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I thank Linda FC  who made me aware of the upcoming auction of Elvis’ two planes in CA.  She posted some of the details, which she had read, on our Messages for Jesse page.  Below is one article of many which are out there now.

This is definitely a very sad turn of events!!!  So many of us had hoped that EPE would change their collective mind about the deadline ultimatum which they issued to the current owner of the two planes.  This article does mention that there is the possibility that several acres adjacent to Graceland could be purchased to display the planes.   If that were to take place, then the tours of the  planes would then be sold as a separate tour and not part of the Graceland tours.  It is speculated that the two planes could sell for between ten and fifteen million dollars…plus the possible price of the land.  Which does not bode well for the price of the tickets to see the planes.  Time will tell…


My good friend Blue Rose sent me the following official press release from the auctioning company…this gives all the specifications and history of the two planes:



The Lisa Marie Convair 880 JetJulien’s Auctions, the auction house to the stars, has announced the rare opportunity to own Elvis Presley’s private planes, the “Lisa Marie” and “Hound Dog II.” For the very first time, collectors, aviation enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wish to independently continue to show the two planes that have been on display at Graceland for the past thirty years can bid through an exclusive sealed bid auction for the epitome of Graceland elegance and jet-setting rock star luxury owned and designed by the King of Rock n’ Roll himself. Elvis purchased the Convair 880 Jet from Delta Airlines on April 17, 1975 for the then very substantial amount of $250,000. After refurbishing it, the total exceeded $600,000, and he then immediately rechristened it the “Lisa Marie” in honor of his only daughter. The redesigned jet became an airworthy mix of modern function and amazing style fit for such a king. It was customized to include plush sleeping quarters, a penthouse bedroom with a custom-made queen size bed, an executive bathroom with gold faucets and gold washbasin, a videotape system linked to four televisions and a stereo system with fifty speakers and a conference room. The tail section of the plane featured Presley’s trademark — “TCB” — for “Taking Care of Business.” The color scheme was personally chosen by Elvis himself.


Martin Nolan presenting Elvis Presley’s Private Planes
Elvis Presley’s Private Planes

Hound Dog II Lockheed JetStarWhile Elvis’s jet-setting lifestyle is apparent throughout the “Lisa Marie” jet which he used for his exclusive transportation and private air travel, the last flight the plane took was when it transported Priscilla Presley and Elvis’s good friend George Hamilton from California to his funeral. In 1984 the “Lisa Marie” made a ceremonious entrance to Graceland where it became part of the popular attraction. Millions of fans and tourists have toured both of the aircraft over the past thirty years. Elvis’ father, Vernon, sold the plane in 1978 and it changed hands twice but was purchased by present owners who formed a joint venture with Graceland’s owners to return it back home to Graceland.

The plane was prepared for the land journey from the Airport to Graceland by removing the outer wing sections and vertical stabilizer and was welcomed by the Mayor of Memphis and marching bands in a parade from the airport to Graceland that was featured on the TODAY SHOW. Current operators of Graceland gave notice that they are not renewing the Joint Venture Agreement and asked the owners to remove the planes from Graceland at the end of April, 2015. In the past, millions of fans visiting Graceland have had the chance to tour the planes and experience them like the King of Rock n’ Roll would have. The interior of the Lisa Marie aircraft is the original interior Elvis had installed.

The Hound Dog II is a Lockheed JetStar. Elvis purchased it in 1975 while waiting for Lisa Marie to finish her refurbishment for a price of almost $900,000. Hound Dog II was bought by OKC Partnership and transported to Graceland in 1984 after the “Lisa Marie” arrived.


