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A new good friend,Declan, posted the following links on our blog page.  These links furnish us with photos of Jerry Presley’s father in much more recent years than the one in 1950 when he was holding his twin little boys, Jerry and Terry.

You will see in the two photos below which I would guess were taken in the 1970’s and 1990’s…(judging by Jerry’s own age in these photos) absolutely prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that Jesse’s photo is of Jesse himself, WHO IS/WAS ELVIS ARON PRESLEY.  This proves that it is not Jerry Presley’s father in Jesse’s 1994 photo.

I ask that everyone call this to Mickey Moran’s  attention and advise him that the lies which he has told about me and Jesse while flaunting the photo of Rev. Dale Presley in 1950 should be immediately removed from all postings about me and Jesse anywhere and everywhere on the Internet otherwise this will be a case for prosecution for libel, slander and defamation.

REV. DALE PRESLEY 1950 – 1970’s – 1990’s or later

Jerry Presley's father with twins Jerry and Terry 1950

Rev. Dale Presley in 1950 holding his twin sons, Jerry and Terry.

updated 3-10-2016 footnote:  I just tested this link and found that it no longer exists.  I am sorry about this.  Thank the good lord that I did salvage the photos back in 2013. Evidently Jerry Presley has removed them from his site.

Jerry Presley and family with his father around the 1970's

Rev. Dale Presley shown above with Jerry and other family members.  3rd man from your right is Rev. Presley (wearing the blue checkered shirt).

updated 3-10-2016 footnote:  I just tested this link and found that it no longer exists.  I am sorry about this.  Thank the good lord that I did salvage the photos back in 2013. Evidently Jerry Presley has removed them from his site.

Jerry Presley and family with his father around the 1990's

 Rev. Dale Presley shown above with Jerry and other family members.  3rd man from your right is Rev. Presley.

updated 3-10-2016 footnote:  I just tested this link and found that it no longer exists.  I am sorry about this.  Thank the good lord that I did salvage the photos back in 2013. Evidently Jerry Presley has removed them from his site.

My heartfelt thanks to Declan for his wonderful help with this issue.  I have been having a lot of technical issues with my computer and Internet connection for the past three days and have not been able to properly maintain my site…thus the delay in my getting this proof presented.

I suggest to Moran that it will be NO problem, whatsoever, to subpoena Jerry Presley to testify that the photo of Jesse most certainly is not the same man shown in the three above photos should it ever come to a court case.

A word to the wise is sufficient!! I can sue Moran for slander based only upon his use of Mr. Dale Presley’s photo to harass me as well as charges of cyber-stalking because of the fact that he has posted this lie with the accompanying photo in many places on the Internet… i.e. Twitter,, his web locations, etc.

He is guilty under Kentucky law…as spelled out in the state law shown below…no ifs, ands or buts.

Kentucky cyberstalking law top of page

Kentucky cyberstalking law bottom of page

He has just given me the only proof I need for a defamation lawsuit.

I also remind Moran and everyone else that I have stated in my TERMS OF AGREEMENT for use of my site that it is for “entertainment purposes” only and that I will NEVER make one cent off of this site nor my friendship with JESSE, WHO IS ELVIS ARON PRESLEY.    Thus he has NO grounds for a lawsuit against me for fraud. 

Moran needs to cool his jets and admit that he has NO legal grounds for any of the threats which he is publishing about me.



Graceland in Christmas Lights.

I think this is my favorite Christmas song by Elvis…so I send it to every visitor to my site.  I wish everyone a most blessed, joyous and Merry Christmas.  I am sorry that I couldn’t send snail mail cards to everyone that I know.  Please do accept this as my Christmas card to each of you.

Elvis Presley-If I Get Home On Christmas Day

antelia77 antelia77

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2010



Tom Cruise’s Defamation Lawsuit Ends In A Settlement, Tabloids Take Back Their Suri Story

Good example for Moran with his false statements about me and Jesse’s photo.  Lawsuits are a last resort but they do get results.  I would have to prove nothing except that Moran has deliberately and knowingly lied about me and Jesse.  I absolutely would be under no obligation to prove anything except that I have proof on my web site that Moran lied.



I saw on one of my Facebook Fan Pages that one of Moran’s misguided followers has posted, regarding the photo of Elvis in 1970 in the  white hat when he was performing at the Houston Astrodome, that I have reversed that image to make Elvis face the direction that he is for my comparison…that I had “flipped” the photo image to make it look like Jesse’s photo.  HOW UTTERLY ABSURD!!!!!

That is another ridiculous lie.  These fools must lay awake at night making up lies to spread about me and Jesse.

I can prove that this person’s posted comment about me is a lie.  Below is the very same photo from one of my Elvis books:  The Elvis Encyclopedia By Adam Victor, Page 202

You will see that the image in the book is EXACTLY the same as the photo which I have in my collage proving that Jesse is Elvis.  Below is my collage followed by the full photo from the book itself.  You will notice that there is another man in the photo behind Elvis’s right shoulder.  If I had flipped the image, then the man in the photo in the book would have been moved to the other side of the photo entirely making it appear that he was behind Elvis’ left shoulder.

Also, if this is not proof enough, you will notice that there is a very small speck of white in Elvis’ hair on his left side in the photo from this book.  You will see that very same small speck of white in his hair in the photo which I have used in my collage.  One more thing about this image:  I have left some of the text from the book showing so that you can see that I am displaying it here copied straight from the page of this book.

