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SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015

I think everyone will enjoy the YouTube video below.  It is a documentary film focusing on Elvis’ incredible generosity.  There are interviews with so many people who knew Elvis and were the recipients of gifts because of his generous spirit.

200 CADILLACS (Elvis Presley)

Trevor O Sullivan

Published on May 26, 2014

Documentary detailing Elvis extraordinary generosity. Featuring Linda Thompson and tons more people who knew Elvis; Jerry Schilling, Marion Cocke, Myrna Smith et al. included are 200 rare Elvis photos.


I think Jesse will enjoy seeing this also.  


Monday, March23, 2015

As I mentioned earlier when writing about Jesse’s most recent call, there is a fairly recently published book out there which contains some very hurtful lies about me and Jesse.  These are the same old lies which I have come up against time after time…they were started  years ago by two of the nastiest people I have ever encountered in my life.  Mary Smiley and Paul Monroe perpetrated these lies way back in 2001.  Mary Smiley was the chief originator of the lies.  The lies ended up on EIN by way of an interview with Paul Monroe. 

Then a man who is obsessed with the destruction of my web site, my reputation, my truth on this site, and the exposing of Elvis who is Jesse.  This man has gone all over the Internet with his vicious lies.  He does believe that Elvis faked his death, but he cannot, or will not, accept that Jesse is Elvis.  The reason for this is mostly because of  his being jealous of me and my friendship with the man who was Elvis Presley, plus the success of my web site.  He has lied about me on Facebook, his blog page, the petition which he has placed on the Internet to get enough votes to present it to EPE and PP in order to get my web site shut down.  This has been in existence for about a year and a half.  Also on Twitter…and he has made videos about me and Jesse on YouTube.  There is no truth in this man.

This man became associated with Bill Beeny who furnished the supposed Elvis DNA to FOX 8 back in 2002 to be compared to Jesse’s DNA.  This man is basing his campaign against me and Jesse based on the fact that Bill Beeny declared that Jesse is not Elvis based solely upon that one DNA test.  I have always believed that the samples which Beeny furnished are bogus and not really that of Elvis’ 1975 biopsy and the 1977 autopsy.

I want to present today a link to documents which prove that Bill Beeny is a shyster who has an extremely checkered past.  A good friend wrote to tell me that she had lived in the vicinity of Bill Beeny for 30 years.  She went on to say that he was dishonest and had cheated a number of people out of their property.  When she told me this, I asked her if she could find any documentation of the crooked actions of Beeny.  Bless this sweet woman, she furnished me with a link to all manner of records on Beeny and his dishonorable history.  I have always contended that Bill Beeny was a “used car type shyster”…and that IS exactly what  he has exhibited in his professional and private life.  I shall insert below the link which was shared with me so that everyone may read for themselves the real truth about the man whose “Elvis DNA” has been used against Jesse, Dr. Hinton, and me for all these many years.

You see, I was involved in the decision making process of Jesse furnishing his DNA to FOX 8 and I KNEW that the DNA which Jesse sent to them would absolutely match that of Elvis Aron Presley.  It has taken me many years to finally have some proof of the type person that Beeny was/is.  He has carried out some dishonorable and hair brain schemes.  He owned and ran The Elvis Is Alive Museum  which was sold several years ago.  I have been told that the person who bought that museum on Ebay later learned that he had been defrauded by Beeny.  This one account is not documented…though it was told to me by a credible person.

My question has always been:  Why would a legitimate Dr. give away Elvis Presley’s samples to a man off the street of Beeny’s reputation and lack of character?  It never made any sense at all.

Below is the link at which you may see the history of Bill Beeny.  So judge for yourself.!search/profile/person?personId=160516652&targetid=profile

From this link you will see all of the following plus more:

Beeny faced constant legal problems over questionable financial and licensing practices in running his Missouri Youth Ranch and his Denver-area radio station “The Voice of Reason”.  In 1960, accusations of marital infidelity forced Beeny from his position as pastor of the New Testament Baptist Church, which he had founded in a St. Louis storefront five years earlier. Lawsuits over an allegedly fraudulent bond issue to finance his ranch and broadcasting operations soon followed. After his resignation, Beeny….

Bill Beeny Is Refused Broadcasting License,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5-6 March 1971. “Evangelist Says He Resigned as Pastor over ‘Differences,'” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9 April 1961.