•Crew: two pilots and typically one flight attendant
•Capacity: 8-10 passengers
•Powerplant: 4 × Garrett TFE731-3 turbofan, 3,700 Lbs (16.5 kN) each
•Cruise speed: 504 mph (438 knots, 811 km/h)
•Range: 2,995 mi (2,604 nmi, 4,820 km)
•Service ceiling: 43,000 ft (13,105 m)

•“Lisa Marie” bathroomCrew: 3
•Seating capacity: 28 Executive Interior
•Tower call name: ‘880 Echo Pappa’
•Elvis called the plane: ‘The Pride of Elvis Presley Airways’ and his ‘Flying Graceland’.
•Range: 3,000 miles
•Horsepower: 44,800 lbs. thrust
•Engines: Four General Electric CJ-805-3 Pod Mount Jets
•Length: 129′ 4″
•Wingspan: 120′ Tail height from ground: 36′ 4″
•Weight: 87,000 lbs.
•Maximum weight: 184,000 lbs.
•Cruising speed: 615 M.P.H.
•Service Ceiling: 41,000 feet
•Fuel capacity: 10,770 gallons
•Fuel consumption: 1,700 gallons per hour;
take off: 2,200 gallons
•Operating cost for 1976: $404,000
•Manufacturer: Convair
•Produced: 1959-1962
•65 of aircrafts built
•Aircraft cabin is divided into four sections: Forward main lounge with divans and club seating area, Conference/Dining Table with large refreshment center, Private club room with berthable divan and Private Master Suite with full sized bed and private Master bath.

King of Rock n’ Roll plane bed  The planes, which remain two of the most important pieces of Elvis Presley history and are presently displayed at Graceland, will be offered exclusively by Julien’s Auctions through a sealed bid auction beginning on Friday, January 2, 2015 through Monday, February 2, 2015. The sealed bid auction gives bidders simultaneous opportunities to submit sealed bids to the auction house. No bidder will know how much the other auction participants have bid and the successful bidder will be declared through the sealed bidding process on or before thirty days after the close of bidding.

Sealed bids can only be accepted by written proxy and mailed to Julien’s Auctions. For an official sealed bid form with instructions, email or call 310-836-1818. All sealed bids must be received by February 2, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Press Release



I had a wonderful phone visit with Jesse late this afternoon.  He called me about 5:45.  He was doing well today.  He said that he had wanted to phone me for New Years eve, but was unable to get a private time to do so.  We spoke of his upcoming birthday and I told him that I had been thinking about it a lot and, of course, would be sending love and good wishes his way on Thursday.   I mailed my own birthday gift package out to him on Wednesday but he will not receive it until the early part of this coming week.  So, I didn’t say anything about it to him…want it to be a surprise for him.  He asked me to, once again, pass along his thanks to everyone who has sent gifts to him.  He brought up the topic of the planes as he knew about the upcoming auction.  We discussed some things about several of our mutual friends, health, etc.  I told him, again, how much I enjoy his new phone because I can hear everything he says and I thanked him for that.  He is a dear kindhearted man…just as he has always been. 

Let’s all remember to celebrate the MAN and not just the image this coming Thursday.  There are going to be Elvis movies, etc. on several channels this week and on Thursday in particular.  I am certain that we will all be enjoying those.

I recently ordered a DVD which is new to me.  Perhaps I just missed any news about it back in 2005 when it was released.  I was fortunate to just stumble upon it on Ebay back in December.  I still have not had time to watch it all the way through as I ran into a big problem with the DVD.  It is in PAL DVD format which will not play on our DVD player.  So, I have spent hours looking on line for a good application, which I finally did buy,  to convert it into a compatible format to play on a regular DVD player.  It is titled ELVIS PRESLEY The Making of On Tour.  It is labeled as a Collectors Edition and the disc itself is labeled “Promo DVD Not For Sale“.   I have no idea how rare it truly is.   It is 1 hour and 29 minutes of out takes from the 30 hours of footage which was filmed for the movie in 1972.  The movie contained 1 hour and 30 minutes of those 30 hours.  All the rest of the footage was left on the cutting room floor and was then archived.  This video is compiled out of  those discarded clips.  I have seen enough of it during my ordeal of finding a way to see it on our DVD to know that it is excellent.  I have recognized, already though, that some parts of this video have been shown in small segments on YouTube.  Long story short, I wanted to share the info about this DVD with my visitors in case you may want to begin a search for a copy to buy. 

