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The following is an excerpt from an actual letter written by Elvis BEFORE 1977.  I want to present it here because the words which he wrote could just as easily have been written to me about my web site.  I love the comfort and inspiration within his writing.

Also, I want to share it here as a good example of his handwriting for comparison to his handwritten letters here on my site…those which he wrote for publication in his book and those which he has written to me personally.

Elvis handwriting inspiring excerpt from letter

You may click on this and all images on this site to see a full size display.

My copy of this image was one which I came across in a video belonging to LiveInLakech on YouTube.    This lady has many videos pertaining to Elvis’ spiritual quest and beliefs if you care to do a search in her YouTube channel.

Here is the link to the video from which I copied the above image several years ago:


Elvis’ Notes to Self, The Inner Path

LiveInLakech LiveInLakech

Uploaded on Aug 27, 2011

The notes you see are notes written by Elvis on the inside’s of various books he carried and on his notepad. It could be said that this is a glimpse into his Inner Path and Seeking.

I realize some pass very quickly, please feel free to enlarge the screen and pause to read each and ponder….

It has been well documented that throughout his life Elvis read over a thousand different books, encompassing a wide range of subjects related to philosophy, spiritual teachings and esoteric arts. It is my hope this shows you a peek into his very personal Spiritual Journey.

“My father’s library of spiritual books is amazing. I’ve gone through these books. They’re covered with his notes. He wrote on the top of the page, on the bottom of the page, in the margins – everywhere. You can hear him thinking when you read those notes” ~Lisa Marie Presley


Below is a letter which I have displayed on this site before.  I share it here again to substantiate that which I have written recently pertaining to my involvement in the writing of the book.  This proves that I am the “Linda” mentioned in the letters which Jesse wrote for the book and his intention that I be involved in the book.  I show this to disprove the comment which was made in the FOX 8 report in which it was erroneously stated that “Dr. Hinton and Linda have made no profit from their book.” while referring to Linda Felix-Johnson.  It was never her book.

Also, you may compare Jesse’s handwriting in the following letter to that in the image of his handwriting above.  Please take into account that these two letters were written, at the very least, 24 years apart.

This letter was written to Tom and me in 2000…almost 14 years ago.

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not

The name which I have whited out above is the real name of “Bern” in the book.

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not page 2


Our dear friend, Lucilia, has shared the most precious video on our blog page…something brand new for Christmas.  I was elated when I watched this wonderful video by Disney accompanied by Elvis singing “Here Comes Santa Claus“.  Wow, that song takes me back to the 50’s…sweet memories of listening to Elvis when I was a heck of a lot younger.



Elvis Birthplace makes Rolling Stone list

Tupelo (Drew Powell, WTVA)

Tupelo (Drew Powell, WTVA)

Reported by: WTVA News


Published: 10/09 3:35 pm


TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA/TUPELO CVB) — The Elvis Presley Birthplace has been named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 52 Rock ‘N Roll Landmarks in America.

“Tupelo is the cradle of rock ‘n roll, where Elvis was born and influenced by gospel music and the blues,” said Neal McCoy, Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director. “He became the international superstar that he was, and still is today, as a result of his humble upbringing in Tupelo, Mississippi. You can’t really know Elvis until you understand where he came from.”

The Elvis Presley Birthplace features an array of exhibits detailing the King of Rock ‘N Roll’s first thirteen years. From the original shotgun shack where he was born, to the childhood church where Elvis first heard gospel music, a visit to the Birthplace both offers visitors a glimpse into a simpler time and puts the extravagance of Graceland into greater perspective.

“Visitors from around the world flock to the Elvis Presley Birthplace each year to see where it all began,” said Dick Guyton, Executive Director of the Elvis Presley Birthplace. “We offer visitors the authentic experience of how life was for Elvis during the thirteen years that he lived in Tupelo.”

Rolling Stone’s list, that includes other Elvis sites like Graceland and Sun Studio, features a litany of significant locations in the history of America’s music. To see the entire list of America’s Rock ‘N Roll Landmarks, visit For more information on the Elvis Presley Birthplace, visit



We arrived home from a Christmas dinner and I had a message on our answering machine and at least one Email informing me of Moran’s latest mode of attack. 

As usual, Moran is publishing old mis-information which has been brought up before and which I have dealt with over the years since 2001 when Hinton foolishly published Jesse’s book.  I can furnish the names of those who started the rumors shown by Moran (Smiley, etc), the years and places where they started these rumors, the facts and documents which I have furnished years ago disproving their lies, and the places on which I have furnished the truth, the photos, etc. on and on and on.  But, nothing is going to stop Moran who obviously has some need in his life for the hatred he has built up against me.

I was through addressing anything to do with Moran until I returned home tonight and had the phone message and the Email.  

I saw that he was on my site earlier today…so I knew he was back to snooping, plotting and planning.  That old Greensburg, Kentucky is so easy to spot in my last 20 visitors.  I knew he couldn’t stay away.

However,  I AM through with Moran.  Everyone can just read his latest notice about me and Jesse.  Make up your own minds as you will.  Believe it or not, I no longer care what anyone thinks.  I KNOW the truth and I have certainly shared more than enough of the TRUTH here on my site.  It is no skin off my nose whether I have 1000 visitors per day or 1 visitor per year.  I am the one paying to give this TRUTH away for FREE.  

To those who wish to believe Moran and to follow and support him, please  do whatever the heck you want to do.  Go for it!  When the dust settles, I will still have my friendship with Elvis Aron Presley.  What do you think you will have????  A friendship with Moran???  If that is what one wants, then that is what one deserves.  Moran will one day die a miserable broken old man with empty hands to show for his search for Elvis.  Not only that, but I am assured that a day will come when a video will be released which will definitively prove that I am telling nothing but the truth.


One fact in closing.  According to Moran, the black and white photo below is supposedly a photo of the real “Jesse” in 1950.  This same photo was passed around back around 2009-2010 on Adam Muskieweicz’s (spelling?) Truth About Elvis forum.  If I recall correctly, at that time, it was said to be a photo of a cousin of the Presleys whose photo was really the man in Jesse’s photo.  Rubbish!!!!

