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TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014 

Below are two videos which I think you will enjoy.  These are on Daily Motion rather than YouTube, therefore I cannot copy these onto a DVD to send to Jesse.   The owner of these videos often has videos which are not commonly available if you care to begin following  They are also on Facebook where some of their videos, etc. are displayed as well. has uploaded 2 new videos:

“Never Again” Rehearsal from Jungle Room Sessions at Graceland  18 hours ago

Venus now presents their second release with recordings from Elvis’ last studio sessions on ‘Welcome To The Jungle : Never Again’. The CD contains every available take of ‘Danny Boy’, ‘Never Again’ and ‘Love Coming Down’ including the undubbed master take and last but not least the dubbed master takes.

“Hurt” Rehearsal from Jungle Room Sessions  19 hours ago

Original Recording Date: 19761 Hurt (take 1) 1:16
2 Hurt (take 2) 2:19
3 Hurt (take 3) 2:47
4 Hurt (take 4) 1:16
5 Hurt (take 5) 2:11…



Last week Tom and I received a very special and surprise gift from Jesse in the mail.  I have never, in all the years that I have known Jesse, asked him for an autographed photo.  So, the photo shown below is a very special treasure to us.  I love the inscription and the beautiful photo.   Our heartfelt thanks to Jesse for this lovely gift and most of all for allowing us to be his trusted friends.  We love him so very much.

Below is the way he addressed his envelope to us…which we love so much too.

Jesse's Envelope

Jesse'sautographed photo to us


Below is a video which a sweet friend, Marie, created using one of Jesse’s songs from his 2012 CD.


My sweet friend, Lucilia, located the videos which I posted above, from the Jungle Room sessions, on YouTube.  I thank her so very, very much for doing so.  I will post the YouTube links below and now I will be able to send copies of them to Jesse on a DVD this week.  Big hug to Lucilia.

Elvis Presley – Never again sessions

mollys chambers mollys chambers


Elvis Presley – Hurt jungle room session

mollys chambers mollys chambers


The video showing Elvis signing the contract with the International Hotel.

Elvis Presley – Las Vegas 1969.

MrMazins1 MrMazins1


 I also love the following video from the same group as above.

What Would Elvis Wear Today?

BKenterprisescanada BKenterprisescanada



24 Iconic Portraits Of The Coolest Americans Ever

Harrison Jacobs

‘The King’ Elvis Presley is regarded as one of the most significant culture icons of the 20th century. To this day, he is the best-selling solo artist in the history of recorded music.

What exactly do we mean when we call someone “cool?” Most would struggle to describe it, but just about everyone knows “cool” when they see it. It is a distinctly American invention that finds its roots in African-American culture, Jazz, and the multitude of icons that the American fame machine has produced.

A new exhibition and book, “American Cool,” currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., traces the origins of “cool.” It also includes a look at the 100 “coolest” Americans of all time.

To decide who made the list, curators Frank H. Goodyear III, the co-director of the Bowndown College Museum of Art, and Joel Dinerstein, the director of the American Studies program at Tulane University, engaged in a vigorous debate based on four criteria.

Dinerstein explained to PBS Newshour: “First an originality of artistic vision as established through a signature style, which is to say their artistic vision cannot be separate from their personality. Second, that in a given historical moment, they were perceived as a cultural rebel. Third, that they have high profile recognition. Fourth, that they have a recognised cultural legacy.”

While the usual suspects are featured, including James Dean, Jimi Hendrix, and Hunter S. Thompson, there are many less obvious faces on the “cool” list as well. All are, however, what Dinerstein calls,”the successful rebels of American culture.”

The National Portrait Gallery shared a selection of the portraits with us here, but you can see the entire collection in the book or at the gallery until September 7th.


THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Here is some good news for anyone wishing to buy a copy of Jesse’s book.  There is one listed on Ebay with a starting bid of only $15.00 and $4.00 shipping.  This may be a good opportunity to get one at a reasonable price:

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words, by Donald Hilton
The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words, by Donald Hilton
Starting Bid: $15.00 (0 Bids)
Shipping: $4.00
End time: May-21-14 20:03:40 PDT


This is a wonderful reminder and admonition for myself and others as we may grow weary of explaining the truth about Elvis being alive and now Jesse over and over.  Being only human, sometimes we do just feel like throwing up our hands and saying “What’s the use?“…but I,  for one, will never do that.

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
Speak gently, speak kindly to those who falter. Ye know not THEIR own temptation, nor the littleness of their understanding. Judge not as to this or that activity of another; rather pray that the light may shine even in THEIR lives as it HAS in thine. These are the manners in which the sons and daughters of men may KNOW His way. In this mundane sphere there comes to all that period when doubts and fears arise, even to doubting thine OWN self. These may EASILY be cast aside by knowing that He is IN His holy temple and ALL is well.


FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014

Jesse and I spoke two times on Thursday and he is doing OK.  He asked me to pass along his sincerest thanks and appreciation to those people who are friends to him and me who have sent things for him and his little friend, Nick, in recent times.  He said to tell each of you that you did make him happy.  It was wonderful speaking with him as always and I am so glad to know that he is all right.




SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2014

My friend on Facebook, Pam M. shared the following very cute video with me.  I want to post it here to share in order that I won’t forget to record it on my next DVD for Jesse to see.  This is just precious!

Dachshund Boogie

kalyxcorn kalyxcorn



May 16, 2014, 7:21am CDT Updated: May 16, 2014, 7:44am CDT

“Guest House” has $70 million price tag

EP Enterprises

Staff Memphis Business Journal

Whitehaven residents received a sneak preview of the proposed 450-room hotel being developed by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The Guest House at Graceland, which could be completed by 2015, is expected to be built at the corner of Elvis Presley Boulevard and Old Hickory Road, according to a report by My Fox-13 Memphis.

The $70 million, 450-room hotel will be modeled after the Graceland mansion, and will occupy space that currently holds a car dealership. EPE has already begun demolition on apartment buildings on the site.

EPE was acquired in November 2013 by Authentic Brands Group LLC and National Entertainment Collectibles Association for $130 million.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Below is the link to a more in-depth report about the proposed new hotel to be built beside Graceland as mentioned in the above article:


I just came across one of the most lovely photos that I have ever seen of Elvis.  This was posted on Pinterest by Kathy Dolan.

Elvis and Lisa from Pinterest


 My friend BlueRose sent me the following screen capture from one of the FOX 8 news reports about Jesse from back in the early 2000’s.  Neither Blue Rose nor I recall seeing this from the reports.  Of course, I do not live in the Cleveland area.  However, two of my best long time friends do live in that viewing area and one of them was taping every second of the actual reports when they aired and even some of the preview teasers leading up to the actual reports; while my other friend was also taping the reports.   These sweet friends sent every bit of those news reports to me and I saved them for many years until the time came when I needed them for my own YouTube channel and my web site in May, 2009.  I set the news reports videos up on YouTube beginning to coincide with my new web site.  However, I don’t recall seeing this image when it aired.   BlueRose commented that maybe it got cut pretty quickly.  I must tell you, though, that I don’t begin to remember everything…not even everything that I have on my YouTube channel nor on my web site.  So, it could be that this is in one of my videos.



Isn’t this a pretty photo of Linda Thompson (with Jerry Schilling’s book).

Linda Thompson with Jerry Schilling's book


TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014

As many of you know, Tom and I have a little one-year-old Prairie Dog named Rascal who is our most precious fur-baby.  It just tears at my heart to know that so many of these precious babies are being poisoned or killed in mass shootings just for sport. 

My friend Joan shared the following petition with me on Facebook and I thank her for making me aware of this.

I ask that everyone please do sign this petition to save 16,000 precious little lives.

Following this article is a recent photo of our little Rascal.  As you can see he is enjoying his life of luxury with us.

In Wyoming, prairie dogs are slowly recovering from decades of hunting and disease. Now the U.S. Forest Service is considering a plan to poison an estimated 16,000 prairie dogs, which are essential to the survival of many other species. Urge the Forest Service to reject this heartless and misguided plan.

Photo: In Wyoming, prairie dogs are slowly recovering from decades of hunting and disease. Now the U.S. Forest Service is considering a plan to poison an estimated 16,000 prairie dogs, which are essential to the survival of many other species. Urge the Forest Service to reject this heartless and misguided plan. Thanks, Linda

Photo of our “Rascal” sleeping in my arms taken several weeks ago:

Rascal May, 2014 002


TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014

Quote for the day:  “Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


 Pluk DE Dag Carpediem‘s photo from Facebook.


THROUGH THE YEARS….They left one off!!!

  Elvis and Jesse

Jesse close up for comparison to ElvisElvis up close for comparison to Jesse 5 20 2014


I thank my friend, Melinda, for sharing the following article with me on Facebook

Elvis’ 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III Returns Home to Graceland – Elvis’ 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III Returns Home to Graceland –
Elvis’ favorite car and the last automobile he drove in public has returned home to Graceland. After being preserved and showcased during the Charlotte Motor Speedway AutoFair, officials helped return the 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III to its home at the Elvis Presley Car Museum. Fans can now see this car, along with over 20 other automobiles owned by Elvis, by planning your trip to Graceland!
Because the ’73 Blackhawk enjoyed special status among Elvis fans, as well as being so beloved by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself, officials from Elvis Presley Enterprises decided to have the car undergo a special preservation process. The estate entrusted Pontiac collector and restorer Walt Hollifield to return the car to the condition it was in when Elvis last drove the Stutz on August 16, 1977.