Can I spell that out any more clearly????

Jesse's photo for comparison to Jesse's photoElvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Also, I have had it with these people coming onto my other locations on the Internet and publishing their foolish lies and misrepresentations about my truth.  Therefore, from now on, I will not only ban them from my various pages but I shall post their comments and their full names right here on my site along with any proof I have that they are lying so that everyone may have a good laugh at their ramblings.

Here is one such post on one of my Facebook Fan Pages:

Scott Jenkins Jesse is NOT Elvis. This conspiracy has been exposed once and for all (ironically, by a fool who believes Elvis is alive). There is no doubt that these two photos are of the same person, and that they are NOT Elvis. I wonder if you’ll have the courage to leave this here and allow your followers to view the pictures and see for themselves. Well?;

My Reply:  Sure will, Scott!!!  Would you like to be included in the legal proceedings?  You could be a witness to all of the lies which Moran has published about Jesse and me.  The man in the 1950 photo is the father of Jerry Presley, Rev. Dale Presley.  I now have photos of Rev. Presley posted on my Current News and Events page proving that he is the man in the 1950 photo and proving that he DOES NOT BEAR ANY RESEMBLANCE AT ALL TO JESSE IN 1994.  You are barking up the wrong tree when you try to disprove the factual truth on my web site…heck you are not even in the right forest!!!  I have copied and displayed your comment on this same page of my web site since you are so proud of your post…so 1,000s of people who visit my site may give you credit for your misguided comment.

This guy never gives up…his response to me is below.  He will now be banned from posting on my Facebook Fan Page.

  • Scott Jenkins Fantastic, dear. You. Will. Never. Sue. Moran.
    • Elvis Is Alive No?  I may have him arrested on cyber stalking charges for one thing. I will be communicating no more with you.


      MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2013

      I have just come from posting the following notice on my two Facebook Fan pages.  I am doing my best to give Mickey Moran fair warning.  Either he has not seen my proof that he is lying about the 1950 photo or he just doesn’t care.

      Anyone who reads the above guidelines of the cyber-stalking law in his home state of Kentucky can see that his is a clear cut case of that crime.  If his hometown police force cannot or will not help with this matter, perhaps the Attorney General of Kentucky will.

      As many of you know, I have come under an unrelenting attack by Mickey Moran of the Presley Assignment. His most recent attack has been that of attempting to prove that I am lying about the photo of Jesse being Elvis. He has displayed in many places on the Internet that the man in Jesse’s photo is a man who he has shown in a 1950 photo.

      I have researched, with help of several friends, and found the identity of the man in Moran’s 1950 black and white photo and have provided two much later photos of the same man which clearly proves that he is NOT the man in Jesse’s photo.

      The man in Moran’s 1950 photo is Rev. Dale Presley (a cousin of Elvis’). He is the father of the ETA performer Jerry Presley. The 1950 photo shows Rev. Presley holding his new baby boy twins, Jerry and Terry.

      The proof which I have provided and posted on my Current News and Events page comes directly from Jerry Presley’s web site and shows that it is his family in each of the subsequent photos.

      Here is the link to my page on which you may view MY PROOF that Moran is lying. He has posted his so-called proof against me in a number of places on the Internet which certainly gives me grounds for legal action.

      Also, here are the links to the photos on Jerry Presley’s web site. Here you will see concrete proof that Moran is attacking me with lies as he has been doing for months now.

      A couple of his followers have recently started showing up here on my Facebook page repeating the lies started by Moran.

      This will be stopped by some legal means…

      His partner in crime, John Carman, has now called my home. That was not a smart more either.

      Please pass this article to anyone you know who may be interested…especially to Moran himself, John Carman, etc.


Below is a DNA lab report which proves that Jesse is Elvis…DNA.  If Moran thinks he has a means to defend himself in court should I sue him, well, he better think some more long and hard.  I have already proven above that the 1950 photo which he has boasted is not at all what he has presented it to be.

He hangs his hat on the DNA done between Jesse’s sample and the Bill Beeny samples.  Well, someone be sure to tell him to take a look at the following:


I extend my heartfelt thanks to a dear friend who supplied me with this copy of the DNA report.  The only copies that I ever had were the ones which Eliza gave to me “proving” that she was related to Elvis/Jesse.

Also take a good look at the DNA results which were shown in the FOX 8 report done in November, 2008.  You will see in this video that Jesse’s DNA did match Elvis’ cousins on BOTH his maternal and paternal (Smith and Presley first cousins) sides of Jesse’s/Elvis’ family.  Begin watching where it shows the large green tree at about 1:27 minute marker.  If you watch leading up to this, you will see that it also proves that the DNA which Jesse submitted in 2002 (the one which did not match Bill Beeny’s fakes) matches the DNA from the envelope which Jesse licked in 2008.

I will ask that you keep in mind that we later proved that Eliza had received a correction report on her own DNA stating that she is not related to Elvis/Jesse at all. ( Eliza was going in after Elvis’ dad, Vernon’s money.)  She knew this BEFORE she ever went to court the first time and before she contacted Jesse and me.  Her whole DNA court case was based on fraudulent DNA results.  She has reportedly stated that she “didn’t think anybody would ever find out“.  Shame, shame, shame!!!