As for the supposed Elvis DNA, you will read a lengthy report from EIN (the same EIN which published lies about me and which ultimately caused me to construct my own web site to prove the truth about myself and Jesse).   EIN explained the fatal flaw in Beeny’s Elvis DNA…there is NO chain of custody which would hold up in law.   Beeny has claimed that he has read the entire Elvis autopsy report…which almost has to be a lie.  The reason for this is that the family requested the autopsy which precluded it from being released to anyone without the family’s granting release.

Below is the FOX 8 news report on which Beeny and his so-called Elvis DNA result may be seen…and Beeny’s declaration that Jesse cannot be Elvis.  This is my own video on YouTube.



The above is one piece of the “proof” upon which, the man MM, has spread his lies about me.  He has repeatedly published that Jesse is not Elvis based upon Beeny’s supposed Elvis samples.  MM has extracted just the portion of this report which suits his need to use against Jesse and me.  MM chooses to ignore the second video below which tells a much different story. 

FOX 8 in Cleveland ran quite a few reports based upon their further investigation regarding Jesse.

Below, is another FOX 8 news report which aired in November, 2008.  You will see in this report that Jesse’s DNA DID match that of Elvis’ two first cousins…one on the Presley side and one on the Smith side.  This is documented on my web site by means of the two DNA reports.  No one, on earth, has DNA which could match these two first cousins except Elvis himself.  The only other person who would be able to do this would be Elvis’ cousin, Patsy, whose father was Vester Presley and whose mother was the sister of Gladys.  She is, of course a female, and she most certainly would not be submitting DNA to be tested.


Below you will see photos of Rev. Dale Presley as he progressed later in his life and as you will see, there is absolutely NO resemblance to Jesse’s photo taken in 1994 with his grandson Benjamin.

Please visit this web site for the proof of Jerry Presley’s date of birth…this is Jerry Presley’s web site.  Jerry and his identical twin, Terry,…

Jerry was born in March of 1950 to Rev. and Mrs. Dale Presley. He has a twin brother named Terry…

Below is the absolute proof which I displayed to show that the 1950 black and white photo which MM is parading around claiming as being the man in Jesse’s photo with his grandson, Benjamin, is actually the father of Jerry Presley and that in the 1950 photo Rev. Dale Presley is holding his new twin sons Jerry and Terry.

Even after all the documentation which I have furnished to prove that MM is lying about that 1950 photo, he still persists in displaying that lie on his different Internet locations.

Please follow this link which absolutely proves who the man in the 1950 photo is.  Here you will see many photos of Jerry Presley’s family including the one which MM is circulating while naming me a “fraud”.

Below is a screen capture of this page showing the 1950 photo which MM is showing all over the Internet as being the man in Jesse’s photo.  The MM photo is shown with a yellow outline of it.

Jerry Presley family collage


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A new good friend,Declan, posted the following links on our blog page.  These links furnish us with photos of Jerry Presley’s father in much more recent years than the one in 1950 when he was holding his twin little boys, Jerry and Terry.

You will see in the two photos below which I would guess were taken in the 1970’s and 1990’s…(judging by Jerry’s own age in these photos) absolutely prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that Jesse’s photo is of Jesse himself, WHO IS/WAS ELVIS ARON PRESLEY.  This proves that it is NOT Jerry Presley’s father in Jesse’s 1994 photo.

REV. DALE PRESLEY 1950 – 1970’s – 1990’sJerry Presley's father with twins Jerry and Terry 1950

Rev. Dale Presley in 1950 holding his twin sons, Jerry and Terry.

That is Rev. Dale Presley who is on the back row with his hand on his son’s shoulder.  Seen wearing the blue and white checked shirt.  Now, I ask you…does that man look like Jesse in the photo from 1994?

Jerry Presley and family with his father around the 1970's

Rev. Dale Presley shown above with Jerry and other family members.  3rd man from your right is Rev. Presley (wearing the blue checkered shirt).

Jerry Presley and family with his father around the 1990's

Rev. Dale Presley shown above with Jerry and other family members.  3rd man from your right is Rev. Presley.


I suggest to MM that it would be NO problem, whatsoever, to subpoena Jerry Presley to testify that the photo of Jesse most certainly is NOT the same man shown in the three above photos.

I apologize for rehashing all of this old news again.  But, when I saw in this new book that this author had quoted MM and used his 1950 photo saying that I was outed by MM when he “proved” that my photo is not of Jesse who IS the very same man the world knew as Elvis Aron Presley.

I was absolutely shocked and horrified when I read all of MM’s lies about me quoted verbatim in this book.

The author was quite coarse and rude to me when I first approached him about having used something from my web site in his book.  I tried my level best to refer him to the proof of the truth which I have on my site.  I doubt very seriously that he has taken any time to view the true facts on my site.  He initially referred to my message to him as “nonsense”.  I purchased his book on Kindle so that I could see exactly what he had about me in his book.  Again, I was shocked and horrified to read MM’s verbatim lies about me.  The author simply copied and pasted MM’s garbage into his book.

Below is the image which the author lifted from my web site, without my permission, and the author’s summation based on MM’s crap.

Photo of Jesse, Elvis and Rev. Dale Presley

Copy of quote about me from book

I looked, in depth, into the possibility of launching a law suit against MM back in Dec. 2013.  But decided that it would not be worth my time and money to do so because all I wanted was for MM to remove his lies about me from the Internet.  I do not want any financial compensation at all…and  it is a good thing because MM does not have a proverbial “pot to pee in”. LOL    It is very disconcerting to see someone publish a book using MM’s lies about me in the context of a legitimate book.

I just had to get all of this off my chest.  I am going to just drop the whole thing once more and hopefully not have this crap shoved in my face again.  There will come a day of reckoning for the likes of MM and the author of this ill researched book…vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

I ask my visitors who read all of this one favor:  Should you encounter anyone who is passing around the lies told about me and Jesse, would you please give them the link to this page of my site and ask them to read the truth.  I thank each of you for spending your time looking into the truth which I have presented above.



I love this photo from Scotty Moore’s web site. 

Rehearsing for the last Ed Sullivan show appearance, and with the new cabinet for the EchoSonic (see the page on Studio 50

'Rehearsing for the last Ed Sullivan show appearance, and with the new cabinet for the EchoSonic (see the page on Studio 50'



This is a really good article about the time that Colin Powell met Elvis in Germany.  I thank my good friend, Rigel, for bringing this to my attention.

When Colin Powell Met Sergeant Elvis Presley

Nick Greene

When Colin Powell Met Elvis article

Image credit:  Getty Images

In 1956, a 21-year-old Elvis Presley was drafted into the United States Army. By that time, he had already recorded and released hits like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “Hound Dog,” and was one of the biggest celebrities in the country. Despite being deemed eligible for Special Services, a post that would have had him merely entertain the troops, Elvis opted to serve like a regular soldier (a move that turned out to be a boon for his public image). In the words of this newsreel, “Uncle Sam doesn’t play favorites”:

On March 24, 1958, Elvis officially entered the U.S. Army. His two-year stint took him overseas, and he served in West Germany from October 1, 1958 until March 2, 1960 as a member of the 1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32d Armor, where he was eventually promoted to Sergeant.

It was there, near Giessen, that Colin Powell, the future Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, was serving as a young lieutenant in the 3rd Armored Division. He met Elvis on a wooded road, and recalls running into him to the BBC: “He served his country for two years, I saw him in the field, I ran across him in the woods while he was doing what every other GI does.” He remembers Elvis as being “grimy” and “weary-looking” at the time of their meeting, but still polite and disciplined, saluting Powell and shaking his hand. “He was thought of well enough by his commanders that he was promoted from private to sergeant before,” Powell said. “What impressed me at the time was that instead of seeking celebrity treatment, Elvis had done his two-year hitch, uncomplainingly, as an ordinary GI, even rising to the responsibility of an NCO.”

In his autobiography, Powell mentions that the only time his children “perked up” when listening to his war stories was upon hearing this anecdote about meeting Elvis. “That their father had shaken the King’s hand astonished my kids.”

Powell of course, would stay in the military and rise to the rank of four-star general. Elvis, meanwhile, returned to “normal” civilian life in 1960. “The first thing I have to do,” he said in his first post-Army interview, “is to cut some records. And then after that I have the television show with Frank Sinatra.”



