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Here is some food for thought about Joe’s recent “admission” that he has lied for 37 years to protect Elvis’ image.

Below is an excerpt from the GLOBE interview which Joe did a few weeks ago:

GLOBE cover with Joe Esposito's lies

Joe Esposito interview Globe 2nd page

Below is an excerpt from Nancy Rooks’ book, INSIDE GRACELAND Elvis’ Maid Remembers .   As you can see, Ms. Rooks went into a lot of detail about how she and Aunt Delta went about taking care of everything to do with cleaning up the bathroom while Joe, Charlie, Dr. Nick, etc. were all still at the hospital while the people back at Graceland had not yet been told that Elvis “died“. 

As you will note, nothing Joe stated about clearing the bathroom, AFTER he rushed back to Graceland, is backed up by the account in Nancy’s book.  According to Ms. Rooks, she and Aunt Delta had already taken care of clearing out all of the prescription medications plus everything else in the bathroom.

The following excerpts appear in Ms. Rooks’ book on pages 106-107

Nancy Rooks' book bathroom page 1



Nancy Rooks' book bathroom page 2

I would like to interject one fact into the mentions of syringes, needles, etc.  I am told by Wanda June Hill, who was one of Elvis’ closest personal friends, that Elvis required daily injections of B-12 in order to function.  From when he was a small child he had this deficiency but, of course, it was not recognized until he was an adult.  She said that he did not like to give himself the injections unless there was no one else available to take care of it for him.  Jesse has told me that he still gets B-12 shots and has recommended them for my own health issues.  This would explain the syringes and needles.

My take-away opinion about Joe’s recent interview admission is that Joe is probably just grasping for something new to tell which will garner headlines in his attempt to push Shirley Dieu’s book.  Just saying…

I shall continue this article with some more excerpts from two books and a National Enquirer interview which appear to indicate that Ginger Alden is misrepresenting things in her current new book.



Below is the first installment of several documents which may refute some of the claims being made in Ginger Alden’s currently being released book.

The first display is that of an August, 1978 interview with Elvis’ uncle, Mr. Vester Presley, which is quite revealing regarding Ginger’s standing with the Presley family following Elvis’ departure. 

This interview appeared in the August 22, 1978 issue of the National Enquirer.  I wish to thank my best friend, M.J. who had this issue and mailed it to me so that I may share it here.

Enquirer interview with Vester Presley 1978

To be continued…..


Below are excerpts, from another book, in which Ginger Alden is the topic.  The following excerpts are from the book by Dr. George Nichopoulos  titled THE KING AND DR. NICK.  I won’t comment about each excerpt in detail because you can draw your own conclusions after reading the timeline of events and the inconsistencies in what she said and the actual details surrounding her first finding Elvis’ body and much later calling downstairs for help.  Bear in mind that, at this point, it really was Elvis lying on the floor after being given an injection to give the appearance of death.

The first three excerpts below are from pages 12 and 13 of the book THE KING AND DR. NICK – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ELVIS AND ME

The King and Dr. Nick excerpt 1 Ginger Alden

The King and Dr. Nick excerpt 2 Ginger Alden

The King and Dr. Nick excerpt 3 Ginger Alden

The following excerpt is from page #140 of the book THE KING AND DR. NICK – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ELVIS AND ME

This is perhaps the most damaging evidence against Alden:

The King and Dr. Nick excerpt 4 Ginger Alden

To be continued…


Continuing with the train of thought above, below is another excerpt from Dr. Nick’s book which further shines light on Alden’s obvious connections to the tabloids.  Though the prior excerpt above was about things which came to light some time after Elvis’ leaving, the following pertains to things with which Elvis was dealing in the early Spring of 1977…just a few months after he became involved with Ginger:

The following excerpt is from page #117 of the book THE KING AND DR. NICK – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ELVIS AND ME

Dr. Nick's book

It is perfectly obvious that “the snitch” was Ginger Alden.  Also, take note that it was Grob to whom Elvis gave the duty of tracking down the guilty party and that it was, after Elvis left, also Grob to whom Vernon gave the assigned investigation.  So, Grob was logically the person who was later contacted with a tip about Ginger calling the man, with the ties to The National Enquirer,  being one of the people who Ginger phoned two times on the afternoon of Elvis’ “death”.

Below is one more excerpt from Dr. Nick’s book regarding Alden:

Dr Nicks book



Below are several excerpts from the book by Nancy Rooks who was a maid at Graceland and was the first person to run upstairs when she got the call from Ginger.  This was because no one was around who was suppose to be on duty…i.e. David Stanley nor Rick Stanley.  These pages cover the details of the ambulance, Dr. Nick’s arrival, Vernon’s statement to Ginger, etc.

The following excerpts are taken from INSIDE GRACELAND – Elvis’ Maid Remembers by Nancy Rooks, Elvis’ maid.

Nancy Rooks book 1

Nancy Rooks book 2

On the page below, also from Nancy Rooks book, you will see exactly how much Elvis knew about her cheating on him, etc.  If she was dumb enough to think that she was putting anything over on Elvis, she certainly sold Elvis short.

Nancy Rooks book 3

I hand the readers of my site the truth as published in a book by Dr. Nick, who I find to be above reproach, and by Nancy Rooks who, I believe, has written the truth in her book.  Therefore, I suggest only that anyone who reads Ginger Alden’s book could see it in a different light when comparing her book to the above excerpts.





Below is an excerpt from a letter which Jesse wrote to Donald Hinton to be included in his book…I always refer to this as “Jesse’s book” because it is his handwritten letters which are the actual heart of the book.  I received a rough draft of the book in September, 2000 which was the same time that Jesse first saw the rough draft of the book.  Therefore, the letter below is not in my rough draft as this letter was written to Hinton in October, 2000.  Therefore, in this instance, I must scan from a page of the published book.  For some reason, Hinton, chose to only include the typed transcript of this letter rather than sharing the actual handwritten letter by Jesse.

My reason for sharing this scan with my visitors is because of Jesse’s one statement which he made about Ginger in the entire book.  I also add that in all the years that I have been friends with Jesse, he has NEVER once mentioned her name.  The below example is the ONLY time that he ever mentioned her at all to my knowledge.  As you will see this comment was not of a very favorable nature.  I add that he has mentioned Linda Thompson to me a few times and has said nothing negative about her.

Because the actual published book is not my property, I provide below the title, author and page numbers from which this letter is copied.



The following letter appears on pages 65 – 66.

Ginger Alden in Jesse's letter

FOOTNOTE:  As you will see in the above page of this letter, Jesse intended to give more information for the book via his letters as of October, 2000.  However, Hinton rushed to publish the book and negotiated with a press to do so in December, 2000 thus stopping the book before Jesse had finished sharing the things which he wanted in the book.  Jesse told me on the phone, after the book came out “I had more I wanted to tell.  I was not finished with the book.

Ginger Alden in Jesse's letter 2

The following letter is on pages 63 – 64.  I am displaying it here to substantiate the fact that Jesse wished for us all to share equally in the book.  I want to make certain that everyone knows that I have NEVER received one penny from the publication of this book, nor do I ever expect to,  nor do I want to.  However, in case there is any question about my rightful place in the creation of this book, I have Emails from Dr. Hinton acknowledging my help as well as photos from three weekends which Hinton spent here in our home with photos of work being done on this book during some of those visits.

Also, I want to make it perfectly clear that every single time that Jesse mentioned “Linda” (which has been shown as “Shuma” in the published book) Jesse was referring to me and only me.  I make this clear because I understood, through an eye witness, that Linda Felix-Johnson was showing Jesse’s letters for the book to various interviewers and letting them believe that she was the “Linda” in the book.  I am “Shuma” and always have been the ONLY “Shuma”… and the ONLY Linda mentioned in all of Jesse’s letters in the book.

Please forgive me for being so bold in pointing out these facts.  I must admit that I was infuriated when I learned that an interloper was attempting to obliterate my very existence.   I had suspected this all along and it was confirmed to me in the summer of 2004.

Please take special note of the fact that Jesse tried to talk Hinton out of putting his real name, address, etc. on the book.  It was Hinton’s ego which got him into trouble and, ultimately, discredited the book.  It was also Hinton’s selfish act of publishing his own name, etc. that resulted in me being thrown to the wolves and attacked ever since 2001.

As Elvis said “Don’t let your head get too big.  It’ll break your neck.

Jesse's letter to Hinton Sept. 2000

Jesse's letter to Hinton Sept. 2000 2 jpg


A good friend, Nita, shared the following photo with me.  I like it so much and want to share it with everyone here.

Nita's Elvis photo.


The following wonderful interview was shared with me by Wanda June Hill.  It is taken from some of the recordings done for the movie “Elvis On Tour“. 

Wanda says of this interview: He did a great interview here, open, honest and totally himself.”

Elvis interview; July 1972 – unknown location

v04630 v04630 Published on Jun 28, 2014


Also, below is a very good and clear interview with Elvis from 1962. 

Elvis interview; August 17, 1962 – Hollywood, California

v04630  v04630   Published on Jul 1, 2014

Elvis interviewed by Lloyd Shearer (possibly) in Hollywood on August 17th, 1962 – Elvis gave a few very intimate interviews during his career and this is one of them.


I especially like these interviews…one reason is that they match so perfectly with Elvis’ voice in the 1981 phone conversations which were included on the tape which accompanied Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s first Elvis book in 1988 titled IS ELVIS ALIVE?

 For those who may not have heard the 1981 tape which was released with Gail’s book in 1988, please enjoy listening to it below.


Just want to let everyone know that Jesse called me this afternoon and he is doing well.  He wanted to tell me that Little Nick was coming to visit and that they were going to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shortly.  So, we didn’t speak but a few minutes.  Jesse brought up the topic of Ginger’s book…I DID NOT bring up that topic.  Jesse said “Ginger has made up things.”  I told him about the articles which I have recently placed on my site about her and her association with the National Enquirer, etc.  I knew she had made up the parts of her book which others have shared with me.  I will not buy her book.  I have seen quite enough in the excerpts which others have sent to me and through two friends who have the book.  She did herself no favor by creating that fictitious fantasy which is her book.

Jesse mentioned that there is going to be something about him on TV Tuesday night but said that he didn’t know if he had that channel or not.  Tom and I had already seen that at 11 PM Tuesday, there is a documentary about Elvis’ legacy coming on the REELZ channel.  The name of the show, which is going to be devoted to Elvis this week, is Celebrity Legacies.   I certainly do want to see it.  I hope to be able to record it on a DVD for Jesse in case he is unable to see it.  I just checked and it is a new show…made in 2014.  On DirecTV, it is channel 238.



Just a thought for anyone who is interested in doing something to help.  If anyone cares to contact Ginger Alden to make her aware that Elvis is alive and direct her to my web site to read the truth, that would certainly be welcome.



 I have just completed restoring another page which was destroyed last year when I closed my old web site which was hosted by TipTop.  I was shocked to see that, when I did that, ALL of the pages which were in existence prior to my site being moved here to my current location were virtually destroyed…images missing, links not working, etc.    When my current service provider moved my material from TipTop to this current site, TipTop had encrypted all of MY OWN MATERIAL thus the loss of so much all of a sudden.  I made sure to restore all of the topic pages and left the old Current News pages until now.    So, I began yesterday afternoon working on my CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE 1.  This page is now restored in full.  If anyone has attempted to visit that page within the past year, I think you will enjoy it more now.   I can’t promise how fast I will get the rest of the Current News Pages restored as it took many hours just to complete the one page yesterday and today.

Should you visit the still not fully restored Current News pages, please do excuse the missing images, etc.

 Below is the link to the restored Current News and Events Page 1:



Below is some information and a link to the book titled  BLUE STAR LOVE – From an Amazing Heart of Grace.  This book is about Elvis’ mystical and spiritual life’s journey.  There are excerpts in this book from Wanda June Hill’s friendship with Elvis which I know everyone will especially enjoy.

BSL book cover
BLUE STAR LOVE – From an Amazing Heart of Grace is NOW AVAILABLE

A Review:

Blue Star Love is one of the most amazing books you’ll ever read, and it’s not just about Elvis Presley. Author Maia Nartoomid provides astonishing documents as evidence as her foundation plus the insights she facilitates about higher consciousness, planetary & galactic history weaves together an eye-opening, page-turning read! Maia has performed an extraordinary service to the Elvis Presley legacy by compiling all these true stories & authenticated documents. Now others can truly understand why Elvis so touched their hearts! I discovered the Elvis Presley channel on Sirius Radio earlier this year & then I ‘just so happened’ to watch a special on Elvis before reading this book, so Spirit had already prepped me to be an Elvis admirer-something that I had sadly missed out on when younger. Blue Star Love is my true initiation into Elvis.  

Maia’s prose in Blue Star Love is poetic and lyrical. She is definitely on the Elvis frequency! – Kuanyin Moi

As I have written before, I have had Maia’s first book MAGII FROM THE BLUE STAR  since back around 1990.  I enjoyed it so very much and I am certain that everyone will like her new book very much too.  I also received a tape from Maia back then of some of the bits and pieces of Elvis’ recorded conversations with Wanda June Hill which was such a thrill and a joy to hear. Elvis was physically in Wanda’s presence doing a casual interview which she was doing to help a friend with a course, if I remember correctly, for much of the tape which I received.  So he was fully aware that the conversation was being taped.


Once more, I also wish to recommend the books by Wanda June Hill who was a close personal friend of Elvis for 15 years right until the day he “retired” from being Elvis to become Jesse.

This book was originally published just a couple of years after Elvis “retired” and is still available at Amazon as shown below:

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback – September 21, 2006

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added,because after 25 years, Elvis’ dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn’t know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

Here is the link to purchase this book at Amazon:

Wanda’s second book, Elvis Face-to-Face is available for FREE download at the following link.  Donations are appreciated for the book and all donations go to Maia Nartoomid who is the owner of the Elvis Lighted Candle site on which Wanda June’s material is displayed.  This is a totally non-profit site and all donations go toward the upkeep of this beautiful web site.

To reach the download of the book, please just click on the title of the book on the above linked page.  The above page is also very interesting as it gives many links on which you may read Wanda’s personal history with Elvis.  You may see documentation of  the voice analysis and handwriting analysis of Wanda’s tapes of some of her conversations with Elvis and his notes and letters to her.  It was proven that the man she knew and loved, as a member of her family, for 15 years absolutely was Elvis Aron Presley.

Here are the links directly to the voice analysis report and to the handwriting analysis report:

Handwriting Analysis of  letters written and sent to Wanda June Hill  by Elvis Presley

Voice Analysis of Wanda June Hill’s Elvis Tapes
(tapes Wanda made of her conversations with Elvis from 1963-1977)

I so very highly recommend all of Wanda’s works.  They were a blessing in my life when I found them way back in 1990.  She has been a hero to me since I read those books and I am so very honored and blessed to know her now.  She is a lovely lady with a mind full of wonderful memories about the very special who Elvis was privately and who is Jesse now.  He is still the most wonderful man that he always was before August 16, 1077.

Wanda did all of her writings and work for the very same reason that I have this web site…and that is to tell the truth about the wonderful and amazing man that Elvis/Jesse was and still is to this day.  We will both defend him to our dying breath.  Jesse has told me “I am so glad that I have you to stand up for me.“.  That is my one and only mission.

Of course, there are those who attempt to slander and discredit Wanda June Hill.  These are the men who were with Elvis before he retired.  Some of them are bitter.  Most of them have never made a living or a life for themselves since Elvis retired.  They have lived off his name for the past 37 years just as they did when he was still Elvis.  The reason that people, such as Marty Lacker, attempt to discredit Wanda June Hill is because she was there in the Hilton for many of Elvis’ shows and stayed in the hotel.  She also saw his shows in other venues.  She saw things they were doing.  Also, Elvis told her many things about them individually.  Therefore, Wanda is a threat to them because she knows so much.  Don’t believe their lies because Wanda is the real deal and speaks only the truth about Elvis and those surrounding him.  She is a lady and does not make public the things that she does know about the Memphis Mafia guys, etc.

The Elvis Lighted Candle site,on which the above links and information is found, is a non-profit website supported only buy those who wish to make a donation.  I hope everyone will contribute to help support that wonderful web site which is a wealth of good and true information about Elvis.



Good news…

Circle G owners hope to move quickly on renovations for Elvis’ ranch

Sep 10, 2014, 11:51am CDT

Staff writer- Memphis Business Journal

Next summer, Elvis Presley fans may have another reason to come to the Memphis area.

Renovations on the Circle G Ranch, Elvis’ second local home, have begun, and the owners are hoping the first phase is completed by next summer.

The 231-acre ranch was acquired by Destin, Florida-based Real Estate International Inc. earlier this summer for an estimated $4 million.

Please visit this link for full article:






The movie THE IDENTICAL which was released on Sept. 5th has not done well in theaters at all.  I, for one, have refused to even consider seeing this movie because I witnessed, from the very beginning of this movie, from the early planning stages through the final filming, previews, and now the actual movie itself that this plot is absolutely fashioned after the life of Elvis Presley.  At first, the producers announced that this was going to be a film about Elvis and his spiritual life.  So, I thought “Oh, this should be very good.”  So I began tracking everything I could regarding the ongoing creation of this movie.  As time evolved, I came to know that this was not going to be a true film about Elvis nor his spiritual life.  The producers discontinued all mention of Elvis in any news releases and ultimately produced and released a movie which goes to great lengths to NOT have any Elvis music, any Elvis photos, any films of Elvis, nor any Elvis character who is identified as such.  However, the plot it very much taken from the birth and life of Elvis.  There is absolutely NO denying that fact. 

I was extremely offended a long while back when I saw the previews of the movie on the Internet as trailers, etc.  The reason that I took great offense was that the story begins with a poor couple who live in the south during the mid 1930’s.  The wife gives birth to twin little boys.  Because they are too poor to feed and care for two babies, they let one baby go to a preacher and his wife who raise the baby as their own.  The little boy is never told that he has a twin brother.  They even go so far (at least in the trailers which I saw) as to show the birth parents burying a small box.  To me this is an insult to Gladys and Vernon Presley and to Elvis himself.  I vowed at that point that I would never see this movie and I am still true to that.

It is so blatantly obvious that the twin who becomes famous is fashioned after Elvis.  I just saw the opening scene a few minutes ago on line and was insulted all over again because “Elvis” is shown riding in a limousine on a road with cotton patches on each side of the road.  This scene really is offensive as it shows the Elvis-like character drinking alcohol as he looks out the window of the car.  The Elvis-like character is depicted to look like Elvis…no one can look at this and not think “Elvis“. 

To put the icing on the Elvis-cake, the actor playing the dual role of the famous twin and the not famous son of the preacher and his wife is a man making his acting debut as Blake Rayne.  However, this actor’s real name…or at least his former “stage name” was Ryan Pelton.  Ryan Pelton was a well know Elvis impersonator by trade before he changed his state name in order to play in this movie.  Kind of sneaky, I think!  

The producers and backers of this movie have gone to such great lengths not to use anything about Elvis for which they could be sued.  It is being promoted as a Christian movie even though they are dodging the bullet by not actually referring to anything in the movie as being related to the real Elvis.

A good friend, whose opinion I do value, saw the movie in the theater and really enjoyed it.  He said that it is a good movie…if one can just overlook the obvious Elvis theme which runs through it.  So, for many people who are not too-knowledgeable Elvis fans, this movie could be very enjoyable.

I said all of that to say this:  Evidently this movie did not do well at all at the box office during the first weekend of it’s release.  So, now the official web site for the movie is allowing anyone to watch, on line for free, the first 15 minutes of the movie to make up their own mind whether or not they wish to go see it in the theaters.  I am going to share the link to this sample of the movie below. 

My bottom line opinion is that I, personally, am not happy to see something being put out there which could further fuel the insane rumors that Jesse did not die at birth.  This line of thinking and gossiping is extremely insulting to the entire Presley family…especially to Gladys and Elvis who grieved for baby Jesse constantly…for the baby Jesse, who now has a semi-normal life compliments of his famous brother, Elvis.

Here is the link to the film clip:





Below is the link to this new page:


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