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He did a splendid job of presenting his interview with me.  He was very polite and respectful during the interview and did not misquote anything which I said.  I enjoyed the time I spent speaking with Gary very much.  My heartfelt thanks to him.

Gary James’ Interview With
Linda Hood Sigmon


On August 16th, 1977, the world was told of Elvis Presley’s death. But you already know that story. What you don’t know and haven’t heard is what Linda Hood Sigmon will reveal in this interview.

She says Elvis is very much alive and has been talking with him since 1992. And by the way, this is Linda
Hood Sigmon’s one and only interview. She’s turned down major media requests from around the world. Here then is Linda Hood Sigmon on Elvis Presley.

Q – Am I correct in saying that other
people have approached you about doing an interview, but you decided to only
talk to me?

A – Yes. I’ve been real
skittish about doing interviews. So far, I’ve turned down each offer. You’ve
been very respectful to me and I like the tone of where I had read you had done
other interviews. I like the tone of your interviews and I thought I could trust
you not to come at me in a combative way. (laughs)

Q – You can trust me. I first became aware of the whole
Is Elvis Alive? story when I saw Gail Brewer Giorgio on The Larry King
Show and I didn’t like the way he treated her. He wouldn’t let her finish a
sentence. He interrupted her. He put her down. He mocked her.

A – That happened to her on so many shows and it was so

Q – And you know that through
the years I’ve interviewed people on both sides of this issue. When you ask a
person who tells you Elvis is dead, if he can possibly be alive, that person
gets mad. If you ask a person who tells you Elvis is alive, if he can’t in fact
be dead, that person gets mad. So, I walk a fine line here.

A – I know.

– And I’m only asking the questions!

– I won’t get upset with you. (laughs)

Q – That is good to hear. Linda, have you read Dr.
Nick’s book?

A – Yes. I don’t know how
closely you’ve followed Dr. Nick’s history with all of this. I know why he does
what he does. I know why he says what he says and I respect him completely. He’s
been very loyal, a very loyal friend to Elvis. But if you followed his history
and I posted a good bit of this on my website. He told me so many different
stories. He did one interview a few years ago, and I don’t have this on my
website, in which he said he got a heartbeat on Elvis in the hospital. They were
working on him and he said “Just stop. He’d be brain dead.” It had been that
long. They were obviously working on a ‘live’ body. Joe Esposito (Elvis’ road
manager) has said unequivocally that rigormortis had set in. Well, the EMTs came
and worked on him. Nurse Trish Hensley I believe was her name, it was reported
that she worked on him. Then Dr. Nick got there and they had him in an ambulance
and Dr. Nick worked on him all the way to the hospital. At the hospital they
reportedly worked on him for like maybe 30 minutes. Dr. Nick in that one
interview said that he was alive, but he said to pull the plug ’cause he said he
would be brain damaged. In another interview which I do have on my website, on
A Current Affair Dr. Nick did a series of three interviews with them,
three segments, one interview. Dr. Nick said he was murdered. Then if you notice
in Dr. Nick’s book, now think about this a little bit, Dr. Nick in his book,
bless his heart, said that he started questioning himself, was Elvis already
dead before they removed him from Graceland. He said he was going on what Joe
said, the he heard him breathe one time. (laughs) Now Joe said it was a body
with rigormortis. OK? Then in the book there’s a paragraph, and I want to put
this on my site, he started questioning himself, was Elvis already dead before
he left Graceland? He said if he had been dead it would not have been legal for
the paramedics to have removed the body. Anytime there’s a sudden death, a dead
body, the paramedics are required to notify the police and not move the body. Do
you see where I’m going? None of it meshes. Dr. Nick says the autopsy did not
show anything major wrong with Elvis, he had only prescribed something like four
of the drugs. He didn’t know where the others came from, but Dr. Nick reportedly
by Dick Grob (Elvis’ security) and Charlie Hodge said he was present when Dr.
Nick came to Graceland and told Vernon (Elvis’ father) in front of him that the
autopsy showed that Elvis had bone cancer and that he would only have lived
three more months. OK? In Dr. Nick’s book he goes into great detail about the
autopsy and nowhere in Dr. Nick’s book does he mention bone cancer.

