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For a long time I have wanted to post the following article on my site.  I have hesitated to do so because I understand that this topic will not be understood by some people.  I am presenting this as a way to prove to everyone that the name ORION held some very strong significance to Elvis personally for many years before 1977…thus explaining his choice of that name under which to perform and record some songs as well as the choice of the name of the movie production and distribution company after his “retirement” on August 16, 1977.

First of all I will get straight to the bottom line point and then provide documentation to further explain and prove the point.  The point is that Elvis “knew” and told others that his soul came here from the blue star Rigel in the Orion constellation. 

The reasons that I have hesitated to delve into this topic are (1) Because Paul Monroe falsely stated that I was kicked out of Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s group and that I started a group called “…Blue Light Group…” (The only title which my newsletter ever had was “Notes For The Record“) during the batch of lies he stated about me when he was interviewed by EIN; (2) Because those who are not advanced in their enlightenment regarding spiritual matters and the soul’s sojourns on other planes will not be able to wrap their minds around the truth which Elvis shared very privately and which he held very dear to his heart and soul.

As some of you have probably recognized, I am a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment …the Edgar Cayce Association.  I highly recommend this wonderful organization to anyone interested in a better understanding of the soul’s origin, journey, and the soul’s purpose in this lifetime.  It shares a wealth of guidance for Christian knowledge and living.  The reason that I am mentioning this organization in this article is because one of the lessons given by Edgar Cayce was the fact that our souls do spend sojourns on extraterrestrial planes…before and between our earthly sojourns.  When being given the directions, for the information which the subject of the reading wished to obtain, a portion of the directions given to Mr. Cayce often contained these words:  “….You will give a horoscope reading for this entity, a reading giving the effects of the solar system on the life and destiny of this entity in the present earth plane, naming the planet, or position, from which the soul took its last flight….”

That being said, I will now post some various copies from two books, a magazine and a web site which will substantiate that which I have just stated regarding Elvis’s belief and statement regarding his having come here from the blue star Rigel in the constellation of Orion.

First of all, I would point out to every reader that Elvis most assuredly is, far and away, above any other public figure that has walked on earth in modern times.  One does not have to look far at all to comprehend that statement.  His rise from the most humble of circumstances (into which he was born) to being, without doubt, the biggest superstar of all time…even to this very day after he has been in retirement for 34 years and believed by many to be “dead”… bears out the enormous impact he has had and still has on the world.   He is known the world over by one name “ELVIS” and often by one title “the King”…a title to which he often refused claim.

In the book by L. Christine Hayes, titled Magii From the Blue Star, one may read of two occasions on which Elvis told Wanda June Hill of his “other home” which is (near) Rigel in the Orion constellation…once in a one on one conversation in 1966 and again in a taped telephone conversation in the early ‘70’s.  I highly recommend her book for anyone who truly wishes to understand the spiritual side of Elvis.  The study of spiritual and religious material was/is a very central focus of Elvis/Jesse’s private life. ..the life of a man who has always been living proof of God’s hand in the lives of mortal men.   Elvis said that he could feel God’s guidance every step of the way of his life.

The star Rigel…Elvis’s “other home”  “where I am from” is the super star in the constellation of Orion.  It is a brilliant BLUE star.  I will insert below several excerpts from a magazine article about Rigel in order that all may see the magnitude of this star.

First of all, I wish to point out some instances of  synchronicity of “BLUE” relating to Elvis’ life.  These are just a few off the top of my head and will not be anywhere near a complete list, I am certain…songs, etc.

Blue Moon,  Blue Moon of Kentucky,Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Christmas, Blue Hawaii, Moody Blue, Blues Crying in the Rain, his own Blue eyes, his favorite color is blue, his last album was on blue vinyl, etc.  This is the reason that the driveway at Graceland was lined with the blue lights at Christmas.  If I am not mistaken, Vernon commented that it looked like an airport runway…very interesting analogy.  Then, last but not least, there was the blue light from the sky outside the little house in Tupelo during the birth of Elvis and Jesse.  You may read about this in Larry Geller’s writings. 

Also, as I have pointed out previously, the name of the spacecraft in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” was also ORION.

I am not pushing anyone to accept any of this into their own personal belief system; however, I am asking everyone to recognize how crucial Elvis’s personal belief, regarding the Blue Star Rigel in the constellation Orion, was to his probable choice of the name Orion after 1977.

Many, many miracles of synchronicity in Elvis’s life and in his soul’s journey.  Miracles which could have only been brought about by the hand of God on Elvis/Jesse’s life.

Gail Brewer-Giorgio chose the name ORION for the title of her novel and the name of the main character in her book…a superstar who faked his death.   Did she perhaps have an “inside tip” in choosing that name and plot?  Perhaps her choice was inspired by God to help Elvis/Jesse further his plan after August 16, 1977.  God does work in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

This image is the cover of the book “Magii From the Blue Star” by L. Christine Hayes.

Please click on thumbnails to enlarge


The following are excerpts from Ms. Hayes’s book in which Wanda June Hill shares the details of what Elvis told her in 1966 and in the early 70’s during a phone call…of which I own a copy of the tape and have heard exactly what Elvis told her about Rigel in the Orion constellation.

Please click on thumbnails to enlarge


 The next section of this article will display an excerpt from a book titled: HOLLYWOOD AND THE SUPERNATURAL. The section which I shall display below is a short chapter about Elvis and titled ELVIS PRESLEY – STARMAN.

This book is authored by Sherry Hansen-Steiger and Brad Steiger who interviewed Wanda June Hill. They substituted a pseudonym for her real name and she is “Peggy” in this article.

I must interject here that Wanda June Hill’s friendship of 15 years with Elvis has been documented by her with telephone bills showing Elvis’s collect call to her and her calls to him; her tapes have been voice authenticated as has his handwriting to her. There are those of the Memphis Mafia who deny Wanda June just because they did not know her or they do not wish to acknowledge her because Elvis was very close with her and discussed very private aspects of his life with her…his spiritual and mystical beliefs which he did not discuss with many of them because they were not of the same mental and spiritual plane as Elvis/Jesse. Most of them were and continue to be very materialistic and earth-bound. This has been proven by the lies they have told to sell books and perpetuate their income from using his name to sell their trash.

Wanda June Hill and I have the very same goals where protecting Elvis/Jesse is concerned. However, she does not accept the fact that he is alive and I certainly respect her for standing by what Elvis led her to believe.  He told her that which he wanted her to know just as he does me. He wanted her to write her books to tell the truth about what kind of man he was. That is also the primary goal of my web site. I wish everyone could know him as I do.

As you can read in the last paragraph from the Steiger’s book, Elvis/Jesse is not the only person who has this same inner knowing.

Elvis told Wanda June that she would begin to see these things in her lifetime. I believe that the new information which is being brought forth about the government cover up pertaining to the UFO phenomenon is fulfilling the things which Elvis spoke to Wanda June Hill. I do know that he continues to be very interested in this phenomenon. The fact that more and more credible eyewitnesses are stepping forth as was done in the Washington Press Conference, which was held in Sept. 27 of last year, bears out Elvis’s words. Also, the very recent 2 hour documentary, about which I wrote a few weeks ago, also carries the truth farther into the open. 

Our new good friend In Lak’ech created this YouTube video for Jesse and me after I wrote her about the above topic relating to the constellation Orion and Elvis’/Jesse’s soul’s other home.  This is so very beautiful and I appreciate her doing this for us so very much.

She has many other amazingly lovely videos on her YouTube channel, 23 videos. I hope everyone will also visit all of her videos.

Thank you, In Lak’ech



Monday, September 5, 2011

This is the next segment of the above article.  In this segment, I will present copies of two pages from the book by Jess Stearn and Larry Geller which I have mentioned a number of times.

I ask everyone to please take note that Elvis carried the Bible with him at all times along with his library of books covering  many topics relating to God and man’s place in the universe.  Elvis NEVER left God nor the Bible, but he sought to learn more in addition to the Bible. 

This is the path that I have chosen to follow myself. 

The title of this book is The Truth About Elvis The King Lives Again – In His Message of God’s Love


I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It is a must for anyone who seeks to understand Elvis the inner man.

