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Friday, February 12, 2010

I have attempted to convince people that there are so many, many reasons why I KNOW that Jesse is Elvis.   Much of what he shared with me was over the phone, so I cannot prove that.  There are his letters to me, but again, I will not place any of his private letters on my web site with out his explicit permission.  That would be a betrayal of his trust.

But, in thinking back, I have been able to locate an example of the fact that he knew things and told us things which were going to be taking place LONG before the events were public knowledge in any way.

I have located one of his letters to Dr. Hinton (from my copy of the rough draft of the book) in which he stated a fact that I can document showing that he is aware of private information prior to anyone knowing about it.

I will insert below full copies of two pages of a letter which Jesse wrote on May 13, 1999.  In this letter, he states that there is going to be something in the news about Graceland and there is nothing he can do about it.  In October, 1999 (five months after Jesse told us this) the huge auction of very private memorabilia took place.  I will insert several Internet articles which document the dates of the auction.

Obviously this was not something of which Elvis/Jesse approved.  It never made sense for them to sell such a huge lot of his personal possessions.

It was after this that Elvis/Jesse made the trip to Memphis and to Graceland to retrieve the pair of cuff links which he later sent to Dr. Hinton for Christmas in that same year…1999.  Farther below you will see excerpts from the Christmas note which he sent to Dr. Hinton accompanying the cuff links in which he references not wanting them to be sold in any auction“.



Except from Jesse's letter to Hinton about upcoming auction top of page 2Bottom of this page

Excerpt from Jesse's letter to Hinton about auction bottom of page 2


Excerpt from Jesse's letter to Hinton about upcoming auction

Below are also several more search results and an excerpt from a CNN news report.

ELVIS AUCTION 1999 Las Vegas

Elvis: The Official Auction Catalog (Items from the 1950’s) Start: 08 Oct 1999 13:00 Finish: 08 Oct 1999. Lot 1(PriceRealised:$8000)(Picture) A1 – ELVIS‘ …

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CNN – Elvis auction racks up a King’s ransom – October 11, 1999

Oct 11, 1999 … October 8, 1999. Views: A bit of what’s behind the Elvis auction. October 7, 1999.

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Elvis auction racks up a King’s ransom

date –>October 11, 1999
Web posted at: 1:59 p.m. EST (1759 GMT)

/date –>LAS VEGAS (CNN) — The weekend’s yard sale of Elvis Presley memorabilia generated a gross of nearly $5 million in Las Vegas.

ap –>”It was significantly more than we expected,” says Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey’s auction house. Proceeds from the auction are to benefit Presley Place, a low-income housing complex under development in Memphis, the site of Presley’s Graceland Mansion.

Karl Lindroos, who bought Presley’s 1970 Mercedes limousine for $80,000, says his new ride makes him “feel like a king.”

Below is one of the first pages from my own copy of this catalog showing the dates, location, etc.  This book was a copy which I purchased on Ebay long after the auction took place.

Here is the very first page of the catalog:

The following is a page from near the back of the catalog:


The following is the very last page of this catalog showing that Guernsey’s did indeed work one-on-one with “the estate“.  Remember this was before “the estate” sold the rights to Elvis’s name, image, etc. to Mr. Sillerman whose company, CKX, held ownership of that until he sold it to Core some years later.

Lisa Marie did write a very lovely introduction to this auction extolling some of the many, many virtues of her Dad.  The auction proceeds were used for the Elvis Presley Foundation to fund housing for homeless people, etc.  However, the items shown in this 296 page book jam-crammed full of Elvis’s personal possessions causes one to wonder how they could have ever parted with such personal items which were his.



The following is the above referenced Christmas note which Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton about retrieving the cuff links from his bedroom at Graceland before they could be sold ….at any auction“.

I wish to call it to the attention of all who read this page on my site that this auction was a despicable and spiteful thing done by “the estate” and was absolutely against the wishes of Elvis, who is now Jesse.  Also, I cannot emphasize strongly enough the fact that Jesse KNEW about this upcoming event and said that there was nothing that he could do about it…he knew this at least 5 months in advance.


Jesse's letter to Hinton at Christmas about cuff of page 1Jesse's letter to Hinton at Christmas about cuff of page 1 bottom of page


Below is a photo of the cuff links.

I do hope that the above will give some enlightenment to those who are so skeptical.  This will probably be the last effort that I make to prove anything to anyone.


The above is just one example of the many, many times that Elvis/Jesse has proven to me who he is.  He has let us know weeks before the public knew about close friends and associates of his who were very ill and expected to pass away soon.  Sure enough, in all of those instances, the person was  eventually reported ill and then later reported in the media when they died.

Two examples of this were Charlie Hodge and Col. Parker.  In the case of Charlie, Jesse told me that Charlie was very ill quite some time before Charlie passed away.  Jesse phoned my friend the night of Charlie’s death and told her that he had just gotten off the phone with “…” and that he had lost a dear friend.  The word of Charlie’s death did not become public until much later the next day.  When Jesse called, Charlie had just passed.  Col. Parker was just about the exact same set of circumstances.  Jesse told my friend that Col. Parker was dying about three weeks before Col. Parker passed away.  There had been no media reports that Col. Parker was ill and near death.  The media only reported it when he did actually pass away.

Also, there have been times when he has taken action to stop something from happening.  Something which offended him very much was Dee Stanley who had her book coming out back years ago…the very nasty one in which she made preposterous claims about Elvis and his mother.  The book was already out there…excerpts of it running in the tabloids.  Geraldo did a show about that piece of trash book.  Janelle McComb, J D Sumner and others were on that show and were infuriated with the lies Dee was telling.  Elvis/Jesse wrote to my friend and told him that “there will be no book forthcoming“.  Sure enough, Dee and her trashy book fell out of site.  The book vanished and was never seen again.

There is no way to convey to anyone how much Elvis/Jesse and I have been through together.  Just as with any friendship, there have been good times and bad times.  But, I have felt so very blessed for every moment of the years that he has allowed me to be his trusted friend.

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