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FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010



I am displaying below a close up photo of the Federal Narcotics badge which was presented to Elvis by President Nixon.  As you will see, this badge was engraved specifically for Elvis, with his name upon it.

Others have given the impression that it was only a honorary badge given by President Nixon because Elvis wanted it for his badge collection…just something which President Nixon handed over to Elvis during their visit in the Oval Office.  His name engraved on his badge indicates otherwise.

This photo is from the book “Elvis By The Presley’s” page #184.

This is a fantastic book which everyone who loves Elvis should own.  

Below is a copy of the cover along with the link to Amazon.com where you will find it. 



Elvis by the Presleys by Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, andDavid Ritz (Hardcover – May 3, 2005)

Quoting Priscilla from page#185 of this book: 

Maybe Elvis the federal agent seems a long way from the Elvis who longed to be a guru like Daya Mata.  But looking back, I don’t think so.  Elvis wanted to transcend into another dimension.  When it was spirituality, he wanted to be the spiritual leader who could help the most people.  When it was law enforcement, his motivation was the same.  He couldn’t be ordinary.  He wasn’t ordinary.

…He asked the President for a short cut to becoming an agent.  Where Daya Mata couldn’t accommodate him, Nixon could and did.

So, here we see that Elvis’ desire for the badge went way beyond just being a new item for his collection.  He wanted to BE a Federal Agent.

Below you will see that he did indeed become a Federal Agent:Elvis Federal credentials

On page #217 of the above book:  you will see this clearly stated by Elvis himself.  You will also see that this is an entire page…the first page in Chapter Thirteen.  The Presley’s would not have placed this quotation so prominently in their book were it not the truth.

Also, further down I will post from another book quoting from Elvis’s own words that he was a Federal Agent.

Elvis quote page 13 Elvis By the Presleys


Below you will see excerpts from another book which is titled: 

“ELVIS WORD FOR WORD…What he said exactly how he said it….”

This wonderful book was written by Jerry Osborne.  I also recommend this book to every Elvis fan.  I have had it for a number of years and treasure it.  It is so refreshing to read words which Elvis himself spoke without anyone putting a “spin” on the things he said.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.  Here is their listing of this book as well as the link to their page:

Elvis: Word for Word by Jerry Osborne (Hardcover – Apr. 4, 2006)

 4.3 out of 5 stars

Other Editions: Hardcover



 22 Used from $2.93

5 New from $27.14

1 Collectible from $48.95


From the above book (on page #290) you will see that Elvis stated unequivocally that he had been a member, for five years, of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.  Not only that, Elvis read (on stage) from a plaque awarded to him by that association in recognition of his outstanding loyalty and contributing support of narcotic law enforcement…

Elvis Word for Word about John O'Grady
Continued onto the next page:
Elvis Word for Word about John O'Grady contd

I bought Mr. O’ Grady’s book because of Elvis’s recommendation.  I bought my copy on EBay…a used book.  I don’t know if the book can still be found in book stores…but I doubt it.

Below is the front cover of the book as well as an excerpt proving that pages #166 –  are about Elvis just as Elvis said. This is the page which Elvis referenced in his statement on stage after introducing John O’ Grady to the audience.

John O'Grady book cover

Page 167:

Footnote: It was proven that the woman was lying and that Elvis was not the father of her child.  Elvis continued to be one of Mr. O’Grady’s clients.


Recently I read a response to a question asking if Elvis did actively work with the government…DEA, etc.  This question was answered in a rude and arrogant way.  I will have to refer to that article to be sure of the exact wording of the question and the response. ..but essentially the response was “If he was, show me the proof.”

First of all there most assuredly is proof.  At Graceland, there is a Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Elvis Presley in 1976 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on display.

Maria Columbus (who was the president of one of the longest running fan clubs) received the following letter in response to her questions regarding the above mentioned certificate.  This letter is dated Nov. 29, 1982.  This letter acknowledges Mr. Presley’s help by providing cover for an agent who traveled with his band.

Below is a copy of that letter:

Federal letter stating that Elvis provided cover for agent

Below is the response to a second letter which Maria wrote asking for more information and details about Elvis having provided cover for a government agent.  As you will see, it was made clear that there would be no more information to share on this topic.

Federal letter 2nd response

The following copy is of a portion of a memorandum to President Nixon regarding thanks to Elvis after his visit with President Nixon in Dec. 1970:

White House Memo about Elvis' visit

There are many photos of Elvis wearing articles of clothing which carried the DEA emblems.  I just recently came across one photo with a very distinct emblem….it reads “DEA STAFF“.  You will see this photo displayed below.

