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They have announced the King for the Month of August…..

The King of June – Elvis Presley With 21,965 Votes.

The King of July – Elvis Presley with 21,630 Votes.

The King of August – Elvis Presley with 28,349 Votes


Just to let everyone know that Jesse phoned me tonight.  He is doing well.  He was calling to see if I am feeling better.  We had one decision to discuss and so we didn’t discuss anything that I can share this time…I am sorry.







My thanks to Vanderlei P. who shared the below image with me…saying:  “Johnny Rivers knew.”  I love this.

Johnny Rivers knew

As a footnote to the above, I recall a small bit of a conversation that Jesse and I had many years ago about Johnny Rivers.  

My husband, Tom, and I had just returned from a trip to Memphis (and Graceland, of course!!).  I was telling Jesse about our visit to the restaurant which has since closed…I believe the name of the restaurant was Elvis Presley’s Memphis.  Jesse asked me if I saw several things when we were there so it was obvious that he had been inside the restaurant himself.  I thought this was really great that he had actually seen it.  This part of my story does not tie in with the Johnny Rivers topic though.  But, I included that as a way of reminding everyone of the really nice restaurant that used to exist.

Now on the topic of the restaurant, I learned that Johnny Rivers was going to be appearing at the Elvis restaurant and would be singing “SECRET AGENT MAN”.  During one of our conversations, I told Jesse how much I loved that Johnny Rivers was going to be performing that song in the Elvis restaurant.  I was really elated about it because of knowing that Elvis was an undercover “secret agent man” of sorts.  Jesse responded something like “Yes, I like to do little things like that once in a while.”  These may not be his exact words…but this is the gist of what he responded.  All of this ties together to indicate that yes, Johnny Rivers, does know that Elvis lives.

Here is Johnny Rivers performing “SECRET AGENT MAN”…enjoy listening to this with Elvis’ own story in mind.

Johnny Rivers – Secret Agent Man + Lyrics



A very kind friend, Carol N., sent the below image to me.  She and I both were very impressed by this young man who made Elvis his school history project.  Looks like he did a fine job of it too!   We are sorry that we do not know the name of the student nor his school.

Student's Elvis school project



Here is the latest news about the new developments being carried out by EPE in the area surrounding Graceland.  I thank my good friends, Claudia and Linda FC, for bringing this news to my attention.

 Friday, September 04, 2015

‘Graceland West’ to Cover 46 Acres, Include Museums and Restaurants

By Bill Dries

With construction underway on its $90 million resort hotel north of Graceland, Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. has filed paperwork for its plan for the plaza area across Elvis Presley Boulevard from the mansion itself.

The Aug. 28 application with the Memphis-Shelby County Office of Planning and Development covers 46 acres on the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard under the name Graceland West.

Download the Graceland West plan (PDF)

A cover letter from Glankler Brown member Hunter Humphreys, representing Graceland, said the development will include a car museum, two restaurants, a soundstage, retail and a museum to be called “Elvis the Entertainer.”

“The property will include major landscaping features and other improvements which will greatly improve the appearance of this area, while minimizing the effect of this development on surrounding residential neighborhoods,” Humphreys wrote.

A plan included with the application shows two jets now on display in the plaza would be under a canopy but remain at their current location.

There would be ornamental metal fences along the Elvis Presley Boulevard and Craft Road borders of the planned development and two “future warehouses on the western part of the property.”

Graceland executives have talked about a plaza renovation as the third phase of a large-scale redevelopment of the mansion’s surrounding area. It already includes an archives building that opened earlier this year and the 450-room resort hotel that is under construction.

Last month, EPE set an opening date for the Guest House at Graceland of Oct. 27, 2016. That also will mark the formal closing of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel.

Elvis Presley Enterprises intends to demolish that hotel. No future use for that land is shown on the plan submitted with the application.


Someone has hacked into my Email account at AOL and is sending out some sort of scam or spam messages which appear to be from me. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THESE FAKE EMAILS. This is beyond aggravating!!! Just took me well over an hour just to get my password changed with AOL due to tech problems with AOL.

I want to apologize in advance to everyone for now stating that I will no longer be able to respond to Emails from anyone. Nor will I be able to respond to private messages on Facebook.



Shawn K. composed the below photographic comparisons of Jesse’s photo with those of Elvis.  One can never have too much photographic evidence of the truth.  I thank Shawn very much for creating this for us to enjoy.






Below is a copy of a page from one of Elvis’ spiritual books in which you may see some of the passages which he underlined.   This was shared with me on Facebook by Jeannette.

The notation which he printed at the bottom of the page is very special.  But of even more interest to me is the passage underlined in red and with the red line leading to his notation below.  This passage reads “One who shall heal the afflicted and open the ears of the deaf to the secret melodies of the divine spheres.

