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Below is part 2 of the Lisa Marie interview with Memphis Jones which was done in the TV room at Graceland.  We saw the first part on my prior page recently.  In this portion of the interview, Lisa Marie explains that Graceland is still very much owned by Lisa Marie and her family.

Lisa Marie Presley with Memphis Jones part 2

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I stumbled upon this Billy Joel song, Elvis Presley Blvd.  I have never heard it before. This song is about how commercialized everything Elvis became after Elvis retired.

“Obviously it’s about Elvis Presley, or more to the point, it’s about Billy Joel’s unhappiness about the commercialization of the King of Rock and Roll’s death and the sense that with Elvis gone Billy Joel’s youth was also gone forever. This is an understandable reaction both to the passing of an icon and to the grotesque industry of Elvis Presley that sprung up seemingly the moment his body was found.”

You may read this person’s entire article at:

Elvis Presley Blvd. – Billy Joel

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TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

Below is the link to Lisa Marie’s official web site.  I just visited it for the first time and found it to be really nice.  There are some videos of her performing some of the songs from her most recent album.

This is the link to her videos:


WATCH: Donna Jean Godchaux on Meeting and Recording with Elvis Presley


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It certainly is odd the way they are promoting this concert by saying…this once-in-a-lifetime event featuring Elvis live on stage…“.

Jesse certainly has not given me even a hint that he may be there…as I wrote earlier when we last spoke, he is going to Memphis in August but is going the week before the tribute week.  Of course, he would not tell me or anyone else if he were going to be at any certain place.  I understand this completely for his safety.

It is odd about their wording though…I don’t see any way to get around that point blank statement that he will be appearing “live” on stage.  This statement really does not allow any room for the reference being to the video nor the hologram.?????

Time will tell…  and NO, I WILL NOT BE ASKING HIM ABOUT THIS. :laugh:

Can I request my theme song “Wanna Be Startin Somethin“???? :laugh:

However, I just looked on the site for more information and the wording is completely different in the detailed description???  Is the headline on the Email offering just a teaser to generate more ticket sales?  If so, not nice at all!!

Elvis returns to Memphis for a spectacular concert event starring the real Elvis Presley via video.

See some of Elvis’ finest concert performances projected on a large video screen, accompanied live on stage by a cast of singers and musicians who worked with him and members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. All music heard in the concert production is performed live except for Elvis’ voice.


I have considered removing my most recent article above…but will leave it.  I do feel that, sometimes, EPE does play on the fact that Elvis is alive to promote things but then, of course, deny any such possibility when confronted.  I certainly don’t expect Elvis to appear publicly at any time.  He has always told me that he only wants to live his life out in private as Jesse.

I will leave the above article…but do not want anyone to take seriously their wording about “Elvis live on stage“.



I just came upon the following blog article which states that Turner Classic Movies will be airing 14 of Elvis’s movies on August 16th.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What You Don’t Know About Elvis the Movie Star, Part 1

 TCM Movie Morlocks by Susan Coll

Next month, TCM has scheduled an Elvis Presley Day as part of Summer Under the Stars. On August 16, which is the anniversary of Presley’s death and the high point of Elvis Presley Week in Memphis, TCM will air 14 of the King’s films. This represents almost half of his 33-film career. One of the selections is a documentary (Elvis on Tour); another is a signature film that includes some of his best songs (Jailhouse Rock); some films represent the best of his musical comedies (Viva, Las Vegas; Girl Happy); others are prime examples of those much-maligned “Presley Travelogues” (Harum Scarum; Double Trouble; Speedway; Spinout; and more.)

Elvis’s movies are brutally criticized especially by rock ‘n’ roll historians who still blame his film career for his shift to pop music. And, many biographers and pop culture historians are convinced that if it weren’t for Colonel Tom Parker, then Presley would have been a really good actor. These are the most prevalent perspectives on his movie career, and these two (mis)assumptions or over-simplifications tend to overshadow any fun facts, unusual aspects, or noteworthy observations about his decade in Hollywood. In my years of writing about Elvis Presley, I have collected hundreds of newspaper, fanzine, and magazine articles that chronicle his career as it unfolded. These articles are filled with tasty tidbits, ridiculous opinions by columnists, humorous quotes by actors and celebrities, and insight into how popular movies were promoted in another era. To celebrate Elvis Presley Day, I offer a two-part series: Today’s post is devoted to titillating and tantalizing tidbits; next week, I will offer quotes, opinions, and perspectives on Elvis from columnists, reviewers, and stars.


