted as noted on every page of my website.

I would appreciate the support of my friends in asking him to remove my two letters. I wrote to him last night and advised him that I want him to remove Jesse’s handwritten letters from his page.

Things are becoming more aggravating and frustrating for me on Facebook and YouTube. There are so many fakes, frauds and liars who are either pretending to be Elvis or others pretending to be in touch with him that I feel that my 9 years of work and $32,500 on my website have been wasted.

Not sure what I am going to do. Wasting my time trying to put out fires…☹️



Below is a new article (regarding the above article about Jon Aaron Bouroughs) which I just posted on my Facebook page:

Linda Sigmon

10 mins


My good and supportive friend, Mike M. has given me the exact address to view my letters which are displayed on this man’s FB page. The link is below:…

I will also attach a screen capture from his page showing my two letters.

Also, because time passes and I go through a lot of “stuff”, I had forgotten that this is the second go round which I have had with this same man. He also has stolen images of a little book which Jesse gave to my husband. It is a little book of the Lone Ranger which belonged to Elvis when he was a child and has his writing in it from his childhood. We treasure this book so much…as would any Elvis fan. I had made known, back when he stole and posted my scans of this precious book how unhappy I was. But, that made no difference either.

So, I suppose I am beating a dead horse here or maybe the more correct term would be beating a “dead jackass”. LOL?

I am still going to try to make Facebook aware of what he has done. But, I have little to no hope that they will lift a finger.

Attached are my screen captures showing my two letters and the images of the little Lone Ranger book. The Little Lone Ranger book photos are on a page of my site on which I have posted an even stronger copyright message at the very top of the page. I will also attach a screen capture of my specific statement about non-use of images on this page. I do know that I probably posted the same scans of the little book on another page of my site on which just the standard copyright statements appear.

Here is the link to my page on which the little Lone Ranger book and my specific non-reproduction statement appear:

I understand after looking at all of his page, that my letters have been on there a long while and not just recently added. I just was unaware of them until my friend, Mike M. made me aware of them a few days ago.

I do thank each of you who took the time to be interested and concerned with me about this whole mess. I know that we can’t win, evidently, but at least I got it off my chest and it makes me feel good to see that I have friends who so understand, sympathize and care.

My thanks and love to every one of you, my friends.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Lucilia Lapolla, people smiling
No automatic alt text available.
No automatic alt text available.

I will attach full sized images of the above which I included in my Facebook post:



footnote:  I have just come from posting the following on Facebook:

Linda Sigmon

Just now

I have just come from the page of Jon Aaron Bouroughs where I posted the following comment to his display of the Lone Ranger book. Probably won’t do any good, but at least it will be there for other visitors to see until he deletes it.


Linda Sigmon
The images of the little Lone Ranger book belong to me and were stolen from my website by the owner of this page, Jon Aaron Bouroughs. This book was a gift to my husband and the pages of my website are clearly marked as COPYRIGHTED. I am attaching the heading from one of my website pages on which the images of the Lone Ranger book are displayed.

I have asked that all of my copyrighted material be removed from this page and nothing has been done to remove them. The owner of this page has NO right to include the images of this book nor the two handwritten letters by Jesse to me and for his book which are also stolen from my website.

I am once again demanding that the images of the Lone Ranger book and the two handwritten letters by Elvis, which were STOLEN from my website be deleted by Jon Aaron Bouroughs immediately.

Facebook will receive a complaint from me about this wrong doing.

Linda Hood Sigmon



My thanks to Simon for another fantastic video comparison of Elvis and Jesse. Could not be better!

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 41

My good friend Simon has been working overtime! I especially like this new video comparison creation. I really like the Elvis photo used in this comparison.


Jesse phoned me this afternoon and we had a good chat.  He sounded wonderful.  He is recovering very well from his surgery and had been outside for a while today enjoying some nice spring weather.  He said he was using a walker earlier after his surgery, but is no longer needing to use it.  So, that is such good news.  As always, his calls are the best medicine for me.  I have been sick for a few days with a cold and his call was just what the Dr. ordered to make me feel better.



I have created a new video compilation of some of the many photo comparisons which I have displayed on my web site.  This is my second attempt at this video of compiling many photos.   Hope this one is a little more polished than my first one.


Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 23, 2018

In these comparisons you will see that, even though Jesse has had some plastic surgery to reduce his chances of being recognizable as Elvis, the facial features are still very much the same. Please do pause the video so you may compare the photos.

 Please do feel free to share this video with others.





I will not be able to be on the Internet until Monday. Our AT&T Uverse has gone down. The repairman is scheduled to arrive on Monday.


MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018

Our Internet service was restored today by two very nice AT&T repairmen.  I will start posting again soon.

Thank you for your patience.



Hmmmmm?!  Elvis is really listed on the ballot!  Wonder who made this cute entry…nice that someone still has a sense of humor about politics.

Candidates Listed For May 22 Primary; Early Voting Starts Today

ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Arkansans may begin voting in the Democratic and Republican primary elections at 8 a.m. Monday, May 7.

Here are the 2018 candidates in our viewing area:




My good friend, Simon L., who has created 41 beautiful video comparisons of Elvis’ face to Jesse’s has just created this wonderful video montage of all of the photos which he has used heretofore in his comparisons.  To top it all off for me, he has chosen one of my all time favorite songs for the background music.  This song will be played upon the scattering of my ashes…if my wishes are carried out.

I know everyone will enjoy viewing and hearing this.  My heartfelt thanks to Simon.

Montage of photographs used to make Video Comparisons 1 – 41



TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The festival honoring Tupelo’s most famous son gets another award.

“Southern Traveler” Magazine named the Tupelo Elvis Festival as a “Southern Travel Treasure.”

That award comes as the late singer’s hometown is about to celebrate 20 years of the Tupelo Elvis Festival.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition, which draws many people to the city and the festival.

