A friend on Facebook, Trish, shared the following with me.  It is from a USA Today news article regarding the top 10 Conspiracies in the USA.

This news story ran on Channel 9’s News in Colorado and the following is from their web site:

DIA makes top 10 list of conspiracies in US

(DIA stands for Denver International Airport)

The following is the story which, of course, is important to us:

Elvis Presley is still alive, possibly in Kalamazoo, Michigan or Tennessee, but who knows?

Though sightings and apparently serious journalism about the subject have dropped off sharply since the 1980s and ’90s, the rumors that Elvis Presley is still alive are still, erm, alive! Many strongly believe that Elvis faked his death to escape his oppressive celebrity status or possibly to dodge a debt he owed to someone in the Mafia. Thousands of alleged Elvis sightings have been reported, with the flame being happily fanned by the media, mostly notably Gail Brewer Giorgio who published the book “The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told” in 1988, later re-titled “Is Elvis Dead?” Her key evidence was a tape of a male voice speaking about the alleged conspiracy to fake Elvis’ death. A voice analyst concluded that voice on the tape was Elvis’. Bill Bixby later hosted two TV specials on the subject: “The Elvis Files” (1991) and “The Elvis Conspiracy” (1992).

(Copyright © 2014 USA TODAY)

This article is mistaken about the title of Gail’s book in that it should read “Is Elvis Alive?



THE INFLUENCE OF ELVIS PRESLEY – Discovery Music History Biography (full documentary)

THE INFLUENCE OF ELVIS PRESLEY – Discovery… by carl-newberry



Legendary Elvis  Posted on Facebook

(Aloha From Hawaii) There was no musical director and no choreographer. Elvis just got up there and sang, and everybody took their musical cues from what he did at the time. The special had a great dramatic effect..and contributed to the legend. When people went to see him, they didn’t care what he said; what mattered was the feeling he put into a song. They knew he put everything he had into every song he sang. He and the audience had a love affair.
Joan Deary. RCA Executive

Legendary Elvis   Posted on Facebook

He was a wonderful, kind and funny man. If any of what I say here will help you see what he was really like, then that is a real plus for me. Elvis in Focus. Sean Shaver


I want to say a hearty “Welcome” to those visitors who are on my site this morning.  I was so pleased when I saw that the last 20 visits took place in only 42 minutes and that there are visitors from so many foreign countries.  Below is the list:

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Legendary Elvis  Posted to Facebook

We were all at RCA Victor getting ready to do a session, and we didn’t know whether to expect Elvis at seven o’clock, eight o’clock or nine o’clock. We were facing the control room…No-one was facing the back entrance, and Presley never came in any way except through the side or front door and through the control room. So we were all kind of watching for him there. Well, we were listening to demos that Freddy Bienstock…was hoping Presley would record. The record player was playing loud, people were talking to each other; some were taking notes. Even with the record player going, everybody- there were twenty-three of us in that room – everybody turned around at one time when Presley just had walked in the back door. He hadn’t made a sound – you couldn’t have heard it if he had – but everybody, just like we were on pivots, turned and there he was. It was a strange feeling…Presley walked into that room, and everybody turned. Now that really made me think.’What a burden this boy’s got to carry!’ Because if you have that mystique about you, and you affect people that way with just a physical presence, it’s hard to have any privacy at all.
Ray Walker. The Jordanaires

Ray was exactly right…he had NO privacy at all.  Even inside his home, there were various people present all the time.  He was expected to be “ELVIS” all the time.  Even when he retreated to his private quarters, he had to lock the doors and just ignore the notes passed under the door by those associates who were trying to get his attention.  


Below is an expanded view of Elvis sitting in  a car wearing his DEA STAFF logo on his jacket. This photo is from United Elvis Admins on Facebook.  I love the fact that he wore this logo so frequently as his departure date of 1977 approached.  Another clue left for us to follow.

