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The beautiful image above with Elvis’ own words was given to me by my dear friend, Lucilia.



A kind new visitor to our site called my attention to this version of Elvis singing DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? because it sounds just like Jesse on the 2012 version of the same song on the 15 song CD.  I hope everyone will visit the video and also play Jesse’s song from the music player at the top left of your screen.   I thank Declan sincerely for sharing this link to this beautifully done video with us.  I will also share what he wrote to me:

Hi Linda

Just wanted to show you this you tube clip of Elvis singing ‘do you know who i am’ . Anyone who listens to this and compares it to Jessie’s version on your webpage will be blown away by it. It’s definitely our Jessie singing on both versions!! I’ve added the link here for you to listen to.

Warm regards


Elvis Presley – Do You Know Who I Am (Alternate Takes) (With Lyrics)

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I wish every visitor here in America a most happy and blessed Thanksgiving day.  Even with all of the turmoil in our nation and the world today, we still have so many, many blessings for which to be thankful.


Little Rascal is one of the blessings in my life for which I am very thankful on this Thanksgiving day.  He is so precious…

Rascal and Linda 11-25-2013


I have just completed the restoration of another page.  This is a short page so the repairs were easy.  I hope that Mickey Moran will watch and listen to this brief FOX 8 clip.  Word has it that he is determined to see me destroyed personally as well as my web site.  We’ll see about that…  Others have tried this very same thing for the past 12 years and by the grace of God and the shelter of Jesse’s friendship, they have all failed.

I have also just completed the restoration of the following page.  This page is interrelated to the above page…so you may wish to view them at one time.

Once more, it would benefit Mickey Moran to watch all of the videos on the two above pages.  If he has not read Jesse’s book, then he is working blindfolded.  He claims to be fighting me because he feels that I am deceiving the fans and tarnishing Elvis’s legacy.  Nothing in this world could be further from the truth…if he only knew the truth he would be embarrassed and ashamed of the cruel things he has said about Jesse who IS the man for whom he has searched for 25 years.

Trying to destroy me will not bring him one inch closer to Elvis Presley.  But, I say to Moran…go ahead, give it your best shot.

I have just completed a third page tonight.  I hope that everyone will visit this page and view the accompanying video. 

Since Mickey Moran refuses to feel compassion for Elvis and now for Jesse, perhaps he needs to view this report in which Elvis’s health and level of pain in 1977 is explained by Dr. Nick and another young Dr. who analyzed the Xrays of Elvis’s back.  Though Elvis did “die” that day and reinvented himself as his twin brother Jesse, the health issues did continue.  I loved him far too much to know that he was suffering and not be willing to do whatever was necessary to help alleviate his suffering. 

Here is the link to this next page of documentation:



UPDATE on Moran’s petition against me to EPE:

Below is the partial list of signatures which he has so far.  Also I see that some of my friends have signed it because I urged them to do so.  Most of my visitors refused to sign it even though I requested that they do so just to get this silly petition done and over with.

Also, I and others have posted comments which Moran has deleted.  One person has posted another comment asking why her comment was deleted and that comment was deleted as well. 

Looks like Moran is really trying to stack the deck doesn’t it?

107 Campaign Supporters    (You may view all signatures by clicking on this link.)




I have just completed the restoration of another of my pages.  Below is the link to this page…it is the story of how Elvis/Jesse and I came to know each other and to become the close friends that we are today.  I think this will answer some questions for those who are new to my site or who haven’t ever seen this page.

Perhaps Mickey Moran should read this page also since he has told so many inaccuracies about my friendship with Elvis who is now Jesse.  Seems that he cannot understand “WHY would Elvis choose HER to be his “voice?”.


I just noticed that, as of this moment, we have visitors from all over the world within the past hour.  This is a list of the last 20 visits to my site.

I want to extend a very warm welcome to each and every visitor.

I want Jesse to see how much he is still loved by people around the world.

Recent visits

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I came upon a video on YouTube which I urge everyone to watch.  The owner of this channel has accomplished something that I have been thinking of doing, but never found the time.  This person has made a 30+ minute video which encompasses ALL of the FOX 8 Jesse reports from May 2002 thru November 2008.  As an added bonus this film also includes a report done by FOX in Memphis. 

