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The truth is like the sun.  You can shut it away for a time, but it ain’t going away.”                                                                                      Elvis Presley

New addition on Friday, December 4th, 2009

I do want to emphasize very strongly the importance of the mentions of numerology in Jesse’s introduction to his book.  Jesse wanted the readers to see that he was handing them the information and the tool which they would need to decipher that date, 8-16-1977, and recognize that only Elvis himself would have understood and known the many, many significant numbers derived from that “Perfect Day“.  This was his way of proving to each reader that he really is Elvis.  The numbers don’t lie.

I am going to insert copies of two excerpts from his introduction below so you may correlate it to what I have just written:


Then farther down in the letter, he wrote:

You will see as you read on that 8-16-1977 was indeed “THE PERFECT DAY“.  Elvis said many times that he could feel God directing his life…and so he knew that this date was given to him by God as a sign.

Please see my page devoted to Elvis and Jesse Numerology for more on this topic.


As I promised, the following is further validation that numerology was at work in Elvis’ very early life when he, himself, did not yet know that such a thing as numerology existed.

We all know that January 8, 1935 was the date of birth for Elvis and Jesse.  The following is a result of the formula shown below from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.

1+9+3+5 = 18


    = 1953  YES.S.S.S.S.S!!!!   

Now, see the below documentation from the timeline of Elvis’ life which is currently displayed on EPE’s web site:

Need I say more?!

NEWS UPDATE 12-4-2009

 footnote:  9-22-2013 – You will find many copies of the book for sale now at the above link.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This book is now out of print.

I am not promoting this book at all.  I share the following simply to honor Jesse’s precious book and to bring joy to those who read and  understand it is from the hands of Elvis himself…who is now Jesse.



Before we go on, I feel that I should write a note of introduction to Jesse’s and Dr. Hinton’s book for those of you who are not familiar with – or perhaps not even aware that such a book exists.  Much of this book was indeed handwritten by Elvis/Jesse himself.  Dr. Hinton has typed transcripts of Jesse’s handwritten letters etc. to make for easier reading.  Also, Dr. Hinton has written what was going on before and during the writing of the book.

I am “Shuma” in the book.  I am so very honored that Jesse does mention me often throughout the book.  At that point in time, we were a part of each other’s day to day lives.

(It was I who introduced Elvis/Jesse to Dr. Hinton in June, 1997.  I chose the pseudonyms for myself and my husband “Sloan“. These copies are from my copy of the rough draft of the book and therefore you will see that he mentioned me by my name, Linda.)

Elvis/Jesse phoned me one Sunday night and told me that he was going to give Dr. Hinton the opportunity to write a book about himself.  He explained to me, originally, that the book would be published after his actual passing.  At that time, Dr. Hinton and I were part of a tiny and very tightly knit group of people who loved and worked to help Elvis/Jesse.  At the time, I thought that the book was a lovely idea and encouraged Elvis/Jesse in his consideration of doing the book.  I agreed wholeheartedly because the book was not going to surface for, what I hoped, would be many, many years.

However the book was published in 2001.  Dr. Hinton was interviewed on FOX 8 by Suzanne Stratford in May 2002.  Updates were aired in November 2002, May 2004, and  November 2008.  The report in Nov. of 2008 was an update on what became of Dr. Hinton and was centered around the DNA evidence which Eliza Presley claimed to have had at that time.

One thing I  would like to stress here is that FOX 8 certainly would not have invested the time and money in doing these investigative reports relating to Elvis/Jesse if there was not a lot of evidence suggesting that Jesse is Elvis himself.

Elvis/Jesse phoned Suzanne Stratford and left several messages on her answering machine…some of these were aired during the FOX 8 reports which aired on the above dates.  Yes, because of security concerns, he does speak with a voice distortion device.

I will insert below the front and back cover of the book as well as some of Elvis/Jesse’s handwriting in the book.  I will follow that with several photos of Dr. Hinton and myself here in our home when he visited before and during the writing of the book.

Front cover of Jesses book

Back Cover of Jesses bookJesse's photo for front cover of his book

As you can see above, Jesse chose this photo carefully and stated that it is “one of my favorite pictures” (unpublished).   Please take note that he is holding up the two fingers of his right hand.

I have discovered another photo of Elvis/Jesse holding up the same two fingers as he left the stage during one of his final shows on the 1977 tour.  One can see that it is a very deliberate action.  Perhaps  this was a “farewell” message from him and Jesse.  Below is this photo:

Elvis leaving stage in 1977 holding up two fingers as seen on cover of his book

Please note on the next page, he writes of giving Dr. Hinton permission to use the photograph of him with Benjamin.