A very good friend to our site, Frankie Paradiso, shared the following with me today.  He will be uploading his YouTube video performance of this song tomorrow.  I thank him, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the beautiful lyrics and performances he has done in honor of Jesse, who was Elvis.

Hi sweet Linda,
Thank you so very much indeed for your kindness and loyalty to Jesse. I’m very proud of the fact that you’ve spread my music to those who really love Elvis, and even taken the trouble to make a DVD copy for Jesse himself!  Here’s one more song for the road, so to speak, I’ll upload it tomorrow (Thursday) – here are the lyrics, based on the melody of “Beautiful Dreamer” .


Precious twin brother, arise from the sea
 Starshine and dolphins illuminating thee
Sparks from your ballads, well-nigh fading away
Make our thoughts linger, oh so far away

Precious sweet Elvis, true King of Rock
 I missed thee when thou vanish’d into the haze
 Gone are the fans of yester-year’s flock
Leaving me wading thru this bizarre maze
Precious sweet Elvis, free me from this craze!

Precious twin brother, marooned on yon isle
Flash me that charming, spontaneous smile…
Azure gaze lifting this spirit downcast
 Bright’ning our twilight and e’en murkier past

Precious sweet Elvis, let’s twist and croon
 Make all those ukes sing and hula girls swoon
Then will the clouds of mourning depart
Precious twin brother, the key to my heart
Precious twin brother, the old wounds still smart
Precious sweet Elvis, may we never part!


I have some very important new evidence of the diabolical working relationship between Dr. Donald Hinton and Eliza Presley (Elizabeth McFarland).  Hinton chooses to deny that he paid for the GPS device which Eliza attempted to mail to Jesse hidden within an angel statue in 2008.  Eliza told me over the phone that “Hinton paid for the GPS device…You know I don’t have the money for that.”  Well, tonight I am presenting the proof that Hinton did, indeed, order and pay for the device and had it shipped to Eliza.

I have removed their addresses, although I would like to show even that.  Also, have removed two digits of the last four digits of Hinton’s Mastercard.  I have learned from Hinton’s own admission to someone, as well as from someone who has investigated Hinton, that Eliza maxed out Hinton’s credit card to the tune of $50,000.  Also, I have been told that there is proof that Hinton was involved with Eliza dating back to 1998.  That was during the time that I was associated with Hinton for Jesse’s sake.  This helps explain why I began catching him lying to me…which was the ultimate reason that I totally severed my association with him in December, 2000.  But, I must admit that I did not even have a clue that he was hiding so much from me.  He is a psychiatrist and obviously knows very well how to manipulate and lie to people…Jesse and me included.

Up until fairly recently, I had believed that Hinton’s only motive in helping Eliza was to clear his name because of the mess which he made with publishing and promoting the book…during which he lied to the public by saying that Jesse was going to come out publicly in 2002.  I believed that he would be satisfied if Eliza proved in court that Elvis is Jesse.  The GPS device absolutely proves that this was not his motive at all.

I know now that his agenda was much darker and more complicated than that.  The GPS device proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that he was out to find Jesse physically and expose him.  Bear in mind that Hinton always knew that Jesse’s life was in danger if it were proven that he is alive and where he is located.  Hinton, with reckless abandon, financed and connived with Eliza to expose Jesse for the gain to be made…as from multimillion dollar rewards.

I have a copy of about 10 minutes of the 9 or more hours of telephone recordings which Hinton turned over to Eliza and Eliza’s attorney, about which I wrote on my prior page.  So, having heard these 10 minutes of answering machine messages, I have a whole new perspective of what Hinton was doing and who he was in touch with.  These messages were from the summer of 2001.  I have reason to suspect that Hinton was actually in touch with Donna Presley and was party to the DNA which Eliza obtained from Donna.  There is a message on this tape from someone named “Donna” telling Hinton that she has the pictures of Elvis on her desk.  I suspect this is Donna Presley.  I could make that portion of the tape public in case anyone wishes to deny that it exists.

I felt that Hinton was a pathetic cowardly egotistical worm up until the recent facts have been made known to me.  Now I know that he cared not one whit about Jesse and his safety.  All the while he was scheming behind my back, behind Jesse’s back and behind the backs of the other three individuals with whom Jesse was closely associated…the group of people who Jesse said were his “family“. 

