SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012

Last week a rumor was started on the gossip forum/blog at “cockoonest” that I had died one morning last week.  I posted a photo of myself taken last Monday to prove that I was alive and happy.  Some of my good friends have suggested that I post another photo of myself holding a current edition of a local newspaper to prove that I was still alive after I was reported as dead.

So, today I have dressed in the same clothes which I wore in the earlier photo, sitting in the same chair in my home…this time holding the newspaper showing the headlines.  I will display this photo below as well as a close up scan of the date on the newspaper which you will see is yesterday’s date Saturday, March 10, 2012.

I have provided documentation refuting the lies told about me on this silly blog page several times before on this site.  They have posted scurrilous articles about me since back around late December, 2010.  May I suggest to the author of this trash, fabricated by rag-mag mentality, that you find some useful purpose for your life rather than wasting your valuable days on this earth hating me.



Also, there is something else about which I wish to set the record straight.  In the above photo of me, you will see that I am wearing 7 gold rings.  All of those rings, except my wide gold wedding band, were gifts to me from Jesse.  Two people have reportedly made derogatory remarks about the gifts given by Jesse to those of us close to him.  They have said “Oh, the ones that turn your fingers green.”  These two people are J. Presley and his fiance, P. Andersen.  I will state emphatically, here and now, and once and for all, that Jesse has given me countless rings and other jewelry during all the years of our friendship and NEVER has my finger turned green…NOT ONCE.

Everybody thinks that I am sitting on an empire, but I’m not….”  Jesse spoke those words to me during a fairly recent conversation.

As Jesse has explained so many times in his letters, some of which are in the book, he lives his life as Jesse now…just a normal man who had a famous brother.  The gifts which Jesse gives now are those which Jesse can afford…not the lavish gifts which Elvis used to give before 1977.  The gifts he has given me are so very precious to me, not because of any monetary value…but because they were given to me by HIM.  I have told him that if he sent me a blade of grass or a leaf, I would treasure it just as much as anything else he could give to me.  I have never wanted anything from him of any earthly value.


MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

I am having so much fun with this “death” rumor about me.  What fun!!

So.o.o.o.o.o.o here is another photo of me made today with the same newspaper…hate to waste .75 on another edition. LOL

I hope that when I awake every morning the devil says “Oh crap!!  She’s up!!!!)


New Elvis exhibit…..

ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley


Uploaded by on Mar 1, 2012

Throughout 2012, Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis will be commemorating the 35th anniversary year with new exhibits exploring various sides of the king and his legacy.

The largest exhibit launching during the 35th Anniversary year “ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley presented by Fender®” opened on March 1. This exhibit features many artifacts on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland and items from the collections of many of today’s biggest names in music. The exhibit celebrates Elvis’ status as a music pioneer and icon that paved the way and influenced many of today’s artists and celebrities.

Items on display in this exhibit include Sammy Hagar’s Yamaha Red Rocker custom guitar and outfit from his 2004 Van Halen tour, Bono’s “MacPhisto” suit from U2’s Zooropa performances, one of Bill Clinton’s saxophones from The Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, and artifacts from James Brown, Elton John, Trisha Yearwood, Joan Jett, Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Ringo Star and others. As part of “Icon: The Influence of Elvis Presley,” Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will also be presenting an online exhibit containing photos of items sent in by fans that represent how Elvis influenced them.

“ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Exhibit presented by Fender®” opened at Elvis’ Presley’s Graceland in Memphis on March 1 in Sincerely Elvis, located in Graceland Plaza. The exhibit will be open for one year.



I have found today’s admonition to be true for me in my life…the best has certainly come to me as a result of my love, loyalty, devotion and commitment to Elvis/Jesse.  Being his friend is definitely “the best”…it doesn’t get any better than that!!

Think on This…
He who doubts that the best will come to him with doing of that which is correct is already defeated. Don’t blame others for what has happened or may happen. Do right yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually, and the best will come to you.



Here is some rare footage of Elvis from 1972 filming of Elvis On Tour…rehearsal.  So.o.o.o.o.o good!!!!




 A friend sent me a link today which just blew me away.  I want to suggest that everyone visit this site. 

The topic of this site is that Jim Morrison is alive and he is coming out.  He wants his fans to know the truth about his faked death and his life since then.  There are photos to back up the claim displayed on the site.

The author of this site has lived with Jim for a year and Jim has fully cooperated with him in giving him details and proving who he is.  They have full proof that the man actually is Jim Morrison…you may read all about it on this site.  There is a short film in the works as well.

The key thing about this is that Jesse said that it was Jim Morrison’s “death” that started him thinking about faking his own death.  He took note of how hurriedly everything was done after the “death” and how easily it was pulled off. 

It turns out that Jim Morrison actually did have a near death event which was used to fake his death.

This is a huge story…but no where near as big as Elvis’s.

Here is the link to the site:

JIM MORRISON The Legend Alive

Here is a little more information on this topic from the above site:

Proving who this is has been simplified. First a man who was willing to step forward for a purpose and give us everything. Jim has called band member Ray Manzerak and a representative talked with Danny Sugarman before he left. 35 years. A fingerprint match has happened through F.B.I. agent D.W.Jones. Laser point measure between pupils is perfect. Notice the shape of the eyes. Voice comparison’s have been taken. Signature is a perfect match reviewed by Dr. Jim Hales noted forensics expert. Photograph comparisons match.


Here is just one photo from the above site…there are quite a few comparisons on the site:

From a Wikipedia article:

Jim Morrison has told Logan that he has come out of hiding to honor his family, friends and the many fans that he loves and who still love him. He took advantage of a near death experience that occurred in Paris by making it seem that he actually did die because he knew his rock and roll life style was truly killing him. He has made a living over the years as a Master Journeyman Brick mason. Retired now, Jim spends his time painting and writing and with his wife Marsha and their families.

Books Allegedly Authored by Jim Morrison:
*Light My Fire (1978, First Edition 1975). ISBN 0-915628-07-4.
*American Prayer (1983). ISBN 0-915628-46-5.
*Bank of America of Louisiana (1983). ISBN 0-915628-00-7.
*IBM Oil: Asylum in a Danish Embassy behind the Iron Curtain (1985). ISBN 0-915628-35-X.
*CIA Psychic (1986). ISBN 0-915628-01-5.
*Eyes: Poetry of Jim Morrison 1967-1971 (1986). ISBN 0-915628-40-6.
*Sparkerpolice Guidebook: How to Play Sparkerpolice (1986). ISBN 0-915628-17-1.


FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012

There is a very in depth interview with Lisa Marie in Rolling Stone about her forthcoming album which is scheduled to be released on May 15th.  Sounds like it will be very different from her prior music.  The title is “Storm and Grace“.

Below is the link to the interview on the Rolling Stone web site:

Exclusive: Lisa Marie Presley Returns to Her Roots for New Album

‘Storm And Grace,’ produced by T-Bone Burnett, to be released May 15th

Read more:


FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012

I have just finished creating a separate page devoted to allowing visitors to access the DVD trailer to hear Jesse’s actual speaking voice without paying a cent.

