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SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2014

I wrote to Wanda June Hill asking for permission to post something from her material.  She sent me the following statement of permission for me to use anything which she has written or spoken regarding her close friendship with Elvis prior to August 16, 1977.   I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the time and hard work which she has put into telling the truth about Elvis (who IS now Jesse).  Her books, without doubt, have been the most meaningful books about Elvis which I have ever read.  I so very highly recommend them to everyone. 

Below is the link to from which you may purchase her first book “WE REMEMBER, ELVIS

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback

by Wanda June Hill (Author)

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added,because after 25 years, Elvis’ dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn’t know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

Also, I am sharing the web site from which you may download for FREE her second book:

Elvis – Face to Face

With love by Wanda June Hill

and a Few Friends

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I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Hill who has been one of my heroes since 1990 when I first learned of, and bought, her wonderful books.


The following is meant as a joke (mostly).  I couldn’t resist sharing this very funny and cute photo of a little “fur person” saying a humorous prayer.

Prairie dog prayer



Below is a YouTube video of an impersonator trying to sound like Jesse on one of the songs from the new CD.  A friend, Alexander, shared this with me on Facebook.  He commented that he has seen ETAs but never a JTA (Jesse tribute artist).  So, this is a first for me too. 

If my memory serves me correctly the imitator on this version of Jesse’s song The Dance is a person who the rumor mongers tried to convince people of as being the real singer on Jesse’s CD.  That was done because they just cannot accept the truth.

No disrespect intended to this JTA whose stage name is  Ron Jesse, but he is a very poor imitation of Jesse.

My thanks to Alexander for sharing this.

Alexander shared a link:  He’s trying to sound like Jesse; I have seen many ETA but Never any JTA !

Ron Jesse The Dance

I am very glad that this young man did record one of Jesse’s songs so that everyone may hear for themselves that the 15 songs on the CD most certainly are not by Ron Jesse.  No offense to anyone, but this imitation can’t hold a candle to Jesse’s version.



Just want to let everyone know that Jesse did phone me this afternoon.  He is well and we had a very enjoyable visit.  I thought of something today that I have always felt but it had never occurred to me to tell him.  I told him that I have been so proud of him since I was 9 years old in 1956, but that of all the things he did and accomplished, that I am most proud of him for leaving that all behind and becoming Jesse.  He thanked me for saying that and said that he didn’t think that anyone has ever said that to hm before. 

In one of our recent conversations, I told him what a wonderful clue he gave us when he wrote his “goodbye letter” to Wanda June Hill early in August, 1977 but  held the letter and mailed it when it should have gotten to her on August 16th.  It actually did arrive on August 15th  though.  He sounded so pleased that I had noticed that and he said he didn’t think that anyone noticed that.

It certainly was the highlight of my day to get to speak with him.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be his trusted friend and to get to  hear from him and to know how he is.  God has certainly smiled upon me in this lifetime and I am so thankful.



As I have mentioned often throughout my web site, Elvis was telling people how tired he was of being Elvis Presley leading up to August 16, 1977.  Below is a copy from the book ELVIS IN PRIVATE by Peter Haining published in 1987.  As you will see it is from an interview with Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires.  In this interview, Gordon tells of the comment which Elvis made to Felton Jarvis during his very last recording session.  This is only one of many such comments which Elvis made to friends and associates.

Gordon Stoker quote from book image 1Gordon Stoker quote from book image 2

Mr. Stoker, in an interview which I once saw, said something else in regard to the questions about Elvis’ “death“.  He was shrugging off all of the talk about him still being alive and he said that he got a phone call from someone saying they were Elvis’ and he just hung up.  I have never asked Jesse if he once called Mr. Stoker after 1977.  But, Jesse did say that he had called people who just hung up on him.


I was told last week that the first petition to get my web site shut down has finally gotten the 200 requested signatures in order for it to be sent to EPE and Priscilla Presley…has exceeded the 200 required.

Last night I received a notice in my news alerts that another petition has been started which closely resembles the first one claiming that I am deceiving Elvis fans and must be stopped. 

My best wishes to the two administrators of the two petitions.  My web site will not be taken down.  I say this with the fullest confidence…the truth shall stand.  My web site would not be in existence were it not in keeping with Elvis’ wishes.


I received an Email notification from Pinterest that someone had posted the beautiful photo below.  Isn’t this just so gorgeous!!

Elvis with horse photo GORGEOUS




SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2014

Looking back…

Elvis Presley
Keystone, Getty Images

June 7th, 1972 Elvis Presley makes history by performing four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. George Harrison, John Lennon, David Bowie, Bob Dylan were among music stars to attended the shows. The shows were recorded and would become the album, Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden.

Read More: This Week in Music History |

Also, more recently a DVD of some of these performances was released as “PRINCE FROM ANOTHER PLANET“.

I just saw that actually has an Elvis Presley Store…how ’bout that!  Below is the brief description and the link to it.

Visit Amazon’s Elvis Presley Store

for 1027 albums, 9 photos, 3 videos, discussions, and more.


Below is a new photo reportedly taken when Elvis arrived back at Graceland on August 16th, 1977 from his visit to the dentist.  I stumbled upon this photo and so I don’t know if it is authentic as to the time and place…but it appears to be.  Below is the link to the site on which I found it and it shows that it was originally posted to Twitter.

If, and when, Ginger Alden’s book comes out, it will open a can of worms because she was not viewed favorably by just about anyone around Elvis.  There is proof in the form of Dr. Nick’s book and the book my Nancy Rooks which tells of her true relationship with Elvis.  He was NOT going to marry her.  I will NOT be purchasing her book.  However, if I get wind that she has told any lies about Elvis, I will be displaying the truth about what she did when she found “the body” on August 16th.  For those who do not already know, she showed no signs of love for Elvis at all when she discovered “the body”.  Also, Wanda June Hill has the truth about what Elvis spoke about Ginger in her material.  Elvis meant her no harm but she was used in the plan unbeknownst to her.  Jesse wrote that he chose the “most naive” person he knew to find the body.  Elvis said that he would have no physical relations with her “because she’ll get married someday“.

I believe that the reason that Linda Thompson was eased out of Elvis’ life in 1976 was because he knew that he could not pull off the faked death with Linda living with him.  She watched over him constantly and she would have caught on to the scheme.  Furthermore, she would have certainly reacted differently had she been the one to find Elvis unconscious on the bathroom floor.  There was one HUGE difference between Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden…Linda LOVED Elvis with all her heart.  Not so with Ginger.

Last Photo of Elvis different angle


MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014

My good friend, Lucilia, shared this beautiful photo with me on Facebook.  This is so lovely and a rare photo that I have not seen before.  My thanks to Lucilia.

 Victoria Keir‘s photo.




