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The following statement comes from my very good friend, Bobbi.

This is for all the people who know, love and believe in Linda. The rest of you who come here to find fault, scoff and make fun of her may just move on and not bother reading this.  Although I have no idea why you bother to come here in the first place but of course we know you do.

I have been contemplating my actions over the years and finally came to the conclusion that I really DON”T care what other people believe or think and no longer wish to argue or defend my friend Linda’s truths or my beliefs with anyone. I think most of these people are mean, hateful and deserve not one iota of my time and energy much less they give none to others.

When I first became acquainted with Linda it was my choice to believe or not believe her story. I was never coerced, cajoled  just given facts and I was allowed to do with them what I wished.  Then followed a friendship that I value in so many different ways, most having nothing to do with Elvis. The people who speak against her have never spoken to her and know nothing about her as a person, for that I am truly sorry for them because they have missed a kind, thoughtful and beautiful person. She has shared births, deaths, illness and many other things with me that real friends do. Of course I do have to put up with the “intellectually dishonest” part of her but what the hey not everyone is Gosh, that makes me laugh- writers- what the heck does that even mean. We could never speak of “Jesse” again but we would and will remain friends I hope forever.

Her web site is not about proving herself, she doesn’t need your approval or even want it for that matter. It is for her friends and the people who are interested in the story –even if they might be on the fence as we say. People have come to her under the guise of friendship for her story, lied to her and then used it against her for their own benefit. She was talked about but not the people who deceived her but she still wants to share if you’re interested in listening.

Some say people like me are dangerous although I don’t remember why and the reasons they gave but I can assure you that there are people out there who don’t believe this story, there are people who have probably never even heard of this story who are way more harmful than I could ever be lol.

It is so easy to be pulled in and the need to defend your friends and yourself overwhelm you and  the next thing you know you are giving them exactly what they want—-a platform to be mean, hateful and degrading. They have no interest in what you think or feel and never will.

So with the start of this New Year I wish it to be known that I will do my very best  to NOT respond to these people. I wish it to be known that I believe and believe in my friend Linda Hood Sigmon and have no desire or need to defend her or myself to anyone. I DON”T care what they think and I will no longer give them a voice and a platform to hurt my friend.

Linda, I pray that someday your truth will be proven to the world but if that never happens it still will not stop it from being the truth. Thank you for the friendship!!


Thank you so much, Bobbi.


New autograph Saturday, December 26,2009

My closest friend, M.J., received a Christmas gift this past week from Jesse.  She has graciously shared a copy of Jesse’s note for me to share with others via my web site.  I introduced M. J. to Elvis/Jesse after Jesse’s book was published.  She feels very blessed to be Jesse’s friend, just as I do.



My dear friend, Pat Y. has given me permission to share her letter and the photo below:

Dear Nigel,   (Please see photos at the end of this letter.)

You don’t know me, so I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Pat Y…, and I’ve had the pleasure of being Linda Hood-Sigmon’s friend since Jesse’s book (with Dr. Hinton) came out.  We have been friends for many years now and I finally had the chance of meeting this sweet, humble lady last month, before I moved from SC to MO.  She and her husband, Tom, drove down from NC to see me and she brought with her jewelry that Jesse/Elvis had personally given to her over the years – unbelievable things, that only Elvis could have owned.  I saw personal letters written to her by Jesse/Elvis mentioning Lisa Marie’s name, a small, gold pinkie ring with a “J” on it that Elvis had given his Mother to wear around her neck on a chain (of course the J for Jesse), and she wore it until she died and Elvis/Jesse had given this ring to Linda.  She showed me a solid gold Initial “E” ring that Lisa Marie had given Elvis for his 40th birthday, a California Private Investigator’s badge, black, solid leather, and many other pieces of jewelry that Jesse has given Linda over the years for her friendship – beautiful precious intricate rings, some large, like the rings that Jesse gave to Linda’s husband, Tom, and dainty ones, that Elvis had given his Mother.  I saw things that were locked in his Aunt Delta’s safe that she brought with her that day, so many pieces of jewelry, you just wouldn’t believe all I saw unless you had seen it with your own eyes. Jesse is alive – and Linda is very, very special to him. She has been his good friend all these years.  Linda is a very quiet thoughtful person, and anyone with half a heart that meets, talks and knows Linda immediately understands why Jesse trusts her so and constantly keeps in contact with her and gives her such precious gifts.  Jesse has sent me several letters too, and has autographed his book for me, as well, which by the way, is now out of publication and selling on Amazon – unautographed- as high as $1,000!  So, please don’t listen to those awful lies about Linda.  Take this from one who has known her and actually seen and met her – not from someone that knows nothing about her and spreading nasty rumors!  You will be judged, Nigel, slandering people.  Remember that.  You couldn’t find a nicer lady than Linda.  I don’t know if you believe Elvis is alive or not, I do, and lets just say that the DNA proves Jesse is Elvis (again), how are you going to feel knowing you allowed people to slander his dearest friend that he loves so much on your site?  Think about it before you allow it to continue.  Thank you for reading my message and have a good day.  Pat”

