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Please pardon the pun…but this is concrete proof of the importance of the name JESSE to Elvis at all times…past and present.

Those who have been following my site will recall that, a while back, Elvis/Jesse advised us to go back and watch his own movies for the occurrences of Synchronicity in numbers, dates, names, etc.  He indicated that we would find many occasions of Synchronicity relating to him, his current situation and the decision he made to leave us on August 16, 1977, as well as his avid interest in Numerology.  At that time, I posted some information from the movies “Loving You” and “Jail house Rock“.  He told me about the tombstone in “Loving You” himself to get us started.

The following is just as amazing…only even more significant than the things mentioned above as far as he now being Jesse.  This should, once and for all, settle the issue about Elvis choosing to use the name “JESSE” after he reinvented himself to escape his former life.

In this movie “Charro“, the name of Elvis’s character is Jess Wade (note the name JESS without the “E” at the end.

Charro! (1969)


Cast overview, first billed only:
  Elvis Presley
Jess Wade
Jess Wade is innocently accused of having stolen a cannon from the Mexican revolutionary forces. He tries to find the real culprits, a gang of criminals.”

So, the following proves exactly why Elvis told me to write on my web site that people should watch his movies for significant events of Synchronicity related to him…then and now. “Synchronicity” is my own choice of a word to sum up his thoughts behind what he was expressing to me.  As he used to say before 1977…”There are no coincidences.  Everything has a meaning.”  I couldn’t agree more!

During the time that he was filming Charro, in July and August of 1968, Elvis did a concrete footprint along with his autograph.  Below you will see photos of this item.

In the upper right hand corner, you will see that he printed the name “JESSE“.  As I pointed out above, his character’s name in the movie was JESS with NO “E“.

It is a little difficult to make out the word in the whole photo of the slab.  Therefore, I have cut the word JESSE and color enhanced it to help everyone better see the name “JESSE” which he printed when he autographed this.

Please pardon the pun…but this is concrete proof of the importance of the name JESSE to Elvis at all times…past and present.

As you can see this was dated 7-7-68 by Elvis himself.

If the above didn’t get your attention, then check out the lyrics to the only song heard in this movie.  Elvis did not actually appear performing this song…it is the background to the opening of this film.

With eyes that hide the man within
You see behind the eyes of other men
You’ve lived and died and come to life again
And now you’re standing alone at the crossroads of your mind
You’ve left your yesterdays behind.
But which road leads you to tomorrow?
You’ve turned your back on yesterday
Betrayed a man who swore he’d make you pay
For when you left you took his bride away
You know he’ll never let you break away so easily
You’ll have to fight, before you’re free
But how much more time can you borrow?
Charro…Now in a single moment your past grows dim
One thought goes racing across your mind
You ride to meet the woman you stole from him
Oh no! Charro don’t go!
Charro don’t go!!…There’s something hanging in the wind
Your past is catching up and closing in
You’ve been halfway to hell and back again
And now you laugh in the devil’s face
with your last breath…
You’ll run a race with life and death…
But will you live to see tomorrow?”
You may view photos, clips and listen to Elvis singing “Charro” on YouTube.  Below are several links.

This first link is very good and also features the following details about the film: Elvis Presley # THE MOVIE Charro # part 1 of 10


“Charro! is a 1969 Western film starring Elvis Presley. It was among his final films, and his only role that didn’t feature the star singing on-screen (Flaming Star was not a musical, but he did sing one song onscreen), but Elvis does do the off-screen singing of the main title theme. Presley also sported a stubble beard, in contrast to being clean-shaven in all his other films. Co-starring with Elvis were Ina Balin and Victor French. It was also the only Elvis film released to theaters by National General Pictures. The film made a profit, but wasn’t a runaway success, and remains one of Presley’s least-seen films despite it being among his best in terms of a ‘straight’ (non-musical) acting performance.
Elvis Presley plays Jess Wade, a former member of a gang lead by Vince Hackett (Victor French). Hackett’s band steals a national treasure, a gold-plated Mexican cannon used by emperor Maximillian against popular leader Benito Juárez valued at $100,000 American dollars. The Mexican army offers a $10,000 reward, giving a description of one of the supposed gang members that could be recognized by his beard and a scar on his neck.
The soundtrack songs were recorded in November 1968 at Samuel Goldwyn Studios in Los Angeles, California. As Charro! was not a musical, only the title track was used in the film and released in conjunction with the movie (it appears on the B-side of the single “Memories”); a second song recorded for but not used in the film, “Let’s Forget About the Stars” appeared on the compilation album Let’s Be Friends in 1970). It is sometimes listed erroneously (such as in Elvis: The Illustrated Record by Roy Carr and Mick Farren) as a soundtrack recording from the later Presley film, Change of Habit.
This movie was scheduled to be episode 421 of the movie mocking show Mystery Science Theater 3000, however the rights fell through and it was replaced by Monster A Go-Go.
This is the only film in which Elvis sports a beard.”