My only response to this nonsense is this:  Why does the little boy in the photo with Jesse look exactly like Benjamin in photos with Lisa Marie? 

Why does Jesse have handwriting which has passed analysis conclusively, and another time inconclusively, as being that of Elvis Presley? 

Who but Elvis himself can sing 15 songs without missing a single “Elvis” pronunciation, inflection, tremor, treble or beat on song after song after song…both old Elvis songs and songs which Elvis never recorded before 1977?


I knew if I searched my tired old mind long enough, I could recall exactly which Presley cousin it was who was claimed to be “Jesse” in the real Elvis/Jesse’s photo…way back 5 or so years ago.  I did some research and sure enough, I did find the photo which Moran is displaying and claiming that it is the real “Jesse” in our Elvis/Jesse photo. 

I do recall now that on the Adam Muskiewiczs’ (spelling ?) forum back around 2009-2010, that the reason someone found this photo and decided to claim that it was the man in our Jesse’s photo was because they zeroed in on Jerry Presley to do their search because Jerry Presley was traveling around with Hinton promoting the book.

The man in the black and white photo is actually the father of Jerry and Terry Presley who are twin second (or so) cousins of Elvis/Jesse’s.   He is shown in the black and white photo holding the twin babies in 1950.  So that solves who the man in the black and white photo is.  I can certainly assure everyone that he is NOT the man in our Jesse’s photo with Benjamin.  He most certainly is not the man with whom I have been friends for almost 22 years, who wrote the handwritten letters in his book and on my site, who sang the 15 songs on the 2011 CD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, on and on.

Below is what I found.   Up close, one may certainly see that this is not our Jesse at all.

I also have photos of  T. Zophy, T. Campbell, Mary Smiley who is the woman who started the lies about all of the people mentioned in Moran’s latest attack. I also have copies of some of the battles I did regarding these names back as early as 2003 and witnesses to everything that I say.  Everything Moran has written again is a concocted lie made up of false information put out years ago by other people.  Moran has no fresh information of his own and never has had.  All he does is take the bad information put out by others and rewrite it to claim as his own.

My original Bing search:

Jerry Presley full search page

Bing search for Jerry Presley

Jerry Presley's father enlarged web address of image

Jerry Presley's father with Jerry and Terry in 1950

Good night and good riddance to Moran and his band of followers.


I am going to make a request, one more time, that no one, and I do mean NO ONE, write, post or call to tell me what some fool like Moran is saying about me, my site nor Jesse.  I am battling health issues and high blood pressure as it is and I have no need to know what some idiot is saying or doing. 

Life is too short to waste my time on the likes of  Moran.


My good friend, JoBet, shared the following beautiful animated video accompanied by Elvis singing “On A Snowy Christmas Night“.  It is just precious and features the most adorable little bear…just makes one want to squeeze him to pieces.  I thank JoBet so much for finding and sharing this with everyone on our blog page.


iepf iepf  Uploaded on Nov 30, 2010

#1 – Most Discussed – Music – France 2010
On a Snowy Christmas Night is a 1971 Christmas song most notably recorded by Elvis Presley. The song, written by Stanley Gelber, was record by Elvis on May 16, 1971, and first released in October 1971 as the third track on Elvis’ second Christmas album Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas.
remixed by DJ_Ethan in 2006




Just in case there are those who have not seen Jesse’s letter to me in March, 2009…this letter is the basis for his choosing me to be his “voice“, his “mouth piece“.  He has used these two terms interchangeably when speaking to me of my position in his life.  No one can comprehend how honored and blessed I am to just be his friend.

Jesse's letter of affirmation 3-28-09



Below are several excerpts from regarding the definitions of slander, defamation and libel and what constitutes grounds for a civil law suit.  I wish to draw this information to the attention of the person, Moran, who has posted harmful statements about me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, my own blog page, his personal web site,, etc.  I wish to spell out for this person that he is committing unlawful offenses against me and these offenses are punishable in civil litigation suits.

While there is the “freedom of speech” option available to each of us, this person, Moran, has crossed the lines of freedom and reached the point of illegal intentionally harmful false statements which have been presented as “facts”.

Free Speech Primer: What Can You Say?

Michelle Fabio – Jul 2009

Everyone’s familiar with the First Amendment right to freedom of speech: the right to speak freely on any subject without government restriction or penalties. But what does it actually mean? Can you really say or write anything you want?The First Amendment right to freedom of speech can be complicated. Find out what you can and can’t say with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about free speech.What are you NOT allowed to say?

Although the vast majority of speech is protected under the First Amendment, there are some important exceptions, which means that certain types of speech may be restricted by the government and civil actions may be based upon them.The main exceptions to free speech protection include:

  1. Defamation (includes libel and slander): discussed in greater depth below.

  2. Fighting words: As defined by the Supreme Court, fighting words are “those which by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.”

What are defamation, libel, and slander?

The umbrella term “defamation” includes both libel and slander. Defamation is a statement that may harm someone’s reputation. If it is written down, it’s called “libel” whereas if it’s spoken, it’s called “slander.”

Defamation law attempts to balance the freedom of speech and open exchange of ideas without giving someone permission to run around spreading lies about another that may harm his or her reputation, ability to earn a living, etc. Note that the expression of an opinion can never be actionable as defamation; statements must be presented as fact to be considered defamation.

Although defamation laws vary by state, generally a plaintiff must show that the statement was unprivileged and published (either spoken to someone else or printed), false, and injurious (harmful in some way to the plaintiff, usually to the reputation, but also may be mental anguish depending on jurisdiction).

The statements being made about me, my web site and Jesse by MM meet the above criteria.  I have the proof of Moran’s actions against me which certainly do fall within the guidelines for the above offenses.

The only question remains is if I choose to take legal action against MM.  I have a massive amount of proof of the above defamatory actions committed toward me on YouTube, my own blog page, Facebook, Twitter,, etc.  This is all documented.  There is NO question that I do have legal grounds for a lawsuit.  The decision is mine to make.

He has not stated that he “believes” that I am a liar, a fraud, a con artist, etc.  He has flat out stated the above things about me and the material on my web site.