In the 2004 done by FOX8, you will also see that Ms. Shirley Mason, the court recognized graphologist, states unequivocally that Jesse’s handwriting is that of Elvis Aron Presley and that he has to be alive because he wrote those recent letters.

Also, Moran goes on about the forensic expert, who was brought in by FOX 8 in 2002 to analyze Jesse’s handwriting, not verifying that Jesse’s handwriting is that of Elvis.  However, that expert NEVER said that Jesse’s handwriting was not that of Elvis.  She straddled the fence and said something like “I couldn’t say that the handwriting is the same.  But, I certainly couldn’t say that they are not the same either.  It has always been my opinion that she was a professional who did not want to put her credibility on the line by saying that Jesse’s handwriting was the same as that of Elvis Presley.  She knew this had the potential to become a big media topic and she didn’t want to look foolish for saying that Elvis Presley is alive.  Shame on her too!!!

You will see that after receiving Jesse’s letter, the Attorney General cleared Dr. Hinton of all fraud charges based upon Ms. Mason’s analysis.

Also, Moran harps on the fingerprints not matching.  He claims that Jesse himself sent in the fingerprint samples.  However, I have been informed that the fingerprints which they tried to match in the 2002 FOX 8 report WERE NOT SENT IN BY JESSE at all.  They were brought in by Jimmy Velvet and they were smudged.  So, now we have fingerprints also brought in by someone other than an expert witness.  Same thing as Bill Beeny’s DNA samples.  I have learned too that Jimmy Velvet has greatly exaggerated his part in the FOX 8 report…so that is one more person for whom I have lost a lot of respect.

Suzanne Stratford and I became acquainted and we Emailed and spoke on the phone off and on.  She and I spoke on the phone the morning that the following 2008 report aired.  She told me that Hinton had been told by his employers not to talk about the Elvis alive topic any more.  So, Suzanne said that she had called Hinton that day to make sure that he did want the report to air.  She offered to hold the report.  But, typical of Hinton’s ego, he told her to go ahead and air it.

Suzanne believed that Jesse is Elvis back when she and I were in touch.

These are my own YouTube videos.


Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon·23 videos
Uploaded on Apr 29, 2010


In this 2008 followup report on Jesse and Dr. Hinton, it is shown that Jesse’s DNA from 2002 matches Jesse’s DNA from 2008, thus proving that the same man has consistently been Jesse. This interview with Dr. Hinton proves that he has NEVER changed his certainty that Jesse is Elvis Presley.

Please click the below link to view the video:

Below is my own video also proving that Jesse’s handwriting is that of Elvis Aron Presley.

ELVIS IS ALIVE FOX 8 May 24,2004, interview with the graphologist…


Here is a larger and clearer copy of the DNA Report shown above:

Also, it should be noted  by all concerned that the accessibility of more DNA is available should the need arise.



I see that Moran has learned of my new DNA and video proof of Jesse.  He is on the site right now as shown below.  His presence is the third visitor down showing as his hometown of Greensburg, Kentucky.  So, he cannot feign ignorance of the truth.  This is another piece of my evidence should he try to say that he did not know that the photo from 1950 was NOT the person in Jesse’s photo.  Nor can he cling to the small excerpt of one of the FOX 8 reports regarding the DNA.

Below is the list of the most recent 20 visitors to my site…again Moran is the third one down in the list.  I also see that A J in Springfield, MO is also lurking.  I have seen her on many times in the past few days.    If you will click on the visitor map on the upper left side of the screen, it will take you to a full screen view of the map.  Then scroll all the way down below the map and you can see for yourself.  This information is always available and will always show the last twenty visitors.  As you can see, my site is extremely active with visitors from all over the world.

 If I bring a lawsuit against him, he will have to prove he is innocent…something he cannot do as I have copies of all that he has done recently.  I will have to prove NOTHING while he will have to prove that he is innocent.

He has absolutely NO grounds for a law suit against me.  He seems to be living in the illusion that he can somehow sue me for fraud because of my web site.  In the first place there is nothing on this web site which is not the truth.  In the second place, I have NEVER charged one penny for anything on this site.  In the third place, I have had it clearly stated on the front page and in a page devoted to TERMS OF AGREEMENT for entering this site that my site is for “entertainment purposes” and that I am not liable for the conclusions which anyone may reach by reading my site.  HE DOES NOT HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON.  


Moran on my site at apx 10 00 AM on Tuesday December 24, 2013


From our blog page…I can say only that BlueRose is someone with the knowledge and professionalism to stand behind what she says.  Every word she wrote is the truth.  My heartfelt thanks to BlueRose.


Submitted on 2013/12/23 at 8:58 PM

MM and his associations and followers…

For your information, the burden of proof is on those who don’t believe Jesse is Elvis,- If you don’t agree you need to do the work and provide us with the evidence he is not Elvis.- That’s how it works. I have concrete proof that he is and I am so sick of people attacking Linda. Linda has TONS of proof, DNA for one, also think on this…

A lot of the stuff that Linda talks about is stuff that ONLY Elvis or some of his employees would have known. Jesse tells her things that only Elvis would have known, like old friends of his dying before the public knew. How does he do that if he is not Elvis?. How did Linda know where to gather her information for this site? Why do you post HER information as your own?

What about all the websites of OTHERS that you don’t agree with,…. sightings, photo’s, legal documentation ,handwriting analysis, lie detector reports, voice recognition test, etc, etc….OR Elvis’ own family and friends…who cannot even reach a logical compromise or agreement as to what happened to Elvis. I am giving my personal opinion based on what’s out there. IT may differ from yours and that doesn’t bother me. So leave Linda alone and get your own facts!