Also, I have copied and pasted much of the material which I have shared heretofore relating to that DVD and the copies of Jesse’s two page letter detailing how they came to have his voice on that DVD.

This is a monumental and groundbreaking event because it is the very first time that his clear and unaltered voice has been heard since 1977 plus being the only time that he has made a handwritten statement that it is his own voice.

I created this page in order that new visitors to the site may readily see it.  I felt that it could get lost in the shuffle as we move ahead with the Current News and Events pages…as that is the only place that I have posted anything about it on our site.

Here is the title to the new page which also acts as a link to the page itself:



I just enjoyed reading this intelligent review of the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE on Amazon. Com.  Even though this gentlemen does not believe that it is Elvis speaking on the DVD, he still gives a good review.  He just doesn’t have all of the information to accept the fact that Elvis is alive.

7 of 12 people found the following review helpful

5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely a message here.,January 28, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Elvis Found Alive (DVD)

You might as well know first hand that I do not read comments about my reviews and Amazon knows up front not to notify me of such contacts. Most of my many reviews are of non controversial items. So when I review a so called controversial book I do so from a conservative Christian viewpoint and there are people who love to bash anything conservative or Christian. It never fails to amaze me how people can give one star reviews about books and DVDs that have just been released and it is so obvious that the book has not been read and the DVD not viewed. Well, I have recommended this DVD in a mass emailing and on Facebook. So haters out there may wish to skip this review. Those with no set opinions are invited to read on whether they agree or disagree. I recommend this DVD for the very simple reason I gave in the subject title, there is definitely a message here.

The very brilliant actress Celeste Yarnall put me on to this DVD admitting it is a “Mockumentary.” Yes, that is the right word. It is a documentary titled “Elvis Found Alive” and it is so well done that for a bit I was very close to believing Elvis is alive. I must state that I am not a conspiracy buff. The DVD is well done in covering the life of Elvis Presley, but after an hour of enthralling information from 1935 to 1977 there is evidence shown that his death was faked and he has been in witness protection off and on while working for the DEA. The information about Elvis’s early life comes from well documented films and the very words he has said himself. The narrator is the supposed Elvis, however he is so good you want to believe.

The purpose of this DVD is not to promote that the king is still alive. There is TV news coverage of the turbulent sixties and seventies and the rise of Bill Ayers. The true evil Elvis works against. The purpose by the end of the film is showing Bill Ayers as the puppet master behind Barack Hussein Obama and a plan to destroy America. There is so much information that this retired history/government teacher and observer knows, from his own research over the years, is very true about what is going on today. I would recommend this film primarily to introduce viewers to what may be the hidden purpose of it. To reveal what we are faced with today and why President Obama must be voted out of office. The rightful concerns that honest people have about Bill Ayers and the Chicago Mafia, concerns over the Obama desire to turn us into a socialist/communist nation. This is too true and too real.

This DVD is not a scam. It is a real look at the Elvis we once knew, who Celeste Yarnall knew very well, and concerns he had about the direction our country was going in as early as the late sixties and through the seventies. The king is not dead in spirit and we do honor to his memory to heed the things that he saw we were losing in America. The election in November is a contest that will save or lose the soul of the United States. Ah, I can hear the cries of outrage from the liberal socialist haters now and actually I am not bothered. Even if less than one percent of them is made to think by this DVD, then it will have been well worth it.

God bless the memory of Elvis Presley, those who put this DVD together and the USA.



I want to make everyone aware of a wonderful FREE service available for download to everyone.

Norton/ Symantec offers a search engine companion which will tell you whether a site is safe or not when it comes up in your search results. Works seamlessly with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

I am very proud to say that in each instance where my site appears in  search results, my site is shown as OK by Norton which means that you can rest assured that you are safe when you are on my site.

You DO NOT have to have any Norton product installed on your computer to take advantage of this option.

Here is the title of this download and the link where you may download the Norton Safe Web Lite.

Surf, Search, & Shop Safely with Norton Safe Web Lite

Here are just a few of the search results done for my site so you may see the “OK Norton” icon to the side:

I want to remind everyone posting on the blog page and the Messages to Jesse board that it is UNSAFE to post any of your identifying information in your posts.  Please DO NOT post your full name, your Email address nor your home address.  Hackers can track you down using this information and perhaps gain access to your computer.  Others may send you malicious Emails and viruses.  This has taken place in the past to a few of my friends.

The Internet is a wonderful place but it is also a dangerous place in today’s world.  I ask that everyone please be very careful.  Just your first name or nick name will suffice on your messages.  On my administrator’s page, I can see the Email address of each person who registers on my site…should I ever need to contact you or if Jesse should ever want to tell me to contact you.


SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012

Since receiving the Email earlier last week which made me aware of the web site regarding Jim Morrison being alive, I have done a few searches and am very surprised to see that this is not something new.  This information has been “out there” for a number of years.  The video below was published in 2007.  However, evidently something is happening in 2012 regarding Jim’s situation in proving that he is alive.

It is very similar to Jesse’s situation in that Jim has given taped interviews, photographs, etc. to prove that this man is Jim Morrison.  I am going to post a link below to a YouTube video in which you may hear him speaking.  Also, there is a link included in this video to a web site where you may see what is currently taking place in 2012…FBI documentation, etc.

As I said, this situation is very similar to that of Jesse in that so much proof has been provided and yet the naysayers ignorantly attack the facts.

The DOORS Jim Morrison Discovered Alive


Uploaded by on Jul 5, 2007

Jim is raising horses in the Pacific Northwest. Jim Morrison’s agent and producer Gerald Pitts has exclusive rights to Jim’s images in still, motion, and likeness and audio.

I have never taken a personal interest in whether Jim Morrison faked his death.  Up until now the only mental notes that I have made regarding this topic is the fact that Jesse said that he noted how Jim’s “death” was handled so hurriedly and without the normal series of events relating to one’s death.  Also, Jesse has pointed out that Jim Morrison was also born on the 8th of a month.

Also, an interesting note to this is that Jesse often asks me to order particular DVD’s for him.  This is one of the ways in which he passes his time when alone.  One of the DVD’s which he requested and which I immediately bought for him was titled “When You’re Strange: A Film About The Doors“. 

Here is my proof of purchasing on back in 2010:

Order Placed:

November 18, 2010

  • Order Number:105-4851879-………
  • Recipient: Linda Hood Sigmon
  • Delivery Address:
    Linda Hood Sigmon
    United States
    Phone: ………………….
  • Order Total:$12.92
  • Billing Address:
    Linda Hood Sigmon
    United States
    Phone: ……………………….

Delivery Estimate: Friday November 26, 2010 – Monday December 13, 2010


The below appears to be the latest information on the topic of it being proven that Jim Morrison is alive.

Please understand that I am not promoting the sale of the DVD offered in this video.  My only interest in this topic is because of Jesse’s interest in it.

DOORS FBI Jim Morrison Authentication 2012 Release



Once more this Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day is so true for me in my own experience:

Think on This…
First know in self in what thou hast believed, and then set that as the ideal . . . And when the darker days come, and when the shadows come that would make thee afraid, turn within and have a good time at scaring the bogies away from those that would fear, that would doubt.