Also, he has committed copyright infringement within the last few days.  He has copied photos from my web site and published them on which is strictly prohibited by my copyright statements on each of my pages as well as my TERMS OF AGREEMENT to even visit my site.

I shall be removing much of the information on my site regarding MM as I feel that I have given him a lot of free publicity and advertisement for his own sites via the page which I dedicated to displaying his own comments which he posted on my blog page.  I also displayed my lengthy and detailed responses to his attacks.  I shall be retaining copies of everything for legal documentation.  This material will no longer appear on my web site.  I shall be working to remove most of the mentions of him to the best of my ability.  He evidently seeks attention and he will get no more from my site.

The above notification is to Moran and all of his followers.  This is no longer a game of cyber bullying and attempted intimidation of me in order to silence the truth contained within the material on my web site.  This is now grounds for a civil lawsuit.

I have been told that Moran has an arrest record and that would not bode well in his favor should a lawsuit be brought against him.  I cannot state this for a fact until I do a search of his background myself.



My horoscope for today is right on target:

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Saturday, Dec 14th, 2013

You are more singularly focused these days as if you have a final exam coming up soon and you need to be fully prepared.

I plan to spend my weekend collecting all proof of the things which Moran has published about me from all of the various Internet venues.

As shown in the above article, I DO HAVE everything needed to meet the criteria for a civil lawsuit against Moran who has been publishing insane statements about me all over the Internet for quite a long time.

When they used Arthur Smith’s song “Dueling Banjos” in a movie without paying him or giving him credit, the movie production company told him condescendingly that it would take a lot of time and money for him to sue them.  Mr. Smith responded “I’ve got the time and I believe I can get the money.”  which is exactly what he did.  And he WON!!!

Well, I’ve got both the time and the money…all I need is an attorney.

Those who have been following this Moran story for some time, please hold onto anything you have which he has published about me as I will use ALL ammunition available.  Though, just what he has posted on my own blog page, the three YouTube videos, his updates about the petition, and his latest post on my Twitter account are more than sufficient for my legal case.  I have all of these items saved for proof.

When I take my case to an attorney, I feel confident that I can win a case against him.  The burden of proof will not be upon me but upon Moran to prove that everything he has stated about me is true (which he CANNOT do).  If he thinks this will cause Elvis/Jesse to come forward to defend me, he is wrong about that too.  His statements that there is no Jesse and that I made the whole thing up and that I submitted my own DNA in the place of Elvis/Jesse’s alone will be enough to win my case.  In addition to all of this, I can also prove that he has maliciously attempted to destroy my reputation and has caused me a huge degree of mental anguish as proven by the countless hours I have spent defending myself against his attacks…all of this exhibited on my own web site.   He does not have a leg to stand on.

Stay tuned…



I have been speaking with an attorney on line in preparation for locating a local attorney this week regarding a civil lawsuit against Moran.

Below is an answer from this web site for someone else in a similar situation:

Defamation is considered a civil wrong, or in legal terms a tort. It is not a crime. When you are defamed you can bring a civil lawsuit against the person to seek damages. It is sometimes effective to threaten someone with a civil lawsuit in order to get them to stop. No one wants to go through the hassle of defending a civil lawsuit and potentially have damages awarded against them. So, you might want to state to the person that is defaming you that you will sue them if they don’t stop.

Below is a response from the attorney who was considering my case in particular.  From his response, it certainly does appear that from just one sentence in the dozens of things he has posted against me, I do definitely have grounds for a lawsuit if Moran does not remove all that he has posted about me and cease any further mentions of me, Jesse or my web site anywhere on the Internet.

Here was my initial inquiry to this attorney:

I am the victim of “cyber stalking” and intense attacks of my reputation on multiple sites on the Internet. I own a very prominent and successful web site and this person is trying to force me to close my site. He is telling all manner of lies about me and has gone on every web location where I have a presence…Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, my own web site blog page calling me a liar, fraud, con artist, etc. All of which is totally untrue.

I wish to consult a lawyer who handles lawsuits in my state dealing with libel, slander, etc.

Could you offer any guidance in locating and choosing a suitable attorney for this type of matter?

Below is an excerpt from the attorney’s response to me.

Perhaps you could summarize those ‘lies’. I ask because if what he wrote is ‘opinion’, that is not legally defamation of character. For example if he wrote something akin to “Linda is a bad person,” that is likely opinion and not actionable. But if he wrote “Linda cheats her clients,” that is likely defamation because it is a false factual claim that is communicated to third parties via publication and is designed to injure you and your business.

If he calls you a fraud pertaining to his interaction with you and it is his opinion, it is again likely not actionable, but a direct claim would be……..  If he still continues, you could then need to file suit for defamation of character on basis of libel as well as a potential suit for grounds on basis of ‘tortious interference with a business interest’, as he may be intentionally attempting to harm your business without good cause.

To find competent counsel a word of mouth is still the best option. If that cannot work, then please consider sites such as or There you can search by fees, location, experience, or expertise. You can also review past client testimonials. For your situation you would likely need someone with a background in civil litigation, intellectual property, and possibly business law.

Below is what I sent to the attorney as an example.  Obviously this is just one of dozens of lies he has published about me.  I only sent this one line to the attorney as it is a good example of his defamation.

You replied

Sunday, December 15, 2013 2:42 AM EST

“Linda Hood Sigmon is deceiving Elvis fans and must be stopped.”

This is the opening statement which he has published when starting a petition against me to get my web site closed. This is just one of many such statements. He has called me a liar, a fraud, a con artist, etc. point blank…not opinions but statements of fact according to him.

Please don’t shrug this off because it is an Elvis topic. This is a very serious matter and my web site is a very important one. I have had my site for 4 1/2 years and have had over 415,000 visitors as of today. That number grows very rapidly with visitors from all over the world.

The attorney’s response:

Sunday, December 15, 2013 2:45 AM EST


 I wasn’t shrugging off anything. What I was explaining was how to figure out what makes a defamatory statement and what is pure opinion. If what he claims is ‘true’ but isn’t what is going on, then that is a potential basis for a defamation claim based on the factors I described. My concern is that even with a cease and desist, it is unlikely that he would stop–while you can start that way, most likely it would end up in litigation.