Remember there are people out there who believe that Elvis is/maybe alive , who have believed that since 1977 and don’t even know NOR have they even heard of Linda Hood Sigmon. So, really, believing that Elvis IS alive or even the possibility that Elvis is alive has nothing to do with Linda. Sounds to me you just need someone to pick on, since she is on her website, with her proof. YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT and have nothing better to do, but you keep checking back. While you are visiting here notice how many of your followers have come over to Linda’s site.

I have read so many stories just in past few months full of bunk! One true story I read is THE FBI did admit Elvis allowed an undercover agent to pose as a band member for the last couple of years as his life. But did you know when word leaked to someone that Red and Sonny was “dealing” cocaine ( to some of his Memphis Mob?) that they exposed the undercover agent and therefore Elvis mainly fired them for that. Of course they would write a book very derogatory of Elvis, claiming he did drugs. BTW Elvis paid for all the medications for the Memphis Mob along with their medical bills while they worked for him.

Elvis did “fake” being so screwed up on drugs for “effect”, to aid the undercover agent. How many drug users do you know that heavy?? He had swelling from a liver that did not work properly, glaucoma, high blood pressure and did take a lot of prescription medicine which would not do the colon any good at getting fluid out of his body as usual — he was in a lot of physical and mental pain. His health was being sucked dry from his work and his so called friends.

Now believe me when I say that Elvis is alive and Not in a witness protection program. He could never have contact with anyone or anything from his past if he would of chosen that route. One thing is for sure, he sure wasn’t going to share his plans of “disappearing” with the likes of the book writers. His privacy and trust had been broken by the people closest to him. Now Linda assures his privacy and has his trust. Think on this awhile…. the simple truth,


:grin: Merry Christmas Jesse, Linda, Tom, Little Nick and all my friends here on this website. :grin:


There are records which the authorities can access to prove the involvement of John Carman in the activities of Moran.  Carman could be drug into any legal action as well.  I am sick and tired of seeing the lies which Carman has posted about Jesse and me on every forum where he sees an opening.  He began his lies about Jesse and me on  His so-called voice analysis on Jesse’s voice from the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE DVD is not worth a thing.  An accurate/perfect voice analysis/match cannot be done on two recordings as many years apart as those which he provided for the analysis.  He does not have a legally admissible document.

The fact that Carman phoned our home phone two times last Friday…hanging up the first time when our answering machine picked up; then calling back an hour or so later when I did pick up and told him that I did not want to talk to him and asked him how dare he call here, does not sit well with me at all.  Word has it that he told someone that he just called to wish us a Merry Christmas…that is BS.  His call had to do with the ongoing situation with Moran.

I had NEVER given him our phone number and his call was certainly not welcomed.

A very close friend of mine and Jesse’s tells me that he has been getting calls again from Carman and that he is just not answering.  He has already spent hours trying to pound some sense into Moran and Carman.  He has told them repeatedly that Jesse is Elvis and that I am telling the truth.  So, the fact that Carman started trying to call my friend again during the very same time that he called here tells me that his calls all have to do with Moran in some way.


Here is a lovely Christmas gift to everyone for free.  Wanda June Hill has made her entire book ELVIS FACE TO FACE available for download at no charge…donations are accepted.  This is an updated version of her hard copy book which I bought over 20 years ago.  It was first published in 1985.  She says this version has a lot of new material which was not in the first edition.

As I have written often, I have everything which Wanda June has published (at least to my knowledge unless she published something which I missed).  I love everything she has written.

She says that there is a lot in this book which will substantiate the health problems with which Elvis was dealing when he left us. 

As I have explained before Wanda June and I disagree about the fact that Elvis did survive and is Jesse now.  She believes he had health problems which he could not have survived without a major surgery which he told her he would not have.  I have never questioned Jesse about how he resolved the health issue of which Wanda June speaks.  Other than this one topic, I feel confident in saying that I will whole heartedly recommend her book.  It has been so many years since I have read my copy of the book all the way through…so I am certain that this new edition will refresh my mind on lots of things which I have forgotten and the new material will be a wonderful treat.

It is such a beautiful gesture on Wanda June’s part to make this edition available to everyone as a FREE download.  She says this is her last work…her job is finished now.  She and I are on a very similar mission…to tell the real truth about the wonderful man…who was/is so much, much more than the superstar image.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!



Jesse phoned me tonight to wish Tom and me  a Merry Christmas.  He is doing well and we had a very good visit.  We spent a good deal of time discussing Mickey Moran.  Hopefully, Moran will see the error of his ways soon.   Of course, Jesse wishes a Merry Christmas for everyone.  Also, he said to pass along his thanks to everyone who remembered him for Christmas.

Have a happy Christmas eve!



Elvis Presley,, Photo

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Tops Billboard Christmas Albums Of All Time

by VVN Music on December 26, 2013

It would be a Blue Christmas for over ten million people if they didn’t have Elvis’ Christmas Album. It’s the biggest selling holiday album of all time.

Billboard is celebrating the holiday with a list of the top sellers that range from traditional to modern new age. The second biggest seller is Kenny G’s Miracles: A Holiday Album with sales of 7.3 million followed by a trio at 6 million, Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song, Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas and A Fresh Aire Christmas.