I am sorry to report that Joe Esposito’s wife, Martha, has passed away.  I am sure that Joe would appreciate prayers and messages of condolence for him and his family. 

Joe has a Facebook page on which they posted a notice that he won’t be using his page due to these circumstances.  However, I feel sure that if anyone wishes to leave a message of sympathy on the page, he will get back to read them at some time.

Here is the link to his Facebook page:

Due to recent events regarding his wife Martha. Joe Esposito will not be using this page until further notice. Joe and AJ would like to thank everyone for their prayers and for being supportive. All inquiries should be directed to Daniel Lombardy at Thank You.


Below is an excerpt of one of Jesse’s letters (which appeared in his book) in which he mentions having discussed his thoughts about faking his death, before August 16, 1977, with Joe and Larry Geller…it was something he was thinking about for quite some time.


This rings so very true for Jesse and me.

I believe that when people are unhappy and feel insecure with themselves they criticize others in an effort to make themselves feel more important.  So sad…

By: Righteous Voices on Facebook


Here is a link to a most interesting video of an interview regarding mysteries of the universe and alien life.  I know this has nothing to do with Jesse other than that I know he would enjoy watching this and hearing this information from a highly respected person.

The following excerpt from her introduction to this video was written by

 Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most celebrated science communicators and popularizers alive today. He is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium and hosts NOVA ScienceNOW on PBS. He has also written several popular texts about astronomy, including his most recent book, Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier.
Neil in his office in the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City:


Sent to Jesse through this point on Thursday, March 22, 2012



THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 @ 4:30 PM


I just hung up from speaking with Jesse.  He has just gotten his phone back and in working order so he could phone me.

He sounds fantastic!!  He wants to reassure everyone that he is improving daily. 

He did discuss the CD with me. He did tell me a little which I may pass along.  He said that they had a group of good musicians there and they were so happy to be able to play and sing with him…it had been their dream. 

He did not realize that they were ever going to release it to the public.  He did enjoy singing again…it had been a long time.  He has only listened to it one time. 


He wants you, Mr. Gilbert, to know that you are to never attempt to contact him again.

He says that if you have anything else that he is not aware of, you are to contact me, Linda Hood Sigmon, and I shall tell him.  You may message me via the Messages to Jesse page on this site and I will get back to you via your web site.

You are not to release anything else without his prior knowledge.



This wonderful video was shared on our blog page by Miroslava.  It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  It is a little 2-year-old boy dancing to Jailhouse Rock.  Please take time to enjoy this…it is fantastic.  It has had over 4 million views.





As you probably know, I have withheld my opinion about the Elvis Found Alive CD because I refused to listen to it until Jesse told me if it really is him or not.  Since he did tell me that on this past Thursday, I finally removed the cellophane from my copy which I have had for around a month.  Tom and I listened to it all the way through yesterday morning and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very thrilled and ecstatic that Elvis/Jesse gave me permission to divulge, here on my site, that it is his voice on the DVD and CD.  For those who are in any doubt about his voice on the DVD…just take a listen to the CD and you should have no doubt remaining about whether my sweet friend, Jesse, is really Elvis Presley.

Everyone I know, who had already listened to it, was telling me that it absolutely is Elvis.  However, because of the asinine manner in which the producer Joel Gilbert produced the DVD while using Elvis/Jesse’s voice reading from a teleprompter, I just did not even want to hear the CD unless I knew for certain that it really is Elvis/Jesse on the CD.

I have come under some very harsh attacks and threats because of my material regarding the DVD…even though I have, day-by-day, presented every word of truth that I knew about the DVD…including Jesse’s own statements and his two page letter confirming that it is his actual voice.  One person has even claimed to have had  a voice analysis done and found that it is not Elvis’s voice.  This person is an ignorant fool…to say the least. 

I stand 100% absolutely steadfast behind the fact that Jesse is Elvis and that it is the voice of Elvis Presley on the DVD and the CD.  I will go to my grave stating this fact.  I will not back down from the truth for even one second.

I believe that any honest Elvis fan who listens to this CD will come away with tears of joy in their eyes that, thank God, he is still here to this very day.  I spoke with him again last night.  I cannot put into words how very, very honored and blessed I feel to have been his friend for so many years.  He is so very, very precious to me.  Such a dear, sweet, kind and supportive friend.

So yes, I do recommend this CD to everyone.  I don’t approve, for one second, of the manner in which Joel Gilbert obtained Elvis/Jesse’s voice nor the stupid and silly manner in which he used it in the DVD.  Nor do I approve of the manner in which he published the CD without Elvis/Jesse’s prior approval.  But, since the deed is done, I hope that every Elvis fan will get this CD and pass the word to everyone else that there is a new CD of Elvis as he sounds to this day.

I don’t want Joel Gilbert to make a penny from the DVD or the CD…but unfortunately that is the only way we can get it.  I plan to order another copy and keep it unopened until the day I die.  This is a landmark item and is monumental.

Below is a copy of the page for the individual songs on itunes.  You may listen to a good sample of each song here for free.


As you can see, on itunes, the songs are credited to Jon Burrows.  Gilbert and his crew promised Jesse that they would not reveal that he is Jesse now.  So this is the reason for their use of Jon Burrows…I assume.

However….on Amazon, the same songs which are to be released in December, 2012 are shown as “by Elvis Presley“. Below is a sample of this:


Gilbert knows that he is basing this upon the truth and that is why he can be so bold in doing the above…using Elvis’s real name on this product.

My dear friend Susan went on Amazon and did a search for the Elvis Found Alive CD and she was happy to see that, by coincidence, Jesse’s book came up in the same search with his current CD.  How neat is that!!!!!


 In closing this article, I would like to say to all those who intend to rip me, the DVD, the CD and everything on my site to shreds in an attempt to discredit me and Elvis/Jesse.  Don’t waste your time trying to defeat me.  I will NOT retract one single word on this site about this topic.  I am not fearful of threats, etc.

Jesse told me on Thursday during our conversation (in a complimentary way) that I am a “hard-headed woman“.  I laughed and said “Thank you!!!”  Yes, I am absolutely dead set when I know that I am right about something.  I have known that Elvis is alive and is Jesse now for so many years…I am unmovable!!



I have  had a lot of people asking me to allow them to forward mail to Elvis/Jesse.  I am so sorry to disappoint everyone, but that is not possible for me to do.  I am unable to physically and financially cope with handling the forwarding of mail.  I ask that everyone, please, understand this.  Also, I am not comfortable with giving my address to those who I do not know personally.


SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2012

No mortal on earth has fulfilled their purpose in life more fully than Elvis.  When he goes, the world will absolutely be a much better place than before he came.

This is an admonition which I attempt to exemplify on this web site.  My goal is to bring  joy and pleasure to the fans who are astute enough to recognize the truth and thank God that he is still here.

Think on This…
The purpose in life, then, is not the gratifying of appetites nor of any selfish desires, but it is that the entity, the soul, may make the earth, where the entity finds its consciousness, a better place in which to live.


SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2012

I currently am under a very severe attack upon me as a person as well as my knowledge that Jesse is absolutely Elvis Presley.  This person is saying that Jesse is an imposter, etc.  Other old enemies have come forward to contact him and help him in his attack.

This person claims to have had the voice on the DVD analyzed by “someone with expensive equipment” and supposedly determined that it is not Elvis’s voice on the DVD.  This is total hog wash as we have Elvis’s/Jesse’s own word that it is his voice reading from a teleprompter.  I don’t know what this man has “cooked up” but nothing will dissuade me from the truth which Jesse himself has put in his own handwriting…displayed here on this site in his two page letter. I have shown time and time again that Jesse is Elvis Presley.


Footnote – Monday, March 26, 2012

I realized after posting the long article yesterday about the above attack upon me, that I have forgotten Jesse’s admonition to me to always confront this type of situation with the one word LIES!

So I have removed the article which I posted yesterday and will simply reply to John with Jesse’s word…LIES! LIES! LIES! LIES!


Our good friend, Rick Thomas, wrote the following to me this afternoon:


I bought the Cd & DVD together and analyzed it as well and it is indeed Elvis. The key song is Do You Know Who I Am. 

These guys are making tons of money off Jesse and he needs to have it stopped. I was never so mad watching this DVD the BS of finding him at home come on!! Although there is some truth but many misleading facts!! 

Since I do television production, the key clues is a teleprompter – you must be a total idiot! not to notice they are putting words into his mouth!! Also he never discusses political views ever!! I loved the wax head Vernon grabbed from his office!! When Vernon was never told of the event!

I have the copies of the FBI Files and all they did was fill in the blanks true or false they didn’t care.

I feel Graceland with file a law suit against these people. I think Jesse has already taken care of. 

Its makes me sad these guys got to meet him and all they did was use him. I would have given my right leg to have been able to do a friendly chat and have him discuss things, and even if I made a DVD or Cd audio, I would of donated all the profits to something Jesse cared about. I’m so disgusted with this jerk!


Me too, Rick!! 

But the CD is just so fantastic!!  Regardless of the circumstances, Elvis’s fans deserve to hear the singing voice of the sweet man with whom I have been friends for 20 years. Even if I did not have my almost 3 years-old site with 65+ pages of material documenting facts nor my 20 YouTube videos which back up my written words, just the CD alone should settle the issue once and for all that Jesse is Elvis.

I remind everyone, especially those new to my site who have missed so much, that we have two photos of Elvis/Jesse taken after 1977:  The Pool house door photo and the photo of him with Benjamin.  We have his handwritten letters not to mention his handwritten book.  We now have a tape of his speaking voice on the DVD which he has written is his voice.  Now for the grand finale, we  have him singing 15 songs on a CD…the voice is absolutely unmistakable. 

Only those who DON’T WANT TO HEAR ELVIS, for personal reasons, will even try to deny that the voice on the CD is really Elvis.  Everything on the CD screams ELVIS!!

I have a very good friend who is a professional musician, has his own band and has been performing for decades.  He has performed on the Grand Ole Opry regularly and has been a musician in the band of a very well known performer.  He called to tell me the first time that he played it  “This has got to be him.“.

This friend has listened to this CD countless times and played it for other musician friends and the consensus is that it definitely is Elvis singing.  This friend is a qualified expert on Elvis’s voice.  He has been a devoted fan of Elvis always.

He was acquainted with, and became friends with, someone who performed on stage with Elvis.  This person indicated to him that Elvis did not die.


If any of my visitors care to express their feelings about the new CD by Elvis/Jesse, please do post on the blog page and I shall copy and paste your comments on this page.  If we have a lot of comments, I may open a new page devoted to just discussing the CD.  Only those of a positive nature will be posted…no nonsense whatsoever.

Let’s all ban together and give Jesse a standing ovation. 


Let’s hear a J.  Let’s hear an E.  Let’s hear a S.  Let’s hear another S.  Let’s hear another E.  

Now, let’s hear an E.  Let’s hear a L.   Let’s hear a V.  Let’s hear an I. Lets hear a S


Jesse, Jesse, he’s our man.  He’s done it again as no one can!!!!

The lyrics to his song “The Dance” will touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

I also like the fun song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” which goes on for all of 6:16 minutes and has Elvis and his touch all over it. This song showcases Elvis’s voice and technique wonderfully.

You can tell he was having a good time singing with musicians again.

Way to go Jesse!!!


Another comment about the CD from our excited friend, Rick Thomas:


I just finished listening to all the tracks on this Cd! wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! The king is back! absolutely Fantastic.  it brought me to tears I thought back to 1977 and I missed my chance to see his Chicago concert.

As I listen to this cd I thought I was watching Elvis coming to life to Reclaim what Belongs to him.  I wonder what he was thinking Recording these songs.  maybe if we are lucky this can all come to an end and he can Reclaim the greatness of a man called Elvis Presley

Hail to the King! Rick


Well, I have a feeling that news of the CD is going to be taking the world by storm.  People are starting to express their ecstasy after listening to any of the songs and especially the entire CD.

This is the best thing since sliced bread, people.  I just put on my head phones and listened to it again and was just absolutely in heaven.  I felt like a teenager again when one of Elvis’s records came out and I sat in my rocking chair and played it over and over and over.

Words cannot express how wonderful this CD is.  I almost didn’t buy it at first because of the terrible thing the producer did with the DVD.  As Jesse said, it is so silly.  But I did go ahead and bought a copy but refused to even open it until Jesse said something about it.  When he told me on Thursday that he did do the songs and he enjoyed singing again, then I knew it was safe for me to listen to it. 

Any Elvis fan who misses out on this CD is going to be kicking themselves when others tell them how wonderful it is.  It is just like being back in 1977 and getting a new album from Elvis.  It’s like the last 34 years did not even happen.

I just feel so bad that they used Jesse this way and he is not even gaining anything from the sale of this CD. Plus they betrayed him by even publishing it without his prior knowledge.

Jesse said that he has only listened to it one time…he never did like to listen to his own records very much.  He said something to me about the echo on some of the songs not being the way he thought it would or should be.


I am just bursting with pride of him.  He is my hero…always has been, always will be. 

This will give a black eye to every single former associate who has betrayed him and slandered him since he left.  Look out Stanleys, Lacker, Red and Sonny West,  Albert Goldman will even be rolling over in his grave…that little worm.

Well enough of my exuberance:

Here is what my good friend Lisa has posted on my wall on Facebook:

Lisa posted toLinda Sigmon

3 hours ago

  • Im crying and crying and can’t stop lol. Here I found this link on youtube giving the FULL SONG of Right Here Waiting for You that is on the CD – for folks that haven’t purchased it yet or listened to the full version

  • httpv://
  • (when the black screen comes up, just click to go to YouTube to watch)

I suggest that everyone go listen quick before it disappears off of YouTube like the full version of the DVD did.


Doris writes about the CD:

Well I’ll tell ya what really convinces me  (besides  his letter saying it’s him)it’s really Elvis singing “After Loving You’  is the part where he says  ‘caus’a honey” , no one can say ‘honey’ like he does!

