I must apologize that due to the loss of much material from this page during an editing effort, there is only one day’s news still available for viewing on this page.  I am so sorry for the loss of my material for this month and thank you all for your patience.



It has been quite some time since I have added any new Orion Pictures documentation to my YouTube channel.  So, I have spent this afternoon working on creating a new video proving the continued clues which were given in their movies to show Elvis fans that he is not gone and that he did continue some behind-the- scenes work in the movie industry.  He had expressed an interest in doing this type of work before he left…it has been spoken of by Joe Esposito, Nancy Rook, Larry Geller, etc.

The film from which I have extracted clues for my YouTube video this time is Orion’s ROBOCOP 2.  You will see that there are three major things in this movie and in the movie’s credits which are blatantly evidence put there by Elvis or those who do such things at his direction and suggestions.  It is my theory that Elvis and perhaps Col. Parker were silent partners in Orion Pictures.

First you will see a woman sitting on the curb of the street wearing a red dress and holding a baby.  This woman is unrecognizable because of the darkness, the hair falling over her face etc.  She is nothing more than an extra…who would normally not be listed in the credits of a movie.  However, because of who she is, she is listed in the credits.  She is Linda Thompson.  You may remember that I have posted Linda’s biography from before showing Robocop 2 as one of her acting credits…

RoboCop 2  – Mother with Baby  1990

The second thing which you will take notice of is this:  Robocop walks into a huge building and he comes upon a “religious shrine” of sorts.  When I edited it, I  inadvertently left out the first image which is of Mother Teresa, but you will see a framed print of Jesus, and then…you will see a “shrine to Elvis”.  It consists of a beautiful photo of Elvis, a guitar, a coffin with a skeleton in it depicting Elvis with jewelry, and with another photo of Elvis resting over the coffin.  Weird…but still a great Elvis/Orion Pictures connection.

Then we fast forward to the credits:  I have paused the credits in order that you may read the Linda Thompson credit.  The second thing in the credits to which I especially want to call you attention is this:  The song titled “The Kid Goes Wild” is shown as being co-published by “Little Elvis Music“.  How ’bout that!?!

Also, the plot of this movie centers around an illegal drug and the police work of fighting this drug cult.  Bear in mind, please, the documentation which I have shared proving Elvis’s hatred of street drugs and the hoodlums who push these drugs.  You will see that I have a page devoted to the topic of Elvis’s federal drug enforcement work, DEA, as well as state, city, and county law enforcement agencies.  His answer to me when I asked him if it is OK that I have my pages about his involvement with the federal government and other law enforcement was “Oh, yes.  I know all kinds of people.

I hope everyone will enjoy this newest ORION proof.  As I have written before, I did ask Jesse about my having the Orion the Singer and Orion Pictures material on my site…telling him that I had always believed that some of the Orion songs were actually by him.  He responded with “Yes!”.  Also, I have printed out and sent to him ALL of my pages about Orion Facts, Orion Documentation, and my last Orion page regarding most of the Orion Pictures material originating from me.  He recently told me that everything that I have on my site has been correct.  So, I do have it on good authority that I am correct about my Orion material.

Because MGM evidently jumped right on my Robocop 2 YouTube video and had it deleted, I am going to insert below some still shots of the significant portions below.  Surprising that MGM would catch my video within hours of my posting it on YouTube.   I must have struck a nerve with the information which I proved.

I feel certain there are entities who are monitoring my web site very closely and they must be saying to themselves “My God, where is she getting all this stuff!?!  Won’t she ever run out of evidence??” LOL

Here are the movie production and distribution credits from RoboCop 2 (1990)

Production Companies


So, below I shall share the captured stills of the significant portions from the Robocop 2 video:

(1) Linda Thompson in Robocop 2 still capture from my video

(2) Linda Thompson’s name in the credits of Robocop 2  “Mother with baby”

Linda Thompson's name in the credits of Robocop 2. Still from my video

(3) Elvis “Shrine” from Robocop 2

Elvis shrine in Robocop 2 - first still frame

(4) Elvis “shrine” from Robocop 2…continued

Elvis Shrine in Robocop 2 - second still frame

(5)  Elvis “shrine” from Robocop 2…continued

Elvis Shrine in Robocop 2 - 3rd still frame

(6)  Robocop 2 still frame with Robocop and Elvis photo in same frame

Robocop 2 still frame with Robocop and Elvis photo in same frame

(7) Robocop 2 credits:  The song THE KID GOES WILD was co-published by LITTLE ELVIS MUSIC.

Please see  the 4th line down in this still frame:

Robocop credits song THE KID GOES WILD was co published by LITTLE ELVIS MUSIC

For those who would like to see this entire movie, I feel sure it can be purchased or rented very inexpensively.  I believe that Ebay and would be two likely places for the best prices.

Thank all of you for your patience during the delay caused by my YouTube video being made unavailable by MGM and YouTube.

I would like to add this:  The reason that it is MGM who now holds the copyright to this Orion movie and all other vintage Orion movies is because they took in the entire Orion Pictures library and now hold control.  Also, it is worth noting that Elvis’ ex-wife sat on the board of directors of MGM a few years ago.  I am not certain if she still holds this position.