Elvis’ Christmas Album was recorded in 1957 at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, CA and was released on October 15, 1957. The album was divided into a secular side with songs like Blue Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claus and two originals, Santa Claus is Back in Town and Santa Bring My Baby Back (to Me), and a religious side with two traditional holiday songs and four gospel numbers.

One of the songs on side 1, White Christmas, was given a treatment much like that of the 1954 recording by the Drifters and, although composer Irving Berlin didn’t complain about the original, he hated the Presley recording and ordered his staff to call radio stations all over the country and demand that they not play the song or the album. His campaign was not successful although one DJ was fired for playing the track.

The full list:

•01. Elvis’ Christmas Album – Elvis Presley (10 million)
•02. Miracles: The Holiday Album – Kenny G (7.3 million)
•03. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole (6 million)
•03. Christmas – Mannheim Steamroller (6 million)
•03. A Fresh Aire Christmas – Mannheim Steamroller (6 million)
•06. Noel – Josh Groban (5.7 million)
•07. Merry Christmas – Mariah Carey (5.3 million)
•08. These Are Special Times – Celine Dion (5.2 million)
•09. A Christmas Album – Barbra Streisand (5+ million)
•10. Merry Christmas – Johnny Mathis (5 million)





A close friend wrote to tell me that the above article about Elvis’ Christmas Album being the best selling Christmas album of all time is incorrect. 

Below is what the friend wrote to me today:

Hi Linda;

 It’s NO BIG DEAL but the VNN music article you posted dated Dec. 26, 2013 says,

Elvis’ Christmas Album was recorded in 1957 at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, CA and was released on October 15, 1957.

THAT is indeed correct. However, that is not the Christmas album that has sold 10 million copies. It’s Elvis’ Christmas album from 1970 that sold the 10 million copies. The 1957 album that is different also sold in the millions but not as well at the 1970 version with different songs.

Here is the link on Elvis’ own OFFICIAL web site proving this point.

This is the 1970 edition of the Elvis Christmas album. The original Elvis Christmas
Album was released in 1957 and included 8 Christmas songs along with 4 Gospel
songs from the “Peace In The Valley” EP. His original Christmas album was
repackaged and re-released in 1970 with the 4 Gospel songs being replaced by “If
Every Day was Like Christmas” (which was originally released as a single in 1966) and
the non-Christmas song “Mama Liked The Roses”. The 1970 edition was then
re-packaged and released on CD as “It’s Christmas Time” several years ago.

Elvis’ performances on the songs here are excellent! Several of these recordings have
become Christmas classics, still receiving significant radio airplay nearly 50 years after
they were recorded!

While this was a great album in its day, it has since been superseded. All the songs on
this album are currently available on the Elvis “White Christmas” CD along with the 4
Gospel songs and every song from his 1971 “The Wonderful World of Christmas”
album. I would recommend that you spend a few extra bucks and buy the Elvis “White
Christmas” if you can still find it or the “If Every Day was Like Christmas” CD instead.
You will get a lot more Christmas cheer!

This album is Elvis’ biggest selling album of all time in the US. It has been certified for a
DIAMOND award by the RIAA for sales in excess of 10 million.

I readily admit that I did not know this fact and I thank my friend for pointing out the error.


I am sorry to report that Scott Jenkins of Mickey Moran/Facebook fame has struck again on my other Facebook Fan Page…he so craves attention that (if I read my notifications correctly) he has posted something like 20+ times on my page in one day on Dec. 26th.

Scott Jenkins So, Linda, you proved what a gutless wonder you are by banning my comments from your Elvis Is Alive FB page. Not surprising. You have of course deleted the link that shows your Jesse from the 1950s – (by the way, you have Jerry Presley backing up your claims on the photo? Hmm? After all, he’d know his own dad …) – so that no one else could click and see what a deluded fraudster you are. So, have you asked Jesse yet to finally – after 25 years!! – meet you in person? Well, dear? No, of course you haven’t. You’d think that “Elvis” would trust you enough for just one tiny meeting … well, wouldn’t you? Also, feel free to include mt name in any lawsuit you try. I’ve been slandering your name across the internet for YEARS and it’s been great fun. You do realise, of course, that if you sue Moran, you’re going to have to stand up in court and prove that Jesse is Elvis. HA! Good luck with that, dear!!

Scott Jenkins Er, you do realise, of course, that the photo of Elvis in the cowboy hat is BACK TO FRONT?! So, Linda, you proved what a gutless wonder you are by banning my comments from your Elvis Is Alive FB page. Not surprising. You have of course deleted the link that shows your Jesse from the 1950s – (by the way, you have Jerry Presley backing up your claims on the photo? Hmm? After all, he’d know his own dad …) – so that no one else could click and see what a deluded fraudster you are. So, have you asked Jesse yet to finally – after 25 years!! – meet you in person? Well, dear? No, of course you haven’t. You’d think that “Elvis” would trust you enough for just one tiny meeting … well, wouldn’t you? Also, feel free to include mt name in any lawsuit you try. I’ve been slandering your name across the internet for YEARS and it’s been great fun. You do realise, of course, that if you sue Moran, you’re going to have to stand up in court and prove that Jesse is Elvis. HA! Good luck with that, dear!!