Pat Y. and Linda Hood Sigmon

Below are photos of two of the items about which Pat wrote above:



“Regarding Linda Sigmon.  Such a dear and loyal friend to Jesse and to so many others.  She and I have been friends for several years now and I cherish our friendship so much.

What Linda has shared regarding Jesse is the absolute truth and I know it first hand.  She has shared documentation, pics, gifts and writings to her and Tom from Jesse.  She only shares what Jesse agrees to and to whom he agrees it should be shared.  I have seen things with my own eyes, heard things with my own ears and Jesse IS Elvis.  Of that I have NO DOUBT.

Linda and Tom Sigmon are kind, intelligent people whose integrity and honest cannot be questioned.  All of these past years have been difficult for the both of them but they continue to fight the good fight for Jesse.  They are good people yet don’t sell them short, their wrath regarding untruths will not be ignored. 

People, if you are skeptical at all I would suggest going over Linda’s Information.  If you can’t “see” the facts through ignorance then it’s obvious, in my opinion, that you don’t want to see the truth.  If that is the case, why bother with this subject at all,

Jesse is alive and well.  What is so hard to understand?

November 15, 2009″


“In addressing the Elvis/Jesse question…Thru the years, so much has come forth about 8/16/77.  Starting with the pool house door photo, every “clue” opens another door and asks another question. 

 In May 2002, Cleveland’s Fox 8 Suzanne Stratford did a story when Jesse’s book first came out.  Fox 8 aired a follow up report in November of that year.  A third follow up story in May 2004. 

And now, a fourth follow up story with Eliza’s appearances.  Considering that Fox is one of the 4 major networks, why would it allow one of it’s affiliates to put forth the time, money and manpower to produce a story if there was no story?  Think about it…

Back on January 16, 1971, when Elvis was honored by America’s Jaycees as one of America’s 10 Young Men of the Year, he spoke of people who care, that are dedicated.  People who just might be building the kingdom of heaven.  Perhaps, we should ask ourselves, is it possible, is it probable, is it provable that people such as Linda Hood Sigmon are building the building of TRUTH on the foundation of CLUES that Elvis has lovingly shared with his fans.  That in fact, yes, he is alive and well and living Jesse’s life now.  Please, THINK ABOUT IT…


M.J.  (Linda’s friend, and with a heart full of love and a heart full of thanks to Linda, Jesse’s friend too…)”


“I am proud to call myself a friend of Linda Hood Sigmon. I could write pages extolling the virtues of this friend and reasons as to why I believe in her and Jesse, but I won’t.

I will ask you to consider a few things as you visit her site . I hear so often “I know Elvis would not do this, Elvis would not do that”
when in fact they do not really know what Elvis would or wouldn’t do, as they have never had a conversation with him. But we do have our thoughts and opinions which we share.

Consider, the fact that so many say “Elvis would never use his dead brothers name”. WHY? He can no longer use his given name, Elvis. If I am to believe anything of all the things that were written about him, the one thing I do believe is that he had a twin connection and loved his brother immensely. So using and honoring his dead brother’s name makes perfect sense. Can’t see him as a BOB, JOE, CLARENCE or whoever. In fact

I can think of no other name that would be more fitting for him than Jesse.

I hear the words scam, liars etc. I ask you to consider  the fact that there was an eight or nine year friendship between Jesse and Linda
before there was ever any Dr. Hinton or book. Who were they scamming then? What did they want or ask from you then—- nothing, and still ask for nothing.   Consider Linda, has not made a dime from anything in her friendship with Jesse.

I hear, “a real friend would not out him and put him in danger”. Consider the fact that it was Elvis/Jesse himself who chose to write a book to tell us all he is still here. He is safe, no one knows where he is, his life goes on as normal as it can be under the circumstances. His friend is only fighting for what he wanted.