There is only one thing on this video with which I take exception because it is a personal affront to me.  You will see that they show one of Jesse’s letters and in the salutation, you will clearly see my name “Linda“.  Then you will see and hear Linda Felix-Johnson crying and talking about Jesse.   Suzanne says that the publisher confirms that neither Linda nor Hinton have made any money off of “their book“.  This flies in the face of everything that Jesse had indicated…that it would be “our” book too.  This proves, as I have written before, that Hinton and Felix-Johnson definitely were showing Jesse’s letters bearing my name, as many of the letters in the book actually did, while letting Suzanne and others believe that she is the “Linda” to whom Jesse is referring in the letters.  I am sorry…but this just aggravates me no end.  Felix-Johnson had no place in anything to do with Jesse until Hinton started begging Jesse to be in contact with her…around the time that my association with Hinton was ended by me because of his lies.  This was after Hinton had carried out the plan to rid themselves of me so that they could have Jesse, the book, everything all to themselves. 

The ONLY two places where Felix-Johnson is even mentioned in the book is in the front in Hinton’s acknowledgements and at the very back of the book which shows a letter written by Felix-Johnson which is a total fantasy created by Felix-Johnson. 

Hinton swore to me that he would take our association for Jesse’s sake to the grave.  When I point blank asked him if he had involved anyone else just a couple of months before Felix-Johnson wrote her letter for the book in January of 2001, he swore to me that he had not and NEVER would.  I believe I have his Email stating this fact displayed somewhere here on my site.  Another of Hinton’s BIG lies.

So watching this, caused me to relive some grief and stress… but, that’s my life now…

The owner of this channel has another 47 minute video which I did watch all the way through and it is not worth the time to watch it.  It has all sorts of Elvis impersonators singing on it, Ron Jesse, Doug Church, “The Fabulous Fonzerelli” photo as Jon Burrows, etc.  There is one song out of the whole thing which is from Jesse’s CD and therefore the ONLY song that we can rest assured really is sung by Elvis, who is now Jesse.  That is the song “Do You Know Who I Am?.

There is a second video which grabbed my attention, also on this same channel, and that is because they have taken from my page about the Country Music Magazine with the “Jesse’s Comin‘” page.  This is a shorter video…only about 7 minutes.

Here is the link to the first video…the one I urge everyone to watch to get the full story of the FOX 8 reports about Hinton and Jesse.  I do remind everyone that it has been proven that Eliza was presenting fraudulent DNA results in her court cases.  This fact has been proven here on my site with permission from the person who shared the proof with me privately.

ELVIS IS ALIVE – DNA Evidence Does Not Lie !!!

Knights Of The Kings Realm Knights Of The Kings Realm 

Published on Oct 21, 2013


Here is the link to the 2nd video…the one with the “Jesse’s Comin'” magazine article included.

Elvis Is Alive !!! – Jesse’s Comin’ , 1980 – 2013

Knights Of The Kings Realm Knights Of The Kings Realm


It is great that this channel has probably seen my page which I created back in May, 2009…going on 5 years ago.  It is fine that they used some of my material without one word of credit being given.  The thing that is NOT OK is that they have paired the magazine material with a fake Elvis…an impersonator who has absolutely no connection whatsoever to Jesse.  Kingtinuing has NOTHING to do with Jesse.

Here is the link to my page regarding the Country Music Magazine Collector’s Elvis Edition back in 1980.  I had owned this magazine for many years before I knew Elvis, who is now Jesse.  I purchased it at a flea market, brought it home, leafed through it enjoying the photos and glancing over the articles and put it away in a trunk.  Many years later when Jesse told us of a photo of him wearing something special, I had gone back in books and magazines looking for the photo which Jesse mentioned.  While leafing through this magazine, once more, I was absolutely astounded when I came to the “Jesse’s Comin’” page.  It held a whole new meaning when viewed through the eyes of someone to whom Elvis had explained that he is Jesse now.  Finding that magazine and that page of the magazine after so many years was truly a miracle of synchronicity.  A case of God giving me what I needed when I needed it.  Those types of experiences happened with me quite often during my 25 years of knowing for certain that Elvis is alive.