Elvis' notation and underlining in one of his books

Elvis Fans Always & Forever on Facebook


SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

Jesse called me this afternoon.  We were able to have a good visit for quite a while.  He says he is OK but has been feeling sluggish lately and doesn’t know the cause. He gets B-12 shots which usually help.  He and I had some matters to discuss in detail so that was most of our visit this time.  I told him that he doesn’t know how much his calls mean to me and he said “I do, I do.”  Of course, I have told him countless times over the years.

Jesse spoke with me about the people who do not believe all the proof that I have on my web site.  He said that I had found things that surprised him…things that he had not thought of.  He is especially impressed with the fact that we have presented photographic proof that the scars on both of  Elvis’ legs are visible on his legs in the photo which he gave me back in 1997.

I have been contacted recently by a gentleman who is a producer of TV shows in Los Angeles.  He has pleaded with me for an interview for an upcoming TV show which would air on the Reelz channel.  I have declined to do the interview.  But, Jesse and I have been discussing this during several of our phone visits recently.  Jesse does not want me to be ridiculed because of him.  This producer has assured me that I would be interviewed by myself and would have no interaction or contact with other people who could be on the show.  He said it will be individual interviews with various people who will tell their theories about the possibility that Elvis faked his death.  The gentleman told me the names of several of the people who he is attempting to contact…hoping that I could give him contact information for one of them.  He said that it will be left up to the viewers to decide after they hear the interviews.  I explained to him that I do not belong in an environment of people stating various theories because I KNOW the truth…because Elvis has told me himself.  

I honestly have no interest in being interviewed on TV.  I am a private person and I am fearlessly loyal and protective of Jesse.  Jesse only wants to live out his life in the private manner which he currently enjoys.   This is not the first offer I have had to do a TV interview…there was another with a TV show out of Canada…which I declined also.

Again, this gentleman was very respectful and not at all aggressive.   I enjoyed speaking with him and wish him the best.  He was very generous in offering to pay to fly me to LA and to cover my hotel expense.  When I said “That’s not going to happen” in a laughing and kind tone of voice.  He said that they would send a film crew to our home if I was more comfortable with that.  I said something like “I don’t think so!!”    My conversation with him was very pleasant.  

The producer has offered to stay in touch with me and to let me know updates.  He wrote me a nice Email thanking me for chatting with him and sent me two photos of himself at Graceland.  I am appreciative of his interest in the truth on my site.  I do send to Jesse print outs of the Emails, etc. which I receive from him.  I always make Jesse fully aware of anything going on. 


OK, here we go again with another worthless piece of garbage.  An “Elvis-is-coming-back” fantasy  “news” story.

I am unspeakably offended by this idea of a joke by some sick and foolish idiot.  The ONLY reason that I am reporting about it here is because I want to forestall any of my visitors being led astray by this utter nonsensical pack of lies.

This comes from the site:  The Portly Gazelle

Please note that I am only listing the name and address of this worthless site as is required when using a written article from another author.  I do NOT want to refer even one person to this satirical site.  I am so aggravated that I am having a very hard time controlling my language to lady-like standards.  Words fail to express the disdain I feel at seeing this trash.

Jesse will be extremely offended to see this and to see the image which they show as being him on the supposed TIME magazine cover.

Disgust does not begin to sum up my feelings toward this asinine story.  Surely TIME magazine will put a stop to this.  

I spoke with Jesse at length this afternoon and this story has not a shred of truth in it.  He spoke to me in detail today about his wishes to remain in the lifestyle which he is living now.  He has NO desire whatsoever to make any public appearance in the remaining years of his life.

Please take note that they have shown their utter and contemptible ignorance in the very first sentence of this so-called article.  We all know that Elvis did NOT take his leave on December 16, 1977.  Also, take note of their spelling of the month “Semptember


BREAKING: Elvis Presley comes out of hiding aged 80: “I felt it was time to come back”

FAKE front cover of TIME magazine

The special Elvis edition of TIME magazine will be in stores in September

The king is back – and this time, it’s no joke

On December 16th 1977, the world got the news that Elvis Presley, one of the most influential musicians of the century, had passed away. For nearly 4o years, the world has grieved the King and continued to listen to, and love, his music.

Today however, the world will know that the legend of Elvis Presley did not end on that cold December day in 1977, because it just so happens, that Elvis Presley is alive. At 4am this mornimg, a mysterious fax was sent from Elvis’ former home, the Graceland residence, to TIME magazine. In the fax were only these words: “It’s time”. Very curious about this fax, reporters from TIME magazine flew out to Graceland to sleuth out what was happening. What they found, or rather, WHO they found, was beyond their wildest dreams. This is what happened according to one reporter: “We were escorted into the grounds of Graceland and almost immediately we saw the figure of an elderly man siting on the steps in front of the house. I knew then, even if I couldn’t believe it, that the man in front of me was none other than Elvis Presley.”

