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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A good friend just asked me a question regarding the details of the autopsy outlined in Dr. Nick’s new book.

He wrote: “Since you got Nick’s book too, I was wondering who exactly did they autopsy? There’s all these details in there and it’s like, “Hey wait a minute..

Obviously, I am not going to detail anything that Jesse has ever told any of us about the way things were done…no more than he did in his book.

I will tell you only that I have read and have a copy of a letter which Jesse wrote to a mutual friend of his and mine.  In that letter, quite a lot was explained regarding the technicalities of how it was pulled off.  But, those details are totally confidential.  So, this is one thing which I will not document on here…in this instance you will have to accept my word…or just discard this paragraph from your mind.

Below, you will see a page from the book The Death of Elvis What Really Happened  authored by Charles Thompson and James Cole.  Within this page are some details about the autopsy…of course, the book goes into many details about everything relating to the “death” of Elvis and the autopsy.  I will say only, that there are so many  inconsistencies.  When read in retrospect, knowing the truth…those inconsistencies are perfectly logical, perfectly in keeping with what really happened.

There are two glaring and very revealing details on this one page:

#1.  The Dr’s. estimated that Elvis may have died as early as 9:00 that morning.  So, how do they explain all of the attempts of CPR at the house, in the ambulance, and in the emergency room…on a body which was already in rigor mortise when found in the bathroom?  You can see this statement below at the end of the first paragraph in the full page.

Elvis had left the bathroom.  We know this because he, himself, was downstairs and signed for a mail delivery sometime around 9:30 that morning…it was a letter from Paul Lichter.  Here is the copy of this signed and dated form.

Elvis signed postal receipt on morning of 8-16-77

#2.  The fact that stands out the most is found in the 3rd paragraph of the full page, and enlarged below.  Dan Warlick , the medical examiner’s investigator was interviewed extensively by the authors of the book,   These men produced the hour long program on ABC’s 20/20 “The Elvis Cover-Up” in 1979.  This included the investigation and report done by Geraldo.  They all spent extended amounts of time in Memphis investigating and did not even find out that Elvis did not even die!!    

Geraldo has spent the last 30+ years bragging about that investigation and report.  His report on the death of Elvis is as hollow and empty as Al Capone’s vault.

Back to the second enlarged paragraph below, you will see that Warlick came into the operating room with his camera prepared to follow the standard procedure of photographing the face of the deceased.  He explains that this was always done to leave no doubt later about who was autopsied.   However his boss, Dr. Francisco, ordered him to not take any photos in this case.

There are other details which can be called to attention in this book regarding the events which took place in the ambulance and in the hospital.  Several are:

The mouth, throat and stomach contents had already been flushed !!?? (See 1st paragraph in first enlarged image below.)

(1) Page #38:

Excerpt from page #38 in Thompson and Cole book

Dr. Nick ordered the ambulance driver not to take Elvis to the nearest hospital.  Bear in mind that the closest hospital is standard procedure in a matter of life or death for obvious reasons.  He ordered Elvis be taken to Baptist Hospital.  There are a number of reasons why this had to be done.  (See image below.)

(2) Page #18

Excerpt from page 18 of Thompson and Cole book.

Page 38 Full page:

Page 38 from Thompson and Cole book

In the copy (from Page #36 of the book) below you will see that Warlick turned in his completed form.  When Warlick saw this form several days later, Dr. Francisco (Warlick thought) had copied Warlick’s report and signed it.  Dr. Francisco, according to Warlick,  had rewritten Warlick’s report verbatim, not even correcting any of his errors in spelling nor grammar.

The above is what Warlick believed happened to his Medical Examiner’s report.  It appears that what really happened is this:  ELVIS, HIMSELF, COPIED THE REPORT IN HIS OWN HANDWRITING See complete copies of the report below.

When Elvis called Gail Brewer-Giorgio in Oct. 1988.  One thing he told her was that he would send her some “ammunition“.

The following Spring (Palm Sunday), Elvis’ 1st cousin and lifetime close friend, Gene Smith phoned Gail.  One of the things that Gene Smith told Gail was that if she had the handwriting on the Medical Examiner’s report analyzed, she would learn that it was written in Elvis’ own hand…and so it was.  Gail had it analyzed by a highly respected handwriting expert who confirmed this fact.

Please watch the YouTube video of Gail speaking about this and also the statement by the forensic expert who analyzed the handwriting on the death certificate/ medical examiner’s report:

The Elvis Files – Part 3

The Elvis Files – Part 3  you may want to fast forward to 3:12 to pick up where Gail is detailing these facts.  You will then see the report by Mr. Weast the forensic expert.  (This video is not mine and is presented on YouTube by AmKonDOTnet)

Here is a copy of the paragraph from page #36 in the book:

Excerpt of page 36 in the Thompson and Cole book

Here are full copies of the two page report…don’t forget to notice Elvis’ handwriting on the form:

Medical Examiner's death report page 1

Medical Examiner's death report page 2

Medical Examiner's death report page 3

Take note that Warlick left the weight and length both blank.  You can see this in the next excerpt from the book below as well as in the completed form above:

(Please note that I find the description of Elvis’ weight, etc. to be very offensive…but I cannot edit that part out of the material which I want to display below)

Page 37

 Excerpt of Page 37 from Tompson and Cole book

Warlick also noticed the height of Elvis saying that he “seemed small in death”.  See excerpt below:

Excerpt of page 36 in Thompson and Cole book

Now for the grand finale:  There were two copies of the Medical Examiner’s report.  Both obviously handwritten by Elvis.  But on the 2nd copy, the weight was written in as “170”.  So, this bears questioning. You will recall that before August 16, 1977, he told several people that “I may not look good tonight but I will look good in my coffin“.  Maybe our sweet Elvis decided that he wanted to look good on the Medical Examiner’s report too.  Or perhaps “the body” did weigh 170.  Below is a copy of the upper portion of the other report on which you will see the “170” written in.