I regret the day that I ever introduced Hinton to Elvis.  I had been acquainted with him since I published my newsletter in 1990-1991.  At that time he was a very nice young man still in school.  He shared his life events with me.  His first marriage, the birth of his two children, the progress in his education and subsequent career.  His devotion to Elvis never wavered during those years.  So, after 7 years, I felt I knew him well enough to trust him with the fact that I knew Elvis.  I see now that he was and still is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I also now feel certain that Linda Felix-Johnson and Jerry Presley were in on the “hunt” for Elvis.  Felix-Johnson was constantly telling Jesse that he would be safer if he came out publicly.  They pressured him for a video.  Hinton asked for DNA and fingerprints.  Jerry Presley constantly pushed for a meeting with Jesse.

I have been told by several reliable people that there was a night time vigil staged by Hinton and Eliza…equipped with night time vision equipment which was, once more, paid for by Hinton…again attempting to learn Jesse’s location by following someone connected to Jesse.

Hinton once spent the entire night sitting in his car outside of a Memphis hotel where one of Jesse’s men was staying.  I have always felt that he intended to follow Jesse’s man to Jesse’s location.  For Jesse’s sake, I let that episode “ride”.  Jesse knew all about it and he was swiftly relocated because of Hinton’s actions.  There was a discussion between myself and Hinton because I was very hurt that he would do something so stupid.

Looking back with so much more proof, I see things much differently from the way I perceived things as they unfolded over the years.

When the first GPS device (the one shown in the below sales receipt) was intercepted by our go between with some info. from me to him while he was holding it, Eliza then set about to connive with a good friend of mine to get him to send a second GPS device to Jesse via a package to me because they thought that my mail would not be investigated by those protecting Jesse.  My good friend phoned me and told me all about this 2nd diabolical plan to even use me without my knowledge.  I feel certain now that Hinton was party to that second GPS plan.  He was probably the one who suggested sending it through me without my knowledge.  I thank my dear friend for refusing to take part in this plan and for making me aware of the whole situation.  This same friend is the person who called and alerted me to the first GPS having been sent hidden in the angel statue.  I immediately notified the go between who looked inside the angel and actually found the device.  So, you can see how determined the two of them were to track Jesse down physically and didn’t care one whit about Jesse’s safety…nor did they care if they destroyed my friendship with Jesse.  As I have written before Hinton and Felix-Johnson set their course to totally obliterate me from Jesse’s life and from my place in the book. 

Below is the invoice-sales receipt proving that Hinton did order and pay for the GPS device and had it shipped to Eliza under her real name Elizabeth McFarland.

One picture is worth a thousand words:

As you can see above, Hinton paid $649.35 for this one device alone.  The fact that he was willing to spring for another 2nd device should be proof how determined he was to locate Jesse.

Perhaps the most ironic part of this whole fiasco is that after all Hinton had done to me and knowing how much I did know about his underhanded behavior, he came whining to me in the summer of 2004 asking me to help him.  He wanted me to put him back in touch with Jesse because he had been lied to and had done things which he was told that Jesse wanted him to do.  But, then he learned that it was not what Jesse wanted him to do…implying that he had acted on the supposed directions of Jesse through his joined-at-the-hip assistant Felix-Johnson.  I actually did feel sorry for him for a little while…but I did not put him back in touch with Jesse.

Hinton did manage to smuggle some letters to Jesse through Eliza though…again playing on Jesse’s sympathy.                                                                                                                                                       <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>


Our friend, Frankie Paradiso, now has the song about which I wrote earlier as a music video on YouTube.

Below is the YouTube link:

Frankie Paradiso Sings an Ode to Stephen Foster: “Precious Sweet Elvis”



FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

Jesse phoned last evening and we spoke for a few minutes.  We would have talked longer, but his phone was giving trouble and kept cutting us off.  But, I want to let everyone know that he sounded really good.  A call from him always makes my day and puts my mind at ease by knowing that he is OK.  I am sorry that there is no news to tell this time.


I submitted a comment about Eliza’s court case on the blog page of attorney Andy Mayoras earlier this week.  He did approve my comment and it is now displayed on his blog.

Below is the link to his blog as well as my comment:

Linda Hood Sigmon said…

I have exposed the truth about Eliza Presley recently on my web site. I want to make it publicly known that I severed my connection completely from her approximately 2 1/2 years ago and stated so on my web site at the time. I only learned about her bogus DNA results approximately 6 months ago. You may read on my site (and view accompanying documentation) the history of her attempts to get financial gain from Elvis, who is now Jesse, and the money which she has scammed from people who were deceived by her. I plan to continue exposing the truth about her on my site.

Here is the link to my web site:

This was posted on Mr. Mayoras’s blog on July 12 ( two days after the day on which I exposed Eliza on this site).  The Kim to whom this is addressed is Eliza’s adopted sister.