Elvis DEA STAFF logo full size photo

Elvis DEA STAFF logo close up

On May 24, 2004, FOX 8 Cleveland aired a follow up to their 2002 reports regarding Jesse, Dr. Hinton,  etc.  In that report , Ms. Stratford reported that “Some have said that maybe it was a drug ring.  Well, the DEA has investigated and did not find that to be the case“.  Below is a link to my YouTube videos in order that you may see and hear this for yourself.

You will also hear Ms. Stratford report that they had attempted to get an investigation done in order to explain why the two “Elvis” DNA samples (from 2002), which were supposedly both those of Elvis himself DID NOT MATCH EACH OTHER!!!

(One of these samples was supposedly from a liver biopsy performed on Elvis around 1975; the other was supposedly taken from the autopsy).  Perhaps Mr. Beeny was given fake DNA samples. The reason that Jesse’s DNA did not match the two “Elvis” control samples in 2002 is because only Jesse’s DNA really was Elvis’ DNA!!! (unless someone tampered with the DNA which Jesse submitted).  Such irony!

JESSE’s DNA, from the 2002 samples, was the ONLY one which definitely belonged to Elvis…the two Elvis control samples were evidently frauds.

Jesse later wrote to the Attorney General of Missouri that when he attempted to furnish proof,  it was tampered with.

Bottom line is that Jesse absolutely is Elvis…there is NO doubt of that.  I have no way of knowing if someone tampered with the DNA sample which Jesse attempted to furnish to FOX 8 or if Mr. Beeny was given fake Elvis DNA samples.


More News added:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shown below is an official document which was issued by the sheriff of Shelby County in 1973.  This document made Elvis a DEPUTY SHERIFF in Shelby County, Tennessee.  This is further evidence that Elvis DID have legitimate and active status as an officer of the law….not just an honorary title.

Elvis document from Sherriff of Shelby county

UpDate Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here is a link to a YouTube video on which you may see and hear about some of Elvis’  involvement with government agencies, etc.

This is not my YouTube video.  It is presented on YouTube by AmKonDOTnet

New addition on February 10, 2010

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Elvis/Jesse to Dr. Hinton while the book was in progress.  In this letter you will see that he had envisioned doing police work after he left in 1977.  You will see that he was recognized in Miami (even after the plastic surgery) and therefore it was determined that it would not be safe for him to continue participating in that work.  

Here is another statement written by Jesse concerning his work with the law enforcement agencies after 1977, the busts in which he participated as well as the plastic surgery.

Jesse letter about police work to Hinton 2nd 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I came across a video of Elvis wearing the DEA STAFF logo.  This video was made on the very day of his very last concert.  This shows him in Indianapolis, Indiana at the airport.  He looks fantastic in this video…very happy and enjoying himself while accepting awards of some type.  Below, you can see several “stills” that I have taken from the video.  While the logo is not quite so clear as the photo, one can still recognize that it is the same logo.

This video is on YouTube and belongs to:

Here is the link to the YouTube video..excellent quality:

Below are the stills from the video:

Elvis Indianapolis June 26, 1977 wearing DEA jogging suit

Elvis Indianapolis June 26, 1977 wearing DEA jogging suit 2nd

Below is another photo added on Thursday, January 11, 2018:




Elvis wearing DEA Logo 2 small photos

Federal emblem on jacket in 1977 Hawaii vacation:

Elvis DEA jacket in Hawaii in March 1977


Elvis last trip to Dentist wearing jogging suit


A local law enforcement agency with which Elvis was active.

Elvis Shelby County photo ID Sherriff's

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My dear friend, M.J., has located an article about Elvis’ government involvement in the battle against illegal drugs. 

Newspaper article about Elvis fighting drugs

The two following copies are from the same news article.  I have edited out some of the remarks supposedly made by Elvis… because if he said these things, it was spoken in private. 

News article about Elvis fighting drugs contdNews article about Elvis fighting drugs contd 2


The following photos are rare and will further prove my material in which I have shown that Elvis was very much involved in law enforcement.  He was not just collecting badges as a hobby.  The collection was one thing.  His actual involvement in law enforcement on all levels local, federal, etc. was a very important part of his life.

You will love these photos.  They are shared as a courtesy from my friend on Facebook…ELVIS LIVES.  If you have not been to Facebook and visited this person’s videos and photos, I urge you to do so.  He has such beautiful and very rare items.  I thank him for his permission to display the following photos.

Elvis flew on a commercial flight to Denver, Colorado to be awarded Captain’s badge with the Denver Police Department.

I encourage everyone to look at all of this very carefully.  Does this look like someone who was “strung out” and just collecting law enforcement badges as a pass time?