1. Charro! (Billy Strange,Mac Davis)
2. Let’s Forget About The Stars (A.L.Owens)”

(Please note that I have not double checked the above comment for accuracy.  I share it as it is shown with the video on YouTube.)


This next link is to a video with a remix of the song Charro. I APOLOGIZE THAT THE OWNER HAS REMOVED THIS VIDEO.

“In June 1968, Presley had already completed the sequences and recorded the songs for what would be his comeback television special and its attendant album, Elvis, that put his musical talents back on display after the long slog of the soundtrack years. His confidence and enthusiasm restored, Presley turned to his musical obligations for Charro! Appropriately for a Western, the studio hired Hugo Montenegro to produce the film’s two songs, the recording session taking place at Samuel Goldwyn Studio in Hollywood, California on October 15, 1968. The title similar like intro theme james bond appeared in the movie during the opening credits, released commercially on February 25, 1969. Remixed by DJ ETHAN in 2007.”
 (Please note that I have not double checked the above comment for accuracy.  I share it as it is shown with the video on YouTube.)
There are others if you care to do a search for Elvis Charro.
You will recall that Elvis/Jesse told me a while back to post on my site that if everyone will go back and watch his movies, they will find significant numbers, dates, names, etc. which are relevant to his life before and after August 16, 1977.  Some of these are related to Numerology.
Such is the case with his character’s name in Charro.  In Numerology each letter of a persons name has a corresponding number value.  My favorite source for translating the letters into numbers is Cheiro’s Book of Numbers…a favorite book of Elvis’s.
Having said that, take a look at the number values of the name
J e s s (e)    W a d e
1  5 3 3  5     6  1 4  5
   = 17                = 16
 1+7 = 8 
You can see that in addition to being a very special and significant name to Elvis, when he added the E to Jess, it changed the number value to equal 8.  In Numerology, you normally reduce the compound numbers down to a single digit.  However, I did not do that in this case because it is obvious that the significance lies in stopping at 16.
How cool is that, everyone?!  Remember the tip to look at his movies for clues came straight from his mouth to my ear.  Another gift from Elvis for his fans.  Love him so.o.o.o much!
Thank you, Jesse! 


This is so touching:

Chilean miner says Elvis helped him through his ordeal

Chilean miner Edison Pena (right)  after being brought to the surface Oct. 13, 2010, following a 10-week ordeal in the collapsed San Jose mine, said Elvis Presley helped him through his ordeal. Pena, 34, led his fellow miners in sing-a-longs of Elvis Presley hits as they awaited rescue. When Graceland officials heard this, they arranged to have a care package, including a CD box set of remastered Elvis classics and a poster of “The King,” sent down into the mine. Now, EPE Inc have offered the Chilean Miner a VIP trip to Graceland.


Below is another page from one of Elvis/Jesse’s handwritten letters which appear in his book.  I have to remind myself pretty often that the majority of my visitors have not read Jesse’s book and therefore have a lot of catching up to do.  So, please forgive my lapse of memory once in a while.

This next item will really bring you up to speed.  I hope you have already read the article which I posted just a few days ago about the book “BOXES” which centers on documented facts that Mr. Howard Hughes also faked his death and lived for 30+ years after the public believed that he had died.

With this thought in mind, please read the following letter written in Jesse’s own hand and published in his book in 2001:

As you can read above, Elvis/Jesse says that “…Mr. Howard Hughes and other very loyal people whose help I needed to pull this off.” 

I feel so honored to be mentioned by Elvis/Jesse when he wrote that I too am “part of this.”




Pool house door photo:

I have located this black and white photo of Al Strada from Dr. Nick’s book taken in 1977:

Al Strada in recent years:

It is my theory that this photo was included in Dr. Nick’s book(which was just published earlier this year) to show, from a distance, what Al Strada looked like in 1977 to attempt to back up the Al Strada story.  He was wearing glasses in this photo which resemble the glasses which Elvis is known to have worn.