I plan to send Jesse a copy of the converted video so he may watch it.  I think he will like it because he was very happy to get to see the Prince From Another Planet video which came out several years ago.  He said that there were parts on there that he had never seen.  So, I am sure that this video will bring back some good memories for him as well.

ELVIS PRESLEY Making of on Tour



Wanda June Hill has shared with me the following beautiful excerpt which Elvis shared with her so long ago.  It is the kind of friend we should all strive to be…it is what I work to be for Jesse.

A friend will stand beside you when needed,

and step in front of you when threatened.

If your faults seem large, a friend will help

them appear to be nothing at all..

A friend will listen in time of trouble, offer

advice if needed and be silent unless asked.

A friend is there when no one else shows up,

and makes bad things seem small and light.

A friend remains true through thick and thin and

helps rebuild  your strength and courage as needed.

A friend shows up when least expected and  saves

your pride, gives you courage and  stands by if needed.

A friend loves you without questions and expects

nothing in return for his efforts.

A friend will protect your honor, reputation and

will be there to shout down your enemies.

A friend is to be praised, protected and always

appreciated for their efforts in your behalf.

A friend is love, unexpected, unasked and

always given from the heart.

.A friend is God’s gift to all human beings, our

friends are an extension of God’s protection.

and have value greater than pure gold.

From Wanda:

Given to me by EP many years ago- it was

from one of his vast collection of  inspiring and

treasured books.

My thanks, as always, to Wanda for allowing me to share this.



I posted the following response (On Facebook) to the group which has worked for so long to get enough signatures on their petition to the Federal Government to allow Elvis to appear to the public.  I understand their commitment but I do hope they will come to realize that their wishes are not aligned with the wishes of Elvis himself.

I know that the people who are circulating this petition do love Elvis and that they do believe what they are saying. However, they are greatly mistaken. Elvis has NO desire to return to the public life from which he worked so hard to escape. He lives a quiet life now, as much as possible, and this is the life he wishes to live for the rest of his days. He chose NOT to go into the government Witness Protection Program…he knew that he could have contact with no one if he did take that route. For anyone who does want to know the truth about Elvis and his life since 1977, I invite you to my web site on which you may read letters written in his own handwriting…handwriting which has been analyzed and verified as being the writing of Elvis Presley by a court recognized forensic expert. The man shown on the cover of the DVD/CD which you see here is NOT how Elvis looks now and he was not at all happy with this false image which was used. You may see a photo of him after 1977 alongside photos of Elvis proving that the man I have known for 23 years is Elvis Presley. I have well over 637,000 visitors to date…so please don’t think that I am posting this to attract visitors to my site. I am sharing this only to attempt to set the record straight as he has asked me to do. My site is in existence with his complete approval, permission and his full knowledge of my site and his kindest 100% moral support. My site is absolutely FREE to everyone. There is no need to register in order to see and hear everything on the 125 pages. You may listen to the 15 songs which he recorded…the ones released on the CD which bore the image and title which you have posted below…yes, those songs really are Elvis Aron Presley. Below is the link to my site:

I wish love, light and peace to each of you. Linda Sigmon.

elvis presley: We ask,government approval and protection for the comeback of Elvis Presley

ELVIS PRESLEY has needed help and support of all his fans! ELVIS PRESLEY should know that we stand behind him! For the government to let them know that we want our KING ELVIS PRESLEY back! ELVIS PRESLEY EARNED THIS HONOR!!!!!!


Elvis Presley’s 80th Birthday Celebrated With Reissues, New Website

‘The Complete ’60s Albums Collection Vol. 1’ kicks off yearlong commemoration of the King

Elvis Presley

Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday will be celebrated with reissues and a new website.


By |

January 8th marks what would have been Elvis Presleys 80th birthday, and, to commemorate the King, Legacy Recordings have planned a yearlong celebration of Presley’s music for modern-day Elvis fans. First up, the singer’s The Complete ’60s Albums Collection Vol. 1 has been released onto iTunes. The set highlights all the LPs Presley recorded between 1960 and 1965 with newly mastered sound for the digital medium.