The Elvis Experience by Dave Hebler DVD

For anyone who is not aware, Dave Hebler is one of the three former employees/friends (?) of Elvis’ who wrote the book Elvis What Happened?.   Below you will see how Elvis felt about their book in his own handwriting.  I cannot think of words to express my personal disdain of those three.  I will NEVER spend one cent on anything else any of them write.  I did, naively, buy their first book when it came out and it made  me so physically ill that I had to see my doctor.    There is no Hell hot enough for them, in my personal opinion.   They caused Elvis a lot of pain and they caused those who love Elvis a lot of pain.

Jesse has told me that he forgives them…he is a much better person than I.

Here is the letter which Jesse wrote to me in which he mentions their book:

Jesse's letter to me in July, 2002 about Hinton


Prince From Another Planet for certain.!!!!!

 Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds from Madison Square Gardens

Mark Wall Mark Wall

Published on Feb 20, 2013

Suspicious Minds from Madison Square Gardens and from the Star release Unreachable Star



1972 – Elvis Presley made entertainment history by performing 4 shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden n a matter of hours.  Among those in the audience during those four shows were George Harrison, John Lennon,David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Art Garfunkel.  The shows were recorded by RCA and in one of the fastest turnarounds in music history, the album ‘Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden’ was on sale in stores all across the country.

Elvis Madison Square Garden Opening Night – June 9th 1972

Published on Jan 22, 2013

THIS is the show that the New York media all attended; and now, after 40 years, you can finally hear the actual performance that got him so many glowing reviews. This release is the perfect companion to the recent Sony set ‘Prince From Another Planet’.



TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014

Below is an article which caught my eye because of the dateline on it…New Delhi, India!  Below is a brief excerpt from the article.  The article is lengthy but goes into details about the food and drinks which are not as important as the location of this particular Elvis festival at a restaurant.

I have occasionally seen visitors from India to my site.

Life Caffe Gets Elvis Presley on Platter

New Delhi:  “Lonesome tonight” or not, if you are in for “a little less conversation” and appetising American cuisine, head to the capital-based multi-cuisine restaurant, Life Caffe of Hotel Corus, that will take you back in time to when Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of rock and roll, ruled supreme.Titled Presley on Platter, the fest will be on all this month and it will take you back to the 1960s and 1970s when the legendary American singer ruled the music charts and hearts of many youngsters. With food categories on the menu inspired by his hit numbers like “Jailhouse rock”, “I’m all shook up” and “Love me tender”, the food, his posters and songs played at the restaurant will make you feel connected to Presley in some way or the other.


Edgar Cayce reading…

Think on This…
As ye mete to others, it comes back to thee. As ye would that others should do to thee, do ye even so to them.


I just discovered that at least one of my YouTube Channel’s videos is now appearing on another Video site to which I did not post it myself.  This is wonderful for me.  I appreciate the new exposure.





This I do believe…

Embedded image permalink



I want to share this image because of the first statement shown in it…although the rest is equally true…but the first words pertain to my web site.  “A lie doesn’t become truth…just because it is accepted by a majority.

This is from Facebook:

Right Wing News's photo.



Last Updated: June 12, 2014

Elvis Presley’s ‘Circle G’ Ranch Trades Hands

Here is the link to the full article:


FRIDAY JUNE 13, 2014

Elvis Presley quote





My good friend, BlueRose, sent a newspaper to me this week.  There is a very good article in the paper about Elvis back during his Army days.  This interview was done with a friend who served very closely with Elvis in Germany.  The following photos are from that newspaper and are some we have never seen before.  The transcript of the interview is also very interesting…especially one thing which Elvis said to this friend.

Elvis Army friends interview

Elvis and friend in Army in Germany

Elvis Army friends interview cont'd.

Mr. Wolfe quoted one thing which Elvis, himself, said.  As you can see in the below excerpt, even way back then, Elvis was already wishing he could go back to a normal life.  His life became even less normal when he returned from the Army, returned to Hollywood, married his now ex-wife, resumed concerts and touring, and became more famous than anyone else in America.  So, it is very easy for us to understand how tired he was of it all by 1977.  I cannot emphasize enough that he was telling so many people, with whom he spoke in private, that he was “so tired of being Elvis Presley.”  He told Wanda June Hill that he wanted to go back to being the normal person that he was before…if he could even remember who that was.

Elvis Army friends interview quoting Elvis

It never ceases to puzzle me why those who say they love him so much and want to honor his memory, can spend so much of their time in futility trying to deny who he is now, Jesse.  Some say that he left to save lives as a hero for America.  Elvis/Jesse IS my hero.  Yes, he did many things for our country.  He is known the world over as a goodwill ambassador for America.  He is the single most recognized American citizen the world over.  But, he was and is also a human being who was so very tired of “living up to an image” when the human being was/is something else.  Those who are circulating petitions to try to close down my web site…WHICH IS ELVIS’ WEB SITE by way of me, are doing a great disservice to Elvis by still not allowing him to be human.   In their shabby petitions they say that “Elvis deserves better than…” my web site.  Well, Elvis does not feel that way and tells me that he is so thankful to have me to stand up for him.  There is not so much as one syllable on this web site which does not honor him and portray him in the very truest manner with the utmost love and respect.  My web site will NOT be shut down.  When they send in their petitions, they will end up with egg on their faces


SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

Below is a newspaper article about Elvis’ purchase of Graceland.  Certainly not a Current News item.  But, I liked seeing it on Pinterest and thought my visitors would enjoy seeing also.  As I said I saw this on Pinterest but it originally came from

Elvis buys Graceland newspaper article


This makes me think of all the people who have tried (unsuccessfully) to destroy my web site and the truth which I am sharing.  Quite a sad lot…

You know how to tell...

from Facebook


A new friend on my Facebook page shared the following further comparison of a feature of Elvis’ face which is apparent also on Jesse’s face.  I had not taken notice of this before and I thank Debbie for bringing it to my attention.  Take a look at the crease at the bridge of both noses in these two photos.  Debbie drew in red boxes so it is very easy to see.

Crease at top of Elvis' nose matches JesseCrease at top of Jesse's nose matches Elvis


MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014

I want to share that Jesse did call me a little bit ago this afternoon.  We had a good visit and it was just so good to know that he is OK.  Again, he tried to call me in the wee hours of the morning one day last week but his phone disconnected us again.  But, I was happy just to know that he was OK and thinking of me.  He said that he is doing pretty well.  I asked about his hip and he says it continues to improve and is not giving him as much trouble as it did a while back.  He says that he still gets to see little Nick though not as often as he would like to.  He is working a little garden and he says he is enjoying that.  He asked for me to send him some photos of myself as a child…since I am his Baby Sister.  So, I will go looking back in some albums or boxes.  That is all that I have to share this time.  I hope that knowing that he is all right will  make everyone as happy as it does me.


TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014

My good friend, BlueRose, told me about seeing a character in a movie, Firehouse Dog, whose name was Jessie Presley.  So I told her that I would do some research about the movie and the character.  So, this morning I visited the and pulled up the character info for Jessie Presley.  This part is played by a lady and is a captain.  The amazing thing is the advertisement for the TV show which “coincidentally” appears on the very page with this character’s information.  Take a look below.  It just amazed me when I saw this uncanny correlation of names on the screen.  Talk about God’s little miracles of Synchronicity (When God Winks At You).  My heartfelt thanks to BlueRose for telling me about this movie.

Captain Jessie Presley (Character) 2014-06-17 13-42-58

Here is the link to this web site page so you may check it out for yourself:

Claudette Mink

Claudette Mink

Captain Jessie Presley



Edgar Cayce’s reading…

Think on This…
Know that the purpose for which each soul enters a material experience is that it may be as a light unto others; not as one boastful of self or of self’s abilities in any phase of the experience, whether mental or material, but living, being in spirit that which is ideal and not idealistic alone, nor the unattainable.

Reading 641-6



Tonight I have something so very special to share with everyone.  The following is written by Wanda June Hill personally for me to post on this web site.  She and I have become good friends and she does KNOW now that Jesse really is Elvis Presley.  I have not mentioned this before because I did not, and DO NOT, want anyone giving her any static because of her friendship with me and her support now of the truth which I have been telling on this site for the past 5 years.  Jesse and I have spoken of Wanda at length, he has told me several private things to tell her that she would recall from back all those years ago when they were such close friends.  Wanda has been reading my site, listening to Jesse’s new songs, has read Jesse’s book recently, has read many of the letters handwritten by him here on my site and she does know the truth.  She is very happy that Elvis did find a way out and that he has been alive all these years living as near to normal, as possible, a life.  Wanda recalls him talking to her so many, many times about the troubles with which he was dealing, the health issues which needed to be taken care of, of wishing he could go back to being the person that he was BEFORE he became ELVIS…saying “if I can even remember who that was“, and telling her how weary and tired he was of being ELVIS. 

Wanda was astounded to read in Jesse’s letters so many of the same things that he had spoken to her in private all those years ago.  As you  may recall, I have pointed out a few times the fact that he wrote a good-bye letter to her in very early August, 1977 (on the 3rd if I recall correctly) and then held it until time to mail it so that it would hopefully arrive to her on the 16th.  Well, she did receive it on the 15th instead.  I have since the very first time I saw that letter been absolutely convinced that he did that on purpose as a clue to her of what he had done.  When I mentioned this to him recently, he said “I didn’t think anybody noticed that!”  and sounded pleased that I did.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Wanda for preparing the following endorsement of Jesse, the truth on my web site, and myself.  She chose to do this on her own with no request from me that she write it.  Jesse did say quite a while back when we were speaking of Wanda that he was so glad that she and I were becoming friends and that he hoped that she would stand up for me.  I immediately said to Jesse “Oh no, she can’t do that!  They would come after both of us.”  I feel so very honored and blessed to be friends with Wanda who has been a hero of mine since 1990 when I first learned of and bought her books.  She has been the most beautiful friend to him and has stood up and proclaimed what a wonderful man Elvis was just as I do now.  She and I share a mission of educating people about the real man.  A lot of the image we see and hear about today is so far removed from the real man.  So many in the media, so many former associates “friends”,  former family members, and just plain greedy authors and journalists have portrayed Elvis in such a way that even the real image, not to mention the real man, has been buried beneath so many lies.  I suppose that people who feel inadequate and small within themselves seek to drag someone of Elvis’s stature and magnitude down to a level that they can relate to themselves. 

I do ask that everyone be respectful of Wanda and her privacy.  A word to the wise is sufficient:  To all the “Elvis Experts“, Memphis Mafia, Stanleys, Wests, Hebler, etc. do not even try to discredit Wanda.  Many of you know that she was there for 15 years and she saw what some of you were doing at the hotel behind Elvis’ back.   Elvis told her private things about some of you.  Wanda has been a great lady in not wasting her time refuting your lies.  She has been stronger than I.  Some of you have told vicious and slanderous untrue things about Wanda which were nothing but the creations of your evil imaginations.  Wanda has, at all times, been nothing but a true friend to Elvis and a lady in every sense of the word. 

Those who have read all of Wanda’s books and followed her on the Elvis Lighted Candle site know that she has the handwriting, the voice of Elvis speaking with her, the phone bills proving that she was speaking with Elvis.  She turned down some huge offers to publish her book by publishers who wanted to include her private tapes of her conversations with Elvis.  She didn’t bat an eye and told them firmly “NO!”  She has always kept those tapes confidential and will never release them.  My respect for Wanda is endless.

So, without further adieu, please enjoy reading Wanda’s statement below.  I am so very honored to present this to my visitors.

” I, Wanda June Hill, have known for many years and in recent months, have become a friend and full believer of Mrs. Linda Hood Sigmon who runs a wonderful website for Elvis Jesse Presley, otherwise known as “ELVIS” in all his glory. And I also know that Elvis goes by just Jesse now, that he approves her site and wants it to remain so he can know his fans are happy and enjoy it…just as he does. And that he now knows that I know “he made it”! ”


For many years I believed, because Elvis wanted me to– that he did die physically, however I now know that ELVIS did die, but only in the sense that he stopped “being”  Elvis the super star just to have a more normal life.  After all those many years of being ELVIS he was worn out, tired of spirit and body, he was killing himself and would have died had he not had the balls to say- “That’s it!  I’m outta here!  I can’t do this anymore!”  Sometimes people have to take drastic measures in order to survive mentally and physically.  His body was failing him, he had ill health a lot and had often worked feeling terrible, but he still did it the best he could; his mind was unable to shut off and sleep like a “normal person’s” and he was on a roller coaster of sleeping pills and stimulants to wake up and that was whipping him to death. He had to decide-  So he retired…but to do it he had to “kill off the image “ELVIS!” to save his life.  Do I think he was wrong?  NO WAY!  And he did not owe his fans any thing at all- he gave them everything he had already.  Only very few people knew of this plan…and I was NOT one of them. I believed, just as most of the world did.  I have recently found out and realize he just found a way to live, and I am so glad!


He was not the first man of public fame to choose to “die in order to live”…and he won’t be the last one either! 

We, the people, give them no other choice; think about it….


Thanks to Linda Sigmon, and her wonderful and honest website he was able to have a “voice” if he wanted to through her site.  Yes, she has known him for many, many years and of him even longer.  That is their business, not ours.  BUT we still had all the records, tapes, film and great memories…not many people lose a beloved one and have left what Elvis gave to us.  I appreciate it…and now even more, since I know he made the choice …to have a normal life…the life he left when he was not even 20 years old.  As he and his father say, “It came like a bolt of lightening…and changed their lives forever”…Gladys, Vernon’s and their surviving boy, Elvis.  Thank the good Lord for allowing him to live…for giving him that beautiful voice, for letting him grow up and be one of the very few men who are unforgettable and for letting us, his fans be here on earth at the same time he was!  After our generation there will not be people here who remember the living human being who became “ELVIS!”   Almost over night.