My mind is not changed…but you decide.

I do not ask Jesse to validate nor rebuke anything.  He knows that I know who he is and I have no need to put him on the spot about anything…and I certainly won’t start doing so now just to be able to put things on my web site.  The only question I have asked him about the material on my site was about Orion the singer and Orion Pictures…which he did answer affirmatively.












In Feb.,1990, during the airing of the TV SERIES ELVIS: THE EARLY YEARSOrion Pictures previews of the movie RoboCop were aired during the commercial breaks of the very first and second episodes. Then immediately following the second episode, the movie RoboCop aired. So this is further documentation of the Elvis and Orionconnection.

It was so exciting for me to see the second Elvis… episode end with the announcement of “RoboCop…next” while the closing credits of the Elvis episode were still running. Then there is the beautiful ORION Pictures logo which soon appears. Please visit my earlier pages  for background material regarding Elvis being alive and connected with the name ORION…singer and movies. Here are some of my existing pages regarding this topic:

Here is the link to my YouTube video:




As promised I have located the special addition to the above article.

Below, you will see that Elvis/Jesse wrote to the man who eventually became my friend and who, later on, asked Elvis to contact me.  You will see that Elvis wrote the date and time at the top of the first page.  “1-28-90 4:45 AM”

Then you will see the very brief excerpt from that letter in which he asked my friend “Will you see my program on T V Feb. 6?  I can’t wait!”

Then you will see an excerpt where you will see his signature on the letter “Sincerely, Elvis Jesse”

The facts behind this letter:  This person had already been in touch with Elvis for sometime and they had become friends.  Elvis wrote long letters to the friend and this is from one of them.  The friend shared several of Elvis’s letters to him with me after he and I became friends in the summer of 1991.  I have guarded the privacy of these letters just as much as those which Elvis has written to me.  That is why below you will only see tiny fragments of this letter.

The portion to which I wish to draw everyone’s attention is the comment by Elvis asking the friend about watching his T V program.

Of course, the program about which he was writing was “ELVIS: THE EARLY YEARSseries which debuted on February 6th, 1990.  I think it is so wonderful that he was so happy and excited about it …saying “I can’t wait!”  This has always made me very happy because I knew, when I read this letter, that he was very active and involved in the current goings on.  It should make everyone who loves him very happy for him too.

That first episode, on Feb. 6th, was the one in which the first Robocop T V premiere was advertised during the commercial break…saying it would air Sunday.  Then, as I wrote earlier, the movie Robocop was advertised during the break on the 2nd episode of the series and then immediately following that show, Robocop aired.  As stated above, Robocop is an Orion Pictures release.

Of course, all of this was after Gail’s book (which was a New York Times Bestseller) made the world aware of the Orion/Elvis connection.  Also, this was after Orion had begun making movies in Memphis… several with Elvis themes or mentions in them.  These movies were all filmed in Memphis beginning in 1988…the year of Gail’s whirl wind book release, interviews, etc.

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing this in Elvis’s own handwriting.  I apologize that the quality is not better…but these are scanned from Xerox copies which are 19 years old and which have faded.  This is the very first (and will be the only) time that these letters which the friend shared with me have ever been seen by anyone outside my home.

As I also wrote earlier, this is just one example of the many things which were told and shown to me before I ever had my very first post card from Elvis in the Spring of 1992.  So, I knew he really was Elvis before I was in contact with Elvis himself…almost one year after I saw this letter. 

Please take the time to process the fact that I have been in touch with people who were/are in touch with Elvis himself for the past 20+ years.  After seeing my massive amount of evidence (over 50 pages plus the accompanying YouTube videos) can you logically say that my site is not the truth?

I have vowed to myself, and everyone else with whom I have ever discussed my friendship with Elvis/Jesse, that I will NEVER make so much as one penny off of my friendship with him.  That is the reason that you are reading and seeing all of my material for FREE with no strings attached.

I began this site to defend myself against lies which were spread about me once Jesse’s book came out in 2001.  Recently, during a phone conversation with Jesse in which I mentioned the book, Jesse said “The book.  That should never have come out until after I am gone.”  So, this tells me that he still feels the same way he did that Sunday night, so many years ago, when he first spoke to me about the idea of Hinton writing a book.  He called and discussed the whole idea with me before he even mentioned the idea of a book to Hinton.  At the time, I thought it was a wonderful idea.  He told me that night that it was to be released after he passed away.