 Hope that helps.

So, that is where I am right now.  Will begin a search for an attorney later today and will contact one this week.

That is unless Moran reads this and removes everything from everywhere which he has posted about me.


More regarding the legal charges to be brought against Moran:

There is one thing that Moran has done to me that is probably a chargeable crime.  I am looking into this and if it is as I believe, that will give me another avenue of prosecution of him. 

This charge is known as “cyber-stalking”.  This comes into play because Moran has systematically followed me all over the Internet to post his lies and false accusations.  First he posted on my Facebook fan page…this is the only thing he has done for which I do not have documented record.  He came on there and posted a highly derogatory comment.  I was taken aback by this first action and immediately deleted his comment and banned him from posting on my page again.  I now wish I had kept a copy of that posted comment.  However, I do have documented proof of everything else he has done.  He, of course, came on my own blog page to attack me; then he started his petition based upon his lies; he reported me to Ripoff Reports thereby creating a PERMANENT smear upon my reputation unless I spend thousands of dollars to get RipOff Reports mediation to remove it…which I refuse to do; then he posted 3 videos on his YouTube channel filled with false allegations against me and Jesse;  he has also swiped 3 or more private videos from my own YouTube channel to appear as his own research (These are the Kelly Burgess interview and the private home movie of Billy Stanley identifying Elvis in a photo.  This was a private video given to me by the lady who appears  in the video… about 20 years ago.  I have removed this video at Jesse’s request…but he obviously swiped it before I did remove it.); then he followed me to Twitter and posted two photos which he stole from my own web site in-spite of my TERMS OF AGREEMENT to those who use my site as well as my copyright header and footer on my pages.

The fact that he has followed me all over the Internet in order to attack me justifies the charge of “cyber-stalking“.  I believe  this particular charge would be handled by the police department rather than part of my court case.  I will have to look into this.

One of the worst things he has posted about me is the latest update to the petition which he has launched to get me thrown off the Internet by EPE and PP.  I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY that NOTHING will come of this petition even if he does ever get the 500 signatures.  I do have friends in high places…if you get my drift.  So, I am not worried about my web site being closed at all.  However, this last update which he has posted on the petition site and emailed to those who have previously signed the petition is a despicable pack of unsubstantiated lies and gossip.  In the first place he cannot prove one single word of what he posted.  This is a compilation of lies which were passed around way back in 2001-2002-2003…after the book was published.  Most of these originated from a woman named Mary Smiley who was obsessed with destroying me and Hinton as Moran is now.  Were it not for this hate-filled deranged old woman, none of the problems of Dr. Hinton would have ever come to play.  She personally notified every single agency which she could think of including the Attorney General of Missouri to whom Jesse wrote the long handwritten letter defending Dr. Hinton.  The Attorney General of Missouri had Jesse’s handwriting in that letter analyzed by the court recognized handwriting expert, Ms. Shirley Mason about whom I have several pages on this site as well as the FOX 8 news report video of her stating unequivocally that Jesse’s handwriting in the letter to the Attorney General of Missouri is absolutely the same handwriting as that of Elvis Aron Presley. 

Moran, chooses to cherry-pick his FOX 8 video excerpt to slant the results in his favor.    Suzanne Stratford absolutely believed that Jesse is Elvis.  She and I spoke a few times and Emailed a few times.  

Moran is hanging his hat on the one FOX 8 video in which Bill Beeny said that, because Jesse’s DNA does not match the biopsy and autopsy samples which he has, Jesse cannot be Elvis,  and the fingerprints did not match and the handwriting analysis was inconclusive…Moran states unequivocally that Jesse is not Elvis.  This is very narrow tunnel vision on his part…because there were other FOX 8 reports done AFTER that one show with Beeny. Also, as I have stated previously, no one knows for sure that Bill Beeny’s Elvis DNA samples are legitimate. 

Also, as I have previously written, Jesse offered the blood stained jeans to me before they ended up on the show with Jimmy Velvet.  He wrote the two page letter to the Attorney General of Missouri.  He allowed a whole book of his handwritten letters to be published.  He has allowed me to have my web site displaying his gifts and handwritten letters…and his 15 song CD.  Moran needs to flush the trash out of his brain and wake up to the truth before he finds himself in a kettle of hot water later this week.

When all is said and done, the burden of proof will fall upon Moran and he CANNOT prove that I have lied about anything because I have never knowingly told a lie on this web site or anywhere else. 

He better be looking for a good attorney because he is going to need one PDQ.  The two main charges will be defamation and cyber-stalking.  The fact that he has boasted on his site that he has my home address and phone number will not sit well relating to the cyber-stalking charge.

I am thinking that I should do a public record background search for him and then post the results on here…I’ll be looking into that as well.


On a kinder gentler note:

Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day: 

Think on This…
First, know thine own ideal – spiritual, mental and material; not as to what ye would have others do, but what ye would do for others.

Reading 2331-1



I was not familiar with the term “cyberstalking” until I began trying to learn exactly what Moran has been doing to me.  I first thought of the term Cyberbully which he most certainly is.  However, his hatred of me to the point of obsessive behavior takes it to a whole new level.  So, what he is doing is not only attempting to bully me but he is using every means of the Internet to harass me and is trying to intimidate me into closing my site out of jealousy and revenge.

Below is an excerpt from a brief article on the topic of cyberstalking.  I wish to share this here in order that others may have a clear understanding of exactly what he is doing and that it is illegal.  Of course, I am hoping that Moran will read this as he may not know that there is a legal term for what he is doing and it is punishable by law.


Question: Cyberstalking: What Is Cyberstalking? How Should I Deal with Cyberstalkers?

November, 2013

Answer: In 2013, cyberstalking is more common than physical harassment, according to the researchers at Bedford University in England. Imbalanced individuals who obsess over others now have dozens of convenient online means by which to follow and attack their prey. Using email, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and other social hubs, cyberstalkers can track someone’s personal life quite easily. Cyberstalking is a sad and disturbing part of modern society, and things will only get worse before they get better.