Elvis, who is now aged 80, proceeded to tell the journalists that he wanted them to break the news to the world in special edition issue of TIME magazine and that he wanted to tell his story of how he faked his death and how he went into hiding for almost 40 years.

“He told us that the concerts, the unhealthy eating and the medications became too much for him. He wanted to disappear from the spotlight and make sure he could live out his day in peace with his family – that’s why he faked his death. Since then, he’s been living mostly in South America on a farm.”

says another reporter who will be one of the people to write the special edition Elvis Semptember issue in which Elvis will tell all.

Rumours of Elvis being alive have been plenty ever since his supposed death, but all have been proven to be fake. This time, the legitimacy of TIME magazine is a telltale indicator of the authenticity.

We were unable to procure any direct quotes by the man himself so we’re afraid you’re going to have to wait until September 8th, when the TIME magazine is released, to hear the full story on this remarkable reveal.

In the meantime, tweet under #TheKingIsBack, to discuss Elvis’ return.

Should anyone care to express your opinion of this insult to the memory of Elvis and to Jesse, you may contact them at this link:


…and while I am at it, I want to refute the asinine story that was published on another satirical “news” website a long while ago in which it is stated that an 80-year-old man known as “Jessie“, whose DNA proved that he was Elvis, was found dead.  This ridiculous story was passed around when it first came out and, sadly, some people still believe it to this day.  I have received many Emails and messages since the time it originated, on the Internet, from people who are very upset because they think that Jesse was homeless and that he died.

I have denounced this crazy rumor so many times and yet I see that it is still being passed around as the truth.  Especially on Facebook.  So, I do hope that, once and for all I can set the record straight about the origin of this insane article which, also, is someone’s sick idea of a gag…a joke. 

There ain’t nothin’ funny about this stuff!!!!!!

So, perhaps, since I didn’t seem to get it across that this is a pack of lies, I am going to share the report posted by the site which is well-known for researching stories and proving them either TRUE or FALSE.  As you will see below, reported the very same thing which I published here on my site right after the article originally appeared back in January, 2015.

Dead Ringer Singer


Claim:   The body of a homeless man found in San Diego has been identified as that of Elvis Presley.


image: FALSE



Example:   [Collected via email, January 2015]

Is this true? Shocking DNA Results Revealed: Body Of Elderly Homeless Man Identified As Elvis Presley

Origins:   On 31 January 2015, Empire News published an article positing the body of a homeless man discovered in San Diego was found through DNA testing to be that of singer Elvis Presley:

Earlier this month, an 80-year-old, homeless, white-bearded man was found deceased under an overpass in San Diego, California. Nobody knew the man’s name, but friends referred to him as Jessie, so investigators decided to try DNA testing with hopes that something would pop up in the nationwide DNA database. What popped up on the computer screen in the high-tech lab stunned everyone. The DNA results of ‘Jessie Doe’ were an exact match to the one and only, Elvis Aaron Presley.

Lab technician Robert Brensdale said he and his lab assistant, Madeline Hedgespeth, laughed when the name popped up. “We thought somebody, somewhere, somehow in the system pulled the greatest and most elaborate prank on us ever, we both laughed with hysteria for about an hour,” Brensdale told Jerry Hardin of the Hollywood Word, a new entertainment publication based out of Los Angeles.

Soon afterwards links and excerpts referencing this article were being circulated via social media, with many of those who encountered the item mistaking it for a genuine news article. However, the report was just a spoof of the ubiquitous “Elvis is alive” and “Elvis faked his death” rumors that have circulated ever since the singer passed away in August 1977, accompanied by an artificial rendering of what an elderly Elvis might look like. The spoof was published by the Empire News, a fake news web site that issues fictional stories such as “Cure for Cancer Discovered; ‘Amazingly Simple’ Says Researcher,” and “College Student Excused from Classes After Dog Eats Grandmother,” and “Woman Gives Birth, Confuses Doctors by Asking for Maternity Test.”

The site’s disclaimer notes “Empire News is intended for entertainment purposes only.”

If any of my visitors encounter either of the above fake stories being passed around, please do a favor for all of us and direct them to the truth which is shown above.







I just came upon a YouTube video which I absolutely love and I think Jesse will enjoy this also.  So, I am sharing it on here so that I won’t forget to put it on a DVD for him next Friday.  Hope Y’all like it too!




The following is an interesting article.

Elvis Presley’s first number one song is barely recognized today.

Elvis Presley's first No. 1 record was a country music song.

Elvis Presley’s first No. 1 record was a country music song.

Graphic by Jack Dennis, Photos courtesy of  Texas Elvis Fan Club archives