Also in “Heart Break Hotel” where he says “Lonely”, never heard any impersonator  say it the way he does!

And all the rest of the songs sound just like him, it’s just that those 2 words  grabbed me just as soon as he said or sang them and that left  absolutely no doubt at all to me that it is him! I especially love “After Loving You”, that is a beautiful song and sung so beautifully by   him!  I have just got to find a way to buy the cd  without having to use my c.c. online. You Go Jesse!!! You’RE still ROCKIN” love ya!


Galen writes:

When you are a true professional Elvs/Jesse fan as we are on this wonderful site The cd we hear is loud and clear, as they say in the deep south ain’t NO doubt about it! As for the dvd  well  If I were Ms. Linda I would thank the FBI and the government of the United States of America for it too acknowledge Elvis did retire on Aug. 16 1977  and is in fact under the witness protection program as one Jon Burrows and where he was living, the film ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is listed as a NON-FICTIONAL documentary film.   Joel Gilbert just happen too found out what we on this site already  KNEW!     P.S.  One last thing   To this JOHN   BETTER BACK OFF,  OR  PAY THE BEAR!      Love and Light    Sincerely  GALEN


Kathy writes in Messages to Jesse:

Dearest Jesse,I listened again to the CD tonight with a smile on my face. The feelings of your emotions that you are giving forth are so heart warming to hear. You gave clues as you have so many times and they are a wonder to hear. I am so very happy you sang to us once more and the vibrations are still as strong as ever. Be happy sweetheart as you have made the masses happy with your sweet soul and song. Thank you dear Jesse for who you are thank you so very much. I miss you And I love you so. Kathy/Medford xoxo<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

Bernice, who is a very good friend, shared another song from the CD which is on Facebook too.  Thank you so much, Bernice.

 9 hours ago

I just discovered that some more of the songs from the CD are on YouTube right now so you can hear them for free…at least for the time being:About the YouTube videos…it comes up with a black screen saying that embedding is disabled and to watch them on YouTube. If you just click on the line where it says Watch On YouTube, it will take you to the video. I am sorry about the confusion.httpv:// are quite a few other “Jon Burrows” on YouTube who are pretending to be Elvis, so I don’t advise that you go searching for the name on there.  Instead search for the titles of the songs on the Elvis Found Alive CD with the name Jon Burrows and/or Elvis Presley.
The sound quality through YouTube does not do justice to the songs as they sound on the CD though.  “That’s All Right Mama” and “Wanna Be Startin Somethin” are especially good and not on YouTube…but I love them all.The long song “Wanna Be Startin Somethin” is one of my favorites…not because of the song but because it showcases so many of Elvis’s classic trademarks…really is a true sample of so many of Elvis’ special touches.<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012My dear friend, Jan, wrote the following in response to John’s libelous attack upon me. Dear Sweet Linda,This is my response to the unadulterated , unmitigated gall of John C. and his ridiculous, preposterous propaganda. I’m gonna start with my friend Linda and end with my friend Jesse. First of all how dare you to attack this beautiful, sweet, lovin, carin, gracious lady with the utmost of honesty, truthfulness and integrity. I would trust Linda with my own life. I have been blessed to know this lovely lady for well over a year and I have never known her to be anything but honest and open. To say she is makin money off the CD and DVD is the most childish, idiotic, and ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Linda is not an underhanded person to say the least. She has gone through painstaking hours of research to make sure, with Jesse’s permission, that everything is accurate and true to the best of her knowledge. She is not a deceiver by any means and anyone who believes this man does not know our Linda at all. She is the epitome of truth and honest, loyalty, trustworthy. Linda does not deserve this treatment from you and I can’t for the life of me understand why you seem to thrive on pursuing good, honest, people. Is she a threat to you in someway maybe? Maybe you just can’t or don’t want to face the TRUTH!! Linda would never and has never intentionally hurt anyone , yet every time she turns around there is another predator ready to prey upon her. Believe the truth or don’t believe the truth that is your prerogative, but leave Linda and Jesse alone!  If you really had someone analyze the DVD, well, all I can say is I wouldn’t trust him to analyze my voice because he would probably say it’s not me either. Jesse said it is his voice, I believe him totally and completely and his word is good enough for me. He nor Linda has never told me anything untrue and I believe them totally, completely, unequivocally.  Their word is good enough for me. Have you listened to the CD any idiot would know, yes there have been some good impersonators in the past but nobody and I do mean NOBODY can pronounce the words and say’em like Jesse, there is only one and he is it. I believe in Linda and I believe in Jesse totally and completely. I have been an Elvis fan 49 years since I was 6 and all I can say is I thank God everyday that Jesse is still here. It is a blessin and a gift from God I cherish and I don’t intend to ever take for granted. Elvis was a wonderful man and an image and I will always love him, but the man I have come to know as Jesse I love so much more because he is a givin, sweet, humbled , carin, generous soul and spirit and a beautiful person and a beautiful amazin, wonderful man. 

I am honored and privileged to know Jesse and Linda , so why don’t you just knock off your attacks and crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. Spend some time with God and get God in your life and maybe you won’t have so much time on your hands to prey on innocent people. I love Linda and I love Jesse. We stand beside them, and behind them every step of the way. You may bend us a little, but you won’t break us. UNITED WE STAND. I’ll pray for ya, God knows you need it . Please do something constructive with your life , you’ll feel better for it. Leave Jesse and Linda alone PLEASE!God Bless You Always,Hugs & Smiles,Love, JanMy heartfelt thanks to Jan for standing by me.<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>My sweet friend, Jean, wrote the following about the CD.I thank her so very much for her wonderful Email:Hi LindaHope you are well.I also hope you are lapping up all the good feeling going around about the Elvis Found Alive CD.Fingers up to all those nasty nasty people who cannot see (or hear should I say) what is in front of them.I knew straight away once I heard the clips on itunes that it was Elvis but I just didn’t want to get my hopes up but I criedwhen I first heard the songs and I knew, my heart wouldn’t lie to me (nor my ears).I downloaded the album and have been listening to it at work and I often have a tear run down my cheeks, my colleagues think I aminsane to put it politely but I JUST DON’T CARE what they think.The song Lisa Marie just gets me right in the heart – only Elvis can sing a song with such feeling like that.It is soooooo clearly Elvis, how how how can people say otherwise, I just don’t understand it Linda.I really am so very happy for you Linda, this MUST be the final nail in the coffin (excuse this Elvis pun) for all those disbelievers.HALLELUJAH WORLD, this is monumental, incredible and so very very delicious.Please please please tell Jesse for me that despite how this has all come about in a bad way, it’s the best thing that has happenedto his fans and to himself. I hope he gets to know just how much people still love him, even more so now that we understand him being Jesse.Jesse, you always said there was no such thing as coincidence, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.You were happy singing for the album and we are DROP DOWN DEAD DELIGHTED that we can hear you again after all this time.You ain’t lost it that is for sure, goosebumped up to the hilt here, WOW, amazing ………….. SPEECHLESS.Tremendous congratulations Jesse and thank you for recording this album.Linda, things are gonna change now, for the better, just you wait and see. Your years of hard work on the website are going to come to light to many many more people.Warmest regards and a hug for you both.Love Jeanxxx <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>My dear friend Susan writes about the CD:Now, to the nonbelievers and the believers, I say as far as the CD songs Elvis Found Alive.  YES!! A thousand times yes!!! No doubt about it for me. It is 100% Elvis/Jesse singing after August of 77. I know there are many that share my belief about this CD. Thank you Jesse your gift to the world is such a treasure to own Linda dear, please know I don’t walk behind you nor do I walk in front of you. I walk beside you with a happy heart, my friend. You carry the torch of truth about Elvis /Jesse and if some choose to not believe then they are the losers on this magnificent story of the Century. My heartfelt thanks I give you and our sweet Jesse. God bless you both. Your friend always.  Much love and respect, Susan.<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>My wonderful friend, Kay, wrote this about the comments on the CD:Hi Dear Linda…Just read todays post on your site….Everybody is so excited about the Cd….Me TOO!!!!…lol….It is something to celebrate for sure….<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2012Here is a fantastic speech by Bruce Springsteen about Elvis and his mark on people and our world.  Every word that Bruce speaks is the truth.