Q – As I recall, Dr. Nick said had
Elvis lived, he would’ve had to have had his intestines removed.

A – Well, it wasn’t so much that, it
was his colon.

Q – That’s right. His

A – At that point in time,
medically available at that time he would’ve required surgery. But Elvis did not
want to have surgery. I have not asked him, I do not pry in his private,
everyday affairs, but I believe since ’77 they have come up with other means of
treating that. I don’t know if he finally consented to having the surgery after
’77, or if they had treated it by other means. But in the years I’ve been
friends with him, he has not mentioned any further problems about the colon.

Q – Joe Esposito has told conflicting
stories about that day as well?

None of it meshes. And see, in my opinion they have put out mis-information, so
many different stories that it just keeps everybody arguing and confused and
nobody can decipher what really happened.

Q – Were you a fan of Elvis?

A – Oh, yes. Number one. (laughs) I saw him on TV in
1956 when I was nine years old and it was love at first sight. I have been this
way ever since. Non-stop. I’m not a fanatic. I’m not one of these people that
just goes out there and calls for everything that comes along. I have carefully,
carefully, carefully researched and studied and I know what I’m talking about.

Q – So, I guess the main question that
everybody wants to know is, is Elvis Presley alive?

A – Absolutely. I talked to him last Saturday. (May
7th, 2011). I have a nice letter laying in front of me from him, in his
handwriting. He and I talk about once a month, sometimes more frequently.

Q – How did you first contact Elvis?
Were you part of his fan club?

A – No.
What happened was, and I’ll just say this real quickly and I don’t mean to sound
like I’m off the wall or some kind of a nut case, other people have told me they
had this same experience. When I heard that he had died at five o’clock in the
afternoon on the 16th, I of course was just crushed, devastated. I went to bed
feeling that way. When I woke up the next morning… I’m a spiritual person. I
do believe God helps us with things. When I woke up the next morning I just knew
he wasn’t gone. I walked in the kitchen and said to my husband, “He didn’t die.
He just did this to get away.” That’s where I left it. I lived with that all the
years until Gail Brewer Giorgio’s book came out. Then I thought OK, now that
she’s got this book out, I’m gonna research, I’m gonna prove to myself that I’m
right or not. That was where I started. I became friends with Gail. I visited in
her home one time. I contributed to her newsletter. She used things that I
contributed in her next book, The Elvis Files. Then when she stopped her
newsletter, she gave me her approval to pick up where she stopped off and for me
to do a newsletter, which I did in July of 1990 until March of 1991. It was all
about Elvis being alive. I decided to put a section in my newsletter called
Notes To Elvis. I allowed people to write in their thoughts, their
messages to him to be printed in my newsletter. There was a major big-name
public figure who I had written a fan letter to and I told him I believed he and
Elvis were friends. He was so kind to me. He sent me back a beautiful autograph
on his letterhead paper. Having done that, I took it upon myself to send him the
copies of my newsletter. One of the first ones I sent him, I wrote him a letter
and I said I do believe you’re in touch with Elvis. If you are, would you please
see that he gets my newsletters. I didn’t hear anything back and each month I
sent my newsletter because a lot of discord and back-biting and gossiping with
the members of my subscription group. I was in tears the day I stopped because I
didn’t want to stop it. I just didn’t need all that stress, all that
aggravation. So, I was very hurt the day I stopped my newsletter and expressed
that in my newsletter. I sent everybody refunds for their subscriptions and I
thought that was the end of it. This is the end for me. About two weeks later, a
gentleman that I had never heard of called me and asked me if I was Linda Sigmon
who had the newsletter. I said yes. I thought he was somebody wanting to get
back issues or something ’cause people do that sometimes. That wasn’t the case.
He just talked to me, I guess for close to an hour and indicated that he did
know that Elvis was alive and people that were in touch with him and so forth
and so on. Right at the end of the conversation he said “he really did like your
newsletter.” When he said that I was just so thrilled and I thanked him and we
hung up and I thought, OK, well that’s the end of that. I’m just so happy to
know he got my newsletters.

Q – Did
this man who called you identify himself?

