We should all meditate upon the Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day:

Think on This…
The purpose in life, then, is not the gratifying of appetites nor of any selfish desires, but it is that the entity, the soul, may make the earth, where the entity finds its consciousness, a better place in which to live.

Reading 4047-2


Last night on the CBS Evening News, I heard the most wonderful analogy used regarding Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC which he gave the preceding night.  There were some who thought that Mr. Eastwood’s appearance was not appropriate, etc.  They reported that he was only suppose to speak for 5 minutes but went over double that time.  Then the host said “Hey, this is Clint Eastwood!!!  If Elvis is singing and he wants to sing another song, who’s gonna stop him?!

I love the fact that Elvis is very much a part of our current world today.  He is the standard by which many are measured.


Jesse has made many attempts to phone me this week with no success due to the technical problems with his phone.  He did phone me this morning at 4:41 AM.  I was so soundly asleep that I did not get to the phone before he left a message and hung up.  He left a message that he had gotten the phone fixed and that he would call me later.  So, once again, I just want to let everyone know that he is all right.



Elviskingofhearts has another wonderful Elvis video on YouTube.  I loved this beautiful song with so many great photos of Elvis with his fans.

ELVIS PRESLEY (beautiful love song with pics of Elvis and his fans)

Published on Aug 6, 2012 by

Elvis loved his fans and they loved him………….they still do!!!!!!!!!!!

9-4-2017:  This video has been removed from YouTube.


Tonight my friend, Donna B., posted on my Facebook the following web site which may be of interest to those who have enjoyed Larry Geller’s work in the past.  This web site is campaigning for money to fund the making of a film with Larry Geller about his close friendship with Elvis.   They are attempting to raise $100,000.  It appears that their deadline for raising this money is drawing nigh…if I understand the site correctly.

I am not encouraging anyone to give to this fund.  I am simply making this information known for those who may be interested.

The title is to be :  20120720172808-larry_geller_elvis

The Final Reflection

A Unique Perspective on Elvis.

Here is the link to the site:

Here is the link to a YouTube video presented by the producers of this film in which they explain more of the concept involved for the film:


Published on Jul 25, 2012 by


Below is the article from the web site:


Our Project

Elvis – The Last reflection – The Final Word

Larry Geller reunites and rejoins with Elvis on a journey that typifies a classic route from Elvis’ touring days…Traveling from Memphis along Route 66, our excursion into the spiritual myriad that was Elvis’ true journey will begin in Memphis at Graceland – meeting Elvis the Southern Baptist…and conclude on the Western Shore at Lake Shrine (Self Realization Fellowship [SRF]) – bidding a fond farewell to what ultimately became Elvis the Shaman…Mile markers become metaphors for milestones.

Along the tour path Larry will stop at locations both iconic and historically popular for their known associations with Elvis but also less commercially significant destinations. Places where he and Elvis shared pivotal moments in their respective spiritual developments, moments of catalytic change for them both.

With Larry’s unique insights into Elvis’ personal struggles, landmark locations will forever bear new meaning as we are brought to intimate proximity with Elvis’ most emotional experiences. What we once considered to be the place where the bus broke down we will now come to understand as a momentous epiphany that led Elvis further down the path of enlightenment.


Our Creative Vision

We will use media magic to bring Elvis with us on our cross-country tour…Ghostly transparencies of Elvis will ride into the sunset with Larry, laugh with him as he recounts Elvis’ unique humor…we will find Elvis sitting in quiet reflection next to Larry at Lake Shrine and across a table in deep discussion…Elvis will be a presence, veiling the boundaries between the past reality and Larry’s present reflections.

Larry will introduce new perspectives on The King – new viewpoints on his personal, professional and spiritual pursuits and interests.

We will find clarity on many subjects:

  • Elvis’ avant-garde interest in the music stemming from the black communities and how it is indicative of his ability to accept new ideas and exploit free thinking

  • The calamities that led to Larry being ostracized by ‘The Colonel’ and the ensuing atrocities that befell Elvis

  • The shift in Elvis’ reading material and the evolution through destruction of his library

  • Larry’s relationship with the other ‘Memphis Mafia’ or ‘????’ as they called themselves

  • Elvis’ perspective on feature film and how they could change his ability to send his message…


What We Need & What You Get

We are in a race against time; we need to get Larry Geller to Memphis, Tennessee for the candlelight vigil at the Meditation Garden in Graceland by August 15, 2012 where he will begin his Journey of Reflection. We will then document him as he embarks on the following Route 66 -Elvis tour:


  1. Amarillo, Texas: Elvis is trapped in his hotel room surrounded by hundreds of astonished fans. Find out what clever idea gets him out of his room and into the dodge mobile home in one piece.


  1. Norman, Oklahoma: Elvis quickly pulls the mobile home into a vacant lot to the right off the highway and asks Larry to follow him on long walk outside of the bus; little did they know who they would encounter.


  1. Flagstaff, Arizona: Learn how Elvis survived being buried for three days in the snow.


  1. Sacred Hopi Mountains:Elvis takes off running into the desert pointing to the sky. What he sees may have changed his life.


  2. Needles, California: Stranded at the boarder of California and Elvis’ credit cards are useless…what did they do?


  1. Pacific Palisades, California: The Lake Shrine Meditation Garden Elvis found peace in and inspired him to create his own at his home in Memphis.


In order to document this amazing journey and turn this into a documentary film for the world to see, we need to raise $100,000. With this $100,000 we can cover the costs of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production-this includes:


  • Food

  • Travel

  • Lodging

  • Crew

  • Equipment

  • Editing

  • Insurance

  • Festival Entry Fees

  • Music License Fees



Depending on your donations you can receive the following gifts; some of these gifts ONLY donors can receive…that’s right nobody else can receive these gifts unless they are a donor. These gifts include:


  • DVD Box Set- this includes behind the scene footage and other bonus features.

  • Elvis Photo Reprint

  • Commemorative Route 66 pins, there are (6) pins, each pin represents a stop that Larry made on this Journey (see locations above). DONORS ONLY

  • Signed copy of Larry’s book “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden”

  • Limited edition copy of Larry’s 1972 Magazine ‘New Age Voice”. Elvis loved this magazine so much, he asked for 100 copies to give away and also permission to use the name for his back-up group.

  • Opportunity to appear in the documentary

  • Opportunity to receive a film credit and see your name on the big (or little) screen

  • Invitation to the Wrap party


The Impact

Any and all donations will help Larry Geller and our team of filmmakers create a one-of-a-kind experience for Elvis fans and anyone else who loves untold stories about Great American Icons, like the one and only Elvis Presley.

Other Ways You Can Help

Through this page, you can also help get the word out and make some noise about the “Elvis – The Last reflection – The Final Word” fundraising campaign. Simply use the share tools to post it on facebook, tweet about it, or email this link to any and everyone you think would want to be a part of this filmmaking process.



Created By:

Help make it happen for Long Live The King! Contribute to

The Final Reflection


Raised of $100,000 Goal

51 hours left

Flexible Funding campaign

This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by Thu Sep 06 at 11:59PM PT.


I must make it clear that Jesse and I have not discussed this project at all.  I did not know the full details until just tonight.  So, that being said, I do not know if Jesse will approve of this film being produced or not.

Also, while proofreading my article, I saw that they had needed to raise the money by August 15, 2012 before Larry visited in Memphis for the 35th Anniversary Tribute week.  I have heard that Larry was in Memphis so perhaps that means that they are going forward with this project.  I apologize for being vague about the dates…just don’t know anything other than what is on the site.