<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Here is a message which I wrote to an Elvis site which began following me on Twitter.  I am asking that every Elvis fan please pass this on to everyone they know.  I am trying to get the Elvis world to wake up and enjoy his brand new CD just recorded last year. AGAIN, I DO NOT WANT JOEL GILBERT, THE PRODUCER, TO MAKE ONE CENT OFF OF THE DVD AND CD BECAUSE OF THE WAY HE OBTAINED ELVIS/JESSE’S VOICE.  HOWEVER, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THIS EXCITING AND LANDMARK CD INTO THE HANDS OF THE FANS IS ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS.I am Linda Hood Sigmon…friends with Elvis who is now Jesse. Thank you for following me on Twitter.I hope you are aware of and visit my web site

If you have heard the new 15 song CD titled ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, then you do know that my friend of 20 years really is Elvis Presley. If you have not heard this new CD, please do get it. You will be absolutely blown away. It is like it is 1977 again…like the last 34 years never even happened. He is so very fantastic…hasn’t lost a thing.I would appreciate it so very much if you will help me spread the word about this CD.I detest the manner in which this producer tracked Jesse down and made him to feel that he was being blackmailed into lending his voice. Because of this I don’t want to see the producer make a cent off of his DVD nor the wonderful CD. But, unfortunately, that is the only way for the public to purchase it. It is least expensive on at less than $9.00.Please do check this CD out and please do pass the word to every Elvis fan you know. The fans deserve to hear this amazing CD which proves that Elvis is alive and sounding every bit as good as he ever did.Thank you so very much for your time.Sincerely,

Linda Hood Sigmon<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012I spoke with Jesse this afternoon and we had a long and most enjoyable phone visit.He is fine and sounds so good and strong.  I am so very thankful that he is recovering so perfectly from his kidney stone treatment and hospital stay.  He never sounded better. He spoke at length about the silly DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE.  He has watched it and cannot believe how they mangled it so badly.  He does not like, one bit, the person they had sitting in the chair portraying him.  He said that the whole treatment using his voice is just so ridiculous.I showered him with compliments about the CD.  I am just ecstatic with the CD and want every fan to hear it for themselves.  It is the best new album I have heard since Moody Blue in 1977.  He said he was glad to know that he can still sing…it had been so long.  He mentioned again that he does not like the echo on some of the songs.  I do see what he means. He said the musicians were so happy to get to work with him…that they were like little kids.  He did ask me to publish that he still wants to just live out his life in privacy as Jesse.  He has no desire for any public life again.  He has his small group of close friends, and he wants it to stay that way. He said if he could live until age 84 that he will have accomplished his goal of giving his brother, Jesse, 42 years…as Elvis had 42 years.  I told him that if I am still here then, that he better not give up.  I don’t want to be in this world without my husband and Jesse.  The thought scares me to death.So, now that I have asked him if he minds if I really promote the CD and he told me to do what I want to do, I am asking every single person who reads this to please spend the small amount of about $9.00 on, or anywhere else, to get to hear this CD for yourself.  After you hear it, you will want to tell all of your friends about it and they will want to tell all of their friends.I received the following Email from our friend, Rick Thomas and he says they are playing the songs on radio stations where he lives.  So, lets all get out there and call the radio stations and pressure them into playing the songs as well.Here is Rick’s Email to me:LindaThe CD is making a history here in Arizona.  I was flipping through the channels. They are going nuts over saying Elvis has Risen from the Grave. They are playing the songs.  Holy Cow!!  This Reminds me of Eddie and The Cruisers and Eddie Lives Part 2Rick<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Here is another comment about the CD from Elvis72 on our blog:


Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 11:09 PMThe new cd of songs from Elvis is so awesome…..Thank you linda for getting the word out…I can listen to that over and over….just fantastic….he is still the best at what he does, do you know who I am….WOW!!!!! and the Richard Marks song is so cool!!!!!…and Garth brooks who????????…..Hugs Elvis72

<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Becky writes on the blog:


Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 11:03 PM | In reply to Linda Sigmon.@Linda Sigmon: It was delightful to see your reply. I ordered the CD yesterday and can’t wait until it arrives.

I truly enjoy your website. Best wishes to you and of course to Jesse. Send my love to him. God bless.Much love and support


 <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Susan writes on the Messages to Jesse board:


Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 9:27 PMDearest Jesse ,My dear man I am speechless with your gift to the world .My friend for many years now I’ve believed you did not die that August day back in 77. With my belief I have always carried it in my heart that one day you would let the world know you were still here . Jesse dear man by letting us know you did this wonderful song CD you have let the world know Elvis still lives .And oh boy he can still out sing anyone on this planet .I am just amazed with this CD the songs are just so special . Thank You , Thank You dear Jesse You have given much joy to me and Millions of people who love you and Elvis.


My dearest friend, MJ posted the following suggestion on our blog:


Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 4:18 PMJust an idea…Why don’t we try some old fashioned, publicity churning for Jesse? Below, is the contact information for Walmart, mail and phone. Perhaps, hearing from a few, or a few hundred Elvis/Jesse fans might get the ball rolling for Walmart to carry Jesse’s CD. Would it not be fantastic for fans to just walk into Walmart and be able to buy his CD? “Do you have the new CD by Elvis?” A beautiful question to ask 34 years after 8/16/77.

With love,


From the Walmart website:Via mail

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611.By phone

If you’re a customer, call 1-800-WAL-MART (1-800-925-6278).If you’re an investor or analyst, call 479-273-8446.

If you’re a journalist, call 479-273-4314.


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Doris writes on the Messages to Jesse board:


Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 1:18 AMHey Jesse, hope this finds you feelin’ good, sure was great hearing you sing again! Especially love that one called- After Loving You! keep on Rockin”!! love ya!