Related elvis presley

Elvis Presley Through the Years

The collection includes Elvis Is Back, G.I. Blues, His Hand In Mine, Something for Everybody, Blue Hawaii, Pot Luck, Girls! Girls! Girls!, It Happened at the World’s Fair, Elvis’ Golden Records Vol. 3, Fun in Acapulco, Kissin’ Cousins, Roustabout, Girl Happy, Elvis for Everyone and Harum Scarum.

On Presley’s birthday, a new website called will go live, featuring a comprehensive online database of all things Elvis. Graceland will also livestream an 80th birthday celebration for the singer starting at 10:15 a.m. EST; Priscilla Presley is scheduled to appear at the event.

Legacy Recordings will team with Spotify to reveal its own official music collection, the “#Elvis80: The Fan Favorites Playlist.” The label also promises a new project coming this summer that “features Elvis like he has never been heard before.” More releases will follow throughout 2015.

On top of all that, unconnected to the 80th birthday celebration but still Elvis-related, you can now bid on Presley’s private planes, the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II. Julien’s Auctions will auction off the aircrafts, which have been parked outside Graceland for over 30 years, on February 2nd. While the planes are no longer suitable for flying, they preserve the original interiors from Presley’s time onboard.

Read more:
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My friend, Bets, sent the link to the below video to me because she loves this sampling of Elvis’ own handwriting and, more importantly, his thoughts.  I thank Bets so very much for bringing this video to my attention.  The owner of this video channel, In Lak’ech, is the same lady who was so helpful to me and my site back several years ago.  You may see her handiwork on my site in the form of the beautiful Elvis/Jesse photo collages which serve to prove that the physical features of Elvis and Jesse are the same.  Bets especially likes the very last notation shown in this video because of what Elvis wrote and how it is so appropriate following August 16, 1977.  My thanks to Bets for bringing all of this back to my mind.  Please do spend some time on In Lak’ech’s YouTube channel as she created some very beautiful and informative videos about Elvis’ spiritual and esoteric interests.

Elvis’ Notes to Self, The Inner Path

<a href="/channel/UCi40l7Yms_kl4Lr39WC4WFQ" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink spf-link g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=hb6tVLatDc73qAWj-oLQCA" data-name="" data-ytid="UCi40l7Yms_kl4Lr39WC4WFQ">In Lak'ech</a>

Uploaded on Aug 27, 2011

The notes you see are notes written by Elvis on the inside’s of various books he carried and on his notepad. It could be said that this is a glimpse into his Inner Path and Seeking.

I realize some pass very quickly, please feel free to enlarge the screen and pause to read each and ponder….

It has been well documented that throughout his life Elvis read over a thousand different books, encompassing a wide range of subjects related to philosophy, spiritual teachings and esoteric arts. It is my hope this shows you a peek into his very personal Spiritual Journey.

“My father’s library of spiritual books is amazing. I’ve gone through these books. They’re covered with his notes. He wrote on the top of the page, on the bottom of the page, in the margins – everywhere. You can hear him thinking when you read those notes” ~Lisa-Mary Presley

Videos presented at this channel are intended for education, comparison, discussion purposes only. Copyright holder is respected and not infringed upon. All images and music belong to their rightful owners.

NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. Only for educational purposes only!





There is an interesting clustering of Jesse’s number 8 around his birthday today.  I noticed this a while ago but did not want to post it until the time was right.  I was concerned that rumors would start flying, even more, about his supposedly making an appearance today when I made people aware of the significance of this interesting birth date.

As we know Jesse is turning 80 on the 8th of this month in a year whose 4 digits reduce to an 8…on a date when the digits of the month plus the day plus the digits of the year reduce to an 8.

When I noticed this, I began thinking about the fact that the date which Elvis chose to leave also involved a lot of 8’s.