So he is Jesse now, and tries to lead a more normal life and yet he still has to “hide” from the public, the press, and his enormous fan base that stretches around the world.  THE WORLD!  …is that a heavy weight or not? Think about it; it’s still “tied” to his ankle!


If you do not believe that Elvis did not physically die, go to her site and listen to: “The Dance”, a song not even written when the world knew that Elvis was still upon this earth.  And there he is, singing to us, his last farewell to all of his beloved fans.  Now that he knows he is growing old…he says he “could die any day“…but he left us a legacy of musical genius and it was recorded, just for you. And he had to “die” just to have a more normal life…as you do, and I do…but he could not unless he went in hiding- which meant giving up everything that life gave him and meant to him…and so he did…By dying publicly, with the normal process of death…Just so he could rest and live a quiet, unassuming and wonderful life…as …just a man….who as he says, “Had a famous brother…”


If you, the reader, don’t get it, don’t understand and have ill will and thoughts about it…it is YOUR problem and not Linda’s and not his!  He paid for every minute he lived here, with his talent, his voice and his honesty and concern for his fans, “the folks who gave me all of this..” he would say, “God, bless their hearts!”  And she does all that she has done, without making one cent off doing it. In fact, it costs a small fortune to keep all that information going. It’s not done for free, and she does not get paid for doing it…other than the wonderful appreciation she receives from those who want to know…”truth shines“, said E long ago,  and he’s still right!


For all those who want to be naysayers and blast their negative opinions around the world, have fun but look out, negativity can often come back- and bite your ass.  I am going to spend my time being happy he’s still here, that he had a good life away from those blinding spotlights that caused blinding headaches, and those so called reporters reviews etc.. And even, those who feel betrayed- that he managed to find a way…just to —live.  


To all those many fans who bought my earlier books, they were as full of him as I could make them.  I wanted his fans to know the man, behind the myth.  I believed he died; I didn’t want him forgotten and I wanted to leave something for all his fans to read and be proud of the guy we knew.  I’d do it again, and I am thrilled to learn that he ‘found a way’ and he is happy, enjoying simple everyday things that we take for granted, and that he lived here with us longer than we ever expected.  God works in mysterious ways!  Thank you Lord Jesus, for sending one of your own down here to entertain us, show us a loving heart, guide us with his example and teach us with his wise and generous spirit.  “Life don’t get any better’n this!” Said he, when speaking of an award he’d received for one of his recordings… he was in his 30’s at that time…he’s still saying it today…because of YOU, who still keep him at the top- he knows you are out there…and as always, when he kneels to pray, which he says is getting  harder due to his age, he prays for you-his fans….he always did.


Thank you,

Wanda June Hill


Sincerely a fan; and always a friend…


There is one other thing which I would like to clarify regarding Wanda.  Some low-life imposter wrote a note to Wanda several months ago pretending to be Elvis.  I told Jesse about it and he said he DID NOT write that letter and he was not one bit happy that someone had tried to fool her that way.  The post mark on the letter was Kansas City, Mo.  So, you know who you are and don’t you think for even one second that it was your pitiful fake letter which convinced Wanda that Jesse is Elvis.  The last laugh is on you, you miserable so-and-so.





Below is a very special photo of Elvis with Lisa when she was tiny and he is giving her a guitar lesson.  My friend, Joe, shared this photo with me on my Facebook page.  Seeing this photo brought two other things to my mind that I will share in this same vein of thought.  Wanda June Hill told me about Elvis giving her daughter a guitar and teaching her when she was just tiny.  Wanda’s daughter did go on to write and perform songs with her own band some years ago.  Also, Jesse told me a little while back that he got Nick a guitar and that he is teaching him to play.  Jesse says that little Nick has a long way to go though.

Elvis teaching Lisa to play guitar

Oops!!!!!  I was just told that this photo is a fake and that it was Photoshopped.  I can see that now…just liked the photo and did not take time to closely analyze it when it was shared on Facebook.   I am certain that it was not originated by my friend, Joe.  Some people got too much time on their hands, I think.

I am working on a rather long article to post soon.  It is taking me a while to get it all put together…so if I am not posting too much for a day or so, please bear with me.  The article on which I am working is going to destroy the lies which have been told about Elvis in one particular instance. 


SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014

Here is a brief footnote to the above article about Elvis giving Wanda June Hill’s little daughter a guitar.  Wanda wrote to me:

Yep, he did give her his guitar to drag around when she was just 3 and

held her on his lap with the guitar in front of them and put her fingers on

the strings so she could feel the vibration and then he held her hand and

strummed the chords with her fingers and his.  She was delighted and

a bit disturbed when I said we were going to have to head home…traffic

was bad around the times people were getting off work and I wanted to

be in front of that!   He gave her the guitar but I didn’t take it because it

was super expensive and she was just a little kid…later on he gave her

the one he used in movie he did with Mary Tyler Moore, Change of Habit.

I thank Wanda so very, very, very much for her support and friendship.


Edgar Cayce reading…

Think on This…

Know first, the Lord thy God hath not tempted any soul, He hath not given any soul that it may not meet. And He hath prepared a way of escape for each soul if it will but harken to that voice deep within! Not through some long-winded individual’s sayings, not that there will not be those inclinations to say, “Well, this or that or the other makes little or no difference,” but that which is the prompting of the inner conscience.

Reading 417-8

Thank God for showing Elvis a way of escape from his misery.


This is going to be a long article because it requires a lot of documentation in order to refute lies which have been told and then repeated, repeated, repeated, and repeated by ignorant people who were not physically present at the show in question.

In order to set the stage for this article, I am furnishing a YouTube video where you may hear what Elvis did and said on stage which created a firestorm of misrepresentations.  Before, I write one more word, I want to say that I, personally, am very proud of Elvis for breaking out of “the image” to share his anger and disgust with the lies which were being spread about him. 

I am sharing a video which was placed on YouTube by someone with the good sense and insight to recognize the truth which Elvis was imparting during his speech.  My heartfelt thanks to MLordandGod who published this video on YouTube on  Mar 24, 2013.  There are other videos of Elvis’ speech which are presented in a very negative fashion…I won’t even dignify them by displaying their titles here because they are so inaccurate and disgusting.  The only thing with which I must disagree about this video is the owner’s statement that Elvis went into the Witness Protection Program.  Elvis/Jesse did elect NOT to go into the Witness Protection Program because he would have been unable to have contact with anyone.

Footnote on December 31, 2017: 

I am so sorry to discover that this video is no longer available for viewing on YouTube.

I have contacted Mr. Darrin Lee the author of 10 books which refute lies told about Elvis and “drugs”.  Mr. Lee was so very kind to respond to my request favorably and to give me complete permission to cull whatever I wished from his books to present here on my site.

I will display below, Mr. Lee’s responses to my two requests to him…he gave me permission to do so.  He is a very gracious gentleman and has gone to heroic lengths to obtain and share the real truth about Elvis to all fans who love the real man and not just the image.

This particular article deals with the show(s) which have come to be known as “Desert Storm”, the Sept. 2, 1974 show at the Hilton in Las Vegas.  Below is a video tape of the portion of this show which has become infamous because of lies being told about it which sensationalized what Elvis did and said regarding the lies about him being “strung out”.  He stated, in no uncertain terms, his truth about those lies and he also showed supporting documentation for the real truth which he was telling.

Some people have posted tapes of this speech calling it things like “drug fueled rant” or “Elvis loses control”.  These concepts of what Elvis did and said were first started by reporters who were not even present during the show…shows (plural would be the accurate term for the three speeches).  You see, most people erroneously believe that Elvis just flew into a rage during ONE show.  But, the truth is that he did the same speech during THREE shows in as many days.  He planned ahead to have substantiating proof on stage with him to present.  Thus, to show that he most certainly was a federal agent in the narcotics control division.  He had Charlie standing by each time with an award which he had just been presented for his work in that field…from the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.  He also had a book written by Mr. John O’Grady who was a long-time narcotics officer in Hollywood.  Elvis had this book on stage and had Mr. O’Grady stand up when he introduced him from the stage.  Elvis also had Mr. Ed Parker stand as he introduced him and explained that he had been awarded the 8th degree black belt in Karate.

I do urge everyone to buy a copy of all the Kindle books by Darrin Lee to read the full truth.  Mr. Lee, at his own expense, has gone to great lengths to learn the real truth by researching and interviewing people who were present during the speeches.  Each of his individual books address one big lie told about Elvis.

Here is the link to Darrin’s books on  Those who are Amazon Prime members may read the books for free.  Those who have a Kindle reader may purchase each book for only .99 cents.  There are 10 books in all.  I cannot recommend these fine books enough.


*Footnote on December 31, 2017…

I am sorry that Darrin’s books are no longer available on Kindle.  Darrin has released some of his books in paperback form for sale on Amazon.  These can all be found by searching on YouTube for Darrin Lee Memmer.  Here is the link to my search:

Darrin Lee

Dear Ms. Sigmon:

I appreciate your kind and supportive words. Please cull quotes & facts (from my books) that you find to be valuable for your website visitors.

Adding a link to the page featuring my specific Kindle project will be just fine, ma’am.

Elvis is my hero and the Truth is what I seek to publish. It means a lot for fellow fans to be open to learning the facts… not EPE-approved, Peter Guralnick gutter trash.

God bless you and I make no negative judgment on your work, my new friend.

TCB, Darrin Lee

April 29

Darrin Lee

Dear Linda,

I have been off FB for most of the past 2 weeks. Feel free to share my reply with fellow Elvis fans. God bless you.

TCB, Darrin

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Darrin for allowing me to use excerpts from his books.  

Below is the cover of this particular book:

“If You Think You Know Elvis “When Elvis Presley prowled the stage on 2nd September 1974, he could never have imagined this would become his most infamous performance since he’d last wooed audiences with his “pelvic gyrations” in the 1950’ s. He was now a living legend. He didn’t have to prove himself to anyone. Or did he? Why did the King get angry that night? Darrin Lee has painstakingly disassembled every aspect of the concert that was to become known as Desert Storm. His detractors said that Elvis’ words were nothing but the mad ramblings of a junkie. This book uncovers the real, vulnerable Elvis. Elvis wanted to be heard that night. Now, at last, he has been given a voice. This is truly the shattering of a myth. The author, a lifelong Elvis fan, has uncovered the facts behind the fabrications and come up with some startling and surprising conclusions. This is a true story. This is the story of Desert Storm.

All of the excerpts which I am presenting are from this one book.

Lee, Darrin (2012-07-01). Elvis Presley – Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Concert Drug Myth! (Kindle Locations 85-840). EP Books. Kindle Edition.

On Labor Day, 2nd September 1974, The Elvis Presley Show closed its sold out, two-week engagement in the Las Vegas Hilton’s Showroom Internationale by performing an 8: 00 pm dinner show and a 12: 00 am midnight show. Mr. Lee Cotten believes (and rightly so) that the early performance “rates as one of Elvis’ best concerts ever.”

 “Elvis’ performance is superb. A long show, very intense [with] a freshness that cannot be denied. Elvis performs with energy and enthusiasm; you can feel the emotion in the music, which suggests a great mood. We think the crowd definitely got their money’s worth that evening!” MxF put a considerable amount of effort into the Time To Dare project and deserves credit for daring to honor Elvis, when others in the import CD community hold fast to the Internet-driven cliché of acting ashamed of their hero’s “pillhead” behavior.

It must have been hard for Elvis to sing and move at the same time like this, but he made it look so easy. It was simply fantastic to watch. He introduced Ed Parker, who had recently promoted him to 8th degree black belt. Elvis then talked about John O’Grady and a new book that he had out and also explained O’Grady’s involvement with the fight against drugs. What we heard next rocked me and we could not believe what we were hearing from Elvis Presley. He began with telling us of how he hated the movie gossip magazines and that they were all “junk.” How they made up stories especially about him. He said that in this day and age , “You’re not just sick, you are strung out!” His eyes became wider as he spoke and I will never forget those eyes. The only time he ever got strung out was on his music, he told us. We all clapped and cheered, but he got more and more angry as he continued. Finally getting so angry he hit the stage floor saying, “I will pull your goddamn tongue out by the roots!” It was plain to see that Elvis was clearly sick and tired of all the rumors and gossip and this was his way of getting it off his chest. By golly he did! He needed to get out of this mood and decided to sing the Hawaiian Wedding Song. To my amazement Elvis calmly, although a little annoyed, began to sing. Elvis sang it so well that I began to forget about what had just happened. His anger had now turned back to fun. Elvis wanted to sing the ending of the song again but this time with the lights on… My next surprise was to meet the rest of the Presley family. Elvis’ father came on stage and he also asked for Colonel Parker. Elvis talked about his jewelry that he’d worn for the Aloha TV Special and one ring in particular. With a cheeky grin told us that we had helped pay for it. With a little laugh and a wave he started to sing the final song, Can’t Help Falling in Love. It was nearly the end of the show but one more surprise was still to come for me. Elvis asked Charlie to bring him a guitar, he then walked straight over to me and pointed down at me and said, “This guy had this guitar made just for me.” Of course it was not me, but Jim Curtin. He was leaning on my shoulder trying to shake Elvis’ hand – many more were trying to do the same. I reached out as far as I could and finally he grabbed my fingertips, moved away, stood up, turned and disappeared through the gold curtains, leaving me with so many mixed feelings. It’s been hard to keep so many emotions and unbelievable happenings locked in my mind. This was my last Elvis show, but boy it was a terrific show. One I will never forget. How could it get better than that!”

There were six key elements in Elvis Presley’s public refutation of The Hilton Rumor: 1. An introduction of P.I. John O’Grady, a plug of his book O’Grady, and the paternity suit revelations disclosed on or about page 166. 2. An introduction of his Karate instructor from Los Angeles – Senior Grand Master Edmund Kealoha Parker, Sr. 3. A reading of the inscription on the certificate he received from the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. 4. An explanation that being sick with a high temperature is why he had to cancel both shows on the 26th. 5. A statement in no uncertain terms that he was not, nor had he ever in his life been, strung out on drugs. 6. A statement identifying an employee of the Hilton Hotel as the party responsible for starting the “strung out” rumor and that he faced serious bodily harm if caught spreading it. Circumstances point to Elvis learning the scope of The Hilton Rumor on the evening of September 1st, as his mood during the late show on the 31st was much too carefree and light for him to have known yet. In total, three Hilton Rumor monologues (Drugs Dialogues) were delivered and the content, coherence and fluidity of each reveal they were scripted and rehearsed by Elvis prior to taking the stage.

Near the end of the Group and Celebrity Introductions portion of the show, Elvis addressed The Hilton Rumor at length for the first time. “There’s a fellow in the audience I’d like you to meet ladies and gentlemen. He’s been a friend of mine for five years. He was head of the narco division in Los Angeles for 26 years. His name is John O’Grady and he has a book coming out called O’Grady. In the book on page 166 there is three pages, almost three, about myself, his relationship with me, my family, and that paternity suit that he handled that turned out to be just a complete hoax. And… [The audience interrupts with applause in support of his innocence ] So he’s now a private investigator and he’s a good friend of mine. He and his wife just came here to visit and he’s written a book called O’Grady. And it’s his life – John O’Grady. Let them see you. Stand up John. John. Stand up. [The audience gives Mr. O’Grady a hand as he takes a bow]

So you know, last week I got a little. I got sick. I had a little temperature of about a hundred and two degrees. The rumor spread around this hotel that I was strung out on something. [Elvis’ temper starts to flare] I have never been strung out of in my life! You know, really. [The audience applauds and cheers] And I don’t know which hotel employee, if I find you saying that – a waiter, a bellhop or what – I will break your goddamn neck! [As the audience responds with yet another big round of applause and cheers, Elvis turns to Charlie Hodge, who hands him his INEOA certificate] This certificate is from the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. [Reads from the INEOA certificate] ‘This award is a special honor that’s bestowed upon Elvis Presley in testimony, whereof, that causes this certificate to be signed by the executive officers of the association, this day, a lifetime member of the International Narcotics Officers Association.’ “That’s a worldwide organization. [The audience applauds and cheers] I’m not strung out! Ladies and gentlemen, I have carried a federal narcotics badge for five years. [More applause] They won’t give that to you if you’re strung out. I just got to be an 8th degree black belt in Karate. They don’t give you a degree for that either. In fact, I would like you to meet my Karate instructor from Los Angeles. He’s head of the Kenpo school there. He’s a Sunday school teacher and he’s a Mormon. He’s a 10th degree Grand Master. Ed Parker . Stand up. Stand up Ed.” [The audience gives Mr. Parker a big round of applause as Elvis concludes The Hilton Rumor monologue..

[Reads from his INEOA certificate] ‘In recognition of the outstanding loyalty and contribution in the support of narcotic law enforcement. This award is a special honor that’s bestowed upon Elvis Presley, so and so. A lifetime member of the International Narcotics Association.’ [The audience applauds] Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say this. They don’t give you that if you’re strung out. I hold an 8th degree black belt in Karate and therefore it carries the title of Master of the Art. And they don’t give you that if you’re strung out. [More applause] I could not face my father, Priscilla, my baby, my friends, nobody, if I was ever in my life strung out.

2nd September 1974 Midnight Show Near the end of the show Elvis took a couple of minutes to address The Hilton Rumor for the third, and final, time. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I’d like you to meet one of the fellas that promoted me to the 8th degree black. His name is Ed Parker. He has about 18 Kenpo schools around the country. [The audience gives Mr. Parker a round of applause] There’s another fellow in the audience, let me see that book, that’s a friend of mine. His name is John O’Grady. He’s written a book. [Charlie hands Elvis the copy of O’Grady] He was head of the narco squad in Holly/ Los Angeles for 26 years. And on the 166th page , he’s got about three pages about me and my ex-wife Priscilla, and about our friendship, and about that paternity suit that turned out to be a complete conspiracy and a hoax.

Elvis, “September 27th. It will fascinate you. It’s about 26 years of a hard line policeman workin’ in the narco squad outta Hollywood, so you can imagine what it’s like. Buy this book. It’s called O’Grady. Okay. [During the applause for Mr. O’Grady, Charlie hands Elvis his INEOA certificate] John just came back from New York where he had a meeting of this. I have been a member of this organization for five years – the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. [Elvis reads from the INEOA certificate] ‘In recognition of the outstanding loyalty and contribution in the support of narcotic law enforcement. This award is a special honor bestowed upon Elvis Presley in testimony, so and so. A lifetime member, the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.’ So I just got that. “I don’t pay any attention to rumors. I don’t pay any attention to movie magazines. I don’t read ‘em, because they’re all junk! And uh… [The audience interrupts with a loud round of applause] I don’t mean to put anybody’s job down. I’m talking about, they have a job to do and they have gotta write something. So if they don’t know anything they make it up. You know, so… [The audience interrupts with another big round of applause] In my case, they make it up. But I hear rumors flyin’ around. I got sick in the hospital. Well, I was… you know, in this day and time you can’t even get sick. You are strung out! [Elvis’ temper begins to flare] Well by God, I’ll tell you something friend. I haven’t ever been strung out in my life, except on music . When I got sick here in the hotel. I got sick here that one night and I had a hundred and two temperature, they wouldn’t let me perform. From three different sources I heard, I was ‘strung out on heroin’. I swear to God, hotel employees jack. Bellboys, freaks that carry your luggage up to the room. People who are workin’ around, you know, talkin’ – maids. And I was sick. “I had a doctor. I had the flu. And I got over it in one day and was all right. But all across this town, I was strung out. So I told ‘em earlier and don’t you get offended ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking to somebody else . If I find or hear the individual that has said that about me, I’m gonna break your goddamn neck you son of a bitch! [Amidst a round of audience applause Charlie reminds Elvis to “tell‘em about Lisa.”]  That is dangerous. That is damaging to myself, to my little daughter, to my father, to my friends, my doctor, to everybody and my relationship with you, my relationship up here on the stage. It is dangerous. I will pull your goddamn tongue out by the roots! [More applause] Thank you very much.” [Elvis concludes the Hilton Rumor monologue]

The Drugs Dialogue: The Correct Solution? Dr. Laura Schlessinger , a 1st degree Tae Kwan Do black belt: “Yes. Violence is sometimes the absolutely correct solution. Sometimes the threat of it is sufficient because most, but not all, bad guys are cowards. So some of the time it will make the cowardly types back off and pick somebody weaker, then you have to defend them. Remember, you don’t hit first but you protect yourself and others from bad guys.” Ed Parker taught his Kenpo students to be cognizant that “fame often necessitates upholding your name and reputation.” If you are incapable of recognizing the most famous man in the history of show business had this necessity and acted appropriately on the 1st and 2nd of September then, for you, The Drugs Dialogue will forever remain an enigma. What has been described as a “rant” and “rave out” was just the opposite. The Drugs Dialogue was thoughtfully crafted and delivered in a reposeful manner without the omission of a single key element. An emerging theory is that when Elvis awoke on Sept. 3rd, it was with a feeling of regret for losing his temper on stage. This is Ivory tower type thinking because he and Charlie Hodge took steps to combat The Hilton Rumor by ensuring that the profanity-laced threat of violence found its way into print. Elvis was proud of what he said during Desert Storm and why shouldn’t he have been, it was the truth.

Consider a passage from one of EP’s favorite spiritual books – Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography Of A Yogi – that taught him to be “softer than the flower where kindness is concerned and stronger than thunder where principles are at stake.” Relying on gut instinct and the laudable desire to protect all that he held dear, Elvis faced down The Hilton Rumor in true Presley style – no fear, just fire. When you factor his personal attributes into the delivery of an impassioned response to a damaging rumor, you have TNT on your hands.

I absolutely could not be more proud of how Elvis handled The Hilton Rumor . The fact that his proclamation of innocence (as well as opinion about those that spread drug rumors) is on record is very important – he left no gray area. Elvis Aaron Presley is the greatest entertainer to ever live; for evidence, you need look no further than the 1974 Hilton “Summer Festival” and Desert Storm.

In closing about the above book, I advise those who read the book to take time to pay attention to Chapter 8:  TCB Band Musicians: Elvis Was Very High, Out Of It And Stoned During Desert Storm.  I was very shocked and dismayed when I saw in this chapter how disloyal and either dishonest or ignorant in their summation of Elvis’ speeches during Desert Storm members of the TCB band were.  I am very saddened to see members of the TCB band so glibly chalk off Elvis’ speeches as being caused by drugs.  What a crock!!!!  This from people who were there during all three performances and saw and heard that Elvis came prepared to document his facts and repeated the same prepared speech all three times.  Was no one true to Elvis???

Lee, Darrin (2012-07-01). Elvis Presley – Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Concert Drug Myth! (Kindle Locations 1218-1220). EP Books. Kindle Edition.

As I posted Thursday, here on my site, Wanda June Hill has become a very good friend and has given me permission to display anything which she has shared with me about any topic on which I am working in which her input would be pertinent.  I thank Wanda from the very bottom of my heart for her friendship, support, and for sharing her most unique memories of being a trusted confidante to Elvis’ for 15 years right up until the day he “retired” on August 16, 1977.

As I knew that Wanda had told me before that she had spoken with Elvis about the “drug dialogue” about which so many lies were being told, I wrote to her and asked if she could give me some firsthand knowledge about this topic.  She so generously wrote back with some totally unique and valuable facts about the truth of the “Desert Storm” show(s).


We were there…nearly 87 times in 3 years and a lot the last time…too.  He was never, ever staggering or drunk…except if he was being funny and faked it!  Don’t they know the difference?!

Elvis was livid over the rumors and tales being spread about in Vegas and when it kept getting back to him, he lost his cool.  But he wasangry, and he reacted in a normal and rational way.  He said he would “bust the ass of any one he caught saying those type things” and he knelt on one knee and pounded his fist on the floor for emphasis and not out of being “drugged up“.  He absolutely was NOT drugged nor out of it in any way.  He expressed his anger, calmly and rationally and he flat said what he’d do to whomever it was telling lies.  I personally, was proud of him.  I was not alone, he got a standing ovation and many clapping of hands.  And the audience was when it was over and everyone leaving, all expressing their pleasure at seeing him being human and “just like us” kind of thing.  They enjoyed it and they were excited and pleased to have been there to see him telling it like it is…   No one that I saw nor spoke with or heard had any negative thing to say about his comments.  They got a kick out of seeing that he was “a real person, not just an image”.  And guess what, at the next show he did a repeat…he wanted everyone to know what he thought and so the second show was “new people” in his mind…a lot of them were there for the first show too…and they enjoyed hearing him again!   Those who say otherwise either were not there, had never been there and were repeating the words of like and the same, people who have no clue and just repeat what they think they heard from someone else repeating… The truth is so simple…of course it has to be added to…right?  No.  The truth is he was honest and reacted like anyone human would have under the same conditions.   In fact, he was quite gentlemanly about it and had it been me, I would have been cursing and spewing fire and brimstone…but not him.  He was angry, calm and dignified and got his point across cleanly. Then he went on with the show.  His eyessaid more than his mouth…believe me!  Anyone down close enoughto see them…saw the fire!  Elvis was no push over…if it was wrong…he’d say so.  And who better than him to defend his honor? We were there two different nights; he repeated the same comments at all the shows…and was at all times, dignified and straight forward andhe did pound the floor each time for emphasis.  Better to pound the floor than show off his extended “x-rated vocabulary” right? I think that was his point.

Most everyone at those shows who got to see him {at his “best” in my opinion) were happy and pleased to see that he did have human feelings inside that glorious ELVIS body and suit.  And no one I was around ever said anything bad about it.  Even a news reporter for the Vegas paper was excited and anxious to print something regarding his comments.  He said it was “about time that Elvis spoke up, that he didn’t have to stand by and take a kick in the ass just because he was ELVIS.”  I liked that.  I will also say that we had to go to several places just to get a copy of that newspaper article! They just flew off the shelves and racks -It had a nice photo of him on stage and inside one of him kneeling on one knee pounding the floor!  Great press!

