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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I have just added a new article on my Elvis/Jesse Numerology page


I have discovered a “doctored” copy of the Lisa Marie/Michael Jackson/Benjamin photo which ran on the cover of the National Examiner in Nov. 1992.   You may see the “doctored” photo below in the collage…top right.  The photo on the front of the National Examiner is the actual un-retouched photo. You will see the tabloid cover on which the photo appears on my page dedicated to:

The photo of Jesse with his grandson, Benjamin.

You will see that I have added a new photo to the collage below.  This photo is of Lisa walking with Benjamin at a little older age.



Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009

Jesse’s book for sale on 

There are now three used copies of Jesse’s book for sale on

The prices are now much lower than they were in the recent past.  Here are the details for those who may be interested.  I do stress once more that these books are for sale by third parties.  The sellers are people who paid the regular price for the original issue of the book which was  $12.95.  No one will make any money off of the sales of these books except the sellers themselves.

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The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words (Paperback)

by Donald Hinton

Price at a Glance

List Price:




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New autograph Saturday, December 26,2009

My closest friend, M.J., received a Christmas gift this week from Jesse.  She has graciously shared a copy of Jesse’s note for me to share with others via my web site.  I introduced M. J. to Elvis/Jesse after Jesse’s book was published.  She feels very blessed to be Jesse’s friend, just as I do.



Update Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have just finished adding some new information to my page titled Autographs, Photos, Clues, etc.  This new material is regarding Elvis and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I think you will find it interesting.  Those sightings back in the late 80’s were probably accurate….it appears that he was possibly there!



Friday, Dec. 25, 2009


I have just added copies of 3 documents from government agencies verifying Elvis’ help to them.  This will serve as proof, along with the DEA photos that Elvis did, indeed, participate actively in this work.


So proud of our Elvis/Jesse




Recently I read a response to a question asking if Elvis did actively work for the government…DEA.  This question was answered in a rude and arrogant way.  I will have to refer to that article to be sure of the exact wording of the question and the response. ..but essentially the response was “If he was, show me the proof.”

Please visit my new page for more details:


There are many photos of Elvis wearing articles of clothing which carried the DEA emblems.  I just recently came across one photo with a very distinct emblem….it reads “DEA STAFF“.  You will see this photo displayed below.


New YouTube video


My friend Susan loaned me a VHS of a Bruce Springsteen concert from 2000 because she wanted to share with me that he had announced during that show that “Elvis IS Alive”.

I expect just about everyone knows that Bruce is and always has been a huge Elvis fan.  He’s the guy who climbed over the wall at Graceland before Elvis “retired”.  I don’t know the outcome of that visit….have never heard the rest of the story.

I have uploaded the brief clip of Bruce making his comment about Elvis.  Here is the link to view it on YouTube:


Friday, December 4, 2009

Revisions and addition to Numerology page 


I do want to emphasize very strongly the importance of the mentions of numerology in Jesse’s introduction to his book.  Jesse wanted the readers to see that he was handing them the information and the tool which they would need to decipher that date 8-16-1977 and recognize that only Elvis himself would have understood and known the many, many significant numbers derived from that “Perfect Day“.  This was his way of proving to each reader that he really is Elvis.  The numbers don’t lie.

Anyone who has not believed that Elvis “faked” his death on August 16, 1977, need to rethink your doubts.  The “numbers” are exactly as Jesse wrote…”All of the facts (and there are many) even the experts will say they are more than coincidences. ” (As you will see below, this quote is taken from the introduction to the book which Jesse wrote.)

I am going to insert copies of two excerpts below so you may correlate it to what I have just written:

Then farther down in the letter, he wrote:

You will see as you read on that 8-16-1977 was indeed “THE PERFECT DAY“.  Elvis said many times that he could feel God directing his life…and so he knew that this date was given to him by God as a sign.


As I promised, the following is further validation that numerology was at work in Elvis’ very early life when he, himself, did not yet know that such a thing as numerology existed.

We all know that January 8, 1935 was the date of birth for Elvis and Jesse.  The following is another result of the formula shown above from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.

1+9+3+5 = 18


    = 1953  YES.S.S.S.S.S!!!!   

Now, see the below documentation from the timeline of Elvis’ life which is currently displayed on EPE’s web site:

Need I say more?!




I have just completed a brand new page today.  It is titled Elvis’/Jesse’s Numerology.  I think everyone will enjoy this page.  I think you will have to step back and say “WOW!!” after you see the numbers in the date on which Elvis chose to leave us. I believe that I have explained as you’ve probably never seen  it explained heretofore.

