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The following is a brief history of my experience in becoming personally acquainted with Elvis and being friends to this day with Jesse.

A lady, on another board, has posted some questions to me.  So, I decided to answer her questions in depth and create a page for it here on my web site.

I don’t mind your asking questions at all.  It is good to see that you are inquisitive and have an open mind.

I will attempt to go back through the years and remember answers to some of your questions.  Bear in mind that I have not kept a journal or record of the events.  But, I will be as accurate about the approximate dates as possible.

I will go back to August 16, 1977.  When I heard on the news that Elvis had died, of course, I was shocked and extremely hurt.  But the next morning when I woke I just “knew” that he wasn’t really gone.  I told my husband that morning “He didn’t die, he just did this to get away.”  I said the same to my mother and a cousin.  After that I never brought it up to anyone else.  I did grieve knowing that I would never see him again.  It broke my heart that he had to take such a drastic step just to have a normal life.

I respected his choice and never took a single step to research to see if my intuitive “knowing” was correct.

In the Spring of 1988, I saw on the front of a tabloid that Elvis was seen in an old hotel in Michigan.  This particular tabloid was the least reliable of all those available at that time.  So, I didn’t buy the tabloid…didn’t even pick it up to leaf through it.  But, it did pique my interest because of my “knowing” he was still here.

Again, later in that Spring, I read about Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book titled THE MOST INCREDIBLE ELVIS PRESLEY STORY EVER TOLD in a newspaper column…the journalist’s name was Bob Greene (if I remember correctly).  After reading this article, I knew that I HAD to find that book.  So, my search began by visiting a number of bookstores all of which had never heard of the book and could not even find it listed in the lists on their computers and Internet.  My sweet husband stood outside and waited while I asked my question: “Do you have a book about Elvis being alive?”…he was a little embarrassed by my apparently foolish question…but he was otherwise very  kind and supportive.

I finally found a bookstore which did find it on some sort of Internet listing of books.  But they said that they would not be carrying it in their store.  But they did give me enough information off the Internet that enabled me to contact the publisher and to order the book.

When Gail’s book arrived, I was amazed that it came with an audio tape of a recorded conversation of Elvis speaking with an anonymous friend on the phone in 1981.  One listen and I absolutely knew that it was Elvis.  I was ecstatic to say the least.

After reading Gail’s book and learning that apparently Elvis had been giving clues to his fans that he was still here, I became engulfed in my search for the truth.  It literally became a part of my every day.  I contacted Gail and she and I became friends.  I supported her work in every way that I could.  I stood behind her initially because I knew she was telling the truth.  I began contributing all my findings to Gail for her newsletter and she used a few things in her subsequent book.

By this time, Gail had gone with a known publisher and her book was on the New York Times best seller list.  Gail was on just about every one of the big name talk shows of that day.  Larry King, Geraldo, etc.  “Is Elvis Alive?” was on the tongues of conversations everywhere one went.

In January 1990, my husband I visited Gail in her home.  I took a lot of my things with me to show to Gail.  Gail shared things with us.  The most interesting thing (which would become the catalyst for everything I did from then on) which Gail shared with us was an audio tape of a phone conversation which she, herself, had with Elvis in October, 1988.  Again, I immediately recognized that it certainly was Elvis on the tape.  He had called Gail at 2:00 in the morning.

Here is a link to a YouTube video on which you can hear a portion of Elvis’s 1988 phone call to Gail:

(You may wish to fast forward to 3:20 on the video where you will hear Gail describe the call.)  This is not my YouTube video.  It is presented on YouTube by AmKonDOTnet.

On the tape, I heard for myself that, at that point in time, he had been very supportive of Gail and encouraging her with her work.  He had seen her on one of the talk shows and shook his head and said “I don’t know why she is putting herself through this.”  It was stipulated that the call not be taped…but Gail misconstrued what was said to her and taped it.  At the time that we listened to her tape, the tape had not been played publicly whatsoever.  So, I felt most privileged to hear it for myself.

In that conversation he alluded to the fact that he did want to come out.  He indicated that he had wanted to do so before but that he was disappointed when it could not be done.

It was hearing his kind words to Gail and he, himself, stating that he wanted to come out that put me in overdrive to try to help.  He complimented Gail’s work and told her that he would send her some ammunition. That was when I began working so hard to prove that he is alive.  Thus, my newsletter, my support of Gail, my ongoing research, etc…all of the things which eventually put me in contact with him.


Also, he has since told me years ago that “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me!” when referring to Gail.

Back to my newsletter…I began publishing my newsletter in July, 1990 and published it monthly through March, 1991.  It was very labor intensive but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  My web site now is very  much like my newsletter was back then.

When I tearfully decided to stop publication, my heart was broken.  There were a few subscribers who were very critical of me and the newsletter.  Their complaints were not founded on problems with the newsletter itself.  These were a few people who had agendas of their own and material which they pressured me to publish, things which I did not want to publish.  One example was that of a man who was born when Elvis was 13 years old and still had the nerve to say that Elvis was his father.  He had become friends with one of my subscribers who was very vocal in her complaints about my work.

When it became apparent that the gossip mill was not going to stop, I just quit.  My heart was broken because I just knew that my involvement in the  Elvis work was all over.  It had been such a huge part of my daily life for about 3 years.  I was so totally devoted to Elvis, and it just broke my heart to think it was all over.

Gail went on to do her subsequent books and the Bill Bixby show and I still stood firm in my faith in her truth.