Below are several pages from this book in which you will read all about a conversation between Elvis and Vernon with Vernon describing the blue light that shone all around the house in Tupelo at the time of Elvis’s birth…as well as  another very interesting detail about the conception of Elvis and Jesse. 

You will also see a little of Elvis’s thinking about his place in God’s plan and his wish to tell others about the wonders of God’s universe and the fact that he was here to be more than a singer.



“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, Son.”                                                   

Elvis Presley



I want to share with everyone the news that Jesse did phone me late yesterday afternoon.  We only spoke briefly and the topic of the web site did not come up, so I haven’t any news to share this time.  But, I know that all of those who love him so much will be very relieved to know that he is OK.



I am going to go out on a limb and reveal something very dear to me which I have only shared with Jesse and very few others, i.e. my husband, closest friend, etc.

I want to make it absolutely clear that this is a result of my own research ONLY. I have NOTHING whatsoever from any other source to back up what I am about to display. I alone am taking responsibility for sharing this. I am presenting this as “food for thought” and not for proof of anything.

I was constantly amazed and thrilled with what I found but I do not know if I could even replicate this again myself. The computer on which I had saved all of my “slides” crashed over 3 years ago and so I lost much of my work, other than that which I had printed out and a very few which I had saved on a CD. I have a Sears catalog sized file folder of those which I printed, but I have made written notes on some of them so they are not suitable for display.

I am speaking of Bible Codes which I researched on a computer software program titled UNLOCKING THE BIBLE CODES. I bought this program in 2001. Of course, the one topic in which I was most interested was Elvis Presley. So, many of the code slides which I ran do center on him.

I was astounded by the number of times Elvis came up in the scriptures. These codes are based upon the original Hebrew scripture. Below, I shall display the front and back of the CD cover for the program in order that all may see it. Of course, this version is now out of date and does not function on my Windows Vista nor Windows 7 operating systems…so I have not run up any new slides for over 3 years.

Elvis was not the only topic which I looked up, though, far from it. I ran slides based on all sorts of random news stories of the current day’s headlines just to make sure that the program truly did find current events included in the original ancient scriptures and it proved to be true and valid.

With that being said, I do want to display several of the Bible Code slides which I found during my years of research.

I ask that everyone, please, just take this in the manner in which I am presenting it. Please don’t start all sorts of debates about these codes nor the scriptures.

I can say only that the software program produced these slides legitimately. There is no way to force a slide result.  The user sets the skips, etc. and enters the words and they either come up or they do not come up.  I have not used any other Bible Code software so I have no idea if other programs would produce the same results.

I have, for many, many years, believed that Elvis was chosen of God and that he would somehow be referenced in the Bible. Then when I first began hearing about the Bible Codes in TV reports, etc., I became very interested. The first Bible Code work and material was by Michael Drosnin. His book THE BIBLE CODE was a New York Times Bestseller when it was published in 1997.

You see, I recalled reading that Elvis once told Larry Geller that he believed there was a code in the Bible if they could only crack it. That stuck in my mind and, of course, when the book about the Bible Code came out and I saw Mr. Drosnin being interviewed on TV, I knew that I had to look into it. So, several years later when I learned of the existence of a computer program, developed in Israel, on which a non-Hebrew speaking person could research   “slides” concerning any topic that came to mind, I knew that I had to purchase it and see what I could find.  I was fascinated by the concept that current events were coded into the ancient scriptures by God.

Jesse called me one Sunday morning sometime in 2001 and I had just begun getting my code results and I was so excited to tell him about it. I reminded him of his comment to Larry and started rattling off all kinds of facts. I caught myself going on and on and apologized and asked Jesse if he wanted me to stop. He said “No, keep going.” and so I did. Then I began printing off the slides and sending them to him also. So, he probably ended up with a Sears catalog sized stack too…but he didn’t complain, bless his heart.

Below are copies of the front and back covers of the software CD for reference.

Briefly, the way a slide is created is by inserting a word which you wish to find…you choose the “skip range” at random and you may keep changing the “skip range” for other results. Once you find one word for which you have searched, you assign a shape and color to that word so that it will show up in the visual “slide”. Then you enter another word which you want to see if it will come up in conjunction with the first word which you found, then assign a shape and color to that word…and so on, you may search for as many related words as you wish in one slide. But, you cannot force any of the words to come up together…either the software finds the words together or not…the user has no control over whether the matches are found or not. When words are found together, the graphic slide will show how they meet, run parallel, crisscross, etc. At the bottom of the slide, the chapter and verse of the scripture in which each word in the slide is found is displayed.

Sometimes, the actual English translation of the scripture will match the topic of the words which one searched and found. This is not always true and does not change the value of the slide. But it can be very amazing when the actual text in English applies to the topic for which the search was done.

Below is one of the slides, which is amazing, regarding Elvis and Jesse:

As you can see Elvis and Jesse both appear in the very same chapter and verse of the book “SONG OF SONGS“…how amazing is that!?!

Here is a different view of the same slide:

Once more, I like to call it “up in lights“:

Below is an amazing slide…this time it is showing Elvis and J. D. Sumner…once more the scripture text in this slide is absolutely astounding in its relevance.  Elvis and J. D. were destined to be together singing for God.

Here is the scripture from Psalms 46:10 in which Elvis’s name is shown:

Be still, and know that I am God:  I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”  We have read where Elvis wrote the first sentence in one of the notes which he wrote when he was troubled…so that scripture was meaningful to him.  It is a wonderful thought for anyone to meditate upon…to be still and know that He is God

Who exalted God more so than Elvis in song.  He sang gospel music to people who would never have sat still to hear anyone else sing it…Elvis was a voice in the wilderness to people in places like Las Vegas…sin city…the heathen.

Take note of the next chapter and verse which appears in the Elvis slide for the word “songster”…Psalms 47:7:  “For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.”  Who did so better or more often than Elvis?  Just listen to “How Great Thou Art” and all of his gospel songs which he sang from the depths of his soul.

And then, there is J. D. Sumner appearing on the slide with Elvis…how appropriate.

I will stop for now and wait to see how this material is received.  I will decide later whether to display any more of the Bible Codes.  I hope that I have opened the window to some new horizons of thought with that which I have displayed.

Again, I ask that you please do not have any disputes over this material among yourselves.  If it speaks to you, then just accept and enjoy it.  If it doesn’t speak to you, please just ignore it and move on to some other topic.

 “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, Son.”

“There are no coincidences; everything  has a meaning.”

Elvis Presley


I don’t want to clutter up our “spiritual page” with any bad or negative news.  However, I have found two very nasty messages which are posted on the blog page of the old site.  I don’t want to clutter our new site with this sort of thing, but if you wish to read them, you may still go to the blog page on the old site @  The language is very nasty as well as the threats.  I do not want that type of garbage on this site so I will not copy and paste it here.

Mark tells me that there were 18 attempts to hack into my web site last Friday night.  Mark has set up very high security features, so no harm was done. 



I came across a YouTube video (with only sound) of Elvis declaring that only Christ is the King during one of his concerts.  I have  heard one of the backup singers tell about this happening.  Someone stood up in the audience with a sign saying that Elvis is the King and he, so very sweetly and kindly, disagreed with that statement.

Here you will hear what he said to the fans.

This is the clickable link:


Uploaded by on Feb 17, 2011

“I’m sure many Elvis fans have heard this story before. But I’m guessing not a lot have heard it from the man himself… Well here it
is. Elvis said this on more than one occasion. According to Tony Brown a former member of Voice in the documentary “He Touched Me – The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley” he stopped a concert in the middle of a song when a large banner was held up and told them “Jesus Christ is the King” well that story is from the
same arena this concert is from, but Elvis’s comment here is much different and he says this straight after finishing a wild version of Fever and not during a song as the story goes. So I’m guessing it was one of the other two concerts he
made at South Bend or Tony’s memory is a little bad, either way the point Elvis implies is the same. J.D Sumner also said Elvis did the same thing in Vegas at the conclusion of a concert when a woman gave him a small pillow with a crown on it, unfortunately he didn’t give any indication to the date this occurred. The only audio available of the concert in this video is an audience recording (hence: the reason for the poor quality) but I’m sure you all can understand what’s been said.”