Getting his Honorary Police Badge in Denver Colorado on November 17, 1970 before his concert at the Coliseum   Top colour photo from George in Denver

  The caption below the colour photo on George’s blog reads, “Dad with Elvis, circa ’69 or ’70. Elvis holds the Honorary Lieutenants badge my father presented to him”.   For your information: Elvis Presley was fascinated with cops and the trappings of cops. While my father may have given him an honorary Lieutenants badge in probably ’69 or ’70, after my father retired, Elvis returned to Denver and the cops fawned all over the King – resulting in Elvis giving select officers brand new Cadillacs and Lincolns. Elvis was very generous. One short anecdote. The day Elvis met with my father, my father came home and, laughing like hell, related that Elvis spent the day kissing one woman after another — mostly police department clerks and secretarys — right on the lips. I suspect there are some pretty old ladies out there who still talk about the day they kissed the King.    


On a commercial flight from Memphis to Denver in November (after the 17th) or December 1970   The photos come from the following web page – Little Rock Ski Club   In one of their newsletters there is mention of Elvis:

  “Perhaps the most exciting early trip was to Vail in 1969 or 70. We flew on a direct Braniff flight from Little Rock to Denver. The flight originated in Memphis and on board waiting for us was none other than the King himself – Elvis! The first thing he did was to get on the intercom and sing “Love Me Tender” to the passengers. Then he made a trip through the cabin making a brief stop, talking to everyone, most of whom were ski club members. It was truly memorable and I have always admired him for his down to earth way of treating us on that day.”

Also, here is the link to an Elvis blog page on which I located more of the above material.  I highly recommend this page to everyone.  Lots of good Elvis stuff to be seen there.


Elvis badge and gun collection...Denver badge

I just found that several of these photos were also made public by :


I have attempted to give credit above to all those who have a part in making these photos, etc. available.  If I have overlooked listing anyone, please know that the oversight is not intentional.

Below are photos of Elvis’ badges for Denver, Colorado:



I haven’t added to this page in a while.  However, you will find related articles added on my current news and events pages.  Please do visit those pages for my very frequent updates on many topics.

Here is another very good photo of Elvis in his DEA apparel in June of 1977.  As we have seen before, he was wearing his federal agent clothes very frequently leading up to August, 1977.  I wish we could read the title of the book he is holding.

Elvis boarding plane in 1977 holding up book


Below is another item to substantiate that Elvis was a duly commissioned law enforcement officer in Memphis:

This is a news article from my Current News and Events Page 13 a January, 2012


Early on, with my web site, one of the self proclaimed (and publicly accepted) “Elvis Experts” refuted my facts about Elvis having been a federal DEA agent. When I stated this fact about Elvis, this expert said “If he was, show me the proof.” to which I displayed quite a few photos and documents with added details to substantiate my statement.

Some of my substantiating evidence was written transcripts of statements made by Elvis himself. Heretofore, those written words were all that I had. But, yesterday on Facebook I found displayed a very recently added video on YouTube of Elvis on stage making the statement that he is a federal narcotics agent. This is a lengthy monologue of Elvis refuting the trash written about him in the movie magazines. I know you will thoroughly enjoy seeing and hearing this.

Elvis was livid about the lies being told about him…with very good reason. He expresses his righteous indignation in no uncertain terms. I wish I had been there to applaud and shout out “Give’ em Hell, Elvis.”

Quite some time ago, during a phone conversation with Jesse, he affirmed that I am correct in having my page about his federal and other law enforcement agencies involvement. His response to my query about having my page was “Yes. I know all kinds of people.

So, once and for all, here is the truth straight from Elvis’s own mouth. I ask the “Elvis Experts” and everyone else, are you going to dispute what Elvis himself stated on stage by saying he was lying, or high on drugs, etc. or are you going to believe the words of the man himself? To do anything but accept the words of the man himself on stage and then again to me on the phone, is the ultimate act of disrespect to this man who stood so tall his entire life.

I do not care for the latter portion of this video which paints a negative image of Col. Parker and Elvis.

I do want to say, while I have it on my mind, that Jesse and Col. Parker were close friends until the day that Col. Parker passed away. I know this for a fact because Jesse told our mutual close friend, about 3 weeks before Col. Parker passed away, that the Col. was dying. To my knowledge, this fact had not been made public anywhere. I was driving home from work and heard Col. Parker’s death announced on the radio. I called our mutual friend to tell him that the Col. had indeed died just as Jesse had said. Turns out that Jesse had already called our mutual friend and told him of Col. Parker’s death and said “See, I told you so.” Jesse told our friend before it was announced in the news.

In this Video Elvis tells his Fans he is a Government Agent and they laugh because they think he is joking, But Elvis says ” I’m an eighth degree black belt in Karate. I’m a Narcotics Government agent.” then the audience laughs thinking it’s a joke, then Elvis say’s ” I am swear to God

I personally love Elvis’s response to some who called out “boo.o.o.o.o.o” from the audience. How dare anyone say that to Elvis when he is stating something so important!?!


Here you will hear Elvis tell the audience that he is a Federal Narcotics Agent.

This is, by far, the most excellent presentation of Elvis speaking for himself on stage explaining his work with the DEA, his association and friendship with John O’Grady, and his justifiable anger with the people who were telling lies about him which were published in the movie magazines.

One point on which I have to disagree is the fact that Elvis, who is now Jesse, did choose NOT to go into the Witness Protection Program because he could have had NO contact with anyone.  That would have, of course, included me…so thank you, Jesse, for making that choice.

I do hope that this proof, from Elvis’s own mouth, will dispel the ignorant statements made by Patrick Lacey and Cory Cooper who are self appointed “Elvis experts” who have said that the badge was nothing but another of the many badges of his collection and was only honorary.

Elvis gave this very same speech during three consecutive shows.  Wanda June Hill attended these shows and has confirmed that it was a well planned speech and was because Elvis was extremely angry about the lies being told.

footnote 7-11-2020 : The title given to this video by the channel owner on YouTube is so offensive to me.  However, this is the only copy of this performance which I can locate.  The video which I originally included here is no longer available on YouTube.  So, please know this title is not the truth at all.  Just listen to Elvis speaking before the “rant” and afterward singing so beautifully and you will know that this was a planned speech and expressed his being livid about the lies being told about him.

“ELVIS PRESLEY ALIVE and well in Witness Protection……ELVIS A FEDERAL AGENT for USA.

His FEDERAL AGENT career would make 007 envious!
On January 27, 1972, Washington Post columnist Jack Anderson was leaked information about President Richard Nixon’s appointment of Elvis Presley as a special assistant on the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.”

Here is the link which was shared with the above video.  It is a video on the History.com channel devoted to the visit of Elvis with President Nixon.

footnote 7-11-2020:  The video which I originally included below is no longer available on the History.com site. 

Below is the video “We Were There When Elvis Met President Nixon” from the  US National Archives.

In commemoration of the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, the National Archives presented a discussion about the meeting between Elvis and President Richard Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970. Timothy Naftali, Director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, hosts a discussion with Egil Bud Krogh, Assistant to the Counsel to the President, and Jerry Schilling, veteran music industry professional and long-time friend of Elvis Presley. Krogh and Schilling were present in the Oval Office and now offer their eyewitness accounts of the meeting, along with on-screen projections of related photographs, memos, and correspondence in the holdings of the National Archives.


Update Friday, November 23, 2012

These are two very interesting items which belonged to Elvis related to his involvement with the local law enforcement in Memphis and Shelby County.

These were posted on Facebook by Elvis Foreveryone @




Below is a video which shows Elvis at the airport in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 26, 1977.  He looked wonderful in this film clip.  Also, I want to draw your attention to the fact that he was wearing his DEA Staff emblem on his jacket.  I know I have shown another clip of this video before here on my site…but this version is longer and includes some footage which was not in the earlier version.

Elvis in the Indianapolis Airport – June 26 1977

ElvisDayByDay ElvisDayByDay

Uploaded on Dec 1, 2010

Our Facebooksite:



NOTE:  Some of the below article will be redundant of things shown above, but it will be worth your time to peruse it because there is some new and valuable material.

A good friend to my web site, Ron Collamore, Emailed me this week with a very interesting article regarding the DEA logo running suit which Elvis was seen wearing on so many occasions in 1977 leading up to his “retirement“.  On my page dedicated to Elvis’ federal government involvement and other law enforcement work you may see some of the photos of Elvis in this DEA logo suit.  https://lindahoodsigmonstruth.com/elvis-federal-other-law-enforcement-agencies-active-duty-photos-documentation/  

The photo of him which is purported to be the very last photo ever taken of him as “Elvis” in the wee hours of August 16, 1977, he was wearing one of these same DEA logo running suits.  There WAS a reason that he was wearing that type of suit…it was a message to people that he actually was a DEA agent.  Elvis stated this fact from his Vegas stage on three consecutive nights; He spoke the same statement each night and showed a document which verified his Lifetime Member position in the International Narcotics Squad Association (I may have the title of this agency slightly off as I am quoting from memory).  You may see the video of one of these performances below this article.

Ron sent me the following excerpts from the article titled   ELVIS: MEMPHIS TO MADISON” by Bruce Frey

“Hi Linda,

I came across this article, ELVIS: MEMPHIS TO MADISON” by Bruce Frey. Good article!

He writes, ” I attempted to find the source of Presley’s DEA outfit mystery and contacted Elvis Presley archivist at Graceland. They were confused about the outfit and did not seem to have any information. I reminded them that they currently had the DEA running suit displayed in Graceland which they confirmed. The archivist stated that they never learned the origin of this particular outfit.”

And so, he writes, “I contacted the DEA museum collection manager, Vince Lutes, who informed me that Presley had acquired the “DEA Staff” running outfit through his personal contacts in the DEA. Lutes states that this particular outfit was only available to DEA officials and staff workers at this time and that the general public would not have been available to obtain one. Presley was obviously very fond of this outfit as he can be seen in numerous photos towards the end of his life wearing this”

He did mention that Elvis was wearing this outfit on very early morning of August 16, 1977.”

I thank Ron so sincerely for bringing this article to my attention.

As I most often post a link to give credit for any full article from which each excerpt which I share is taken (when at all possible), I followed up and located the original article on Elvis Information Network aka EIN.  I don’t often post the link to their site due to the fact that it was their stubborn refusal to remove the lies which Paul Monroe told (during an interview on their site) about me.  Ironically, my web site came into existence BECAUSE of those lies and because of the lies told about me by a woman named B. Lee Rowe whose site page, filled with more slanderous untruths about me, was linked from EIN

That is the bare essence of the things which caused me to ask Jesse if I could use my real name to defend myself.  Jesse’s answer was “Yes…and you can use my name too!”  So here we are today…five and a half years later; 121 pages of my site; 591,358 total visitors; 45,981 registered users…and growing every day.   So, here’s my hat off to EIN which took the first erroneous steps that have resulted in my very successful web site which is approved by Jesse Presley who IS Elvis Aron Presley.  So, everything does happen when it should as it should.  If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Welcome to Linda Hood Sigmon’s lemonade stand!!!


Below I have captured a small amount of text from Mr. Frey’s lengthy interview.  This interview was created to tell about the gas station brawl in Madison, Wisconsin  which caused Elvis to stop to help the victim of the attack by two men.  This story has been passed down in a number of ways…by the media, by word of mouth, etc.  Mr. Frey was there and saw the whole thing and shook hands with Elvis after the fight was broken up.  So, this full article tells, in great detail, exactly what Elvis did from the moment he stepped from his limo until he returned to it after shocking the two assailants so much that they just forgot all about attacking the gas station attendant. 

The reason that this incident is of particular interest to me and others is that Elvis was wearing his DEA Staff logo running suit at the time when he stopped this fight.

                ” …Thompson believes the only reason the limousine stopped was because Presley burst out of the backseat.

I went over what Presley was wearing that night and was confused by Thompson’s recollection of what Presley had been wearing. Thompson recalls that Presley had little time to change out of his concert outfit as they headed to Madison from their previous venue. Thompson was aware that Presley did own some dark jackets with DEA logos on them but just could not recall which one he may have put on. Hearing Thompson’s recollection and confusion about Presley’s clothing that evening, I believe the confusion stemmed from the fact that Presley may have had both outfits on, having not changed completely out of his concert outfit and put on his DEA running outfit over it.

I attempted to find the source of Presley’s DEA outfit mystery and contacted Elvis Presley archives at Graceland. They were confused about the outfit and did not seem to have any information. I reminded them that they currently had the DEA running suit displayed in Graceland, which they confirmed. The archivist stated that they never learned the origin of this particular outfit.

I contacted the DEA museum collection manager, Vince Lutes, who informed me that Presley had acquired the “DEA Staff” running outfit through his personal contacts in the DEA. Lutes stated that this particular outfit was only available to DEA officials and staff workers at this time and that the general public would not have been able to obtain one. Presley was obviously very fond of this outfit as he can be seen in numerous photos towards the end of his life wearing this.

Presley would be seen wearing this same outfit as he was photographed by a fan for the last time as he returned to Graceland in the early morning hours before he died. It’s presumable that Presley being known for his custom styling would be wearing his concert suit and belt with his dark blue nylon DEA outfit covering his stage outfit, packing heat, and a federal badge to break up this early morning gas station fight.”

Below are several photos which appear here on my web site of Elvis wearing the DEA Staff suits.  Also, I shall post below the photos a video showing Elvis arriving in Indianapolis for his final stage performance as Elvis.  You will see that he was presented an award at this time and, more importantly, you will see that he was wearing one of his DEA outfits.  The photos of Elvis wearing one of his DEA logos can be found in many instances over the Internet.

Elvis DEA STAFF logo close up

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Elvis/Jesse to Dr. Hinton while the book was in progress.  In this letter you will see that he had envisioned doing police work after he left in 1977.  You will see that he was recognized in Miami (even after the plastic surgery) and therefore it was determined that it would not be safe for him to continue participating in that work.  

(this excerpt was copied from my rough draft of the book)


Here is another statement written by Jesse concerning his work with the law enforcement agencies after 1977, the busts in which he participated as well as the plastic surgery.