Below is an excerpt from an interview done with Charlie Daniels whose song Elvis recorded.  This was the first big thing that happened in Mr. Daniels’ career.  I enjoyed reading this and hope you will too.

from:  September 3, 2012

Charlie Daniels Band closes out Tuesday series

By Thom Jennings Niagara GazetteThe Niagara Gazette

Daniels also spoke at length about his first big break in the music business, a song that he co-wrote with Bob Johnston, who wrote songs for Hill and Range, the parent company that handled Elvis Presley’s two music ventures, Elvis Presley Music and Gladys Music.

Presley heard the demo of the song “It Hurts Me,” recorded his own version, and the rest is history.

“It was the first significant thing that happened to me in the music business. It was awesome. Elvis was the biggest thing going. It was supposed to be a b-side, (for those too young to remember 45 rpm records, that was the song on the opposite side of the single) but back then people listened to everything he recorded. The way it felt to me was like somebody handed you an incredible prize that you didn’t know you were in the running for, it was something you couldn’t imagine,” he recalled.


I want to share a very special and rare photo of Elvis which was shared by one of my friends on FaceBook.  I have never seen this photo before.  It is so very endearing to see.












Obviously, this photo was taken during the filming of Loving You in which Gladys was shown seated in the audience.


I love the notation which Elvis wrote in his Bible as shown in the article below.

Interesting: One of the handwritten messages in the 1600 page bible is pictured

Interesting: One of the handwritten messages in the 1600 page bible is pictured

Read more:
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Elvis Presley grew up attending a fundamental, evangelical church. The small wooden structure was built and co-pastored by his great uncle Gains Mansell, and from a young age, Presley attended the rural church with his parents. He was baptized around the age of 9. From a young age, he learned about faith and the infallibility of the Bible from his mother and the church.

Gospel music influence

View slideshow:Elvis Memorabilia

Presley’s family lived in poverty, but they were a musical family. They sang at home, and he sang in church. Little did that choir realize they had a future star in their midst. Elvis enjoyed singing gospel music and it influenced his singing style.

“Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music. That music became such a part of my life it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape from the problems. And my way of release.”Elvis Presley 1977

While Elvis is best known for rock and roll, he also recorded gospel music, and even after he became famous, he often played gospel music with other musicians. His first gospel album was released in 1957, and the last gospel album came out just two years before his death.

Presley’s personal Bible study notes

Elvis Presley is a music icon who died a tragic death too young. Items he owned are extremely collectible and next month in Greater Manchester some of his belongings are going to be auctioned, including Elvis Presley’s Bible which is expected to go for as much as £25,000.

This personal Bible was given to Presley by his Uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes, in 1957, on his first Christmas at Graceland. This is the Bible he used for the rest of his life. It’s well used, and holds treasures untold with handwritten notes, annotations, and underlining. One verse he had underlined is rather poignant:

For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away? (Luke 9:25 KJV)

One of his personal notes reads:

“To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave.”

Elvis Presley’s Bible for sale in September

Elvis Presley touched the lives of millions with his music. This personal Bible is a window into the spiritual life of this man. Notes and underling reveal time spent in Bible study; a different kind of legacy. The Bible goes up for sale at Omega Auctions in Stockport on September 8. The Bible is just part of an Elvis collection that hasn’t been previously available.


There is a new film coming out which, on the surface sounds to be very good…based on Elvis’s spiritual life and quest.  The only bad thing about it is that it is based on a book by David Stanley.  I have learned over the years that Stanley will say and do anything to keep making a living off of Elvis’s name.  We  have to remember that it was he who was involved with Albert Goldman in the lies written about Elvis having committed suicide.    You may want to watch my YouTube video of Joe Esposito on the Geraldo show in June, 1990 where this lie was debated. 

ELVIS IS ALIVE. Geraldo show June 18, 1990 Did Elvis Presley commit suicide


ELVIS IS ALIVE 1990 Geraldo show: Joe says …and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation.


At any rate, I am NOT a fan of David Stanley…nor of any of the Stanleys.  So, I will have to see that this is a true account about Elvis for myself before I will believe anything coming from the Stanleys. 

I will say, though, that the comments written below about Elvis are very correct and true and I do agree with them totally.  But, the only shadow of doubt about this film is the David Stanley element.

Here is one article about this movie in order that everyone may decide for themselves whether to see it and whether to believe what David Stanley has said.

GROWING UP IN GRACELAND – New Elvis Presley Film

Looks like we might be getting a movie about Elvis Presley sometime in the near future. BiteSize Entertainment just acquired the rights to a book about him called Conversations With the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice, which was written by David E. Stanley and Dr. David Gruder.

According to THR the movie “will focus on Stanley’s 17-year relationship with Presley, his stepbrother and mentor. Stanley moved into Presley’s home at Graceland when he was 4 years old, and Presley quickly became his father figure. He grew up to become of one Presley’s aides, and Presley is said to have confided in him his spiritual search for meaning during the final years of his life.” Producer Gene Kirkwood had this to say in a statement,

After meeting David Stanley, reading his book and listening to his stories, I realized there is another side to the Elvis phenomenon, a bigger story, and one that has never been told. If Elvis was alive today, in this time of revolution in mass communication, I believe he would be one of the most inspirational individuals in the world.

It’s kind of crazy to think about what kind of influence Elvis would have on the world today if he was still alive. It will be neat to see a movie about Elvis that tells us a different kind of story of what could have been if Elvis had lived. A story that will show us the direction he was headed in his life.

The same production company working on this movie is also working on developing director Rob Cohen‘s Isaac Newton action film.

Here’s a description of the book:

Closing the gap between the higher wisdom that comes through us and our everyday behavior is perhaps today’s biggest spiritual challenge. Elvis Presley was the first and most famous “canary in the coal mine” with this issue. Long before Michael Jackson, his legendary life and death warned the world about how important it is to deal with this challenge, with open eyes, heart and spirit. This new archetype of spiritual development that emerged in the 20th century may be Elvis’s biggest legacy of all; arguable greater than his enduring popularity as an entertainer. This may well be the secret key that unlocks the mystery of why his legend continues to endure so strongly all these decades after his death. David E. Stanley, along with psychologist and integrity expert Dr. David S. Gruder, illuminate these details in this profound and timely book chroniling Stanley’s seventeen-year spiritual journey with his stepbrother and mentor Elvis Presley. “Conversations With the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice” reveals the Elvis that few knew and all can learn from – Elvis the mystic and healer.






Below are two cute stories about Elvis and Kalamazoo, Michigan:


Elvis Columbia Plaza.jpgAlex Nixon | Kalamazoo GazetteThe directory for the Columbia Plaza building in downtown Kalamazoo lists among its occupants Elvis Presley, Suite 201.

KALAMAZOO — Check out the directory of office tenants in the Columbia Plaza office building on East Michigan Avenue in downtown Kalamazoo and you’re sure to notice an unusual entry.

Elvis Presley?

That’s right, according to the directory, The King has Suite 201 all to himself.

elvis suite 201.jpgAlex Nixon | Kalamazoo GazetteSuite 201 of the Columbia Plaza building in downtown Kalamazoo was Elvis Presley’s office when he visited Kalamazoo and the Gibson Guitar factory, according to legend.

Mac Waldorf, one of the owners of the building, explained the origins of the office to me this week.

The story goes that Elvis used to visit Kalamazoo back in the 1960s and 70s so that he could stop by the Gibson Guitar factory. Elvis apparently was a big fan of Gibson Guitars.

And when The King would come to town, he’d stay at the Columbia Hotel, which in the 1980s was converted to offices.

Suite 201, Waldorf said, was the room that Elvis used as an office when he stayed at the hotel.

When Waldorf and Donald Parfet, another of the owners of the building, heard the story, they decided to set the office aside and dedicate it to The King.

The room features some Elvis memorabilia, including a life-size cardboard cutout, and a small conference table and chairs.

Waldorf said he allows some building tenants to use the room for meetings.

So stop by some time and see for yourself if The King is still alive.