Our wonderful friend, In Lak’ech, has been posting some terrific new spiritual material on our blog page…enlightening and inspirational.  As well as educational regarding Elvis’/Jesse’s soul journey and the studies which have meant so very much in his life…and still do to this day.  Perhaps most importantly it gives insight into even more of the extraordinary human being that Elvis was and Jesse is. 

Please do visit the blog page to read her other contributions as well as the contributions of all of our treasured guests on the blog page.

Our blog page – click here

Below is a new blog entry which In Lak’ech just posted today.  This is a fantastic group of 4 videos which she has created to educate others about Elvis’ spiritual life and the relationship which Elvis always had with his twin Jesse Garon…living as a “twinless twin”. 

I have earlier shared a video from an Unsolved Mysteries episode about the “twinless twin” phenomenon.  If you recall, it completely validated the closeness which Elvis always felt with Jesse by including the accounts of other “twinless twins” and their similar experiences.

I am certain that these wonderful YouTube videos will help everyone to understand and accept the fact that Elvis did reinvent himself as his brother Jesse in order to give Jesse a life also.

Elvis once told a close friend that there were times when he felt that he just couldn’t go on stage and that, during those times, he felt that Jesse took over for him.

Below is In Lak’ech’s blog post which includes the links to her 4 new YouTube videos.

My heartfelt thanks to her for all of her efforts to create these beautiful videos  for Jesse and all of us.

In Lak’ech says:

September 10, 2011 at 2:56 PM (Edit)

I am not a great video editor, but I wanted to put this out there for those who wanted to search a bit deeper… it consists of 4 approx. 10 minute parts in total.

Enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts, comments….

PART 1 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin


PART 2 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin


PART 3 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin


PART 4 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse, The Journey of the Twinless Twin


Love & Light~



Numerology – Elvis/Jesse and the number 24

Those who have read my page regarding Elvis/Jesse and Numerology will recall the importance and prevalence of the number 24 in the date upon which Elvis chose to leave us and begin his new life as Jesse on 8-16-1977.

I just came across something else very significant regarding the important occurences of the number 24 in Elvis’s/Jesse’s life.

Below is a copy of Elvis’s Social Security Card:

Please take note that the digits in his card, when added together, equal 24.

Below is the meaning of the number 24 from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers as I have previously displayed on my page devoted to the subject of Elvis/Jesse and Numerology.

As you can readily see, even Elvis’s Social Security number promised him the very kind of life which he led.  This is one of God’s miracles of synchronicity.  As I wrote earlier, one has only to look back at the numbers in Elvis’s life to see the validity of Numerology at work.  A blessing from God.  An example to all of us that God does speak to his children in a myriad of ways and directs our lives from day one.

Linda Goodman wrote in one of her books: “While man slumbers, God speaks to his soul in numbers.”  I may be off a little on the exact words as I don’t have the book before me. 

Speaking of the number 24 in Elvis’s life, his 1968 TV show which became known as the “’68 Come Back Special” and was a critical turning point in his career was performed and aired in a year with digits again totaling 24.

On the back of the 2 DVD set re-release of This Is Elvis, it speaks of his 24 year career.

So, as you can see, Jesse was very correct in what he mentioned about the number 24 in his “retirement” date of 8-16-1977.

Below you will see the two excerpts from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers explaining the meaning of 24 and 42.


As you can see the #24 was completely in harmony with Elvis’ plan for that day.  The first words of this just give me chills….”assistance and association of those of rank and position with one’s plans”…:favorable number when it comes out in relation to future events“.  This was truly a date with God’s blessings upon it for Elvis/Jesse.

Also, refer to the written words of Elvis/Jesse below in which he points out the
significance of the date of birth and the date of death as it relates to his having been born a twin.

Then we have the number 42 (Elvis’ age) below:  as you will see, it is simply the reverse of 24 and has the same meaning as the 24.  Therefore it denotes all of the favorable aspects of the above written facts about 24.


Also, below is an excerpt from my prior page detailing much about 8-16-1977 and how the number 24 played a part in the choice of that date:

The following is the 4 page introduction to the book written in Elvis’/Jesse’s own handwriting:

Below you will see two excerpts from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  The two numbers which I have posted below are the #24 and the #42.  Of course, I have chosen these numbers because Jesse has written above how pivotal these two numbers were in his selection of the date
8-16-1977. I want to elaborate a bit on the importance of these two numbers in
Elvis’ chosen date:  Yes, he certainly is correct that the digits of 1977 do indeed equal 24 and yes his age was 42 at that time.  But as Jesse wrote
the facts about those two numbers and that date do go on and on.

First of all being born on the 8th day of a month makes one facet of Elvis’ numerology
chart an “8”…many of you already have read of his being an “8” in books, etc. But, those who are knowledgeable about numerology know that there are many different numbers based on our full date of birth and the names given each of us
at birth.  For those whose interest is piqued by reading of Jesse’s numbers, etc., his favorite numbers book is a good place to start exploring for yourself…Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.

First of all, we will look into the presence of his #8 in the date 8-16-1977.  Of course, the month of August being the 8th month is obvious to everyone…but look farther at the #8…first of all we have 1×8, 2×8, 3×8 which   equals  8, 16, and  24. So, there we have multiplications of 888 as well as 8+8+8 = 24.  So this alone was an amazing date for Elvis.  Then coupled with the fact that the year 1977 equals 24 as Jesse wrote above.

Many fans noticed that the full date of 8+16+1977 equaled 2001 which was of course, Elvis’ entrance music during the concert years.  I know that, to this day, I never hear that music without just stopping and listening to “Elvis’ music“.

I will insert below a copy from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.  As you will see, “the year number totaled and added to itself usually indicates an important year in the Destiny“.  Having said that, again as Jesse himself wrote, the year 1977 equals 24.  Therefore, if we add 24 back to 1977, we again get 2001So, not only did
August 16, 1977 equal 2001 by two different methods as shown above… .it was loaded with the numbers 8, 24, 42, as well as 2001

1977 = 24



To see this full earlier article, please visit my page titled Elvis/Jesse and Numerology.



I apologize that I have been absent from the site for the past two days.  We were away from home all day yesterday and today I have not felt well and have not been on the computer much at all.

I do want to share with everyone that Jesse did phone me yesterday while we were out and left a good message for me.  It makes me heartsick when I miss a call from him.  But, I thought that everyone would like to know that he is doing all right.

Here is a small anecdote which Jesse shared with our mutual friend recently and which I think everyone will enjoy as it is another peek behind the scenes in Elvis’s life with his acquaintances.

Elvis knew Steve McQueen and they had nick names for each other.  Steve McQueen called Elvis “Guitar Hick” and Elvis called Steve McQueen “Motorcycle Hick“.

McQueen collected classic motorcycles. By the time of his death, his collection included over 100 and was valued in the millions of dollars.



I received a call from my good friend, Mark, and he will be having surgery this morning and will have to be away for 5 days at least.

I want to ask everyone to please say prayers for his safety during the surgery and his speedy recovery.

Mark was sent by God to  help me when I had reached the most difficult point in the administration of my web site, which is so very important to me.  I am so very thankful to him and for him.



There is a copy of Jesse’s book for sale on Ebay for $53.76 at BUY IT NOW…with free shipping.

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words

Click here to visit the item on Ebay.

I also see that there are several more available which you may access via a search on Ebay.


I just learned through the post of a friend on Facebook that John Wilkinson is in the hospital.

Here is the posted message on Facebook:

Elvis Lives

John Wilkinson in hospital : John Wilkinson, the undisputed Star of Elvis Week 2011 (last August in Memphis), has been hospitalized. John complained about testine pains and was taken to the local hospital in Springfield Missouri, where doctors are taking good care of him. We have sent John ‘get well wishes’ on behalf of all our members. If all goes well, he may return home in just a matter of days.



I want to post an update about Mark’s surgery which he had yesterday. I saw on Face book that he came through the surgery just fine. He will have to be in the hospital for a few more days and will be back home in about 5 days…as he had to travel to another city for the surgery. I am so thankful to know that he is doing OK. Let’s all keep him in our prayers. He is a dear and treasured friend to me and to our web site.



I just responded to a visitor’s questions on our blog page and since I hear some of these questions voiced every once in a while, I am going to post the visitor’s question along with my response below in order that visitors who do not frequent the blog page, may also read the questions and my response:

Dear LInda,
Have you ever seen Elvis? Are you sure you hear his voice on the phone and this is not an imitator? What does hi doing now? By what means is supported. Do you know the details. Unfortunately I found this film. look at 3.34
How would you comment on that. I do not know.