(this excerpt was copied from my rough draft of the book)

Jesse letter about police work to Hinton 2ndElvis Indianapolis June 26, 1977 wearing DEA jogging suit 2nd

US emblem during 1977 Hawaii vacation:

Elvis DEA jacket in Hawaii in March 1977Elvis' Federal DEA Badge

Elvis wearing DEA Logo 2 small photos

Elvis boarding plane in 1977 holding up book


Elvis last trip to Dentist wearing jogging suit

Here you will hear Elvis tell the audience that he is a Federal Narcotics Agent.

My heartfelt thanks to MLordandGod who published this video on YouTube on  Mar 24, 2013.

footnote dated Monday, July 25, 2016:  I am so very, very sorry that the owner of this video on YouTube has seen fit to take it down…perhaps in retaliation of my displaying it on my site.  I have spent a lot of time trying to find another version which includes ALL that Elvis said but to no avail.  I can only find short portions which are presented in a derogatory manner and I will not display those.  I am so sorry that you cannot see this excellent excerpt from Elvis’s show.  Elvis gave this very same speech during three consecutive shows.  Wanda June Hill attended these shows and has confirmed that it was a well planned speech and was because Elvis was extremely angry about the lies being told.

Below is a video of the above photographed arrival of Elvis with the awarding of the trophy in Indiana on the day of his last stage performance.



A friend, Noddy, shared some photos of Elvis with me recently.  Below is one special photo for which I asked her permission to display here on my site.  As you can see Elvis was proudly holding one of his badges with, what appears to be, his ID Credentials for this badge.  It is such a lovely photo of Linda Thompson as well.  I am sorry that we cannot pinpoint exactly which badge he is displaying for the camera.

Elvis showing his Federal Agent Badge accompanied by Linda Thompson


Below is an expanded view of Elvis sitting in  a car wearing his DEA STAFF logo on his jacket. This photo is from United Elvis Admins on Facebook.  I love the fact that he wore this logo so frequently as his departure date of 1977 approached.  Another clue left for us to follow.


Be sure to listen closely to the words in the song below which correlate to his having been a government agent.   This is a playful rap song…but there are grains of truth in it as well.

Also, this is one of the 15 songs included on the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD which was released in Jan. 2012.




My friend, Jeannette, shared the following photo with me.  I have always loved this photo.

Elvis group photo showing badges

During the Vietnam and Nixon times Elvis was anxious to be seen on the side of law and order. Middle-class counterculture kids didn’t like him anyway but he still had a strong fan base. This picture shows Elvis with the “Memphis Mafia” all holding their Sheriff’s badges.



I thank my friend, Lisa, who shared the two following photos with me on Facebook.  As you can see, both of these relate to Elvis and his law enforcement involvement.

The photo on the top belongs to Guitar MAN The one below is Betty Langham‘s photo.

Elvis wearing badge (Lisa on FB)Guitar MANElvis with officers holding his own credentials Lisa Sallee shared Betty Langham's photo.



My friend, Jeannette, shared the below with me on Facebook.  I thank her as always.

This is another item related to Elvis’ law enforcement involvement.

December 3, 1970
Elvis made a big donation of $7,000 to the LA Police community relations program, however, he requested that the gift could be stay unknown to the public. A little time later, Elvis received a gold commissioner’s badge from Chief Davis.

Elvis 1970 police donation



My friend, Lisa, shared the below photo with me on Facebook.  This is the clearest and most close up of this photo that I have seen.  Of course, this is Elvis wearing his Federal badge.  I thank Lisa so much for this.

Close up of Elvis wearing Federal badge


MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016

My friend, Jeannette, shared this site link with me on my Facebook page.  This is an excellent history of Elvis’ involvement with the many police departments all around our country.



The below photos are of two items which were on display way back many years ago during one of our visits to an Elvis museum which we photographed. As you can see, one is of a DEA logo jogging suit and the other is of a federal badge.

You will notice THIS above the DEA logo on this suit: NATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE while Elvis’ later suits which he was wearing right up until August 16, 1977 displayed DEA STAFF.  I was told by Wanda June Hill who was a dear friend of Elvis’ that he DID undergo training for the law enforcement titles which were his.  

Red DEA Suit at Graceland logo enlarged


Elvis' DEA Badge on display Graceland enlarged retired

Below is the original photo of the above “retired” badge as we photographed it on display.

Elvis Federal badge with retired on it


SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018

I don’t feel that I made enough of an emphasis above on the great significance of this particular suit’s emblem.

Below is an enlargement of the logo/emblem. Please take note of the wording above the DEA logo.

If this was Elvis’ own suit, then this PROVES that Elvis did undergo training to qualify for carrying the federal badge and that the badge was NOT just an honorary badge for his badge collection.