Elvis sighting on Westnedge Avenue not the first time he’s been spotted in Kalamazoo

Published: Friday, September 07, 2012, 8:25 PM Updated: Friday, September 07, 2012, 8:28 PM

By Meghan Chandler

KALAMAZOO, MI – For years, Elvis Presley has been rumored to have been seen at several locations in the Kalamazoo area, including a Burger King downtown, a Vicksburg supermarket and the Colombia Hotel, where an office has since been set aside for him.

He also played a concert at Wings Stadium four months before his death in 1977.

On Friday, Elvis was once again sighted in the Kalamazoo area, this time in the form of a life-size statue at an estate sale at the bottom of the Westnedge Avenue hill.

The $750 statue sat on the very edge of the yard, while passing cars honked at the King.

“The statue came from a bar in Traverse City,” said Rick Johnson, owner of Estates to Go, a company that conducts estate sales for those who wish to remain anonymous. “It was kind of a rhythm and blues bar that had gone out of business about eight years ago.”

Johnson said that when the bar went out of business, the statue was given to the current owner.

Elvis Statue Kalamazoo.JPGMeghan Chandler | MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette  An estate sale at the bottom of Westnedge hill in Kalamazoo had a life-size Elvis Presley statue, fully decorated with a guitar and a $750 price tag.

You may enjoy watching my two YouTube videos of an interview with Ms. Kelly Burgess a Detroit newspaper journalist who says that she saw Elvis face to face in Kalamazoo in 1988.

Ms. Burgess was preparing to write a book about her Elvis meeting.  However, she passed away before she could accomplish her planned book.






Joe South who wrote the songWalk A Mile In My Shoes“, which is a favorite among Elvis fans, has passed away.  His funeral was in Atlanta, GA today.  He wrote many other famous songs and recorded with Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, and others. 

I often think of the lyrics from Elvis’s version of that song in regards to my web site.  I find comfort in the words when I am attacked unjustly for the truth which I present on this web site.  Perhaps my enemies should take the time to reflect on these words and consider how ugly they appear when they attack the actual truth about Elvis Presley.  Do they not realize that it is THE MAN himself who they mock when they ridicule me and his truth?

If I could be you, if you could be me
For just one hour, if we could find a way
To get inside each other’s mind
If you could see you through my eyes
Instead your own ego I believe you’d be
I believe you’d be surprised to see
That you’ve been blind

Walk a mile in my shoes
just walk a mile in my shoes
Before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Then walk a mile in my shoes

Ask yourself, if you had known Elvis personally, as Jesse, for a little over 20 years and he honored you as he has honored me…would you not work to defend his reputation and exhibit undying loyalty to him?  Would you rather the world believe the garbage put out by people like Geraldo Rivera…than to believe the truth that he chose to leave a life which was slowly killing him day by day and an existence in which he was truly miserable? 

Walk a mile in my shoes…



Jesse phoned tonight and we spoke briefly.  He is feeling well today and does have his phone repaired. 



This Edgar Cayce reading is a good reminder that we are not here by chance…we are here for a specific purpose and it is NOT material gain or control of others.

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
For, the experience or sojourn in the earth is not by chance, but the natural spiritual and soul evolution of the entity; that it may be aware of its relationships to God–through its relationships to its fellow men; recognizing in each soul, as well as in self, those possibilities, those opportunities, those duties, those obligations that are a portion of each soul-entity’s manifesting in a material plane.

Reading 2271-1


There is a news update on the future of the planned Elvis hologram.  I wonder if the company will restructure and continue with the plans; if another company will pick up and continue with the Elvis hologram; or if this is the end of the venture for now.

Below is an excerpt from the original Rolling Stone article which announced the plans for the Elvis hologram…followed by today’s announcement of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of that company.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Elvis will in fact be getting his own hologram, according to Digital Domain Media Group. The group has teamed with Core Media Group to create a virtual Elvis, which will appear on film, television and other media, with concerts apparently an option as well.

Digital Domain are the creators of the holographic Tupac that performed at this year’s Coachella Festival, attracting tons of attention and talks on which stars should be resurrected next, if at all. Core Media, which owns the rights to Elvis’ likeness, recently restructured itself after another of its properties, American Idol, saw a ratings drop last season.

Read more:


By Rolling Stone

September 12, 2012 10:20 AM ET

The company that created the hologram of Tupac Shakur that performed at this year’s Coachella festival has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after going public in November, CNN reports. The filing by Digital Domain Media came as no surprise: the company, which had warned of long-term debt and overhead difficulties, had seen its stock price drop from a peak of $9.20 per share in May to just 55 cents yesterday – a decrease of 94 percent.

Besides the buzzworthy Tupac hologram, the company worked on special effects for blockbusters including Transformers, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Titanic, and won an Oscar for its work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Digital Domain had planned an Elvis hologram, while the estates of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison had expressed interest in staging holographic live shows.

Read more:


We have a new added feature which I hope everyone will find useful in sharing the content of this web site with others via Email or on Facebook.  Also there is a new option to print as well.  You will find these new options at either the bottom of each page or, in some cases, at the top of the page.


Jesse was able to call back this afternoon as promised when we spoke on Sunday.  He was well today except for a minor cold which I have too…must be going around.  He did not specify any news for the site this time.  We did have time for a very nice visit.  We talked about many things…people we know in common, etc.  He did tell me one thing that we shared a bit of a laugh about.  He asked me if I know who the Louvin Brothers are.  Well, having found Elvis in 1956, latching on and never letting go, I do not know much about other performers.  At any rate, I said that I didn’t know about them and he said that I could find information on them he felt sure if I searched.  He said “I used to tour with those guys in the fifties and they didn’t like me at all.”  That’s when I said “Well, the heck with them then!!”  If someone doesn’t like Elvis, they are forever on my blacklist of people.  Of course, if they didn’t like Elvis it was because they knew they could not measure up to him with the audience and were jealous of him.

As always, I was ecstatic to hear from him and so happy to know that, other than the cold, he is doing very well.  He says that he tries to stay mobile by staying active…mentioned riding the bicycle earlier this summer.


My dear friend, Susan, just sent me the YouTube video below of Elvis performing Walk A Mile In My Shoes during one of the ELVIS LIVES virtual concerts.  She and I both get goosebumps watching and listening to this.  This is the ultimate in grace and magnificence…no one can ever surpass the love and excellence of Elvis the performer nor Elvis the human being.




One of my heroes Muhammad Ali has had a very wonderful honor bestowed upon him just today.

What a beautiful man…

Muhammad Ali receives Liberty Medal in Philly

By KATHY MATHESON | Associated Press

Retired boxing champion Muhammad Ali, center, receives the Liberty Medal from his daughter Laila Ali with his wife Lonnie Ali at his left during a ceremony at the National Constitution Center, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, in Philadelphia. The honor is given annually to an individual who displays courage and conviction while striving to secure liberty for people worldwide. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Associated Press/Matt Rourke – Retired boxing champion Muhammad Ali, center, receives the Liberty Medal from his daughter Laila Ali with his wife Lonnie Ali at his left during a ceremony at the National Constitution …more Center, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, in Philadelphia. The honor is given annually to an individual who displays courage and conviction while striving to secure liberty for people worldwide. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Boxing great Muhammad Ali was honored Thursday with the Liberty Medal for his longtime role outside the ring as a fighter for humanitarian causes, civil rights and religious freedom.

Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to watch the three-time heavyweight title holder receive an honor that his wife, Lonnie Ali, called “overwhelming.”

“It is especially humbling for Muhammad, who has said on many occasions, ‘All I did was to stand up for what I believe,'” Lonnie Ali said.

The 70-year-old retired champ, hobbled by a 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, did not speak. But he stood with assistance to receive the medal from his daughter Laila Ali.

He looked down at his medal for several moments and then waved to the crowd. The award comes with a $100,000 cash prize.