What Is the Definition of Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is a very serious form of online harassment. At one level, cyberstalking is much like cyberbullying, as it involves the sending of repeated annoying and unwelcome messages. But cyberstalking goes far beyond cyberbullying in terms of motivations and tactics. Cyberstalking involves a disturbed obsession with the target, and a perverse desire to control that target in some way, even by attacking the target’s family members. Cyberstalkers do not wish to just torment someone for an adolescent power rush… stalkers want to force the target into some kind of submission, and are willing to involve other targets to achieve that disturbed result.

What Exactly Does Cyberstalking Look Like?

Cyberstalkers like to use email, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, text messaging, and sexting as their primary tools. They sometimes use online dating services, discussion forums, and mobile phone devices to stalk their prey. If the stalker is a sophisticated user, he/she will use many of these means in combination.

Cyberstalkers commonly have four objectives:

  1. locate,

  2. surveil,

  3. emotionally harass,

  4. and criminally manipulate their prey.

In some cases, the cyberstalker will prey on their target’s family, friends, and coworkers to attack their target.

Who Are These Cyberstalkers?

Cyberstalkers come from all walks of life, and are often driven by disturbed emotions of inadequacy. Cyberstalkers can also be motivated by revenge over a feeling of being wronged, or by an anger .  Whichever their motivation, cyberstalkers want to control their prey, using means of direct intimidation or indirect manipulation.

Cyberstalkers can be:


  • -an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend,

  • -an ex-spouse,

  • -someone you went to high school with,

  • -a person you dated in real life,

  • -a person you dated through an online service,

  • -a coworker or supervisor,

  • -a stranger whom you ride the train with every day,

  • -a stranger who found your writing online,

  • -someone you randomly friended on Facebook.

Cyberstalkers are regular people with very irregular psychological problems. The truly frightening part is that cyberstalkers can be random: you do not need to know the person to become their target. Some cyberstalkers will just choose random targets online.


The Bad News:

Bedford University identified that many cyberstalking victims in their research were actually stalked by complete strangers. This means: cyberstalking can be random. Cyberstalking is now a small risk that every online user takes just by participating in the World Wide Web. While the great majority of you reading this article will never have a cyberstalker, one or two of you might have some random disturbed individual who discovers you online and decides to obsess over you.

What Can I Do When I Have a Cyberstalker?

There are various means by which you can assertively and legally defend yourself against cyberstalking. Starting with low-key responses, like an assertive email, is the best place to begin. If you need to escalate to legal means and restraining orders, then Alexis Moore is an ideal resource. Alexis is an expert in defending against cyberstalkers, and she has tremendous advice in how to take charge of this difficult situation. Read more about Alexis Moore’s advice here. also has some suggestions for defending against cyberstalkers here.

I know that Moran will balk at the idea that he is a cyberstalker…but his actions certainly fit the bill.   You will note that I have placed the text which pertains to him in red and underlined.  Anyone who has followed this saga of attacks against me by Moran will certainly recognize all of the above criteria in his harassment of me.

So this will be one of the charges against him for which I will be following through.

I apologize to my visitors for taking up so much of my time and space with this topic.  But, this situation is going to be resolved one way or another.  It has gone on far too long and is approaching the point of being frightening. 

I am posting my journal of research and actions here on the site so that I will have a clear trail of why and how I reached my conclusions regarding the best legal means of stopping this harassment.


A very good friend to my web site has witnessed the troubles which have been occurring to me and she wrote a very kind and informative letter which she suggested that I post. 

This lady was a very close personal friend of Ms. Shirley Mason, the graphologist who was commissioned by the Attorney General of Missouri to do the handwriting analysis of the letter which Jesse wrote to him.  She returned positive results…unequivocally proving that the handwriting of Jesse is the handwriting of Elvis Aron Presley.  She said she would testify in a court of law and that her opinion would stand in a court of law.  Her conclusions were used in many court cases during the 10 years that she worked with the Kansas City Bureau of investigation

My heartfelt thanks to Sharon for returning to impart once more her eyewitness account of Ms. Mason’s diligence in determining that Jesse is Elvis who is still alive.

Dearest Linda,
I’m writing this because of all you have mentioned about handwriting.
What I have to say is to both you and Jesse as well as your 400,000
plus visitor’s. Everyone out there who reads this website about Elvis
Aron Presley,now known as Jesse. Please listen to me. Linda is telling
the truth. I know..because I prayed about it. And God showed me the
answer. I also am a person that was very involved with Shirley Mason. A
very dear friend of many years. Who was an International Graphologist.A
very well known,highly qualified & respected good, Godly women.Who had
expertise in hand writing analysis..Because of her training by one of
the best teachers who was a professor from California.And her
dedication and determination to help people. By studying
handwriting.She saved lives by stopping suicide’s.She cracked numerous
cases of fraud and forgery for the Kansas City Bureau of investigation
where she worked for ten years.She has hundreds of character witnesses
as well as countless students she taught who had special needs. Her
work has stood up in a court of law many times.She could read a persons
writing and see loyalty,dishonesty and character,just by a short analysis..She was that
good !!! Her faith in God was so deep. She learned how to read the
spirituality of a person.This is the truth.

She taught this.When a person loses their hands or ability to write.It
has been proven,that you can use your feet or teeth to write.and it
will be exactly like your handwriting.Because it is BRAINWRITING..Just
look at Joni Earikson Tata. Who paints with her teeth..It is the same
principal. It is our pattern in our writing that cannot be duplicated.
It is like a fingerprint..Graphology is a required class in some
colleges in the USA to become a psychiatrist.And for sure in
Europe.There is no question about Shirley Masons expertise on this
proven science of Graphology. I was
like her daughter & legal DPA later in life… and I promise you. She
did read with the best professional way any human could. I witnessed
the countless hours she read & measured, studied,all the handwritings
of Elvis and Jesses that was available at the time. Without question
she notorized,certified,and went public with her findings..Because of
this it was ruled & let stand in a court of law.with the Attorney
General. In the case of Dr. Hinton. All charges were dropped.BECAUSE of
a scientifically proven art of graphology… Read all about her on
Lindas website.
          People, Linda Hood Sigman has spent 21 plus years or how about
over 18,000 days of pure,selfless dedication to this cause of Truth.
For Elvis / Jesse. I stand in awe over her strength and never ending
fight for this special man..Please always remember this.
Faith is the assurance if things hoped for…and the evidence of things
NOT seen..God Bless You all..And Merry Christmas…
With ALMIGHTY GOD as my witness,
I stand 100 % with Linda…Because I believe her work to be true..and
What I was shown spiritually No one can take that away..Shirley is
missed so much..but from Heaven I know she is helping me, love and
support Linda and Elvis / Jesse..
As the saying goes…I’ll be back!! Remember,
The Rose of Sharon


Moran…the cyber-stalking laws in effect in my home state will apply to any and all electronic activity by him about me.  Kentucky has a law also, but because I am the victim, the laws as shown below will be those to which he must answer:


North Carolina law regarding cyberstalking

You may see a larger full view of the above image by clicking within the image itself…then you may click again on the larger image and it will magnify it really large for very easy reading.