Hope you will visit and enjoy.




My dear friend, Pat Y. has given me permission to share her letter and the photo below:

Dear Nigel,   (Please see photos at the end of this letter.)

You don’t know me, so I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Pat Y…, and I’ve had the pleasure of being Linda Hood-Sigmon’s friend since Jesse’s book (with Dr. Hinton) came out.  We have been friends for many years now and I finally had the chance of meeting this sweet, humble lady last month, before I moved from SC to MO.  She and her husband, Tom, drove down from NC to see me and she brought with her jewelry that Jesse/Elvis had personally given to her over the years – unbelievable things, that only Elvis could have owned.  I saw personal letters written to her by Jesse/Elvis mentioning Lisa Marie’s name, a small, gold pinkie ring with a “J” on it that Elvis had given his Mother to wear around her neck on a chain (of course the J for Jesse), and she wore it until she died and Elvis/Jesse had given this ring to Linda.  She showed me a solid gold Initial “E” ring that Lisa Marie had given Elvis for his 40th birthday, a California Private Investigator’s badge, black, solid leather, and many other pieces of jewelry that Jesse has given Linda over the years for her friendship – beautiful precious intricate rings, some large, like the rings that Jesse gave to Linda’s husband, Tom, and dainty ones, that Elvis had given his Mother.  I saw things that were locked in his Aunt Delta’s safe that she brought with her that day, so many pieces of jewelry, you just wouldn’t believe all I saw unless you had seen it with your own eyes. Jesse is alive – and Linda is very, very special to him. She has been his good friend all these years.  Linda is a very quiet thoughtful person, and anyone with half a heart that meets, talks and knows Linda immediately understands why Jesse trusts her so and constantly keeps in contact with her and gives her such precious gifts.  Jesse has sent me several letters too, and has autographed his book for me, as well, which by the way, is now out of publication and selling on Amazon – unautographed- as high as $1,000!  So, please don’t listen to those awful lies about Linda.  Take this from one who has known her and actually seen and met her – not from someone that knows nothing about her and spreading nasty rumors!  You will be judged, Nigel, slandering people.  Remember that.  You couldn’t find a nicer lady than Linda.  I don’t know if you believe Elvis is alive or not, I do, and lets just say that the DNA proves Jesse is Elvis (again), how are you going to feel knowing you allowed people to slander his dearest friend that he loves so much on your site?  Think about it before you allow it to continue.  Thank you for reading my message and have a good day.  Pat

Photo of our visit with Pat (left) and myself (right)

Below are photos of two of the items about which Pat wrote above:



The following letter is from a dear friend who has given me permission to post it on here.  It is also posted under Comments From Friends of Jesse and Myself.

Regarding Linda Sigmon.  Such a dear and loyal friend to Jesse and to so many others.  She and I have been friends for several years now and I cherish our friendship so much.

What Linda has shared regarding Jesse is the absolute truth and I know it first hand.  She has shared documentation, pics, gifts and writings to her and Tom from Jesse.  She only shares what Jesse agrees to and to whom he agrees it should be shared.  I have seen things with my own eyes, heard things with my own ears and Jesse IS Elvis.  Of that I have NO DOUBT.

Linda and Tom Sigmon are kind, intelligent people whose integrity and honest cannot be questioned.  All of these past years have been difficult for the both of them but they continue to fight the good fight for Jesse. They are good people yet don’t sell them short, their wrath regarding untruths will not be ignored.

People, if you are skeptical at all I would suggest going over Linda’s Information.  If you can’t “see” the facts through ignorance then it’s obvious, in my opinion, that you don’t want to see the truth.  If that is the case, why bother with this subject at all,

Jesse is alive and well.  What is so hard to understand?


More autograph’s, photos, clues etc. at:

November 15, 2009


News added Friday, November 6, 2009

This past week I came across a lengthy interview and article which was published in 2001 with and about Hinton and Felix-Johnson. I have not seen this article before and for the first time I see exactly how much they were lying to the public.  Even though I have known from day one that they were lying about Elvis “coming out“…this is the first time that I have actually seen for myself the magnitude of the lies which they were telling.

I ask that everyone, please, know and understand that Elvis (Jesse) had never promised them or anyone else that he would be coming out.  NEVER!!!

I have no less than 4 letters which Elvis (Jesse) wrote to me during that time in which he makes it absolutely clear that he had no intention whatsoever to “come out“.    In one letter, he told me to ask a certain person to show me in his own handwriting where he had said that he was “coming out“.