My response:

 Hi K….:

I see that you are most skeptical about Jesse being Elvis.  I can advise only that you read
my entire web site viewing all of the accompanying photos, documents,
handwritten letters, and YouTube videos and read Jesse’s handwritten book.  If these things do not answer your questions, then nothing more that I can add will change your mind.  I am not here to make anyone believe anything.  If my visitors enjoy and accept the truth which I share, then that is wonderful.  But, if a visitor does not accept the truth which I share, then I ask that they please do not waste their valuable time on my site.  Life is too short for spending
time on material which does not appear to be helpful to one’s soul and spiritual journey.

I do respect your right to your opinion and I do thank you for visiting this site and for writing.

To answer your questions: No, I have not met Elvis/Jesse face to face.  I have never requested
this.  He has mentioned visiting me from
time to time and I never discourage this but I don’t respond with encouragement either.  I don’t want to ever make him feel that I am trying to set him up for any kind of videotaping or photos or calling in the media, etc.

Yes, he does use the voice disguise.  He does this because others have recorded his calls in his natural voice and then sold the tapes of the calls to sell their books.  Dr. Hinton secretly taped Jesse’s calls to him and then took the tapes to an attorney and sent them overseas to have the tapes cleaned up in order to prove that they are Elvis.  On one of those tapes, Jesse did speak in his natural voice.  These tapes are being
held by a lady in the UK who keeps them in a safe deposit box.  She has cleaned up the tapes and says that you can tell that they are Elvis.  Jesse did not know that Dr. Hinton was taping his calls nor that he had sent them off to be cleaned up for proof in a court case until I told him about this fairly recently.

As for what he is doing now: 
He is living his life as the 76 year old man that he is.  He attempts to live a very quiet and  private life.  He says that he is just a regular man who had a famous brother.  He enjoys
music videos…some of current performers; he enjoys watching movies; he moves
about from time to time to protect him from exposure; he bicycles, fishes, collects coins, enjoys things which bring back memories of his childhood such as old toys, etc.  In other words, a very normal lifestyle…something he never was able to enjoy before 1977.

Yes, his financial needs are met…for everything he needs.  I send him small gifts when I
know of something that he would like to have, i.e. CDs, DVDs, old toys, shampoo
(yes, really a particular shampoo), Soprano’s sweat shirts , etc.  I do not reveal, EVER, any personal details of his life now relating to income nor his family members although he does tell me these things from time to time.  I add that the things which he has told me about his family members and friends from before 1977 often are things not publicly known until much later.  Thus, proving that he is Elvis.

As for the film which you linked in your message:  Yes, I have seen that film before.  I will say only that there are two categories
of people in that film and that is (1) People who DO KNOW the truth and continue to cover for him by keeping up the publicly believed story that he died (2) People who were and are not involved in what took place and who honestly
believe what they are saying.  Jesse wrote in his book that only a tiny group of people (I believe he said 6) were involved in the beginning and they took oaths to never tell.  So, therefore, they continue to tell the same things…however, if you look into what those “in the know” say, you
will see that they contradict themselves and each other very frequently.

So, my bottom line response to your message is to suggest that you dig really deep for yourself. 
You will see that I am telling the absolute truth and that Jesse is Elvis.

Thank you again for visiting and for your interest and inquieries.

Much love and light to you,

Linda “Shuma”



Today I am going to share something more of the Bible Code slides which I researched as mentioned above.  I think those who are interested in the spiritual and mystical side of Elvis/Jesse will find these slides interesting.

As you will see below, the results are very strong in both of these slides.

In my humble opinion, Elvis was chosen before the moment of his birth by God to be a very strong spiritual presence in the world.

Please click on thumbnail images to enlarge.

Your thoughts and comments about this topic are most welcome on our blog page.


I would like to, once more, recommend the following site to those who are interested in the spiritual and mystical topics relating to Elvis/Jesse.  Wanda June Hill’s friendship with Elvis is prominent in the material on this site…and as you know, I have recommended that everyone read everything which Mrs. Hill has published.  Through her wonderful writing, one may get to know the inner man…the REAL man…who was Elvis Presley and who is now Jesse.

The following is from the front page of the site.  Please click here: Elvislightedcandle

From Elvis’
Heart To Yours

 From the phone transcripts:

Wanda: You are really into all of that –
spiritualism type of things, huh?

Elvis: What-no! Not spiritualism –
spiritual development, soul growth and learning to develop the powers we all have lying innate. I’m not a conjure of spirits. I don’t have to, but I am not of this world, either. I know that, I know who I am. I am a man, a human being now, but what is ‘me’ is not from here. I am from out there. Did you ever hear of Rigel? (a star in the constellation of Orion.)

Wanda: No, is it a country or a person?

Elvis: A place, my home is near there – my
other home – where I am from, and I have the Blue Star for my sun. I have eight moons and a mansion beneath the outer shell of my planet. You think I’m making
this up, but its true – you’ll know that one day. You’ll remember what I told you – before you die – you’ll see some of it happen, and you’ll be involved
because you and I are tied together and you don’t know it but I do. I can’t tell you how – I don’t remember it, but I feel it in my heart, in my inner self, and so do you. Why else are we talking about this? Why are you here? Why am I?

I care about you because you are a part of my past as I am yours, and together it makes that tie in this life. Because of you and me things will happen – people will do things and have opinions and change minds and perhaps be more content, happier because of you and me knowing each other…that is life.

The words which Elvis spoke to Wanda June have been fulfilled because I am one of those people who is happier and more content about whom he spoke.


As I have explained before, and as Jesse wrote in his book, he and I have seen the proof of the validity and relevance of Numerology in our lives…one of the gifts given to each soul by God that we may understand Him better and travel with more faith and acceptance during our soul’s journey.

In his book, Jesse suggested that others look into Numerology if they are not familiar with it. Last week, a good friend, In Lak’ech shared with me a Numerology reading done using Elvis’s name and date of birth.  I have run up readings using various online software myself over the years and have always been so happy to see how “right on” the readings have been.  I have also done so using my own name and date of birth and also found these to be very relevant and helpful to me. So, with all of that in mind, I want to share a portion of the reading which In Lak’ech shared with me last week.  Because of the length of the entire reading, I shall share only one aspect of it today and will perhaps share more of it later if there is an interest in this topic.

Please do take time to read and digest what you are about to see. One more thought before we move on to the reading.  One reason that I want others to understand Elvis/Jesse the REAL and INNER man is because in so doing, you will come to understand why all of the trappings of success meant and still mean so little to him.  You will better understand the beautiful choice which he made to give up everything so that his brother Jesse might also live for 42 years.  In order for one to understand and accept this choice, one must first understand the belief system and philosophy by which Elvis lived his life…not that of the public image.  

You may recall that I wrote earlier about my experience many years ago when Elvis/Jesse told me that he was a number 9 too…this after my saying that I am a number 9 and that it is not always good because of the number 9 temper.  He then said “I am a number 9 too…that is always good.”  At that point in time, I was basing my new found study of Numerology upon the month and day of my birth, both of which are 9.  Likewise, I knew that Elvis was an 8.  Now, I understand so much more about all of the various numbers in our lives.

As you will see in the first part of the following Numerology reading, it bears out what Elvis told me…that he is a 9 also. I am certain that everyone will quickly see the amazingly accurate description of Elvis/Jesse and his life in the number 9 Life Path number below.

Numerology Report, September 13, 2011

The best place to start is with one of the most basic calculations … your
“life path”.

How Is Your Life Path Calculated?

 This is calculated in four steps:

  1. Add up the digits in your month of
    birth (if more than one digit)
  2. Add up the digits in your year of
  3. Add up the digits in your day of birth
    (if more than one digit)
  4. Add up the answers from (1), (2), and
    (3) above.

With all the above calculations, we keep
adding until we end up with a single digit, or an 11 or 22 (which are special
cases in numerology, known as “Master Numbers”).

 In your case, you were born on January 8, 1935.

 Your month of birth is January, which is the
1st month. As 1 is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here.

 Your day of birth is the 8th. As 8 is a single
digit, there’s nothing to add here.

 Your year of birth is 1935. Adding 1 + 9 + 3 +
5 gives us 18. Adding 1 + 8 gives us 9

The totals, then, are 1, 8, and 9. To get our
final answer, we add these three numbers together to give us 18: Adding 1 + 8
gives us 9.

Based on your birth date of January 8, 1935, Your LIFE PATH number is 9.

You are a deeply spiritual individual who
often displays a deep interest in religion or the occult at a very early age.

In fact many nines grow up to be psychics, healers, priests and nuns. You probably feel responsible for keeping up the morality or spirit of mankind in some way, or even responsible for their very souls. This is why many nines also
end up working for the law as policemen or judges or in some aspect of spiritual or psychological counseling.

The emphasis of your life path is on finding
ways to communicate the divinity of man in a practical context. As many nines are also very artistic, this connection with the higher powers might also be expressed through a talent such as writing, music or painting.

At some point in your life you have probably
sworn to yourself to make this world a better place. You are extremely compassionate and feel above the matters that you feel causes factions of
society to be divided. You are very aware of feeling as insignificant as a grain of sand in the Universe and believe that materialism, prejudice and lust just don’t matter in the long run.

You have a charismatic and very open
personality that attracts you a lot of friends. You are very social, sometimes at the expense of your other responsibilities. Sometimes a number nine might take too much time out during the day “to smell the flowers” and incur the resentment of those that are left to pick up the slack.

Your attitude towards life in general is very
selfless and you usually have a good connection with God or a higher power. However often the number 9 faces a unique challenge at some point in his or her life that seems to be a test of faith. Usually this incident takes the form of a devastating personal loss, disease or some sort of tragedy. This triggers a period of time that lasts a few years that is often called the “dark night of the soul.” It is usually during this period of your life that you find the extreme courage and strength to become what is called a wounded healer.

Your life may seem too tough to handle at times which makes you vulnerable to finding substitutes for the family unit. As you are naturally very lonely and insecure, you are particularly vulnerable to joining a cult or becoming fanatical in the religious sense.

If you are a number nine you may find your
life seems more difficult than others. This is because it is common human nature to take advantage of your compassion, empathy and generosity. It may seem unfair to you that others do not appreciate the spiritual gifts that you
have to offer, especially when you demand so little materially from the world. This is part of the problematic path of the number 9 who is often fated to learn that the path of true compassionate does not necessarily result in
spiritual rewards for the healer either.

Although you may feel quite clear about your
divine purpose and goals in life, others may perceive you as weird or spacey. This is why it is often difficult for a number 9 to keep a job for long.

Relationships might also be very difficult for a 9 to sustain, as this particular path is a rather lonely one. Part of the 9’s spiritual development
is usually being presented with situations that force them to let go of emotional situations and connections that might interfere with the higher
purpose that the cosmos has in store for them.



I must apologize for an error I made in my above article in which I shared two Bible Code slides.  I mistankenly shared the same slide two times rather than two different slides.  I will display the second slide here below as well as displaying it above in the orginal article.

Please click on the thumbnail to see full image:



As I have just presented information about the number 9 being Elvis/Jesse’s life path number, I feel it is fitting that I reprint an article from August of 2010 regarding the significance of the number 9. 

I do know that some have taken offense to the concept of Numerology and feel that it is in some way an affront to Christians…which it certainly is not.  As you will read in the following the significance of numbers goes back to ancient Hebrew which is the basis of Christianity.


On Sunday, August 8, 2010 I posted an article which I only left on my site for a very short time…just a matter of hours. I then removed it for personal reasons. I have decided to now publish it again:


Today I am adding another item related to Numerology. This is of a mystical nature…so I know that the skeptics will dismiss this as nonsense. But, as I told Elvis/Jesse when he asked me if I thought that people would understand him being Jesse now…”Those who look at things in a spiritual way will understand.” That statement holds true for how each individual will choose to view the following.

During Elvis’s 1973 Aloha From Hawaiishow, the lighting effects changed very frequently during the show. What I am about to display is a very interesting display of three of the lights superimposed directly across Elvis’s forehead. The lights form the numbers 9 9 9. This takes place while Elvis is singing the words “Glory, glory, hallelujah! His truth is marching on!” You will see that the numbers appear very small and off to one side…then in the close up of Elvis’s face, the 9 9 9 appears directly over his forehead.

As I previously wrote, the number 9 is very prominent in Elvis’s/Jesse’s life…i.e. name numbers and birth date numbers, etc. As you can see the 3 9’s equal 27 which is another significant number for him which, of course, reduces down to the number 9.

Please refer to my page devoted to the topic of Elvis/Jesse and Numerology. lindahoodsigmontruth

This correlates with the fact which Elvis/Jesse told me to check out recently…that there were numbers in all of his movies which were significant for him…i.e. the “1313” in Jail House Rock which equals “8”. Also, the numbers in the name and date of death of Deke Rivers in Loving You, again the “8’s”.

Below are three images from the Aloha show in which you can see the 999 in lights across the image of Elvis’s face.

A good friend pointed this out to me many years ago during the time that I published my newsletter 1990-1991. So, I cannot take credit for noticing this myself. But, after seeing it, I find it most intriguing.

At first glance one may think oh well…that is just a coincidence that the lights appear to be 9’s. And if that is what one sees and believes, then that is perfectly fine. But, for those whose minds are open to the possibility that God does work in mysterious ways, it will please you to look into the significance of the number “9” and “999”. Elvis/Jesse himself stated that “There are no coincidences. Everything has a meaning.”

Here is an excerpt from my page devoted to Numerology in which one may see the significance of the number “9’s” in Elvis/Jesse’s life:

When he and I were first beginning our contact, he had someone (from his pre August, 1977 life) call and ask me for some information about myself. My birth date was one of the first things he wanted to know. When I told this person my date of birth, he said “He’s going to have fun with this”.

Then when Jesse and I spoke, he told me that he is a #9 also. This was something that I had not noticed up until the moment he told me that we shared the #9. My birthday is the 9thmonth and the 27th day (equals a 9). His birthday Jan. 8, 1935 also carries the #9 s. 1+8=9; 1+9+3+5 = 18; which reducesto1+8 = 9.Then the final total of all the digits in his birth date1-8-1935 = 27 which reduces to 2+7 = 9.So, he and I have the number 9 in common in our birth dates.

Below are two excerpts from “Cheiro’s Book of Numbers” which has always been a favorite book of Elvis’/Jesse’s. In fact Elvis was so impressed with Cheiro’s work and the man that Cheiro was that he once considered making a movie of Cheiro’s life in which he would play the part of Cheiro.

I am showing these pages in order that each reader may see the significance and unusual properties of the number 9.





A footnote regarding the number 9 was added on Monday, August 30, 2010. Please scroll down to see this addition on that date.

Below you will see excerpts from several articles which expound upon the significance of the number 9 as well as the specific significance of the number 999:

As the great American anthropologist Margaret Mead once observed: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

999 – a numerological aspect:
In numerology, 999 is the point of transformation the moment at which we shift a crisis in the direction of an opportunity. In Taoism, this is known as ‘wei-chi’, a Chinese character which means both ‘crisis’ AND ‘opportunity…’ (9.9.9 It’s Time)



Properties of the number 999



  • The justice, the truth.

  • In some texts sacred or esoteric, 999 represents the infinitely large, just as 999999.


  • By undertaking circular permutations of the numbers composing the mysterious number 153, this gives place to six possible combinations: 153, 315, 531 and 351, 135, 513. And:

    153 + 315 + 531 = 999 351 + 135 + 513 = 999

  • The number 999 is the reverse of 666, the number of the Beast of the Revelation (Apocalypse). This arithmetical strangeness demonstrates that the “power” of the Beast, 666, will be “reversed” by 153, characteristic number of the Christ, to give as result 999, symbol of the application of the divine justice…


It is a fact that Jesus attached importance to the two numbers 6 and 9, hence:

Mt:20:5: Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.
Mt:27:45: Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto
the ninth.
Mt:27:46: And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying,
Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou
forsaken me?
The Gospel of the Holy Twelve:82:26:When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said,
“It is finished”. And he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. And it was in the ninth hour.
Acts:3:1: Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of
prayer, being the ninth hour.
Acts:10:3: he saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day an
angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius.
Acts:10:30: And Cornelius said, Four days ago I was fasting until this hour;
and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and, behold, a man stood before
me in bright clothing,

The seal of Solomon

Known as the six pointed Jewish star, contains the old wisdom: “as above, so below”. This wisdom is reflected with the numbers 6 and 9; the number 6 seen from above is 9 and 9 seen from above is 6.

In earth, as it is in heaven

Within holy Geometry the religious subjective connects to its objective opposite – science. In understanding this one is capable of revealing a “hidden” interactive between religion and science.The “heaven” as symbolized with the number – 9 – is reflected geometrically in the Star of Bethlehem. All its inner and outer angles when “decoded” numerologically, ends in the same number – 9. In the Revelation the number 144 (1+4+4=9) is the number both for the angel, but also the wall facing the human kind, Rev. 21,17: “And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.”

The “wall” is found to be the link between the angel and man. This link is found geometrically within the Star of Bethlehem and a scientific knowledge of the earth`s crystals. The Star has 2 x 5 inner angles ((252×5) + (36×5)) which by adding ends up in 1440 (9). The same number is found by analyzing the 5 different forms that nature in our 3 dimentional world is made of. “Hidden” in the earth we find that there are only 5 different but regular forms of crystals called Polyhedron (pah-lee-hee’-druhn). A polyhedron is a three-dimensional figure bounded by plane polygonal regions. A polygonal region consists of a POLYGON and its interior points. The polygonal regions are the faces of the polyhedron; the edges of the polygons are the edges of this polyhedron; and the vertices of the polygons are the vertices of the polyhedron. If the faces of the polyhedron are all congruent regular polygons, then the polyhedron is called a regular polyhedron. The regular tetrahedron (triangular PYRAMID), which has four equilateral triangles as faces; the cube , with six squares as faces; the regular dodecahedron, with twelve regular pentagons as faces; and the regular icosahedron , with twenty equilateral triangles as faces;the regular octahedron , with eight equilateral triangles as faces. It is only possible to create regular crystalforms from these 3: trianglels, quadranglels, and pentagons.

Now, if multiplying the first 4 with each of theirs proportionals – 2x3x6x10 – it makes thenumber of the circle – 360 (9). Finally the 5 th. proportional, which is a proportion of 2 pyramides locked up to eachothers squares (octahedron), and therefore has the number 4 as its proportional, reveals the number as found in the Star of Bethlehem: 360 x 4 = 1440 (9) By this we can approach both scientifically and spiritually by saying as Jesus said in Mt. 6,10: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth (Crystals), as it is in heaven” (the Star of Bethlehem).

There is another source for understanding “In earth as it is in heaven” using numerology. The following measurements of the sun, the moon and the earth synthesizes “in the beginning” – was the number “999”:

The diameter in miles of:

the sun:

864 000 =

8+6+4 = 18 = 1+8 =


the moon:

2160 =

2+1+6 =


the earth:

7920 =

7+9+2 = 18 = 1+8 =



The sign of Jonas and “the end of time”

Jesus selected his new world based on 12 precious “stones”, known as the 12 disciples.

The selection was not casual. The 2 numbers as spoken of in the book of Daniel, by using the
same “childish” method we can “shorten the time”, and the only sign given to this family
(Mt: 12:40) is revealed:
“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son
of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”:

1290 = 1 + 2 + 9 + 0 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 (days)
1335 = 1 + 3 + 3 + 5 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 (nights)

Spiritually the two numbers given to Daniel cannot be applied on an exact time-calculation, as many have tried to. Because, what is time, if not our illusion in putting the universe into a square like box serving the speed of light as our God? No, these numbers reflects spirit and its way of thinking not in a linear time, but in cycles. What has been will be, and what will be has already been. In eternity there is no linear time but our illusions about time. Let`s face eternity; God doesn’t think for himself in terms like “the end of time”, because being divine no such problem exists. It is only our problem, living in a 3 -dimentional realm.

There is however, a paradox regarding the speed of light and numerology. As we know the speed of light in miles is commonly known as 186 000 pr. second. The speed of light is one of the foundations “stones” in Albert Einstein`s equation E=mc². The speed of light squared and reduced to a single equation (parable):

186 (000) x 186 (000) = 34596 (000000) = 3+4+5+9+6 = 27 = 2+7 = 9

E = 1 x 9

E = 9 (light / electric universe)

This is the “end of time” – the end of darkness – seeing all as light, at the 9th. hour:

And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God givith them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.” Rev. 22.5.

Take note that even the total of the digits in the chapter and verse is 9!


Below is my footnote added on August 30, 2010

MONDAY 30, 2010


Below is more information on the significance of the number 9. When I read these items, I can certainly see a relevance to Elvis in these words. See what you think:

Properties of the number 9


  • Number of the patience, the meditation.

  • Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas.

  • It is the expression of “the power of the Holy Spirit”, according to Etchegoyen.

  • Symbolize the plenitude of talents, the reward of the tests.

  • Symbol of the creation and the life as a rhythm and development.

  • As a product of 3 x 3, it is the expression of the perfection, the symbol of the virile power, in addition to be associated to the couple.

  • Nine is the number of the one who accomplishes the divine will. According to the Cabal, it is also the number of the achievement.

  • The freemasons have made it the eternal number of human immortality.

  • Being the last simple number, it is the number of finalization or finition; it is therefore the most complex, that marks the full lighting up of the numerical series.

  • This number was considered as sacred in Egypt and in Greece.

  • Number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation (nine months).

  • Number symbolizing the nocturnal and terrestrial things, for the Aztecs.

  • Number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels.

  • Represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter, which gives a triple manifestations of Trinity (3 x 3).

  • Symbol of the multitude, and according to Parmenide, it concerns the absolute things and it is the symbol of the totality of the human being.

  • A favorable number, associate to the eternity.

  • source:

The above facts are here as “food for thought“. I certainly do not intend to cause any sort of religious debate. I would like for everyone who loves Elvis/Jesse to take all of this in and consider why God chose him to be “Elvis“.

My love and respect for Jesse is boundless…I always strive to honor him in all that I share on this web site.

It is never my intent to offend anyone’s personal religion.  If you find any thing regarding the mystical topics on this site to be offensive, then please just skip over the topics with which you do not agree and move on to the next topic on the site. 

Everyone is welcome on this site.


Thursday, 9-22-2011 cont’d

A dear and longtime friend sent me a wonderful Email last night and I want to share it with everyone.  It proves that Elvis DID KNOW that his show on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis was to be his very last show and how he had to tear himself away from his beloved audience at the end of that show.

Here is my friend’s Email:

Hi Linda;

 If you read Peter Guralanick’s book on Elvis he states that it was almost as if Elvis did not want to leave the stage at his last show in Indianapolis, Indiana in front of 17,000 plus people. And here is the proof.  He KNEW Linda.  He knew that was the last show as E.. Just n case you haven’t watched the footage, I think you will like it. 


Elvis Presley Last Song Performed On Stage 6/26/77 

This video is owned by


I learned last night that Al Strada’s channel on YouTube has been suspended because of so-called copyright rules.  This breaks my heart as his channel was a treasure trove of very rare Elvis footage.  I am so sorry that the links which I have previously posted to some of his videos are not functional because of the suspension by YouTube.

I do recommend, though, that everyone visit the web site associated with Al Strada to see so many rare things…things not seen anywhere else such as photos of the upstairs at Graceland as it was when Elvis still lived there, so many, many photos not ever seen anywhere else…


I am going to share something very personal this morning…something to glorify God’s presence and guidance in my life.

I received an Email yesterday from a lady who I love and respect who is a very staunch Christian and who has taken offense at the mystical material which we have shared recently.

This troubled my mind greatly…mostly because she is condemning Elvis/Jesse for his studies and his beliefs. Some of the things which she mentioned as having been his philosophies and associations are totally off the mark. Just because he read many books, does not mean that he ever left his love of God and his faith in Jesus. 

It does not matter that this person doubts my faith in God, but it breaks my heart that she doubts Jesse’s place in God’s plan and the place which God and Jesus have always held in Elvis/Jesse’s life.

Because my mind was troubled by that Email, I did what I do sometimes when something is weighing heavy on my mind:

I sat down quietly and concentrated on my concern and prayed that God would show me if I am within His will in sharing those things which I am on my web site. I held the closed Bible in my hands while I uttered my prayer…asking God to open my Bible to some scripture to tell me if what I am sharing is wrong or if I am doing right by sharing the mystical material…which Elvis/Jesse embraced and which I, myself, embrace. I waited quietly and allowed the Bible to fall open at random. The scripture which I saw immediately was the following from the book of Psalms which is a favorite book of mine because I believe it relates very much to Elvis/Jesse. Below is the scripture which I read and which completely assured me that I am on the right path. I hope that perhaps someone else will be uplifted by my blessing from God and perhaps use prayer and the Bible to gain help and guidance in their lives as I have done over so many years. 

An acquaintance once said, when I was very young, that if you had a question or a worry and asked God for an answer and opened the Bible at random that your prayer would be answered in the first scripture which one sees.  I have experienced this so many, many times…it is my favorite way to read the Bible.

Please take note that even the chapter and verse to which the Bible opened is, itself, Numerologically significant: Psalm Chapter 35: Verse 27.  Two numbers very present in Elvis/Jesse’s life and mine…1935 for Elvis/Jesse’s year of birth and 27 for my day of birth. This, within itself, is a miracle of synchronicity and a sign that, yes, numbers are a way in which God speaks to us.



Below is another of the Bible Code slides done for the words Elvis, Psalms,  and David.  Has anyone every stopped to think of the parallels between King David and Elvis?  Think on it for a while and see what you come up with. 

Also, have others noticed, as have I, that Michelangelo’s statue of King David has Elvis’s face?  Michelangelo expressed that he could see the statue within the stone just waiting to be released. 

Also, Elvis jokingly compared himself to King David at times as written by Larry Geller. Does reincarnation perhaps come into play? 

Here is another bit of irony to tie this all together:   “Though Leonardo da Vinci and others were consulted, it was Michelangelo, only twenty-six years old, who convinced the Operai that he deserved the commission. On August 16, 1501, Michelangelo was given the official contract to undertake this challenging new task.[8]He began carving the statue early in the morning on Monday, September 13, a month after he was awarded the contract. He would work on the massive biblical hero for more than two years.”

(source:David (Michelangelo) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Also, as many of you have noticed, I place a great deal of significance in the fact that the Statue of Liberty has Elvis’s face.  Please check out my favorite of all Bible scripture in Isaiah Chapter 11.  Take note of the following:

For many, many years, the design below has been the letterhead on which I write just about all of my letters to Jesse.  I designed this early on in our correspondence.

I remind everyone that Jesse was the father of King David.

Also, there are other verses in this chapter which may have Elvis connotations as well…there was an historical event which took place the year when Elvis turned 13 (1948)  and moved to Memphis (the same name as an ancient city in Egypt where Jesus and his family spent time) which appears to have been foretold in this chapter…check out the year that Israel was re-established as a nation…1948.  Also,  Edgar Cayce gave in his readings that the purpose of World War II was so that Israel would be re-established.  Mr. Cayce gave this in readings but he passed away before it came to pass in 1948. 

In May 1948, Israel became an independent state after Israel was recognised by the United Nations as a country in its own right within the Middle East. If relations in pre-war Palestine had been fraught with difficulties, these difficulties paled into insignificance after Israel became a state in its own right. Immediately on being granted its independence, Israel was attacked by a number of Arab nations. If Israel had faltered at this first hurdle, she would have ceased to exist as a state regardless of what the United Nations had decreed.

(source: History Learning site)

Please read Isaiah Chapter 11: Verses 11 and 12.

Below is another Bible Code slide done with the names Elvis and Psalms:

In closing, below is one more Bible Code done with the names Presley and Israel which I offer as more food for thought:

Below is the reverse side of this slide showing the alternate view:

As one can see, the above slide is a very strong pattern of Presley and Israel…the one side is a repeating pattern, while the other side is very bold.

All of the above being said and shown, I want to express to everyone that I am NOT a Bible Scholar nor am I an educated historian. I am nothing more than a person who loves Elvis/Jesse and absolutely believes that he was chosen of God before his moment of birth to be an extraordinarily influential spiritual being during this life time. I believe that there is great significance in the above facts which I have shown and documented.

I do not pretend to be learned enough to decipher exactly what Elvis/Jesse’s part is in the current events which we are witnessing in our turbulent world and our own troubled nation. Perhaps there is none currently and he has already fulfilled his life’s mission.

Perhaps he has done all that he is suppose to do and just his very existence with so many instances of significant correlations to the Bible, the Statue of Liberty, the statue of David, the Numerology, his growing years spent in “Memphis“, moving to Memphis at 13 in 1948 -the same year when Israel became a nation, his coming from the blue star Rigel in the Orion Constellation, his amazing rise to the place of fame unknown by anyone other than Jesus himself, his love for the world and the love which the people have showered upon him…even 34 years after he left the world stage, on and on and on….perhaps all of that is just the way that God is using him to make us all wake up and pay attention and recognize that we are not here by chance, but that we are all children of God – spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, rather than vice versa.

I hope this will all give people something to think about and that no one will fly off the handle about this and attack anyone else. Judging and attacking are not the ways of which God approves for His children to behave.

I have so much more information of the same nature as that which I have presented above. I have been studying and searching for many, many years and have learned so much…certainly enough to prove to me that there is one God from whom we all came and that Elvis/Jesse is very much foremost of His children in the world at this time in history.



I have some very good news to share this afternoon.  Mark called and he is doing well.  He is back home from his surgery and hospital stay.  He will be taking some much deserved rest for the next several weeks…rest which he so deserves.

Mark asked me to express his thanks and appreciation for our visitors who have kept him in their prayers and thoughts.  He visited our web site while in the hospital and saw those who have asked about him and sent their get well wishes to him.

I have certainly missed him and am so very thankful that the surgery went well and that Mark is on the road to recovery.


I also have some more good news.  Jesse called me on Thursday afternoon for my birthday.  He did not know if he would have another chance to call or not.  He is doing OK.  We only spoke for a few minutes and did not discuss the web site at all.  I thought that everyone would like to know each time that he phones just so you can know that he is all right and is in touch.


My good friend, Susan, sent me a wonderful YouTube video link this morning.  I want to share it with everyone.

This is an eight segment video regarding the facts about UFO’s and aliens which the government has kept from the public for so many years.  This is in keeping with the material which I have presented in the past about the UFO Press Conference which was held in Washington, DC; as well as the article which I shared about Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon, and his firm belief in extraterrestrial crafts.

Elvis/Jesse had and has a very strong interest in this topic as do I myself. 

When you watch this video, please keep in mind what Elvis told Wanda June Hill…that before she dies, she would start to see some of his words to her about being from “out there” start to happen.  This is a very loose paraphrase of Elvis’s exact words to Wanda and so, I will insert some of his exact words below.  Please bear what he said in mind when you watch the video.  The things that have happened recently, as told on this video, and things to come are fulfilling that which Elvis told Wanda June.

I am not of this world, either. I know that, I know who I am. I am a man, a human being now, but what is ‘me’ is not from here. I am from out there. Did you ever hear of Rigel? (a star in the constellation of Orion.)

Wanda: No, is it a country or a person?

Elvis: A place, my home is near there – my
 other home – where I am from, and I have the Blue Star for my sun. I have eight moons and a mansion beneath the outer shell of my planet. You think I’m making this up, but its true – you’ll know that one day. You’ll remember what I told you – before you die – you’ll see some of it happen, and you’ll be involved because you and I are tied together and you don’t know it but I do. I can’t tell you how – I don’t remember it, but I feel it in my heart, in my inner self,

What an exciting time in which we are living!

Here is the link to the first of the 8 segment videos:


Also, after viewing all 8 of the above segments, I happened to see another video of similar content and watched it also.  It is a 2 segment report.  I also enjoyed this report…though it is not quite as professionally presented as the prior videos…but the content is also excellent:




Think on This…
Keep the mental attitudes of
helpfulness and hopefulness in its relationships, in its dealings with the
 fellow man. For these will make for greater returns in harmony and peace within
self, than may be acquired in any other way or manner. And also bring for SELF,
not only a useful life but useful in a PURPOSEFUL manner.


Jesse has suggested that those who are unfamiliar with Numerology look into it.

Because there are some who are not knowledgeable about the definition of Numerology or who, mistakenly, believe that there is something “occult” or evil about Numerology, I want to share the literal definition of Numerology which is:

The ancient study of the meaning of numbers and how they affect your life.

I like to say that Elvis could be God’s “poster child” for Numerology because anyone may follow the steps for determining the significant numbers in Elvis’s life…derived from his date of birth and his birth name as written on his birth certificate.  Once this is done, it is so apparent that God’s hand guided his life as Elvis as well as his life beginning on August 16, 1977.  As the cliche says “Numbers don’t lie.”  Please take the time to look into this and you will be amazed as well as enlightened.


I just saw an article regarding the fact that the postal service is going to be issuing commemorative postage stamps honoring living contemporary figures which has never been done before…on purpose. LOL

The article has several prominent mentions of Elvis and the stamp which was issued in his honor. In several of those references, the question that he may be alive is touched upon .

I thought everyone would like to see this mainstream mention of his perhaps being alive (even if it is in gist)…Of course, we all know DEFINETLY!!

Here is the link to this full article:

Stamps to feature contemporary people

Below are the excerpts which are about Elvis and his stamp:

Washington (CNN) Although some people believe Elvis Presley is still alive, and he’s been on a stamp, the U.S. Postal Service is opening up the opportunity to honor people on a stamp who are unquestionably still around.

The agency Monday announced it has dropped a rule that imposed a five-year waiting period after a notable person’s death before they could be considered to be featured on a stamp….

That said, Elvis Presley is an example of someone, dead or alive, who contributed to American culture. In 1992, long after his generally accepted death in 1977, the Postal Service held a public vote as to whether an Elvis stamp should depict him early in his career, or how he was in later years.

The portrayal of a “young” Elvis won out, on a margin of three-to-one from more than a million votes cast. “Elvis was the king of stamps,” said Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders, who said the runoff nearly 20 years ago was conducted using only post cards obtained and mailed at 40,000 post offices nationwide.

The Postal Service is in the midst of closing thousands of post offices as part of a financial overhaul to cut red ink. The commemorative stamp program brings in about $200 million a year in profit. “The main source of profit is those who buy and keep the stamps,” Kearney explained,”it’s serious money, but it’s a relatively small drop in the gap we have to close.”

Still, if the popularity of Facebook and Twitter can supplement snail mail, postal officials believe the competition to name the first living person featured on a U.S. stamp may top the public’s participation in the Elvis runoff.



I want to share with everyone that Jesse did phone me yesterday evening to wish me a happy birthday. He is doing well. I received his gift package on Monday, so I was so happy to get to thank him for the lovely items he sent to me.

We discussed a little bit about the spiritual material which we are sharing. He does want everyone to always remember that he IS Jesse now…just the brother of a famous man. That being said, he left many things behind when he became Jesse in order that he might allow Jesse to live the type of lifestyle that he would have normally led had he lived on January 8, 1935. He has remarked, in the past, several times that he is only human.

So, I do believe that Elvis has fulfilled his mission for which God chose and sent him here. I shall never stop marveling over the spiritually symbolic things in his life and I will continue to share those.  I see so many ways that God spoke to us through the life of Elvis.

We can better understand the reasons that he left us on August 16, 1977 if we better understand the inner/spiritual man who struggled with so many things privately. Not to mention the terrific stress of stepping on stage before thousands every day for weeks on end…often two shows a day. This while dealing with health issues, family issues, employee issues, financial issues, etc. I respect him so very, very much for the valiant fight that he put forth to keep on being Elvis for us as long as he did.



All references to the so-called “movie” “ElvisWhatIf” has been removed from this page.

It is now moved to a page titled “ElvisWhatIf – the Movie” and any further comments regarding this travesty will be posted on that page.


I like this thought for the day…I hope to live by it in the face of injustice and unfair criticism…

Think on This…
“In my Father’s house are many mansions,” saith the Lord of Lords. And as we keep His ways we come to know HOW that out of sorrow cometh JOY-if the peace of the Lord is IN same. But if there is kept a hate, a grudge, it bringeth rust and corruption. Let the Lord’s ways be thy ways, and the Christmas joy fill thy heart.


This past week, Dr. Oz devoted a good portion of one of his programs to the Near Death Experience.  I knew, beforehand, that Dr. Oz would treat this in a very respectful manner.  I have seen Dr. Oz devote a good portion of another of his shows in recent months to psychic John Edward who is a medium who  communicates with the dead.  That show was handled in a most respectful manner as well and left the impression that it is a legitimate experience.

The show with those who have experienced the Near Death Experiences was treated with equal respect and acceptance.

I am going to paste the link below in order that those who are interested in this may watch the show on his web site…please click on the link as the photo below is an image only and will not play if you click on the arrow in the image.

 Dr. Oz investigates Near Death Experiences 


There are 4 parts to this show.

Two of my very good friends have written of their own NDEs on our blog.

It is my personal opinion that God is lifting the veil between this earthly life and the afterlife.

I have read a lot and watched many reports regarding the NDEs, communication with those who have crossed over and substantiated instances of those who recall their past lives (reincarnation).  These phenomenons have been gaining much more mainstream acceptance  during the decades since the 1950’s.

One such major media attention drawing event in 1956 (when Elvis was drawing his first widespread notice) was when The Search for Bridey Murphy was also made into a 1956 movie starring Teresa Wright as Ruth Simmons.  This was, of course, very controversial but, nevertheless, did begin to open people’s minds to the possibility of reincarnation here in the western world.

I do believe that Elvis is a very easily recognized example of probable reincarnation due to the fact that there are many ancient statues and works of art which bear an almost exact image of his likeness.

Also, the UFO’s and flying saucers came into the mainstream media at about this same time…with the Roswell crash in the late 1940’s which is  hotly debated even to this very day.

I apologize that I haven’t the time right now to further tie all of these topics together.  But, I will say that I absolutely believe that Elvis is a part of God’s “lifting of the veil” between our mortal earth bound materialistic consciousness and the awareness of the existence of our souls as well as the soul’s awareness of God and the fact that we are all God’s children and are truly spiritual beings have brief human experiences in each of our lifetimes on earth and in other realms or spheres.

Add to the above, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940’s and 1950’s…also being God’s way of circumventing the damage done to His word by the tampering of humans.  Once more, I apologize, that right now I haven’t the time to expound more upon these scrolls and the timeliness of their discovery.

I will add more to this train of thought when time permits. 



I have added further material relating to the movie ElvisWhatIf for those who care to visit that page to view the followup information.




I have been told that the young man whose web site this is, is really Johnny Harra’s son.  His last name bears witness to the report which I posted yesterday regarding the fact that Johnny Harra’s real name was Levett.

I have added much more documentation to further prove that the facts my friends shared with me and which I posted yesterday are true.


I have more instances of synchronicity which I plan to share regarding Elvis and the Statue of Liberty…just as soon as times permits. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the below photo of the two together.


ELVIS PRESLEY & STATUE OF LIBERTY – Allestimento Pub Agarti  Milano Navigli Via Vigevano 1 Darsenza – KRYZON DESIGN INFO @ KRIZON@HOTMAIL.IT



Jesse phoned me tonight and he is doing well.  We only spoke for a few minutes.  He had mentioned recently that he would like to have a toy from his childhood…just to hold it another time.  I was lucky in that I did find one to buy for him on EBay and he was calling to thank me for that.

He brought up the subject of someone who has been unhappy with me because of some topics which I have displayed on my site and he said it brought to mind a quote from a book which he once read.  When he told me the quote, I told him that I really liked that and would it be all right for me to put it on the web site and he said that it would.  I hope everyone will like the quote as much as he and I do.  It is something good to think upon when confusion and misunderstandings arise:

“I am I and you are you.  I am not on this earth to meet your expectations.”

As always, his call made my day wonderful.



Think on This…
For there is only the one ideal in
HUMAN relationships, and that is as that given by Him who IS the way, the truth, the light: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Reading 1598-1

Think on This…
For as we forgive, we are forgiven; as we condemn others, we are ourselves condemned. Thus in patience condemn not,
neither find fault; not condoning, not agreeing, but let thine own life so shine that others, seeing thy patience, knowing thy understanding, comprehending thy   peace, may take hope.

Reading 3459-1