Choose who must hold the title of the king for 2016!  

Elvis Presley – The King of Music 2015. All Hail The King!

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I vote every single day and I hope everyone who reads this will do so also for every day the rest of this year.

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Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!



Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!

The Song of Ages 2015 is Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley.

Let’s all remember to vote every single day in 2016 for this same song again or any Elvis song which may be added to the list.  Below is the link for voting for the new year.


Just saw that the movie “Elvis & Nixon” will be released tomorrow on DVD and Blu-Ray.  I just ordered a copy for Jesse as he asked about it.

As displayed on…

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Elvis & Nixon 2016


Get it by Tomorrow, Jul 21


Get it by Tomorrow, Jul 21



That’s All Right Turns 62
On July 5th, 1954, Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black recorded “That’s All Right.” The song was Elvis’ first single, released on July 19, 1954. The song was originally intended to be an audition, but turned in to an historic and iconic track. 

Last month, guitar player Scotty Moore died at the age of 84. He “influenced multiple generations of players” that followed after him. Scotty performed on many of Elvis’ recordings, including “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Mystery Train,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” 

In addition to Elvis, Scotty performed with Ringo Starr, Carl Perkins, Jeff Beck, Levon Helm, Ronnie Wood and more. Moore was also named to Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists list. 




SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2016

Jesse called last night and spoke with Tom and me.  He sounded wonderful and said that he is doing all right.  He was just doing a “family” call to see how we are and to ask about our family member who is very ill.  So, there is no news to share this time.  I just try to post each time that he phones so that my visitors can know that I heard from him and that he is OK.


My friend, Donna, posted the below post from James Burton on Facebook.  I know that there are visitors to my site from England and I am posting this for their info.  This is in Liverpool.  

James Burton's photo.

James Burton

<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>> has a very good page set up for the following “campaign“.  Elvis/Jesse would make a wonderful president and I have always thought so.  But, I would not wish that horrendous job on Jesse ever.  But, theirs is an interesting and cute idea.  

Vote for Elvis for President in 2016

If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, can’t my dream come true?

Who will get your vote in November 2016? Consider Elvis Presley!

He’s the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but he’s also the perfect candidate for President!

Why should you vote for Elvis Presley?

American Hero…

Elvis for President Elvis Presley 2016

Below is an image of my bumper sticker which I had designed and made for the members of my newsletter way back in 1990/1991.  He has always been my hero and always will be.

Elvis is my Hero bumper sticker

Here is the link to the Graceland page:


He is a huge part of my happiness…

Can't buy happiness...Elvis

This is posted on Facebook.  The creator has signed her name in the image.


MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016

Below is an important statement which I wish to make about a Facebook page which seems to be garnering quite a following by posting lies about Elvis being alive.  I have prepared the following statement to be posted on my Facebook pages and wish to make the same statement here for all to see:

There is a Facebook page titled “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” which has been putting out lies and fraudulent material for several years. Once in a while, someone sends me something from that site which I refute to the person who sent it to me.  

Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” has stated on their page that they talk to Elvis and that he approves their page.  This is the biggest lie of all.

I wish to state here, publicly, that the person running that page is a liar and has NO contact with Jesse whatsoever.   I was told, early on in the existence of their page, that Moran posted that I was running that site which was another lie.  Then a little later, I was told the supposed true identity of the person running that site.  Since I have nothing in writing to prove that the person about whom I was told definitely is running that Facebook page, I will list only the initials of the person about whom I was told.  His initials are I. S.  I am hoping that I. S. will see this.

I am removing those on my Facebook friends list who are also involved in that page. There is no room for anyone reading my material that is also reading and believing the garbage being put out by “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive. Loyalty is extremely important to Jesse and me.  Therefore, one either totally believes the truth on my website to the exclusion of anything else being presented anywhere else or they don’t. 

There are so many dishonest people on the Internet putting out things that are absolutely preposterous and I cannot help but feel that those who choose to frequent my material on Facebook and my web site and who still go scavenging for scraps of “truth” from others are slapping me and Jesse in the face.  Being loyal to Jesse’s truth precludes taking part in any of the many fraudulent locations on the Internet.

Just one example of the trash being published by that group, and stating it is a fact, is that there were three babies born instead of just twins on January 8, 1935.  That Elvis has another brother named Clayton…and, I believe that they have even gone so far as to say that Elvis has another brother named Franklin.  This is absolutely ridiculous and preposterous.  Any true fan of Elvis would recognize that none of this is factual.

Another of the lies which they promote very strongly is that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis.  I have previously refuted this lie about Pastor Bob Joyce here on my site as well as on my Facebook page.

Trash put out by liars such as this make me feel like just throwing up my hands and keeping the real truth about Elvis who IS Jesse all to myself.  I do ALL that I do to stand up for Elvis against all the lies people have told and most of all because Jesse enjoys my work. 

I apologize if my message is offensive to anyone.  I must stand firm and true to my truth as I have lived it for the past going-on twenty-five years with Jesse himself. 

Below is their article regarding there being three babies born at the time of Elvis’ birth which they have accompanied by a photograph.  A photograph which they have reversed from the original photo.  I will show the original photo below also along with the article which accompanied that original photo in November, 2012.

A good and loyal friend to me and Jesse’s truth on Facebook has been invaluable in researching this topic for me.   His name is Mike M. and I am so very grateful to him for locating the original 2012 photo which tells the whole story behind that photo and proves that “Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive” doctored that photo by reversing the image. 

I shall be posting this same message on my Facebook pages…perhaps a shorter version with a link to this full article.  I will accept neither questions nor comments about this message whatsoever.  I have said all that I intend to say.  I will also accept NO private Emails or Facebook messages related to this statement.

You will see in just this one story from their page, which is posted as the truth, that some people are eating this junk up and commenting back in positive ways.

This is slanderous of Elvis/Jesse and his parents.  I am livid!!!

Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive

Like This Page · July 21 · 


I thought you might find it interesting to know that Elvis had another brother named “Clayton” (besides Jesse)! 

See the picture below of “Clayton” standing behind Elvis (also notice another person behind the window next to Clayton)! Indicating triplets!!! 

That’s right … on January 8, 1935 there were triplets born to Gladys! The truth needs to be known.”

Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive picture of Clayton behind Elvis.


Below is the original article in which this photograph appeared on a blog page in November, 2012 and the accompanying true story behind the photo.  The fact they reversed the image to change it proves that they are being dishonest.  Their whole story reads like something from “The Twilight Zone” TV show.  To make matters worse, I caught a glimpse of a comment by the administrator of this fraudulent page that there is even supposedly another brother of Elvis’ who is never heard of as well.  I did not copy their comment about this other brother…but if my memory serves me correctly, I believe they said his supposed name is Franklin.

The irony is that the administrator of this page closes most of his comments with “God bless“.  Of all the unmitigated gall!  Hypocrisy to say the least.

You will take note that, in the original article below, it is stated that the man in the background is one of Elvis’ cousins.

Full article with the original photo of Elvis and his cousin before it was reversed.

As a footnote to the above blog article:  I am not sure that they are correct about when the photo was taken.  I say this because of Elvis’ hair cut in the photo which is not the Army crew cut which Elvis had from the time he was drafted until he was discharged.  So this lady may not remember the year correctly.

I have been advised just now that someone else has posted a link to the above blog article on their page and below is their response to this.  Obviously, they don’t admit a lie very easily.

-98 Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive's response to Mike


Once and for all…

I am sick of seeing the never ending string of videos and comments stating that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis.  I just came from posting the following statement on my Facebook pages.  I do hope that this will somehow dispel this crazy rumor.

I just came across this video on YouTube. I have not watched the entire video yet. But, the introduction says it is the official website for Pastor Bob Joyce and that he says he IS NOT ELVIS.

I certainly don’t want a crowd of people bothering this man with crazy comments about him being Elvis. But, perhaps if one sees his actual website it will help to refute the crazy rash of videos which claim he is Elvis.

I ask everyone to just stop and think logically for a minute. Pastor Joyce appears to be at most in his 60’s. Elvis is 81 now. Does this man look like he is 81 years old?

I am sorry to state that so bluntly but I know no other way to quell the massive rumor that he is Elvis.

I state unequivocally that Pastor Bob Joyce IS NOT ELVIS.  ELVIS IS JESSE now as proven time and time again on my web site.

Genuine Pastor Bob website

Pastor Joyce appears to be a sincere and dedicated minister and I am sure that the insane rumors are distracting from his ministry and not showing him proper respect.


TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016

I have a VERY important document to share on here tonight.  I am honored to be allowed to share this with everyone.  I ask that everyone please do pass this on to everyone you know who may have any interest in the false rumor that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis.  

I wrote a detailed Email to Pastor Joyce introducing myself and telling him about my web site and my work in trying to stop the rumor which seems to be spreading everyday that he is Elvis.  I asked if he would write a statement to me which I can post publicly stating that he is not Elvis.

Pastor Joyce was so very receptive to my Email and wrote a wonderful long and detailed statement to be posted by me. He truly is a very kind and gracious man who obviously lives what he speaks in his sermons and songs.  He is also very talented and the videos of him are beautiful.

After I read his excellent reply to me, I again wrote and specifically asked if it is all right with him for me to post his statement.  He so kindly responded that he wrote it for that purpose.  He has tried himself to refute the rumors.  He has even asked that a page be shut down but the people running the page have ignored him.

Below I will be displaying all of the correspondence between Pastor Joyce and myself.  You will see that these are exact copies of his Emails to me showing his Email address and my own (minus my full address to protect my sanity from more contacts…LOL).

I thank Pastor Joyce, from the bottom of my heart, for responding so kindly to me and for his graciousness in granting my request.

First of all, I will share Pastor Bob Joyce’s wonderful statement which he wrote specifically for my web site, Facebook, etc.

Next I will display his specific permission for me to display this statement along with my request for his permission.


Pastor Joyce's confirmation permission for me to post

Below is my thank you to Pastor Joyce:

My Thank you to Pastor Joyce

Last of all, below is my first Email to Pastor Joyce requesting his help in refuting the false rumors about him being Elvis:


Cont’d Page 2 below:

Page 2 My request to Pastor Joyce for assistance

I thank each of my visitors so very much for taking the time to digest everything which I have shown above which is ALL of my correspondence with Pastor Bob Joyce.  Again, I ask that everyone please do post the above article anywhere you wish and pass it along in other forms such as Emails, etc.  Pastor Joyce and I would both very much like to put a stop to this rumor.  It is disrespectful to Pastor Joyce, to Elvis who is Jesse, to my web site material and to me to perpetuate this false story in so many places on the Internet.  Let’s start a campaign to get the lies removed from the Internet.




Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive which is a Facebook page:

I continue to receive information from a number of people as feedback to my earlier article.  These are very good comments which, except for one, commend me for exposing this lying deluded person who is administering this page.  The coward does this page “anonymously” saying that he does not wan to reveal his identity yet. Small wonder.  If this is the person that I have been told is the administrator of  Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive, then it is a man with the initials I.S. with whom I had a run in several years ago because he was swiping images from my copyrighted web site and posting them on his Facebook page without my knowledge or consent. He and I had a big turbulent quarrel when I approached him about the misuse of my material.  He was making statements of things about Elvis after 1977 which I knew to be totally false.  But, that was then and I thought it was over.  

The thing which that site is putting forth right now which has me up in arms is that they are stating boldly on there that they are speaking with “the real Elvis” and that he has given them information, photos, etc. to post on their page and that Elvis wants people to join that page.  


There are at least two things on their site which they apparently indicate that Elvis has given them approval to publish which are proven lies…listed below:


They have posted that Elvis himself gave them the 1950’s photo above which I have proven to be a reversed photo of a photo which has been on the Internet since at least 2012.  See my detailed article about this photo above.

Also, my closest friend, M J, has found photos of Elvis at the Audubon house which show the same windows and the patio on which Elvis is sitting and it was actually taken in 1956.  Therefore, the blog which posted that it was in 1958 at Graceland was a mistake…an honest mistake no doubt.  Below is a good example of  when and where the photo was actually taken:

Taking a break from fans, Elvis relaxed with family on the patio of his home at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis. Elvis paid $40,000 for the four-bedroom, ranch-style house in 1956, a year before he puchased Graceland. On the same day this photograph was taken, July 4, Elvis also played a benefit concert at Russwood Park.

Taking a break from fans, Elvis relaxed with family on the patio of his home at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis. Elvis paid $40,000 for the four-bedroom, ranch-style house in 1956, a year before he purchased Graceland. On the same day this photograph was taken, July 4, Elvis also played a benefit concert at Russwood Park.

Above photo and the caption belong to:

Elvis Australia...proof of copyright infringement by Evidence Elvis is Alive page

Elvis Australia is now in it’s 20th year having been founded in 1996


My good friend on Facebook, Mike M. furnished me with the following proof that they said that Elvis gave them that photo to publish:

Here is a screenshot which Mike sent to me showing just a bit of the conversation regarding the photo of Elvis shown in my earlier article above:

Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive picture of Clayton behind Elvis.

Evidence Elvis is Alive posted lies about the Clayton Presley photo saying Elvis gave it to them

My most helpful friend, Mike M., also furnished me with the following absolute proof that they are stating that Elvis is giving them information to post. A very nice lady, Nicole, also sent me these same copies (1st two below) after I had them from Mike.  So, I do thank Mike and Nicole both for caring and helping.

Evidence Elvis is Alive posted that he is in touch with Elvis

 Below is another of their inane images:

from Evidence Elvis is Alive page

I would guess that the above image was taken from the web site.

Below are two more of their total insane posts:

Evidence Elvis is Alive posted fake photo of Elvis from 2016 birthday

Evidence Elvis is Alive twisted the facts from Harol Lloyd statement.

Just look at the holes in their report.  Harold stated that the one child miscarried and that Jesse died at birth.  Below is the link to the full article and nowhere does Harold indicate that Elvis had any living brothers.

I had so much respect for Harold Lloyd and still do.  I met him at Graceland  and he spoke with me for just a minute or two and was so very kind and impressed me as being totally loyal to Elvis.  He told me that his mother and Elvis’ mother were sisters and some other facts about their childhoods which I won’t quote because I don’t recall all the details.  I know he would be so disappointed to see his statement being used in this manner to slander Elvis and his parents. Shame, shame, shame on “Evidence Elvis Is Alive” for distorting facts.Another solid fact about some of the material which “Evidence Elvis Is Alive” is publishing on their page:The above article about Harold Lloyd and at least one other article I have seen was taken from the following web site whose material is also copyrighted.  May I suggest that someone write to Elvis Australia to let them know the manner in which their own material is being misused by “Evidence Elvis Is Alive“.  Below is their link and their logo.  You may see both of these at the top of their page on which the Harold Lloyd interview appears.I am certain that Elvis Australia is not a fan of the truth that Elvis is alive now on my web site so I don’t expect them to have anything good to say about me.  But, I do think they would be very interested to know that their original material is being used to distort the truth about Elvis and his family.

Elvis Australia...proof of copyright infringement by Evidence Elvis is Alive page

Elvis Australia is now in it’s 20th year having been founded in 1996

Here is my photo of Harold Lloyd taken in Oct. 1988  when he and I met and spoke.  I had one of myself taken with Harold on that day but I long ago sent that photo to Jesse and no longer have a copy of it.

Oct. 1988 photo of Harold Lloyd at Graceland

Deep breath, I think I am through for now. Ha, ha!

I extend my deepest gratitude to my two good friends, Mike M. and M J, who worked hard to provide me with the above documentation.  They are truest friends possible.  There were other people who posted many comments supporting my truth about the “Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive” revelations @ Facebook which was linked to my article here on my site.  I thank each and everyone who spoke up against that fraudulent page.

update footnote to this article:  A good friend just sent me a screen shot of what “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” posted in response to Pastor Bob Joyce’s own Email.  It is sad that the person administering that page is either  mentally ill, is talking to someone who is pretending to be Elvis, or just enjoys playing with people’s minds.  Which ever is the case, it is sad that he is toying with the minds and emotions of those fans who have fallen prey to his nonsense.Below is the screen shot of the comment about Pastor Bob Joyce’s own Email:

Evidence Elvis is Alive posted negative reply about Pastor Bob Joyce's own Email.



I just saw that there is a good price on a copy of Jesse’s book on Ebay today.  Below is the information and the link to the item.

product name Title
The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: I…
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I am so happy to see that I now have a large total number of registered users of  my web site.  I thank everyone who has registered so much.  This is wonderful in that NO registration at all is required for viewing my site.  The only time one HAS to register is if they plan to post on the Messages for Jesse page.  I do wholeheartedly welcome everyone to my web site and, again, my thanks to all those who have chosen to register.

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