Jesse's letter giving permission to use photo of him with Benjjamin in the book

Linda with Hinton in our home Nov 1997

Linda with Hinton at my desk in our home...during writing of the book


The following is an item autographed by Elvis/Jesse.  Because Dr. Hinton and I were friends over many years, he shared the happy events in his life with me.  Two of these happy events were the births of his first two children.  Being a pack rat, I keep everything.  And so after I introduced Dr. Hinton to Elvis/Jesse, I asked Elvis/Jesse if he would autograph the two birth announcements as a gift for me to give to Dr. Hinton.  He said, without hesitation, that he would.  So, I did this as a surprise for Dr. Hinton.  This truly was a very special gift in that Elvis’ autograph on items dated AFTER 1977 would be something very special that he could hand down to his children when they grew up.

Jesse's autograph on one of Hinton's birth announcements

The following is a known autograph of Elvis for comparison to the above.


The following  two excerpts are from a letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton on April 20, 1998.  These are from my copy of the rough draft of the book.

I would also like to mention that there was a significant event which took place before Jesse decided to write his book.  That event was the death of Col. Parker…the man that Jesse said masterminded August 16, 1977.  I have not asked Jesse, but I believe that he felt he could be more open about what took place in 1977 after Col. Parker was no longer here…Col. Parker would not be here to be harassed by the media, etc.  Jesse wrote that Col. Parker took the secret to his grave and that he was a loyal friend.

As an aside to Jesse’s comments above, there was reportedly a comment made by Col. Parker back during the time that Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book was the “talk of the town“.  I have only the word of someone who heard this comment on TV…so I stress that I cannot document this.  However, in retrospect looking at what Col. Parker is reported to have said during a TV interview in California, it fits perfectly with what Jesse has shared.  Col. Parker’s comment was:

Elvis wanted a way out and I showed him how to do it“.

Jesse’s reasons for writing the book:


Take note that he said “… after my passing, my fans will know why I did what I did.

When Jesse initially decided to write the book, it was his plan to not have the book be published until after he actually passed away.  I will insert some close up copies of his handwritten letters from the rough draft in which you will see that he mentions this multiple times.

But, for some reason, he and Dr. Hinton decided (later) to publish it in 2002.  Jesse pointed out in a letter to Dr. Hinton that 2002 was “….ironically the 25th anniversary and also the last four numbers on my social security card.”  I do not recall that I knew about the plan of the 2002 publishing at the time Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton about it.  Jesse and I were, of course, in touch during the entire time, but I don’t recall he and I ever discussing 2002 at all.  I saw Jesse’s mention of 2002 when I received the rough draft of the book in September, 2000.  I emphasize, though, that it was a very busy time and I could possibly have forgotten.

This still does not explain why the book ended up being published in 2001.  I knew nothing of this until Dr. Hinton told me in December, 2000 that Jesse had given him permission to go to the publisher. I must add though that Jesse said to me in a conversation about the book that he “…was not through yet.  I had more things I wanted to say.

I still feel very strongly that Dr. Hinton must have put pressure on Jesse to print it early;  first of all in 2002 and then 2001.  As I wrote earlier, Jesse and I were close friends and in frequent contact during that time and he never told me (to the best of my recollection) that he had decided to publish the book in 2001.  It was in the spring of 2001 that Jesse spoke to me of it and I could tell, at that point, that he was eager to see the reactions to the book.  It is heartbreaking that his book was not taken seriously and was not treated with respect.

Below I will insert three enlarged copies of his letters from the rough draft in which you will see all of his reasons for writing the book.  I have underlined in red and/or highlighted in yellow the most significant portions of his letters.

Remember these letters came straight from the hand of Elvis/Jesse.

Jesse's letter early about writing the book for after his passing to publish

For those who seem to think that Elvis choosing to be Jesse is, some how, disrespectful to the memory of his deceased twin…nothing could be farther from the truth.  Jesse explained to me that he “could always feel Jesse with me“.  He said that Elvis lived for 42 years and that Jesse deserved the same.  He asked me if I thought that people would understand about him being Jesse now.  I replied that those who view things from a spiritual stand point would understand.

Jesse's letter mentioning being Jesse now


Jesse's letter twice mentioning publishing after he is gone.

I ask that you realize that I am going back through everything that happened just from my memory of my contact with Jesse.  I am not going through all of my letters from Jesse to try to refresh every detail.  I did not keep a journal or diary of anything relating to my friendship with Jesse…therefore, I beg your patience if I have to go back and reword something because I realized that I was not correct in what I had written earlier.



Thursday, February 11, 2010 

Just added more copies of Jesse’s letters mentioned above.  In the following copies you will see where Jesse was discussing hopefully publishing the book in 2002 rather than waiting until after Jesse passes away.  Also, you will read some of the correspondence they shared relating to his health and care.

The following is the next page of the above letter…still talking of 2002:

Jesse's letter about publishing in 2002 cont'd

After all that has happened over the last 9 years regarding the book, when Jesse and I spoke of the book very recently, he said “That book should not have been published until after I am gone.”  This tells me that Dr. Hinton must have talked him into wanting to publish it before Elvis/Jesse’s death .  Dr. Hinton is a psychiatrist and therefore knows how to push people’s buttons and manipulate one’s thinking….so….?

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