July 12, 2012 at 11:46 AM

Renada D said…

Kim many of us feel sorry for you because you are Alice’s family and she continues to con even you. Eliza, Alice Tiffin, Alice McFarland- whatever name she goes by now days is nothing but a calculating, manipulating con artist. Eliza is a financial predator and should be in prison for knowing since she received the DNA reports (and the correction) back in 2008 that she was proven to be a cousin. Even Flo knew this- but Flo is a tight lipped wack job herself and wouldn’t confess to who Eliza’s real dad was, probably because she was a run around slut in those “Elvis Entourage Days” Truth is that even tho Flo was a groupie slut, at least she had the integrity to not lie for Eliza/Alice. Eliza stole money from hundreds of caring people and abused the fact that she has deluted Presley blood in her and twisted it into more than it was to pull off her fraud. It wasn’t good enough to find out she was a cousin and if she was a legit woman with a legit longing to find her real family, she would have changed directions in May of 2008 and sought out her father with other avenues which would be through other Presley/Smith relatives and NOT continue to go after Vernon’s estate which she knew she wouldn’t have been entitled to in the first place. Like Eliza is greedy through and through she wanted MORE than that because in her black heart she is so greedy. Greedy to no end in fact- her scams run through different social services agencies across the country getting food stamps and medical care on everyone’s dime, and even trying to get disability for her supposedly “crazy” daughter Ashley. The woman has no shame and brings her kids, your neices and nephews into her scams and is helping to raise little future felons. For everyone’s safety your sister needs to be put behind bars where she belongs and I hope that her picture hangs on the WALL OF SHAME because no one smart enough will ever give her anything again including an ounce of “fame” through her diluted blood line again.

footnote:  The above comment is stritcly the opinion of the original writer and therefore only that person is responsible for this content.  Their comment is posted here for informational purposes only and I assume no responsiblity for the content of their posted comment.




Mark, our very special friend, is still not doing well at all.  He is now in a different hospital.  I ask that everyone pray that his pain will subside and that a definitive answer be given for the cause of his illness.  Please ask God to comfort and strengthen his wife, their children and the extended family.  Mark is a fine young man who means so much to so many.



I have shown an earlier article about this topic.  This version has some wonderful close ups of Elvis’ hand-printed notes.

New Elvis Project Features Never-Seen Handwritten Thoughts From The King

By Wendy Geller | Stop The Presses! Fri, 27 Jul, 2012 10:13 AM EDT

Art from “Graphic Elvis” by Jeevan J. Kang/Liquid ComicsJust when it seems that every facet of Elvis Presley has been examined–yet another aspect of his life comes to light. The most recent? The King’s love of comic books and superheroes, which are explored in a new book, Graphic Elvis.

“When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books and I was the hero of the comic books,” Elvis said in a 1971 speech. The graphic novel, a collaboration between publisher Liquid Comics and Elvis Presley Enterprises, takes this concept literally and actually sketches him as a superhero comic character.

Written by comic book legend Stan Lee (one of the masterminds behind Spider-Man and the Hulk) and illustrated by a variety of leading artists in the genre, the limited edition book explores a variety of striking artistic takes on Elvis’s various iconic looks throughout the decades–including black leather, white jumpsuits, and even an army uniform.

Notes by Elvis/Liquid ComicsBut it’s not just the novelty of seeing Elvis in graphic form here that’s notable. The project also takes a look at a side of the legend that is often overlooked–his deep and rich spiritual side. The book features a complementary digital app which contains some never-before-seen handwritten notes from the King himself–small summaries and thoughts about his quest for the meaning of life, which were jotted down in the margins of the many books he read.

Notes by Elvis/Liquid Comics”God loves you, but he loves you best when you sing,” “O Lord thy sky is so great and my plane is so small,” and “If one can’t give what they have and share then they will always be empty,” plus several pages full of lists of words, are some of his ideas that are shared.

Notes by Elvis/Liquid ComicsOther Elvis rarities are showcased in the app–notably, rare photos and memorabilia from the archives at Graceland, such as Elvis’ signed boxing gloves from Muhammad Ali and a telegram from Brian Epstein for the Beatles.

Graphic Elvis is being marketed as a commemorative item for the 35th anniversary of Elvis’s death, which falls on August 16. It costs $195, but fans can download a “lite” version of the app for free (the full version is $9.99).


Lisa Marie Presley to Appear at Conversations on Elvis – Behind the Stage

July 25, 2012

We are excited to announce Lisa Marie Presley will make a special appearance at “Conversations on Elvis: Behind the Stage” on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. Lisa has been busy touring for her new album “Storm and Grace” which has received rave reviews from music critics and garnered world-wide attention. Hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Productions for Turner Classic Movies (TCM), other guests will share what went on behind the scenes of Elvis’ touring productions.