My thanks to a dear friend for helping me with the research.



For those who are wondering what the sentence is for a Class 2 misdemeanor as shown above, one of our visitors on the blog page has posted a complete description…for those who are interested.  Of course, the FBI has a cybercrime unit with offices across the US.  Since this offense, about which I have been writing and researching, is across state lines, it can just as easily become a case for the FBI.  I have no idea what the federal sentence is for cyberstalking…then too this instance also involves cyberbullying.  I should investigate that avenue as well.

To be continued…


I have a massive amount of proof of his cyberstalking of me.  He has gone to every single place on the Internet where I have a presence and attacked me with his lies and misrepresentations.  He came at me first on my Facebook fan page; He came at me on my own blog page right here on this site; He came at me by reporting me to RipOff Reports because I called him “Moron”; He came at me on YouTube by making 3 seperate videos attacking me and Jesse…he also swiped at least four of my PERSONAL YouTube videos from my channel and placed them on his channel as thought they were his findings…one of those was a very personal and private video which only I had to place on YouTube…a video which I have since taken off my channel.  I did not know that he had my four videos until I was putting my case against him together over the last few days; He started his cockeyed petition against me with nasty updates which he posts on the petition web site and mails out to others spouting more lies about me; He came onto Twitter and posted two attacks against me naming me a “fraud”.  Then he signed up to follow me on Twitter;  He has corresponded with a personal friend of mine telling him all manner of lies about me; He has bragged on one of his sites that he has obtained my home address and phone number…not very smart on his part; …do I need to continue to prove that he fits the criteria for being a “cyberstalker” as defined in the laws of my state as shown above.  He is getting in more trouble than he knows.  I am the one who has proof of everything I have listed here. 

I do not need to prove one single thing except that which I have spelled out above to take legal action against him.



Below you will see proof that Mickey Moran has put forth one huge lie about me and Jesse.  This will be the centerpiece of my legal charges against him….not only is he cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying me…HE IS TELLING LIES IN DOING SO.  I have seen that he has told some big lies about me and Jesse…but this time I have solid concrete proof of one huge lie he is telling right up to this day.  I will certainly be including this proof when I file legal charges against him.


This is an excerpt from Moran’s latest published notice about me on the petition web site.  Please take special note of the topic in this excerpt:

Update #3 ·

Now Linda thinks she can sue me for telling the truth.

Linda Hood Sigmon is even more delusional than I ever thought possible.  Now she wants to sue me for the things I’ve said.  Everything I have said is the truth and I will recap them right now:  I showed everyone what her Jesse looked like in 1950 and he didn’t look any more like Elvis then than he does now.   All I do is tell the fans the truth.  If she wants to call that attacking then I’m fine with that.  She says that I will have to prove what I say in court.  Okay:  I have pictures of young and old Jesse, etc…etc…etc… I have everything that I need.  She can’t prove that I’m lying because she can’t prove that she’s telling the truth.  I have proof to the things I say. 

Here is what he posted about me two times on Twitter last week as well as he signed up to follow me on Twitter (more stalking):
 @Mickey_Elvis Follow
04:47 PM – 12 Dec 13
Linda Hood Sigmon,
You were mentioned in a photo!
t @Mickey_Elvis Follow
04:45 PM – 12 Dec 13
Linda Hood Sigmon,
You have a new follower on Twitter.
Presley Assignment
Official Twitter Page. Elvis Conspiracy Theorist and Huge Fan. The Presley Assignment:
Greensburg, KY ·

I tracked down a larger copy of the photo from 1950 which Moran has displayed.  I was able to identify the man in the 1950 photo… because Moran did not even know that the man in the 1950 photo is actually a cousin of Elvis’, the father of Jerry Presley. 

I can prove that the man in the black and white 1950 photo is indeed the father of Jerry Presley, Rev. Dale Presley, and that Jerry Presley was totally supportive of Hinton when he was doing interviews about his book in which the photo of Jesse appears.  Jerry Presley traveled all over with Hinton and Felix-Johnson back when the book first came out.  So, Jerry Presley, by all means, saw Jesse’s photo in the book. 

The bottom line is this…if the photo of Jesse were actually a picture of his father in 1994…WOULD JERRY PRESLEY HAVE NOT RECOGNIZED HIS OWN FATHER AND TOLD HINTON THAT???????

I shall provide proof of what I have just stated below.  I hope that Moran will take the time to look carefully at what I am showing and stating because this one truth will be a big part of my legal case against him…HE LIED IN BOTH OF THE ABOVE PUBLISHED STATEMENTS when he said that the 1994 photo is not Elvis but the man in the 1950 photo.  He says that he can prove that he is telling the truth…what a joke!!!

Jerry Presley's father with twins Jerry and Terry 1950

Please visit this web site for the proof of Jerry Presley’s date of birth…this is Jerry Presley’s own web site.

You may read the following by scrolling down on the front page of the site below the photos of Jerry.


Memphis, Tennessee – What is it like to be the cousin of a movie star, singing idol and a multi-millionaire? Jerry Presley, who is quite a singer in his own right, knows because he is Elvis Presley’s cousin.


Jerry was born in March of 1950 to Rev. and Mrs. Dale Presley. He has a twin brother named Terry. 

The two babies in the photo are Jerry and his brother Terry…just as I wrote earlier.