1980 ELVIS Country Music Magazine Jesse’s Comin’

Their 4th video is that of the plane flying over the Busch Stadium in St. Louis  back in October, 2013.  With the trailing banner saying “Elvis Found Alive…”  I did an article regarding this event on my Current News and Events page some time ago.



The following is an update which Mickey Moran has posted to his petition against me.  You may read this firsthand by visiting his petition site.  He is making a huge fool of himself.  His actions belie his anger, hatred and jealousy directed toward me.  These feelings by him were totally unprovoked when he first began publishing harsh and derogatory comments about me, Jesse and this web site.  I had no argument with him of any kind until his actions against me began.  I would be a fool to just sit here and take his crap and not speak up in my own defense.   My 100+ page web site of documented material plus my 408,500 visitors speaks for itself.

I think that perhaps he thinks that he will push me far enough that I will ask Jesse to come forward just to prove that I am telling the truth.  That will happen over my dead body.   I have loved and protected Jesse for almost 22 years through good times and bad times and I am not about to endanger him for any reason whatsoever. 

It is becoming very obvious that Moran is obsessing about his hatred of me.  That kind of thinking is dangerous.

Here is Moran’s update to his petition in which he insults not only me but my visitors.  I also see that he has even begun Emailing some of my supporters with this same nonsense.  I am very, very proud of my friends and supporters on my blog.  I have supporters from many different nations and therefore the translation of their comments into English can be frustrating and troublesome for them.  How dare this half-wit moron criticize the intelligence of my large group of friends, supporters, and visitors.

I am sick to death of his never ending chant that he must protect Elvis fans from me and my “lies“.  The Internet is a huge worldwide space with room for many opposing views and ideas.  I do not go to those sites with whom I know I disagree or have nothing in common with.  I do not ask that anyone stay on my site against their will.  For goodness sake….just go your way and mind your own business.  I do not come to your sites and behave in an aggressive, angry and insulting manner.

No, I am not familiar with these tacky do-it-youself type petitions.  This is the first one that I have had any experience with.  The way that the number of signatures are displayed beneath each name, it certainly would appear that it is showing the number of times that the person has voted on this one petition.  It was an honest mistake on my part and the part of others who viewed the petition results.  I guess we can’t all be geniuses like Moran.  Then again some of us have real lives with real responsibilities and don’t spend all of our time sitting and plotting against someone of whom we are jealous.

I am also fed up with him making remarks about my intelligence.  My web site speaks for itself.  My mind is certainly not messed up with drugs as he has written.  I dare say that my working life would out shine Moran’s.  My personal life has certainly been more stable than his. I don’t like to get personal in my comments about anyone…but I can stand up to anyone and Moran is no exception.

I am so very blessed and honored to have 408,500 visitors and I know that I owe my success to God and Elvis who IS Jesse now. 

Update #1 ·

Linda’s Followers Don’t Understand

It seems that Linda and her followers need things explained to them in very simple terms.  They apparently understand petitions about as well as they understand DNA.  They think that people are signing this petition multiple times.  That is impossible.  Each person can only sign one time.  If you try to sign a second time it will tell you that you have already signed.  We have 107 signatures right now and if you click on ‘Campaign Supporters’ you will see that there are 107 different people listed that have signed.  What they are actually referring to is the number of different petitions that people have signed.  If you read the “Blog” section of Linda’s website you will see why they are having trouble understanding.  Many of them cannot spell or form sentences.  This is just one more thing that Linda is lying about and it reinforces the importance of this petition to stop her from lying about Elvis.  Thank you.  Please share with everyone and encourage them to sign.  

How you can help

Sign the Petition to Elvis Presley Enterprises and Priscilla Presley
110 signed
390 more needed
Elvis Presley Enterprises and Priscilla Presley have the power to stop this and they need to know how important it is to the fans to preserve Elvis’ legacy. 

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Linda Moreno

Linda Moreno


More power to Mickey and his group of geniuses…


I have begun a new Current News and Events page for the month of December, 2013.  Below is the link to the new page.