Below I am going to display some excerpts from five of Jesse’s letters to me about the writing of the book, and later about the demands and pressure which Hinton and Felix-Johnson were placing on Jesse back during the release of the book and the effects upon him and me afterward.  I have gone back and found a letter from each year…2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 in which Jesse told me something relating to the book and Hinton’s requests and misrepresentations.

I have edited out all private information from these letters.  I apologize for the messy appearance, but I NEVER reveal anything of a private nature about Jesse.

I share these in order that you may fully understand the comments which I wrote about Hinton above.

Also, after Hinton and Felix-Johnson did many interviews telling that Elvis was going to “come out in 2002“, many people became very disillusioned in the fact that Jesse is Elvis.  They, because of their disillusionment, have waged a war against the truth about Elvis being Jesse ever since.  They have also waged a war against Hinton which he has brought upon himself.  Their war has also been extended to me even though I had no hand in ever telling anyone that Elvis was going to come out nor in the publishing nor promoting of the book.

I offer the following to set the record straight once and for all about the enormous problems which Hinton caused for Jesse, for me, and for my friendship and communication with Jesse.  I asked Jesse over the phone once if what they were saying was true…was he really going to come out?  His answer to me was totally direct and honest “Of course not.

I was calling and leaving long messages for Hinton on his answering machine about what Jesse was telling me…that he was NOT going to come out and the mess they were making of things.  I sent Emails to Hinton and Felix-Johnson at their web site telling them that I had letters from Jesse saying that he was not coming out and that if I made them public, it would blow them out of the water.  Of course, I never did this because I would not have made any of Jesse’s letters public without his permission.  I assume that they never believed what I was saying.  Now, after all this time, they have the proof.

January, 2000 – “Should we make the book fictional instead?”

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not page 2



July, 2001 – “They want a video and I don’t think I can do this.  I don’t want any publicity..only the truth for my friends.”  Of course, I wrote him back and told him that I didn’t think he should do the video.  Which made them hate me more.


July, 2002 – This was written to me after I sent Jesse the video of the FOX 8 reports in which Hinton said that Elvis/Jesse was going to make an appearance.  He was incredulous that the Dr. actually thought that he would do that.

April 28, 2003 – The problems caused by Hinton for Jesse and myself. 

We couldn’t communicate normally.  I was in danger.  Hinton and Felix-Johnson had set out to destroy my friendship with Jesse, etc.  They wanted me totally out of the picture.  They were telling lies about me to Jesse in an effort to remove me from Jesse’s life.  Felix-Johnson was telling Jesse lies about Suzanne Stratford.

This is the note on the back of Page 1…his permission for me to ask Suzanne Stratford for proof, in his own handwriting, that he had said he was going to “come out“.

January, 2004 – How often he had to move after Hinton decided to expose him….

I do ask Jesse to please understand and forgive me for finally sharing some of the hardships which he and I endured because of Hinton’s misrepresentations.

Hinton and Felix-Johnson were misrepresenting things on their web site which were very hurtful to me.  It got so bad that I could not even look at their site myself.  My dearest friend was going to the library and looking for me and only telling me things that she thought I would want or need to know.

Jesse told me over the phone that they were making things up to put on there.  He told me not to believe anything unless I heard him say it or saw it in his own handwriting.

In view of all the things our friendship has endured and overcome over the course of the past 20 years, it is amazing that we have survived it all and are still the closest of friends.  I thank Jesse, from the bottom of my heart, for being my most precious friend and for trusting me.  He knows I would die before I would ever do anything to put him in harm’s way.  No one will ever be able to find him from anything that I put on this site.  His peace of mind, safety and well being are the most important things to me always.