I was told by Wanda June Hill that Elvis did undergo a lot of training for the law enforcement activities in which he was involved.

I apologize for repeating my earlier posting…just want to make sure that everyone realizes what they are seeing here.

Red DEA Suit at Graceland logo enlarged
“National Training Institute”


TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018

My Facebook friend, Dennis F Miller, shared the following very important scan with me.  Dennis tells me that this comes from the book by his close friend, Wayne Carman, who he has known since 1998.  Mr. Carman was very closely involved with Elvis’ karate work and knew Elvis very well.  He inducted Elvis in the United States Karate Hall of Fame, as karate Legend in 2000. He presented Elvis’s award to Jack Soden and is on display in the museum in Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland.

I looked up Mr. Carman’s book on Amazon and after reading the excellent reviews by others who had bought and read the book, I knew that I HAD to have a copy of this book.  I ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.  It is out of print but is available on Amazon, Ebay, and various other 2nd hand sellers on the Internet.  Below is the image of the book cover.

Elvis’s Karate Legacy


Elvis’s Karate Legacy

Warrener Entertainment is the home of thousands of feature films, instructional DVDs and historic books.

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This is the truth…Elvis was a federal agent just as he declared on stage when he showed the award which had been given to him.  I thank Dennis F Miller who shared this article with me so very much. He told me that this article is from the book Elvis’s Karate Legacy which I just ordered last night.

Dennis Miller

May 17 at 3:52pm

This is very important for Elvis fans to know. But the naysayers will always have something bad to say about Elvis Aron Presley. But one thing’s for sure, we’ll never see the likes of him again. You can take that to the bank!



I thank my good friend, Dennis Miller., for sharing the below photo with me.  This is similar to others I have shared of Elvis in his DEA Staff jogging outfit.  But, I think this one is really good and clear.

Elvis DEA


TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2018

Below are some great new photos to be added to my page devoted to Elvis’ involvement with the Federal Government and other law enforcement agencies.

The photos were shared with me by my good friend, Dennis Miller.  I sincerely thank Dennis for his supportive friendship.

Elvis and Pres. Nixon

Elvis' DEA collection
Elvis' DEA Collection 2Elvis' DEA collection 3



Elvis Owned Guns, Badges and Police Related Artifacts

Now available for sale at Elvis Relics
Elvis in full police uniform in Denver, Colorado, 1976
Elvis was friends with law enforcement all over the United States.  The officers knew of Elvis’ love for police related items and regularly gave him mementos of their particular departments. Most often badges, and sometimes police hats, or jackets.  He would sometimes wear the badge or hat for a few moments on stage at the concert where it was given to him.  The photo of Elvis wearing a police hat in 1975 is NOT the same hat that is available, it is merely a visual aid to show what I am explaining in this text. Many more photos can be found online of Elvis wearing similar police hats.This particular hat that is currently available is the exact hat that was given to Elvis by a member of the Jefferson County Police.  It was later given by Elvis to his sound engineer, Felton Jarvis.  Felon produced most o Elvis’ records in the 1970’s.  This hat was obtained directly from his estate and comes with a letter from them stating the facts of this unique law enforcement artifact that belonged to Elvis Presley.
Elvis Presley’s personal briefcase that went with him everywhere he traveled.  Usually carried by his stage manager, Charlie Hodge, or his road manager,
Joe Esposito, as seen in the photo above.  It contained his guns, police-related items, medication, important papers and other personal items that
Elvis wanted with him at all times.Elvis’ Official police handcuffs, and keys  he had several pair over the years, this pair and everything pictured here was in his briefcase at the time of his death.Six spare .38 caliber full metal jacket bullets carried by Elvis (in case he needed to quickly reload his revolver that he carried with him everywhere.
(bullets available as a set or individually)Elvis personal can of chemical mace, used to easily subdue an assailant
in a non-lethal manner.Elvis’ long black police flashlight.  again, Elvis had several of these in his lifetime and can be seen in numerous photos holding this light. It’s long, heavy base filled with heavy batteries -used a a grip, doubled as a club in a combat situation,
when a gun was not suitable.
1970 Elvis Presley .38 Special Gold Plated S & W HandgunA .38 Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun that Elvis had gold-plated on the trigger, hammer and cylinder release button. Serial #J575849.  It was personally given to Bonnie Burnett who owned the Hickory Lodge restaurant across from Graceland in the mid-1970’s.  Take-out orders from there were frequently delivered to Elvis at Graceland over the years. After Elvis’ death, Vernon moved back into Graceland from his Dolan Street house behind Graceland.  It was purchased by Hobart and Bonnie Burnette.   Chris Davidson of the Elvis-a-Rama Museum purchased this gun directly from Hobart after Bonnie’s death.
It was on display in the Elvis-a-Rama in Las Vegas for years.This authentic Elvis owned gun with gold accents is accompanied with letter of authenticity from:The Elvis-A-Rama Museum;The Elvis Presley Museum (owned by Jimmy Velvet) who personally knew the Burnettes and has a first hand knowledge of the gun and it’s sale;and also a letter from Joe Esposito, attesting to all the facts about
Elvis owning this gun.
The gun was among items stolen from the Elvis-A-Rama during a break in, and was listed on the FBI’s national database, listing it as Elvis Presley’s gun.
It was later recovered and returned to the Museum.
The documentation is incredible on this artifact.
Elvis with the Hilton Security force in Las Vegas in the 1970’s
Elvis Presley’s personal LAS VEGAS HILTON SECURITY “DIRECTOR” badge.
Given to Elvis by the head of Security of the Las Vegas Hilton hotel in the 1970’s. Comes with a letter of authenticity from Elvis’ friend and Road Manager, and best man at Elvis’ wedding, Joe Esposito.
Joe describes in his letter how the other guys in the Memphis Mafia all received Hilton badges as well, but only Elvis received the special “DIRECTOR” badge.

