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This following question and answer interview, regarding the Orion Pictures material,  between EIN and Phil Aitcheson prompted me to speak up.

I wish to make it perfectly clear that there is NO connection between me and The Presley Commission nor Mr. AitchesonMy opinion of him and his work is very low due to his attitude of hunting down “our man” (as he referred to Elvis).  Also, he came into the whole thing late and just began repeating material which we had already covered long before he came on the scene.   

It should be noted here, though, that after my web site was gaining momentum, he tried to send word to me through another person that he “had to get in touch with Jesse right away“...I believe he used the term “before it is too late“.  I assume he thought that would prompt me to put him in touch with Jesse.  Needless to say, it had no bearing on me whatsoever. 

Also, I want to make it clear that I have NEVER said that Elvis appeared in any movie  whatsoever.  Those claims stem from others and not from me.  Rather my movie material indicating that Elvis is involved behind the scenes is substantiated by company credits, crew credits, topics in plots, Elvis music used in the movies, Elvis’ friends appearing in a movie or in credits, etc.

Below is the link to the full Aitcheson interview on Elvis Information Network (EIN)EIN has published false and misleading information relating to myself and others who, correctly, believe that Elvis did not die on August 16, 1977.  I have found their work to be slip-shod and not well researched nor thought through.  I feel safe in saying that, to this very day, no one at EIN has taken the time to read my entire web site to see that I am not an illiterate, delusional, social misfit who has no life of my own, etc.   Those are terms which they and others have used to describe those of us who do know the truth and have taken the time to make ourselves fully knowledgeable about the facts on which our stance is based.

I am not encouraging anyone to read this whole long interview, much of which is a confused and ignorant diatribe, but I am including the link below in case anyone wants to do so.

Were it not for the lies about me which EIN published on their site many years ago and their refusal to remove the lies when I attempted to tell them the real truth about myself, I would not have this web site today.  They were a very large part of the beginning of the lies about me on the Internet which I finally came forward to refute.

Click here: The Presley Commission investigates “is Elvis alive?”

EIN: The whole Orion conspiracy thing appeared to get out of hand with theorists moving the goalposts beyond the singer Orion, and seeing Elvis connections in films released by the Orion Pictures organisation. To many disbelievers it seemed that all rational thinking had flown out the door and an ‘anything goes, conspiracy driven’ utopian mentality had taken over. What is your response to this perspective?

PA: The Commission was informed some years back about the “alleged” appearances in movies. Admittedly they do possess a certain air of mystery about such possibilities. More importantly, a recent appearance in another film, “Finding Graceland”, was examined. The subject was also discussed extensively in Gail Giorgio’s book, ‘Elvis Undercover’. Consideration was given to all reports.

I want to set the record straight about the much maligned Orion Pictures and Elvis material which I found and reported…with accompanying evidence to back up what I reported.

I took great offense at the comments which the EIN representative spoke/wrote when referring to my Orion Pictures material.

Beginning back in 1988, I followed a trail of circumstances and events which led me to believe that Elvis was involved with Orion the singer and from there, he left us a trail to his endeavor with the movie Industry…through Orion Pictures.

Before I published my newsletter beginning in July, 1990, I compiled a report consisting of all of the instances of Orion Pictures correlating to things “Elvis“…also tying into the Jerry Lee Lewis connection to Orion the singer and then leading from the singer over to Orion Pictures.

There was a trail of events which led up to Elvis’ culmination of his association with Orion the singer in the form of the album titled “The Killer, The King” in 1982. 

Please do see my two pages devoted to this topic:

Orion Elvis/Jesse Facts




The point I wish to make here is that the Orion Pictures material was pretty much “my baby“.  I shared much of what I found with Gail Brewer-Giorgio and she used much of it in her subsequent book…the sequel to Is Elvis Alive?  You will see references to me by initials, etc. credited with some of my material.  Other uses of my material are  credited to “he“, etc. rather than credited to me…I have no idea why she chose to disguise my material.

Gail phoned one day and asked if she sent a FedEx pickup order would I overnight a copy of my movie report to her.  I immediately agreed.  I was honored to be able to help Gail. I knew she was telling the truth about Elvis being alive and, at that point in time, I thought that he wanted to come out and that Gail’s work was helping him to do that. 

Once I came to know Elvis/Jesse myself and learned  that he had no intentions of coming out and that he was not at all happy with the way Gail had made money off of him, of course, my opinion of Gail’s work changed completely.  I have shared no information with Gail since around 1991.  I NEVER told Gail that I became acquainted with Elvis myself.

Below I am going to insert a copy of the first page of my movie report…I compiled this way back in the late 80’s before I began my newsletter in 1990.  This seems like a lifetime ago and I look at it now and realize what “baby steps” I was taking then.  But that does not change the facts which I was able to point out regarding Orion Pictures and Elvis. 

The above is shown only to substantiate that I did much research for many years into Elvis and his possible involvement in a “behind the scenes” way in the movie industry.  There were several other movie companies which appeared to be associated with Elvis and Orion Pictures also.  I won’t touch on them here as that would just make the whole issue more complicated.

As you will see above and on my pages devoted to these topics, my findings have not changed nor wavered in the past 23 years.  That is because the truth does not change.  If you look up and see a blue sky and the president of the USA tells you that the sky is really orange…that does not change the color of the sky nor does it change the truth which you see for yourself.  Same thing applies to all of my Elvis material.  My truth will not change…ever. 

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