Elvis with DEA staff on jacket different view

Be sure to listen closely to the words in Jesse’s song below which correlate to his having been a government agent.   This is a playful rap song…but there are grains of truth in it as well.

Also, this is one of the 15 songs included on the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD which was released in Jan. 2012.

You may also listen to this song, as well as the other 14 songs, by activating the music player shown in your upper left side of each page on this site.  This is the voice of Elvis Presley today.


Today was the anniversary of a very happy day for all of us old timers.  It is the anniversary of the day on which Elvis was discharged from the Army in 1960.  Ahhhh…I remember it well. 




SATURDAY, 7, 2015

Please be sure to revisit the DEA photo of Elvis above as I have now added an audio of one of Jesse’s songs.

I remind everyone that I have an entire long.g.g.g page devoted to the topic of Elvis’ law enforcement involvement…complete with images, badges, videos, etc.  For those who have not yet visited that page at all, I do believe you will come away with a whole new perspective about Elvis/Jesse as well as a whole new respect for him.  Below is the link to that page.


Another informative news article from The Commerical Appeal about the status of Elvis’ planes:



Jesse phoned me a few minutes ago and we had a good visit.  He is OK today.  He said that he has been reading all of the messages which I mailed out to him in the package on Friday, Feb. 27.  He is enjoying them.  He said that he wishes he could respond to each of them…and to speak with and pray with those who have difficulties.  But, it just simply isn’t possible.  

He says that he gets out for a ride for a while everyday and that is enjoyable.  He recently went out to a mall, which is something he has not done in so many years, and he was surprised by how much everything has changed.  

As always, I was so happy to get to hear from him and to know he is all right.


This is my first ever attempt at creating a movie compiled from photos and with a music audio accompanying it.  So, please forgive the glitches..maybe I’ll do better the next time.  🙂

The images in this video document that Elvis was a federal agent as well as an officer in a number of law enforcement agencies.

Even though he sings about being in the witness protection program in the accompanying song. He has said that. in reality, he chose not to enter that program because it would have meant that he could never be in touch with anyone.

I have uploaded this video to my profile page timeline on Facebook and will attempt to insert it below.



My good friend, Lucilia shared the following with me on Facebook.  This is her response to the most recent phone call from Jesse about which I posted.  

Linda Sigmon, and still today … 


The following photo is one which Wanda June Hill shared with me recently.  She recalls Elvis telling her how he would  stand outside of some of the places that his band members liked to frequent.  I will include some of Wanda’s own words about this below with the photo.  

This photo was taken at the Eagle’s Nest.

I thank Wanda, from the bottom of my heart for sharing her memories with me.  

Young Elvis at Eagle's Nest

Here are Wanda’s memories of what Elvis told her.  

“His momma told him, he said- to stay away from “those bad women” who

come to such places “alone”.  So between sets with his group, he went

outside and got some fresh air.  It was he said, “smokey in there”…

and that dried out his throat too much for singing good.”


Also, a similar account of those early days is found in a recently published book titled ELVIS: An American Trilogy, Volume 1…”FAMILY” Mississippi to Memphis by Dennis W. Forbus.  I will display the cover of this book below along with a tiny excerpt from Mr. Forbus’ book.

Mr. Forbus has written his book in the first person…meaning that it is written as though it is Elvis himself telling the story.  Mr. Forbus has interviewed people from Elvis’ life and gathered his material in that manner.  This book contains many photos (some very old) of places in Elvis’ very early life.  It is an interesting read.

Here is a link to where you may purchase this book:
Elvis: An American Trilogy – Volume One: Family, Mississippi to Memphis

A journey through the world of Elvis, before the world knew Elvis. This volume one of our trilogy brings out the very roots of the Presley and Smith Families, in depth stories never before shared in publications, from people never before heard of in the Elvis world. Yes, some fresh stuff for the Elvis fans and collectors. This project will reveal family photos, historical documents, and property locations and proof of places Elvis lived that few have ever been told about, much less seen pictures of. Interviews from family members, friends, church members, classmates, fans, and even people that made fun of Elvis, laughed at him, and gave him the very reason to one day sing and record his hit song, “Don’t Be Cruel.” This volume goes in great details of family roots and childhood stories, mishaps, and mysteries. The volumes coming soon deals with his friends and fans, and his faith and his final days. Stories told by those that knew Elvis the boy, or the man, long before he became Elvis, The King of Rock-n-Roll! Even get to hear stories that came right from Elvis himself! Nineteen years of interviewing family, friends, band members, background singers, church members, body guards, and many more. Over 73 people have been interviewed and used in this trilogy set. Four years of actual investigating and writing this project. Nine trips to Tupelo, seven trips to Memphis and Graceland, and many miles travels to parts throughout America. Why? To simply place proof and integrity inside these pages. Both the author, as well as the publisher, have went to great lengths to print what we believe is the truth according to our historical facts findings over the past years.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015

Elvis’ Planes Could Take Flight in New Museum

By Amos Maki

Two jets once belonging to Elvis Presley that have been displayed at Graceland for years could be destined for a museum, if the group that owns the planes has its way.

OKC Partnership, which owns two once belonging to Elvis Presley, wants to build a museum near Graceland for the planes.

(Daily News File/Lance Murphey)

OKC Partnership, which owns the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II jets, has applied to the Office of Planning and Development for a planned development to allow a museum featuring Elvis Presley’s airplanes at 3850 Elvis Presley Blvd. The museum would be located on a vacant lot that was formerly home to Covenant Presbyterian Church.

The property owner is listed on the application as JHK LP. Public records show the 5.7-acre site is owned by JHK LP (75 percent),VSL Holdings LLC (12.5 percent) and Jimmy Demming (12.5 percent).Tim McCaskill of McCaskill & Associates is listed as the representative and engineer for the project.

Last year, Elvis Presley Enterprises asked OKC Partnership to remove the jets from Graceland by this spring.

The partnership and EPE entered into an agreement years ago that gave OKC a share of ticket sales in return for keeping the planes there. But EPE CEO Jack Soden sent a letter to the partnership last year saying EPE was exercising its option to end the agreement and asking the planes’ owner “to make arrangements for the removal of the airplanes and the restoration of the site on or shortly after April 26, 2015.”

The planes have been popular with tourists, who can board each one and get a sense of how the king of rock ‘n’ roll traveled. The Lisa Marie, the larger of the two planes, includes a bed, stereo system, conference room and gold-plated bathroom fixtures.

The planes are on the move as EPE and New York-based Authentic Brands Group plan a major renovation and expansion of the Graceland campus.

In December, the board of the city-county Economic Development Growth Engine approved the creation of a Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, district around Graceland, one of the city’s most visited attractions. The TIF will collect incremental increases in property tax revenue to help pay for major improvements to Graceland and the immediate area around Elvis Presley’s former mansion in Whitehaven, including the resort-style Guest House at Graceland hotel.

After patiently buying properties around the mansion over a period of decades – the Graceland campus now totals roughly 120 acres – EPE is prepared to create a more immersive, interactive experience, one the company hopes will lead to longer visitor stays.

In addition to the hotel, planned improvements include updated displays and exhibits and a new, 200,000-square-foot ticketing, retail, exhibit and meeting development on the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard that will replace the converted strip retail center built in the 1950s.




FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015

I want to thank every single visitor who is adding to the total number of visitors to this web site.  I could not be happier with the growth in numbers.  I am hoping for 700,000 before the end of May, 2015.  That will be the 6 year anniversary of my web site being established.  I am sharing the numbers with Jesse from time to time.

My greatest appreciation to everyone who is making this number possible.

Visitor total on Friday, March 13, 2015



MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015

I just want to let everyone know that Jesse did phone me yesterday afternoon.  I am sad because we were not home when he called.  He did leave a good message for me on our answering machine and he sounded really good, so we can know that he is alright.



I want to share, once more, the below amazing match which was created some time back by my friend on Facebook, Aaron M.  I thanked him heartily when he sent it to me and I thank him now again.  I also thank now, my friend on Facebook, Mariangela who placed this back on my timeline yesterday.  I am so happy to have it seen again…one of our most beautiful matches.

Most of all, I thank Jesse for sending to me the photo of himself with his grandson, Benjamin, in July, of 1997. This photo was taken in 1994 when Benjamin was only 2 years old.  I am so very honored that Jesse trusted me with this priceless treasure.



I have created a new page for my site today:

This new page is compiled of the interviews which I have done…there are only 3 as I have been reluctant to do interviews because of the way some of the “Elvis World” people have attacked me in the past.  I am very careful who I allow to interview me.  Below is the link to that page:

I thought that perhaps this would be helpful to the new visitors who are just becoming acquainted with my site and, thereby, with me.



Below is the link to a news article about an upcoming auction of many things which belonged to Elvis.  Among the items is the tour bus which Elvis gave to J D. Sumner and the Stamps because he wanted them to have a tour bus.  Also, his 1971 Stutz Blackhawk, a gold TCB necklace which he gave to one of the nurses, plus lots more.  There are some very good photos of the inside of the bus which I have never seen before.  I urge everyone to visit this article to view all the photos.  This article is just too long and includes too many photos to display here.  But, I will be printing it off to send to Jesse tomorrow.

Also below is another article, the official Julien’s press release, which has some photos not included above.

Also, below is a YouTube video regarding the auction:

Uploaded on Feb 17, 2015

Julien’s Auctions Music Icons Auction
May 16, 2015



I also came upon the following 2 YouTube videos regarding Elvis’ planes while I was looking over the Julien’s video shown above. Since we still are not guaranteed a definite outcome on the fate of the planes, I thought perhaps everyone would enjoy seeing these two videos.

I also came upon the following 2 YouTube videos regarding Elvis’ planes while I was looking over the Julien’s video shown above.  Since we still are not guaranteed a definite outcome on the fate of the planes, I thought perhaps everyone would enjoy seeing these two videos.

Julien’s Auctions Offers Elvis Presley’s Lisa Marie Airplane for Auction

Darren Julien

Published on Jan 2, 2015



DID YOU KNOW? A history of Elvis Convair 880 “Lisa Marie” Aircraft

GJD Productions

Published on Dec 10, 2014

Test your knowledge on the history of Elvis Presley’s main aircraft the “Lisa Marie” Convair 880.



Jesse phoned me this afternoon and we were able to speak for a good bit.  He is doing OK today. He and I had a particular topic to discuss which took up most of our visit this time.  There is a recently published book which contains libelous information about me and the proof on my site…regarding the photo of Jesse in particular.  I believe I will post an article about this book on here.  I need some more time to think how best to approach the topic as I certainly don’t want to give free advertising to this pitiful book.  Suffice to say Jesse is not at all happy about this author and his attitude toward me.  This author and I exchanged some private messages and he was extremely rude toward me at first…I sent Jesse a copy of our message exchanges in my package last Friday. 

This author wrote to me that there is a 20% chance that Elvis did fake his death but that there is no way he would still be alive at 80.  This really irritated Jesse and me.  Jesse said he is still strong and he can still sing.  He said he has a little trouble hitting the high notes…but can still sing.  I told him that I KNEW he could still sing.  I told him again how much I just love the CD he made which was released in 2012 and that I try to tell everyone to just listen to it.  Jesse went on to mention other people who are around his age who are still here and doing well…George Klein and Red West were two that he mentioned.

Jesse is reading Jerry Lee Lewis’ recent biographical book…not too happy with some of  Jerry’s statements.

It was so wonderful speaking with Jesse.    Sure did make my day. 🙂







 My friends, Lisa and Joe, shared the following image with me.  I love this!!

Started a Revolution, ended up a king.


I have begun a new page for the remainder of March, 2015.  Please access through the link below.