A – By his first name and the State he lived in. I
thought I would never hear from him again. But then he did continue to contact
me and to tell me a little bit more about Elvis and the people Elvis was in
touch with, and some of the things he had been doing after ’77 and so forth. And
then after we had been in touch, I don’t recall exactly how long, but probably I
would say three or four months, he sent a letter of introduction to me and this
other gentleman who was friends with Elvis who was in contact with him. He spoke
with him on the phone and he exchanged letters with him. This gentleman and I
just hit it off. We became friends and he sent me copies of the letters that
Elvis had written to him, in his own handwriting. They were lengthy letters and
I read them and mulled them over and looked at ’em and thoroughly digested
everything and came to the conclusion that these letters were probably written
by Elvis, everything, the way he phrased things, the thoughts, the things he
said, the handwriting, all indicated to me that it really was Elvis. I never
expected to be in touch with him. But I enjoyed my friendship with this
gentleman that I had been introduced to. After awhile, in April of 1992, I got a
postcard from Elvis. I was just thrilled, needless to say. He said this person
who he called by their first name had asked him to drop me a line and that I’d
waited long enough. He signed it “Elvis”. It was postmarked and everything. It
showed where he was when he sent it. There again, I didn’t have a return address
to him. I hadn’t asked my friend for one. I didn’t want to pry. I thought, OK,
this is just tremendous. I have a postcard from Elvis! I’m holding something he
wrote. I was of course thrilled and I thought, OK, that’s the end of that. Then
a little bit later I got another postcard from him. That time, if I’m not
mistaken, he signed it Jon Burrows. It was the same postmark. He said “More
later” at the bottom, which just thrilled me. And then I got a letter from him.
I wrote him back and we corresponded for the rest of that year, right up through

Q – You wrote him back,
which means he gave you his address?

– Yes.

Q – How did he know you
wouldn’t show up at his doorstep?

He said he knew he could trust me. I guess it was because of my newsletter
’cause my newsletters were so respectful, so loving, never just trying to pin
him down, never trying to find out where he is, which is why I disagreed with
some people who were on a manhunt, like they had a right to track him down and
find him. I never felt that way and don’t to this day. Anyway, the gentleman who
introduced me, he and I were still good friends and of course he was still good
friends with Elvis and they were still writing. In December of ’92 he wrote to
this friend and told him for us not to mail any more mail to him because people
were going through his mail. He said don’t write me again at this address. And
so I didn’t. For a time, neither one of us heard from him. Then he got back in
touch with our mutual friend and they were in touch. I was allowed to send mail
to this friend who sent it to him on my behalf. Then it was a number of years
before Jesse (Elvis) and I were completely back in touch full-time.

Q – At that point you had to call him
Jesse rather than Elvis?

A – No. I
just said that now ’cause I always call him Jesse now. He had not explained to
me in ’92 about being Jesse. He signed some of his letters to our mutual friend
as Jesse, but he did not explain about being Jesse to me until 1997.

Q – What do Elvis fans say to you?

A – I have a message board. When I had
a message board to Jesse back in December, some people would send him their
Christmas greetings, birthday wishes. I never had a message board open on my
site before because I knew what would happen, the attacks and everything. But
Marty Lacker came on there attacking me. (Marty Lacker was part of Elvis’
entourage known as the Memphis Mafia) I’ve never gone after Marty. I’ve never
gone on another board and said a bad word about any of them. Marty came on there
attacking me. I just went right back at him because he lied. In his first
message on there he said that I was a nut case, that he was there, that he saw
the body. I went right back at him and I said Marty, you were not there. You put
in your own book that they called you in California to tell you when he died and
you wrote in your own book that you did not even come to the funeral. Of course
that set him off even more than when I gave him a black eye right off the bat.
So Jesse (Elvis), I print off the pages on my website I sent to Jesse (Elvis) so
he can see what I’m putting on there, so he can tell me if he wants me to take
something off. Of course I sent him that. Well Jesse (Elvis) called me and told
me to tell Marty Lacker for him an anecdote that happened that when Marty read
it he would know it was Elvis. So, I tried to get to Marty through a personal
e-mail, I didn’t have his e-mail address. Anyway, long story short, Marty came
back on and said “Just post on here.” So I did and surprisingly enough, Marty
came back; Jesse had told me an incident that had happened and I didn’t give the
details. I just said what Jesse (Elvis) had said to tell Marty that Marty would
recognize. Marty came back and said “I think I know exactly what he’s talking
about, but I don’t know if any of the guys (Memphis Mafia) had written about
that.” But do you know he changed his tone completely with me. He said “I wish
you luck with your website, but you know my position.” Before that he was
cursing me. So, Marty is protecting his turf, because he’s been out there all
these years as an Elvis expert. Everybody kind of bows down to him and listens
to what he has to say, even though he tells really bad things that he should not
be saying. Marty doesn’t want to give up his turf. That’s why I say all the
established world Elvis people that have come forth attacking me are doing so
because they don’t want to be proven they’ve been wrong all these years.