Here are some more comments posted regarding how much everyone loves the CD:


Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 1:13 PM

Hi, linda and everyone;
Some days ago I wrote something about the CD, but now that you’ve suggested us to do so, I’d like to add something else.
First of all my heartfelt thanks to Jesse for the gift he have given us. Buying an Elvis’s new album is something that I  thought could happen in my dreams. But it seems to be real!!!
I’ve listenerd it over and over for many days and I’ve no doubt that this is Elvis singing.
But don’t think I’m so ingenuous; I have listened Elvis records for more than 30 years. All kind of them: studio records and sessions, live shows, private recordings, interviews…
On the other hand I’ve listened many Elvis soundalikes, and some other ones who pretend to be Elvis. Some of whom are really good, some are almost perfect. But listening to them I can only appreciate the craft of a good actor. You can’t even “dream” you are hearing Elvis. It’s quite frustrating!!!
Listening to the new CD is quite a different experience; I just have the feeling that it’s Elvis. There is nothing that makes me doubt…
I am not trying to convince anyone. I am just telling everyone to listen the CD and think by themselves. No matter what we or they say. Just listen!!!
One more thing to add; I think that a voice can be faked. But it’s impossible to fake a soul. When you listen the CD you feel that it’s Elvis not only because of his voice, but because of the way it shows his feelings.
Just listen “Lisa Marie”, “After loving you”, and “Blue Hawaii”… No one else could sing like that.
To me it’s the definitive proof that Elvis is still with us.
Thank you Linda for sharing all that information with us. If it wasn’t for you I would haven’t even listened the CD, nor thought that it could be some truth behind the “documentary”.
Linda from Chgo
Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 11:25 AM
Hi Linda H.S.I heard the songs on the CD via Youtube…I too don’t like to use my credit card on the internet, but if it comes out in stores, I will buy the CD…I left a message to Jesse and told him that God has left his voice as it was, still the best…All you have to do is listen to know it is Elvis singing…If you say it’s not him, either your hearing or you mind has left you…LOL…People have tried to imitate his voice for years, but no one has ever duplicated it…God Bless
Linda FC


My dearest friend M J phoned Walmart corporate headquarters  to inform them about the CD and ask them to please start carrying it only to learn that they do, indeed, already carry it. 

The representative told her that she could go to and order it and have it delivered to a store near her if her store did not have it in stock.

She was so elated to learn that they not only carry it but is shown as being “by Elvis Presley“…no Jon Burrows, etc. 

This is wonderful news for those who hesitate to use they credit cards on line.  One could go to their local store and ask the manager to start stocking it, and to order it for them I am sure. Thus avoiding having to place the order on line and pay on line.

Also, I would suggest to those who hesitate to use their credit cards on the Internet, that you set up a PayPal account.  PayPal is a most credible service and you only give your credit card information to them and make all of your on line purchases through them (through participating merchants) or you can make payments to anyone on line if they have a PayPal account.  This is totally safe and one only needs to have an Email address to set up a PayPal account.

Below is the link to the Walmart site and below that is the display showing the items and their prices.  They are a little more expensive than but may be a safer alternative to paying on line.

Let’s all remember to call radio stations, TV channels, newspaper journalists, anyone to help spread the word that Elvis has a new CD out.

 As you can see, it does show that it is available in stores.  So, that is very good news.


The great reviews about the CD continue to come in.  I am so happy to say that there has only been ONE negative comment on the CD.  This person does not have enough of the facts to accept the fact that Elvis is still alive as Jesse.

This comment came into our blog page tonight:


Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 7:03 PM

Dear Linda HS,I received my CD today and rushed to play it. I am totally speechless. It is awesome. Words can not describe the joy I felt hearing that “voice”.I have always know Elvis/Jesse was “right here waiting”. Please tell him that it is so wonderful to hear his voice and there will always be a Kentucky Girl that loves him no matter what his name might be!God bless, much love & support!


Kimber Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 2:41 PM

Hello folks, I’m new here and just want to say hello and introduce myself.. My name is Kimber and I’m still taking in all this info on this wonderful site.Lot’s of good stuff here. Very compelling evidence.  Anyway back to my reason for posting here. Just got the new cd and absoutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT. The way he sings is unmistakeable certain words he says and the way he says em’. Are you kidding me? To even try to suggest differnt please. Folks please try to understand this man is not as young as he used to be and I’ve heard people say well my grandmother or grandfather kept their voice well I’d be willing to bet g’ma and g’pa did not have a singing career that kept them burning out their voice on almost a nightly/daily basis, to us it may seem like it came easy to him, however you had to know the strain it must have put on him. All this being said if it’s not exactly the same voice as it was be a little forgiving. I will say Elvis had exellant vibrato don’t get offeded folks I did say had but he is no longer Elvis but Jesse anyway he still carries that vibrato with him not an easy task i’m sure.


Fatin writes about listening to the new CD:

I am now listening to the song “Every Breath You Take” WOW you make every song just simply simply great:

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Every single day
And every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay
I’ll be watching you…..


Well, I have had to think of a whole new word to describe the CD.  It just came to me FANTABULOUS!!!!  I have used up all of the traditional words to describe something immensely exciting and wonderful. LOL


Melanie writes about the CD:


Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 3:31 AM

Hi Jesse. I keep hearing the songs on the CD. You sound great! To me it was freezing cold down my spine. I am glad to hear that you are well. It’s okay that you still want to enjoy your life in peace. It is enough for us fans that we know that you live and you are well.



Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 2:19 AM

Jesse, Honey you’ve still got it. Just listened to your cd and all I can say is WOW… Still powerful and much spirit.. I liked the song choices however I am more of a fan of the older music (gospel).

I have the CD however there is such ridiculousness that comes with the DVD, I don’t think i’ll bother with it. Honey we understand why you had to do what you did and need no explanation, at least your real fans, we love you for you



Submitted on 2012/03/29 at 12:52 AM

Thank you Linda!!!! I am soooo excited about this new CD! I just listened to all the songs and ‘OMG’ It’s just unbelievable! I’m gonna try to write a review as well and share it with everybody I know because this is something the WORLD needs to know…the KING never left, BABY!!!!!
Miroslava Kiss


Our dear friend Lucilia writes:

Lucilia Maria


Submitted on 2012/03/28 at 10:01 PM

Dearest Jesse, You are fantastic!!

As I told you yesterday, today I heard the CD Elvis Found Alive on my new TV. The sound is top quality. For those who still do not believe that is Elvis Presley singing, and I advise to buy a hearing aid or change the sound system! Jesse, how can anyone think that Elvis is not singing. Your voice is unique. Never an imitator could get nuances of voice that only you have.

I had said I had not liked the musical arrangements. I initially heard in my leptop, where the sound is good but not great. Listening in right equipment I reassess my initial judgment. I had not gotten used without the guitar of James Burton, the bass of Jerry Scheff, the rhythm guitar of John Wilkinson, the battery of Ronnie Tutt and piano of Glen Hardin. All of them sensational! I was barely accostumed. See what you did to me! Now I just want to hear top of the line. I will do what? Nothing, except keep listening to Elvis in anyway …

Now you made ​​me a big problem,I can not “unglue me” the CD, for me I would be all day listening to your WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, DIVINE voice!