I do not remember his exact words…but he was angry, clear headed and openly expressing his thoughts.  And he had EVERY right to do that.  It was his reputation- and they were wrong!  Linda, the reason that began is due to his guys doing drugs…and also, the fact that he would take sleeping pills or he would never get any sleep.  So he would sometimes be a tad groggy and he commented about it from the stage, saying he had just got up and even saying he had taken some sleeping pills his doctor gave him, and they had finally made him sleep.  Then he had to get up to do the show, take a shower and so forth, and it hadn’t worn off yet.  And he apologized for being a little off and slow and said he would go to bed earlier so he’d be awake by show time.  I did not see anything wrong with that…he got claps and squeals from his audience just for telling them!  He looked at the guys standing behind him and said something and they kind of grinned…we were not close enough to hear all of what he said, but it was something about how good the audience was to understand…. Of course that would never be told by the press-instead they would turn it around to say he was groggy and staggering…or worse… Linda, this is what needs to be said…  “Almost every write up about Elvis’ shows were written bypeople who NEVER even came to one of them.  That is a fact.  I personally know that the Los Angeles Times ran stories written by writers who never were there!  I know because I did interviews after his death and I asked several reporters interviewing me if they had seen his shows…had ever been there themselves and NOT ONE of them had!  They had “friends” who went and that is where  they took their “first hand information from.”   I told them I had been there, and the reports of those shows were lies.  And I challenged one of them to put that comment in their story.  One did. Only one out of 5 newspapers….just one!   I do know that they sold every copy they had printed about his shows. And they did not “crap on him” either…they did a good review or the reporter actually did go see his show-3 times.  He was an older gentleman and he called me to tell me he was very impressed with Elvis and that from now on he said, “I’m a fan!”.  I told Elvis and he said, “Gawd damn time someone with ‘eyes that see and ears that hear’, showed up!”  Now I don’t recall what that phrase came from but it was some book he’d read, I’m sure.  Maybe the Bible?  He took a lot of things from it, and used them in every day speech….as well as how to deal with his fellow humans etc…  He once said, that if he was not able to figure out what to do or say, he’d just think, “what would Jesus do” and it’d come to him.

Good grief, how much more do we have to do and say to get people to realize this was a really good guy, who cut slack for so many others around him, some he never knew or saw and he still gave them the benefit of a doubt.  Why doesn’t he rate the same kind of understanding?

From a later Email from Wanda:

I never saw Elvis give a truly bad show and believe me I saw a lot of them in Vegas and also when he was out here…we slept out several nights for tickets…we were always down front as a result and we saw them all. He worked with a bad cold, he worked with the flu, he had to run back behind the curtain to toss his “cookies” etc and we saw him handed a glass of water and he rinsed his mouth and then spat it on the floor behind the band.  He apologized for being ill, and he got a standing ovation and applause!  He said to the Stamps, “Lord, see what I get for bein’ sick…”  And he thanked the audience and sang a gospel song which was “Why Me, Lord”.   And he also did “Stand by Me” that same night.  He had come out with 102 fever and that made him throw up and he said something about it being a “poor show” and the people yelled and cheered for him again…and he just shook his head and grinned at JD and then said, “Thank you all, thank you very much“…and asked people to sit down and he’d try to do some more songs.  He had to sip water between them and once ran to the side and “tossed whatever it was” as he put it, and then he sang some more…his voice was a tad raw but he still did a super job and put all he had into it.  The curtain closed at the end and he came and stood in front of it and thanked everyone for putting up with him and he’d try to get over it before the next show…he knew a lot of people came and saw several shows in a row…which always just amazed him they would do that…after all there were all the other entertainers in town…he wondered why they just came to see his???  yeah??? we could tell him!  But he wouldn’t believe it. In his mind their shows and vocals were as good as or better than his any day.

Also, I wish to include in this article several things which Wanda wrote to me some time ago pertaining to Elvis’ trip to Washington, his visit with President Nixon, the federal narcotics badge, also some of his police department badges, and his awarded degrees in Karate.
“I also know what he had to say about that trip and how exciting it was for him, personal excitement, not he said, “Elvis on stage” kind of thing.  He was going because he wanted to and he HAD made plans to do it, but it had to be unexpected and quiet so whatever went on before he took off, he had planned…perhaps even to an argument…as cover for what really he was going to do.  He said that no one at “home” he meant Graceland and his wife, etc…was even interested in his desire to do something exciting and also return the good things he’d had happen to him via his fans, “to the country we all live in“.  He said all along how he felt like he was “given information because of who he was” and that maybe it was said because he should do something to help straighten things out.

He was “not into the hippy thing once they began snorting and smokin‘ ” and he  felt that he could get his “foot in the door easier than most folks no matter their rank”.  Because he was ELVIS…and they’d “trust him” because after all, he did drugsthat was the rumor and he was going to use it.”…what they do not say or tell is that he had already taken all the tests and read all the rules and regulations and spoken with other people in that line of work etc. and that he had done the same for his police credentials...they were NOT just given to him.

He didn’t get the Karate awards and degrees “because he was Elvis” either.  Ed Parker said Elvis worked his ass off practicing and preparing for the fights and competition he had to perform for those degrees and that he (Ed) had never known anyone who so loved the spiritual lessons and reading required to achieve the top degrees.  But Elvis enjoyed it all, and he so abused his hands…it was true what his cousin said, “Elvis had calluses on the sides of his hands“, and he had joint injuries that did not heal back normally…like his little finger that he could barely bend even a little bit.  His finger tips were tough and his hands were very strong.”

Footnote:  Wanda is referring to the video statement made by Gene Smith who was Elvis’ very close friend and cousin from when they were toddlers.  In the video Gene said that he stood and looked at the body in the coffin for a good while and he noticed things which were just not like Elvis.  Gene said that the hands were as smooth as a newborn baby’s behind and that Elvis had calluses on his hands from breaking boards, etc.  Here is the link to a YouTube video of Gene making this statement:

In closing this article, I want to once more so strongly encourage everyone to read the books written by Darrin Lee.

Also, as I have done a number of times here on my site, I once more cannot strongly enough emphasize the importance of the books which were written by Wanda June Hill.  She is one of the most honest and credible authors who has ever written about Elvis.  She was much closer to him for years than many of the Memphis Mafia.  They may have spent more time in his presence, but it was Wanda to whom Elvis turned when he needed someone to talk with about the things which were near and dear to his heart; things which were troubling his mind; misdeeds of those around him and in his life…she was a most trusted friend and confidante.  Many of the Memphis Mafia do not like Wanda and have, in the past, hurled all sorts of lies about her in an effort to discredit her.  The reasons for their doing so is that of them knowing that she actually does know the truth about a lot of them…things which Elvis told her in private as well as things which she observed them doing around the hotel where they were staying on a number of occasions…in elevators, parking decks, etc. 

Here are the links to her two books:

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We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback

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By Wanda June Hill


SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014 (6:28 PM)

Just want to share that Jesse did just call me a couple of minutes ago.  He is feeling well today and was getting ready to go out for a while.  So, we only spoke for a few minutes.  He mostly wanted to see if I had received something which he mailed to me recently which I did receive on Friday.  No news this time…just like to let everyone know when I hear from him and that he is well.


MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014

For anyone who has taken an interest in the Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis records from Sun AFTER 1978, there is an original vinyl record of the duet “Save The Last Dance For Me” up for sale on Ebay at a very reasonable price.  Below is the link to this item.

Also, this seller has an audio player where you may listen to the entire song before buying.



Starting Bid:

$2.99 (0 Bids)



End time:

Jun-27-14 17:07:47 PDT




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