Ali was born Cassius Clay but changed his name after converting to Islam in the 1960s. He refused to serve in the Vietnam War because of his religious beliefs and was stripped of his heavyweight crown in 1967. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling later cleared him of a draft evasion conviction, and he regained the boxing title in 1974 and again 1978.

One of his most famous fights took place in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he battled George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974.

At the ceremony Thursday, retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo recalled the impression Ali’s visit made on him as an 8-year-old growing up in that country.

“He changed my life,” said Mutombo, who also is a trustee of the Constitution Center. “I can never forget how inspired I was to see a black athlete receive such respect and admiration. He changed how the people of Zaire saw themselves, and in turn how the world saw them.”

Since hanging up his gloves in 1981, Ali has traveled extensively on international charitable missions and devoted his time to social causes.

Ali received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 2005. He also has established the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center in Phoenix and a namesake educational and cultural institute in his hometown, Louisville, Ky.

The National Constitution Center, which opened in 2003, is dedicated to increasing public understanding of the Constitution and the ideas and values it represents. It awards the Liberty Medal annually to a person who displays courage and conviction while striving to secure freedom for people around the world.

Previous Liberty Medal recipients include rock singer and human rights activist Bono, former South African President Nelson Mandela and former President Jimmy Carter. Six winners later received Nobel Peace Prizes.

Also presenting the honor to Ali on Thursday were U.S. Olympic athletes Claressa Shields and Susan Francia. Last month, the 17-year-old Shields became the first U.S. girl or woman to win a gold medal in boxing. Francia is a two-time rowing gold medalist from Abington, just north of Philadelphia.

Here is the link to this article with several video clips regarding the event:–spt.html

I know that Jesse will be very happy and proud for his longtime friend.


From Facebook:

I have never felt that anything really mattered but knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Amen to that!



A good friend to our site, Miroslava, who is putting together the video project of the fans’ videos, letters, photos, etc. has posted an announcement on her blog that the deadline for participating in this project has been extended.  Below is her announcement along with the link to her blog for the project.  I encourage everyone to participate in this wonderful gift for Jesse.  As always, my heartfelt thanks to Miroslava for her efforts and caring.

 The Can’t Stop Loving You Project

new deadline OCTOBER 31



I am very happy to have discovered that the radio station in Australia which conducted the telephone interview with me for August 16th still has our interview displayed very prominently on the front page of their web page.

Below is their article along with their aired version of our interviewI am so very grateful to them for also displaying the link to my web site which continues to direct new visitors to my site.  Jason was a pleasure with whom to speak.

This is the first time that I have heard the introduction and the edited interview.  I want to say that I DID NOT tell them that I had met Elvis.  This was an assumption on Jason’s part.  Other than that, I am very pleased with the outcome of our interview.




Another of my heroes (Elvis/Jesse is my number one hero, of course) John Edward, the psychic medium, will be appearing on the Dr. Phil show once more tomorrow, Sept. 18th.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.  If you are interested in the after-life and the soul’s progression after leaving this cold and cruel old world, you will love becoming acquainted with John and his work.

John Edward shared a link.
John Edward on Dr. Phil – 9/17/2012 – Part 1


Published on Sep 17, 2012 by

This clip was graciously provided with permission from the Dr. Phil show. The full episode can be watched on 9/18/2012. Check your local listings for specific times and availabilities in your area.


Our good friend on YouTube, Elviskingofhearts, has shared this great version of “It’s Midnight” which includes Elvis joking with the audience before the song begins. 

Elvis Presley-It’s Midnight….live version with hilarious dialogue at the beginning


Also, below is another wonderful YouTube video by Elviskingofhearts.  I love hearing Elvis when he was having a good time singing gospel songs which were his favorite songs for relaxing and having fun with his friends.



Here are the street signs displayed in Memphis for the 35th anniversary.  They are lovely.  I love the way they used the 35 in place of the es in Presley.  Very creative, indeed!!

By On September 10, 2012



My good friend, Deb, shared the following line up of Elvis’s performances with me today.  This should help anyone who doubts that he was literally “working himself to death” to recognize the truth about why he had to leave to save his life.  Be sure to take special note of 1976 and 1977.  I dare say that not many of us could have even ATTENDED that many shows while traveling every day from one city to another, much less performed our hearts out the way that Elvis did.  Bear in mind too that many of these dates represent two shows a day…a matinee and a night show.  I know first hand that was true when we saw him in Charlotte on March 20th, 1976.

He put his heart and soul into every performance right up through the last song in the last concert.  He gave it his all even under very trying circumstances…health issues, family issues, safety issues, etc.  How can any true fan begrudge him the haven of sanity which he sought by becoming Jesse on August 16, 1977.  No other performer before him nor after him has given as much of himself to the fans as did Elvis.

Hard working man….Elvis concerts….

17 July Memphis TN, Bon Air Club
30 July Memphis TN, Overton Park Shell
1 August West Memphis TN, KWEM Radio
7 August Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
16 August Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
18 August Memphis TN, Bellevue Par
27 August Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
29 August Memphis TN, Kennedy Hospital, Gerwell Road 9 September Memphis TN, Lamar Airways Shopping Center
18 September Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
24 September Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
25 September Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
1 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
2 October Nashville, Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium
6 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
8 October Atlanta GA, Silver Slipper
9 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
13 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
16 October Shreveport Louisiana, Hayride, Municipal Auditorium
20 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
23 October Shreveport Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium
29 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
30 October Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
6 November Shreveport Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium
8 November Memphis, Memphis State
13 November Shreveport Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium
17 November Memphis TN, Eagle’s Nest
19 November Shreveport Lake Cliff Club
20 November Shreveport Louisiana Hayride
21 November Houston Texas, Magnolia Gardens
21 November Houston Texas, Cook’s Hoe-Down Club
22 November Gladewater Texas, KSIJ Radio, Mint Club
23 November Gladewater Texas, Roundup Club
24 November New Boston Texas
25 November Houston Texas, Palladium Club
26 November Houston Texas, Palladium Club
27 November Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride
2 December Helena Arkansas, Catholic Club
3 December Texarkana Arkansas, Municipal Auditorium
4 December Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride
10 December Memphis, Eagle’s Nest
11 December Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride
18 December Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride
22 December Shreveport, Lake Cliff Club
25 December Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride
28 December Houston Texas, Cook’s Hoe-Down Club

1 January Houston Texas, Eagles Hall
4 January Odessa Texas, High School Auditorium
5 January San Angelo, City Auditorium
6 January Lubbock, Cotton Club
7 January Midland, Midland high School
12 January Clarksdale Ms, City Auditorium
13 January Helena Arkansas, Catholic Club
14 January Marianna Arkansas
17 January Boonsville Ms, Northeast Mississippi Community College