On March 25, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Hendrick Motorsports helped unveil the recently preserved Stutz. The king’s car was also the centerpiece display in the Nationwide Insurance Classic Car Showcase Pavilion at this year’s Charlotte Motor Speedway AutoFair.

Photo: Elvis' 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III Returns Home to Graceland -<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Elvis' favorite car and the last automobile he drove in public has returned home to Graceland. After being preserved and showcased during the Charlotte Motor Speedway AutoFair, officials helped return the 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III to its home at the Elvis Presley Car Museum. Fans can now see this car, along with over 20 other automobiles owned by Elvis, by planning your trip to Graceland!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Because the '73 Blackhawk enjoyed special status among Elvis fans, as well as being so beloved by the King of Rock ‘n' Roll himself, officials from Elvis Presley Enterprises decided to have the car undergo a special preservation process. The estate entrusted Pontiac collector and restorer Walt Hollifield to return the car to the condition it was in when Elvis last drove the Stutz on August 16, 1977.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>On March 25, NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Hendrick Motorsports helped unveil the recently preserved Stutz. The king's car was also the centerpiece display in the Nationwide Insurance Classic Car Showcase Pavilion at this year's Charlotte Motor Speedway AutoFair.


Below is the log of the most recent 20 visits, in less than 2 hours, today.  I want to extend my thanks to everyone who visits.  My warmest welcome to any who are here for the first time.

Current visits on 5 20 2014


THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014

My good friend, Susan, shared the following video with me.  I think everyone will enjoy this one.  Also, I want to post it here so that I will remember to send this one to Jesse on my DVD later this week.  I think he will enjoy this one because it was a happy time for him.



Published on May 26, 2012





My good friend, Susan, shared the link to the following site with me.  I feel that this site does reflect some spiritual philosophies in keeping with Elvis’ spiritual quest…his search for the truth about one’s soul and the one and only God.  I share the introduction page below along with the link to this site.

“How Great Thou Art”


 “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some”
— First Epistle of St Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians, 9.19

Picture of Elvis with aura


How Great Thou Art

An interfaith site
inspired by Elvis Presley


“One God, many manifestations”

In order to have world peace there must be peace amongst the world’s religions

This site contains information on, and links to, a range of reflections, readings and teachings on spiritual matters. The topics listed on the Reflections page incorporate interfaith themes from various sources, especially the United Communities of Spirit (UCS) – a “coming together of many perspectives and traditions and voices, into a common framework and forum”. UCS encompasses Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, Confucianism, and other faiths. Additionally, we draw from Lebanese-American philosopher Kahlil Gibran’s writings, as well as contemplations by Elvis Presley. We also include the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC)’s weekly intents, or devotional topics. The Elvis Connection Although Elvis’s religious beliefs were based in Christianity, his spiritual search was far broader – he read widely and explored various religions. His contemplations on life and death, love and friendship are covered on this site, courtesy of Elvis ~ A Lighted Candle. We are not claiming to put Elvis Presley on an equal footing with the great religious leaders and teachers of the World. However, anyone who is knowledgeable about Presley is aware of his deeply spiritual nature, and may find his insights useful. His communication medium was music rather than the spoken or written word. His gospel songs still carry his message, conveying passion, conviction and depth of feeling. Where there are conflicting and contradictory rumours and stories about a person, one should look at that person’s beliefs and deeds to seek the truth. Elvis did not campaign publicly or join protest movements, but he led by example. He employed black gospel singers at a time when racial discrimination was rife. In 1969 he refused to perform a concert unless his black female gospel singers were welcomed too. His quiet generosity towards friends and strangers alike is legendary, much of it still undocumented, and he showed extraordinary compassion for others in distress.

Quote from Elvis ~ A Lighted Candle:

Sufi master Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan asked his “spiritual teacher”, how one could recognize a Godly man. His teacher replied: “It is not what he says, it is not what he seems to be, but it is the atmosphere that his presence creates. That is the proof, for no one can create an atmosphere which does not belong to his spirit.

Note from Linda:

It is my humble opinion that not one single person in modern times has been able to create the spirit of love which Elvis has done.  A Godly man you may ask…my answer is a resounding YES!!!

I have not been able to look over the entire site just yet.  However, from all I have seen, I do feel comfortable recommending this site to my visitors.  So many fans do not know the massive scope of Elvis’ spiritual search…he hungered to know the truth…the truth about God, why he was chosen to be Elvis Presley, the soul’s origin and existence after death, etc.

Here is the link to this beautiful web site:

You will see that they, too, provide information from, and a link to, the Elvis Lighted Candle web site just as have I done throughout my site.

