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Below you will see a document which authenticates that an autograph which Jesse wrote to me last year was indeed written by Elvis Presley. 

I had never asked Elvis for anything for myself in all our years of friendship.  But, last year when several of my friends asked if he would autograph their copies of his book, I decided to ask if he would also autograph my copy of his book.  He readily agreed.  He wrote a very special inscription to me and autographed it “Elvis Presley”.  This is on the very first printed page of his book…thus showing the title of the book, the authors’ credits, etc.  Below, on this same page, Elvis added another autograph of “Jesse”.

Because I have incurred the wrath of many people in the long established “Elvis World“, I have taken an action to document for myself that Jesse is Elvis Presley.  Below you will see the absolute proof that Jesse is Elvis Presley.  My harshest critics have attempted to dismiss every piece of evidence whether it be in the form of photos, videos, handwriting analysis, etc.  Their feeble attempts have been laughable. 

I submitted the full page from the book with all of Elvis/Jesse’s writing on it to an autograph authentication service.  I sent the image to them online because I would not trust my precious book in the mail.  You will see that the examiners state that everything matches and that the autograph is genuine.  They also do say that there are a few properties of any autograph that cannot be certified in an online examination…things such as erasures,  tracing, ink and pressure point of the handwriting, etc.  None of these problems exist with my autographed book. 

I have NO intentions of ever selling this autograph nor anything else which Elvis has written to me and given me over the past 18 years.  My only reason for having this authentication done is in order that I may present it here on my web site.

I hope this will put some critics in their place.  But, even more importantly, I want all of the visitors to my site to enjoy seeing this and knowing that what they have been reading on my site is the truth. 

Also, I am displaying the precious note that Jesse wrote to me which accompanied the book when he sent it back to me.


Jesse's note to me with autographed book page.


I later sent my actual book to have a hands-on authentication done since the above was  from a scanned copy.  The second authentication did not meet approval because the book was published in 2001 and Elvis Presley died in 1977.

You may read a lengthy article which I posted following the second submission.  You will see that they did NOT change anything about the former authentication itself…just could not authenticate it for the obvious reason of the dates.

Here is a link to my full page article regarding the above authentication…


Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

New autograph ∼

Saturday, December 26,2009

My closest friend, M.J. received a Christmas gift this week from Jesse.  She has graciously shared a copy of Jesse’s note for me to share with others via my web site.  I introduced M. J. to Elvis/Jesse after Jesse’s book was published.  She feels very blessed to be Jesse’s friend, just as do I.

New addition Saturday, December, 26, 2009

Many of you will recall hearing about the Elvis sightings in Kalamazoo, Michigan back in the late 80’s.  Mrs. Louise Welling was interviewed a number of times regarding her having seen Elvis in a grocery store on a Sunday morning.  It is a shame that jokes were made afterward.  It appears that Elvis really was in Kalamazoo back then.  In the following articles you will see the evidence of that fact.

The pages below are copied from Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book:

ELVIS UNDERCOVER Is He Alive and Coming Back?

The first two pages are the cover and index to the book.  I am including all of the information about her book in order that those who wish to buy it may be able to find it still available somewhere.  Perhaps copies are available on…maybe used copies are available there too.

Gail’s book was published in 1999.

I do have an audio cassette tape of the above interaction and Elvis does say “Kalamazoo”.  I haven’t any way of transferring this tape to my computer, so unlike my normal practice, I can’t document it on here except from the above excerpt from Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book.

Also, in the search results of prior addresses at which Jon Burrows has lived the following excerpt is found:

John Burrows



Memphis, TN

Kalamazoo, MI

I am withholding displaying more info on Jon Burrows.  The above information is not current regarding any information relating to Jesse in the present time.  I have edited out all pertinent references to anything which could be linked to Jesse now.  He no longer uses the name Jon Burrows and, in fact, used other aliases back then when he was “Jon Burrows”.


New YouTube video


My friend Susan loaned me a VHS of a Bruce Springsteen concert from 2000 because she wanted to share with me that he had announced during that show  “Elvis IS Alive!!!“.  We can all see that he only said this in a playful fashion while interacting with his audience.  However, he loves Elvis dearly and I have to feel that he was touching upon the many, many theories that Elvis is alive when he made that comment.

I expect just about everyone knows that Bruce is and always has been a huge Elvis fan.  He’s the guy who climbed over the wall at Graceland before Elvis “retired”.  However, he missed meeting Elvis at Graceland.

I have uploaded the brief clip of Bruce making his comment about Elvis.  This video is on my Daily Motion channel.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Revisions and addition to Numerology page 

I do want to emphasize very strongly the importance of the mentions of numerology in Jesse’s introduction to his book.  Jesse wanted the readers to see that he was handing them the information and the tool which they would need to decipher that date 8-16-1977 and recognize that only Elvis himself would have understood and known the many, many significant numbers derived from that “Perfect Day“.  This was his way of proving to each reader that he really is Elvis.  The numbers don’t lie.