I don’t even know what the heck he was trying to say in the above rambling tirade???  I have deleted NO links whatsoever.  Jerry Presley has had the photos of his family and his dad on his own web site for many years…I don’t have Jerry Presley backing up anything.  I have not even heard from Jerry Presley since 2004 and only knew him for a matter of several months then.

No offense to the sweet little jackasses the world over, I do love and respect animals always, but that is what this ignorant fool is.  No knowledge of which he writes and even less good manners to go where he is not welcome.  Now he will be banned from my LindaHoodSigmonTruth Facebook page as well.  Now that he has had his say and shown his stupidity once more.

Below you may see how many times he posted his asinine comments on my one page in one day.  Dec. 26th….the day after Christmas.  So much for love, good will and peace on earth.

Scott Jenkins on my LindaHoodSigmon Facebook fan page header

Here are most of the individual posts:

Scott Jenkins on my LindaHoodSigmon Facebook fan page




Below is another legal DNA document which further proves that Jesse is Elvis.  This report is that DNA comparison done between Jesse and Elvis’ first cousin on his mother’s side of the family.  As you can see the bottom line determination is that Jesse and Brenda Smith (daughter of Elvis’ uncle, who was Gladys’ brother, and his wife Lois) are related.  This, along with the previous DNA document which I posted a few days ago, prove that Jesse is Elvis Aron Presley.  No one else could possibly match the DNA of two first cousins on the Presley AND the Smith sides of Elvis’ family. 

The dear friend who shared both of the DNA lab reports with me advised me that some of the DNA data must be erased before public display.    Thus the blank lines in the report.  She has told me that Hepa Laws don’t allow us to publicly expose anyone’s complete DNA.

Brernda Smith DNA for public display




I have added a new page to our site…a very, very important page.  On this page, you will see two DNA lab reports which prove that Jesse’s DNA matches the first cousins on both the Smith and the Presley side of Elvis’ family.  Below is the link to the new page.

I remind everyone that Jesse’s DNA was obtained by FOX 8 TV in 2002 from a saliva kit which Jesse furnished to them.  The second Jesse’s DNA was obtained from a letter envelope which Jesse licked in 2008 (from a note he wrote to Eliza).  These two samples matched each other and they matched the DNA of Elvis’ two first cousins on both sides of Elvis’ family.

Here is the FOX 8 report showing this match:


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Uploaded on Apr 29, 2010



A very good and trusted friend to Jesse and myself posted on our Blog page for the first time this past week.  Tim has literally been a hero in protecting Jesse during a specific situation over 5 years ago.  Tim has been a good friend to me and Tom for many years.  We have enjoyed attending three of his shows, visited with  him extensively when at his shows, met members of his family, enjoyed meals together and talked on the phone countless times.  Tim is a very valued and treasured friend.  I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Tim for all he has done to defend me and Jesse to a number of nasty troublemakers.

Tim says:

December 23, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Hey Linda, Merry Christmas to you and Tom I hope it is full of peace, Joy and Happiness. Now I will say that I have read the stuff from Mickey Moran. I have tried to talk to him but it has fallen on Deaf Ears. We all know that everyone can believe anything or anyway we choose, I do not know why he continues to harass you, If he don’t believe that is OK you have not asked him to believe you. He should just go away and do his own thing. I and a lot of other people know you and have no reason not to believe what you put on your site, it is our choice. I have known you for a long time now and had dinner with you and Tom. You have not asked me for one thing and you are one of the best friends a person can have. Jesse and I are so lucky to have you as a friend. I know Jesse is not happy with the abuse that Mickey Moran is putting you through. Mickey keeps saying you are committing fraud, I don’t see where he gets that, this site generates no income for you actually it cost you a great deal of your own money and time to keep it current and it cost none or us anything to visit it, How is that Fraud? You say that picture of Jesse is Elvis and Mickey don’t believe it so that is his choice and it is also any one else’s choice that wants to believe that it is Elvis in the Photo. This is a free country it is not run by Mickey Moran. Mickey has recruited the help of John Carman to help him in trying to get information for him. John has called me several times and sent messages to me via Facebook on several occasions and we have talked and now I find out that John has called Linda, how he got her number is still a puzzle but he got it, but not from me. I and a lot of other people enjoy your site and I enjoy that fact that I am in touch with Jesse on a friend basis that is all I want. I will stand with you Linda because I know the truth that you tell. I knew it long before we met probably 10 years before we ever spoke. I am sure there are a lot of people that want to be where you are, but that is not our choice, it is Jesse’s choice who he wants to be in contact with. Jesse knows Loyal People when he sees them. His time as Elvis taught him to see people for what they really are and he knows that you are a true friend to him and that you will never do anything to harm or hurt him in any way and I thank you for that. I am sorry for all the trouble that Mickey Moran is causing you but know that I am here for you and Jesse and I will stand by you and Jesse when the chips are down. Stay tough Your True Friend Tim

Thank you again, Tim.



A very good friend to our site has posted an excellent article on our blog page in response to the new DNA proof which I have furnished on this page, the Front Page and on a page devoted to those DNA results.  I do hope that everyone has seen the DNA lab reports which prove that Jesse is a match to Elvis’ two first cousins…one from the Presley side and one from the Smith side of Elvis’ family.

Bravo, BlueRose, Bravo!!! Thank you so very, very much for taking the time to write the truth in a concise and easy to follow manner for all to see. I certainly hope that Moran reads and digests the truth which you explain in your article. You are a blessing to me and to my web site.