18 January Corinth Ms, Acorn Country Courthouse Assembly Hall
19 January Sheffield AL
20 January Leachville Arkansas
21 January Sikeston MO
24 January Hawkins Texas
25 January Tyler Texas
26 January Gilmer Texas
27 January Longview Texas
28 January Gaston Texas
4 February New Orleans
6 February Memphis
7 February Ripley Miss.
10 February Alpine Texas
11 February Carlsbad NM
12 February Carlsbad NM
13 February Lubbock Texas
13 February Lubbock Texas
14 February Roswell NM
15 February Abilene Texas
16 February Odessa Texas
17 February San Angelo Texas
18 February West Monroe LA
20 February Little Rock, AR
21 February Camden AR
22 February Hope AR
23 February Pine Bluff AR
24 February Bastrop LA
25 February Texarkana AR
26 February Cleveland OH
2 March Newport AR
2 March Newport AR
4 March DeKalb, Texas
8 March Helena AR
9 March Poplar Bluff MO
10 March Clarksdale MS
19 March College Station Texas
19 March Houston, Texas
20 March Houston, Texas
20 March Houston, Texas
30 March El Dorado Arkansas
31 March Longview, Texas
1 April Odessa, Texas
2 April Houston, Texas
7 April Corinth MS
8 April Glover MO
10 April Houston, Texas
10 April Houston, Texas
13 April Breckenridge, Texas
14 April Gainesville, Texas
15 April Stamford, Texas
15 April Stamford, Texas
16 April Dallas, Texas
20 April Grenada, MS, American Legion Hut
22 April Texarkana, AR. Arkansas Municipal Stadium
23 April Waco, Texas Heart O’ Texas Coliseum
24 April Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens
24 April Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoe-Down Club
25 April Wichita Falls, Texas M-B Corral Club
25 April Seymour, Texas High School Auditorium
26 April Big Spring, Texas City Auditorium
29 April Lubbock, Texas Cotton Club
30 April Glade Water, Texas High School Gymnasium
1 May New Orleans, LA Municipal Auditorium
2 May Baton Rouge, LA High school Auditorium
4 May Mobile, AL Ladd Stadium
5 May Mobile, AL Ladd Stadium
7 May Daytona Beach, FL Peabody Auditorium
8 May Tampa, FL. Fr Homer Hesterly Auditorium
9 May Fort Myers, FL City Auditorium
10 May Ocala, FL South-Eastern Pavilion
11 May Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
12 May Jacksonville, FL Gator Bawl Baseball Park
13 May Jacksonville, FL Gator Bawl Baseball Park
14 May New Bern, NC Srine Auditorium
15 May Norfolk, VA Norfolk City Auditorium
16 May Richmond, VA Mosque Theatre
17 May Asheville, NC City Auditorium
18 May Roanoke, VA American Legion Auditorium
19 May Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium
20 May Kilgore, Texas KOCA Radio
22 May Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens
22 May Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoe-Down Club
25 May Meridian, MS American Legion Hall
26 May Meridian, MS Junior College Stadium
28 May Dallas, Texas Sportarium
29 May Forth Worth, Texas North Side Coliseum
29 May Dallas, Texas Sportarium
31 May Midland, Texas High School Auditorium
31 May Midland, Texas High School Field House
1 June Guymon, OK High school Auditorium
3 June Lubbock, Texas Johnson Connelly Pontiac Showroom
3 June Lubbock, Texas Fair Park Coliseum
5 June Hope, AR Fair Park Coliseum
8 June Sweetwater, Texas Auditorium
10 June Breckenridge, Texas American Legion Hall
14 June Bruce MS High School Gymnasium
15 June Belden MISS High School Gymnasium
17 June Stamford, Texas Roundup Hall, High School
18 June Dallas, Texas Sportarium
19 June Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens (matinee)
19 June Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoedown Club (eve)
20 June Beaumont Texas
21 June Beaumont Texas
23 June Lawton, OK McMahon Memorial Auditorium (8pm)
23 June Lawton, OK Southern Club (11pm)
24 June Altus, OK
26 June Biloxi, MS Slavonian Lodge Auditorium
27 June Kessler, MS Air Force Base
28 June Kessler, MS Air Force Base
29 June Mobile, AL Radio Ranch Club
30 June Mobile, AL Radio Ranch Club
1 July Plaquemine, LA Casino Club
3 July Corpus Christi, Texas Hoedoen Club
4 July Stephenville, Texas City Recreation Hall
4 July DeLeon, Texas Hodges Park (afternoon)
4 July Brownwood, Texas Soldier’s & Sailor’s Memorial Hall (8pm)
20 July Cape Girardeau MO Cape Arena
21 July Newport, AR Silver Moon Club
25 July Fort Myers, FL City Auditorium
26 July Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
27 July Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
28 July Jacksonville, FL Gator Stadium Baseball Park
29 July Jacksonville, FL Gator Stadium Baseball Park
30 July Daytona Beach, FL Peabody Auditorium
31 July Tampa, FL Ft Homer Hesterly Armony
1 August Tupelo, MS Fairgrounds
2 August Muscle Shoals, AL Sheffield Community
3 August Little Rock, AR. Robinson Auditorium
4 August Camden, AR. Municipal Auditorium
5 August Memphis Overton Park Shell
7 August Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens (matinee)
7 August Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoedown Club (eve)
8 August Tyler, Texas Mayfair Building
9 August Henderson, Texas Rodeo Arena
10 August Gladewater, Texas Bear Stadium
11 August Longview, Texas Reo Palm Isle Club
12 August Kilgore, Texas Driller Park
22 August Wichita Falls, Texas Spudder Park
23 August Bryan, Texas Saddle Club
24 August Conroe, Texas High School Football Field
25 August Austin, Texas Sport Center
26 August Gonzales, Texas Baseball Park
1 September New Orleans, LA Pontchartrain Beach
2 September Texarkana, AR Arkansas Municipal Stadium
3 September Dallas, Texas Sportarium Then Round Up Club
5 September Forrest City, AR St Francis Country Fair and Livestock Show
6 September Bono, AR High School Gymnasium
7 September Sikeston, AR National Guard Armony
8 September Clarksdale, MS City Auditorium
11 September Norfolk, VA City Auditorium
12 September Norfolk, VA City Auditorium
13 September New Bern, NC Shrine Auditorium
14 September Wilson, NC Fleming Stadium
15 September Roanoke, VA American Legion Auditorium
16 September Asheville, NC City Auditorium
17 September Thomasville, NC High School Auditorium
18 September Richmond, VA WRVA Theater
19 September Richmond, VAWRVA Theater
20 September Danville, VA Fairgrounds
21 September Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium
22 September Kingsport, TN Civic Auditorium
28 September Glober, MO B&B Club
3 October College Station, Texas G Rolle White Coliseum, A&M University
4 October Paris, Texas Boys Club Gymnasium
5 October Greenville, Texas City Auditorium
6 October San Marcos, Texas Southwest Texas State University (matinee)
6 October Austin, Texas Skyline Club
8 October Houston, Texas City Auditorium
10 October Brownwood Texas Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
11 October Abilene, Texas Fair Park Auditorium
12 October Midland, Texas High School Auditorium
13 October Amarillo, Texas City Auditorium
14 October Odessa, Texas
15 October Lubbock, Texas Fair Park Auditorium later at Cotton Club
16 October Oklahoma City, OK
17 October El Dorado, AR Memorial Auditorium
19 October Cleveland, OH Circle Theatre
20 October Film locations (day) Circle Theatre (eve)
21 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
22 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
23 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
24 October Newport, AR Silver Moon Club
26 October Prichard, AL Greater Gulf States Fair Blakely Island
6 November Biloxi, MS Community House
7 November Keesler, MS Airmen’s Club, Keesler Air Force Club
8 November Keesler, MS Airmen’s Club, Keesler Air Force Club
12 November Carthage, Texas Carthage Milling Co (aft)
13 November Memphis, Ellis Auditorium
14 November Forrest City, AR High School Auditorium
15 November Sheffield, AL Community Center
16 November Camden, AR City Auditorium
17 November Texarkana Arkansas Municipal Auditorium later Hut Club
18 November Longview, Texas Reo Palm Isle Club
19 November Gladewater, Texas High School
25 November Port Arthur, Texas Woodrow Wilson Junior
2 December Atlanta, GA. Sport Arena
3 December Montgomery, AL State Coliseum
4-7 December Indianapolis, IN Lyric Theater
8 December Louisville, KY Rialto Theater
19 December Memphis, Ellis Auditorium