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing this bit of Elvis’s handwriting from back in Jan. 1990…almost 21 years ago.  🙂


 Will you see my program on T V Feb 6  I can’t wait!”



Rick Thomas sent me the link to the following YouTube video of Lisa Marie in her very first ever public appearance.  This took place at the celebration in honor of Elvis by the U. S. Postal service when the Elvis stamp was issued in 1993.  Rick pointed out that he thinks the words which she spoke are significant and that possibly she stated her acceptance in that way because she didn’t want to lie…in that the stamps had, before that time, been issued only in honor of people who were dead.

This is a very good and rare video which I have not seen before.  I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I have.

This video belongs to:  elvisp99

Lisa Marie Presley accepts award on behalf of Elvis – 1993


Since Lisa Marie appeared on Oprah this past week, she has been on a lot of people’s mind.

For those who have missed seeing the video of Lisa Marie on Larry King which I have on my earlier page, I will post the link to that video along with the details of the video which I wrote on my page devoted to this video.

Here is the link to a portion of a show on which Larry King interviewed Lisa Marie in 2003.  I believe that the entire show is viewable on YouTube in a number of segments.  This segment focuses on her father and his (supposed) death.  This is segment #3 and at 4:35 you will see an awkward moment when Larry asked Lisa about any communication with her father….Larry meant communication from “the beyond“, but one has to wonder why this question made her so nervous.  You will see that she even began to push her chair back as if preparing to stand up, then told Larry that she did not want to talk about that.  Upon which Larry told her that she did not have to…that it wasn’t a court of law.  She returned to her prior posture and continued the interview.

This video is owned by:  adaptation99
Lisa Marie Presley on Larry King Live 2003 part 3

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I don’t believe that I have covered the following movie in detail yet.  Quite honestly, my web site has grown so large that I can’t recall if I have mentioned this movie on my site yet or not.  It is such a huge clue and one of my very favorites…it does bear repeating.  If I have mentioned it, I know that I haven’t shown this much detail before.

This was one of my earliest finds about Orion Pictures and Elvis…22 years ago.  Back then I had no computer and my research was all done at the library and the video stores.

This is another “bombshell“.   This is a huge clue from Orion Pictures.  Just take a look at the title and the release date.  Enough said!!!

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

91 min  –  Comedy | Horror

When a bumbling pair of employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to re-animate as they go on a rampage through Louisville, Kentucky seeking their favorite food, brains.



Dan O’Bannon


Dan O’Bannon (screenplay), Rudy Ricci (story), and 2 more credits »

Release Date:    16 August 1985 (USA)

Company credits for

Just in case anyone wants to check out my accuracy, below is the link to the site from which the above information is taken:  Internet Movie Data Base.  Much of my Orion Pictures material may be verified by looking the movies up on this site.   This site is a gold mine of movie data where you can search for the titles, the actors, the crews, the company credits, etc. of just about any movie ever made.  Wish I could have had this site 22 years ago.

You will recall that Elvis/Jesse told me a while back to post on my site that if everyone will go back and watch his movies, they will find significant numbers, dates, names, etc. which are relevant to his life before and after August 16, 1977.  Some of these are related to Numerology.
Such is the case with his character’s name in Charro.  In Numerology each letter of a persons name has a corresponding number value.  My favorite source for translating the letters into numbers is Cheiro’s Book of Numbers…a favorite book of Elvis’s.
Having said that, take a look at the number values of the name
J e s s (e)    W a d e
1  5 3 3  5     6  1 4  5
   = 17                = 16
 1+7 = 8 
You can see that in addition to being a very special and significant name to Elvis, when he added the E to Jess, it changed the number value to equal 8.  In Numerology, you normally reduce the compound numbers down to a single digit.  However, I did not do that in this case because it is obvious that the significance lies in stopping at 16.
How cool is that, everyone?!  Remember the tip to look at his movies for clues came straight from his mouth to my ear.  Another gift from Elvis for his fans.  Love him so.o.o.o much!
Thank you, Jesse!  🙂

Below you will see another instance of John Burrows in the credits as Unit Production Manager.  This time it was in a 1979 Wonder Woman episode titled “Amazon Hot Wax“.

The interesting thing about this show is that the plot was that of a famous singer who faked his death thinking that it would liven up his career.  He was planning to come back…but the crooks and a million dollars got thrown into the mix.  His last recording was worth more with him gone.