My heartfelt thanks to Susan for directing me to this beautiful web site.


From the above sublime to the below ridiculous:

Billy Stanley has made a complete fool of himself by posting the following declaration on his Facebook page.  Please note that I have highlighted the most absurd portions in red for better viewing.

I saw a post from a friend of mine the other day, she said she was removing herself from a lot of the Elvis groups on fb because of all the drama… At first I laughed because I’ve seen what she was talking about… I don’t belong to many Elvis groups because of the same reason, but the main reason I don’t belong to them is this… All those groups deal with speculations, fakes, conspiracies…… I will have nothing to do with any of that… I spent 17 years with Elvis, I loved him as a brother and he loved me… The Elvis I see today, on fb, isn’t the man I knew… People have put their own “slant” on Elvis and say it is true… People create stories in their minds and tell the world, this is the way Elvis was…. People create fake profiles and tell everyone they are a family member… Some even claim to be a “love child”… Some claim Elvis isn’t dead... Well, I’m sick of it, I’ve had enough… Here’s my suggestion to all of you, don’t believe anything you hear about Elvis unless it comes from a reliable source… There’s a few sources on fb, my brothers and I, and some of Elvis’ inner circle are here, if it doesn’t come from us don’t believe it... All these fakes are wanting is to get things stirred up and bring attention to themselves… You see, those that were close to Elvis never bring attention to ourselves, we place the attention where it belongs, on Elvis… And as far as the “love child” stuff goes, let me just say this… Do you think the Presley family was so consumed with fame and fortune that they would turn a family member away… If you believe they would, then you have no idea how much they loved family, nor do you really know anything about Elvis… I hopes this enlightens some of you and that I hope I don’t have to post this again, but… This is fb, and I’m sure I will have to repost it in the near future… Have a great day…

Let me just state that this is one of the most deceitful and hypocritical statements which I have ever read or heard.  I don’t know where to start to set the record straight about the entire Stanley family which consisted of Dee (the mother), David, Billy and Ricky.  Their first book Elvis, We Love You Tender was, by all accounts, equal to tabloid gossip and did NOT paint a very flattering nor realistic picture of the Elvis we know and love so much.  The main author was listed as Dee with the three sons.  

Then there is David who joined forces with the despicable Albert Goldman to perpetrate the lie that Elvis committed suicide.  I have already done several in depth articles regarding this lie.  Also I have a video on my YouTube channel proving that he did work with Albert Goldman.  This video is the one of Joe Esposito who said “That’s how Elvis FEELS about this situation”.  You can see David sitting there on the show and being shown beside of Joe’s remote appearance.  Here is the link to this video:  ELVIS IS ALIVE 1990 Geraldo show: Joe says …and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation.

Then there is Ricky who is a minister…but relies upon his association with Elvis to get on the podium with no less than Billy Graham.  Ricky has been known to hold up Elvis as an example of what not to do in his “sermons”.

Then there was Dee who had written another book which contained such indecent lies about Elvis that I won’t even display them here on my site.  The book was ready to hit the shelves and had already been featured in several tabloids.  It made it to the Geraldo show as a topic of an entire show.  The lies told in the book were refuted hotly by J. D. Sumner and Mrs. Janelle McComb both of whom knew Elvis just about all of his life.  They said that the book was a pack of lies and that the things which Dee had written were absolutely unfathomable.  I understand that there was an altercation in the women’s restroom where Mrs. McComb, a lovely and genteel lady, confronted Dee about the vicious lies in her book and it ended with Mrs. McComb hitting Dee with her purse.  I want to insert an aside to this account:  Jesse was aware of this book and he wrote to a mutual friend of his and mine that “there will be no book forthcoming” and sure enough the book disappeared.

Then there was the book which Dee was reportedly working on right up until her fairly recent death.  It is reported to have contained more total fantasies and nasty fiction.

They have written books, tried to make and sell DVD movies, published their “truths” in many Internet locations, and used Elvis’ name as their ticket to income since the day Elvis “retired”. 

Dr. Nick, in one of his TV interviews, accused one of the Stanleys of killing Elvis.

This is just a off-the-top of my head partial list of their activities.

And then Billy has the nerve to suggest that people should only listen to him and his brothers and the other MM members who have Facebook pages.  I assume he means people like Marty Lacker who rides Elvis’ name to this day feeding his ego by getting attention because he knew Elvis.  Even though Elvis dismissed Marty long before he “retired”.  And yet, Marty acts as though he was with Elvis right up until the end.  Even coming on my site and lying by saying he ” was there and saw the body“, while in his very own book having written that he didn’t even come to the funeral.