1 January St Louis, MO. Kiel Auditorium
3 January Boonesville, MS Von Theatre
4 January Jonesboro, AR Community Center
15 January San Antonio, Texas Municipal Auditorium
16 January Galveston, Texas
17 January Beaumont, Texas City Auditorium
18 January Austin, Texas Austin Coliseum
19 January Wichita Falls, Texas Memorial Auditorium
20 January Fort Worth, Texas North Side Coliseum
28 January TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
4 February TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
5 February Richmond, VA Mosque Theatre
6 February Greensboro, NC National Theatre
7 February High Point NC Center Theatre
8 February Raleigh, NC Amassador Theatre
9 February Spartanburg, SC Carolina Theatre
10 February Charlotte, NC Carolina Theatre (4 shows)
11 February TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
12 February Norfolk, VA Montecello Auditorium
13 February Newport News VA Paramount Theatre
14 February Wilson, NC Charles L Coon High School Auditorium
15 February Burlington, NC Walt Williams High School
16 February Winston-Salem NC Carolina Theatre
18 February TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
19 February Tampa, FL Ft Homer Hesterly Armony (3 shows)
20 February West Palm Beach, FL Palms Theatre (4 shows)
21 February Sarasota, FL Florida Theatre (4 shows)
22 February Waycross, GA City Auditorium (3 shows)
23 February Jacksonville, FL Gator Bowl
24 February Jacksonville, FL Gator Bowl
26 February Pensacola, FL Municipal Auditorium (3 shows)
14 March Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre (3 shows)
15 March Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre (3 shows)
17 March TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
18 March Charleston, NC County Hall
19 March Columbia, SC Township Auditorium
20 March Augusta, GA Bell Auditorium
21 March Lexington, NC YMCA Gymnasium
22 March Richmond, VA Mosque Theatre
23 March Washington DC SS Mt Vernon Riverboat
24 March TV-Soundtrack recordings for CBS ‘Stage Show’ CBS Studios, New York
3 April TV-Soundtrack recordings for NBC ‘Milton Berle Show’ The USS Hancock, Naval Station – San Diego
4-5 April San Diego CA Arena
8 April Denver CO Coliseum
9 April Wichita Falls, Texas Municipal Auditorium
10 April Lubbock, Texas Fair Park Auditorium
11 April El Paso, Texas Coliseum
12 April Albuquerque, NM Armony
13 April Amarillo, Texas Municipal Auditorium
15 April San Antonio, Texas Municipal Auditorium
16 April Corpus Christi, TX Memorial Auditorium
17 April Waco, Texas Heart O’ Texas Coliseum
18 April Tulsa, OK Fairgrounds Pavilion
19 April Oklahoma City, OK Municipal Auditorium
20 April Fort Worth, TX North Side Convention Center
21 April Houston, Texas City Auditorium (2 shows)
23 April – 6 May Las Vegas, NV Frontier Hotel
13 May St Paul, MN Auditorium (mat)
13 May Minneapolis, MN City Auditorium (eve)
14 May La Crosse WI Mary E Sawyer Auditorium (2 shows)
15 May Memphis, TN Ellis Auditorium
16 May Little Rock, AR Robinson Auditorium (2 shows
17 May Springfield, MO Shrine Mosque
18 May Wichita, KS. Wichita Forum (2 shows)
19 May Lincoln, NE University Of Nebraska Coliseum
20 May Omaha, NE Civic Auditorium Arena (two shows)
21 May Topeka, KS Municipal Auditorium
22 May Des Moines IA Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium
23 May Sioux City, IA Municipal Auditorium
24 May Kansas City, MO Municipal Auditorium
25 May Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
26 May Columbus, OH Veteran Memorial Auditorium (two shows)
27 May Dayton, OH University Of Dayton Field House
3 June Oakland, CA Auditorium Arena
5 June TV-Soundtrack recordings for NBC ‘Milton Berle Show Hollywood
6 June San Diego, CA San Diego Arena
7 June Long Beach, CA Municipal Auditorium
8 June Los Angeles, CA Shrine Auditorium
9 June Phoenix, AZ State Fairground
10 June Tucson, AZ Rodeo Grounds
22-24 June Atlanta, GA Paramount Theatre (ten shows in three days)
25 June Savannah, GA Sports Arena
26 June Charlotte, NC Coliseum
27 June Augusta, GA Bell Auditorium
28 June Charleston, SC College Park Baseball Field
30 June Richmond, VA Mosque Theatre
1 July TV-Soundtrack recordings for NBC ‘Steve Allen Show’ The Hudson Theatre, New York
4 July Memphis, TN Russwood Park
3, 4 August Miami, FL Olympia (7 shows in 2 days)
5 August Tampa, FL Fort Homer Hesterly Armory (2 shows)
6 August Lakeland, FL Polk Theatre (3 shows)
7 August St Petesburg, FL Florida Theatre (3 shows)
8 August Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
9 August Daytona Beach, FL Peabody Auditorium
10, 11 August Jacksonville, FL Florida State Theatre (3 shows per day)
12 August New Orleans, LA Municipal Auditorium (2 shows)
9 September TV-Soundtrack recordings for NBC ‘Toast of the Town’ CBS Studios, Hollywood
26 September Tupelo, MISS Mississippi-Arkansas Fairgrounds
11 October Dallas, Texas Cotton Bowl
12 October Waco, Texas Heart O’ Texas Coliseum
13 October Houston, Texas Sam Houston Coliseum (2 shows)
14 October San Antonio, Texas Bexar Country Coliseum
28 October TV-Soundtrack recordings for NBC ‘Toast of the Town’ CBS Studios, Hollywood
22 November Toledo OH Sports Arena (two shows)
23 November Cleveland, OH
24 November Troy, OH Hobart Arena (2 shows)
25 November Louisville, KY Jefferson County Armory

6 January New York, NY Ed Sullivan Show (TV Broadcast)
28 March Chicago, IL International Amphitheatre
29 March St Louis MO Kiel Auditorium
30 March Fort Wayne, Memorial Coliseum
31 March Detroit, MI Olympia Stadium (2 shows)
1 April Buffalo, NY Memorial Coliseum
2 April Toronto, Can Maple Leaf Gardens (2 shows)
3 April Ottawa, Can Auditorium (2 shows)
5, 6 April Philadelphia, PA Sports Arena (4 shows)
29 August Spokane, WA Memorial Stadium
31 August Vancouver, Can Empire Stadium
1 September Tacoma, WA Lincoln Bowl (mat)
1 September Seattle, WA Sick’s Stadium (eve)
2 September Portland, OR Multnomah Stadium
27 September Tupelo, MISS Fairground
26 October San Francisco, CA Civic Center (2 shows)
27 October Oakland, CA Oakland Auditorium
28, 29 October Los Angeles, CA Pan Pacific Auditorium
10 November Honolulu, HI Honolulu Stadium (2 shows)
11 November Schofield Barracks, HI Post Bowl

25 February Memphis TN, Afternoon and Evening show
25 March Honolulu Hawaii

27 June Burbank California, 2 sessions for NBC TV Special (6 & 8 PM)
29 June Burbank California, 2 sessions for NBC TV Special (6 & 8 PM)
20, 21, 30 June Studio recordings for NBC TV Special

31 July – 28 August Las Vegas Nevada, International Hotel

26 January – 23 February International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
27 February – 1 March Astrodome, Houston Texas
10 August – 7 September International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
9 September Phoenix, Arizona
10 September St Louis, Missouri
11 September Detroit, Michigan
12 September Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida
13 September Tampa, Florida
14 September Mobile, Alabama
10 November Oakland, California
11 November Portland, Oregon
12 November Seattle, Washington
13 November San Francisco, California
14 November Los Angeles, California
15 November San Diego, California
16 November Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
17 November Denver, Colorado

26 January – 23 February International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
20 July – 2 August Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada
9 August – 6 September International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
5 November Minneapolis
6 November Cleveland, Ohio
7 November Louisville, Kentucky
8 November Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9 November Baltimore, Maryland
10 November Boston, Massachusetts
11 November Cincinnati, Ohio
12 November Houston, Texas
13 November Dallas, Texas
14 November Tuscaloosa, Alabama
15 November Kansas City, Missouri
16 November Salt Lake City Utah