Elvis’ and Jerry’s great, great grandfathers were brothers. Then Elvis’ great grandmother, Rosella Presley, married into Jerry’s direct Presley line making Elvis and Jerry second cousins.

Hinton did not know Jerry Presley until AFTER he published the book.  Jerry, himself, told me (when he and I finally “met” over the Internet and on the phone on 2004) that Felix-Johnson contacted him and drew him into their “circle”.  Jerry then went on tour with Hinton to promote the book and the truth that Jesse is Elvis.  I shall show you multiple proofs of this fact below.

Once more I make the specific point that Jerry did NOT know Hinton until AFTER the book was published.

Enter Jerry Presley…

Witness the presence of Jerry Presley appearing with Hinton on two of the FOX 8 videos about Jesse in 2002.  Both of these videos are my own and are available for viewing on my own YouTube channel.  I uploaded these videos going on 3 years ago as you will see.

You will begin seeing Jerry at about the 4:27 minute mark.


Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011


Now, once again, witness Jerry Presley appearing with Hinton again in another FOX 8 video.  In this one you will hear him speak right into the camera and state how he is working to fulfill whatever Jesse is asking them to do.  You will see Jerry beginning at the 5:43 mark and further on in the video at the 6:01 mark, you will see Jerry seated with Hinton, Felix-Johnson and the reporter, Suzanne Stratford, where she mistakenly uses the phrase “their book” including Jerry in the statement.  Truth is it was not “their book” at all…not even Felix-Johnson’s.


footnote:  This is the show from which Moran has “cherry picked” the mis-matched DNA which he dwells on constantly while ignoring the follow-up FOX 8 reports which aired in 2004 and 2008.

Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011


Below you will read a transcript of an interview done by Jerry Presley on the George Noory show in March 2002.  Be sure to take note of the part which I have highlighted with the blue text.

Transcript block of Jerry Presley
The George Noory Show
KTRS Radio St. Louis, Missouri
March, 25th, 2002
George Noory: Alright Lets bring in Jerry Presley, ahhh Elvis` cousin. Jerry ahhh how old are you? and ahhh how often did you have a chance to see Elvis during, your, your childhood days?
Jerry Presley: Ummm,(Clears Throat) well I’m 52 years old sir ummm we didn’t you know when ahhh by the time I was old enough, theres 15 years difference between our ages and by the time I was really old enough to try to hang around Memphis or Graceland or Elvis or ahh you know, he was by that time he was so popular he was hard to get a hold of or get around but we used to ahhh go to the movies with him and see at the concerts and at Graceland every once in a while.
GN: Have you had a chance to see him recently?
JP: Ahhh yes, its its been about ahhh oh 5 or 6 weeks now.
GN: Whats he look like, I mean does he still look like the Elvis we all remember?
JP: Well, no, I mean he’s a, remember this just this gentleman is has ahhh he’s 70, almost 70 years old. I mean, you know everybody thinks that he should look like the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii Elvis you know.
GN: Time stops for people.

JP: Yes but it didn’t stop for him you know and so ahh if, if you were walking down the ummm you know the Mall and you were thinking you were looking for Elvis Presley if you ran in to him or saw past him, you would probably  recognize him.

Jerry Presley and I came in touch with each other for the very first time in 2004.  I did not even know that there was a man named Jerry Presley until Sept. 2001.  When Jesse was first told about Jerry Presley in Sept. 2001, Jesse did not remember him at all and said “There are hundreds of ’em” referring to Presley cousins.  But later on Jerry and Jesse did come to be in contact.  Jerry was speaking with and corresponding with Jesse up through 2004 when Jerry first came to be in contact with me. 

Jerry absolutely knew that Jesse was Elvis back in 2004 when he and I were speaking and corresponding.  However, I learned much later on that he had denounced the whole Hinton thing.  When I called and asked him why in the world he had denounced Jesse, Jerry said that he HAD NOT denounced Jesse.  He told me that his new manager, Patsy Andersen (who was the front P R person at Graceland for many years) had told him that he HAD to ditch the whole Elvis is alive topic for the sake of his career.

So, I doubt that Jerry will ever again talk about the time back when he was in touch with Jesse.   I have been told by those who have run into Jerry and asked him about the whole Elvis is alive topic in recent years, that he makes a joke of it as though he never believed that Jesse was Elvis.  He and Patsy are engaged if not already married.



Merry Christmas!!!

Elvis Presley – On A Snowy Christmas Night, (HD)

biarritz59 biarritz59  Uploaded on Nov 27, 2010



The following is written as a fantasy, but is so very close to the truth and I want to share it.  The only thing I have to disagree with is that Elvis did not ever drink more than a few sips of anything in his entire life and Jesse does not go to bars nor does he drink now either.  The lies told about him drinking are just that.  He detested beer and would not let his employees drink beer from a can in front of him.  If they drank it at all in his presence, it had to be from a glass.

A Seat at the Bar, with Elvis

A Seat at the Bar, with Elvis

Walking into a seedy old bar in Memphis, I was alone and needed a cocktail. I don’t typically frequent bars by myself but I just needed to think.

I saw a man sitting at the end of the bar and couldn’t really catch his face at first. He had thick hair, almost completely gray and was leaning over his drink. He looked towards me and despite his elderly appearance the uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley stopped me in my tracks.

I’d been a fan my whole life. Not the visit his gravesite every year, posters all over the wall kind but I loved his music. But this was now, 2013. If he were alive he’d be nearly 79. So, the idea that anyone could look that much like him and not actually BE him was well, scary.

He looked up as I sat in the bar stool next to him. He greeted me with a sad look in his baby blue eyes. I had to mention the obvious, I told him how startling his resemblance to Elvis was. His response was even more startling when he asked me if I’d believe it were really him. Right.

Now I’d read a lot about Elvis in my life. I knew that there was a very deeply spiritual man underneath all the gyrating and hip swiveling. There were and still are people that believe Elvis was God. So, who was I to say that anything wasn’t possible? I played along.

“Sure, I believe you”, I said. He looked surprised that I was so quick to buy into him. So, we started to talk.

“I thought you were dead”, I said.  I mean come on, what else would you say?