Wonder if Moran prefers his “crow” fried or baked??? LOL


Submitted on 2013/12/29 at 12:10 AM

Hi Linda and everyone.

I think the current events of yesterday and today should be front page news. So with a walk down memory lane and a little research, I was compelled to write a column.

Case Closed after 36 years
by Blue Rose

Many years have been spent trying to investigate the “Death of Elvis”.First is the theory that Elvis’ Autopsy report is only two pages long. This seems weird when the average report is around fifty pages. This is because what people mistake as the Autopsy report is actually the Medical examiner’s report. Postmortem #A77-160 was put together by the Baptist Memorial Hospital pathologists who performed the autopsy and is the sole property of the Presley family. It is not “under seal,” nor is it, as a private medical record, subject to judicial seal. Because the autopsy report is a private medical record, it will not be released AT ANY TIME.

The Presley family requested an autopsy because if the authorities had initiated it, that would have been made public. This is a true statement in that any family initiated autopsies cannot be made public without the consent of the family.Vernon Presley signed an autopsy permission form. However, it was not signed immediately after Elvis’ death as it was signed after Dr Nick brought it to Graceland and had spoken to Vernon about it.

Then we have Dr Sexton and Bill Beeny making claims to have the only Elvis DNA samples.While it is plausible Dr Sexton could have made a copy of the autopsy report, it stretches credibility that he could have taken and kept samples from Elvis’ two liver biopsies and autopsy without their absence being noticed. DNA samples are subject to very strict storage and control arrangements, extending to the amount of sample used and temperature.

In the absence of physically being able to substantiate the validity of the tissue samples it is not possible to discredit the Lab Corp test results. However, there are flaws in the Beeny argument, and the alleged Elvis DNA evidence will never stand up in a court of law, as a secure “chain of custody” has been broken. The reality is that Dr Beeny’s case totally unraveled on that one, crucial point!

Of course we always have heard that the proof is the death certificate. Actually that was erroneous from the start.Elvis’ official certified death certificate won’t be released until 2027 and there were no photographs taken of Elvis’s body during the autopsy to prove the corpse. To beat it all the autopsy report signed showed bizarre documentation that Elvis was only 170 pounds when he died and had a previous huge scar running over his chest. Elvis was heavier than 170 pounds and didn’t have any previous scars on his chest.

The problem when examining the “death of Elvis”, is that he was loved by so many people. There are plenty of claims that have been made from photo’s to sightings, to slips of the lips. This one claim, is the existence of a man called Jesse, who at seventy years old looks like an aged Elvis. He even has similar bone and facial structures in the only picture known of him, released in a book from 2004. A doctor alleged he had been treating Jesse (Elvis) for years and the picture was snapped when Lisa Marie took her son to see his grandfather Elvis.

The story starts with a doctor’s claim that he is treating Elvis Presley, who assumed the identity of his twin brother Jesse Presley after faking his death. To determine whether Elvis Presley was still alive and using his brother’s name, investigators contacted “Jesse” and performed a number of tests. Handwriting samples provided by “Jesse” were compared to letters written by Elvis, and these comparisons yielded conclusive results for a Judge in Missouri. Fingerprint cards from Elvis Presley and “Jesse” did not match as one set was smeared. DNA testing was also performed. However, finding a suitable reference sample to generate Elvis Presley’s DNA profile proved challenging.

Materials submitted as reference samples included a scarf, which yielded degraded DNA and thus no suitable profile, a blood-stained pair of jeans, which yielded a mixture of male and female DNA, and tissue samples taken during two liver biopsies and Elvis’s autopsy, which yielded DNA profiles that did not match each other. None of these profiles matched that of “Jesse”.

To complicate matters even more, a woman named Eliza then surfaces, claiming to be Elvis’s half sister. She underwent DNA testing, and her DNA results could not prove the hypotheses that she was Elvis’s half-sister or “Jesse” was really Elvis living under a different name. However phrased in the media, “many unrelated people can exhibit similar DNA markers”. But science is not an exact science. Human “errors” sometimes factor in.

A lot of folks read that book of Beeny’s alleged Elvis DNA, then the DNA reports of Jesse’s and pitted one another against each other over the internet. Let me make it simple for you. Beeny’s alleged Elvis DNA did not match either of Elvis’ cousins DNA. Beeny couldn’t unload his museum fast enough to Andrew Keyes an unsuspecting victim. Andrew Keys was forced to place everything into storage when he found out he had bought a hoax..

The evidence would all be circumstantial, and there was still no conclusive proof publicly, that Elvis was still alive until now…Linda Hood Sigmon has posted DNA results showing and proving Jesse’s relationship to both maternal and paternal cousins on her website. Only ONE other cousin can claim that relationship and she is female. Elvis’ double cousin Patsy.

Simply put, the “Elvis is alive” theory is a closed case now whether you choose to believe it or not, he lives as Jesse!



Jesse sent us some very nice things from his past life as Elvis for Christmas.  Two of the things which he sent to Tom and me are very precious and further substantiate that Jesse is Elvis.  I am sharing photos and copies of his notes below.  I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these two items.  I feel that we all need something happy to help alleviate the recent turmoil and stress.

The first item shown below is a 1962 World’s Fair pennant and Jesse’s accompanying note explaining that it was given to him by little Vicky Tui who had a part in the movie.  Interesting side note is that Vicky grew up to become first lady of Hawaii as the wife of  Governor Ben Cayetano.