26 January – 23 February International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
5 April Buffalo, New York
6 April Detroit, Michigan
7 April Dayton, Ohio
8 April Knoxville, Tennessee
9 April Hampton Roads, Virginia
10 April Richmond, Virginia
11 April Roanoke, Virginia
12 April Indianapolis, Indiana
13 April Charlotte, North Carolina
14 April Greensboro, North Carolina
15 April Macon, Georgia
16 April Jacksonville, Florida
17 April Little Rock, Arkansas
18 April San Antonio, Texas
19 April Albuquerque, New Mexico
9-10-11 June Madison Square Garden New York
12 June Fort Wayne, Indiana
13 June Evansville, Indiana
14-15 June Milwaukee, Wisconsin
16-17 June Chicago, Illinois
18 June Fort Worth, Texas
19 June Wichita, Kansas
20 June Tulsa, Oklahoma
4 August – 4 September Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
8 November Lubbock, Texas
9 November Tucson, Arizona
10 November El Paso, Texas
11 November Oakland, California
12-13 November San Bernardino, California
14-15 November Long Beach, California
17-18 November Honolulu, Hawaii

12 January Honolulu, Hawaii (Alternate Aloha)
14 January Honolulu, Hawaii (Aloha from Hawaii)
26 January – 23 February Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
22 April Phoenix, Arizona
23-24 April Anaheim, California
25 April Fresno, California
26 April San Diego, California
27 April Portland, Oregon
28 April Spokane, Washington
29 April Seattle, Washington
30 April Denver, Colorado
4 – 16 May Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada
20 June Mobile, Alabama
21 June Atlanta, Georgia
22-24 June Uniondale, New York
25-26 June Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
27 June Cincinnati, Ohio
28 June St Louis, Missouri
29-30 June Atlanta, Georgia
1 July Nashville, Tennessee
2 July Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3 July Atlanta, Georgia
6 August – 3 September Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

26 January – 9 February Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
1-2 March Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma
3 March Astrodome, Houston, Texas (2)
4 March Civic Centre, Monroe, Louisiana
5 March University Memorial Coliseum Auburn, Alabama
6 March xxxx Coliseum, Montgomery, Alabama
7 March Civic Centre, Monroe, Louisiana
9 March Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina (2)
10 March Roanoke Civic Centre, Roanoke, Virginia
11 March Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia
12 March Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
13 March Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
14 March Murphy Athletic Center, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
15 March Stokeley Athletic Center, Knoxville, Tennessee
16-17 March Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee (4)
18 March Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
19 March Murphy Athletic Center, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
20 March Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
10 May Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California
11 May Forum, Los Angeles, California
12 May Selland Arena, Fresno, California
13 May Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California
16-27 May Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada
15-16 June Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas (4)
17-18 June University Of Louisiana Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (2)
19 June Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas
20 June Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa
21 June Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio
22 June Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
23 June Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2)
24 June International Convention Center, Niagara Falls, New York (2)
25 June St John’s Arena Columbus, Ohio
26 June Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky
27 June Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana
28 June Milwaukee Arena Milwaukee, Wisconsin
29 June Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri (2)
30 June – 1 July Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska (3)
2 July Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
19 August – 2 September Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
27-28 September College Park Field House, Baltimore, Maryland
29 September Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
30 September – 1 October Notre Dame Convention Center, South Bend, Indiana
2-3 October Civic Center, St Paul, Minnesota
4 October Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
5 October Espo Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
6 October University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio
7 October Levitt Arena, Kansas City Missouri
8 October Convention Center San Antonio, Texas
9 October Expo Center, Abilene, Texas
11-14 October Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada

18 March – 1 April Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
24 April Coliseum Macon Georgia
25 April Veterans Memorial Coliseum Jacksonville Florida
26 April Curtis Hixson Hall Tampa Florida (2)
27-28 April Lakeland Civic Center Lakeland Florida (3)
29 April Murphy Athletic Center Murfreesboro Tennessee
30 April – 2 May Omni Atlanta Georgia (3)
3 May Civic Center Monroe Louisiana (2)
4 May Civic Center Lake Charles Louisiana (2)
5 May State Fair Coliseum Jackson Missouri
6-7 May Murphy Athletic Center Murfreesboro Tennessee
30 May – 1 June Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville Alabama
2 June Mobile Municipal Auditorium Mobile Alabama
3 June Memorial Auditorium Tuscaloosa Alabama
4-5 June Hofheinz Pavilion Houston Texas
6 June Memorial Auditorium Dallas Texas
7 June Hirsch Coliseum Shreveport Louisiana
8-9 June State Fair Coliseum Jackson Mississipp
10 June Mid-South Coliseum Memphis Tennessee
8 July Myriad Convention Center Oklahoma City Oklahoma
9 July Hulman Civic Center Terra Haute Indiana
10 July Cleveland Coliseum Cleveland Ohio
11-12 July Civic Center Charleston West Virginia
13 July International Convention Center Niagara Falls New York (2)
14-15 July Civic Center Springfield Massachusetts
16-17 July Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven Connecticut
18 July Cleveland Coliseum Cleveland Ohio
19 July Nassau Coliseum Uniondale New York
20 July Norfolk Virginia
21 July Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro North Carolina
23-24 July Civic Center Asheville North Carolina
18-20 August Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
2-15 December Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
31 December Pontiac Michigan

17 – 19 March Freedom Hall Jonson City Tennessee
20 March Coliseum Charlotte North Carolina
21 March Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati Ohio
22 March Kiel Auditorium St Louis Missouri
21 April Kemper Arena Kansas City Missouri
22 April Civic Auditorium Omaha Nebraska
23 April McNichols Arena Denver Colorado
24 April Sports Arena San Diego California
25 April Long Beach Arena Long Beach California
26 April Seattle Coliseum Seattle Washington
27 April Coliseum Spokane Washington
30 April – 9 May Sahara Tahoe Hotel Stateline Nevada
27 May Assembly Hall Bloomington Indiana
28 May Hilton Coliseum Ames Iowa
29 May Myriad Convention Center Oklahoma City Oklahoma
30 May Ector County Coliseum Odessa Texas
31 May Municipal Coliseum Lubbock Texas
1 June Community Center Arena Tucson Arizona
2 June Civic Center El Paso Texas
3 June Tarrant County Convention Center Fort Worth Texas (4)
4-6 June Omni Atlanta Georgia
25 June Memorial Auditorium Buffalo
26 June Civic Center Providence Rhode Island
27 June Capital Centre Landover Maryland
28 June Spectrum Philadelphia Pennsylvania
29 June Coliseum Richmond Virginia
30 June Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro North Carolina
1 July Hirsch Coliseum Shreveport Louisiana
2 July Assembly Center Baton Rouge Louisiana
3 July Tarrant County Convention Center Fort Worth Texas
4 July Mabee Center Oral Roberts University Tulsa
5 July Mid-South Coliseum Memphis Tennessee
23 July Freedom Hall Louisville Kentucky
24 July Civic Center Charleston West Virginia
25 July Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium Syracuse New York
26 July Community War Memorial Auditorium Rochester New York
27 July Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium Syracuse New York
28 July Civic Center Hartford Connecticut
29 July Civic Center Springfield Massachusetts
30 July Veterans Memorial Coliseum Hartford Connecticut
31 July – 1 August Hampton Roads Coliseum Hampton Roads Virginia
2 August Civic Center Roanoke Virginia
3-5 August Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium Fayetteville North Caroline
27 August Convention Center San Antonio Texas
28 August The Summit, Houston Texas
29 August Mobile Municipal Auditorium Mobile Alabama
30 August Memorial Auditorium Tuscaloosa Alabama
31 August Coliseum Macon Georgia
1 September Memorial Coliseum Jacksonville Floridia
2 September Curtis Hixson Hall Tampa Florida
3 September Bay Front Center St Petersburg Florida
4 September Civic Center Lakeland Florida
5 September State Fair Civic Center Jackson Mississippi
6 September Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville Alabama
7 September Convention Center Pine Bluff Arkansas
14-15 October Chicago Stadium Chicago Illinois
16 October Duluth Minnesota
17 October Metropolitan Sports Center Minneapolis Minnesota
18 October Arena Sioux Falls South Dakota
19 October Dane County Coliseum Madison Wisconsin
20 October Notre Dame Athletic and Convention Center South Bend Indiana
21 October Wings Stadium Coliseum Kalamazoo Michigan
22 October Assembly Hall Champaign Illinois
23 October Cleveland Coliseum Cleveland Ohio
24 October Robeerts Memorial Stadium Evansville Indiana
25 October Memorial Coliseum Fort Wayne Indiana
26 October University of Dayton Arena Dayton Ohio
27 October Southern Illinois University Arena Carbondale Illinois
24 November Centennial Coliseum Reno Nevada
25 November McArthur Court Eugene Oregon
26 November Memorial Coliseum Portland Oregon
27 November McArthur Court Eugene Oregon
28-29 November Cow Palace San Francisco California
30 November Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim California
2-12 December Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
27 December Henry Levitt Arena Wichita Kansas
28 December Memorial Auditorium Dallas Texas
29 December Civic Center Birmingham Alabama
30 December Omni Atlanta Georgia
31 December Civic Center Arena Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