“Most of the world believes that. That’s the way I wanted it”. “Why in the world would you want that?” I asked. After all, this man had everything you could dream of. Or at least I thought. I’d been to Graceland; seen the extravagance (although cheesy and ever so seventies!!). Here was a man who was worshipped like he was God. There were and are people who actually believe he is God.

“I was getting kind of tired of being Elvis Presley” he said. I thought for a moment. That was something I had to absorb. Tired of being regarded as the King. I didn’t understand.

“My life was all about image. The image is one thing, the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image”. He stirred his drink and took a few sips. I asked him about his early days, when he first got started. He told me about his first time recording a birthday record for his mama at Sun Studios.

“I wanted to give my mama a nice gift, we were very close ya know. So I went into Sun and made a record”.

“That’s Alright Mama ?” I asked.

“No, that’s what everyone thinks. The first record I ever made that day was called “My Happiness”. That’s Alright was the first song that was played on the radio”. I hadn’t known that. I was dying to hear a recording of it if I could find one.

“Everything happened so fast after that. Before I knew it I was being marketed like I was cattle. And from then on, no matter what I did, I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without being bothered; scrutinized. I couldn’t even go to a movie. Theaters would open up for me during the night, just so I wouldn’t be bothered.”

I noticed that he was wearing a necklace with a gold lightening bolt pendant. “What’s that about?” I asked. “Well, once during a thunderstorm at Graceland, a lightening bolt hit a statue in the Meditation Garden. I took that to be a sign from God. I also had other signs. Once I was traveling through the Arizona Desert and I had a vision. Well first you know I thought I saw the Antichrist, the face of Stalin and I thought to myself, why Stalin? Is it a projection of something that’s inside me? Is God trying to show me what he thinks of me? Then I cried out to God “if that’s really me Lord then I want to die”. All I truly want is you. And then it happened! The face of Stalin turned right into the face of Jesus, and he smiled at me, and every fibre of my being felt it. For the first time in my life God and Christ were a living reality”.

“But you used to wear a cross and a Star of David, what was that for?” I wondered. He made me laugh when he answered that he did that because “he didn’t want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality”.

That was some pretty heavy stuff and I didn’t quite know what to say. I only knew him as the singing star of movies like “Girl Happy” and “Viva Las Vegas”. “So what led you to obviously fake your own death?” I asked. We had talked about some other things before I blurted that out. His life at Graceland, his mother. Priscilla, Lisa Marie. Colonel Parker. So many things. He just seemed sad about everything (except his love of peanut better and banana sandwiches – he smiled about that).

“I needed to end that life. It was no life. If I could disappear and just live a quiet existence I wouldn’t feel the need to drug myself to sleep and to stay awake. You know that year I took over 5,000 pills? It had to stop. So, it took a lot of planning but it worked. There have been a lot of times when people came close to figuring it out. There was even an “Elvis is Alive Museum” until 2007. People never wanted to believe I was really gone.”

“And here you are, talking to me”.

“Yes and I’m almost eighty years old and I could go any day. It’s amazing when you look at a body, you realize how temporary it all is, how it could all end in a matter of seconds. So here I am, waiting for that second”.

It was time for me to leave. He thanked me for the conversation and wished me well. He reminded me of one thing: “God is love…a living presence in all of us”.

I walked away, a changed person.

Okay, so!!! We had to choose a person we would like to sit at a bar with and have a conversation, someone who may have influenced us. 16 years ago I wrote a movie script about Elvis. Much of what you have read here are actual quotes from the King himself. I dusted that script off today to help me write this. Maybe I’ll give it another shot….

Join me for future insights, 99.9% is non fiction 🙂

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Another new song written and performed by our friend Frankie Paradiso.  As always, my heartfelt thanks to him.

Frankie Paradiso’s Come-back Special for his Fans!

Frankie Paradiso Frankie Paradiso  Published on Dec 10, 2013



My dear friend, Jan, has furnished me with the absolute proof which I need to prove that the 1950 black and white photo which Moran is parading around claiming as the man in Jesse’s photo with his grandson, Benjamin, is actually the father of Jerry Presley and that in the 1950 photo Rev. Dale Presley is holding his new twin sons Jerry and Terry.

Even after all the documentation which I have furnished to prove that Moran is lying about that 1950 photo, he still persists in displaying that lie on his different Internet locations.  Last night, I received another attack from one of Moran’s followers, on one of my Facebook fan pages, calling me a fraud because of Moran circulating that lie about Jesse’s photo.

Please follow this link which Jan found for me which absolutely proves who the man in the 1950 photo is.  Here you will see many photos of Jerry Presley’s family including the one which Moran is circulating while naming me a “fraud”.  This is the very example of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking.

Below is a screen capture of this page showing the 1950 photo which Moran is showing all over the Internet as being the man in Jesse’s photo.  The Moran photo is shown with a yellow outline of it.

Jerry Presley family collage


This Moran trash is going to come to a stop.   I have already filled a complaint against him.  If they do not follow through, their department will be reported to the Attorney General of Kentucky.  If that fails, there is always the FBI as they have an office in my state which deals with this particular type of crime.  Also, my local law enforcement will definitely take action to hold him accountable according to the laws of my state.

I want Moran to understand that the content of my site nor the content of what he is posting is not the issue.  His following me all over the Internet and telling lies about me personally is a rock solid case of Cyberstalking as defined in the North Carolina law.  I post this once more below.  The fact that he posted an attack against me on my Facebook Fan page; then attacked me repeatedly on my own web site blog page; then began following me on Twitter; communicated lies about me to people who support me; told lies to a friend of mine in messages on Facebook; reported me on RipOff Reports is enough to meet the criteria of cyber-stalking.

North Carolina law regarding cyberstalking

I am absolutely through trying to deal with Moran by supplying proof that he is telling lies in order to get him to stop.  I WILL take this to the fullest extent of the law.

CyberstalkingCyberstalking is the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on a posing credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Cyberharassment. Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

Here is the cyberstalking law in effect in Moran’s home state of Kentucky…he is guilty there as well for initiating the continuous attacks upon me.

Kentucky cyberstalking law top of page
Kentucky cyberstalking law bottom of page







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