I am going to insert copies of two excerpts below so you may correlate it to what I have just written:

Then farther down in the letter, he wrote:

You will see as you read on that 8-16-1977 was indeed “THE PERFECT DAY“.  Elvis said many times that he could feel God directing his life…and so he knew that this date was given to him by God as a sign.


New addition on Friday, December 4th, 2009


As I promised, the following is further validation that numerology was at work in Elvis’ very early life when he, himself, did not yet know that such a thing as numerology existed.

We all know that January 8, 1935 was the date of birth for Elvis and Jesse.  The following is another result of the formula  from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.  The formula is that the digits of the year of birth when added together and then added back to the year of birth will render an important year in the person’s destiny.

1+9+3+5 = 18


= 1953  YES.S.S.S.S.S!!!!   

Now, see the below documentation from the timeline of Elvis’ life which is currently displayed on EPE’s web site:

Need I say more?!

New addition Sunday, November 1, 2009

The following notation was written by Elvis in a book which he read.  He very often made notations and underlined in books as he read them.  This particular notation speaks volumes about what he was planning to do.

Also, take note of the date on this page of the book…3 days after Elvis was born!!





NEWS ADDED ON 9-20-2009

Last night I spoke with Elvis/Jesse and I obtained his permission to display something written to me in his own handwriting.  He and I have exchanged letters off and on since the spring of 1992.  So I have many, many letters.  However, I don’t want to display any of his personal notes to me without his OK. I did ask him specifically if I could display his autographed items which he has given to me over the years.  Below are two such items.

These are so very precious to me and I feel honored that I have his permission to display them.

As you will see, this is one of two  autographed Graceland Museum tickets which Jesse sent to me in 1992.  This is a priceless treasure because it was signed by Elvis Presley long after Aug. 16, 1977.  It, of course, speaks volumes in that it absolutely dates itself.  This is one of my many favorite gifts from Elvis/Jesse.

Thank you so very much, Jesse, for sharing a very special item with me…and most of all, for the spirit of trust with which your gift was given to me.

The next autograph from Elvis/Jesse to me is my copy of his book which he signed for me.  This also is a most treasured gift.  Words cannot express how blessed I feel to be his friend.

New addition August 27, 2009

A very interesting article ran in The Cleveland Plain Dealer on Friday, January 23,1998.  It was an article by  Michael Norman, The Plain Dealer Music Critic, detailing of the upcoming visit to Cleveland of the show called ‘Elvis–The Concert.’  Mr. Norman spoke with Todd Morgan, director of creative services at Graceland.

We are treating this just like it was Elvis in concert,’ says Todd.  ‘He sings lead, stars in the show.  The only thing different is that the star of our show happens to have been deceased for 20 years.  We are just going to forget that.  It’s just a minor technicality we are going to forget.’  The article continues on about the making of ‘Elvis–The Concert.’  But the very last paragraph is very revealing…

Todd continues, ‘I think Elvis would be very proud of it,’ he says.  ‘Taking this wonderful body of work and bringing it to people in a fresh way.  That  would have to be something he would be pleased about.‘  ‘It is theater to some degree.  He’s not really there.  But the show is so authentic, so right on the money, that if he were to surprise us and show up somewhere on the road, all we would have to do is turn on the center stage microphone and kill the video.’

Very, very interesting…If anyone would like further documentation on this, visit: and click on search archives…

Linda’s close friend


On this page, I plan to post miscellaneous items of interest.  This first post  will be of the pool house door photo which is known of by just about everyone familiar with the fact that Elvis is alive.

This copy of the photo is better quality than most.  Gail Brewer-Giorgio gave me this color photo printed on photo paper which makes it much clearer than most copies which we have seen.  This photo was taken on January 1, 1978 at Graceland; four and one half months after Elvis “retired” on August 16, 1977.

The photo on the cover of Jesse’s book was given to Dr. Hinton by Jesse.  Jesse said it was one of his favorite unpublished photos….perhaps because he is holding up two fingers – one for Elvis and one for Jesse?  Below is the copy of this photo from the rough draft of the book which shows Jesse’s autograph and notation.

I have come across another photo of Elvis in which he is holding up the two fingers…clearly on purpose.  This photo was taken in 1977 during his final concert tour.  Perhaps the “two fingers” was indicative that he was giving a parting message…again representing Elvis and Jesse.

Here are the two photos:

The following autographed copy of Jesse’s book is shared by my good friend, Susan.  She  was so kind to write and offer to share her autograph.

Thank you so much for allowing your treasure to be displayed, Susan.

The following two photos are from my copy of the rough draft.  These were autographed and sent to Dr. Hinton who included them in the book.  I am posting these here so that those who did not get the book, can enjoy them here:


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