I hear people say “after all this time someone would have ratted him out if he were truly Elvis” Yet, your common sense does not let you consider the fact that if Jesse and friends were indeed frauds that, in eighteen years,  someone  would have came forward to get his fifteen minutes of fame by telling exactly who Jesse is, and why he has purported this lie for all this time. Consider the news story that would have made,  yet that has never happened.

There is no PROOF anywhere to indicate that Linda is telling anything less than the truth.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and sometimes the truth is just simply that, the truth.

Believe what you wish.

Thank you Linda for the years of friendship!


“Howdy Linda,

Thanks for allowing me to express my thoughts regarding your website. I must say that I have mixed feelings with your current activities in the “Elvis Alive?” world.

We are both veterans of the “Board Wars”.  I once thought that I could communicate with curious fans, while defending those decent fans and Jesse against the morally and mentally indigent. It is my experience that internet bullies are like cockroaches – you can squash some, but more replace them. And then there are those who have the “sour grapes”
attitude – if you don’t reveal everything you know to them, then you are their enemy. Forget that you have a responsibility to keep certain facts to yourself.

I admit that it is difficult to just walk away from the discussion boards. Curiosity pushes you to see if the old cockroaches are still
around, and what new ones have joined up.  However, we would both probably be more content if we just ignored the boards. We have our answers, and we are not obligated to convince others.

Conversely, you will always be a central character in the “Elvis Alive?”
genre. I know that you are hounded by answer-seekers phoning you in hopes that you will share all your knowledge, or to harass you for knowing what they do not. Your website is an ideal way to share what you wish, while not being forced to enter into dialogue with the bullies and ignorant.

Soooo – keep it up, and forget the internet bullies!

Happy Trails.


“Hi Linda ,

I’m sending you a copy of my book page that Jesse signed . You can post it and my words if you want .  I thank you Linda and Jesse from considering me your friend . I’m honored to know you as a friend.  I’ve believed for years now what you both are saying to be the truth. Linda, I give you many thanks for your web site . It is so refreshing to read an Elvis site without all the fighting . Thank God there are still some people who do things out of love instead of hate . Our world is so very fragile now days . So much has changed in the past thirty some years since Elvis was known to walk with us .

May the good Lord bless you both many times over. 

I’m so proud to call you my friends .

Love & Peace,




“Hey Linda,

Let me say this about your site, I think it is wonderful, I am glad it is set up not to have comments from others.

Linda is the expert on all of this stuff and with her knowing Jesse better then anyone else, she should be. She is the teacher and we are her students. 

I became friends with Linda probably 3 years ago, she contacted me and I am honored that she did. A lot of the facts she has put forth on her site, I already knew about but some of the proof that she has showed me, cannot be denied, it is just too strong to deny. 

I have met and had dinner with Linda and her husband on more then one occasion and I find her and her husband to be some of the most up front and honest people I have met in a long time and believe me I meet a lot of people.

Linda has shown me many, many items from Jesse and some have printed dates long after 1977 signed with Elvis Presley’s Signature. That puts him in a specific place at a specific time past Aug 16th 1977. Linda has not shown me but a fraction of things from Jesse and I am honored that she trust me enough to show me what she has.

Linda has been ridiculed tremendously over the past decade for her claims, I feel this comes from jealousy from other people wanting to be where Linda Sigmon is in the loop with Jesse. I will be truthful, I wish I was in the cat seat with Jesse as Linda is.

I am honored to call Linda Sigmon a true friend and I am a true friend to her and this has come from hundreds of phone calls and meetings face to face. She is a wonderful person that you can believe what she is saying and take it to the bank.

All of us would love to see Jesse come on the networks and say, “Yes I am here,  I am well and alive.”  but that will never happen due to it putting him back in the life that he escaped from. I would hate to see that wouldn’t you?

The fans that loved him so deeply made him a prisoner in his own home, How would anyone of you like to live like that? I know I wouldn’t. People say, how could he just walk away, Life is not how many possessions  you have or how much money you have that makes you happy it is how many true friends you have and Jesse has a true friend in Linda Sigmon and so do I. Enjoy her site and take it as the truth because it is the truth. So, I believe it 100% because I believe in Linda Sigmon.


A True Friend”


New message posted

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My close friend, Bobbi, posted the following message about me on the blog.