It is so wrong to blame Elvis (Jesse) for the false promises which were made to the public…to people who were disappointed and felt hurt by the promises Hinton and Felix-Johnson made which were never to come true.  The fault should be placed at the feet of those who devised the lies in the first place…Hinton and Felix-Johnson.  You will see the article in its entirety below.

Please also see my page below linked for more details.


 Click here: Local Doctor Claims He’s Treating Elvis « The Daily Record

Local Doctor Claims He’s Treating Elvis

December 8, 2001 by thedailyrecord

By Joel Francis

The Examiner

The King of Rock and Roll is alive and well, according to local psychiatrist Don Hinton.

Hinton, who works at Independence Regional Health Center, says he has been treating Elvis Presley for the past five years.

“What I’ve seen him mostly for is chronic pain,” said Hinton, who says he travels ’somewhere in the South’ to treat Elvis. “He has severe arthritis, but I’ve also been there as a friend.”

Hinton is earnest but recognizes there will be skeptics and critics.

“There are people who wouldn’t accept it no matter what I would say or do unless he were here eye-to-eye, and then they would want a blood test or DNA test,” Hinton said.

“I’m a young doctor. This is my family, my career. I would not be doing this if it weren’t the truth.”

Becoming Elvis’ physician is no easy task. Hinton was a member of group of people who knew of Elvis’ existence for more than five years before he was finally able to speak to the King over the telephone.

“By the time I was in his presence it had been proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt,” Hinton said. “I was allowed to meet him because I was a physician and trusted. Friends had known me for 10 years.”

Hinton said he and Elvis became such good friends that the King asked him to help with his book, “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley, In His Own Words.”

“When I first started there was no talk of a book, and I had to promise not to tell a soul,” Hinton said. “In early ‘98 he started talking about wanting to do a book.”

Shrewd Elvis fans may recognize that Elvis’ middle name is spelled “Aaron” on his gravestone at Graceland. However, in a letter on the book’s official Web site,, Elvis himself explains that “I was the one who allowed the ‘A’ on my stone. … The extra ‘A’ was the first letter of the word ‘alive.’ “

According to the book, Elvis staged his death in 1977 and assumed the identity of his twin brother Jesse who was born dead.

“This plan began back in 1976 and it was down to the last detail,” Hinton said. “In his mind what happened in 1977 was not a lie because it was necessary.”

Elvis, who became famous for songs like “Love Me Tender” and “Hound Dog,” and movies like “Jailhouse Rock” and “Viva Las Vegas,” died on Aug. 16, 1977, from an drug overdose. But now, Hinton says, Jesse, nee Elvis, is ready to reclaim the limelight.

“There is part of him that wants his fans to know the truth,” Hinton said. “He has to start talking about his life as Jesse and letting the fans know.”

And the book is just the beginning.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming,” Hinton said. “Beginning next month after his birthday there will be a TV special where celebrities who are his friends who know this is true will come forward. All of this will roll into the 25th anniversary in August.”

But Hinton is certainly not alone. Also among the inner circle of Elvis confidants is Linda Johnson, a neighbor and former co-worker of Hinton’s.

“My uncle was at one time his (Elvis’) dentist,” Johnson said. “That got me in through my relationship and honesty, just like Don. Really Don and I are the only ones in the same state.”

The Elvis book was not released by a major publishing house, Johnson said, because the King wanted to keep his book affordable for fans.

“We shopped around,” Johnson said. “We did our work.”

Larger publishers wouldn’t have accepted the work unless they saw the author typing it.

“He didn’t want to make it sensational or trashy,” Johnson said. “It wanted it to be inexpensive for fans. Most big publishers wanted him sitting in front of them writing.”

Today, Hinton and Johnson said, Elvis is a changed man.

“He’s a very spiritual man. I wouldn’t say he’s a monk, but it’s a completely different world for him,” Hinton said. “He’s turned off by money and show business.”

One thing important to Elvis, er Jesse, these days is privacy.

“He’s more protected than the president but still cannot trust people around him,” Hinton said. “This whole thing was his wish. If he didn’t want it to come out, I would have taken it to my grave.”

Hinton even kept it a secret from his wife, Heather, when they were dating.

“The phone would ring and he would just go into another room and shut the door and come out later,” Heather Hinton said. “He finally told me so I wouldn’t be frustrated or upset.”

Heather Hinton admitted she was skeptical at first.

“When he started explaining what was going on and when I saw things I believed,” Heather Hinton said. “He (Don Hinton) showed me pictures and different things that had been sent to him.”

Color Heather Hinton among the believers.