“He had a million badges and a blue police light on his car.”

That’s the recollection of actress Priscilla Presley, who does exaggerate the number of badges accumulated by the man to whom she was married from 1967–73. Her words appear in “Elvis, By the Presleys,” a 2005 book comprised of quotes from her, her daughter, and others who knew Elvis Presley.

Elvis was very heavy into law enforcement. He had friends in Law Enforcement all over the country, and was even given a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge and ID from President Nixon. He was an actual Captain (not honorary) of the Memphis Police Department, and a deputy on the Shelby County Sheriffs Department in Memphis. Because of his involvement in Law enforcement, Elvis purchased flashing police lights for all of his personal vehicles.
Elvis took this actual police light from one of his cars and gave it to a friend of his and mine who worked for the Shelby County Sheriffs office.
The photos above show Elvis driving in Memphis with the flashing police light on the dash of his car.  also shown are still images, taken from actual video of Elvis arriving at a Karate School in Memphis. His blue police flashing light can clearly be see on the dash of his car that he was personally driving when the film was shot. He was being filmed for a karate documentary that was never completed or released. These still images came from a segment of that original film that was included in the 1981 Warner Brothers documentary: THIS IS ELVIS.
Elvis was a sworn police officer in Memphis, and would sometimes go (in disguise) on drug raids with local law enforcement.  He would also stop and assist in the event of an accident, like in the photos above, on March 26, 1976 when Elvis was driving his stretch limo on the interstate in Memphis and came upon the scene of an accident that had just taken place.
The flashing blue police lights that Elvis kept on the dash of all of his vehicles
were not just for show.
Elvis’ personal Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver. Customized with
Elvis’ personal TCB and lightening bolt logo.

EXTREMELY RARE! Comes with copies of all paperwork, including purchase
receipt signed by Elvis himself, presenting his Shelby County badge as
Identification upon purchase. The documentation with matching serial number,
SIGNED BY ELVIS HIMSELF is the best possible provenance possible. The gold
“TCB” insignia makes this a very unique and sought-after artifact.
Local Law Enforcement enjoy one of the many displays at
as we toured the world a few years ago.
elvisrelics@gmail.comJewelry items available, including rings, pendants, watches, bracelets, cuff links
clothing items from the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s
personal Elvis owned items from his Graceland home and Beverly Hills home
…and more.
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I really enjoyed the below video featuring Elvis’ DEA STAFF jogging suit.  As many of you know, I have a page on my original web site which is all about Elvis’ law enforcement interests and activities.  I will post the link to that page below the video.  I hope you will visit the page if you have not already done so in the past.

AGENT ELVIS PRESLEY’s DEA TRACKSUIT | Worn By King 6 Weeks Before Death | Drug Enforcement Agency 77

Oct 21, 2021

This is the ACTUAL government DEA sweatsuit which Elvis wore offstage in later years. The King was filmed wearing it on June 26, 1977 at Indianapolis Airport, USA. This was the last-ever official film ever taken of him. The jacket was on display at the O2 in London as part of the “Elvis On Tour” exhibit.




Below is a video that I like very much.  To be honest, I can’t recall if I have ever posted this item before or not.  After nearly 14 years of having this website and advancing old age and bad health for me, I can’t always remember everything that I have shared before.  But, I think there are visitors now who have not followed my site for the entire time it has been open and so perhaps those newer visitors will enjoy it if I do repeat things from time to time.

Hope you all like this as much as I do.

I have had this stored on my computer for a long time and do not recall where I originally found it.  Therefore, I do not recall to whom I should give credit.  If anyone else recognizes the original creator of this video, I will be so glad to add credit to this video.


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