So, good luck to Billy Stanley in his efforts to draw in the gullible and the fans who have not followed their antics for the past 37 years.  He will not pull the wool over the eyes of the life-long true fans of Elvis who have followed their shenanigans for almost 4 decades.

footnote:   In proof reading my article, I clicked on the link for Billy Stanley at the top of his statement to see if it would take one to his Facebook page and it does.  So, I scrolled down a bit to see what else he has been saying.  Seems that he is in an attack mode against myself and anyone who believes or KNOWS that Elvis is alive.  Below is one of his articles directed to the truth and those who know the truth.

I could go on and on about the myths of Elvis, and I’d probably be sitting here on fb for about a year dispelling them… lol… But, the one myth that’s truly damaging to Elvis, his family and his fans is, he’s still alive… That myth in itself is too cruel to anyone who loves Elvis… When I first got on fb I told why this could never have happened, but I feel I need to share why, again… First off, Elvis loved his daughter Lisa, that was his life, he wanted to watch her grow up, and wanted to be a big part of her life, like any father wants… Second, Elvis’ death killed his father, everyone close to the family saw what happened to Vernon when Elvis died, he gave up all hope, his family was gone… Third, Elvis loved his fans, his soul purpose in life was to please his fans, he lived for you… Now, I know you love Elvis and wished he was still here, but not as much as his family does… After Elvis passed away the rumors started to fly… There was a book published by someone, I won’t mention her name, but she played on your love and feelings for Elvis, and she made millions in doing so… There was even an old lady who set me up, in a video, saying I thought a photo of this guy was him, but they edited out the part where I ask, “when was this photo taken, because if it’s after August 16th, 1977 it’s isn’t Elvis”… In closing, let me ask you this… You all know about Elvis’ love, compassion and generosity… Do you think Elvis would hurt his daughter, kill his father and forget about those who love him??? I’ll answer for you, no he wouldn’t…

I have the full video about which he is speaking when he wrote “even an old lady who set me up, in a video…“.  I was personal friends with the “old lady” and she gave me the total video way back when she filmed it so I do know for a fact that he did not denounce the photo at all.  In fact, he liked it so much that he asked for a copy to put in his own office.  I still have the video but I did remove it from YouTube for private reasons which Jesse and I discussed.  It WAS NOT removed because there was anything on it about Billy saying that it was not Elvis in the photo.  I have the video right up until the time that the lady and her husband were taking turns having each of them taped with Billy as they were leaving the book store.  If he did ask when it was taken and said that it was not Elvis if it was after 1977 after they stopped filming…that still does not negate the fact that he not only identified the man in the photo as being Elvis and was even excited about the photo and wanted a copy for his office.  He claims to have known Elvis so very well and been so close with him…should he not recognize whether a photo is Elvis or not?  Just about everyone else recognized that this photo is Elvis.  Then there is the pool house door photo, does he not recognize that it is a photo of Elvis himself?

I am not going to turn this into a battle of words and wits with Billy Stanley.  I know that there are fans who believe anything that anyone who had a connection to Elvis says…so obviously Billy does have the facts to back up who he is.  I am just stating a concrete fact that the Stanley’s have all told horrible lies about Elvis and their mouths are not prayer books.  In fact I would not believe one word that comes out of any of their mouths if they swore on a stack of Bibles.  So, as always, I leave everyone to make up their own minds.  I present my 110+ pages of documentation against his 17 years of being with Elvis.  I will say that the Stanley boys were so stoned a lot of the time that they certainly were not privy to Elvis’ private thoughts and plans.  In fact, Jesse chose to fake his death at a time that one of them was supposed to be on duty to make sure he was OK and be there if he needed anything.  NONE OF THEM WERE DOING THEIR JOB ON THE AFTERNOON OF AUGUST 16, 1977




SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2014

Below is a short documentary of Elvis’ life…sort of encapsulated into just a few minutes.  If there are those who are new to the world of Elvis, this may be an interesting overview.  To us old timers, it will bring back many good memories.  I am sorry that it ends with his “death of prescription drug overdose” which, as we all know, is not true.  The plan was that it would be announced that it was due to heart arrhythmia…but then people like Geraldo Rivera, etc. reared their ugly heads and changed things to be more sensationalized.

The following is not a YouTube video. The below image is not a “live image” from which you may watch the video.  Therefore you must click on the link to view the video.

The Life and Career of Elvis Presley

The Life and Career of Elvis Presley

The Life and Times of Elvis Presley Image for video

 Should you be unable to view the video by accessing the link above, you may visit the site at the following link:


 Jesse did phone me late this afternoon.  He is fine and said that the weather was so pretty today that he was going for an outing.  He said that he likes the way I am dealing with the people who are being rude and unkind toward me and my web site.  He said it shows that I am a strong woman.  So that made me feel good.  The last time he called, he told me that he had gotten a piano in his home and is looking forward to enjoying that.


The following article from Scotland is very interesting and intriguing as well.  I have seen some other articles about this topic but not as encompassing as this piece…complete with the video.  I love the idea that Elvis’/Jesse’s hair actually has music within his DNA.  How cool is that!!?  We all know that he was born to be the wonderful man and great talent that he was/is…no doubt about that fact.  But, it is even more amazing to know that music comes from his actual DNA.

Video: Scottish man uses Elvis Presley’s hair to write the music legend’s last song

STUART Mitchell, from East Lothian, was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce the unique musical score using DNA from Elvis’s hair and a computer.

Elvis Presley in 1958

ELVIS Presley’s last song has been written by a scientist armed with a computer and a lock of the King’s hair.

Stuart Mitchell was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce the unique musical score using the DNA profile from a lock of Elvis’s iconic quiff.

The result was immortalised in a short documentary starring Stuart, 53, shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Stuart, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, has a worldwide reputation for turning DNA copy numbers into music.

He first gained recognition with a composition based on the Da Vinci Code, the symbols hidden in Rosslyn chapel, near Edinburgh.           

He and his music teacher dad Thomas, 82, worked out that sculptures in the chapel related to musical notes.


Stuart Mitchell making music from the DNA of Elvis


For the new project, he used Elvis’s unique DNA code to put together a new tune.

Stuart said: “I was delighted to be asked to bring Elvis back to life because he is the biggest musical celebrity in the world and loved by millions.

“Rolling Stone’s South American edition commissioned me to fly to Brazil and we worked in a studio there, using the unique DNA code from a lock of Elvis’s hair from his personal barber Homer
‘Gill’ Gilleland.

“It was a poignant moment when I received Elvis’s DNA code from the lab carrying out the test.

“There were tears in my eyes when I heard what a beautiful melody his DNA had. The sound is not at all rock and roll. It’s almost like a simple lullaby.           

“What makes the project extra special for me is that people around the world will be able to hear and use Elvis’s DNA music for free. If they make any money from it, if it is used in a hit record, for example, it can be donated to the foundation set up by Elvis to help homeless kids.”       


Elvis Presley having his hair cut by Homer Gilleland


Stuart first heard about DNA being used to make music in 2002 and started his own firm, DNA Music, nine years ago.

He said: “I was fascinated when I read about the possibility as it neatly links art and science.

“DNA is made up of amino acids, each of which is given a musical note. Because each person has their own unique pattern, once we know their genetic make-up, we can turn those notes into sheet music using a specially developed piece of computer software.

“Four years ago, I used a lock of Beethoven’s hair to create his ‘last song’, which I called Immortal Beloved. It turned out to be quite a haunting piece of music.

“But, as a classical musician, the one person I long to work on is Mozart, my favourite composer.

“There are said to be fragments of his nail and skull still around – so who knows?”


The music is made from the DNA of Elvis

Seven years ago, Stuart and his RAF codebreaker dad deciphered many of the secret symbols found within Rosslyn Chapel.

The result was the Rosslyn Motet, which Stuart played using replica ancient instruments to create music that has been hailed worldwide.

■ Watch Stuart and listen to Elvis’s DNA music below:

Music from Elvis' DNA

Please note that there is a notice displayed with this video on YouTube which states that the video is “unlisted” and that it may be viewed only from those who access it through the link.  So, in case it does not play from the links below,  you will need to visit the news article shown above and click on the image within the article to view and listen.  I am hoping to be able to find a way to copy this for Jesse because I really want him to be able to see and hear this.  Of all the people in the world, it is he who should hear this.

Here is the link to this entire article:



MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014

My thanks to our friend, Elaine, who posted this to my timeline on Facebook.  It is some very rare footage of Elvis, Linda Thompson and Lisa Marie.  I thank Elaine so  much.

Elvis Presley

crg500 crg500

 Published on Oct 2, 2012




Our friend Melinda shared this with me on my timeline on Facebook.  This originated from the website of Kay Wheeler.  I thank Melinda so much for sharing this special item.

How in the world can anyone read these sad words and not understand his reason for choosing to just leave it all rather than stay and actually die???  Please use your brains and your heart to accept Jesse’s truth…please…


A nice friend on Facebook, Pam, shared the photo below.  Pam wanted us to see how Elvis’ hands in this photo so perfectly match Jesse’s hands in his photo holding little Benjamin.  My thanks to Pam.

Jesse and Ben 1994


My friend Barbara B. shared this very nice photo with me over a month ago.  I love those shoes!!!

Al Rokers Blue Suede shoes


A very nice collection of comments from those who knew Elvis over the years.   Showcases Elvis’ love and respect for people of the black community as it does theirs for him.

