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Monday, October 12, 2009

News Alert

It is with great sadness that I must report that Ms. Mason passed away on Tuesday, September 22, 2009. 

From her obituary: She became an international graphologist and worked for the Kansas City Bureau of Investigation for 10 years. Her expertise in handwriting or brain writing analysis, would hold up in a court of law.”

If you care to read of her life’s work and the special lady who she was, here is the  complete obituary: 

Shirley Mae Mason – Independence, MO – The Examiner

Shirley Mason Obituary

In this 2004 update regarding Elvis/Jesse and Dr. Hinton, FOX 8 in Cleveland aired this report which included the interview with the graphologist, Ms. Shirley Mason.  In this interview you will see and hear all of Ms. Mason’s credentials and the very impressive history of her professional life.

You will see and hear Ms. Mason state unequivocally that the handwriting in the letters which Jesse wrote were absolutely written by the same person as the letters written by Elvis Presley prior to August 16, 1977.

You will see, in no uncertain terms, that Ms. Mason states, without reservation, that Jesse is Elvis Presley.

Please take note that the forensic expert who FOX 8 hired to examine Jesse’s letters stated that her results were  non conclusive…she states that she cannot say for sure that the letters written by Jesse were a match for the letters written by Elvis Presley.  BUT she also states that she “…certainly couldn’t say that they were  not the same writer“. In my opinion, this lady was not willing to admit to the conclusive evidence that Jesse and Elvis are one and the same…so she chose to give no definitive answer.  This could have been because it was such a highly controversial topic and could have reflected badly on her career if she gave the wrong answer.

Please take note that Jesse wrote this letter to the Attorney General of Missouri in December, 2002.  The Attorney General’s investigation resulted in all fraud charges being dropped against Dr. Hinton.

The link below will take you to my YouTube video of this FOX 8 report of the interview with Ms. Mason.

Here is the link to my video of this interview:


FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2013

I have some new and very detailed information regarding the report done by the Graphologist, Ms. Shirley Mason.  You will see that I have several pages dedicated to Ms. Mason and her graphology report regarding the handwriting of Jesse.  This report states unequivocally that the handwriting of Jesse in his letters to Hinton are written by the same man who was Elvis Aron Presley until August 16, 1977.

I must go back and make some corrections to the facts which I have stated regarding Ms. Mason’s work on Jesse’s letters…facts which I have reported since the beginning of this web site.

You see, I have been under the impression for all these years…since 2003…that the Attorney General of Missouri called in Ms. Mason to verify that the letter which he received from Jesse was actually written by Elvis Aron Presley as part of his investigation into allegations brought against Hinton.

I have learned just within the past several weeks, that is not the case after all.  It turns out that a lady who knew Ms. Mason personally and also had become familiar with Hinton and Jesse’s letters in the book was actually the person responsible for having Jesse’s letters analyzed.This lady became a dear friend to Shirley Mason.

I am going to present several documents below which are very pertinent to the whole topic of the graphology report presented on Jesse’s handwriting.

Actually, Ms Mason did her analysis of Jesse’s handwritten letters to Hinton in November, 2002.  The letter which Jesse sent to the Attorney General of Missouri wasn’t written until December, 2002.  Hinton got in touch with the lady who was mutually acquainted with Hinton and Ms. Mason and asked her if he could have the graphology report to use in his court case.  So, the whole thing became part of the Attorney General’s investigation into Hinton when Hinton, himself, acquired the copy of the graphology report and introduced it into the court case.

I apologize for this misconception on my part.  My knowledge has always been based upon the fact that, in the FOX 8 reports, it appeared to me that the analysis was of the letter to the Attorney General.  As of December, 2000, I broke off the remnants of what was left of what I had believed to be my friendship with Hinton.  I ended my friendship with him because of his lying and his inordinately huge ego.  So, after December 2000, I was no longer involved in any of the events regarding Hinton nor the book.

I am so glad and relieved to know the truth firsthand of how the events unfolded.  I want to thank the dear lady who has come forward to furnish me with all of this wonderful material.  She has also filled me in on the sequence of events and she and I have both come to understand even more of the manipulative nature of Hinton and his two associates.

Below,  you will see a copy of the notarized first page of the graphology report.  

Also, because one of the self-described “Elvis Experts” attacked my material regarding Ms. Mason’s graphology report of Jesse’s handwriting, and even went so far as to insinuate that Ms. Mason’s work was not reliable, that she was not qualified, and that “graphology is not a science“.  I am also going to display below Ms. Mason’s Master’s degree in education from Arizona State University as well as her degree as Certified Graphologist issued by the Institute of Graphology on September 15, 1980.  Ms. Mason was a court recognized forensic expert in matters regarding identifying handwriting.  She worked with the Kansas City Bureau of Investigation for 10 years on an as-needed basis.  Her word has been accepted in legal matters during that time.

The last thing I am honored to be able to share is a 12 page letter written by Ms. Mason in November, 2002 to her dear friend in whom she confided her recent involvement in the Elvis Is Alive scenario.  I have edited out some pieces of information which I felt Jesse would rather not have displayed for reasons of privacy,etc.  Also, I have edited out a little of that which I know was just words being spread by Hinton and were not accurate.  When you read Ms. Mason’s letter, please bear in mind that she is just reporting that which she has been told by someone who had been told those things by Hinton, Felix-Johnson, and Jerry Presley.  Therefore, please do not take everything stated as being literal.

First of all, below is the front page of the notarized Graphology Report by Ms. Mason.

Graphology report prepared by Ms. Shirley Mason Nov. 2002

Next below is the degree from the Institute of Graphology  issued to Ms. Mason:


The next document is Ms. Mason’s Master’s degree in Education from Arizona State University.  Ms. Mason was a school teacher as well.

Below is a copy of Ms. Mason’s business card and the introduction to a graphology class that she taught.

Below is the front of the memorial leaflet given at her funeral service.  I regret so very much that I never had the honor and pleasure of becoming acquainted with Shirley Mason.  I was not aware until months later that she had passed away just 4 months after I constructed this website.  I would love to have been able to interview her for this website.

Ms. Mason was also an accomplished writer of hymns… several of which were sung at her funeral. 

Having established the validity of Ms. Mason’s knowledge, expertise, and education which qualified her to do professional handwriting analysis, I will now display a 12-page personal letter which she wrote to a dear friend regarding her work with Jesse’s handwritten letters as compared to known handwriting of Elvis Presley.  I present this in order that everyone may see how sincere and excited she was to have had the opportunity to do this work. 

Shirley Mason letter 1

Shirley Mason letter 2

Shirley Mason letter 3

Shirley Mason letter page 4

Shirley Mason Letter 5


Shirley Mason letter 6

Shirley Mason letter 7

Shirley Mason letter 8

Shirley Mason letter 9

Shirley Mason letter 10

Shirley Mason letter 11

Shirley Mason letter 12


I also want to share, once more, the video of the FOX 8 TV news report on which Ms. Mason’s interview aired.  You will hear her state unequivocally that the handwriting of Jesse is that of Elvis Aron Presley.

This is my own video on YouTube.  My dearest friend M J was able to tape all of the FOX 8 reports for me in order that I too could view them and subsequently share all of them on my YouTube channel.  Also, another dearest friend, Bobbi, taped several of them for me as well.

ELVIS IS ALIVE FOX 8 May 24, 2004, interview with the graphologist…


You will notice that I was operating under the misconception that the Attorney General brought Ms. Mason into the Hinton case.

My misconception was also based upon the fact that Hinton displayed (on his website) the letter to the Attorney General along with the graphology report in such a way that it made it appear that Ms. Mason was writing her report based upon including that letter.  This appears to be just one more instance of Hinton misrepresenting things to make himself look good.  Hinton apparently only displayed the letter and the report on his site for just a day or so.  The only copy which I have of this from his website was shared with me, back when it took place, by a friend who knew someone who had printed it off and she obtained a xerox copy for me…this is the one displayed on my page linked below.  (Please see a screenshot of Hinton’s display below.  This is taken from my own page on which I have the xerox copy displayed.)

You may watch all of the FOX 8 News Reports on my YouTube channel.  If you have not watched my videos, I urge that you do so as they add another dimension to the written material displayed here on this site.

Hinton'a display of letter and graphology report

Below are the links to my pages which are devoted to the topic of the handwriting analysis & graphology report, Ms. Mason, and Jesse’s letter to the Attorney General of Missouri in Dec. 2002.


Jesse’s letter to the Attorney General of Missouri written Dec. 2002

Jesse’s letter to the Attorney General of Missouri and graphologist Shirley Mason

Shirley Mason – Handwriting  Authenticated – Video of FOX 8 report interview – Jesse’s letter to the Attorney General of Missouri

You may watch all of the FOX 8 News Reports on my YouTube channel.  If you have not watched my videos, I urge that you do so as they add another dimension to the written material displayed here on this site.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to the dear lady who has been so generous in offering her knowledge and support.  She was there during the whole Hinton thing regarding the graphology report.



A very good friend to my web site has witnessed the troubles which have been occurring to me and she wrote a very kind and informative letter which she suggested that I post. 

This lady was a very close personal friend of Ms. Shirley Mason, the graphologist who was commissioned by the Attorney General of Missouri to do the handwriting analysis of the letter which Jesse wrote to him.  She returned positive results…unequivocally proving that the handwriting of Jesse is the handwriting of Elvis Aron Presley.  She said she would testify in a court of law and that her opinion would stand in a court of law.  Her conclusions were used in many court cases during the 10 years that she worked with the Kansas City Bureau of investigation

My heartfelt thanks to Sharon for returning to impart once more her eyewitness account of Ms. Mason’s diligence in determining that Jesse is Elvis who is still alive.

Dearest Linda,
I’m writing this because of all you have mentioned about handwriting.
What I have to say is to both you and Jesse as well as your 400,000
plus visitor’s. Everyone out there who reads this website about Elvis
Aron Presley,now known as Jesse. Please listen to me. Linda is telling
the truth. I know..because I prayed about it. And God showed me the
answer. I also am a person that was very involved with Shirley Mason. A
very dear friend of many years. Who was an International Graphologist.A
very well known,highly qualified & respected good, Godly women.Who had
expertise in hand writing analysis..Because of her training by one of
the best teachers who was a professor from California.And her
dedication and determination to help people. By studying
handwriting.She saved lives by stopping suicide’s.She cracked numerous
cases of fraud and forgery for the Kansas City Bureau of investigation
where she worked for ten years.She has hundreds of character witnesses
as well as countless students she taught who had special needs. Her
work has stood up in a court of law many times.She could read a persons
writing and see loyalty,dishonesty and character,just by a short analysis..She was that
good !!! Her faith in God was so deep. She learned how to read the
spirituality of a person.This is the truth.

She taught this.When a person loses their hands or ability to write.It
has been proven,that you can use your feet or teeth to write.and it
will be exactly like your handwriting.Because it is BRAINWRITING..Just
look at Joni Earikson Tata. Who paints with her teeth..It is the same
principal. It is our pattern in our writing that cannot be duplicated.
It is like a fingerprint..Graphology is a required class in some
colleges in the USA to become a psychiatrist.And for sure in
Europe.There is no question about Shirley Masons expertise on this
proven science of Graphology. I was
like her daughter & legal DPA later in life… and I promise you. She
did read with the best professional way any human could. I witnessed
the countless hours she read & measured, studied,all the handwritings
of Elvis and Jesses that was available at the time. Without question
she notorized,certified,and went public with her findings..Because of
this it was ruled & let stand in a court of law.with the Attorney
General. In the case of Dr. Hinton. All charges were dropped.BECAUSE of
a scientifically proven art of graphology… Read all about her on
Lindas website.
          People, Linda Hood Sigmon has spent 21 plus years or how about
over 18,000 days of pure,selfless dedication to this cause of Truth.
For Elvis / Jesse. I stand in awe over her strength and never ending
fight for this special man..Please always remember this.
Faith is the assurance if things hoped for…and the evidence of things
NOT seen..God Bless You all..And Merry Christmas…
With ALMIGHTY GOD as my witness,
I stand 100 % with Linda…Because I believe her work to be true..and
What I was shown spiritually No one can take that away..Shirley is
missed so much..but from Heaven I know she is helping me, love and
support Linda and Elvis / Jesse..
As the saying goes…I’ll be back!! Remember,
The Rose of Sharon

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