Seattle World's Fair Pennant from Jesse view 1

Jesse's note about pennant

The second gift to Tom is shown below.  As you will see this is a beautiful ring and the note which he wrote to Tom about the ring.  Another distinct memory from Elvis’ life in 1974.

Jesse's Kang Rhee ring Christmas 2013 Broken Wrist note




Below is the photo of one of the rings which Jesse gave to my husband, Tom, years ago.  I have displayed this photo on my site before.  However, I recently came upon some new information which substantiates the note which Jesse wrote to Tom about the ring.  At the time, for some reason, I just assumed it was his right wrist.

Over the weekend I happened upon a website specializing in celebrity X-rays.   This came to me through a news alert for Elvis’ name to which I subscribe.  When I glanced at the site and read the article about Elvis’ broken wrist, I found it amazing that this wrist X-ray is of Elvis’ left wrist and shows that it was broken during Karate practice in the month of September, 1973.

You will note in Elvis’ note to Tom, he wrote that it was broken by Kang Rhee, his Karate instructor.  You will also see that the identifying label on the X-ray itself shows that it took placed in SEPT, 1973.  While Jesse wrote, from his memory, that it was in SEPT., 1974.  I believe that this article pertains to the broken wrist to which Jesse referred…but that he was off one year in his memory of when it happened.  This is completely understandable as it had been well over  35 years at the time that Jesse wrote his note to Tom shown below.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I experienced two excruciating injuries myself much more recently than 35 years. Once I tore the meniscus in my knee and the pain was excruciating and took a very long time to heal.  The other was a stress fracture in my spine.  Both of these were so painful that the memory of the events is indelibly burned into my memory.  However, if someone held a gun to my head, I could not begin to remember the year that my injuries took place.

So, in Jesse’s note,  the month of SEPT was correct and the year was off only one year.

When I first shared the photo of the ring and note, it was associated with an X-ray of Elvis’ right wrist and a photo of Elvis with his right hand injured.  Now that I have this new documentation, I feel certain that Jesse was referring to his left wrist as shown in this new material.

Camera card 12-30-2013 Rascal and Jesse's gifts pennant and ring 013

Jesse's note about Kang Rhee breaking his wrist in Sept. 1974

Elvis Presley s wrist X Ray Two Views header

Elvis Presley s wrist X Ray article

Elvis Presley s left wrist X Rays

Elvis Presley s wrist X Ray ID label from X Ray



Our good friend, Jean S., has been searching for a photo of Elvis with a very similar angle of his face as that of Jesse in his 1994 photo.  She came up with a very close match and shared it with me to display on the site.  Jean did a good job, don’t you think?  My heartfelt thanks to Jean for her diligence and effort.

First here is the photo of Elvis from which Jean worked:

Jean's Elvis photo for comparison


The only answer to Jean’s question which so many of us have asked ourselves many, many times is this:  “There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see.



I can’t imagine what they hope to gain from trying to play these asinine tricks on me.  I have been speaking with Elvis himself on the phone for so many years and can get word to him by just making a phone call.  This is so laughable.

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I remind the party who sent this through the anonymizing remailer that the authorities can get your actual IP address etc. from this service.  Surely, the same person who did this very same thing last time is not so naive to think that I don’t keep records.

Sent: 12/30/2013 7:34:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Bad Girl Report !



I am NOT going to beat around the bush on this one.

You must STOP embarrassing me and my name by adding
your “personal” issues regarding other people especially
those that also have similar websites.

I have been hearing some very bad things about you and I
am very upset about these infractions.

I have heard you were also under investigation for making
slanderous remarks?

You must quit talking to people like Eliza (Tiffin). She is a
scammer and has already stolen from you already.

I will expect you to remove these most recent comments as those
people are within their rights.

You are only bringing the attention of certain federal agencies
down on YOU and disrespecting my name.

If you continue to post or slander these other people, I will
NOT help you at all when the Feds come for you!

Thank you very much !




I wish everyone a wonderfully healthy and happy New Year filled with many blessings to erase any scars of 2013.

Enjoy listening to one of Elvis’ live New Years Eve concerts.  This is the entire show

Elvis New Year’s Eve 1975


shootmyidea shootmyidea

Published on Feb 22, 2013

Elvis’ New Years Eve show 1975 at Pontiac, Michigan. This was Elvis highest grossing concert, with his highest attendance.

2001 Theme
See See Rider
I Got A Woman – Amen
Love Me
Trying To Get To You
And I Love You So
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear – Don’t Be Cruel
Heartbreak Hotel
One Night
You Gave Me A Mountain
Polk Salad Annie
Sweet, Sweet Spirit ( by JD Sumner and The Stamps)
Band Introductions
What’d I Say
Drum Solo
Bass Solo Blues
Piano Solo
Keyboard solo
School Days
My Way (with break)
Love Me Tender
Monologue – New Year Countdown
Auld Lang Syne
How Great Thou Art (+ reprise)
It’s Now Or Never
America The Beautiful
Hound Dog
Wooden Heart (part only)
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp – Announcements

Bonus tracks: Elvis speaks about his New Year’s Eve show #1 (Seattle, WA, April 26 1976) – Elvis speaks about his New Years Eve show #2 (Atlanta, GA , June 5 1976)


I have begun a new CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS page for the first month of the new year.  Below is the link to the new page for January, 2014

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