Remembering Elvis


Published on Aug 16, 2013

Friends `n` fellows talking about Elvis Presley



My good and long-time friend, Susan, shared this very cute commercial with me today.  I like it a lot and I think everyone will enjoy it.  I thank Susan so very much.  Susan was a subscriber to my old time newsletter which I published for 9 months back in 1990-1991.  So we go back a long ways.

Commercial for Brisk Iced Tea with Elvis Presley and James Brown…

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While we are on the subject of Elvis in commercials, I happened to see this link while viewing the Brisk Ice Tea video above.  This one is a collection of Elvis themed commercials from all over the world.

Elvis Presley, the King: looking back at the icon in ads

The Ad Show The Ad Show

Published on Aug 15, 2011

How Elvis has been resurrected over and over in worldwide ads: a tribute on the occasion of the anniversary of his death , August 16th, 1977.
August 16th celebrates the death of Elvis Presley
Long live the King
Larger than life
Anti-exclusion NGO Licht für die welt (Help to African disabled children) – Austria – 2008.
Audi – Germany – 2001.
BBC Radio 2 – United Kingdom – 2006.
Activir – South Africa – 1996.
Nova Television – Bulgaria – 2006.
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DVD sent thru this point



I want to attempt to explain my situation regarding personal one-on-one contact with individuals who get in touch with me via Emails, Facebook messages, YouTube messages, Messages to Jesse page, etc.  Due to my health issues, demands on my time by my home responsibilities, continuing to share new information on the Current News page, still having some restoration which must be done to some of the older pages, preparing my weekly package for Jesse each Friday, contact with those who are my personal friends, etc. I just cannot maintain contact with each individual who seeks to communicate with me.  I have had some phone calls asking that I return calls; I have had others who have written asking if they may phone me; I have had some who have become angry because I don’t respond to them; I have had contact from people who I do not know who write to me about things which are utter and complete nonsense; on and on it goes.  I wish to issue this statement, and my regrets, that I simply cannot respond to every person who contacts me.  I ask that you please forgive and understand that I am just one person and there are many of you.  I do most sincerely appreciate everyone who expresses an interest in my web site.  The web site has grown so large with so many visitors that it has caused things to change from the way it was early on when I could respond to just about everyone individually.  Your understanding, forgiveness and patience with me is most appreciated.


This is so.o.o.o.o.o.o cute.  It was shared with  me on Facebook by my friend, Elaine.


I want to share the following photo comparison of  Elvis and Jesse.  These were posted to my Facebook wall by a friend, Aaron M.  I thank him so very much for this wonderful match.  Below is also an overlay showing the perfect match.  Hats off to Aaron.

Elvis and Jesse same angle for comparisonOverlay of Elvis and Jesse for comparison

Aaron also added:  “Isn’t it just like Elvis (Jesse) to be shirtless, he was shirtless in so many candid shots and look how happy he is!


THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014

I apologize for opening a negative can of worms…but I cannot stand by while this person on YouTube is publishing something that is absolutely untrue.  The Knights Of The Kings Realm channel on YouTube is run by a man named Lucky Carson.  This person, I have been told is not a bad person.  Therefore, I give the benefit of the doubt that this person has good intentions.   But, what this person is perpetrating is very hurtful to those who fall for the stories he is telling.  He has a number of YouTube videos dealing with “Elvis is Alive“.  He now has one out in which he says that Elvis is Alive and he has already “come back” but that the truth is being withheld from the public.  Sadly, he has compiled all kinds of images, voices, and stories which have absolutely nothing to do with the truth about Elvis who IS Jesse.   Except he has even lifted something from my web site to include in one of his videos…my Country Music magazine page of “JESSE’S COMIN'”

Jesse has absolutely no plans to “come out”.  He just wants to live the remainder of his life out in peace and quiet.  He has NO interest in “coming out” whatsoever.  He is NOT being kept from coming out by President Obama.  This is a false impression which was started by Joel Gilbert in the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE.  Mr. Gilbert was doing everything in his power to stop Pres. Obama from being re-elected and wrote it into the script for Jesse to read in that video.  I have Jesse’s two page letter prominently displayed on my web site telling the truth about how that DVD came into existence.  In the letter, Jesse states that he would NEVER make comments about political people…just as he never did before 1977.  I shall display this letter below again in this article.

This pack of lies has taken on a life of it’s own with people working on a petition to be submitted to the Federal Government asking that Elvis be permitted to appear to the public.


Today I received the following ad in my news alerts which prompted me to create this article.  Below is the link which was included in my news alert.



There is a video which will play upon visiting this site.  However, I strongly recommend that you visit Mr. Carson’s YouTube channel to view his video.

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Knights Of The Kings Realm Knights Of The Kings Realm·32 videos

Published on Jan 4, 2014


The TRUTH Now Declassified. ELVIS PRESLEY is Alive, and Has made His Comeback. This Information Is Being Kept From The Public Eye , The News Media , And The American People . Many Elvis Fans Today, Now Know The Truth …. Also see

I fully realize that this is a volatile topic and that those who so strongly believe in the fantasy that Elvis (as he was known before 1977) is going to come out if they petition the Federal Government,  will be offended and angry that I am publishing this article.  However, if I can save one person from the disappointment of realizing that they have been working their hearts out for something that can never happen, then my work will have served a purpose.

No one should think that they can pressure Elvis, who IS Jesse, into doing something against his will which would destroy the life for which he gave up everything to obtain.

Below I display, once more, the two page letter by Jesse, in Elvis’ own handwriting, in which he details how the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE came into existence.  As you can see, he was/is not at all pleased with the finished product of the DVD.  The words which Elvis, who IS Jesse, spoke in the DVD were totally from a script written by the producer of the DVD, Joel Gilbert.  As I wrote above, Mr. Gilbert was working in every way he possibly could to keep Pres. Obama from being re-elected as president in the 2012 election.  Mr. Gilbert wrote the statement, which Jesse read, in order to try to sway Elvis fans to not vote for Pres. Obama.  That is the truth plain and simple.  As you will see, again, in Jesse’s letter below, he states that he would never make comments about political figures…just as he never did before 1977.  You will also see that filming the DVD was not his plan…only Mr. Gilbert’s who tracked him down and pressured him to lend his voice to the project as a result of an insinuated threat to expose him publicly.

 I shall also display below other letters written by Elvis, who IS Jesse, for his book in which he expressed his wishes to live out his life as his twin brother who was stillborn, Jesse.


Jesse's handwritten introduction to book page 1

Jesse's handwritten introduction to book page 2

Jesse's Introduction to book page #3

Jesse's Introduction to book page 4b


Jesse's letter for the book giving permission to use his photo with Benjamin


Jesse's letter for the book...some of the reasons why...


Jesse's letter for the book 1

…and in closing this article, I shall display below a letter which Jesse wrote to me personally in July, 2002 in which he makes it plain that he was not happy with Dr. Hinton giving people false hopes that he was going to come out.  He says why would he allow it to happen all over again?

In closing this article, I would like to say that Jesse has given me his blanket approval to do what I wish on my web site.  He always knows that I have his very best interest at heart and that I would never do anything to cause him any problems.

In our last conversation just last weekend, he told me that he was happy with the way that I handle my detractors and attackers.  He said that it shows that I am a strong woman.  He knows the reason I do this is to show everyone that I am telling the truth and that no one can intimidate me into backing down.

Below is the letter which he wrote to me in March, 2009 in which he affirmed what he had told me over the phone regarding his wishes for my place in his life.  I am more honored by his trust than words could ever express.

Jesse letter 1st




SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014

The below excerpt is from some of Wanda June Hill’s book material.  I am sharing things such as this in order to inform people about the inner person who was Elvis Presley and who IS now Jesse.  Reading his private thoughts as displayed in the above note and what he wrote in the following note will give everyone some insight into how unhappy and alone Elvis was leading up to Aug. 16, 1977.  He told me that the last two years of his life as Elvis were pure misery.

To understand why he felt so alone and that he had no one to talk to who understood him, one has only to take a close look at the people who were around him on a daily basis.  The likes of Red West, Sonny West, Dave Hebler, the Stanley brothers, Lamar Fike, etc.  One has only to read and listen to some of the trash which they have spewed forth since they believe that he died.  The truth is that these men were so far beneath Elvis in spirituality and intellect that they could not even relate to him…not the real inner man.  He had virtually given up on them and kept them around because he felt sorry for them and their families…who could not support themselves without their jobs with him.  They were crude, rude, self-serving jerks.  They were with Elvis for the women, drinking and drugs.  Since they could not begin to rise to the level of Elvis, they have set about to bring him down to their level.  Which will never happen because there are too many people who know and love the inner man…the real man who their trashy lies can never tarnish.  This is my own personal opinion.

Mrs. Hill wrote:

“On one of those small pocket sized note pads he’d carry around in case he wanted to jot something down etc…

     “ I am so alone in this.  Why?  No one understands. No one person

but me has been here, until me.   I am alone.  God give me hope.

This was in 1976.  This page was being used as a book mark in a Bible he gave to my husband.  He had folded it length wise in narrow folds and then was using it to mark his place in the Bible, that was a new modern version with an accompanying Bible index that made it easier to find things and connect them.”

Once more I ask only that everyone who loved Elvis take the time to look behind the stage presence and comprehend the human being whose life had become a grueling schedule…a man whose health was faltering and who was working himself to death to keep up with the expenses of all those who depended upon him….and to satisfy the demands of fans who could never get enough of him.

There was no other way to survive except to “die“.






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