“The New Adventures of Wonder Woman”Amazon Hot Wax (1979)”Wonder Woman” Amazon Hot Wax (original title)

Below are some snip its from the Synopsis.  This is taken from

Diana, it turns out, is investigating an extortion case involving Phoenix Records. The extortionists, Adelle Kobler and her flunkie Marty, have the master tape of the last album of popular deceased singer Billy Dero, and they are pressing Eric Landau, majority owner of Phoenix, for payment.

One of Phoenix’s acts, a trio of guys calling themselves Antimatter (featuring a young Rick Springfield in his second “Wonder Woman” episode), discovers a hidden message in one of Dero’s tracks. Antimatter decide to investigate, suspecting Dero is still alive. Indeed, they do find him. He’s been hiding out for a few weeks hoping his “death” would liven up his career.

Kobler and Co. are miffed that Dero is back and their master tape is now worthless.
The title of this master tape is “Farewell To The Master“….hm.m.m.m.m  doesn’t that sound familiar!?
Below is a still from the show in which you can see that John Burrows was the Unit Production Manager.
I have also created a video of excerpts of this show in which you can see the basic points of the plot as well as seeing all of the credits for the show.
The above Synopsis is available on… to which I have referred visitors before for substantiating evidence of my written word.
However, there is one curious thing about these credits.  As you can see above with your own eyes in the still and on my YouTube video, it clearly shows John Burrows as Unit Production Manager.  But, on IMDB it  shows someone else in that position.  Isn’t that curious…wonder why?
Here are a few more lines from IMDB proving some points which I have made:
That Cathy Meadows is a real songbird, we see (and we get to hear Lynda Carter sing two tracks from her early “Portrait” album of this era…



Ray Austin


Alan Brennert

Original Air Date:

16 February 1979


Here is a partial list taken from the IMDB Full Cast and Crew

Episode Crew
Produced by
Douglas S. Cramer …. executive producer
Charles B. Fitzsimons …. producer
John Gaynor …. associate producer
Bruce Lansbury …. supervising producer
Production Management
Max Stein …. unit production manager

ELVIS IS ALIVE – John Burrows 1979 – Wonder Woman – Amazon Hot Wax


I hope everyone will enjoy the above and take it as food for thought.
I want to extend my appreciation to my longtime friend, Aaron, who made a copy of his video for me way back in January, 1992.


I want to thank a friend, Pepper, who jogged my memory about something that I have not thought of in a very long time.

Maria Columbus, the president of The Elvis Special fan club, and her associate who is now deceased, received a letter from a friend who signed his letter as “J. B.” in 1979 voicing his hurt and disappointment over the things being done and said about Elvis after he left. 

Maria Columbus and her friend had known Elvis personally.  Theirs was a very prominent fan club and one of the oldest and/or longest running.  For a time back in the early 90’s, Maria and I were in touch.  When I published my newsletter, Maria and I exchanged our newsletters.  I always liked Maria very much and respected her.  Maria was convinced that Elvis did not die.  She did interviews on tape with Gail Brewer-Giorgio contributing the facts which she knew which convinced her that Elvis is still alive.  There are videos on YouTube in which you can see Maria discussing those facts.  Here is a link to a YouTube video on  which you can see Maria being interviewed…her’s is at the very beginning of the tape.

This YouTube video is  From: Lindasothervideos

2/5 Elvis. Is he Alive? Shocking Evidence!


A portion of the letter which Maria received in 1979 is transcribed below.  This letter touches my heart so deeply and I think anyone who loves Elvis, the man, not just the superstar image, will feel saddened to know that he was and has always been seeing the garbage put out there by people who were so-called family, friends and associates.  People who were so very privileged to have been on the “inside of his personal life“.  These people could not wait to begin spreading their sensationalized lies in books, magazines and interviews just to gain public attention and make money off of their trash.

Below, you will read a portion of what he wrote to Maria…and I surmise that he wanted it to be published in her newsletter.

I hope that his words reached all of the despicable Stanley’s, Marty Lacker, Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Sonny West, Dave Hebler, Red West, etc.  Some of  whom, to this day, continue to make a living as leaches who have never learned to make an honest living aside from riding on Elvis’s legacy.  If, they have not read this, then I hope they will read it now and know the hurt they have caused Elvis.

Here is part of what was written:

“Before I left my thoughts were of all of you. I wanted to leave behind beautiful memories for all of you to share. You see, I knew you loved me, and you would grieve deeply for me. I wanted you to remember me with smiles and love…of a favorite song, concert or dreams.”