Below is an excerpt from one of my articles on the page which I have devoted to the topic of Elvis/Jesse and Numerology.  I encourage my visitors to take a look at that page if you have missed it or have not looked at it for years.  Here is the link to that page:

First of all, we will look into the presence of his #8 in the date 8-16-1977.  Of course, the month of August being the 8th month is obvious to everyone…but look farther at the #8…first of all we have 1×8, 2×83×8 which   equals  8, 16, and  24. So, there we have the three multiplications of 8 (888) as well as 8+8+8 = 24.  So this alone was an amazing date for Elvis.  Then coupled with the fact that the year 1977 equals 24 as Jesse wrote above. Many fans noticed that the full date of 8+16+1977 equaled 2001 which was of course, Elvis’ entrance music during the concert years.  I know that, to this day, I never hear that music without just stopping and listening to “Elvis’ music


I was just astounded when I glanced at my visitor map and saw the most recent 20 visits to my site.  I have had 20 visits in the last 9 minutes!!!  I will insert the list below so that when I print out my pages for Jesse tomorrow, he may see the immense amount of interest that there is in him…and how much interest there is that he is still alive.

Recent visits


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The following announcement is from Tedd Graves who is the co-writer and singer of the wonderful new Elvis Tribute song which was released today in honor of Elvis’ 80th birthday.  I listened to it again this afternoon myself as part of my Elvis Day.  It is a fantastic song.  

Hello Music Lovers,

       My new song “A Man So Loved” is available now for download at, ITunes,, and many other websites. We will also have them available at The Dawg Patch in Maryville this coming Saturday night.

      A portion of the proceeds of this song will be donated to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in Memphis.

      We hope you will download today in honor of Elvis’ 80th birthday celebration, and to help us with our worldwide release!

      Thank you very much,



Here is the direct link to the song on





I really like this sweet story about Linda Thompson’s 80th birthday message about Elvis. 

Linda Thompson Remembers “First Love” Elvis Presley in Sweet Message on His 80th Birthday

Linda Thompson and Elvis

Linda Thompson posted a sweet message for her “first love” Elvis Presley on what would have been his 80th birthday. 

She still loves him tender. Linda Thompson, who once famously dated Elvis Presley in the ’70s, posted a sweet Instagram tribute to her late ex-boyfriend on what would have been his 80th birthday.

The mother of Brandon and Brody Jenner, 64, shared a multi-pic collage of The King on Thursday, Jan. 8, featuring photographs from his formative childhood years to the peak of his career.

“I would be remiss,” Thompson wrote, “in acknowledging my cherished memories of my first love if I didn’t post this.”  “Happy birthday… Ageless, timeless, treasured.”

Thompson was 22 years old and the title-holder of Miss Tennessee when she first met Presley in 1972. “Chronologically, I was older than I was emotionally,” she told Larry King in a 2002 CNN interview. “Having grown up in the South in a kind of very sequestered environment, you know, very traditional, very conservative.”

The two lived together in his Memphis estate Graceland for four years before they amicably parted ways in 1976. Thompson told King that while they did not work out, the Presley she knew was different from his public persona.

“He was very respectful and very much the southern gentleman,” she shared. “He was a very dichotomous human being, very paradoxical. On the one hand, you know, he had this raucous image, and he did have a raucous sense of humor, irreverent sense of humor. But he was very pious on another level and very puritanical.”



From Facebook…words of a very wise man.

Animals don't Elvis



A new friend has written me this week with some informative material which I certainly have enjoyed and I believe that my visitors will enjoy reading it and also will be left wondering about the “why” and “how” this piece of evidence came to be.

My heartfelt thanks to Taylor for sharing her families memories with all of us.  She wrote the following:

My grandmother and her 5 sisters were huge Elvis fans so naturally I grew up hearing story after story of their trips to Graceland (the guard knew them so well he would let them take shelter in his guard booth), to his concerts, etc.   Well, every time his funeral came up, (which she, her sisters, and my mother all attended) everyone of them was very adamant that he was NOT dead.

Of course, they told me what they had believed happened, which actually isn’t far at all from that which I’ve read on your site to be true. But, their main points in proving his death was a hoax were their accounts of the body in the casket and the ticket pictured below. My grandmother and her sisters went together to purchase tickets for that concert and each of their tickets had that same line going directly through it which upset them very much.   They thought something surely had to be wrong with the printer and suggested to the ticket sales lady that they print new ones. She replied all of the tickets she sold had the same line and everyone had been upset. My family truly believes that this was done because he knew he would no longer be “Elvis“.