Theresa, the administrator of this fan club site, was so gracious and kind to me in allowing me to open the topic of Elvis is Alive on her blog.  I have posted on there a number of times in response to questions on this forum.

Here is the link to that site:

and here is the link directly to my material on this

Bobbi has given me permission to post her message on my site as well.

I thank Bobbi from the bottom of my heart for her friendship and supportive acts of kindness.


by: Bobbi

Having been friends with Linda for years I know one thing for sure, Linda has no reason to share her information except for one and that is her joy at letting us fans who love him know that he is still with us. I have pretty much given up on going to boards at all, as the discussion usually turns at one point being about Linda and her claims.  I can not stand her being attacked as she has never been rude or mean to anyone. After being attacked she just stands her ground which we all do. People are forever making comments about her board not being open to comments. Why should it be? It was not created for it to be a debate. It was created to show her TRUTH which it does. One thing that I will always hold dear and remember about Linda is a comment she made when we were first becoming friends. There was someone who wanted to “question” her and her response was “why would I want to talk to someone who only thinks I am a liar”. Linda, will talk to most everyone, she will share and give what facts she can. She has been hurt by people she thought were friends but she still keeps sharing. It seems to me that with her board up now you know what she believes, you know SOME of her proof and have enough knowledge to make up your mind how you feel on the subject. If you believe her she is happy for you(not herself) if you don’t that is fine too but there is no reason for you to be mean, nasty and name call. Just leave her the heck alone and don’t bother going to her sight it wasn’t intended for those people anyway. The people who choose not to believe will NEVER be convinced so why do they wish to fight with her. I guess just because they like to argue is my only thought. 

Linda is true to all of her friends not just the incredible ones like Jesse lol.

Thank you Linda!”

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My good and close friend, Bobbi, has written another very kind and encouraging public comment for me.

I thank her, so very much, for always standing tall for me.

“Hi Linda,

After a friend of mine alerted me to the fact that someone (as they have no real name) was talking about me on Mad Talk, I went to see what they had written. Of course my first response was to write a reply but then I thought why bother, they didn’t get it the first time so I’m sure I would have no better luck trying again. There will always be people who think they are the only ones with a sharp point on their pencils and who think that they know it all.

I really feel that you should feel very complimented and proud that these people, who claim all the vile and nasty things about you, keep coming to your sight and read it all the time. Not only do they read it, they repeat it, in some cases over and over again. By coming to your site and writing about it they give your truth an even bigger venue, even when you’re silent. How cool is that!

If I think someone is lying, has an agenda, or I don’t like it, I just don’t bother with it. Guess it takes all kinds. So I, instead of being upset or angry with them, wish to thank them for continuing to get your story out there for everyone to see who comes to their boards, regardless of what they think or believe.

Oh, one last thing they talk of me being a big Linda fan. They couldn’t be more right!! These people have never spoken one word with you, know nothing about you as a person but I have had the pleasure of being your friend for over seven years now.  Linda Fan?!  You bet’cha!  I may even just start using that as my Internet name. Kind of catchy, better than anonymous, I think.

 Love, Bobbi”


FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

Rick Thomas is a gentleman with whom I have become acquainted over the last several months.  Rick was 12 years old when Elvis “retired”.  Even though a youngster at the time, he said that he figured out immediately that Elvis was not really gone just from watching the TV footage of the funeral etc.

Rick is sharing a photo which was taken of him while he was visiting the grounds of Graceland in 1979.  Rick says that he spoke with Elvis’ Uncle Vester and asked him some questions.  Here is Rick’s account of what Mr. Presley said to him.


This picture in 1979, Vester Presley said to me Elvis didn’t die the family knows about it!  I said why are you telling me this. He said I know you figured it out your questions are dead on.                                               Rick”

More from Rick: 


Here is more info to add to my comment!

Vester said to me I think Elvis would have really liked to meet you because you know more about what happened than anyone I have ever talked to, and he ended by asking me what gave it away to me and I said the government agents at his funeral for one!!”

To further substantiate that Rick’s account is true.  I also have known of someone to whom Uncle Vester gave the same information.

Back in 1988 when the topic of Is Elvis Alive was the focus of many discussions, I worked with a young lady who worked in our office after school.  Naturally, I was discussing the fact that Elvis was still alive all the time.

After Tom and I returned from visiting Graceland and I was talking about it all, this young lady spoke up and said “Elvis’ uncle told my grandmother that Elvis did not die.