This copy is from Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book “The Elvis Files” (paperback edition) page 253.

Medical Examiner's death report excerpt

There is also another interesting aspect to the two documents.  The Medical Examiner’s report is apparently dated 10-20-77. The month is not completely clear, however, one can tell that the month written is neither an eight nor a nine and appears to be two digits.  You may compare the date to the dates which Elvis wrote in the body of the report and it is apparent that he wrote all the dates himself.

One fact that I have forgotten to share is that Gail met with Gene Smith and played the tape of her phone conversation with Elvis for Gene to hear.  Gene did confirm positively that it was Elvis who called Gail.

Regarding the 20/20 Geraldo investigation,  it should be noted that they did in fact determine that there was a cover-up in the death of Elvis.  They were just entirely wrong about “WHY” there was a cover up.  I find it very amusing that they did all that work and investigating and did not discover that Elvis did not die.

This is a prime example that none of us should believe everything we see on TV…not even from so-called credible news sources.


New article added on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please note that on Elvis’ driver’s license which expired on his birthday on 1-8-1977, his weight was shown as 170#…the same thing which he wrote on the medical examiner’s report. Of course, this doesn’t constitute “evidence”, but I think it is worth noticing.

Elvis's drivers license which expired 1-8-1977



Below is some material from an article which I posted on my Current News and Events Page #5  yesterday regarding a phone call which Gail Brewer-Giorgio received from Elvis in October, 1988.  Gail was asked not to tape the call but she did so.  The following will explain the situation and the subsequent proof which was sent to Gail through Elvis’ lifelong friend and first cousin Gene Smith. 

Gail played this tape for my husband and me privately when we visited in her home in January, 1990.  So, I was so fortunate to hear it before it was made public later on with one of Gail’s subsequent books.  Gail should not have taped the call and certainly should not have sold it with her subsequent book.  I absolutely believed the caller was Elvis when I heard it for the first time.  A lot of my subsequent activities were based on Elvis’ comments in this conversation.

After hearing the phone conversation which Gail had with Elvis in October 1988 in which he was so supportive and complimentary of her as well as his stated intentions of hoping to be able to reveal that he did not die, I was so steadfast in my support of Gail and my loyalty to Elvis and Gail. 

After a few years, my contact with Gail ended.  Later Jesse told me during one of our phone conversationsI don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.” 

He did promise Gail, in that 1988 phone conversation, that he would send her some “ammunition”.  He followed through on this promise by having his closest lifelong friend and first cousin, Gene Smith, phone Gail on the following Palm Sunday.  Gail and I were close  friends at that time and she shared all of this with me as it unfolded.

Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting on the death report analyzed, she would be able to prove that it was written by Elvis himself.  Gail did follow through on this and, just as Gene told her, it definitely did show that Elvis did, indeed, fill out the death report in his own handwriting…thus the weight being shown as 170#.


I have just uploaded a brief YouTube video to my own YouTube channel in which the document examiner shows the manner in which he analyzed the handwriting on the “death certificate”  i.e. Medical Examiner’s Death Report comparing it to that of known handwriting of Elvis Presley.  They do indeed match.  This was the result of Elvis telling Gail in his phone conversation that he would send her “ammunition“.

Below is my YouTube description which will refresh the information which I have shared about this previously.

This clip is from the video “The Elvis Files” done by Gail Brewer-Giorgio.

This is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that Elvis did definitely carry out the plan to fake his death.

Elvis phoned Gail Brewer-Giorgio in October, 1988 after seeing her on some of the TV shows regarding her book Is Elvis Alive? which was a New York Times Bestseller. During that phone call (which she taped against his wishes) he complimented her and wished her well saying he hoped people would treat her kindly. He told her that he would send her ammunition.

Elvis’s closest life-long friend and first cousin, Gene Smith, phoned Gail subsequent to this phone call from Elvis. He verified later that it was Elvis, himself, who phoned her in Oct. 1988. During that first phone call, Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting analyzed on the “death certificate” (which was actually the Medical Examiner’s Report) that it would prove that Elvis, himself, actually filled out the form.

Gail did have the document examined and compared to Elvis’s known handwriting and the results did, indeed, prove that it was Elvis’s handwriting on the document. The part that I enjoy the most is that he filled his weight in as 170#…perhaps because the wax dummy in the coffin was created when that was his weight when he was younger. 

As I have stated several times previously, my husband and I visited with Gail in her home in January, 1990 and she played the tape for us.  As soon as I heard this tape, I absolutely knew it was Elvis speaking.  Later that year, Gail sold this tape as an accompaniment to her book The Elvis Files.  I felt very privileged to have heard it for myself before it was made public. 

Here is the video of the document examiner’s statement:


Linda Sigmon Linda Hood Sigmon·  Originally uploaded on Jan 5, 2011



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