Yesterday, Elvis’s birthday, my mother posted a photo to her Facebook wall saying “Happy Birthday, Elvis” and quiet a few people in my family chimed in and were sharing their memories of their trips to Graceland and such. Well, the tickets somehow came up in conversation and either I never knew, or had forgotten over the years, but my grandmother stated that they purchased those tickets on August 15, 1977.

Taylor sent a copy of the ticket to me and I display it below.  When I saw the ticket for the first time, I immediately thought that the diagonal line through the ticket meant “NO SHOW“.  This came to my mind because of the street signs we are all accustomed to seeing i.e the visual signs indicating No Left Turn, etc..  I wrote Taylor back thanking her for the ticket and telling her the thought that came into my mind the minute I saw her ticket. 

Taylor responded to me with the following:

As for the ticket itself,  you had the same mindset my family had, the next day after purchasing the tickets and learning of his “death” they just automatically knew that something wasn’t right. The line meant to them the show was never meant to happen. They packed up immediately and traveled to Graceland to attend the funeral and when viewing the body that’s when their suspicions were set in stone. They knew he was not dead. 

Here is the copy of the ticket which Taylor sent to me. 


Elvis concert ticket with line across...mid south colesium 8-28-1977 rotated

To me the most significant thing about this ticket, other than the line indicating the show would be cancelled,  is that it was the show which was to be done in Elvis’ hometown of Memphis at the Mid South Coliseum.  I believe that Col. Parker took the measures to have these tickets printed with the line as one of the many clues which he and Elvis left for us fans.  In his book, Jesse wrote that Col. Parker was the mastermind behind the “death” and that they left many clues.



Two very good long-time friends to my site, Noddy and Lucilia, have shared something which they have found which goes even further to prove that Jesse, with his grandson in the photo which he gave to me personally, really is Elvis.  They have each found photos of Elvis from his induction into the Army which show some sort of injury/scar on his lower right leg.  They have pointed out that Jesse also has the scar in this very same location in the 1994 photo with Ben.  Below I will insert the examples which they each have pointed out.

I thank Noddy and Lucilia for all their years of steadfast devotion to Jesse and for sharing this find with me in order that my visitors may view this also.

This was all shared with me on Facebook a short while back and when I just checked back, I saw that it is no longer visable in my own timeline on Facebook.  Below is some of what Noddy wrote to me.  Lucilia then reminded us that she had shared similar proof earlier.  The photos which Lucilia shared are now gone from my timeline.  But she sent them to me again tonight in an Email attachment, so I am going to attempt to insert her collage photo comparison first.

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia

Dear Linda, I have just gone into having a look at Linda from Chicago’s you tube on Elvis’s information called Private Elvis. If you watch it from 1.49 to 1.53 you will see that there is a very distinctive mark on Elvis’s right leg above his ankle and he also has one similar on his left leg left above his left ankle in this video. The point that I want to make is this on his photo with Benjamin sitting on his knee … taken in 1994… I have been trying to find this specific mark on Elvis’s right leg and what do I see in this video, granted it is black and white, but the mark is right there where it should be to prove once again this person as Jesse is Elvis Aron Presley.  I cannot believe that I finally found it at long last.

Below are two screen shots which I have captured from the video, Private Elvis.

Scar on Elvis leg during Army physical

Scar on Elvis leg close up view



Pat, a very good and long-time friend Emailed to me the link to a YouTube video that is absolutely fantastic!!!!!  I continue to have problems with getting things posted on my site…so thus my delay in sharing this exciting news.  To me personally, this piece of evidence is a Godsend.

Those who are familiar with the 15 songs which Jesse recorded in 2011 for release in January, 2012, will recognize the amazing significance of what Garth Brooks states during this interview on Jan. 8th with Hoda.  The song THE DANCE, is my favorite of all the songs which Jesse recorded.  I love this song because Jesse took the lyrics which were recorded by Garth Brooks and altered just two words which made the song his own and made it about Elvis’ choosing to leave.  The first word which Jesse changed was from “we’d” to “…I’d ever say goodbye.”  The second word which Jesse changed was from “wasn’t I A king” to be “wasn’t I THE king”.   The sentiments of the song are very relevant to Elvis looking back over his career.