She explained that her grandmother and some other ladies had gone to Graceland on a tour.  She said that she and the other members of her group were standing on the front porch talking to Uncle Vester when he told them “Elvis didn’t really die.” 

She said that the women did not know what to make of him saying that.  The young lady’s grandmother returned home and told her family about the odd incident. Obviously, the ladies did not take the comment seriously.

Somewhere in Elvis/Jesse’s letters for the book, I have seen him remark about Uncle Vester telling people things of this type.

I normally try not to post anything on here which could be counted as hearsay.  But, because Rick wrote and told me about what Uncle Vester said to him….and it exactly matches what I was also told, I KNOW it to be true.

Thanks to Rick for sharing this with us.



A very good friend to Jesse and me has surprised me by writing a testimonial letter for me to share here on my website.  I can’t thank SK enough for all the time and thought he put into creating this letter of recommendation for us and the truth which I have presented on my websites for the last eleven years.  He has also included all of my research and truths which I published dating back to the late 1980’s thru Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s newsletters, my Movie Report and my own newsletters dating from July, 1990 thru March, 1991.  It has all been a true labor of love for me.

To whom it may concern: 

For anyone seeking an easy to fact check character reference of Linda Hood Sigmon, please take a good look at her outstanding 30 year track record of truth. You will find Linda’s relentless research and hard work, her rock-solid integrity and honesty, and all the facts and evidence she has so generously and bravely shared with the public throughout her 28 year friendship with Jesse. Linda Hood Sigmon’s Truth speaks for itself. 

Linda shares her truth and knowledge freely (ALWAYS FREE of charge) and has been defending it and her and Elvis’/Jesse’s good names and honor against ignorant naysayers for decades. 

Linda Hood Sigmon has debunked ALL the so-called debunkers. Her truth and proof wins by knockout each and every time. These self-described debunkers and naysayers never seem to want to share the weblinks or any summary on how their battle against Linda and her truth turned out. This is understandable. Once Linda jumps in the ring to engage them with her truth and evidence, they are too embarrassed to share that she took them to school and debunked their ridiculous claims.

Linda Hood Sigmon is kind, sincere and wise, bold and brave, and an unwavering workaholic who is driven by pure love, loyalty and the highest respect for her dear friend and “Big Brother” Jesse.  

As someone who is Blessed to be a friend of Linda for over 6 years, I could certainly share many of my own experiences of her outstanding character, kindness and honesty. A number of Linda’s friends have already done an excellent job attesting to this so I won’t…only because it would be A LOT to read and close-minded skeptics with preconceived notions don’t care about facts that they can’t verify. This is understandable and no one can blame another for wanting solid evidence. Fortunately, Linda Hood Sigmon’s truth written in her own words, and all the evidence she has shared these past 3 decades are facts that anyone can verify very easily.   

So if you are searching for the truth, congratulations you found it!! Linda Hood Sigmon is the lightsaber and lighthouse of truth about Jesse. Hopefully you will take the time to review all (or at least A LOT) of the information Linda has shared on her website(s) and enjoy her work of heart. 

We are all so very lucky and Blessed to have Linda and Jesse in our lives. Noone on Earth works harder and is more selfless in their service than Linda when it comes to sharing the Truth about Jesse and being his voice. And yes you could safely bet your life that Jesse is exactly who he and Linda say he is. Jesse has proven this himself for years now and you will find the proof of all these facts in Linda’s pages if you take the time to look. Just please understand and respect all the good and valid reasons and need for privacy and discretion. There appears to be a slight yet odd correlation between those who dig up certain ancient Pharaohs/mummies in Egypt and those who try to make a name for themselves piggybacking off of Linda and Jesse’s friendship and calling them out or trying to publicize them. In a nutshell, none of these individuals got the kind of results and fan-followings that their illusions of grandeur had them initially thinking. 

If you have a good head on your shoulders, a touch of street-smarts, and the time and ability to re-write what you think you knew in exchange for what’s true and real without blowing your top, you will greatly appreciate Linda Hood Sigmon and her Truth. If not, there is likely nothing anyone could ever write, say or show you to convince you of otherwise..other than perhaps a Breaking News report highlighted in red on your TV or phone feed. Best not be holding your breath for that and learn the truth on your own from the most credible sources there are, Linda Hood Sigmon, and Jesse himself. 

Please enjoy Linda’s beautiful truth, the truth about Jesse. Whether you are able to believe it or not is ok, it’s still the truth and isn’t ever going to change. 



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