My thanks to Wanda and Maia who shared the following special video with me earlier this week. 

Interlude/Suspicious Minds (“Viva Elvis” Remix)

Elvis 1976 wearing police badge mid section

Elvis 1976 wearing police badge 2nd mid sectionElvis 1976 wearing police badge bottom of image





This is some good news…

Blackwood family returns in ‘16

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2015 1:44 pm

One of the most famous and respected names in the history of the Branson entertainment scene, the Blackwood family, announced they will return to Ozark Mountain Country next year and perform morning shows at the Starlite Theatre.

“The Blackwood Singers gospel music lineage is iconic in American music history.,” said Branson entertainer Billy Dean. “Not only were they inspirational to Elvis Presley but to millions of country music fans, including myself.

“Gospel music is a tradition in Branson, and we are so proud to have that tradition continue at The Starlite Theatre with the Blackwoods Morning Show for 2016.”

The Blackwood name dates back more 75 years, starting with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 1934 with James, Roy, Doyle and Roy’s son R.W. Blackwood, Sr. In 1954, R.W Blackwood Sr., Bill Lyles and Johnny Ogburn died in a plane crash.

J.D. Sumner then joined the Blackwood Brothers Quartet as the bass singer. While he was a teenager, Elvis Presley idolized Sumner’s singing after seeing him perform with the Sunshine Boys.

They became friends and Sumner often spoke of how he used to sneak Presley in to see the Blackwoods sing. The group sang at the funeral of Presley’s mother Gladys. James Blackwood and Sumner’s own group, the Stamps, also sang at Elvis Presley’s funeral.

The Blackwoods were a big part of the Branson music scene for many years with their own show at the Ozark Jubilee Theater. Today, the Blackwood family legacy is carried on today by R.W. Blackwood Jr. and his wife Donna.

For the past 15 years, the Blackwood Singers featuring R.W. Jr. and Donna Blackwood, have performed at the Smoky Mountain Opry Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and last year was their most successful season to date.

“We hate to leave all of our friends,” Donna Blackwood said. “But it is a dream come true to go back home to Branson to be with our family and 11 grandkids.”

The morning show at The Starlite Theatre is set to feature their famous harmonies and many of their biggest hits along with lots of laugher and stories from their 81 year musical history.

In all, the Blackwood Singers have been awarded eight Grammys, 27 Dove Awards, five All-American Music Awards, the Publishers Choice Diamond Award, and the coveted Living Legend Award in Gospel Music. In addition to all the accolades, the family has also performed with the likes of Johnny Cash and June Carter, Dolly Parton, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Roy Rogers, and pop icons such as Frankie Avalon, Cher, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

“Some of the happiest times of my life have been listening to great gospel music, played and sung by R.W. Blackwood, Sr.’s kids,” said Larry Gatlin. “He was one of my very first heroes.”

For tickets, information, and current 2015 show schedules, visit


There is a new video tour of Graceland available on Daily Motion.  I have inserted it below.  This is very well done.

This video was created and posted by  Eden Fallon


SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2015

I enjoyed the following quote of Bruce Springsteen which is posted on Facebook:

Elvis is my religion. But for him, I’d be selling encyclopedias right now!

– Bruce Springsteen

Below is my own video of Bruce Springsteen commenting about Elvis being alive in one of his concerts…of course, he was just joking.  But, it was nice to hear him mention Elvis in this way.

ELVIS IS ALIVE: Bruce Springsteen 2000 says “Elvis Is Alive!!”

Uploaded on Dec 14, 2009



I relate so very much to the following words which were posted on Facebook and which I shared on my own timeline on Facebook.  It is sad for those who do live in denial of the truth about Elvis.  The man and the truth are so wonderful and do bring so much joy to those who take the time to follow through and confirm for themselves all the many facts which I have shared on my site.

Spirit Science's photo.

 Spirit Science


Also, from Facebook…such true words.

After he became famous, he probably wondered just how it was that he had come to be who he was. I don’t think he ever got used to it. This fragile insecurity is evident in all of Elvis’ performances and is part of what makes him endure. People LOVE Elvis. They recognize that he has a certain unaffected sweetness that is quite irresistible.
Frank Gannon. TV Guide, August 16 1997

He still does have that “unaffected sweetness“.


Today I came across a movie still from one of Elvis’ movies in which we can see that there was actually makeup on Elvis’ leg to hide the scar on his leg.  The scar on Elvis’ leg which matches the scar on Jesse’s leg in his 1994 photo with his grandson, Benjamin.  Check this out:

Telefonschmiede Telefonschmiede was with Brett LeSueur. posted on Facebook:

Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scarMovie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scar circle in redMovie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scar circle in red cropped

Below is Jesse’s photo…see scar on leg matching Elvis’:

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia smaller

I extend my thanks again to a dear friend, Lucilia, who first sent to me the above copy of Jesse’s photo with the scar circled in red along with a matching black and white photo of Elvis’ scar circled in red.   Also, my thanks to another friend, Noddy, who later pointed out the scar on Elvis’ leg in a video of his army physical which I show in my still frame capture from the video below:

Scar on Elvis leg close up view

Here is a close up and enlarged view of Jesse’s leg:

Close up of Jesse's Scar on his leg


The following is a statement written by my good friend, Wanda June Hill.  Wanda has asked me to post her statement here on my site and I am very pleased to do so.  My heartfelt thanks as always, Wanda.

LINDA, if you can and will, please put this on your site…and include my name clearly.  I just felt I should say something-
I am tired of hearing people gripe and carry on because he isn’t “available” for comment and they think they own him and his time.  that he OWES them a statement. ?????
I have something I would like to say- to all those people out there who refuse to consider the facts.
They rave about Elvis in every way but the right way; so he was human, like all of us are including the
one’s who keep being in denial.  He gave us his all, for as long as he could; being human he had health
issues; he needed to stop beating his body up entertaining us, his “greedy” fans who wanted to keep
seeing him perform.  He happened to be beautiful of face and form and talented to the point of being
nearly “unbelievably handsome” as many women fans have stated time and again.  And he had charm, talent and personality as well as good looks.  Sure, we wanted him “out there” for us forever…
He was a human being, one of two, and he is the one who survived a difficult birth to grow and become
ELVIS, a name that the world knows, even in countries who do not speak nor understand English.  Nor
have they ever seen him in person…
As a fellow human being, and one who worked hard and had his “profession”, Elvis over worked his body and he ended up paying the price in pain and misery.  He also was battling internal problems since he had a deformity of his intestines, the result of being the surviving twin.  He lived, he became ELVIS and he wanted to give his fans everything he could when he performed.  And then he was gone…said to have died at home in his bathroom.
Unfortunately, his fans cannot fathom that he might have managed to save himself by “dying” and escaping the trap he had made for himself by being such a showman on stage.  He began to age, he had health problems that all humans develop through the aging process. He never wanted to be old and unable to perform in the manner he enjoyed, so he “died” publicly and for all times.  He was the “dead king” and his fans mourned.  They still do.  Some however have decided that since that was not the “truth”…he should come back and face his fans… Why?
He owes them nothing; he gave his all and more when he was out performing for them.  He left his legacy of records and film…he did his job and did it so well, his fans thought they should know everything about him, their “dead” king.
Why they feel that way, I don’t know.  However, I do know that the only one who owns ELVIS is God himself, just as He owns us all, even the non-believers.  Think about it.
I wanted to say that we as human beings need to care more about those who come, give us their life’s blood via their ability to entertain us, give us joy, fun and a sense of happiness when we need it the most…  Why can’t we all accept that they are not “owned by us” but come and do their job for us, because they want to make us happy and give us relief from our daily cares through their hard work and abilities?  ELVIS did that, he surrendered his own needs to give us pleasure and happiness.  We loved him on stage, listened to him on recordings and watched his films and were happy to do so.  But we do not own him, the man behind that image.   If he has managed to find a way to have a life and is still here with us on this planet…that is wonderful!  Who could not agree?
My point is, stop looking for him; let him have his life as he wanted it to be. “I’m just a normal guy, like everyone else, really,”  he would say, and he meant it, lived it and enjoyed it.  And on the side, his job was being ELVIS.  People can’t seem to accept that he needed to be “jus’ a regular guy, goin’ to work ‘n comin’ home when it’s done.
He sure would appreciate it.
wanda june hill
Sat, Mar 28, 2015 9:17 pm


I have created a new page for Current News & Events for the month of April, 2015.

Below is the link to this new page.


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