Jesse, I once again thank you for allowing our dearest Linda pass information about you. You have my eternal gratitude.

I thank God for their existence and the joys that you distribute.

Stay in the peace of the Lord. Until next time.

With love,


Lisa C writes to Jesse on the Message Board about the CD:


Submitted on 2012/03/28 at 9:49 PM

Dear Jesse,

 …I hope you are doing so very well and feeling great after your surgery – enjoying life as you should! I have to tell you that the other day I said to my husband that before I die I wish I could just hear your voice and connect to you once again. You just somewhat granted me that gift with the new CD that we’re all talking about. Jesse, even my close friends can tell you that not one singer past or present – could make me cry with their voice except for one … only one spirit can ever make me react in such a way: your spirit. While I am still waiting to hear the full CD I have in fact listened to the samples that are available (I just managed to get the money to purchase it the other day) – Jesse I cried and couldn’t stop (crying in a good way). Not even the best of Elvis impersonators could do that to me. I knew it was you immediately and I thank you so much. You will always have a beautiful spirit and amazing voice. It’s almost like riding a horse or a bike, once you learn you just can’t forget. I absolutely love listening to the samples – and I know that once I get the full CD I will be listening to it over and over. But I will admit to you that all this time I was actually refusing to listen to it all because I wasn’t sure if it was you or not. However the moment you sent word that it was in fact you, first I felt guilt – but I just didn’t like how those people railroaded you the way they did. How could I trust them after all that? They don’t deserve an ounce of respect or financial gain. And I will always believe that. But I also believe in karma my soul father – what goes around comes around and they will get their day. God never forgets and he always takes care of us (even though sometimes it may not feel that way – especially for me the last while – but I know deep down that he’s with me).



samysam1313 writes about the CD

Submitted on 2012/03/31 at 9:31 AM | In reply to Linda Sigmon.

@Linda Sigmon: Hi Linda and all. Lisa Marie video? Can you provide a link. I’d really love to see it. I looked for other songs from the new CD and only found “Right Here Waiting For You”. To me it’s Elvis. Imitators always mess up somewhere and I’ve listened to this song for hours and can’t find any descrepencies. Elvis’ voice is fantastic even after all these years. Way to go Jesse. You’ve always been my idol and always will be. I plan on getting this CD ASAP. I’ve always been into the same spiritual things you have. Much love and God Bless.


My thanks to Louise.

My response  to Louise:

I suggest that everyone go to YouTube and do a search for the titles of the individual songs and check to see if it is the one from Jesse’s CD. 

There are other pretenders on YouTube imitating Elvis under the name Jon Burrows…steer clear of these.

Also, one can go to itunes and search for Elvis Found Alive and listen to a fairly long sample of each of the songs on the CD.



Submitted on 2012/03/30 at 6:52 PM

Hi Linda, I have let some of my closes friends listen to the cd…They are shocked at what they are hearing…Can you please, please give me your thoughts on what Graceland thinks about this? Could they go up against Walmart?????????…..The greastest talent the world has ever known is your friend…you are very lucky in many many ways….Please give me your thoughts on Graceland and the powers that be , ….light and hugs…..Amazon rocks…and so does walmart…..



I just found another of the songs from the CD on YouTube.  Although I don’t care too much for the song itself, this is one of my favorites from the CD.

This is “Want to Be Startin Somethin”.  It is the longest song on the CD at 6:16 mins. and, to me, it showcases Elvis’s voice and his trademark touches the best.

Please do take time to watch and listen to this “fantabulous” song:



I believe that this wonderful YouTube channel now has all of the songs off of the CD.  I haven’t been able to spend the time to compare his list of songs with the songs on the cover…but I counted enough to believe that if there are any missing, it is just a very few.

Hats off to this dear person for their great job of putting these songs to a wonderful display of photos, etc.

Please don’t miss out on visiting this YouTube channel and get to listen to many of the songs all the way through for FREE.  Then you may purchase the CD if you wish to with full knowledge beforehand.

Here is the link to this amazing channel:




I just received a message on YouTube from the lady whose channel is referenced in the last article above.  She says that she now has all of the songs on the CD available  for viewing and listening.  She did not write this in regard to my site.  I had subscribed to her channel and thanked her for the songs which she had made available.

I extend my heartiest appreciation to her for doing this for all of us.  This way you can hear every song for free before you decide whether you wish to buy the CD or not.

Happy listening to these “fantabulous” songs.



Monday, April 2, 2012

From our Messages to Jesse board by Melanie:

Hi Jesse,
Your fans are still behind you. Linda told you certain that we, your fans are doing everything to make the world know who really sings on the CD.
My husband has an internet radio.

He has now listened to the songs completely. He said that “Elvis”. Now he is building the songs in his hit list. The songs are played repeatedly. The radio is playing around the clock. Our moderators will play the songs in their shows. They will also say something. My husband and I will make it a show next weekend. The program will be announced in advance on the website.
Best whishes

My heartfelt thanks to Melanie and her husband for all they are doing.

Let’s all try to tune in and enjoy this internet radio show…and hear Jesse’s songs.


Printed through this point for Jesse on Monday, April 2, 2012



Continuing about the amazing CD by Jesse, I wish to post an excerpt from our blog page on which my good friend, Susan, wrote her feelings and experiences with the CD.  I thank Susan so very much for posting this for us all to enjoy.

Folks I’m still blown away with Jesse’ gift, I hope this Cd moves into every nation on this earth, not for the all mighty dollar… don’t want to make any of those betrayers rich, but it’s my desire for the world to hear it and they will know Jesse is indeed Elvis Aron Presley. 

Now I want to tell you I put it into our car CD player while we were out the other day.  Now most know my hubby isn’t a believer in Elvis being alive.  Oh he loved Elvis and his music, just not a believer.

Now back to the CD the first two songs played and he seem to be enjoying them a lot.  The third song began to play, I think it’s the Lisa Marie one.  Hubby gives me a funny look and says, I never heard Elvis sing that song before. Well folks, I looked at him and gave him the biggest smile I could give and said to him “he didn’t sing it before 77”.  He just shakes his head and gives me a funny look with that talk. So folks, we have a non believer saying Elvis is singing on this CD. 

I also received some good news from my two long time Elvis friends.  I must say they were non believers that Jesse was Elvis, but they do believe Elvis to be alive.  I gave them both a copy of this CD.  After listening to it on the first play they both contacted me telling me it’s 100% Elvis singing after 77.  Both said no doubt about it’s 100% pure Elvis Presley. Isn’t that great!


The Thought for Today makes me think of the lyrics to the beautiful song by Elvis:

LIFE…”For life is love and love is life.”

I wish much love and light to ALL of my visitors…even those who seek to do me harm.  May God forgive them for they know not what they do.

Think on This…
To live love is to be love. To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father, and as the understanding of the entity is gained in the application of truths gained the consciousness of truth is apparent–for, as has been given, to love is to live love–not the answer of desire or of amorous affection, but is all in one–for love is law, law is love.


Elvis sings Life

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