Guests include Sam Thompson, Elvis’ friend who worked as a personal bodyguard for him at home and on tour; Dick Grob, who served as chief of security for Elvis; Charles Stone, tour producer for Elvis throughout the 1970s; Loanne Parker, who was hired in 1971 by RCA Records Tours as the tour secretary for Elvis and held that position throughout his touring years – she was also Colonel Parker’s companion and confidant for over 25 years and they married in 1990; and Tom Moffatt, a celebrated Hawaiian DJ who brought Elvis to Hawaii and worked with him through the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Tickets are $20. To purchase, call Graceland Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322, or click here to purchase online.

Lisa Marie will also make a special appearance during the 35th Anniversary Concert at the FedExForum.

For more information on special guest appearances and all of the events taking place in Memphis during Elvis Week 2012, visit


TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

A friend wrote to tell me that my comment has been removed from the blog page of attorney Andy Mayoras.  I expect this was done because I posted the article about it, a few days ago, on this site.  I don’t know if he also removed the other person’s comment which I included in my article. 

Eliza is reportedly lying to people in an attempt to get around the proof  of the correction report.  I assume she has “snowed” Andy Mayoras as well…as she has done so many of us over the past 4 years.  This is a shame.  I truly feel sad for anyone else who is taken in by her lies.   I read one comment which someone had posted…I don’t recall if it was on the Mayoras blog or not…they reported that she had said to someone (regarding the correction report) “I didn’t think anyone would ever find out.”  You see, Eliza had a number of people to sign confidentiality agreements which prohibits them from discussing anything to do with her DNA and court case, etc.  She sent me copies of all of her DNA reports…EXCEPT FOR THE CORRECTION REPORT.  These were the documents being used in all of her court cases, etc.  I did not sign a confidentiality agreement nor did I ask to see her documents.  She voluntarily sent them to me.  Because of my close friendship with Jesse, she wanted to be sure that I was convinced.  She is a professional when it comes to using people.

I am very disappointed that Andy Mayoras appears to have chosen to help Eliza continue.  I personally sent to him my articles about Eliza and the correction report.  He and I have been in contact prior to this event.  I think highly of him and feel that Eliza is just taking advantage of him.

Also, I understand that there are a few people who believe that they are in contact with Elvis…having made “contact” through Eliza.  These people should be forewarned that this contact is not legitimate.  Jesse does not use the Internet nor does he text messages to people.  I would hate to see these people hurt when they learn the truth.  The contact probably is being faked by Eliza herself…or else she, herself, has been taken in by an imposter who has fooled her as well as those with whom she put in “contact”.

I do hope that by exposing the truth about her here on this site I may protect others from further financial loss and emotional distress and disappointment.

Those who have suffered financial loss due to Elizabeth McFarland aka Eliza Presley should file a complaint with the FBI at the address below:

File an Online Report if You Have Been Scammed by Eliza Presley Here:

Official Federal Bureau of Investigation Website

Eliza should understand that the truth is not going away this time.  It will be right there in her face at every turn she attempts to make.


I am so very happy and thankful to tell everyone that Mark phoned a little bit ago and he sounds so good.  He says that he feels the best he has felt in two weeks.  He thanks everyone for their prayers and concern for him.  He went through a nightmarish ordeal with so many tests, two hospitals, a lack of diagnosis…all of that  on top of being deathly ill.  The illness was, indeed, related to his auto accident back in June when a car hit his vehicle from behind.  He is now seeing a Dr. who has correctly assessed his problem and is helping him immensely.  So, thanks be to God for leading him to the correct Dr.



Tom and I are heading out to dine at Chick-fil-A to show our support of Mr. Cathy. 

This is not about equal rights for Gay’s…it is about Freedom of Speech in America and Freedom of Worship.

The executive with Chick-fil-A who was responsible for public relations and communications and had been with Chick-fil-A for 29 years suddenly passed away last Friday from a heart attack. I feel certain this was caused by the stress of dealing with the liberal media’s attack upon his firm.

When Mr. Cathy made the now much debated remark, he was speaking to the Baptist Press…others who share his religious convictions. He was not out on a public podium trying to influnce the thinking of the masses.

See More

20 Million Visit Huckabee’s Chick-fil-A Support Event on Facebook

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee s call to make Wednesday, Aug. 1 Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day has drawn a tremendous response he tells Newsmax that more than 20 million people have viewed his Facebook event page to learn about the Day. 



I have set up a new Current News and Events Page for the month of August.

Below is the link to the new page: