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Please note that I now have my theme song loaded onto this page.  To play it , please click on the above link which will take you to another page with this title, then click on the very small title of this same name right below the main title.  It will begin to play.  For newcomers to this site, this is Elvis, who is now Jesse, singing this song.


I want to wish every visitor to my site a most blessed and happy Easter.  This is the time to stop and contemplate the eternal nature of our souls and God’s love for each of us…for all of His creatures.














…continuing comments about Jesse’s wonderful CD, ELVIS FOUND ALIVE:

My good friend Tim writes on our blog page:

Tim     G

Submitted on 2012/04/06 at 8:14 PM

Hello Everyone,

I want to comment on the new “Elvis Found Alive” CD.  I consider myself an authority on this portion of this subject for the simple fact, I am a musician with a trained ear and I have been working in this field for the past 36 years and have been making a good living doing it.

When I got the CD when I heard the first song I knew 99.9% sure that it was Elvis for several reasons. Yes it sounds like Elvis but it takes much more then just sounding like Elvis to make me think it is really the Man. This CD has everything I look for when listening to the people that claim they are Elvis that I was never able to hear in the other CDs.

This CD is Elvis throughout Style Wise. It has turns on words that only Elvis did, Never did Ronnie McDowell, Doug Church, John Conter, Jimmy Ellis or any other ETA do these turns. Elvis had a thing where he popped his D’s on certain songs and he does it on this CD on several words.

His timing is Elvis 100%. Elvis always had perfect timing.

I read where it had been voice analyzed, compared to what? Elvis of the 1970′s?  It won’t match the 1970′s due to he is 75 years old, believe me if it had been put out and it sounded like the 1970′s Elvis you could have not made me believe it was Elvis at all.

This is a mid tempo project and it should be, Elvis would not sing like he did in the 1970′s as far as attack goes because of his age. When I was younger I played everything with as much attack as possible.  Now I don’t do that because I feel it different and that is exactly what Elvis did on this project.

I knew it was Elvis from the first song. I called Linda and told her my thoughts and she respected them but said she would not listen to the CD until Jesse told her yes or no if it was him or not. She said I will call you when I find out. She called and said, Tim you were right, it is Jesse singing the songs on the CD.

Believe me you will not fool me on Elvis’s voice, style, or touch. This is Elvis 100% and you can take that to the bank. I personally think it is the finest piece of work I have heard in well, 35 years. Good Job Jesse. You are still the best.



I do, at all times and situations, tell nothing but the truth from day-to-day as events unfold on this site.  I have NEVER knowingly published anything that is not absolutely the truth.  As those who have followed this site on a daily basis know and can affirm regarding the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, I have reported my true opinion and knowledge of this film every single day.

At first I trashed it because I just didn’t believe that it would be Jesse.  I did so without ever seeing it in the very beginning just because of the tabloid title and the topic.

When Jesse originally told me, because I caught him totally off guard and he went into the “deny mode”, that it was not him on the interview, then I really set out on a mission to prove that the film was a total scam and a hoax.

I even displayed a Facebook response to my friend from Celeste Yarnell in which she described the film as a “mockumentary”.  Joe Krein of Elvis Express Radio was writing to me about the DVD at that time and I had joined forces with him to keep the fans from spending their money on the DVD.  Joe even said that he was going to read the message from Ms. Yarnell on his Friday radio show…from the copy which I had emailed to him.  Mr. Krein does not accept that Elvis is alive nor that he is Jesse, but he and I were in total agreement about the DVD…at that point in time.

When Jesse phoned me nine days later and said he had not been able to sleep because he had had to lie to me when I asked him about the film and said that it really is him in the film, I went back and removed all of my negative articles about the DVD and suggested that everyone get a copy so that they might hear the voice of the man with whom I have been close friends since our contact began in 1992.

At some point in all of this activity, I even posted an urgent message on my site advising everyone that there was a copy of the full DVD on YouTube in 10 segments where they could watch the whole thing for FREE.  I suggested that they do so immediately because I felt sure that it would be taken down when Joel Gilbert, the producer, complained.  Some of my visitors were able to view this video at that time.  I have also posted the link to the YouTube video of the trailer to the film in order that everyone may hear Jesse’s speaking voice for FREE.

Jesse had not even seen the “mockumentary” for himself until I bought a second copy of it and sent one copy to our mutual friend in order that he might view it and then send it on to Jesse…which is exactly what he did.

After Jesse actually saw the DVD for himself and was not at all pleased with the manner in which it was done, he wrote a two page handwritten letter voicing how the DVD came into being and his displeasure with the “gentlemen” who they used to portray him and the fact that nothing about the DVD is authentic except his voice.  I have his two page letter displayed on several pages of this site.  Below is the link to a page devoted to this topic on which you may see the letter.

He is aware that someone has supposedly done a voice analysis and that they claim that it is not Elvis’s voice on the DVD.  Jesse says there is something “fishy” about that supposed result and to have been reliable it would have to have been done at Quantico, VA.    I feel that there is something about that DVD or the testing device or the technician doing the test that has given a false reading on the voice on the DVD.

Jesse and I both are not phased one bit by the lies being spread on the Internet about me, my web site and the DVD.  Our truth will stand ’til doomsday.

I have stated REPEATEDLY on this website that I detest the producer, Joel Gilbert, and his tactics in tracking Jesse down and “insisting” that Jesse lend his voice to their recording.  They originally recorded Jesse in silhouette and promised that they would not reveal that he is Jesse now…thus the use of the Jon Burrows name on the DVD and CD.

Because of the hokey manner in which Joel Gilbert used Elvis/Jesse’s voice in his “mockumentary”, which to me is a total farce, I refused to listen to the songs on the ELVIS IS ALIVE CD unless Jesse told me himself that it was he singing.  Which he did tell me after listening to the CD which I sent to him myself.

I did hear the song “Lisa Marie” all the way through when I watched the DVD as it is a part of the DVD.  I thought it sounded like Elvis but I was reluctant to form an opinion because of the embarrassingly stupid manner in which the DVD was produced.  I thought the DVD showed a great disrespect for Elvis/Jesse and his fans.  So, I was afraid that the CD would be in the same vein and maybe not even Jesse’s own singing on it but some impersonator.

I posted, on this site, a link to an itunes site on which everyone could hear a good sample of each song…for FREE.

I have now posted a link to a lady’s YouTube channel on which she has ALL of the songs available for listening for FREE.  So, now no one has to spend a cent to hear Jesse’s beautiful voice singing just as he did as Elvis almost 35 years ago.

I ordered two copies of the CD on Feb. 16th…the Thursday after Jesse called and told me that it really was him on the DVD.  I sent the second copy to Jesse so that he might hear it for the first time too.  I DID NOT open my CD until AFTER Jesse called me and told me that it was really him singing on the CD…which was around a month later after his having told me that it was him on the DVD.

Below is my invoice from Amazon showing when I ordered the two copies of the CD…so everyone can see that I did get my copy long before I ever reported on it that it is Jesse’s voice after he told me so.  I never even opened my own copy of the CD until the day AFTER Jesse called to tell me that it is him singing on the CD.


I stand behind Jesse’s statement, and my own, that it absolutely is the voice of Elvis who is now Jesse, my personal friend, on the CD.

I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in whether Joel Gilbert makes one cent off of the sale of anything relating to Jesse.  I have NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with Joel Gilbert nor anyone else involved in the production and distribution of the DVD and CD.

I don’t know of any way that I can state my position about the DVD and CD any more clearly than I have.

If I have failed to “dot any i” or to “cross any t” above, please do understand that I have typed all of the above strictly from my memory without going back to recheck any dates or facts which I have stated heretofore…except the Amazon order of the CD’s.  I have since bought two more copies of the CD…both of which I have given away to two very dear friends.

As far as all of the things being written about the DVD, the CD, Jesse and myself…I will respond only with the one word as advised to me by Jesse: 


To my attackers, I suggest that they meditate upon today’s Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day:

Think on This…
Take TIME to be patient with those that are in wonderment, yet harken to the voice that calls from within that ye make thine own paths straight that He may come and abide with thee. Know ONLY true light may shine down the STRAIGHT path.

I close my article for today by letting everyone hear Elvis, who is now Jesse, sing this beautiful, meaningful and poignant song from the CD…The Dance:

About the YouTube videos…it comes up with a black screen saying that embedding is disabled and to watch them on YouTube. If you just click on the line where it says Watch On YouTube, it will take you to the video. I am sorry about the confusion.



Once more here is the link to ALL of Jesse’s songs on YouTube:

I LOVE the way this link displays with all of the songs and their photos displayed so you may just go from one display to the next until you have played all 15 songs.

Here is just one more song.  I can’t get enough of these songs!!! 🙂 

Be sure to listen very closely nearing the end of this song for the voice of Elvis as we are so accustomed to hearing him on stage.  Takes me all the way back to 1977…like 34 years never happened.

Every Breath You Take…

About the YouTube videos…it comes up with a black screen saying that embedding is disabled and to watch them on YouTube. If you just click on the line where it says Watch On YouTube, it will take you to the video. I am sorry about the confusion.



I forgot to mention before that, in one of our very recent conversations, Jesse told me that he has made another DVD which is 8 minutes and 35 seconds long which is to be released upon (God forbid) his death.  He says that it will prove everything.  I hope I am not here to witness this…but perhaps some of my visitors will be.


More reactions to the CD from our blog page and Messages to Jesse board:

In response to Tim’s comment posted above:

audleberry says:

April 6, 2012 at 9:48 PM

@Tim G: LOved your blog Tim you are right on, hes still the king , his voice is even richer than ever as we say here in Australia Good on ya , love and blessing to you , great that someone knows what hes talking about , LOve to have you on the blog Audrey xx

Also in response to Tim’s comments:

melinda says:

April 6, 2012 at 11:06 PM

@Tim G: Tim, thank you for your information on the cd. Yes we all agree that its Elvis, and he sounds great.You are right its the best music I’ve heard since 1977. Have a happy Easter. Melinda

Other comments about the CD and Elvis being alive as Jesse:

Melanie writes:

  • Melli7465

    Melli7465 says:

    April 7, 2012 at 7:55 AM

    Hi there!
    On Monday afternoon we have our first program on our Internet radio about Elvis / Jesse. I will perform this mission by myself. It’s my first timeWink. I promote the CD Elvis Found Alive and the book “A Truth About Elvis Aron Presley. And I’m going to play many songs from the CD. I will nothing say which Jesse does not agree.
    Jesse’s letters and Linda have helped me . Smile
    Greetings from Germany

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Melanie for all that she and her husband are doing on their Internet radio to introduce people in their part of the world to Jesse’s beautiful voice and songs as Elvis, himself, sings to this very day.

  • Beth says

    April 5, 2012 at 10:51 PM… I started to believe just what your website says Linda in 1980… And…I thought wouldn’t it be such a blessing for him to live a normal life…to experience everything he couldn’t experience before 77? To not be dragged down by schedules…or trying to meet everyone elses needs…to live life just as everyone else does? I know if I were to walk in his shoes I certainly would. We as fans all miss you and your music Jesse and I realize how could it not be normal for you to miss us. I am thankful for the new CD…as always each and every song touches the heart. Thank you! If you choose to make another…would love to hear your newer version of “Welcome To My World.” Whatever decision you choose to make in the time to come…just know this fan wishes you only the VERY BEST! Many Big Smile Blessings to you and yours!


  • Becky says:

    April 5, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    Dearest Linda HS,

    I play the CD everyday since it’s arrival last week. I am still totally amazed and so happy to hear Elvis/Jesse again. I feel so blessed to have him in my life through you. Please let him know that.

    God bless! Much love and support


Here is my own response to Tim’s comment on the blog page:

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    April 6, 2012 at 9:56 PM(Edit)

    Tim G »

    Hi Tim:

    Thank you so much for your professional opinion of Jesse’s CD. Aside from Jesse telling me that he sang the songs, my ears, heart and mind all know it is him. I am absolutely amazed by his singing on this CD.

    I believe that the only people who won’t admit that it is Elvis singing on this CD are those who have their minds made up that Elvis is dead and could not possibly be singing; or those who know they hear Elvis singing but just won’t admit that they have been wrong for 34 years…many of them in positions of “respect” in the Elvis world and don’t want to lose their status as “experts“. Then there are those who hate me personally and will do every thing they can think of to try to discredit me and my web site.

    I appreciate your friendship so very much, Tim. Thank you for being there for me for years.

    Much love and light,

And from Sean in Ireland comes this beautiful message to Jesse about the CD.

seanpjs93 says:

April 7, 2012 at 2:26 PM (Edit)

I’d like to thank you for every single note you sang and every second of work you did through your life, you gave me and many others years of happiness, this year, 2012, is the ten year anniversary of the first ever album I bought with my own money at 9 years old. It was “Elvis 30 #1 Hits” I have since never stopped and listened to every song of yours I could find, at 19 I’m a lot different to everyone else my age in my music tastes but I dont care, it’s been a great ten years and I’m hoping for a lifetime of the same. When I read on this site about the new CD I decided to give it a go. I was thrilled when I saw “The Dance” on the track list, I immediately listened to it and I was far from disappointed, absolutely 5 star as usual. Good luck with your continued happiness. Thanks again for everything – Seán (Ireland)

Liza writes on our blog page:


Submitted on 2012/04/07 at 8:23 PM | In reply to Linda Sigmon.

@Linda Sigmon: Linda, thanks for your accurate explanation about the facts.
I listened to the songs and for sure it is Elvis singing!!! It is amazing how his voice continues WONDERFUL! But I won’t get the dvd in respect to Jesse and you.
Thanks again Linda, you are soooo… special!!!



Below is a Facebook comment posted by my friend, Bernice, about the CD.  I want to share it with others here.   I am collecting comments from all of my sources and displaying them on this page so that when I print out my news articles for Jesse, he will get to read what people are saying about his fantastic CD.

So, my thanks to Bernice who wrote this to another of my good friends, Lucilia:

Some people don’t believe its him singing, not that they are being mean its just their firm belief it isn’t him, it really doesn’t matter as long as we know, you and I and the people who truly know, you cant mistake the voice at al…l, its like religion, you live what you learn, pet. I have listened to them on YouTube.  The song dance I like and this one right here waiting, but I listen to them all as its been such a long time without him being part of the today charts, its such a refreshing change to have him sing again like this even without the media on his back.


Below is a news headline which I just posted on the front page of this site.  I feel that anyone should realize (and admit) that Jesse is Elvis after they listen to just one song from Jesse’s CD. 

I am thinking that perhaps, now that there is a CD with 14 songs on it sung by Jesse…a fact which is substantiated by his two page letter on this site stating that it is his voice on the DVD (which is the companion to this CD) that everything else I have shared on this web site of over 65 pages and almost 3 years of work has come to a culmination.


Please do take time to listen to this “fantabulous” song:



About this YouTube video…it comes up with a black screen saying that embedding is disabled and to watch them on YouTube. If you just click on the line where it says Watch On YouTube, it will take you to the video. I am sorry about the confusion.




Could they have used the Dick Clark telephone interview from 1959 or 1960 as well as the taped phone conversation between Elvis and Red West from 1976????

Everyone should rest assured that the CD has not been analyzed.  IF the CD is analyzed and the results show anything other than that the voice on the CD is Elvis, then you may certainly rest assured that the results are a fraud.

Remember the old adage “Consider the source”.  Check out the real credentials of the individuals behind any of the supposed “results”.


Now that Jesse’s CD is available for everyone to hear for FREE on YouTube and/or to buy by their own choosing after hearing it first, I feel that my mission to prove that Jesse is Elvis has been completed, I am considering some major changes to this web site.

It will be three years next month since I began my mission to set the record straight about myself , Jesse’s book, and the fact that Elvis is alive and that he is now Jesse.  I feel that I have stated every fact as clearly as possible and have provided all documentation in a most credible and verifiable manner.  It is time for me to consider how much of my prior information on this site is still needed. 

I will be discussing this with Jesse soon and will decide how to proceed.  His safety and well being are my first concern always.  Needless to say, the release of the DVD, albeit a work of fiction created by Joel Gilbert and presented in a “tongue in cheek” fashion still could cause a renewed interest in finding Elvis.

As everyone has witnessed, I have NEVER revealed even a hint of anything that could enable one to actually find Elvis/Jesse.

Your prayers about this decision would certainly be welcomed.


For those who have missed some of the early history, here are videos covering a lot of related topics.  I do want to state, though, that these many years later, I do not agree with nor accept some of the theories presented here.  I know better because of Jesse.

Uploaded by on Feb 29, 2008

The Elvis Files – Part 1


The Elvis Files – Part 2


The Elvis Files – Part 3


The Elvis Files – Part 4


The Elvis Files – Part 5




A very good friend to our site, Melanie, produced this radio show in which she featured Jesse’s new CD as well as his book.  You may listen to her broadcast at the link below.

Melanie is in Germany so the language will be difficult for us in the US to understand, but the songs are universal.

Elvis-Show by Melanie Bradl for



For those who are interested in obtaining a copy of Jesse’s CD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, there is a seller on Ebay who has 3 in stock and is selling them for only $4.99 with $3.00 shipping.  This is by far the cheapest sale price that I have seen anywhere.

Here is the link to this item on Ebay:


I want everyone to remember that Jesse is not at all happy with the portrayal of him on the cover of this CD.  It IS NOT an actual image of him.


Think on This…
As ye mete to others, it comes back to thee. As ye would that others should do to thee, do ye even so to them.

I ask my harshest critics and those who publish lies about me to think on the above Thought for the Day.  What you are doing to yourselves will be far worse than what you are doing to me…when the truth is known.  Be it now in the current lives we are living or in the future which our souls will meet.


A very dear friend sent me a link to the following copy of Jesse’s book for sale by who appears to be Eliza Presley.  I want to share this with everyone as it is a very good example of the type of scams which she has and continues to run to swindle money because she claims to be Elvis’s half sister.  This is just too much to believe!!!!


Items 1 – 1 of 1

Sort By:


Alphabetical: A to Z
Alphabetical: Z to A

Product image

Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words [May 01, 2001] Hinton,

Buy New: $3,500.00

Seller: certaintruths

This is a brand-new copy of this book! It was signed by Elvis’ sister, Eliza Presley in 2010. Several hair strands are taped to the inside front page under her signature. These would have her DNA. You won’t find this anywhere else. This is highly collectible, very unique & the book is long out of print! This is a brand-new copy of this book! It was signed by Elvis’ sister, Eliza Presley in 2010. Several hair strands are taped … »

Seller Rating: Just Launched (Seller Profile)

I have no idea how long this book has been listed on Amazon nor how one could find out anything more about the seller.  But from all outward appearances, I would guess that it is either Eliza herself or someone she has selling it for her.  No one else would have the audacity to try to sell her autograph and two strands of hair for $3,500.00.


Jesse did phone me tonight and we had a good visit.  He is doing OK…except for an upset stomach the last few days.  But, he is feeling better from that…so let’s all say a prayer for this to clear up completely.

We are not going to be making any changes in the web site after all.  So nothing will be changing in any of the things which are in existence on the site.  For this I am very happy. 

I have always told Jesse that if there is ever anything on here that he wants changed, to just tell me and it will be done.  I mail him a print out of all the articles on my Current News and Events pages each week for him to see and to ask him if he wants anything changed.

Jesse did ask me to reiterate once more that he has no intention of resuming a public life of any kind.  He wants to live his life out just as he is as a private person who had a famous brother.  I do hope that everyone will respect his wishes and help me to squelch any rumors which we see started to the contrary. 

Hopefully, the things on the DVD will not take on a life of their own and become believed as actually having been Jesse’s real plans for the future.Once more the statements which he spoke in the DVD were the words of a script written by Joel Gilbert for him to read from a teleprompter.  He says that he would have never said those things otherwise.

Speaking with him is such a blessing to me and I always feel so very blessed to be his friend. 


Sent to Jesse thru this point on Thursday, April 12, 2012


I see on Ebay that someone is already asking an unusually high price for Jesse’s CD.  As people recognize the truth of this CD, I expect we will see people buying them up at the retail price and attempting to resell them for exorbitant prices.  This is what has taken place with Jesse’s book.


This is just an observation and an opinion on my part…

Item image

Elvis Found Alive Various Artists Audio CD

Returns: Accepted within 7 days

Buy It Now


Time left: 14d 23h 31m


SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

Our Thought for the Day….

Think on This…
. . . to express love in thine activities to thy neighbor is the greater service that a soul may give in this mundane sphere.


Here is a link to an article announcing that Donnie Sumner who is J. D. Sumner’s nephew and who sang backup for Elvis is writing a book.  From reading this article, it sounds like it will be a very good book of a very positive nature.

Here is one quote from the interview with Donnie:“I only have good memories and have nothing negative to say about Elvis. He was a true friend.”

‘In the Shadow of Kings:’ Elvis Presley’s backup vocalist releases autobiography

Continue reading on ‘In the Shadow of Kings:’ Elvis Presley’s backup vocalist releases autobiography – National Pop Culture |


Here is a very good article about the musical play “Million Dollar Quartet”…good news for those in the Sacramento area.  We saw this play and I cannot express enough good feelings about it.  Cody Slaughter is absolutely superb as Elvis.

‘Million Dollar Quartet’ opens Tuesday in Sacramento

By Marcus Crowder

By Marcus Crowder The Sacramento Bee

Last modified: 2012-04-15T16:15:34Z

Published: Sunday, Apr. 15, 2012 – 12:00 am | Page 14AANDE

Last Modified: Sunday, Apr. 15, 2012 – 9:15 am


    Jeremy Daniel

    Look for lots of singing from principals in the 1956 gathering in “Million Dollar Quartet.”


    Jeremy Daniel

    Martin Kaye plays Jerry Lee Lewis, left, Cody Slaughter portrays Elvis Presley, and Kelly Lamont plays Dyanne Cash in the national tour of “Million Dollar Quartet,” coming to Sacramento starting Tuesday.

Jeremy Daniel

Look for lots of singing from principals in the 1956 gathering in “Million Dollar Quartet.”

More Information

  • Million Dollar fact box

    The Million Dollar Quartet

    What:This jukebox musical is based on the events of Dec. 4 1956, when Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley got together at Sun Records studio.
    Where: Community Center Theater, 1301 L St. Sacramento
    When:8p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 2 p.m.Thursday, Saturday and April 22
    Information: (916)557-1999



Here is a link to a YouTube video of an interview with Lisa Marie done at the opening of the new exhibit relating to her childhood.  Also, a sit down interview with her on the Elvis channel of Sirius radio.  This is one of the best interviews I have seen with Lisa…she seems happy and relaxed.



I love the song “The Dance” on Jesse’s CD.  Did everyone else love the way he changed a word here and there to make it the story of his leaving us?

Here are the lyrics to the song as they were written.  I have inserted in parenthesis in red script the new words inserted by Elvis/Jesse when he sang this beautiful song…to us his fans.

The Dance lyrics
Songwriters: Arata, Tony;

Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared ‘neath the stars alone (above)
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known that you’d (I’d) ever say goodbye

And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d of had to miss the dance

Holding you I held (had) everything
For a moment wasn’t I a (the) king
But if I’d only known how the king would fall
Hey, who’s to say you know I might have changed it all

And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d of had to miss the dance

Yes, my life is better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d of had to miss the dance



My heartfelt thanks to Miroslava, one of our blog page contributors, who has spent so much time and effort in compiling a wonderful in depth review (on her Elvis blog) about Jesse’s fantastic new CD.  Her understanding and intelligent way of evaluating the new CD will give new insight to all.

It is caring fans like this, who recognize the truth, who make it all worthwhile.


Submitted on 2012/04/15 at 8:23 PM

Hi, Linda!!!!
I just finished writing that review I told you about Elvis’ most recent album. 

First of all, I have no idea why people keep trashing Linda if she’s only been saying what we wanted to hear all along. Elvis is ALIVE! In Linda’s website you’ll find proof and facts that show that Elvis is alive and now lives as his twin brother, Jesse. You don’t have time to read the pages she has full of very important information? Well, just take a listen to Elvis’ most recent album “Elvis Found Alive”. The way this album and DVD were done are not the most appropriate but when you listen to this album you’ll find that it might just be the best you’ve ever heard by the KING…………….




MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

Our Thought for the Day….

Think on This…
That thou art conscious of being aware of life, of its troubles, of its joys, of its sorrows, of its peace, of its fulfillment, should indicate and make aware in thine own consciousness the glory of God, that He is mindful of thee. And, as ye mete to thy brethren day by day, so do ye unto thy Lord and thy God. For, as ye measure unto others, it is measured to thee again.


I just saw that there is a copy of Jesse’s book for sale on Ebay at a fairly reasonable price…not cheap by any means but better than $3,500.00!! LOL

The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words, Donald Hinton, Jesse Garon

The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words, Donald Hinton, Jesse Garon

Item condition:


Time left:

29d 00h (May 15, 201211:00:57 PDT)

US $77.93

Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now

It is priced at a Buy It Now of $77.93 with free shipping.

Here is the link to this Ebay item:


It has come to my attention this afternoon that, in spite of Elvis’s own unmistakable voice on the new CD, lies are being spread as is the normal turn of events when others feel threatened by the truth.

The LIE which I saw this afternoon  on Facebook is that the producer of the DVD and CD offered Jon Cotner $7,000 to do the voice for him.  I DO KNOW who is singing on the CD and we have it in Elvis’s/Jesse’s own handwriting on his two page letter which explains how the DVD and related CD came to exist.

I have no idea who is behind the lies.  But, I do know one thing for certain JON COTNER IS NOT ELVIS and it IS NOT JON COTNER SINGING ON THE CD.   I feel sad for this poor man as he obviously has some sort of health and/or emotional issues which drive him to promote himself at times as being Elvis, then to, at times, refute anyone who believes he is Elvis.

Those who have been regular visitors to my site, will recall that I have exposed the truth about Mr. Cotner before.  I asked Jesse about him and Jesse knew who he is and asked me “What’s he doing now?”  When I explained to Jesse that he is misleading people by, at times, insinuating that he is Elvis, selling CD’s, etc.  Jesse said “The guy is a phony…and he is overstepping his bounds.”

Mr. Cotner’s fans are understandably loyal to him because they do believe he is Elvis…which is very sad.  I have suggested to those of his followers who have come to me in a confrontational manner that they ask him to write a letter in his own handwriting.  This suggestion has never been fulfilled BECAUSE JON COTNER DOES NOT HAVE ELVIS PRESLEY’S HANDWRITING.  He does a fairly good imitation of Elvis’ speaking voice and a fair imitation of Elvis singing.

I once more challenge Mr. Cotner to produce a two page handwritten letter for display to his followers.  Also, Mr. Cotner is challenged to quickly produce tapes of himself singing Every Breath You Take, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, The Dance, and Right Here Waiting,  and I do mean quickly…like overnight.   Not after he has had weeks to perfect his imitation of Jesse singing those songs.

As I said in opening this article, lies are often started when someone reacts out of fear and feels threatened.



A very nice friend on my Facebook account,Tore Johansen, sent me the following display from his research in purchasing Jesse’s CD in Norway.  I thank him so very much for sharing this copy and his kind remarks to me as well.  As you can see below, the artist is shown as being “ELVIS PRESLEY”.

I just noticed that in my reply to him, I failed to say the MP3 downloads are on Amazon.



Think on This…
In the manner, the way ye attend, ye treat or ye hold–in thy mental self–thy brother’s position, or thy neighbor’s or thy friend’s as thy own, that is the manner, the concept ye hold of thy Creator!


My good friend, Ron Collamore, shared this news with me today.  This is just wonderful that they are honoring Elvis at the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Eisenhower photo collage

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Presidential Library and Museum

PO Box 339 · 200 SE 4th Street · Abilene, KS 67410 · 785.263.6700 · 877.RING.IKE


April 18, 2012

amantha Kenner, Communications Director5.263.6764 | 877.RING.IKE

Elvis Film, GI Blues,

Complements Elvis at 21 Exhibit

ABILENE, Kan. – “GI Blues” is the first in a series of films complementing the Elvis at 21 exhibit. The movie will be shown in the Visitors Center Auditorium at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24. The film is free, open to the public and includes free soda and popcorn.

After Elvis Presley got out of the army in 1960, he was instantly ushered into this Paramount movie about an Oklahoma singer who gets out of the army and wants to open a club. Making a potentially lucrative bet that he can seduce a cabaret singer (Juliet Prowse), Elvis instead falls in love.

The Elvis film series also includes the showing of “Love Me Tender” on Thursday, May 10 at 7 p.m. The series wraps up with a “Late Night at the Museum with Elvis” on June 26 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. including a showing of “Elvis 56: In the Beginning,” a reception, and Museum tours.

The Smithsonian traveling exhibit Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer is on display through July 1, 2012. This exhibit was developed collaboratively by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, Govinda Gallery, and the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, and is made possible through the generous support of HISTORY™.

Programs and exhibits at the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home are made possible through private donations to the Eisenhower Foundation. A special thank you to local sponsors including Duckwall-ALCO Stores, Inc., Astra Bank, First Bank Kansas, Pinnacle Bank, Solomon State Bank and UMB Bank. To make a donation to the Eisenhower Foundation, please visit the online donation page at

The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, a nonpartisan federal institution, is part of the Presidential Libraries network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration. Presidential Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience. We preserve and provide access to historical materials, support research, and create interactive programs and exhibits that educate and inspire.

Footnote to the above article: 

How fitting that they have chosen June 26 as the last night of the film series.  I wonder if they know that date is the anniversary of Elvis’s very last public appearance…or maybe it is just a little miracle of synchronicity that it worked out for that date.Either way, that is cool!!



I want to share the following analysis of my site by Norton, a leader in Internet security.  As you will see this site is totally approved by Norton.  Everyone can feel safe in viewing and participating in this site.   This analysis makes me feel very good and I hope it will be comforting to my visitors.

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Sent to Jesse thru here on Thursday, April 19, 2012


FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012

Our Thought for the Day:

Think on This…
Know that it is not all just to live–not all just to be good, but good for something; that ye may fulfill that purpose for which ye have entered this experience.


Those who have been attacking me with LIES since long before I created this web site, have gathered around the man who they believe is going to “expose” me for their false allegations against me…plus a few more tag alongs who have joined them.

In view of this, it would behoove them to look into the criminal record of their new found leader:

He now spends his time attempting to convince the world that he was a victim of government corruption.


For information on the money making scheme which Jon Cotner has going, you may visit his web site where he has many, many, many CD’s for sale. Below is his price list. Anyone who views one of his videos on YouTube will see that they are directed to his web site to spend their money.

Each Bible CD is $22.00 + $7.00 shipping and handling for Priority Mail with delivery confirmation for up to 6 CD’s. Each music CD is $27.00 plus $7.00 shipping and handling with delivery confirmation.

Does anyone think that the real Elvis Presley would be making CD’s and selling them in an offering such as this??

I wonder if Mr. Cotner is reporting all of this income to the IRS??


I am apologetic to my visitors that I have had to post the above two facts.  If they persists in telling lies about me and Jesse, then my only recourse is to tell the truth about them.


SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012

Joel Gilbert 

The producer of the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE DVD and CD

Now that my harshest critics have begun slandering Joel Gilbert (the producer of the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE DVD and CD) along with me, I feel it is only fair that I present some of his professional credentials and background.

I want to say, as an introduction to this material, that Mr. Gilbert’s outstanding record of education, respectability, credibility and devotion to protecting our country do not excuse him in, my eyes, for his tracking Elvis/Jesse down and breaking his word to Elvis/Jesse.  But, at the same time, knowing all of the following about Mr. Gilbert explains to me why Elvis/Jesse trusted him with doing the interview and took him at his word when they shook hands.

I am presenting this material due to the fact that I, and others, have presented only the information about his having produced the  “mockumentary” titled  PAUL McCARTNEY REALLY IS DEAD.  This was ALL that I knew about him until today when I decided to do some research about his education and professional background.  I was surprised by what I found.  Turns out that he is a very respected and credible filmmaker, as well as other work which he does and has done.

I am in absolute total agreement with him where his political views are concerned and I praise him for all he is doing to try to save the America that we have all loved and enjoyed in the past.

Below is the WikiPedia report about him:

Joel Gilbert (from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, born on April 15, 1964) is an American film director, writer, and musician. Through his production company, Highway 61 Entertainment, Gilbert directed and produced five documentary feature films on Bob Dylan’s music and career, including Bob Dylan World Tour 1966: The Home Movies, Bob Dylan 1975-1981: Rolling Thunder and The Gospel Years, and Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years. Gilbert often appears in his films as interviewer, and performs on the film soundtracks.

In 2008, Gilbert began producing political documentaries. The first was Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam (2008), a history of Islamic-Jewish relations from the 7th Century to today.

Gilbert’s next film was Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War for Islamic Revival and Obama’s Politics of Defeat (2010) was featured at the CPAC  (CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTIVIST)  Conference in Washington D.C. and was a winning film at the Hudson Institute Film Festival in New York City on May 31, 2010.

Gilbert has also released spoofs of rock and roll mysteries.

Here is a link to an interview with Mr. Gilbert regarding his views about the topic of the below film:

Ahmadinejad’s Coming War for Islamic Revival
and Obama’s Politics of Defeat
Written and Directed by Joel Gilbert

Gilbert understands the Islamism threat better than anyone.Pay very close attention to this film.

Jerry Doyle, The Jerry Doyle Show


– Featured at CPAC Washington DC
– Hudson Institute Film Festival Winner
– Free Thinking Film Festival

Here are further credentials of Mr. Gilbert.  I have followed through on a number of the credits listed and found them to be highly credible.  He has been featured on the Jerry Doyle Show and The Michael Reagan show (Michael Reagan is the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan).



Gilbert performs in the Bob Dylan Tribute show, “Highway 61 Revisited.” The group has toured in the USA, Ireland, England, and Europe. His bandmates include former Bob Dylan band members Scarlet Rivera (violin), Rob Stoner (bass), John Jackson (guitar) and Winston Watson (drums). Highway 61 Revisited toured California State Prisons in 2004 (“Take No Prisoners Tour”), the USA (Forever Young Tour 2005), Ireland and the United Kingdom in 2006 (“Rolling Thunder Revisited Tour”), and at the opening of the Bob Dylan exhibit at Experience Music Project in Seattle (2005). The band appears at festivals, casinos, night club and theatres in the USA and Canada, while performing at House of Blues venues regularly.


Joel Gilbert is a graduate of the University of London where he studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the London School of Economics (BA 1986). Gilbert has an MBA degree from George Washington University in Washington D.C. (1991). Gilbert is a contributing editor for the popular national security and foreign policy website, and appears as a regular foreign policy consultant on national radio and TV shows, including The Jerry Doyle Show and The Michael Reagan Show.


  • “Bob Dylan Revealed” (2011)

  • Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison (2010)

  • Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War and Obama’s Politics of Defeat (2010)

  • Bob Dylan Never Ending Tour Diaries: Drummer Winston Watson’s Incredible Journey (2009)

  • Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years: Busy Being Born… Again! (2008)

  • Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and The Revolt of Islam (2007)

  • Bob Dylan 1966-1981: The Unauthorized Documentaries (2006 Box Set)

  • Bob Dylan 1975-1981: Rolling Thunder and The Gospel Years (2006)

  • Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974: Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein (2005)

  • Bob Dylan 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies: Through the Camera of Mickey Jones (2003)


  • Low Angels: The Real Story of the Music Business (1995)

  • The Acoustic Bob Dylan, His Music Styles and Guitar Techniques (1991)


  • Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years Soundtrack (2006)

  • Masters of Dylan (2005)

  • The World’s Only Bob Dylan Tribute Band (2001)

External links

So, in closing, I wish to have everyone compare the credentials of Joel Gilbert against the credentials of those who are telling lies and seeking to discredit Mr. Gilbert and myself. 

I have shown some of the credentials of two of the attackers above:

Carman is a federal prison ex-con who attempted to set up a kidnapping with a proposed ransom of $500,000 all documented by the FBI with recorded phone conversations.

Jon Cotner is a shady character who has lived in the shadows for years producing music and videos, etc. as “Mystery Man“, etc. and who has, from time to time, led his “followers” to believe that he is Elvis, only to then deny saying that he is Elvis.  I am in possession of Emails written by Jon Cotner which prove his various lies.

I understand that “they” have probably “generated” Emails supposedly from Mr. Gilbert to Jon Cotner.  I have not seen this myself as of yet.  However, if I do see these Emails, I plan to investigate the origin of the Email address shown for Mr. Gilbert and I feel confident that I can prove that they have created these false Emails in an effort to discredit me, Jesse and Joel Gilbert. 

Once more, I am NOT changing my stance on the release of the DVD nor the silly manner in which it was produced.  I do NOT advise anyone to pay money for this DVD.  However, I absolutely, unequivocally recommend the CD.  I would hate for any true Elvis fan to miss out on hearing his voice taped just last year.  He is positively magnificent in his performance of every song on the CD.

Once more, there is a YouTube channel on which you may listen to every single song from the CD without paying one cent.  I do advise every person who truly loves Elvis to visit and enjoy every word of every song.

Here is the link to this channel:


I have adopted Jesse’s song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ ” as the theme song for my web site.  It seems fitting as he considers me to be his “baby sister” and I do the same for him as my “big brother“.  So, the lyrics to this song certainly do fit the original cause of my site and the many, many LIES against which I have had to fight for the past 3 years of administering this web site.

Somebody’s always tryin’ to start my baby cryin’…”talkin’, squealin’, lyin'”…”you can’t make them hate her, so your tongue becomes a razor“….



Because of renewed attacks against Jesse and myself  by Jon Cotner and others, I feel that it is time that I display a very lengthy Email which he wrote to someone who at that time was a member of his group.  As you will see, this very obviously is NOT a letter written by Elvis who  is now Jesse.  Also, I remind everyone that Elvis who is now Jesse DOES NOT USE THE INTERNET IN ANY MANNER.

You will see that Cotner writes “I have never said that I was Elvis…”  and goes on to say that if it were proven that he IS NOT Elvis, all of his friends would desert him.  Also, you will see that he speaks of Elvis as a whole other person…saying  he “believes he would….” and “in my opinion” referring to Elvis.

I have removed the name of the lady to whom Cotner wrote this very telling Email.  This lady gave me permission to post this Email from Cotner when she originally sent it to me in May, 2011.  I have held off displaying this…but now the time  has come to expose the real Jon Cotner.

You will see that he writes:

“I am gonna make it clear one more time to you and to all. I am not Elvis Presley.”

Also, you will see that he says that he knows things about Elvis: ” I do know things because I was there…”.  This statement correlates perfectly with what Jesse told me about Cotner when I asked him about the things Cotner was/is doing.

Jesse said that he did a service for someone a long time ago.  Then he asked me “What’s he doing now?“.  When I told him about the lies that Cotner is telling, selling CDs, etc., Jesse saidThe guy is a phony and is over stepping his bounds.”  I did ask Jesse’s permission to publish what he said on this site.

  • 16, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    MysteryMan1835: Dear …

    I would very much like for you to send this message that I am about to give you to as many of the people that tell you these stories as you can. This is for you and for them. #1) I never said I was Elvis Presley, however, I have always said and I still say if tomorrow it was proven that I was not Elvis all my friends who love me would desert me in a second. I am not stupid, I believe that with all my heart. I hope I’m wrong but I seriously doubt it. Also, I don’t care whose feelings I hurt with this message because apparently no one cares if they hurt mine. The money from my CD’s belongs to me. Where I choose to give it is my business, If I choose to keep it that’s my business too. Newsflash – Elvis never gave any of his music away. He sold it in the past to make money and I believe he would sell it today to make money if he needed it. Everyone wrongly assumes that Elvis is somewhere floating in money with no problems and no needs. That is really very far from the truth in my opinion, but I will let everyone believe what they like. It seems to me that people will complain about paying 20 bucks for a CD from Jon Cotner, but they will go pay $120.00 per seat to see Shawn Klush or some impersonator. That seems a bit strange to me. I have always said this and I will say it again.

    Whoever I am, I have the right to sell my talent just as much as Shawn Klush or any of the impersonators have the right to sell theirs. If, just if, I was Elvis then I think I have more right than anyone on Earth to sell my music and my voice.  I would really like to know who gave you the info that Tony was receiving all the money. First of all, that is pure BS, but secondly, if it were true, I couldn’t begin to pay Tony back for all the trouble that I helped cause his career in the early days when I didn’t know who he was. I assure you I have all of my teeth, but I almost lost my teeth the day I found out who he was and who his mother was. A lady who was actually very good friends with Elvis. A very decent woman that Elvis thought highly of. Another one of the friends that Elvis had who was female yet not written up in many books. When I realized I had caused that poor woman’s son troubles, that really tore me up inside. After I found out who she was, then everything made sense to me. His voice, some of his physical features that resemble Elvis, it all clicked and finally made sense.

  • *FOOTNOTE BY MYSELF HERE:  As you can see in the above statement he infers that he found out that this young  man is really Elvis’s son.  Take note below where he changes this to him being the son of a friend of Elvis’s.

  • Then I found out doing a little research that he was completely innocent of any wrong doing, and I felt even worse about myself. However,  let me just tell you something – I have tried to help the boy financially. He won’t let me. He is very proud and insists on making it on his own. The only thing I was able to do for him was to buy him a new computer. The money is not going to him, it’s going to someone else that I’m not about to name. However, you can tell all the researchers for me where the money goes is my business, not theirs.

  • Tony deserves a lot more than Shawn Klush or any of the other ETA’s out there considering he is better than all of them. Not that I have anything against Shawn Klush, all I am saying is Shawn doesn’t need anyone’s help, he already has the backing of EPE nad Joe Esposito, why would he need anyone’s help? That’s what I meant when I said the contests are rigged. Tony is just one of many young singers who deserve better than what they’re getting. However, since Tony happens to be a close friend of mine, and the son of a dear friend of Elvis, (*see my above footnote) that is why I promote him when I can to people. He doesn’t ask me to do it, in fact, he gets a little upset when he hears that I’m doing it because he wants to earn things on his own. It just kind of bothers me when people keep saying I’m running a scam. Regardless to who I am, how am I running a scam? I know for a fact most of the people in my room, and most of the people on my board and most of the people who follow me in general on youtube, most everyone of them are also fans of Jimmy Ellis. Now Jimmy Ellis wore a mask, recorded records under the name Orion and absolutely hinted that he was Elvis Presley. Lord knows he probably made a million dollars in his life, and that doesn’t include record sales. Yet I don’t hear a soul saying anything about Jimmy Ellis running a scam, why is that? The fact that I keep my identity a secret, and my family’s identity a secret, does that make me a scam artist?

     You have seen my pictures, everyone has seen my pictures. Do you see black hair, do you see sideburns, do you see Elvis clothing and jewelry? What about my photos makes me a scam artist? Is it because my face resembles Elvis Presley? If a face and a voice make a person a scam artist, then I have to admit I am guilty of all charges. Other than that, I am not guilty of a thing. Unless being nice to everyone and kissing people’s ass who don’t deserve it and trying to please everyone and trying to make everybody happy, if these things are crimes then I am sure guilty.  *****I am gonna make it clear one more time to you and to all. I am not Elvis Presley.****** I am not running any scams. I do know things because I was there, and anytime you people want me to stop saying the things I know, I will be glad to crawl back under my rock and let you people get suckered in by Dr. Hinton and Jesse the joke, and all these other fake wannabes. If that’s what you want, if that’s would make everyone happy, Jon Cotner can just go away and never be heard from again. That’s why I told you to give this message to everyone that needs to hear it. Jon Cotner has feelings too. I am tired of being called a scam artist, and I am not going to take it anymore. Now from now on, if anyone plans to call me a scam artist, tell them to prove it or either be prepared to call every ETA that’s making money off of Elvis name, a scam artist as well.

    Now one last thing, one very important thing. Whoever told you that there are many people logging in 1 account, that is pure BS. I am the only who has used my account. The only thing is people don’t listen to what I say. I have said before and now I’m saying it again. I never, ever use my own PC. I have always had people posting things for me. People that are close to me that I trust. I write the message, they post it. It’s as simple as that. I am not about to allow anyone to see my IP. IP’s can be stolen and even hacked. In fact, I have many traps set up for people who hack IP’s with my messages. We have lots of computers set up with traps to lead people in the wrong direction. So the hackers will really get nowhere if the hack the IP’s of the people I use. I found out just the other day that someone is posting on youtube using one of the IP’s that my family uses. I don’t know if this person is an enemy or not because they told me they were using the IP, but I don’t trust anyone these days – that’s all. Whoever told you Tyler James or anyone else is logging in to Jon Cotner’s account is a total complete liar who knows absolutely nothing. Why do I need Tyler James? I don’t think he sounds like Elvis. If I was going to use a soundalike, it would be T…, not Tyler. Tyler is not in the same league with T…. Tyler as a singer cannot hit the notes and he does not have the sound in his voice that Elvis had the way T… does. Also, I don’t trust Tyler not as far as I can throw him. I trust T… like I would a son. I don’t have any need for a soundalike at this moment. I know people think I’m Elvis Presley so I will just say this – Elvis doesn’t have any need for a soundalike at this time either. However, if he did, it sure would not be Tyler James or any number of other so-called great soundalikes.

    I admit I did record one of the songs on Tony’s CD, I did that for my own self. I just wanted to see what people thought about my singing and that was the only person who sounds enough like me to make it realistic. Doug Church is a wonderful soundalike but I hate to say it, my voice would stand out like a sore thumb on any of his records. Therefore, I could not use him either. In over 30 years or longer of seeing all the soundalikes that came along over the years, I can honestly say the only one who ever sounded like Elvis to my ears was Tony.  That is not to say that a few others were not pretty good. There are some darn good singers out there. I have always been able to tell their voice from Elvis. I know why Tony sounds like Elvis in my own heart I am 100% certain, but even if I was wrong about him I would still say to my ears he is the only one who ever really sounded like Elvis. Talent runs in my family, for example, one of my other boys sounds almost like BJ Thomas. My girls can sing but they don’t really sound like anybody. My only point is if I was gonna use a soundalike, it sure wouldn’t be Tyler James. Tyler in the old days, I’m talking 60’s and 70’s might have done okay as a demo singer for Elvis, but that’s about it. I know that no true Elvis fan would ever be fooled by his voice. If I was Elvis and if I knew the voice that can truly fool someone for whatever reason, Tony would be my first choice and after that, I suppose it would be a young man named Jamie Kelley. He can get Elvis in the early years pretty good but he is not too good on the older stuff. That is the point I’m trying to make.

    Other than that Jimmy Ellis, there has not really been a singer who can capture Elvis’ 70’s style voice, and to be truthful, even Jimmy didn’t really get that close. I mean a true fan can tell him from Elvis in a heartbeat. However, Tony has the power, the tone, the correct pronunciation and the smooth sound that Elvis had. Tony’s only problem is maybe he doesn’t believe in himself enough. Yes, he knows he has talent but he is too busy promoting other singers and not himself enough. It probably wouldn’t hurt him to put on a jumpsuit, but I have to respect his courage not to at this point. I wouldn’t blame him a bit if he did. I wrote all this to say one thing. If anyone deserved the money, Tony sure is one person who deserves it, but he is not the one receiving it so go ahead and put that rumor to rest. I just think it’s crazy when people say Tyler James or anybody else is logging in to my account. As far as I’m concerned, my voice doesn’t change. It’s always the same voice, I just talk a little different sometimes, same way Elvis did. Some phone calls of Elvis you would never believe it was actually him. I guess what I’m trying to say …, I am not trying to promote myself as being Elvis so if I don’t always sound like Elvis that is the reason. I would rather people just think of me as Jon, not Elvis. Look here, I’ve written a book. Something I really hate to do hahaha. However, I just thought that I needed to answer all these crazy allegations. As for poor Tony, the guy hasn’t even shown his face in our group in over a year and the one time he does wham bam, all these rumors start flying again. I mean my Lord, I believe I’ve always said from the beginning that I sound like Tony and Tony sounds like me and we both sound like Elvis. Believe me, it is not such a big thing or a big mystery. We just happen to sound alike. That is why I was reluctant to take a photograph with the young man because I knew when I did all these rumors would start.

    I hope you enjoy this email because this is the last time you will ever see me write at such length about anything. As for TJ saying I am more than one person, I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about. Unless she has me confused again with her friend Tyler James who always goes to chat with two nicknames. I wish I knew how he did, I guess there might be a program or something i don’t know about. However, believe me when I tell you that Aloha from Hawaii and the newguy or any other nickname he chooses to use – Tyler James is the voice behind both of them. There is not an older man or a younger man. There are both just Tyler James. If she can be fooled by his voice, then I really feel sorry for her if she got on the computer with a real soundalike because then she would really be fooled. One last time, no, I have no connection whatsoever to Tyler James or any other Elvis soundalike in the whole world except for Tony. Tony and I became friends a few years back and that is all there is – friendship. As for my forum being satanic, I suppose to give me more details on that one. I can’t imagine why anyone would say my forum is satanic. I mean I teach people to worship God through Jesus Christ His Son and no one else. How does that make me satanic? I would really like to know. As for Elvis and who he worshipped, I do not care because I am not Elvis. I am Jon. Elvis is gone. If people can’t accept me as just Jon, I don’t force them to. They have the free choice to like me or leave me. It’s up to them. Just don’t call me a scam artist and sure not a devil worshipper.

    God Bless,


I apologize to everyone, including the fans of Jon Cotner.  I had hoped that it would never become necessary for me to expose the kind of man that Cotner really is by posting this message written by him under one of his alias’s of  “Mystery Man”.

Here is a link to one of his forums where you may see that this message is really from him.

One person told me that they were unable to access this site, so below is the image of the front page:

As you can see, the photo of him sent with the above message is the same photo of him shown below on his forum site.

In closing, I believe that I have adequately portrayed the character of those who are doing the attacking and those who are being attacked.  The choice is left up to my visitors to choose who they believe.


MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012

This says it all….

and my philosophy…from the wisest of men


So, I keep speaking the truth…

01 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Please note that I now have my theme song loaded onto this page.  To play it , please click on the above link which will take you to another page with this title, then click on the very small title of this same name right below the main title.  It will begin to play.  For newcomers to this site, this is Elvis, who is now Jesse, singing this song.


I spoke with Jesse very briefly recently.  He is doing well and is able to be out and about some now.  I am sorry that there is no message from him for the site this time.  I just want everyone to know that he is doing OK.



It just came to my attention that the woman who fronts for Jon Cotner in his CD selling “business” wrote the following about Jesse’s CD and me on

Below is her comment followed by proof that she is the one taking in the money for Jon Cotner.  Wonder “why” she does not want it revealed that Jon Cotner is a fraud and that Elvis has, himself, proven that he is Jesse on the CD via his voice and the two page handwritten letter which is displayed on my site.  Could it be that she does not want to lose her share of “the take” on Cotner’s scams.