To me this is the sweetest song on Jesse’s CD…because it is descriptive of Elvis’ “dance with his fans“.  His choosing to say goodbye to the fans and leave when he did.  He, of course, is pretty much known the world over as “THE KING“.

 Now, please view the below interview with Garth Brooks who sang the song THE DANCE and first recorded it years AFTER Elvis “died“.  What Garth says in this video is phenomenally revealing.   So, without further adieu, please listen to what Garth says about Elvis…and most importantly mentioning his song THE DANCE almost in the same breath as saying that Elvis is alive.

I apologize for using so many words to introduce the video…just want everyone to understand what they are listening for and to.  You may each listen to this song for free as many times as you would like by scrolling to the top of this page or any page on my site; you will see a music player displaying the title of each of Jesse’s 15 songs.  There you will see “THE DANCE” and by clicking on the title, the song will play.  As Elvis was known to say “Listen to the words…“,

I cannot begin to express my thanks to Pat for making me aware of this wonderful video.

Watch Garth Brooks charm a tearful, joyful Hoda

anawisiful Published on Jan 8, 2015  (as of Nov. 1, 2017, this video no longer exists on YouTube.  Therefore, I uploaded it to my own YouTube channel.  My own video is linked below.)

A clearly starstruck Hoda Kotb welcomes country music legend Garth Brooks to vacationing Kathie Lee Gifford’s co-anchor seat. Brooks talks about his love for wife Trisha Yearwood.

ELVIS IS ALIVE…see Garth Brooks’ remarks on Hoda’s show

Linda Sigmon

Published on Nov 1, 2017






This also applies to the success of my web site…

Elvis Quote Let Your Success be the best form of revenge



I have something so very special to share with everyone today.  Below you will see a link to an interview which was done by Gary James, on with Wanda June Hill.  Gary focused his completed report upon the topic of whether Wanda June believes that Elvis is alive.  I know everyone will enjoy reading Wanda June’s interview so very much as it is very relevant to my web site material.

My most heartfelt thanks to Wanda and Gary for the positive attitude with which they approached the question regarding “Is Elvis Alive?”.

Please do take the time to read and absorb everything said in this wonderful interview:

Gary James’ Interview With
Wanda June Berry Hill

Is Elvis Alive? Wanda June Berry Hill says it could be true!

“She knew Elvis for fifteen years, first meeting him on the movie set of Kissin’ Cousins. She is the author of the book “We Remember Elvis”. Her name is Wanda June Berry Hill. Does Wanda believe Elvis is alive? She told us, “It could be true.”

Within Wanda’s interview, Gary included links to his interview which he did with me several years ago. I hope that those who have not read his interview with me will also take time to read what Gary published about me and the truth which I shared with him.  Also, here is the link to this interview on my site: 

Gary James Interview With Me



Elvis was telling many people around him that he was “So tired of being Elvis Presley” leading up to that “perfect date” upon which he chose to retire and put Elvis, the image, to rest.  Below is just one example of that statement.  I have heard or read a statement that the person being interviewed said that they had heard that Elvis had told Felton Jarvis this very thing.  The interviewee said that they had asked Felton if it was true that Elvis said that to him and that Felton confirmed it.

Below is an article which I saw on Facebook today which tells of that conversation between Elvis and Felton.

Leila Hamil Facebook

Felton Jarvis was Elvis’s producer for almost twenty years. He died, at age 46, in January 1981. He once told the following story to a friend of his and of Elvis’s.

” A year and a half before Elvis died, in February, 1976, he recorded, for the last time, enough songs for an album of completely fresh material. RCA had been unable to get him into a studio, and they had finally set up a studio in the living room at Graceland. They cut 12 songs in eight days, and though Elvis never wrote his own material, he frequently recorded songs that were indicative of his state of mind. Some of the songs recorded in those sessions were: “Hurt”; “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”; “The Bitter They Are, The Harder They Fall”; and “Solitaire”, which Elvis seemed fixated on, and which tells the story of a lonely existence. He also recorded “Danny Boy,” his mother’s favorite song, which he had been meaning to record for a long time.

Elvis and Felton Jarvis

On the last night, Felton Jarvis and Elvis walked outside and stood on the Graceland lawn. Elvis had said, “I’m so tired.” “You need some rest,” Jarvis had agreed. “That’s not what I mean,” Elvis had said. “I mean: I’m just so tired of being Elvis Presley.”

This statement to Felton and to Gene Smith, below, are just two examples of what he had been telling Wanda June Hill for years.  He was so tired of being the image.  The only way he could put that image aside was to steal private time in his upstairs at Graceland.  He still had to be “Elvis” even in his own home because there were always people around who expected that from him.  How would any of us feel if we were constrained to be our working personality ALL the time, even at home.  Those of us who have had jobs involving a lot of client contact, will know what I mean.  At work you must present a cheerful smiling persona when dealing with clients.  I cannot imagine the strain it would be to come home and stay dressed for work and interact with everyone ALL the time as if they were business clients.  I know this is not a very good analogy but it is the only personal point of reference which I, myself, have with which to compare Elvis’ situation.

I have also, on my site, shown others to whom he made this statement…one of those being from Gene Smith’s book regarding when he called Gene and his wife to Graceland for a farewell visit in early August, 1977.  Please see my page devoted to Gene Smith as well.

Gene Smith's book visit to Graceland

I ask that those who truly love the man, not just the image, to please try to put yourself in his place of being so very weary of the grind of being someone other than his real self; of being very ill and needing a surgery which frightened him so much because it was serious and risky; of being burdened with providing the income for his close family, for all of his staff, extended family, the families of his staff, plus his own livelihood and facing a surgery which he feared would take away his ability to provide for all those people; there was the nasty book written by former friends;  plus there were other major problems in his private and professional lives which is not known at all by most fans…things which I won’t go into here.  I do want everyone to know that he said that he “felt like he was losing his mind” back then.



Jesse phoned me last night but we only talked for a few minutes as he was rushed.  He is doing all right.  He just called to tell me that he did receive the package which I sent out last Friday and to thank me for that. 



Jesse called again this afternoon while we were out.  He left a message for me apologizing for having to be brief Wednesday night.  He was calling to continue our conversation.  As always, I was so sad that I missed speaking with him but also very happy to hear his message.





One of my dear friends, Lucilia, created the below comparison of Elvis’/Jesse’s cheek to further prove that the photo of Jesse absolutely is of Elvis.

Lucilia posted on my timeline on Facebook:  “This mark, at all stages of his life, always present in his beautiful smile.”



Also from Facebook…beautiful photo…

Elvis with sweet puppy 1950's

I apologize to the owner of this photo on Facebook.  I forgot to make note of the owner’s name.  If anyone will let me know who owns this photo by contacting me on Facebook, I will be happy to give proper credit for the photo.


Another of Zey’s beautiful portraits of Elvis.



Ain’t it the truth!!!

Elvis quote People think you're crazy if you talk about thiings they don't understand


Even after having Uverse installed, our upload speed is so very slow that I am still unable to post much of anything on my web site.  AT&T is sending out a technician tomorrow morning to see what can be done.  I am way beyond frustrated!!! 🙁


Jesse phoned tonight and we had a very good visit.  He is doing well.  We didn’t discuss any news of interest this time.  He had heard the false story that D. J. Fontana had passed away.  I had done research and learned that this is one of a number of false rumors which have been started by those with nothing better to do with their minds and time.  So, I told Jesse that I had found that D. J. had not passed away.  Neither Jesse nor I can understand what kind of people would get some kind of pleasure out of starting lies such as this one. 



A new friend shared the following YouTube video with me and it is very rare.  It dates back to 1998 and is a tribute to Elvis.  I will copy it onto a DVD to send to Jesse also.

Nashville Remembers Elvis on His Birthday TV Special (1978)





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