“There’s several other amazing competitions going on throughout the United States, but there is only one birthplace. So having that connection to Elvis does make it that much more personal.  The 20th Elvis festival is going to be fantastic. We are really hoping not to just get that international crowd, but more of our local crowd too, so we would love to see everyone come out,” said Reagan Pepper, with the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival.

The Tupelo Elvis Festival runs June 6th through the 10th.

There are still tickets for many events.

For more information, go to

Tupelo Elvis Festival is celebrating 20 years!

Tupelo Elvis Festival is a celebration designed to honor Tupelo’s native son, Elvis Presley, and the impact his music continues to have on the world. The 20th Annual Tupelo Elvis Festival will be 

JUNE 6-10, 2018

This year’s festival includes regional and local acts as well as internationally known artists, a Graceland-certified Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition, a 5K run, a pet parade, downtown activities and much more! See the schedule for all the events happening at Tupelo Elvis Festival this June.



THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2018

I just stumbled upon the below video and liked it.  It was released on YouTube on Jan. 8, 2018 as a birthday tribute to Elvis…so we are enjoying it a little late.

This song “Washing Machine” was released as an Orion song (Jimmy Ellis).  However, Jesse did confirm to me, years ago, that some of the Orion songs were really recorded by him.  This song was written long after Elvis retired.

This is one of the Orion songs which I believed was really Elvis.  I have not discussed with Jesse any details of which songs were done by him.  I bought all of the Orion albums back in the late 80’s and also some of the 45’s.  This was one of those songs which I bought and enjoyed very much.

Tribute Elvis Presley 83 Birthday Celebration


Published on Jan 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Elvis Elvis Birthday video. Birthday Tribute to Elvis Presley 83 Birthday Celebration”” Washing Machine – Elvis song Hope you like and enjoy this Elvis Birthday video. Birthday Tribute to Elvis Presley 83 Birthday Celebration”” Lovely Oldies Classic. song. Washing Machine You Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley! The undisputed King of Rock and Roll music, Elvis Presley, still rules in the hearts of millions of his fans worldwide. Have a beautiful Monday Happy New Year 2018 Warm hugs from my heart and much ԼƠƔЄ from Huggie xoxo


I want to share with everyone that Jesse phoned me this afternoon.  He sounded wonderful and was feeling well.  He had gone out for a day trip several days ago and really enjoyed it very much.  The weather is getting nice now.  He traveled to a beach area and wants to go back soon and walk in the sand.  We had a happy chat which was good for both of us today.


More about poor Pastor Bob Joyce.  This ridiculous rumor is spreading even more now.  I just hope that no one attempts to kidnap or harm Pastor Joyce in any way because of this lie that he is Elvis.

Fly on the Wall 1524 

Neverending Elvis

You know, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good, headline-grabbing Elvis sighting (at least since that silver-ponytailed groundskeeper at Graceland set the Elvisnet ablaze way back in 2016.)

Last week, the foxy groundskeeper’s Elvishood met with a serious challenge when U.K. tabloids ran with stories titled, “King of Rock NOT DEAD?,” and “Elvis Presley, spotted ALIVE singing in a church.”

The new reports allege that Elvis is pretending to be 61-year-old Pastor Robert Joyce of Benton, Arkansas.

“Most of these folks know I am not Elvis, but to them [the people who hear me sing] it doesn’t matter,” Joyce said.



FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018

The below photo is from Pinterest and is labeled as being from Elvis’ last concert on June 26, 1977.  I have never seen it before and loved seeing it.  I hope my visitors will enjoy it as well.

Ruth Rosa
Ruth Rosa saved to rutinha

??{*Elvis & Joe the last concert – June 26,1977 🙁 Elvis would be gone from us in 6wks from this Photo, RIP Forever Elvis*}

At this point in time, Elvis and Joe shared a huge secret which they knew about coming events in August, 1977.  Maybe this is why they were so happy and having a good time.  Jesse wrote that the Col. chose Joe to be involved.

It is interesting that Elvis had on NO rings…


Simon Laxon has created another wonderful video comparison for us all to enjoy.  My heartfelt thanks to Simon as always.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 42

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons




SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018

Following in the Elvis tradition: The Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys bring their “Shine the Light Tour” to the Rutland’s Paramount Theatre May 19. (Courtesy Oak Ridge Boys)

Elvis has not quite left the building. The king of rock ’n’ roll may have left us physically when he died 40 years ago last summer, but Elvis Presley’s influence in music is still very much alive, and was part of the inspiration for the latest Oak Ridge Boys album.

Before he had even turned 30 years old, Richard Sterban was singing backup for Elvis in the early 1970s. Sterban, who just turned 75, joined the long-running country and gospel quartet The Oak Ridge Boys in 1972. Prior to that he toured with J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, singing backup for Elvis.

Sterban has one of the most distinct bass voices in music, but believe it or not, “I started out as a boy soprano,” he said last week by phone from his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

A 6-year-old in a Sunday school choir, “I can still picture me in front of the church singing,” he said. “And even though I was very young I felt impressed that this was going to be my calling in life.”

However he did not anticipate the drastic voice change that took place between his seventh- and eighth-grade years.

“The choir teacher could not believe the difference,” he said. “She put me in the second bass section and I’ve been there ever since.”

It’s the voice that he ultimately became best known for in his “oom-papa-oom-papa-mow-mow” solo in the Oak Ridge Boys’ 1981 hit “Elvira.” And the voice that, earlier, won him Elvis’ attention.

“At that time, Elvis was probably the biggest star in the world,” Sterban said. “And his tour was probably the biggest tour in the music business, and to be a part of that was very exciting.”

Soon after, Sterban took the opportunity to join the Oak Ridge Boys, but he says there’s no doubt Elvis influenced his career and his music style, and continues to this day.