Q – Wouldn’t it be a big story if
someone in the Memphis Mafia were to come forward and say Elvis really is alive!

A – Well see, that’s the thing of it,
I know you didn’t expect all of the details and I apologize.

Q – That’s quite alright. I love details. I’m a detail

A – Marty Lacker and Billy Smith
and Lamar Fike in Alanna Nash’s book… I don’t know if you’ve read Alanna
Nash’s book about the Memphis Mafia.

– I did read that book.

A – Near the
back of that book there’s a part of that interview where they said Elvis told
them he was going to do this. It even went so far that the guy who Elvis had
found to take his place to be the body called Billy Smith and talked to him.
Well, that was one story in Alanna Nash’s book right there in black and white.
Then the three of them again did an interview with a magazine in London called
People. It’s not People Magazine. They went into great detail and
told the complete story of what Elvis did. Then they came back and when people
started questioning them about it, Marty backed down and said “Oh, well it was
just a joke.” You don’t go out there and tell a perfectly straight story in an
interview with an author of a book and then go a step further and do a newspaper
interview about it and turn right around and say oh, well it was just a joke.
Somebody got to Marty and said “Would you rather be rich and alive or, you
know…” (laughs) People will do anything to stop this story.

Q – Now, you say Elvis has called you.

A – Oh, yes.

Q – When I interviewed Sonny
(Elvis’ bodyguard) I talked to him about people who are getting phone

calls from Elvis. I asked “what’s going on here?” He told me some guys can
imitate Elvis’ voice. They’re almost there, but not quite. So Linda, how do you
know it’s really Elvis?

A – Oh Gary.
First of all, I’ve been friends with him since 1992.

Q – That’s what people would like to know.

A – Oh, sure. Absolutely. I understand
completely. It’s not just his voice, although he does use a voice distortion
machine, which he did not do until after people were taping his calls after ’77
and selling them. I think the last time that I know of where he called someone
without the voice distortion machine was when he called Gail Brewer Giorgio in
October of 1988. She was asked before he got on the phone not to tape the call.
She did anyway. Then she sold that tape with her next book, The Elvis
. OK. The way I know it’s him is like I told you, I was a life long

Elvis fan. The thing about my being a fan of his was not so much the superstar
image or any of that. I felt a bond with the person, not the exterior image. I
tried to read everything I could about what he liked, what he believed. I bought
books that I knew he had read so that I would better understand him. I’ve read
about everything I could get my hands on about him. The books I’ve read are like
Wanda June Hill’s books. She was a personal friend with him and the things he
talked about with her, unguarded, private conversations. I know how he thinks. I
know how he phrases things. I know what his inner thoughts and feelings are
about things. I know him. Nobody can fool me for nineteen years. The man I talk
to is Elvis Presley, period.

Q – Have
you ever asked Elvis why he did what he did?

A – I haven’t needed to because he’s told all of us.

Q – One person I interviewed said if
Elvis were really alive, and he came back, he would be hit with lawsuits.

A – No. That’s not the reason he won’t
come back. I can’t tell you the details of the reason he won’t come back. There
were times, over the years, back in the ’80s when he did want to come out, and
was trying to make plans to come out and he was not allowed to.