I shall post below a screenshot of this full page post…just in case someone may rush to remove it to destroy the evidence.**

1 week ago

dixilandd posted:

The CD ‘Elvis Found Alive’ which claims to be Elvis Presley alive today (singing as Jon Burrows) is a scam. Linda Hood Sigmon who heads the Jesse Presley scam is now claiming the voice is Jesse, PLEASE Elvis fans, dislike all Jon Burrows ~ Elvis Found Alive videos, let your feelings be known, comment and stand up for our man Elvis, he deserves better than this crap, PLEASE!!! Its not Elvis singing on that CD!

From Cotner’s web site:

We accept Google Checkout and Paypal. Please use the drop down menus below to order. If you wish to pay with a postal money order or have any questions, please email Dixie at for more info.

Here, once more, is the link to Cotner’s site on which the above appears:

As you can see the title of the site is jon cotners bible study.  Even though the title of this site is “bible study”, this is the same site on which he sells his Elvis – flavored CDs.

More of his site’s sales info:

If you wish to mail a Postal money order, the Bible CD’s are $20.00 each, and the music CD’s are $25.00 plus $7.00 shipping and handling (up to 6 CD’s) for Priority Mail with tracking for US orders. Email Dixie at: for the mailing address.

**Here is the YouTube Screenshot:

 As you can see, this woman posted this slander of Jesse and myself one week ago (April 17, it appears).  Also over in the very far right of her channel page, you will see her links to one of Jon Cotner’s sites.  Also, they have set up another web site page built upon lies about me.   A close friend notified  me a few days ago that this is the worst batch of slander she has seen yet about me.  Vicious misrepresentations and LIES.  I have heard that Jon Carman and Jon Cotner are working together with others to spread this filthy pack of lies.

This trash is the reason that I finally chose to publish the facts about Jon Carman’s federal prison sentence and Jon Cotner’s self-incriminating Email within the last several days.

If they continue to spread these lies about me, this web site and Jesse, I shall continue to produce more evidence against everyone involved in this slander against me. 

I have Emails from Jon Carman which  prove that the “facts” he wrote about me on Amazon are a pack of lies.  He has threatened me if I display any of his Emails…but what the hey!!  I also have another of Jon Cotner’s Emails written that same day as the one I displayed above which only further incriminates him.  He need not think that he can say that he did not write the above Email.  I have the original Email in which it was sent to me and I will gladly display that Email in it’s entirety with only the name of the lady who received his Email and who sent it to me removed.

I am sick and tired of the lies about me which continue to be fabricated and spread by pretty much the same crew of people.  I have posted a NOTICE on the front page of this web site that anyone who takes anything from my site and runs to other forums, sites, etc. and distorts it in any way, that I will post their full names and other info. on this site for all to see.  I am certainly prepared to do so.

To refresh everyone’s memory, below is the NOTICE of which I speak.  This has been posted in huge bold print in the headlines of my front page for more than a year.  Everyone has had fair warning.  I shall reduce the size of the type here for space saving reasons.  If any of the perpetrators of the defamation of myself, Jesse and this web site have any trouble reading it, please refer to the original full sized NOTICE on the front page of this site.

I have already, as you have seen, identified Jon Cotner and John Carman.  I have seen in the display of the last 20 visits on the visitors  map that there is a “lady” in Springfield, Missouri who is a party to these activities and has been for a long time, who is visiting my site constantly.  I only see the city and state, of course, and there are many, many people in that city and state.  However, I see that the number of visits for this person goes up in direct relation to what I post on this site…such as recently about Carman and Cotner.  Her full name and location shall be displayed the next time this happens.  She knows that she is unwelcome on this site.  I am aware that she continues to visit my site and then go elsewhere on the Internet misrepresenting me and my site…has been doing this right along on Topix, etc.  Others who are involved in this attack upon me and Jesse shall also face the same action.

The gloves are off.  Fair warning to all would be LIARS.

No one can legitimately disprove one single thing that I have on my site regarding the fact that Elvis is alive and that he is now Jesse who has been my personal friend for 20 years and who has chosen me to be his voice.  They cannot legitimately attack my truth so they are attacking me, the person. 

Below is my year old announcement:


This web site is provided absolutely for FREE of any charges to everyone. There are no charges whatsoever associated with this site: No fees,no tracking, no advertisements of anything for sale, and absolutely NOTHING for sale in the past, the present, nor will there be in the future.

This web site is for information only about the TRUTH that Elvis Presley is alive and I have been in contact with him for the past 19 years. My admonishment to everyone who visits my site is to digest what I am writing and documenting for yourself and make up your own mind whether you believe it or not. If you do not believe my material, please just go your way and don’t come back to look at it any more.

I have never deprived anyone of anything by maintaining this site…except their time which is of their own choosing. That’s why there is a place on the Internet browser to go back where you came from or to enter a new web address to go to next.



Sworn to by me: Linda Hood Sigmon

Please note the following TERMS OF AGREEMENT which I shall expect every visitor to this web site to abide by. This WILL NOT have any effect, whatsoever, on about 95% of my visitors and EVERYONE is still most welcome, as always for FREE as long as they abide by the following terms.



Upon entering this portal, the user agrees to the terms set forth by the owner of this website. The contents of this web site are solely for information and entertainment purposes. The owner of this web site does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the opinions formed by those who read the pages contained on this website, whether in agreement/disagreement of the information contained herein, written or implied.

With respect to content available on this web site, the web site owner makes no guarantee, express or implied and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness of information nor that the information contained herein would not oppose the opinions of others. This website is for information/entertainment only and none of its contents may be used in a commercial, personal or public manner. To do so constitutes the misuse of information and a violation of the terms of agreement. The misuse of information on this website includes but is not exclusive to its use/reference on public websites, chat rooms, message boards or forums, news papers and magazines. The visitor of this web site agrees not to use, refer to, copy, post or discuss its contents in any public manner. Enter this portal ONLY if you agree to the terms outlined above.


10:00 PM FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011


I have clearly posted my restrictions upon the use and discussion of my material from my site. Therefore, as I HAVE made the use of anything on my site out of bounds for anyone… PERIOD!! And have so stated boldly and clearly…





01 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Please note that I now have my theme song loaded onto this page.  To play it , please click on the above link which will take you to another page with this title, then click on the very small title of this same name right below the main title.  It will begin to play.  For newcomers to this site, this is Elvis, who is now Jesse, singing this song.


Here is my first display of one of my attacker’s name and location…

This is Cotner’s money woman as shown above:

Anyone else wish to join my WALL OF SHAME?

 I do apologize to my visitors for the negative content shown for the past few days.  But, I have reached the end of  my patience with those who hide behind fake names and run from one forum to another telling lies about me.  I am sick of those who set up web sites devoted to slandering and defaming me but who do not put their names on these sites.  I am sick of those who do not take the time to even read my site much less peruse the documentation which I present by following through on the links which I provide.  I am sick of those who thrive on gossip and trouble making.  I am sick of those who tell lies about me in order to protect their own money-making.

Jesus himself reached the end of his patience too when he overthrew the tables of the money changers and cursed the fig bush. 

There is a time and a place for righteous indignation…and this is the time and this is the place.

Below is the link to their slanderous site which caused me to retaliate above.  I encourage each visitor to my web site to visit their site and make up you own mind if my 3 years of work and integrity on this web site, which is FREE to everyone, is worthy of your time.


The choice is, as always, left in the hands of my visitors.

FOOTNOTE FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012I have now constructed a page on this site devoted to the content of their web site page.  On this new page, you will see all they have posted to date.  The link to their site is also included on my page.

Below is the title to my new page which also serves as a link to that page.  You will also find a link to their page on my new page.


Here is the link to their actual page:

Does the above link look familiar?  Compare it to Jon Cotner’s own web site:

Also, take note above, on the display of the YouTube comment posted by Cotner’s money woman, that this link to the slanderous page about me is also displayed.  Look at the far right hand side of the display and you will see this above link…right below her link to one of Cotner’s sites.

Cotner and his people can lie all they wish, but he and/or his people are most certainly involved in this attack.

I have not had time to explore to determine if the Emails shown between Cotner’s money woman and Joel Gilbert are legitimate or not.  Perhaps someone else would care to take up that cause.

If those are from Joel Gilbert to Cotner, I have no idea what his purpose was.  I do know only what Jesse has told me and I have reported that here on this site everyday as things unfolded.  There again, I leave it in the hands of my visitors to listen to Jesse’s CD and make up your own mind if it is Elvis’s voice or not. 

My only thought on the Joel Gilbert Emails to Cotner (IF they are real) is that, since they were written in December of 2010, perhaps he had this project in the works and sought out Cotner BEFORE he actually found Elvis/Jesse himself.Jesse said that they had been following him for months so they could have easily found Jesse in 2011.

I shall be printing off the contents of their site for Jesse himself to see as well.  He always wants to be kept abreast of that which is going on…who is doing what.

I shall be leaving this in your hands.  I have had my say…now it is your turn to make up your own minds.

footnote:  I just completed printing off their full site to send to Elvis who is now Jesse and in so doing, I happened to catch the most recent items posted and I see where they have copied things from my article regarding Jon Cotner from a few days ago and posted it on their site in their ongoing attack upon me.  THIS one act proves that it is certainly Jon Cotner and/or his people behind this web page.


One of my good friends on Facebook messaged this to me on there and asked me to copy and paste his thoughts on here.  I thank Alan, from the bottom of my heart.  He is a good man.  He and I don’t agree on everything but we respect each other very much.

No one, has the right to blast, put down, belittle another persons beliefs just because it does not coincide with theirs. Ms. Linda is a respectable lady and holds true to her opinions and beliefs just like we all do. If you do not agree with someone’s opinion then don’t go to their site and step on them. Create your own page and post what you want to. There is plenty of space out in cyberspace to create your own Elvis forum. I have listened to Jesse’s songs (2) of them and I think they are very good. Ms. Linda, Keep on doing what you are doing, don’t let anyone discourage you. Your friend, Alan.


My good friend, Melinda, found this lovely site using Jesse’s song “Lisa Marie” and shared it with me and others on Facebook.  This is a very nice Elvis site:


In response to the web site set up by Jon Cotner and his group, my good friend, Lucilia Maria posted the following on our blog and gave me permission to post it on here for everyone to see.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart…so very much.

Lucilia is from another country and must use a translator to post her messages.  I have taken the liberty of correcting a few words which the translator “misunderstood”.

Lucilia Maria

Submitted on 2012/04/24 at 10:26 PM

Dearest Linda,

I again. It happens that the blood of Italian runs through my veins, when it rises to the head … then I do what I did a few minutes ago. I did not read the whole message, but the blood boiled and I had to write. So I wrote into such a Dixielandd. Below is the message I just post it on Youtube channel. I had to cut paragraphs, it has a character limit.

“First I would like to tell you that I read Jon Cotner’s own statement saying he is not Elvis Presley. Or is he lying? Secondly I hope this post is not deleted. The sweet Ms. Linda Hood Sigmon is a highly responsible person. Her site is true, ethical and respectful to our beloved Elvis Presley, Jesse now. This beloved lady never demanded anything from me and anyone else who attends her site. I communicate almost daily and I believe in everything that is posted there as it is the honest truth. The evidence is all there. And to crown the thesis of my dearest Linda that Elvis is alive arrived unexpectedly (until for Jesse) this wonderful CD. Who just do not believe that Elvis is singing is deaf or has a stereo too bad or broken. But, that is what I told her, what matters is that whoever has love, friendship, gratitude of Elvis/Jesse she is. And to the truth of the facts there is no argument. For who is honest, ethical and true is always in tune with the love of our Heavenly Father.”

Now I go back to the Current News to finish reading.

Sweet Linda, you try not to get nervous. I know it is not easy. I myself could not but take care of yourself, please.

Kiss and be with God.

Your friend,

PS: How can anyone believe this man, Jon Cotner, is Elvis. It should again be hearing problem!


John Carman has Emailed me that he is getting Emails from strangers who are thanking him for “proving” that it is not Elvis’s voice on the DVD.  He says that people are leaving me and coming to him to thank him.  I don’t doubt this as there are many who do hate me for various reasons of feeling threatened by the truth or because of jealousy, etc.

Here is his Email address in case anyone visiting my site wishes to write to him to tell him what you think about his comments about me and Jesse on Amazon where he wrote his so-called “reviews” of the DVD and CD which were more a “review” about me personally than about the DVD and CD.  He claims to have proof through a voice analysis that it is not Elvis’s voice on the DVD.

John Alan Carman at

Below is his full comments about me, Jesse, the DVD and my website which he posted on Amazon…as well as his voice analysis “report”.

I am fully aware that it would be “safer” and easier to just ignore this whole thing and wait for it to go away.  But, that is not my style.  When people publicly lie about me, I stand up for myself.

Don’t forget about the link to the public document above about Mr. Carman going to federal prison for 60 months (5 years) with 3 more years of supervision.  Has he gotten off early????

In case you missed this, here is the link again:

1.0 out of 5 stars Elvis Found Alive by Joel Gabriel is a Fake and Fraud!,March 18, 2012


This review is from: Elvis Found Alive (DVD)

I am former law enforcement with over 25 years experience and worked in the U.S. Secret Service, SDPD,U.S. Mint Police/Treasury, U.S. Customs and Immigration, former Private Investigator and a security consultant now.

I came across this DVD by recommendation of a lady named  (footnote:  I have an Email from Carman telling me about the DVD and asking if I know anything about it.  He sent me this Email on the Friday before Jesse called me on Sunday Feb. 12th and told me that he had been wrong in denying it when I caught him totally off guard because he did not even know that they were going to release it.  Copy of this Email will be displayed below shortly.) Linda Hood Sigmon(“Shuma”) who claims Elvis is alive and under the name “Jesse”(age 78). Elvis also used the name “Jon Burrows” while he was on tour and later as his status as a “special assistant” to the BNDD the forerunner of DEA.(Credentials given to him by President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1972, my former work place in 1974-1977)

I was originally just looking at 50’s music when I came across Linda Sigmon’s website by mistake. I was very interested as all the facts seem to indicate Elvis “may” still be alive, but there are many discrepancies. (What discrepancies are there on my site?)

I have seen this DVD by Joel Gabriel and reviewed all the facts which are interesting but lacking in fact or truth and policies and procedures with regards to FOIA and many other procedures referred to by the alleged “Elvis” in the DVD and producer Joel Gabriel.(He kept getting the producer’s name incorrect)

Ultimately, I talked to people in my former agency at U.S. Secret Service and agents who actually worked on Reagan’s detail DENIED any contacts or photo sessions with Elvis Presley and Reagan during the time of his presidency. (Photo shop was indicated by the agent) Even agents of the association of former Secret service agents denied that Elvis was alive and that the DVD was faked with photos that were photo shopped. (I never thought the photos were actual…anyone could tell they were done as a “prop” only)

I also checked with the White House and Press Corps and they have no record of the photos of Jimmy Carter with Elvis Presley who later asked for special presidential protection which Carter “allegedly denied. (This in itself is inaccurate as the President can order “protection” for any individual he so chooses under Executive Orders. In this Faked DVD, Elvis was denied by Carter claiming he had no authority. This makes it look as if Carter lied and this is not the truth)(Jesse is not in the Witness Protection Program by his own choice.  My 20 years of contact with him proves this.  He has done nothing for which he needs a presidential pardon.  Anyone knows that all of this is just part of the “mockumentary” script.)

There was a statement from Linda Sigmon and “Jesse”(aka Elvis) claiming the DVD was good and to purchase it. Then later claimed the DVD was after all a “FAKE” and apologized for it including the alleged Jesse aka Elvis who claimed he was “extorted into doing this DVD. (also a fake/hoax, otherwise why didn’t he report this to the police or FBI??)(I always said the DVD was not done well and the only reason that I ever suggested anyone getting it was so they could hear Jesse’s voice.  I only did this after Jesse told me that it was him on the DVD.  After Jesse actually saw what Gilbert had done with the DVD, he was very unhappy with the whole thing and said it is “silly” and that the only thing authentic about it is his voice.  He said Gilbert had him reading from a teleprompter and the words were not his own.)

Finally, I decided to ask some people I knew to do a “forensic” voice analysis to prove one way or another if this was really Elvis aka Jesse aka Jon Burrows in Simi Valley. So far the tests derived directly from the DVD “Elvis Found Alive” and compared with other “known” recordings of the real Elvis prove it is a fake(The test resulted on only 56% of the fake voice when you need 80% or better. So it appears to be a very good impersonator’s voice)Further tests are pending now.(See Easy Voice Bio-metrics Below)********
Why are these results not presented in a formal manner on official letterhead?
****EVB FINAL TEST Results: March 29, 2012 BEGIN: The EVB Forensic test results are NOT positive for the alleged Elvis (impersonator)voice on the DVD. Here’s what the EVB forensic technician said: “I ran the test on these new files.”(including the Gail Brewer-Giorgio tape of 1988)
“Sorry, but it’s NOT Elvis in the unknown file in my opinion.”
“I started with 8 known Elvis files – named interview and interview 1, 2, etc up to 7.”
I have one unknown Elvis file.”
“When comparing the unknown to ALL the knowns – the best we get is about a 56% match.”
“When comparing a known to all the other knowns – I get 80% plus match showing it is very likely him – as we know.”
“If I add recordings of my own voice to the list to be tested, I also get about a 55% match of my voice with the unknown Elvis – and I know I’m not Elvis.”
“So, therefore based on the EVB forensics tool, I’d have to say it’s NOT him.” END…

Signed C.C., Audio Forensics Technician,(Why only initials…why not handwritten signature?)

Easy Voice Bio-metrics Technician)****(What are this technicians credentials.  Are his results accepted in courts of law?
Used by Law Enforcement in Forensics)(show proof of this)

For an explanation of the process go to:[…] (why is it left blank)

NOTE: I am still NOT totally convinced of Elvis’s death or that he is still alive. There are plenty of other procedures that could be followed that are not being done. There is too much deception involved in circumstances of Elvis’ death. Why is that? John Carman,

Here is the link to the above Amazon review where he has added more defamatory comments about meas a follow up to this original review.

It is now 4:22 AM and I have been working on this a long time and am very tired.  I may have missed adding footnotes in some of the vital points above.  But I think you get the idea.

Below is a copy of the Email which John Carman sent to me asking me if I knew anything about the DVD and my response telling him that I knew all about it and that the DVD was a scam.  This was  before Jesse called me on Sunday, Feb 12th to tell me that he really was on the DVD.

Carman has demanded that I not display any of his Emails…threatened me with contacting his attorney, etc.  But like I wrote earlier…what the hey!!!

To: LHSig@
Sent: 1/31/2012 7:14:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Elvis Found plus see this video


I just came across this and wondered if you have seen this?

Even if a FOIA request was made, I do NOT think they would reveal an actual address on a current/former federal agent

as WE are protected under the law. (18 USC 111, and 18 USC 1114 ) Past present and any future threats related to our work.

Any comments?

You may need to pass this along to Jesse.

Loyally yours and Jesse’s,

John Carman

Former U.S. Secret Service

As you can see above the very opening statement which he made about me in his Amazon review was a lie.  He wrote telling me that he had just come across the DVD.   I did not tell him about it at all until he found it and wrote to me.

Below is my response to his Email above asking me if I knew anything about the DVD.  As you can see I responded to him on Friday the 10th before Jesse phoned me on Sunday Feb. 12th to tell me that it is him on the DVD.  You will see that I told him it was a scam and that I was posting things about it on my site and I sent him the link to my page where he could view what I had posted about the DVD at that point in time BEFORE Jesse told me that it was him on the DVD.

Below is his Email to me telling me that someone finally sent him the DVD of Elvis…

Below is the end of this letter so you may see his attitude at first after watching the DVD.  He had included a lot of technical information in the body of this Email about government regulations etc.

So, to sum up.  John Carman did NOT buy the DVD because I told him about it.  He came across it on the Internet on his own.  Then, someone sent him a copy.  It was not my fault in any way, shape nor form that he got the DVD.

Footnote:  John Carman has Emailed me saying that he has no connection at all to Jon Cotner…


Again, I apologize to my visitors for having to post all of this proof just to disprove the lies of others.  But, these offenses to me are too great to just label as LIES and let go.  I must defend my honesty and integrity at all times.  It is the very foundation of this web site.



Today would have been Jesse’s mother’s 100th birthday.  I know that she is in his mind and heart today.  My closest friend, M J, wrote the following in honor of her birthday today.


Submitted on 2012/04/25 at 1:17 PM

To honor the lady who gave birth to the baby who one day would be King, on this Anniversary of her 100th Birthday…April 25, 1912-April 25, 2012…

I’ll be in and out of Lowenstein’s Department Store in a minute, you think. I just have to buy mascara. Memphis is warm this early spring day in 1957. Trees budding, flowers blooming. The air even seems a bit humid. When suddenly, you see it. Yes. You have heard all about it. That beautiful pink Cadillac parked at the curb. No doubt about it, you’d know that car anywhere. And, someone’s sitting inside, in the passenger seat. Oh my God, is it? It is her, you think, almost unable to breath. I would so love to just say hello, just to thank her. But could I? I don’t want to intrude. I don’t want to bother her. I just want to thank her, for giving us…him. You have loved him for what seems your whole life, when in reality, it’s just been what, a year? 2? She doesn’t know me from Adam. She’ll think I’m crazy. I probably am. But I just want to thank her…for him. Oh God, please, don’t let her be upset with me. I can’t do this. But now is the time. Just to say hello. To say thank you.

You walk hesitatingly towards the car, unsure of yourself, unsure of what reaction you will get from his Mom. I must be crazy. But… As you draw nearer to the car, to the passenger side door, you realize that she has seen you. She watches you as you approach with a bit of wonderment in her eyes. A bit of a smile crosses her lips as you begin to speak. Your voice is an octave higher than usual, you speak haltingly at first, amazed at yourself that you are actually doing this.

“Mrs. Presley…” Is this your voice coming out of you? You feel a bit lightheaded and your stomach is in knots. But you press on… “Mrs. Presley, I am so sorry to bother you m’am, but I just wanted to stop and say hello and say thank you…” “Why child, why are you thanking me? And what is your name?” “M’am, my name is…Oh my God, what is my name? I’m so sorry m’am. I saw you sitting in the car. I recognized the car, and then you, and I…I just had to say thank you.” “Darlin’ girl, for what? Do I know you?” “No m’am, not at all. I’m just thanking you, for him, for giving us him, your son. We…I…love him so very, very much. He means so much…to everyone. You have raised him up so well. God fearing, respectful, loving…and m’am, he can sing, he can sing. I just had to stop and say thank you.” “You are so welcome, you are so welcome. I always appreciate the fans stopping and talking. Just visiting. Are you alright? You’re crying dear.” “I know m’am. I”m sorry. It…it’s just such an honor to meet you, to speak to you. I am sorry to have disturbed you. I’ll be going now. I just wanted to thank you.” “Wait…please dear, what is your name? You come on by Audubon. I want to see you again.” “M’am?”

For those that did have the pleasure of her company. For those that did know her. For those that only knew her thru the smile of her son, thru his eyes so blue as they remembered another time, another place, and yes, her familiar, loving face. For those that wished they knew her, as they listen to the opening of the hauntingly beautiful “That’s Someone You Never Forget”, as her son sings of someone so pure, so beautiful, now gone. As her son sings the song, the title being his own input into the song, Red West writing the song, with lyrical input from Mrs. Presley’s boy.

For Miz Presley, we thank you. We are all so blessed, so very blessed because of you. You gave us your son, who became our son. Our brother, our father, our dream lover…our son too. We thank you today, this 100th Anniversary of your birth. We thank you everyday. We thank you, and we love you… Happy Birthday…
With love,




A friend who has contacts with many high level individuals…who has been a big help to me in the past, called me this afternoon.  She had Joel Gilbert’s personal Email address which caused her to think that the Email address shown in the Emails which the Cotner group has displayed on their site were perhaps not really those of Joel Gilbert.

So, my friend called Mr. Gilbert today to ask him if he did indeed write those Emails to Jon Cotner.  Mr. Gilbert said that yes, he did send those Emails to Cotner.  But, that was when he very first started to work on his project and long before he knew anything about being able to locate the real Elvis.

Mr. Gilbert says that those Emails were actually written back in Dec. 2008…NOT 2010.  So, it appears that someone has altered the dates on the Emails which Cotner’s people have displayed on their site…

Below is the excerpt from their page leading up to the display of the Emails and where they are lying about me as they do throughout their material.  They are dead set on discrediting me and Jesse and will go to any lengths to do so.  They just will not accept the truth that Elvis is Jesse and that it is the voice of Elvis Presley himself on the project. 

I have been told by two other people that they have done the voice analysis and that it matches…one of them said it was an 85% match.

These people are totally ignorant of Jesse’s situation and have no way of knowing why things have to be done the way they are to protect him.  That is all I am at liberty to say about this whole situation.  

Nothing I say or do will phase the people who set up this web site.  Their minds are closed to the truth and fearful that their favorite “performer“, Jon Cotner, will truly lose his place with his faithful followers when they realize that he really is a fake and a fraud.  They are scrambling to discredit the real Elvis Presley.  Some day the truth will expose them for the dishonorable schemers which they are.

From their site:

“The emails (below), were sent to Jon via his friend Dixie and forwarded to us for inclusion in this article, you can see that Mr Gilbert was keen to pay Jon to do voice-over work for him and you can also see that Jon declined his offer. Now this opens up an interesting question, if Joel Gilbert had hunted down the real Elvis i.e Linda Hood Sigmon’s Jesse, WHY on earth would Mr Gilbert be keen to have Jon Cotner do the voice-over work for him? Why would you ask Jon Cotner who sounds very like Elvis for his help when all the while you had tracked down and found the real Elvis/Jesse ?”

They do not have Cotner’s (via Dixie) reply to this last Email from Joel Gilbert displayed.  Wonder what it said?

This site sickens me to see the lies about myself and so I have not read the whole disgusting pile of garbage.  The link to their page is posted above for those who care to read all of their allegations and misrepresentations.


My very good friend, Tim, who is a very accomplished musician who has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, traveled in the band of a well know artist and now has his own band, called me a few minutes ago to suggest something else of which Cotner may be guilty.

Tim mention the fact that Jon Cotner probably has not contacted the song writers and/or the publishers and gone through the proper channels to get the license to record the songs on his CD’s.  The license fee is about $15.00 per song.

He also should be paying royalties for the songs which he records on the CD’s.  He would have to contact the song writers or publishers who would refer him to the Harry Fox Agency which collects the fees for the songs sold. 

Cotner should be paying  $ .91 cents per 100 copies of each song sold to the song writers.  Example if he sold 1000 CD’s, the songwriters of every song on the CD would be due $91.00.

He can be reported to BMI or ASCAP who will come down on him hard if he is not  going through the above channels and paying the appropriate licensing fee for each song as well as the royalties fees as outlined above.

Since he has so many CD’s for sale, with so many songs on each CD, the above fees would add up to a hefty sum of money.

Also, as I wrote earlier…wonder if he is reporting all of this income to the IRS????


More about John Carman:

Below is the first contact he made with my web site.  I wrote him an email to tell him about the new site as he had posted this on the old site.  I welcomed him to our site and granted his wish to communicate and that I would send copies of his Emails to Jesse…which I did for months.

As you can see, he certainly came to me without explaining about his trial and conviction and sentence to prison for 5 years and 3 more years of supervision.

Submitted on 2011/11/20 at 2:57 PM

Mr. Carman posted his message on our prior web site and I have copied it onto our current message board. I am sure Jesse will find this message of much interest.

I have seen, upon research, that this is a very old photo of him.  He is now 59.

John Carman

Jesse, If you are who I think you are, we need to talk. I am former U.S. Secret Service and protected Presidents Ford and Carter at the White House.(1974-1977 10-30-77) We have many things in common, and I have over 25 tears law enforcement experience that tells me you may need some help? I am a fan of yours, but more along the side of law enforcement. I also worked in narcotics and U.S. Customs to name a few and WE are both life time members of CNOA, and other organizations, I lived in Japan and studied martial arts since I was 15 and obtained my black belt in Judo.I was also tested at the Kodokan in Tokyo. I met a lady named Anne Margaret when she was at Camp Zama where I was at school and she was there for a USO show with Bob Hope. (1969-70)I was 21 years of age when I was in the USSS and stationed in Washington D.C. FMD/WHD I know about the famous visits you had made when you saw Nixon, and later Carter in 1977. I also got many certificates with the various agencies when I later went into U.S. Customs, SDPD, etc… I also have a DEA certificate as well.(After it was BNDD)I used to hear other “agents” tell me about your visit and the special “gift” you gave Nixon. Not many people know about that. I am also a badge collector and I know an expert who is also former U.S. Treasury and has actual copies of your credential. Anyway, long story short, I am convinced of your leaving to protect yourself and others. What you did was the right thing. Even though lot’s of people have suffered over their loss regarding you. I am one of the best there is in my field of work and I have very special expertise and experience to try and help people that really need it and I will assist you in any way I can as I still have my old contacts. It was necessary to make contact out in the “open”. Once the first contact is made, all other public disclosure will be stopped. You or your trusted contact can reach me at:, I will wait for further contact so I can give you a number to call. Some day we will have to do a little “Randori”, Best always John Carman,

As you can see, he certainly has changed his attitude since that first day of contact.He has tried his best to intimidate me into saying that Jesse is not Elvis.  I have told him, ’til I am blue in the face, that I KNOW that Jesse is Elvis and that I would NEVER say that he isn’t.



He wants you, Mr. Gilbert, to know that you are to never attempt to contact him again.

He says that if you have anything else that he is not aware of, you are to contact me, Linda Hood Sigmon, and I shall tell him.  You may message me via the Messages to Jesse page on this site and I will get back to you via your web site.

You are not to release anything else without his prior knowledge.


FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012

My husband and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary today.  We are almost an extinct species.  We married when we were 23 years old, neither of us had been married before, we chose to have no children, and we have lived together continuously for 42 years.   He is my best friend.    It is so sad that so many couples these days don’t really commit to stay together til death do them part.   I could have never been here for Jesse were it not for my husband’s love and support.

I worked straight through the night recently researching and investigating some of those who are currently my harshest critics.  I went without sleep for 38 hours because I worked straight through the night until 6:15 AM Wednesday… then had a full day coming up and didn’t get to bed last night until about 12:30.

I proved that one of my attackers is a liar who was in federal prison.  I proved that the source of my other attacks is Jon Cotner and his followers.  I exposed his character and proved that the web page set up to lie about me and my material was set up by his “money woman” who handles his business by selling his CD’s.  His “business” is threatened by Jesse’s new CD.

That is the first time, in a long time, that I have gone about refuting the lies being told about me.  I had hoped, a long time ago, that if I stood steadfast in my honesty and integrity that the mean-spirited self-serving liars would finally give up and go their merry way to spread garbage about someone else.  I see now that there is nothing which will stop them.

I know that there is nothing in this world that will make people believe in Jesse. Those who have their own agendas which do not encompass Elvis being alive will never admit they are wrong.  I am absolutely convinced that there is nothing he himself could do, even  IF he wanted to reveal himself to the public, which would convince those people.  He has NO desire to do so and I am so thankful for that because I don’t ever want to see him hurt again.

If he were to stand on the steps of Graceland with Lisa and her family at his side, there would still be those people who would say something like “Oh, that’s not him. They are just doing that to get more visitors to come to Graceland.” 

Another friend has suggested that Jesse make a video of himself singing (something I would NEVER ask him to do…I’d die first before I would put that kind of strain on him and cause him the hurt of thinking that a true friend would even suggest such a thing.).  Even if he were to decide to do so, they still would not believe. They would just say something like “No, that’s not him. Just someone made up to look like him…an impersonator.” 

So, Jesse and I are caught in a no win situation. He and I both have gone so far out of our way to give good news to the fans who love him.  And we have both been treated very cruelly.

I fully understand how he must have felt before 1977 when people never let him have a minutes peace. He worked himself almost to death and the critics made unkind remarks about him causing him to think that he was on the verge of being booed off the stage…then he had the burden of that filthy bodyguard book hurting him and breaking his heart. My heart breaks for him when I think of all that he went through.  He said he felt like he was loosing his mind back in 1977. I completely understand how he felt.

There are people who hate me so much…people who do not even know me… who have not ever spoken with me nor exchanged so much as an Email with me…people who would not be satisfied if I shot my computer, burned down my house and shot myself.   To those people, may God forgive you for wasting your life hating me.


FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012

In view of the fact that Jon Cotner’s “crew”, or whoever they are, continue to monitor my web site and copy and paste from this site onto their slanderous and defaming page about me and Jesse.  I have decided to just create a page devoted to them. 

They have “thanked me” for posting Cotner’s site address so that others can visit. Now others can read their trash too.  I shall copy and paste their full SITE on this new page where every visitor to my site may read their “facts” to make up their own mind whether to believe this newly started site or to make up their minds based on my 67+ pages of true facts and documentation which has been in existence for 3 years.

I will, as they say, spend no more of my time going back and forth with them.  They have the right to their site as much as I do to mine.  We shall see if, in three years, they have 67+ pages of documentation and if their site is even still in existence at that time.

I stand behind the truth about Elvis who is Jesse on my site and will until the day I die.

I could care less whether these ignorant fools believe me and Jesse or not.  They deserve their ignorance.  My only concern about their existence is the fact that they may deprive some fan from knowing and enjoying the truth about the man they love. 

Since they do not identify themselves by their own names (cowards!!) and do not allow any comments on their “site”.  I shall try to set this page about their site up to allow comments and, if I am able to do this, I invite every visitor to my site to visit “their page” and respond to them on here.

I shall post the link to “their page” below just as soon as I have it constructed.  Also, I just copied their entire site a few minutes ago…so it will appear “live” on their page here…just so they can’t rush over to change anything before I post it.

I shall also be printing out and sending to Jesse their full web page later today.

UPDATE:  I have just finished construction of the new page as promised above.  Below is the title to that page which also serves as the link to that page.


I was able to set this page up for comments.  Therefore, everyone is invited to “duke it out”  to your hearts content.  Of course, they, too are invited to present themselves on this page and post whatever they wish…PERHAPS THEY WOULD LIKE TO ALSO POST THEIR REAL NAMES…AS THEY ARE SO VERY PROUD OF THEIR SLANDEROUS ATTACK UPON ME AND ELVIS WHO IS NOW JESSE.



Sent to Jesse thru here on Friday, April 27 2012

<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Here are two more items related to the above web site…which was not brought to my attention until tonight.

I present below a YouTube video which someone has made to show Cotner up for the scam that he is.  He at times does everything he can to convince people that he is Elvis and then again states that he is not Elvis.  He is being very cruel to those Elvis fans who want to believe that he is Elvis. 

In this video you will hear Cotner speaking in a PalTalk room pretending to be Elvis at one time and then denying it at another time on a CD.  Those who are familiar with the 1981 taped phone conversation which came out with Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s first book, will recognize that Cotner has memorized at least one of the phrases spoken by Elvis in that tape and repeats them verbatim on this video while he is pretending to be Elvis.

I honestly do not know how anyone can believe this man is Elvis…listen for yourself to his very poor imitation:

Jon I am or Not Elvis.wmv

Please click on “WATCH ON YOUTUBE” to view the video.


Uploaded by on Dec 28, 2010

Jon I am or I’m not Elvis- the tale of a man who can’t make up his mind.
Ok nothing new but He answered a question in an early paltalk room session in the fashion of being Elvis and on a recent bible cd he flatly denied being Elvis Which is it? More important is the difference in the voice from Early Jon to the Latter Bible cd Jon guess he wanted to sound different !!!!! notice no distortion in the early recording also……….no Echo too


The site for which I just set up the page today has stated that there was no way that Joel Gilbert could have contacted Jon Cotner in 2008 because Cotner and “Dixie” did not even know each other back then.  So, they are inferring that I have lied about what Joel Gilbert said about the Emails to Cotner.

Obviously SOMEONE is lying.  But, I can state unequivocally that I am not lying about what I was told.  So, WHOEVER is lying, I am not certain.  It narrows down to either Joel Gilbert or the Cotner crew…in my mind.  I do not doubt for one second the honesty of the lady who told me that she contacted Joel Gilbert.   She  is a friend and has proven herself to me many times as being reliable.




Footnote to the articles and page regarding the attack upon me and my web site…and Jesse himself… which is obviously being operated by Jon Cotner’s followers if not Jon Cotner himself backing it.

These people vehemently deny that they are neither Jon Cotner, nor his followers, nor his “money woman” Dixie…just claiming that they are Elvis fans who are sick of me and Jesse.

So.o.o.o.o, I ask this question, Why are they saying that they “appreciate” me publishing the link to Jon Cotner’s site where they sell his CD’s if they are not somehow connected to him????

Here is their statement:

As seen previously in Linda’s responses to the naysayers of the content within her website, we are awaiting her statement announcing that she will no longer waste her time and energy giving web space to those who continually ‘lie and try to bring her down’, this seems to be her line of defense when it gets a bit awkward retaliating to those such as ourselves who refuse to believe HER lies about Elvis!

Finally, we understand that Jon Cotner has had an unprecedented number of visits to his website after Linda’s inclusion of its address on her website, it is greatly appreciated!

I am willing to fight these unscrupulous cowards til doomsday if that is what the visitors to my site wish to read.  They won’t put their names on their “site” but make ridiculous denials when I show everything to point to the fact that they are certainly no less than “Jon Cotner followers”.  I stand behind every accusation which I have stated toward Jon Cotner and his people.  I have several messages posted to me on YouTube about a year ago by one of the Cotner people which will certainly show how wishy washy his people are.   They are just like Cotner himself, in that they start out attacking me because they believe that Jon Cotner is Elvis and then when I show them proof that he is not, they come back to me saying that they never said that he was Elvis.   This whole crowd has more than one loose screw.

I will state once more as emphatically as I possibly can:


What is so hard to understand about that???????????????????

Are you reading this, AJR in Springfield, MO



The Thought for Today is a beautiful admonition and I do know this to be true…but it is very hard to live by this precept in this world where others slander us and then defame us even more for trying to defend ourselves.  May God help us all…

Think on This…
The body, with its physical condition, would do well to remember that the giving out of the mental attitude toward others, is the same as will be received to itself, and that as these thoughts or vibrations or expressions give out to others, we receive these in return; that if we would bring the best to self and others, we should give of our best to others, see.

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012

Here is another YouTube video showing Elvis boarding the Howard Hughes owned Hughes Airwest plane when leaving Fresno after his two shows there in April 1973.

In this footage, the name of the plane is very, very clearly shown.

I provide this because of the facts I have already provided showing that Elvis was friends with Howard Hughes.  Elvis/Jesse wrote in his book that Howard Hughes was one of the people who helped him to pull off his fake death in August, 1977.

I have also set up a page devoted to  Howard Hughes and Elvis.

Uploaded by on Oct 31, 2011

The raw footage of Elvis departing Fresno Air Terminal on April 26, 1973 the morning after his two back-to-back sold-out shows at the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA.



MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

I am going to post below the two YouTube messages which I received and which I mentioned above regarding the Jon Cotner people so that you may see how wishy washy they are and also the fact that this current seige of criticism from them is nothing new to me.

As you will see this YouTube message was written to me in May, 2011:

Please read carefully to see the inconsistencies expressed:



Good afternoon Linda,

After much thought, I have decided to write to you. I visit your website often and find it very informative. Please understand I send this e-mail with all due respect. It is now bothering me the note you placed on your site that JON COTNER IS NOT ELVIS. PERIOD. Sadly you are mistaken. I understand that you and Elvis who is now Jesse are very close but I think it’s important for you to realize that Jesse doesn’t likely share every facet of his life with you, as much as you may like to argue otherwise. There is alot of disinformation websites out there, and I’ve noticed that some truth gets intertwined with fiction. I am in no way suggesting your site is fiction, I believe you are a woman of integrity and Jesse would not have chosen you had there been no trust. That being said, Jon Cotner is in fact Elvis Presley, there is no doubt in my mind and in many others, and I think it is also important to note that Jon Cotner has NEVER claimed to be Elvis Presley. Jon is a good man and too suggest that there may be some not so flattering things in his past, upsets me as a Christian, you shouldn’t throw stones, as we are all flawed. It would not surprise me that Jesse told you he doen’t use the internet, again, all part of the disinformation. Those of us that KNOW Jon is Elvis/Jesse have done our homework and I have no doubt as too who he is. I also believe that he’s calling the shots now on his own, he is in control, and always has been. You may have been led to believe he has constant watchers, he has and is and will continue to live the life HE HAS CHOSEN for himself. I do believe there have been many bumps in the road, however he is a very intelligent man, and has great faith in the Lord which has helped him through. Linda, I challenge you to buy Jon Cotner/Elvis/Jesse’s/Jon Burrows Bible Study. Because if you know of Mr. Presley’s past he is very much a Christian. On a side note. There have been interviews with Priscilla Presley (look into the one with Larry King) where Priscilla herself was asked what Elvis would be doing if he was still alive, and her words were…. He would probably be involved in some kind of bible study and he might have even recorded a Gospel Album.

Kind regards, mean no disrespect,

Sent to: tcb4eaponefan

block user mark as spam

Reply Reply All Delete


 It is most interesting to see that this lady actually believed that Jon Cotner and Jesse are one and the same (at least at this point) and that Jesse is not telling me everything since my facts do not mesh with those about Jon Cotner.  Also, of interest is that it appears that she is an “insider” in the Cotner activities.

Below is her second message to me after I responded to her first one by suggesting that she get Cotner to write something in his own handwriting to prove that he is Elvis.  I did this, knowing full well that Cotner neither would nor could produce handwriting to match that of Elvis/Jesse. 

Notice how his own “groupies” can’t get their stories straight nor stand firm on what they say.  Notice that I have NEVER wavered one iota about anything I have published regarding the fact that Jesse is Elvis and I NEVER WILL.



Re: Jesse/Elvis

Hi Linda, I am not quite sure how i want to respond to you, as a Christian woman peace, love and
forgiveness are of the utmost importance to me. So I will offer you this response: My dear friend Jon Cotner is aware of our conversations, he’s actually read them, transperency is important when dealing with things of this nature. He has never claimed to be Elvis Presley and never will, I repeat never will. He will not provide a writing sample, why would he? He has nothing to prove to anyone, really he is not claiming anything. Jon enjoys singing and sharing his love of the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, as do I. My opinion is that Jon, is Elvis Presley, but perhaps I am wrong, non-the-less we love him dearly! He brings joy and spiritual enlightenment to our whole family. Our children know him as Uncle Jon. Linda, besides the information you get from Jesse, who is not Elvis Presley, why don’t you do some research via the internet to check some things out on your on. Perhaps that sounds offensive it’s not intended to. Linda, I leave you with this why would you return to an image you worked so hard to get away from, you wouldn’t. Goto youtube and type in as follows: Jon Cotner Gospel Memories “How Great Thou Art”. Just except this for what it is, and let the desire for physical proof go. I garauntee you anyone on the internet claiming to be Elvis Presley Is a Scam! Here is a video attachment You will hear Priscilla being asked by Matt, what Elvis would be like now and what he would be doing, you make your mind up after that. Again, this is just my opinion, perhaps I’m wrong. God Bless, Kimberley
Sent to: tcb4eaponefan

Some of the things she states toward me in the above message are ludicrous…i.e. check out some things on the Internet in addition to what Jesse tells me.  Good grief, woman, have you not read my 67+ pages with links to all sorts of material????

Also, her statement that Jon Cotner “has never claimed to be Elvis and that he never will” is a total falsehood witnessed by anyone who has been in his PalTalk sessions or heard one of his interviews.

Please understand that I am not displaying this to be unkind to this young lady.  I have held off for almost 12 months before displaying either the Jon Cotner Email (shown above) or this lady’s YouTube messages.  I have put up with the Cotner people attacking me and Jesse for years.  All the way back to the Adam Muskiewisz’s  The Truth About Elvis message board, this has gone on.  So, I am finally fed up with it.

I have a  page on my site which I generated to disprove a lie which a man who staunchly supports Jon Cotner had spread about me, Gail Brewer-Giorgio, Jesse, and Jesse’s book years ago.  As you will see, I set this page up in March of 2010…over 2 years ago.  This guy had been spreading incorrect and misleading information for quite some time before I finally constructed this page due to the Email sent by him which I have displayed on that page.

If I recall correctly, his name is Jim Williard (sp ?) who goes by the name of something like JimmytheJam on YouTube.  He was telling lies about me and Jesse on the above mentioned message board and in private Emails to friends of mine.  He even exchanged some messages directly with me when I had a MySpace account.  I closed that account when someone hacked into it and posted things while pretending to be me.  So, therefore, I no longer have Williard’s messages to me.  He tried to prove to me that the photo of Jesse with Benjamin is not real because it was an “old lawnmower”.

Below is an entire page which I constructed in which I disproved that which this Jim guy had written in a rambling Email.  You may read his Email nonsense on that page…link below:


Here is a link to one of JimmyTheJam’s Cotner audios of Cotner doing his Elvis thing in a chat room on PalTalk…and yet they try to say that he does not say that he is Elvis…good grief!!


Uploaded by on Dec 23, 2008

This is a beautiful song sang by Jon on Dec. 3rd 2008.
I Miss You….wow….sorry for the skipping and bad recording, but Paltalk was not working good that night….but its still nice to hear.

Thanks to Jon!!!

Here is a comment written in response to one of JimmyTheJam‘s Cotner videos in which she lies about me…doesn’t sound too very “Christian” here does she?

To 1963rjl:

How many letters has this Jesse wrote to you? Just curious, I have a couple of quick hand written notes from Mr. Cotner ( who never said he was Elvis EVER ) and the writing is quite nice, also very grammatically correct.

You like so many others are in for a very big surprise one day, Linda’s Jesse is not Elvis and never has been, cause it’s a made up story that has gotten carried away.

She’s so deep in this lie, she saves face by continuing it, thats really the truth.



I have one other thought about Joel Gilbert the producer of the DVD and CD writing to Jon Cotner whenever he wrote those two Emails.  Perhaps in his search for the real Elvis, he thought that Cotner was really Elvis at that point in time and this was a part of his tracking down Elvis.  Maybe the reason that Cotner declined was because he didn’t want to expose his real identity and blow his “I am Elvis” charade.

Their current attack upon me is being launched because they are afraid that Jesse’s CD is going to, once and for all, dispel any notions they hold to that Cotner is Elvis.  Fear and greed are ugly taskmasters and drive people to do stupid things.

I have displayed all of the above to show everyone that I am justified in finally just fighting back and naming names.  These people hide behind screen names and “anonymous” and print their spiels of trash about me…which infuriates me as I put my name on every word I write.   I only have the TCB4EAPonefan name on YouTube because I set that up  before I  started my web site.  I know of no way that I can change it to my real name now.  But, my name and my site address are very prominent in the description of each of my videos.  I have nothing to hide from anyone.

Once again, I remind everyone of the following notice on my front page:



This concludes my Cotner “setting the record straight” installment for today. 

I do apologize so much to my visitors that I am taking up time and space with their foolishness, but they have told such a massive amount of lies about me that I feel I have no choice.

I apologize to Jesse too for not being able to just reply to them with the word “LIES”.  I am just not as strong as he is.


A good friend to our site, Jesse and myself has written a very touching song in tribute to Jesse and me.  He has recording himself singing it and has it displayed on YouTube.  I thank him so very much for doing this for us.


Below is Frankie’s introduction and tribute song lyrics.

Published on Apr 26, 2012 by

As all insiders know, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll never really passed away but went into hiding, assuming the name of his stillborn twin, Jesse. The first person to reveal this to me was the late, great singer-songwriter Mr Wally Tax of the Amsterdam band The Outsiders, while it was confirmed years later by one of EP’s brightest flames via e-mail. I improvised the lyrics spontaneously based on the classic 1970s tribute by the English band Mud, “Lonely This Christmas” – so R.I.P. Les Gray, and Long Live Jesse! I would like to dedicate this modest tribute to the courageous and wonderful Ms Linda HS, and to Jesse himself, of course!
For those who feel like strumming and humming along:

Try to imagine a star who’s not the same
And try to imagine a man who’s not to blame
That’s where he’ll be when he left himself
His smile could melt our eyes
What can we do without you
Whose songs may merit the Nobel Prize?

It must be lonesome for Jesse
Without an audience to hold
It must be so lonesome for Jesse
Lonesome and cold …
It’ll be cold, oh so cold
Without any fans to hold
For brave Jesse

Each time I recall
The day when rock ‘n’ roll died
How I would listen
To your em’rald songs ev’ry night
But like a phoenix, you rose again
From the ashes that were a hoax
Despite disbelief and some mayhem
The King of Rock went up in smoke

It must be lonesome for Jesse
Without an audience to hold
It must be so lonesome for Jesse
Lonesome and cold …
It’ll be cold, oh so cold
Without fans to hold
For brave Jesse

[Parlando]: Dear Jesse, remember the night you jammed with Wally at Graceland many years ago — you never suspected the song would be over one day — and he remembered thinking that Rock must’ve been made for your voice, that gold-plated voice caressing the notes with such zest, filling our hearts with such joy … so your come-back means so very, very much to us, even though right now … [CHORUS]
Have a bright summer, dear Jesse, wherever you are! ***

Thank you so very much, Frankie, for writing this for Jesse and me.  How lovely!


Ahhhhh, if only we all could live by this addage…

Think on This…
Thus no wonder confusion comes, unless there is held to the one mighty purpose–Love Divine that so overshadows all else as to be that alone that makes an experience in the earth worth while . . .

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

Here is the link to Jon Cotner’s Facebook page…you will see his profile proves that this is the same Jon Cotner who has been the subject of my articles recently…even though it appears that his photo album has no photos of himself…just lots of Elvis.

Jon B. Cotner

Lives in Nomad, MichiganFrom Memphis, TennesseeBorn on August 16, 1977

I understand that Cotner actually resides in Texas.

He has put out music, etc. for years under the name Mystery Man.

Below is what I just wrote in a message to him on this FaceBook page. I am not naive enough to think that this will cause any change to take place and that I will  hear directly from him…if I hear from anyone, it will probably be from one of his followers.

But, I just want him to  know that I KNOW the truth and that I am not bluffing.!/profile.php?id=100001761458258

18 minutes ago

Linda Sigmon

  • Jon:

    You know that Jesse is Elvis and yet you continue to allow your followers to slander me and my web site. Elvis told me that you did provide a service at one time but that you are now a phony and are overstepping your bounds.

    I am exposing your followers who are attacking me one by one. I KNOW the truth.

    Please call them off as you know that it is really Elvis Presley that I have been friends with since 1992 and that everything on my web site is the truth.

    Don’t even try to bluff me. I am sick and tired of the lies coming from your camp.

    Linda Hood Sigmon