“When we were on the road touring with Elvis, it seemed like almost every day he would try to find a piano somewhere and for all of us to gather around and he’d sing gospel quartet songs,” Sterban said.

That idea became the basis for the Oak Ridge Boys’ latest project, which began three years ago when they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. They wanted to do something special to commemorate the event, and called on producer Dave Cobb, who produced their celebrated album “The Boys Are Back” eight years ago.

“He took us down some roads musically that we had never traveled before,” Sterban said.

“Here’s where Elvis comes in.” Cobb said, ‘I want you to think of Elvis. I want you to think of Ray Charles. What was it about those guys that made them so special and made us love them?’” Sterban recalled. “And they all have one thing in common: The first thing they did was in church. They all sang gospel music and gospel influenced what they did.”

The result was “17th Street Revival,” a cross between old time rock ’ n’ roll and “that old time gospel feeling, that feeling of an old time revival meeting.”

The album’s retro yet fresh feel came from staying away from vocal stacking and very few overdubs. For two of the songs, the Boys gathered around a single microphone, which had been Cobb’s plan.

“Today there’s so much technology in music – and we did not want to do that on this project,” Sterban said.

You can hear songs from the new album and popular favorites from The Oak Ridge Boys in the “Shine the Light Tour,” which stops at the Paramount Theatre at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 19.

“You’re going to hear our signature song ‘Elvira,’ you’re going to hear me do ‘oom papa oom papa mow mow,’ and some music from the new project as well,” Sterban said. “It’s going to be a great family show.”

“It’s the kind of stuff Elvis used to love,” he added. “I think Elvis would have loved this music.”

Paramount Theatre

The Oak Ridge Boys bring their “Shine the Light Tour” at the Paramount Theatre, 30 Center St. in Rutland, at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 19. Tickets are $42-$72; call 802-775-0570, or go online to



Here is some REALLY good news!  NBC has announced that they will be airing a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special.  

I thank my good longtime friend, Christopher, who wrote to tell me that this has taken place.

Hats off to: 

Dave Rogers Columbus, OH

Mr. Rogers is the person who started the write in campaign to make sure that NBC knew and understood that we, the REAL Elvis fans, wanted this to take place.  I thank everyone who took note of my post at the top of each of my Current News and Events pages and signed the petition.

WELL DONE, Elvis Fans!!!


We all know Elvis Presley as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” but it was his ’68 comeback special on NBC that truly secured his reign. In that one thrilling special, donning iconic black leather and performing some of his most unforgettable hits, Elvis reclaimed his glory and put himself back at the top of the charts. This season, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that epic evening, an all-star group of music’s superstars will pay tribute in Nashville, Tennessee, recreating the spectacle – even the staging – of that legendary night of song. In addition to the musical performances, we’ll see rare Elvis footage, outtakes and interviews from those involved in the ’68 comeback special, including Director Steve Binder. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just getting to know Elvis, this is an event not to be missed.

Two-hour special

Production Company
Ken Ehrlich Productions

Executive Producer
Ken Ehrlich (“The Grammy Awards,” “Elton John: I’m Still Standing,” “A Grammy Salute,” “Sinatra 100: An All-Star Grammy Salute”)


I relate to this…and I think President Trump does too!  Ha, ha!!!


My good and supportive friend, Simon Laxon has been busy providing more evidence that Jesse is Elvis.  Below are two more of his wonderful video photo comparisons.  Hugs and thanks to Simon as always.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 43

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on May 15, 2018

Below is Simon’s 2nd new video:

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on May 15, 2018

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 44


Elvis’s Diamond Omega Watch Sold for $1.8 Million at Auction


May 15, 2018

A 1960 Omega watch that belonged to Elvis Presley sold for $1.8 million at an auction by Phillips, setting a record price for the Swiss watch brand.

The 18-carat white-gold wristwatch sold for 18 times the high estimate. RCA Records gave Presley the watch as a commemoration for selling 75 million records.

Elvis Presley’s Omega Watch Sells for a Whopping Amount

An Omega timepiece belonging to the legendary performer Elvis Presley has been sold for CHF 1,500,000 at the Geneva Watch Auction: Seven, by Phillips.

“After a lengthy and competitive round of bidding, the Omega Museum in Biel/Bienne became the proud new owner, not only attaining the watch for their significant collection, but also paying a new world record for any Omega watch ever purchased,” says an official release by Omega.

“Described as the ‘most historically significant Elvis Presley-owned watch to ever appear on the market,’ the 18K white gold wristwatch was presented to Elvis by RCA Records in February 1961, at a charity luncheon and concert to celebrate his 75 million records sold worldwide. The 33 mm timepiece houses a manually-wound Omega caliber 510, and features 44 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the bezel, as well as an elegant silvered ivory dial with a small-seconds subdial,” adds the release.

“On the case back, the engravings include the words: ‘To Elvis, 75 Million Records, RCA Victor, 12-25-60.’”  In fact, Elvis was most likely the first artist in history to reach that impressive sales milestone. Among his album releases in 1960, the hits that propelled him to the peak of his career that year included ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ and ‘It’s Now Or Never.’ “The incredible provenance of this one-of-a-kind timepiece was further confirmed by photos of Presley wearing the watch, as well as a certificate of authenticity from Jimmy Velvet, the Founder/CEO of the Elvis Presley Museum,” further adds the release.

Elvis Presley is known to have worn several Omega watches during his career, including the Omega Seamaster he wore during his time in the US Army. However, the very meaningful watch sold this week will surely be remembered as the most special!


THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018

This is a very interesting video with wonderful photos of some of Elvis’s jewelry and asks an intriguing question.  footnote:  I have no knowledge if the statement that 80% of the jewelry was missing is a true fact or not.

elvis presley had more jewellery that the whole royal family put together so why was 80% missing


Published on May 17, 2018 

he even had a 1911 gold native ancestry ring that would be worth over 2 million today but where did all his gold go ? only 2 people on this earth could answer that and their both in this video




MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018

For several days I have been busy creating some videos for my YouTube channel in order that I can share them here on my website.  

These videos are music with some substantiating images.  Ever since 1988 when I first learned of Orion (the singer) and began buying the records, I have been firmly convinced that SOME of the songs released as Orion are actually sung by Elvis himself.  After listening to the songs repeatedly over the years, I can tell that there are two ORION voices…one is, of course, Jimmy Ellis while the second voice is Elvis himself.

Some years ago, I brought this subject up to Jesse.  When I told him that I have always believed that he sang some of the ORION songs, he responded “Yes.”  I did not question him any further to ask the titles of any of the songs which he sang.  However, there are some songs that I am firmly convinced that he sang.

I have been uploading from one album and a 45 RPM record three of these songs and turning them into videos.  I have added them to my YouTube channel.  I will display these videos below.  I hope everyone will enjoy hearing these songs. 

I have already placed them onto my Facebook pages over the weekend.  I could not gain access to my website over the weekend.  Thus I could not post them on here until today.  This problem is caused, once again, by our living in a very rural area and only having one option for Internet connection.  My site is extremely large and therefore it takes it longer to load.  Our ISP speed is not as high as some others and it times out before my huge site can load.  We have increased our speed about 2 weeks ago and I am still having the same issue.  So, when I am absent, that is the cause many times.  I am sorry for this inconvenience to my visitors.

Before I post my own new videos of the songs which I believe are NOT Jimmy Ellis but are Elvis, I am going to post a video of Jimmy Ellis singing and speaking in order that you will have it clear in your mind what Jimmy Ellis sounds like.

Jimmy Ellis – He’s Gone But Not Forgotten

The first video which I created is the song “What’d I Say” from the “The Killer, The King” album which was released in 1982.  In the 1981 taped phone calls, Elvis told his friend about there being some people who were helping him to continue without bringing him too far out into the open.  He also said that there was a new album coming out which he thought would be good and that it could not be done before because of contracts and things.  It is my firm belief that “The Killer, The King” is the album about which he was speaking.

Here is my video of “What’d I Say“…

Elvis is Alive: What’d I Say – The Killer, The King album

 Linda Sigmon

Published on May 19, 2018

You are hearing a song from the album THE KILLER, THE KING which was released in 1982. This coincided with the singer Orion’s ending for a time. PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION.

Jesse has told me that I am correct in believing and saying that some of the Orion songs were done by him. Of course, Jimmy Ellis was the front person of Orion and did record the majority of the songs. However, this also gave Elvis a vehicle to record himself after he left on August 16, 1977. All of the songs on this album were previously released by Sun Records as Orion. All of the songs on this album are some of those Orion songs which I had always felt sure were really Elvis.

Jimmy Ellis was a very talented singer and that is why he was good enough to front for Elvis on occasion. You will see that Mr. Don Tweedy wrote a statement for the back of this album in which he all but says the name “Elvis”. As you can see Mr. Tweedy was a famous and highly respected man in the music industry and had done work for Elvis himself as well as other big name stars and big name TV shows, etc. Mr. Tweedy KNEW who the “GUEST” on this album was.

Please visit the three Orion (the singer) and Orion Pictures Corp. pages on my website for full details about Elvis and the correlation to the name ORION. There is a recording of some telephone conversations with Elvis in 1981. On that recording, you may hear Elvis say that there are some people who are helping him to continue without bringing him too far out into the open. He mentions that they are getting ready to put out an album which he thinks will be good. An album which could not be done before because of contracts. I believe that this is the album about which he was speaking. As time permits, I may create and share videos of some of the other songs on this album. There is also a single which I would like to share.………

Here is my second video of a song from this same album…

Elvis is Alive: C C Rider – From The Killer, The King album

 Linda Sigmon

Published on May 20, 2018

My third ORION song video did not come from the above album.  This one was released many years later as a 45 RPM single under the Orchid of Memphis label.

Elvis is Alive: Lay Around and Love On You

  Linda Sigmon

Published on May 20, 2018

I have discussed with Jesse the fact that, since 1988, I have firmly believed that some of the ORION songs were actually sung by Elvis. Jesse confirmed that I am correct. I did not ask any questions about which songs are really Elvis. So, I am still going by my own hearing of the two different voices on the ORION songs. This song is one which I have always believed to be sung by Elvis rather than Jimmy Ellis. After listening to the songs for about 30 years, I can still distinctly hear that there are two voices on the songs. It is blatantly evident when there is any speaking at all on a performance. Jimmy’s speaking voice is extremely different from Elvis’. I hope everyone will enjoy this song and not be upset that it is my very firm belief that this ORION song is by Elvis, who IS Jesse, himself.


TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018

My Facebook friend, Dennis F Miller, shared the following very important scan with me.  Dennis tells me that this comes from the book by his close friend, Wayne Carman, who he has known since 1998.  Mr. Carman was very closely involved with Elvis’ karate work and knew Elvis very well.  He inducted Elvis in the United States Karate Hall of Fame, as karate Legend in 2000. He presented Elvis’s award to Jack Soden and is on display in the museum in Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland.

I looked up Mr. Carman’s book on Amazon and after reading the excellent reviews by others who had bought and read the book, I knew that I HAD to have a copy of this book.  I ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.  It is out of print but is available on Amazon, Ebay, and various other 2nd hand sellers on the Internet.  Below is the image of the book cover.

Elvis’s Karate Legacy


Elvis’s Karate Legacy

Warrener Entertainment is the home of thousands of feature films, instructional DVDs and historic books.

My Facebook post:

Linda Sigmon shared a post.

This is the truth…Elvis was a federal agent just as he declared on stage when he showed the award which had been given to him.

I thank Dennis F Miller who shared this article with me so very much. He told me that this article is from the book Elvis’s Karate Legacy which I just ordered last night.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Dennis Miller

This is very important for Elvis fans to know. But the naysayers will always have something bad to say about Elvis Aron Presley. But one thing’s for sure, we’ll never see the likes of him again. You can take that to the bank!


As you’ve seen, I have been working recently on sharing some information regarding the fact that Jesse confirmed to me many years ago that some of the Orion songs were sung by him.

I want to share some scans of an album which was released in 1979 .  On this album cover there are several notable things.

First of all, it is supposedly an “over dubbed” album of songs by Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, and Carl Perkins.  On this album, it says “+ Friends” thus showing that there is more than one person appearing on these songs as the “friend”.  One of these friends is Elvis and, I suppose, the other is Jimmy Ellis.  This album does NOT say one word about ORION.

There are three songs on this album which is a duet of Jerry Lee Lewis and “friend”.  These three songs ARE included on the “THE KILLER, THE KING” album.

As you will see in the images of the album, there is a person shown in the shadows behind the artwork of the three singers.  On the front cover the person is not at all recognizable…so we are not meant to know who this “friend” is.  However, on the back cover of this album, the silhouette shown behind the three singers is most certainly recognizable.  It is an artist creation of the profile silhouette of ELVIS.  So, one must assume that it is meant for the listeners to recognize Elvis’ voice.  Since the word ORION was not yet in use on this album, it may be that this was near the beginning of the upcoming Jimmy Ellis work as Orion.  



Here is my own YouTube video from the Trio+ album…

Elvis is Alive: Trio+ album 3 songs

Linda Sigmon

Published on May 23, 2018



I just got off the phone with Jesse a little bit ago.  We had a nice long visit this time.  He sounded well…but said that he is not feeling as energetic as he would like today.  We discussed that we both have those days.  He is still hoping to get to the beach soon…to walk in the sand and go in the water.  I told him that I think that would be excellent for him and would likely make him feel better.  

He asked me a question today which he asked me over 20 years ago:  Which one of his songs is my favorite.  I gave him the same answer that I did all those years ago…”I love them all.  Whichever one I’m listening too.”  But, then I added, just as I did over 20 years ago, “I didn’t like one.”  He again asked me which one and I told him “Fever…I didn’t like that one.”  He again said that he didn’t like that one either.  So, some things never change between good friends.  We still have the same conversations that we did so many years ago.

Jesse said that he thinks his best period of his songs was the early 60’s…he gave as an example “(Marie’s the Name of) His Latest Flame”.  

I asked if I could ask him something right before we hung up and he said I could.  I wanted to discuss with him a little bit the work I have been doing recently regarding the Orion songs.  I asked again about my belief that some of the Orion songs are really him…and that I had asked about that many years ago and that he had said “Yes”.  He said again “Yes” and so I told him that I am working up some articles about those songs.  I asked if that is alright with him.  He said that anything I want to do is fine with him because he knows what I am trying to do…to defend myself.  I told him that I am trying to defend him and myself both.  I am so glad that we got to talk about that so I can know that what I am doing is approved by him.

His call was the highlight of my day…as is always the case.


THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018

Below is a good comparison between Elvis in the later 70’s on stage and the photo of Jesse in 1994.

I thank my good friend Mike M. who shared the photo of Elvis on stage with me. 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, guitarImage may contain: one or more people and people sitting
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling


FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018

I have created a new video on my YouTube channel consisting of my favorite song by Jesse on the 2012 CD “ELVIS FOUND ALIVE”.  The song is “The Dance” and the above new photo match is included as well.

Here is my video and the description which accompanies it:

Elvis is Alive: “The Dance” with Elvis Jesse photos

Linda Sigmon

Published on May 24, 2018

This song was recorded by Jesse who really is Elvis under the name of Jon Burrows. It was released on the CD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE IN 2012.

The Dance is my favorite song from this CD. I have not asked Jesse but I believe that he recorded this song with his former audiences in mind. He changed a word or two to make it about him.

As we all know, Garth Brooks first recorded this song. If you listen closely you will hear that Jesse changed the word “you’d” say goodbye to “I’d” say goodbye. Of course, referring to his leaving in August, 1977. Also, wasn’t I “the” king… This song also parallels his life in some ways…he could have missed the pain if he had not become “ELVIS“…but he would’ve missed the wonderful experience (the dance).

I have been friends with Elvis since 1992 (26 years). He and I were friends when this CD was released in 2012. There was a movie featuring a SCRIPT which Jesse read titled “Elvis Found Alive” which was released in conjunction with this CD. Jesse gave me the honor of telling the world, through my website, that this CD was actually recorded by him. He also wrote a two- page handwritten letter detailing how Joel Gilbert and his people managed to track him down and coerced him into reading the script. The man shown in silhouette in the film is NOT really Elvis/Jesse. But a stand in chosen by Joel Gilbert without Jesse’s prior knowledge. The only really great thing about the whole “Elvis Found Alive” film and CD was Jesse’s own voice reading the SCRIPT and recording all of the songs on the CD.

You may read Jesse’s full two page handwritten letter to me regarding the film and the details behind the film on one page of my website. Jesse wrote this letter specifically for me to publish on my site to explain the truth behind the “Elvis Is Alive” movie.

There are so many fake stories circulating about this film and CD. I want to share this truth to set the record straight. I believe if you compare the accompanying photo comparison of Elvis and Jesse, you will come to realize that Jesse is Elvis and the circumstances of this film are as Jesse wrote in his letter.

Here is the link to the page of my site with Jesse’s letter.… You may buy this CD at the following address:

This DVD film and CD were put out by Hwy. 61 Entertainment and were produced and directed by Mr. Joel Gilbert




FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018

This week marks the 9 year anniversary for my website.  I think of May 24th as my date of beginning…though I had worked on it for a little while before actually publishing.  

I thank all of my visitors who have supported me with their time and interest for the past 9 years.  I feel sad when I think of my very early friends who have passed away…those who helped me to keep going when times were rough.  One of those special people often comes to my mind.  Her name was Susan Nolf.  Susan was a dear friend who urged me to try some things that I had been reluctant to try…the blog page which we had for several years and the Messages to Jesse page which still exists though not operated full time now.  Another longtime friend who stood with me since 2002 was Andrea Palmer who just passed away a few weeks ago.  I shall never forget all those living and gone who have helped me to reach this 9 year anniversary.

Because I am a number 9, based upon numerology, this anniversary is significant to me.  The number 9 has come up several times in my years of Elvis work.  I did not plan it that way, but I published my very early newsletter for 9 months.  Way back then, I knew little about numerology and so that was just the way it worked out.  I published my newsletter from July, 1990 through March, 1991.  It was that newsletter which propelled me to where I am now with Jesse.

There is one rumor which I want to refute here and now.  I DID NOT STOP MY NEWSLETTER BECAUSE I THOUGHT THAT I HAD FOUND ELVIS.   There was a woman named Mary Smiley who, for years, published all manner of lies about me…some of which are still circulated even though she is dead and gone.  She was the one responsible for putting out the word that I stopped my newsletter because I thought I had found Elvis.  This was absolutely totally untrue.  I did not hear one word from Elvis until a little over a year after I stopped the newsletter.  The last issue of my newsletter was March, 1991.  I received my first post card from Elvis in April 1992.

I stopped my newsletter because of being overworked and under-appreciated by my subscribers.  I refused to publish some information which one of the subscribers insisted was true.  She had become acquainted with a man who claimed to be Elvis’ son.  In the first place, I did NOT publish gossip of that type in my newsletter.  Second of all, this man was born when Elvis was only 13!  The woman insisting that I publish this had been a friend of mine for some years and I was sending my newsletter to her for FREE.  When I stopped the newsletter, I sent checks to every subscriber for the remainder of their subscription.  This same woman, who had been receiving ALL of my issues for FREE, spread the word that I had not sent her a refund check.  Of course, the lie about the check was AFTER I had already stopped,  but this was the type of behavior which caused me to end the newsletter.  Back then, there was no Internet and yet word traveled fast even though only by snail mail and telephone and things being said and complained about got back to me PDQ.  I could mention the names of those whose behavior resulted in my cessation of publishing.  But, I won’t…some are dead and gone.  Others are too bull-headed to take notice of the truth.

The truth was that, unbeknownst to my subscribers, I had been sending each issue of my newsletter to a public figure, who had been a close friend of Elvis’ before he left in August, 1977.  I had good reason to believe that they were still friends and were still in touch.  I wrote to this person and asked if I could, please, send my newsletters to him to pass on to Elvis each month.  I believe that did get Elvis’ attention.  I was later told, by the person who put me in touch with Elvis eventually, that “He really did like your newsletters.”  I have never questioned Jesse about this.

So I got that off my chest today for my anniversary!! Ha, ha!!


It is very disappointing that this is not going to air until 2019!! 

NBC to Broadcast ‘The 50th Anniversary of the Elvis Comeback Special’ in 2019

Elvis Presley photographed in 1968.

Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

NBC will be paying tribute to the King of Rock and Roll next year, particularly focusing on the network’s incredibly successful 1968 special that marked Elvis Presley’s return to live television.

The 50th Anniversary of the Elvis Comeback Special is set to feature today’s biggest music artists recreating the spectacle and the staging of the original show. Additionally, the two-hour broadcast will include rare footage of the superstar and interviews from those who were involved in the event 50 years ago.

Singer Presents…ELVIS, which originally aired on December 3, 1968, was Presley’s first television performance in seven years, during which he focused on film. Presley was dressed in an iconic leather black jumpsuit and was backed by a full band. The telecast was the No. 1-rated show on NBC that season. 

The broadcast will air in 2019.



After I published the below article, a good friend, Shawn K., did purchase this comic and wrote to tell me that he did not think that Jesse or I would like seeing the entire thing.  So, I am not recommending it to anyone else either.

Joe R. Landsale Solicited for Bubba Ho-Tep Comic – but Not in the Comic Itself?

Posted by May 18, 2018 

The solicitation for Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers was clear.

(W) Joe Lansdale (A) Tadd Galusha (CA) Baldemar Rivas
From the minds of creator Joe Lansdale and writer comes a prequel to the cult-classic film! President Nixon has discovered an alien threat, and he knows there’s only one man he can reach out to for help: Elvis Presley. But will Elvis even be enough to defeat a horde of Cosmic Blood-Suckers? In Shops: May 16, 2018 SRP: $3.99

Written by Joe Lansdale and drawn by Tadd Galusha.

But on publication?

Now written by Joshua Jabcuga.

Nowhere in the credits at all. But if you look at the indicia…

Joe Lansdale is the original author of Bubba Ho-Tep stories… but is that enough to get him a writer credit in the solicits but not on the actual comic itself?

IDW Entertainment representatives tell me,

“Cosmic Bloodsuckers” is adapted from an original Lansdale prose story, so I suppose that you could call him the ‘plotter’ while Joshua Jabcuga is the ‘writer’ or ‘adapter’. Also, Joe Lansdale is the actual licensor — he reviewed the script, saw the artwork, gave approval to and endorses the entire project — so his involvement has been essential from concept to execution (including his approval of how the credits were presented). As the copyrighted owner of Bubba Ho-Tep, he’s represented within all the legal jargon found in our indicia. Fans of Joe Lansdale and Bubba Ho-Tep should be 100% satisfied that the book is a Lansdale project and captures the very essence of his ass-kicking Elvis Presley.

I’m not sure the Diamond Comic Distributors rules work like that though… we shall see, I am sure.


After I published the above article, a good friend, Shawn K., did purchase this comic and wrote to tell me that he did not think that Jesse or I would like seeing the entire thing.  So, I am not recommending it to anyone else either.


SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2018

For those who live near this event…


Elvis Presley, “The King of Rock”, is coming back alive for one night at the O2 Arena Prague


18.05.2018 12:23 

Elvis Presley, “The King of Rock”, is coming back alive for one night at the O2 Arena on June 8th, 2018 featuring his wife Priscilla Presley. This European tour is showing an exclusive live concert experience featuring Elvis Presley on the big screen along with the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra. The host of the concert will be no other than Priscilla Presley on the big screen, telling hidden stories and secrets about her and Elvis’s life. 

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu met when she was fourteen years old. Elvis was nearly ten years older than Priscilla and was a rising superstar. The two were married in 1967 after being in a relationship for eight years. In 1968, Priscilla gave birth to their only child Lisa Marie. Not shortly after, Elvis’s drug addiction increased and Priscilla divorced him in 1973. By 1977, Elvis died from heart failure due to drugs. Priscilla still remains alive and well at the age of 72.

Elvis was born on January 8th, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. By the mid-1950’s he was first featured on the radio and television. When his first song “That’s All Right” featured on the radio, the station received dozens of phone calls within minutes, asking who the singer was. By 1956, his first single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ went on to be the number one single in the United States. Since then, he had created eighteen number one hits and over forty top ten hits in the United States. He is known as the “King of Rock” till today, and his house “Graceland,” in Memphis is open to the public for his fans.

Priscilla Presley was born on May 24th, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York. She was an average kid who grew up in a family that was constantly moving for her step father’s job in the Air Force. Priscilla’s family moved to Germany in 1959, where she first met Elvis. After Elvis’s death, Priscilla became the executor of Elvis’s estate “Graceland” in 1979. Shortly after, Priscilla became an actress and successful business woman, creating Elvis Presley Enterprises and featuring in a famous soap opera “Dallas.”

The “Wonder of You” tour is produced by Elvis Presley Enterprises. It includes inside secrets on the life of Elvis Presley told by Priscilla Presley, and a live concert experience of the “King of Rock” singing his top hits. The concert will contain all of his hits from rock, to gospel, and to country and ballads. This is the last concert of the European tour and Priscilla will be there in person at the arena to host it.

Especially for major Elvis and Priscilla fans in the Czech Republic, this concert called “The Wonder of You” starts at 19:00 and costs up to CZK 1,790- 3,990 depending on the seating area. This is a one-night event, so don’t miss it if you love Elvis.

Tour Dates Europe 2018
June 1st – Sweden, Gothenburg Scandinavium
June 2nd – Sweden, Stockholm Ericsson Globe
June 3rd – Norway, Oslo Spektrum
June 4th – Denmark, Copenhagen Forum
June 6th – Hungary, Budapest, Papp László Sportarena
June 7th – Poland, Krakow, Tauron Arena
June 8th – Czech Republic, Prague, O2 Arena

Ticket Pre-Sales:


SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018

I have just finished creating another new video relating to the whole Orion records story.  I will insert below the description which I posted for my video on YouTube and that will give everyone some idea of why I have created a second video focusing on the same song.  

This is worth hearing and reading, I promise.

Elvis is Alive: “What’d I Say” from the DUETS album Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends

Linda Sigmon

Published on May 27, 2018


This video is a different copy of the WHAT’D I SAY SONG which I shared on another video. This song has a statement made by Jerry Lee Lewis during the fade-out at the end which proves that the song was NOT an overdub by Jimmy Ellis. The later releases of this very same song, have the fade-out statement edited out.

This is absolutely Elvis singing on this song.

This album was released in 1979 by the same company and with the same format as that which was used in all of the ORION albums which followed.

One may say that Elvis recorded this song BEFORE he left in August, 1977. As he did with the one song SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME. Even if this is true, this album and the subsequent album on which this song and many others with Elvis were released, should have been recognized as being Elvis and should have been a huge hit because it was new material by Elvis.

However, when the ORION albums began being released on the heels of this album with NEW songs which were plainly sung by Elvis himself, why did it continue to be stated so adamantly that Jimmy Ellis overdubbed the earlier songs? One may say that it was a cover-up to avoid legal problems with RCA. But, if that were true, then why in the world would they risk putting out other brand new songs which were so obviously sung by Elvis? There were Washing Machine, a number of songs on the Rockabilly Orion album, Lay Around and Love on You, etc.

This one song absolutely and concretely proves that ALL of these songs were NOT overdubbed. Jerry Lee on this song was plainly singing WITH Elvis and makes the comment to ELVIS at the end of the song. You can hear Jerry Lee say the word el-VIS at the end of this song. It is not the softer sound of Ellis. I have put this ending on here twice so that everyone may hear it.

I do ask that you please visit my website page devoted to this topic and many other actual Elvis clues relating to ORION the singer and ORION PICTURES CORP. Below is the link to one of my three pages devoted to the topic of ORION.


Elizabeth W. created this wonderful photo comparison between Jesse and Elvis.  I thank her so very much for posting this on my Facebook page.

I thank Elizabeth so very much for creating this wonderful comparison.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, closeup

Elisabeth WhitetoLinda Sigmon

Linda Sigmon, I made this comparison where it compares 2 or more images. I searched for a known photo of Elvis that had the same approximate angle and smile of the ‘Jesse’ photo. This is amazing because there’s a 25 year difference (1969/1994) between these images yet it’s clear they’re the same person.


MONDAY, MAY 28, 2018

I have created another video on my YouTube account.  This one is about the ORION song “Washing Machine”.  I have loved this song since the first time I heard it back in 1988 when I began buying the Orion records.  I have believed that this song off of the ORION REBORN album is actually Elvis himself singing.

I hope you enjoy my video and share my opinion of the singer.

Elvis is Alive: Washing Machine Orion Reborn album

Linda Sigmon

Published on May 27, 2018


This is another of the Orion songs which I firmly believe was recorded by Elvis. As I have explained in other video descriptions recently, Jesse, who IS Elvis, has confirmed to me two times that he did record some of the Orion songs.

In 1988, I was really into researching the Orion albums. At that time I was not aware of many of the true facts that I know today. That was almost thirty years ago. During that time, I did an interview with our local county newspaper about my staunch belief that Elvis was still alive. I have included scans of my newspaper article in this video. It is a wide article and, therefore, it is impossible to scan it in one full copy. So, I apologize for the way that it is broken into sections. I am only sharing this to document how far back I go with the Orion albums. As you can see in the photo of me, I carried the album on which the song Washing Machine was included. Also, you can see that I also had with me for the interview, the The Killer, The King album.

It has been a long and winding trail to get to where I am today. It has not all been pleasant…but I would not take back one second of the time I have spent supporting Elvis before 1977 and Jesse after 1977. He truly is as wonderfully special as his fans believe him to be and I am so blessed to have been his friend for 26 years. He and I spoke on the phone this past week. He is such a source of joy in my life.

I apologize that, for some reason, the direct play image is not displaying.  Please visit the above links to hear and see this video.


I just realized that I forgot to post one of my new YouTube videos on here.  Some days, I have a lot of trouble and delays when I attempt to access my website in order to post new articles.  The below video article, evidently fell through the cracks during one of those times.

I added this one back on May 20th.  This is another song from the “The Killer, The King” album.  I hope you will enjoy hearing C. C. Rider as much as I have since I first stumbled upon this album back in 1988.  Of course, I am certain that it is Elvis singing.

Elvis is Alive: C C Rider – From The Killer, The King album

Linda Sigmon

Published on May 20, 2018


You are hearing a song from the album THE KILLER, THE KING which was released in 1982. This coincided with the singer Orion’s ending. PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION.

Jesse has told me that I am correct in believing and saying that some of the Orion songs were done by him. Of course, Jimmy Ellis was the front person of Orion and did record the majority of the songs. However, this also gave Elvis a vehicle to record himself after he left on August 16, 1977.

Most of the songs on this album were previously released by Sun Records as Orion. All of the songs on this album are some of those Orion songs which I had always felt sure were really Elvis. Jimmy Ellis was a very talented singer and that is why he was good enough to front for Elvis on occasion.

You will see that Mr. Don Tweedy wrote a statement for the back of this album in which he all but says the name “Elvis”. As you can see Mr. Tweedy was a famous and highly respected man in the music industry and had done work for Elvis himself as well as other big name stars and big name TV shows, etc. Mr. Tweedy KNEW who the “GUEST” on this album was.

Please visit the three Orion (the singer) and Orion Pictures Corp. pages on my website for full details about Elvis and the correlation to the name ORION.

There is a recording of some telephone conversations with Elvis in 1981. On that recording, you may hear Elvis say that there are some people who are helping him to continue without bringing him too far out into the open. He mentions that they are getting ready to put out an album which he thinks will be good. An album which could not be done before because of contracts. I believe that this is the album about which he was speaking. As time permits, I may create and share videos of some of the other songs on this album. There is also a single which I would like to share.


Our good friend, Simon Laxon, has created a very special new comparison video. This has to be my favorite of all the wonderful comparisons he has done. I thank him so sincerely.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 46




I have created another video on my YouTube channel.  Again, this video is based upon one of the Orion songs which I firmly believe to have been sung by Elvis.  

Below is the video along with my description included on YouTube.

Elvis is Alive: Long Tall Sally, ORION – Rockabilly album

Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 29, 2018

I firmly believe that this song is really Elvis. During the spoken words in this song, one can clearly tell that it is Elvis’ voice. At the end, he does the classic Elvis “umph”. He ends with saying “alright, Charlie”…perhaps Charlie Hodge. In the lyrics he changes one word which could be a clue about him being in hiding: the original lyrics are “saw Uncle John with bald-headed Sally, saw Aunt Mary coming and HE ducked back in the alley.” In this song the wording is changed to “I ducked back in the alley” which does not fit with the song at all…except to say that the singer ducked back in the alley to keep from being seen. I am certain that Elvis has done a lot of ducking to keep from being seen and recognized since 1977. I also like that the lyrics repeat that “Everything’s alright. Gonna have some fun tonight.” I like to think that Elvis was saying to his fans “I’m OK and I’m having fun.” To each his own, make up your own mind about who is singing this song.


Our wonderfully talented and supportive friend, Simon Laxon, has been working a lot creating some more comparison videos for us all to enjoy.  I thank Simon so sincerely for all of his help.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 47

  Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on May 28, 2018

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 48 

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on May 28, 2018


THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Today I have made another video on my YouTube channel.  This one is of the entire side one of the The Killer, The King album.  Some people have not heard this album at all and asked where they could buy a CD of this album.  The only place that I know of to obtain a copy of this album is on Ebay from second-hand sellers.  Usually, they are rather expensive.  So, I have made this video so that everyone may hear this side of the album.  I do plan to make a video containing side two of this album shortly.

Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 26, 2018

The “guest” is Elvis in my opinion. Please pause the video and read the statement on the back cover of the album written by Mr. Don Tweedy who had done some work for Elvis and other well known entertainers. He believes it is Elvis also. Enjoy!

This is the full copy of side one of this album. I firmly believe that the “Surprise Guest” is Elvis. Enjoy listening and make up your own mind. Documentation of the entire ORION and Elvis connection may be found on the pages of my website. Below is the link to one of my three Orion pages.…