However, at some point in time he said to me “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.”  So, that was when I ceased ALL efforts to support Gail.  I have never asked him, but I believe she lost his respect because she did tape his phone call to her and then, to make matters worse, she sold copies of the tape with her subsequent books.  Also, Gail just kept on investigating and writing more books.  She got very heavily involved in trying to prove that Elvis left in 1977 because of his government involvement and the racketeers involved in the fraud relating to one of Elvis’s planes.

Back to my newsletter:  In most issues of my newsletter, I published notes which people wanted to write to Elvis in case he saw my newsletters.  The people were allowed to remain anonymous if they wished…but many used their names.  As you will read on my site, I asked them for their birth dates so Elvis would know a little about them if he read their notes…because of his adherence to Numerology.

During the time that I was publishing, I sent copies of each of my editions to a public figure who I was pretty sure was in touch with Elvis.  I had written a fan letter to this man previously…he is someone who I have loved and admired most of my life.  In that letter I mentioned that I felt that he and Elvis were fortunate to have the friendship they shared.  I asked him if he could give me a sign that I was correct in my belief.  It was in February and he drew a heart on a sheet of his personal letterhead stationery and wrote a quote inside the heart.  What a dear sweet man he is.  I wrote him a letter to accompany my first issue asking him, if he could, to please forward it and future copies to Elvis.  He never wrote me back and he accepted the issues each month.  To this day, I don’t know if it was he who got my newsletters to Elvis or if it was someone else.  I’ve never asked Jesse.

I was pretty much having a pity party from the time I sent out my last issue.  In that issue I expressed how sad I was to be stopping it.  One day, two or more weeks after I stopped, I received a phone call from a man who I did not know…never even heard of him.  He was very kind and respectful and we talked for quite some time.  Near the end of our conversation he said “He really did like your newsletter.”  When we hung up, I assumed that he had fulfilled his mission and that I would never hear from him again.  But, he did stay in touch and after we were in contact for some time, he put me in touch with another gentleman who was in direct contact with Elvis.

This man and I became friends and after we had been in touch for some time, I received my very first contact from Elvis himself…it was the spring of 1992.  He sent me a post card with a brief note on it saying that my friend had asked him to contact me.  The statement which brought tears to my eyes was “You have waited long enough.”  Not too long after that, I received another post card from him.  Then later he phoned me in 1992.  At that point in time, he did not speak at all, but I could talk with him and he could answer my “yes” or “no” questions by buttons on the phone.  He wrote in a letter that he had promised “the boys” that if he could use the phone he would not speak.

We were in contact through the end of that year.  Then he sent word not to write him at that location anymore because “they” were going through his mail.  So, for a long time, I was out of touch with him.  But I was in touch with someone who was in touch with him during that long period when I did not hear from him.  After some time, I could again get my mail sent to him through channels, but during that time, he did not respond.  His security team places many constraints  upon him.

More recentlyonly 16 years ago! 🙂  I introduced Elvis to Dr. Hinton and the rest is pretty much public and covered on my web site.  The book was later published.  And, as the saying goes…the rest is history.

You asked about the fact that no one with Jesse after all of these years has ever told the truth.  Well, every once in a while they have slipped…but the public is blind to what they see and hear and it goes unnoticed.

If you read Jesse’s book, you will recall that he said that there was a hand on hand oath taken one night at Graceland that those present would never tell the secret.  I believe he said that there were six people…I don’t recall if he was including himself in that number or if there were six people not counting him.  The identity of those who were present is not to be known by the outside world.

But, I refer everyone reading this to my  video showing Joe Esposito on Geraldo in June, 1990Also, I have an in-depth article relating to that show on my page dedicated to Joes’s appearance on Geraldo.   In a nutshell, Joe was expressing himself in a rather heated manner in response to Goldman and David Stanley publishing that Elvis committed suicide.  Joe unequivocally says:
….and that’s how Elvis feels about this situation“.  Needless to say, Elvis was furious about the lies which Goldman and David Stanley were telling about him…saying he committed suicide.

I should point out also that Jesse wrote in his book that Joe was the one person that Col. Parker picked out of all of Elvis’s employees and associates to help pull off the faked death.  This explains why Joe has worked so hard to keep the myth that Elvis died going and why he keeps changing his version of what happened on August 16, 1977.

Below is a copy of his handwritten letter in which he stated this fact:

 (This letter is copied from my copy of the rough draft of the book.)

Here is the video of Joe making that statement as well as the introduction to that Geraldo show:

The irony of it is that Geraldo…the great “investigator“…did not even notice what Joe said.  He was thinking about what he was going to say himself, I guess and he missed the whole comment.  My husband and I were watching and taping that show when it aired.  I was ecstatic and wrote to Gail about it immediately.

I can fully understand and appreciate the fact that those close associates of Elvis’ have kept their secret just as they promised they would.  I must say that I have enormous respect for them.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have made that vow and then still be trying to keep the secret 36 years later…while people are actually still discussing and questioning?

I put myself in their place and try to grasp the fact that on that night, they thought that his death would be announced, there would be the usual viewing, the funeral, etc. and then life would return to normal and go on.

But, Elvis himself did not realize the extent to which his fans loved him and still do love him to this very day.  What seemed like a pretty simple secret to keep back then, has become a very difficult situation to deal with for so many years…and with no end in site.

So, I hope this has answered some questions about my history with Elvis.

Words can never express how blessed I feel to be his friend.  God certainly has smiled upon me in this lifetime by allowing my “Impossible Dream” to come true.

Thank you, dearest Jesse, from the bottom of my heart.

All web site content is Copyrighted by May 24, 2009 – 2020 All rights reserved.