“I just went with whatever he said as long as it didn’t hurt the family,” Heather Hinton said. “I just thought he wouldn’t do something unless he was pretty sure.”

Don Hinton broke the news to his co-workers shortly before the book came out. He said the news hasn’t hurt his practice. Hinton’s co-workers at Independence Regional Health Center declined to be interviewed.

“It’s affected my practice just because of all the stress,” Don Hinton said. “I hear from people all over the world and 98 or 99 percent of it is positive.”


The following notation was written by Elvis in a book which he read.  He very often made notations and underlined in books as he read them.  This particular notation speaks volumes about what he was planning to do.

This is taken from the last page of Larry Geller’s wonderful book:  Leaves of Elvis’s Garden

Also, take note of the date on this page of the book…3 days after Elvis was born!!

 Thursday, October 15, 2009

The many news articles regarding the auctioning off of Elvis’ hair caused me to think of a gift that Elvis/Jesse once gave to me…a lock of his hair!  I have created a new page today where the hair and the accompanying handwriting are displayed.  Please visit and enjoy!


News added on Sunday, October 4, 2009  

On Sunday, September 27th, 2009 60 Minutes aired a very interesting segment regarding dead celebrities who continue to earn vast sums of money.  Needless to say, Elvis was one of those expounded upon.  The interesting thing is the comment which Mr. Sillerman made when discussing Elvis’ phenomenal earning power after 32 years.  Mr. Sillerman, of course, mentioned all of the wonderful attributes which Elvis had (has) and the fact that there will never be another like him.  At that point, Steve Kroft responds (sounding incredulous that a dead person could still be so loved) “He’s DEAD!!!” to which Mr. Sillerman responds “Are you sure??“

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of this show.  You may find this along with a video at

The heirs of Fred Astaire were able to re-launch his career selling electric brooms during halftime at a Super Bowl, and Elvis was able to sing a duet with Celine Dion on “American Idol.”

Elvis, many think, is the perfect business model for the Michael Jackson estate.

Elvis is the all-time king of afterlife income and still pulls in $50 million a year. But then Elvis is more than a dead celebrity. He is also a destination, at $28 a head to visit his Tennessee home, “Graceland.”

Graceland and the rest of the Elvis realm are now controlled by billionaire entertainment entrepreneur Robert Sillerman.

“And this modest – by today’s standards – home, is the second most visited private residence in the United States. It’s seen by 600,000 people a year,” Sillerman explained.

Sillerman doesn’t just represent Elvis, he owns Elvis: four years ago he spent $100 million to buy 85 percent of the rights to the Presley estate.

“Turned out to be a wonderful deal for us and for the family,” Sillerman told Kroft.

With everyone now getting their 15 minutes fame on cable television and the Web, Sillerman doesn’t think there will ever be another phenomenon quite like Elvis, who has turned out to be relatively recession proof. Some parts of his business are actually up.

Asked why, Sillerman said, “Well, I would love to say that it’s because of our brilliant management….”

“You just did,” Kroft pointed out, laughing.

“I said I would love to say it. I didn’t say it was true. But the fact is that you can’t manufacture the affection and the appeal that Elvis has,” Sillerman said.

“He’s dead,” Kroft said.

Sillerman’s response: “Are you sure?”

If he is not dead, a lot of people have wasted money on flowers. Then there are more than 5,000 Elvis-related products, and the Elvis impersonators.

“In 2002, the BBC did a report on occupations in the United States. And they said that according to the IRS, that over 84,000 people said that being an Elvis impersonator was their principal occupation,” Sillerman said.




NEWS ADDED ON 9-20-2009

 Last night I spoke with Jesse and I obtained his permission to display something written to me in his own handwriting.  He and I have exchanged letters off and on since the spring of 1992.  So I have many, many letters.  However, I don’t want to display any of his personal notes to me without his specific OK. I did ask him specifically if I could display his autographed items which he has given to me over the years.  Below are two such items.  

These are so very precious to me and I feel honored that I have his permission to display them

As you will see, the first one is an autographed Graceland Museum ticket which Jesse sent to me and Tom in 1992.  This is a priceless treasure because it was signed by Elvis Presley long after Aug. 16, 1977.  It, of course, speaks volumes in that it absolutely dates itself.  This is one of my very favorite gifts from Elvis/Jesse.



The next autograph from Elvis/Jesse to me is my copy of his book which he signed for me.  This also is a most treasured gift.  Words cannot express how blessed I feel to be his friend.







Lisa Marie on Larry King in 2003 — discomfort over Larry’s question


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