Q – By who? Was he in a government witness protection

A – No. He chose not to go
into the witness protection program because, I’m telling you things he told me,
because if he had, he could never have been in touch with anybody. The way it is
now, he’s only in touch with a handful of us. I only know of two other people
that he calls, and one of them is my dearest, dearest, closest friend who I
introduced him to, maybe, I don’t know, I’d have to go back and count the years,
maybe eight years ago. She is just such a fan and totally trustworthy. I asked
him would he please contact her and he has done that over the years and he still
calls her and writes her and sends her gifts for special occasions. He’s proven
to her time and time again that he’s Elvis. The other person I know is the
person who channels our mail to him. Of course he speaks with him on the phone.
That’s the only two people I know who he calls anymore.

Q – Elvis told you the reason why he faked his death?

A – Oh, yes.

Q – Have you ever seen Elvis face-to-face?

A – No, and I never asked for that. I
don’t need to. You have to understand that I never, in all these years, pried,
asked questions. I’ve never put any demands at all on him. I told him up front
that if he asked me a question I would always answer him honestly. There were no
strings attached to my friendship except heartstrings. I never, under any
circumstances, would ask him to do anything that would in any way make him
uncomfortable or put him in a position where he felt I was trying to set him up.
He has mentioned coming to see me and of course I haven’t said don’t do that!
But I always said I would not ask you to do that. He’s told me before if he ever
came to see me, he would just have to show up because he could never tell anyone
where he was gonna be in advance.

Have you ever been in the music business or show business in your life?

A – No.

Q – So, here’s Elvis, one of the biggest singers of all
time, what do you two talk about?

Oh my. We talk about everyday stuff. (laughs) We talk about our aches and pains.
Last time we talked, we talked about the floods in Memphis. He wanted to go to
Memphis. Of course Mother’s Day was the next day. He said he wanted to go to
Memphis, but he didn’t know if he could because of the floods. We talk about
things like the people attacking me on my website, who they are, what they’re
doing. (laughs) Would you like me to read you his letter to you?

Q – Sure. Go ahead.

A – This letter is postmarked March the 31st. He starts
out, “Honey, I must hurry with this letter after talking with you last week. I
understand your frustration. I would like to wring the necks of the people who
harass you. My phone is a constant problem and my handwriting is horrible. Some
letters I will print so they can’t copy my handwriting.” This was written long
hand just like all of his letters. “First let me say that I cannot thank you
enough for all the things you send. It really keeps me alive and I wish I could
call you more often.” He says again the phone is a constant problem. “Anything
you want me to do, I will for your website. Please remember you have nothing to
be sorry for my little sister.” He calls me his sister. “One word for all these
people who harass you”, and he printed this in quotation marks, big letters,
“Lies shall be your only response to them. Must hurry. With love, your brother
Jesse.” I have two good sized fireproof boxes full of letters and gifts and
cards, all in his handwriting, and all of the letters are lick sealed. I was
just appalled that Eliza would take the one time he wrote her a letter and lick
sealed it, that she took it for DNA. Are you aware that Jesse’s (Elvis) DNA
matches the DNA of his first cousin on both sides of the family?

Q – I hadn’t heard about that.

A – Eliza had been obtaining DNA
samples by hook or crook for years. She thought at first she was Elvis’
daughter. She finally went to Fox 8 after somebody urged her to. I spoke with
Suzanne Stratford. She and I are familiar. I don’t speak to her anymore, we
don’t have cause to. In years past we spoke. Eliza went to her with the DNA of
herself and Donna Presley, who was the first cousin on the Presley side and
Brenda Smith, who was his first cousin. Fox 8 sent off Jesse’s (Elvis) DNA,
which he gave them in 2002 and had come from Elvis Presley, as Jesse. Eliza took
her three samples. Fox 8 sent them off. Jesse’s (Elvis) DNA from the letter to
Eliza, really was a letter from Elvis Presley to Eliza, did match Jesse’s
(Elvis) DNA from 2001 and Jesse’s (Elvis) DNA from both years, 2002 and 2008 did
show that Eliza is Elvis’ half-sister. That was proven by the fat that she
matched Jesse’s (Elvis) as being a half sibling and she matched Donna Presley as
being a first cousin. And Jesse’s (Elvis) DNA matched, as I told you earlier,
the first cousins on both sides of the family. I can’t offer any more proof than

Q – What would happen if Elvis
did come out?

A – He can’t come out,
Gary. He has been told; he wrote this letter to the Attorney General of
Missouri, which is on my website, and stated that if he gave any more proof out,
he would be eliminated. He wrote to me in a personal letter. It’s the only
letter he’s ever written to me that he marked “Personal And Confidential” and
wrote to me the same sentiment and told me who was behind it. If people
understood who’s behind this, it would be like a light bulb moment and they
would say “Oh, I see.”

Q – Would it be
someone from organized crime?

A – No.

Q – It’s not the Gambino crime

A – It’s not the Mafia.
Gail (Brewer Giorgio) made such a big issue about the plane fraud. I don’t touch
on that because Jesse (Elvis) has never brought that into mention as his reason
for what he did, although those indictments were being handed down the day that
he went away (August 16th, 1977). I have never gone into that. I don’t know how
factual Gail is about her information about that. But he has never mentioned
that as being a factor in what he did. The day (August 16th, 1977) that he chose
to leave, if you know how into numerology he always has been and still is, if
you look at the day he chose to leave, it is absolutely the work of genius. I
don’t know any other way to put it and I’ve gone into great, great, great detail
on my website about the intricacies of that day. 8-16-77. He was born on the
eighth of the month and he mentions the sixteenth because he said if two people
were born on the eighth then it would stand to reason that two people would
depart on the sixteenth. If you take that date, you’ve got one times eight, two
times eight, three times eight. Three times eight is twenty-four, which is 1977,
digits added together. Then if you add all the numbers in that day, I know
you’ve seen this in other places, it equals 2001, which was his number.
Twenty-four is significant. If you take the one eight, the two eights, the three
eights, those three eights is twenty-four, which is the reverse of forty-two,
which in numerology forty-two and twenty-four have the same meaning.

Q – You have really taken this to an
exact science, haven’t you?

A – Oh,
listen. I have Gary. I know what I’m talking about. I promise you. The number 24
is also fortunate. It promises the assistance and association of those of rank
and position with one’s plan. Is that not cool? It’s a favorable number when it
comes out in relation to future events. He’s still very strongly follows
numerology. He still uses that in his decisions, in his timing.

Q – Would a lot of people have been involved in helping
Elvis get away on August 16th, 1977?

– He said that six people were at Graceland one night and took a hand on hand
oath that they would never tell the secret.

Q – Six people?

A – Six people, including him.

Q – I assume the six people would include bodyguards.

A – Not all bodyguards.

Q – Maybe Colonel Parker?

A – I can tell you that because he
said Colonel Parker was the mastermind behind it. There’s just so, so much. I
could go on for days telling you stuff.

Q – Colonel Parker? If I had been Elvis, I would’ve
wanted to end any business relationship with that man. He was taking a lot of
Elvis’ money.

A – No. People have
misconstrued their relationship. Jesse (Elvis) has said that Colonel Parker was
a true friend and took the secret to the grave. OK, I will tell you this about
Colonel Parker; I don’t have this substantiated, but several people have seen
this and told me it did happen. In fact, it was reported back when it did
happen. A lady who saw it on TV in California wrote Gail (Brewer Giorgio) and
told her that she saw this. Back when Gail’s book came out and all this was
hitting the fan, Colonel Parker was interviewed there on a local California TV
news show, like the morning shows. They asked him if Elvis committed suicide and
he said “No, he did not. He wanted a way out and I showed him how to do it.”
That I wish I did have on tape. That was back before VCRs were a common,
everyday thing like we have now, and DVRs. But aside from that I can give you
more proof of what Jesse (Elvis) said in his book about Colonel Parker is the
truth. He wrote in one of the letters in the book that Colonel Parker, Herb Wolf
and Howard Hughes helped him to pull this off. That might sound kind of off the
wall at first blush, but there has been a book written that came out about a
year ago that is based upon the fact that Howard Hughes faked his death and not
only faked his death but had a derelict off the streets, who they kept drugged
out, was the person people saw with the long fingernails, the long hair and the
incoherent type behavior. That was his stand-in. When his stand-in died, they
reported publicly that Howard Hughes had died, but Howard Hughes was happily
living his life in Alabama. This book is based on a friendship that one of the
authors had with his wife for thirty-some-odd years after he quit being Howard
Hughes. You’d have to read the book, it’s so complicated! But the thing about it
is this; recently there’s a YouTube video of an interview done with a gentleman
who came to a book signing of the book. It’s titled Boxes, about Howard
Hughes faking his death. This gentleman worked for Howard Hughes on his ranch in
Nevada and guess who called him to come to work for Howard Hughes? A man named
Herb Wolf. Then Elvis is probably one of the very few people alive who would
know that Howard Hughes did not die in April of 1976. So, when he (Elvis) wrote
his book and said Howard Hughes helped him, he knew Howard Hughes had to still
be alive in August of ’77. I’ve become acquainted with Major General Miller, who
researched that book and was friends with Howard Hughes’ wife. He and I have
e-mailed back and forth and talked on the phone. That book is for real.

Q – Did Elvis leave Graceland by
helicopter on August 16th, 1977?


Q – That’s what I’ve been told.

A – Everybody’s been told that. I’ve
never asked him. I’ve never made that a part of my proof. To me it sounds a
little incredulous. Maybe it happened. I guess I could ask him. But that’s
something I’ve never delved into because I don’t make that as part of my

Q – Was this fellow Major
Bill in contact with Elvis?

A – I
never believed he was. I had his book. I had his records. I never could make up
my mind about him. He was kind of a carny like guy like Colonel Parker, back in
his carnival days. I was skeptical about Major Bill until I heard the interview that Major Bill did, the patched through call that
he did with Elvis with a radio DJ that I think you’ve heard. When I heard that
call, I changed my mind about Major Bill and I thought, well yeah, maybe so,
because at that time Elvis mentioned in that phone call about a Deason who
taught him how to play the guitar. He said not many people knew that. Well, that
has since then come out publicly that yeah, there was a guy there at Lauderdale
Courts that who did help him learn to play guitar. But you have to remember that
interview was done a long, long time ago, in like the ’80s. Since then I have
seen where that name has come out as being someone who was there who helped him
learn to play the guitar.

Q – Is Elvis
living in the United States?

A – Yes.

Q – Is he moving around.

A – Yes.

Q – Someone must be funneling money to him.

A – Yes. He does not have cash money,
like he can just go out and give $1,000 away or write checks to this person or
that person. He has the money for all of his needs and most of his wants.

Q – What happens if he get sick? Where
does he go?

A – He goes places to be

Q – What does Elvis do with his

A – When he said in his letter
that he appreciates all the things I send him because they keep him alive, he
gets bored and depressed. He does have problems with depression. He’ll tell me
the titles of DVDs and CDs that he would like to have and I find them and get
them for him. He collects coins. He has a coin collection. He doesn’t read as
much, or that’s the impression I get. His eyes bother him some. He went fishing
last year a good bit until his fishing rod broke. (laughs) And he does travel
every once in a while. When we were first friends he told me he still had horses
and still rode ’em. He hasn’t mentioned that in a number of years. He had to
have hip surgery at one point, which he recovered from just fine. When we talk,
I always let him choose the topic ’cause I never want him to feel like I’m
asking questions, like playing 20 Questions with him. He’s told me so, so, so
much and I always just let him tell me. He’ll tell me things he wants me to
know. And of course most of what he tells me I keep confidential. He does give
me things I can put on my website. When we talked last Saturday, May 7th (2011),
he gave me two anecdotes to put on there, two things that happened in his
dressing room, backstage. The reason he did that he said is when and if the
people with him back then read those, they would know that it really is him. One
of them had to do with Sammy Davis Jr. and the other one had to do with Evil
Knieval. I’ve got them on my website. It was things that nobody would have known
unless they were there with Elvis.

Does Elvis know about the interview you’re doing with me?

A – This morning I mentioned you in the letter to him.
I told him I finally agreed to do my first and probably only interview. I told
him your name and I told him you and I had corresponded and that you had been
very kind and respectful to me and I thought I could trust you and that I would
let him know how it turns out and I will send him a copy of the interview when
it’s published.

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