12 February Sportatorium Hollywood Florida
13 February Civic Auditorium West Palm Beach Florida
14 February Bay Front Center St. Petersburg Florida
15 February Sports Stadium Orlando Florida
16 February xxxx Coliseum Montgomery Alabama
17 February Savannah Civic Center
18 February Carolina Coliseum Columbia South Carolina
19 February Freedom Hall Johnson City Tennessee
20-21 February Coliseum Charlotte North Carolina
23 March Arizona State University Athletic Center Phoenix Arizona
24 March Civic Center Amarillo Texas
25-26 March Lloyd Noble Center Norman Oklahoma
27 March Taylor County Coliseum Abilene
28 March Municipal Auditorium Austin Texas
29-30 March Rapides Parish Coliseum Alexandria Louisiana
21 April Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro North Carolina
22 April Olympia Stadium Detroit Michigan
23 April Centennial Hall Toledo Ohio
24 April Crisler Arena Ann Arbor Michigan
25 April Civic Center Saginaw Michigan
26 April Wings Stadium Kalamazoo Michigan
27 April Milwaukee Arena Milwaukee Wisconsin
28 April Brown County Veteran’s Memorial Stadium Green Bay Wisconsin
29 April The Arena Duluth Minnesota
30 April St Paul’s Civic Center St Paul Minnesota
1-2 May Chicago Stadium Chicago Illinois
3 May Civic Center Saginaw Michigan
20 May Stokeley Athletic Center Knoxville Tennessee
21 May Freedom Hall Louisville Kentucky
22 May Capital Centre Landover Maryland
23 May Civic Center Providence Rhode Island
24 May Civic Center Augusta Maine
25 May Rochester War Memorial Rochester New York
26-27 May Binghamton New York
28 May Spectrum Philadelphia Pennsylvania
29 May Civic Center Baltimore
30 May Coliseum Jacksonville Florida
31 May Assembly Center Baton Rouge Louisiana
1 June Coliseum Macon Georgia
2 June Municipal Auditorium Mobile Alabama
17 June Hammons Center Springfield Missouri
18 June Kemper Arena Kansas City Missouri
19 June Omaha Civic Auditorium Omaha Nebraska
20 June Pershing Municipal Auditorium Lincoln Nebraska
21 June Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Rapid City South Dakota
22 June Arena Sioux Falls South Dakota
23 June Veterans Memorial Auditorium Des Moines Iowa
24 June Dane County Coliseum Madison Wisconsin
25 June Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati Ohio
26 June Market Square Arena Indianapolis Indiana



Let’s all vote for our hero on this new project!! 

The American Pop Music Hall Of Fame Announces Nominees

** FILE ** In this 1968 file photo, Elvis Presley holds his semi-acoustic guitar during a concert. (AP Photo, file)

(CBS/AP) The American Pop Music Hall of Fame has announced its first round of nominees to be inducted into the new, western Pennsylvania-based hall. The list of 40 nominees includes pop heavyweights like the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Other nominees include The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, the Carpenters, Chubby Checker, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond and Simon and Garfunkel.

Music fans and people in the industry can vote for their favorite nominees online starting later this week. The final list of 20 candidates will be inducted next May. Eligible artists must have lodged a national hit between 1946 and 1975.

Voters are also being asked to pick their top five songs, from a list of 100 released between 1966 and 1975, that best defined that generation. The finalists will be narrowed down by the Hall of Fame selection panel, with 10 eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The American Pop Music Hall of Fame is scheduled to open next July in a temporary home in what’s now a cafe in Canonsburg, just outside Pittsburgh. Fundraising is under way for a permanent building.

Canonsburg calls itself the country’s “small town music capital” and boasts native sons who include Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and the Four Coins.

Here are the nominees: Paul Anka, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, the Carpenters, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Chubby Checker, the Dave Clark Five, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, the Everly Brothers, the Four Seasons and Connie Francis.

Also, Elton John, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, the Monkees, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Patti Page, Les Paul & Mary Ford, the Platters, Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Smokey & Miracles, the Supremes, Three Dog Night, Bobby Vinton, Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams, Hank Williams and Stevie Wonder.

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The Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day:

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Here is the link to a 24-hour Elvis radio station which you may listen to on the Internet…sounds so.o.o.o.o.o good!!!!!

This station is available through:


A very good friend to our site, Frankie, has written and performed a new song for Jesse and our site.  My heartfelt thanks to him as always.

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Loosely based on Pete’s “Blue, Red and Grey” ukulele ballad from “The Who by Numbers”, here’s Frankie Paradiso crooning his way through various phases of Mr Presley’s career. I would like to dedicate this song to my great friend and spiritual guide Mr Christopher J. Ott (who actually met Pete in the flesh) and the most courageous of go-betweens, Ms Linda HS.


ELVIS ON MARS Lyrics by Frankie Paradiso










There is now a YouTube video trailer for the documentary/mockumentary movie ELVIS FOUND ALIVE from which you may purchase viewing the entire movie for 72 hours…therefore being able to view it many times during that time period for only $2.99.


This is a good and inexpensive way for those who have not seen the movie to do so.  But, please do keep in mind the details about the making of this film which Elvis, who is now Jesse, wrote in his two page letter posted on this web site.  He wrote this letter immediately after he viewed the DVD of it which I sent to him.  So, his letter is “straight from the horses mouth“.  He stated that only his voice is authentic.  The producer had him reading from a script on a teleprompter.  The greatest thing about this DVD is that it led to the wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, exciting, thrilling, beautiful, landmark 15- song CD which is his greatest gift to his fans since 1977.  You may listen to those songs by accessing them through the music player featured on each page of this web site at the top of the left menu column.  Also, here is the link to the page on which you may view his two page letter regarding the making of this film:


Our wonderful friend, Lucilia, shared this precious photo with me on Facebook because it so perfectly parallels my article above regarding how many shows Elvis was struggling to do.  I expect that sometimes he did feel like he could sleep standing up.



John was fantastic yesterday on the Dr. Phil show.  He just announced on Facebook that he will be on an upcoming Riki Lake show as shown below.

John Edward

John Edward on The Ricki Lake Show — on September 24.


I have begun a new page for the remainder of September as this page has become quite long.

Here is the link for the next page: