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FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010

Elvis/Jesse’s Handwritten Letters To Me

I want to share with everyone a very special letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to me on March 28, 2009.  Jesse had spoken with me and asked me if I would be his spokesperson (“voice“) and, of course, I said yes.  I told him that I would do anything in the world that I can for him. 

A short time later, Jesse wrote a letter of affirmation of my role in his life.  I am so very humbled and honored that he trusts me with his friendship and his well being.  He and I have weathered quiet a few storms over the years.  I love him as a member of my family.  I have read a quote by Elvis that states something like “Friends can become your family because of the things you go through together.”  This is not a verbatim quote…but it is the gist of that which he stated.  So, I do feel that he and I are family as well as friends.

I have gotten Jesse’s permission to display this letter for everyone to read.  Those who know or believe that Jesse is Elvis will appreciate the fact that I am blessed to be in this honored position. 

So, you see when I set up my web site in May…one year ago…I felt confident in having Jesse on my side.  This has sustained me through the vicious attacks upon me since then.  It will continue to sustain me.  My web site will not be taken down…unless Jesse changes his  mind.

So, please enjoy reading his letter affirming my position in his life.  Recently he told me, over the phone, that I am his “mouth“.  I take this trust so very seriously and have done, and will do, all that I can to be worthy of this honor.

Thank you so very much, Jesse.

Jesse letter 1st

*************************************************The next letter from Jesse was written to me in July, 1997.  This letter accompanied the photo of Jesse with his grandson Benjamin. 

There have been so many illogical disputes over this photo.  I asked Jesse if I may display just the part of this letter which pertains to the photo.  Here you will see that he writes of the plastic surgery to change his appearance. 

It has always been a mystery to me why people don’t want to believe that this photo is of Elvis with Ben.  I have stated so many times…and shown proof…that Elvis’s bone structure has not changed one iota and that the little boy in the photo matches other photos of Ben around that age.

It is certainly logical that after going to the great lengths he did to escape from a lifestyle which was making him miserable, that he would take the logical step of making himself less recognizable. 

So, here for the very first time, is Jesse explaining about the photo in his very own words and in his own handwriting. 

Thank you so very much for sharing your photo with me and for the trust you place in me, Jesse.

Jesse and Elvis collage

Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Page #1 Jesse's letter from the page of his letters to me from my site 3

Page #2Jesse's letter from the page of his letters to me from my site 2

Page #3

Jesse's letter from the page of his letters to me from my site 1

Below is the gold face of Jesus which Elvis/Jesse sent to me,  about which he wrote in his letter above.  He sent this to me in the same package as the photo of him with Benjamin.  That took place in July 1997.  I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful and special gift.

Gold Face of Jesus

 ************************************************The next, and final, letter is one which Elvis/Jesse wrote to me in 1992 after the birth of Benjamin.  In this letter, Jesse explained to me the contribution he made to choosing a name for Benjamin.  As you will see a lot of thought went into choosing the name…with numerology playing a significant role in the choice. 

You will also see a clipping from a magazine (PEOPLE, if I recall correctly).  As you will see it took a month to name Benjamin.  Again bearing out Jesse’s words to me in his letter.

This was also the same letter in which he sent me an autographed Graceland ticket…see below.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, Jesse, for your trust and friendship.

Also, after Elvis/Jesse wrote to me about the numerology involved in Benjamin’s name, I looked at Riley’s and saw that the very same principles are also apparent in her name: 

Click here: Danielle Riley Keough Home Page

People article named Benjamin Storm

As you will see, this is one of two autographed Graceland Museum tickets which Jesse sent to me in 1992.  This is a priceless treasure because it was signed by Elvis Presley long after Aug. 16, 1977.  It, of course, speaks volumes in that it absolutely dates itself.  This is one of my many favorite gifts from Elvis/Jesse.

Thank you so very much, Jesse, for sharing a very special item with me…and most of all, for the spirit of trust with which your gift was given to me.Autographed Graceland Ticket

Hugs to Jesse for all he has given me…MOST of all his trust and friendship.

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