He went on to say he had always wanted the best for his family, friends, and fans.

He continued, “Now when I should be at peace, and you should be going onward and growing, I feel so much hate, envy, and jealousy. Instead of leaving beautiful thoughts behind me, I find only rubbish going down as guidelines from friends wanting the public to know the truth of the legend known as Elvis Presley. Just what is truth my friends? Is truth calculated as money? Is truth known in friendship? Is truth known in love? Is truth known in caring? Just what is it? I need to know. I want you to know I gave all of these in loving moments in time. I shared myself, and found out that I shared it with Judas; Friends that would turn against me after death who did not have the courage to face me in life. This is a reason for dying? If this is the truth, what must your lies be? I send love and healing to all the people that love me. Thank you for believing in me”
Word has reached me today from two of my close friends that Dee Stanley’s nasty, filthy, vile little book which she attempted to publish once before has now been published.
It is interesting to look back at the history of this book to see where it stands in Elvis’s/Jesse’s opinion.
Some of you may recall that this book was already in print and excerpts of it had already been published in a tabloid many years ago.  On an Geraldo show, J. D. Sumner and Janelle McComb came forward to set the record straight about the filthy garbage that had spewed forth from the mind of that hate filled old woman, Dee Stanley.  Even Red West came on TV and said “We’re gong to get you, Dee”. 
J. D. and Mrs. McComb denounced the most filthy portion of the book in no uncertain terms.  That portion of the book is so filthy and evil minded that I won’t even mention the accusations…so very distasteful and untrue.  I understand that there was a backstage altercation between Janelle McComb and Dee which included Mrs. McComb hitting Dee with her purse.
Jesse was very disturbed by this garbage and wrote to a mutual friend of his and mine that “there would be no book forthcoming“.  And sure enough, even though the book was already in print, it vanished.  Dee herself seemed to have crawled back under a rock and was not heard from about that book anymore.
But now it seems the old witch has resurfaced and put the book out there again.  I have not visited the site on which one of my friends says one may read about it.  I believe it is available on the Internet…but I have not checked for it’s availability nor do I intend to do so.
I beg that all of you who truly love Elvis/Jesse will not support this bitter old woman in her attempts to make money off of her fabrications about Elvis and his real blood family.
I appreciated what J. D. said on the Geraldo show.  The next time I attended a show by J. D. and the Stamps, I made a point of going to J. D. to thank him for having stood up against Dee’s lies on Geraldo.  J. D. broke into the biggest smile when I told him that and hugged me.  My husband was there with a camera but missed our initial conversation and said to us  “I missed that” and so J. D. and I hugged again and I will display the photo of this below.  J. D. truly loved Elvis/Jesse and was not going to stand by and let Dee get away with telling such vulgar lies about Elvis and his family.



A very good friend has just sent me an article in which all three of Dee’s sons and even Dee herself are denouncing that rag mag vile book which just became available.  Dee even apologizes for the lies she has told in the past and denies knowing anything about how this book became available again.

As I wrote earlier, back when that book was already in print but not yet in the stores…but in the tabloids, Jesse said that “no book will be forthcoming”.  And, the book and Dee both disappeared from the public arena.

Hopefully, this book will be destroyed and never seen again.

I have asked my friend for the source of the news article in order that I may display it here.  Hopefully, I will be able to do so very soon.  In the mean time, I ask that everyone spread the word that this book belongs in the incinerator.

UPDATE:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 – 8:00 PM

I have been away all day and have just now had an opportunity to look more into the source of the Stanley’s comments.  I see that the article was taken from the Elvis Express Radio site.  While, I fully understand that Mr. Dawson is not a fan of mine, I hope he will not mind that I am posting his article on here.  We are in a battle with evil and I am certainly not too proud to display his article and credit him with it.

What the Stanleys are saying should be read by everyone who cares about Elvis/Jesse.  Because I know how upsetting this is to him, I want everyone to rise up against this filthy book.  I hope it can once again be removed from availability to the public.  I have not spoken with Elvis/Jesse about this…I did not even know that it existed until yesterday…but, I know that he will feel very disturbed by the resurfacing of this garbage.

As you will see, even Dee’s own son’s are rising up against it…they who themselves have been far less than honest about Elvis in order to promote their own works and sell books, etc.

Here is the article which my friend Emailed to me this morning and again, this entire article was written by Mr. Lee Dawson on EER (Elvis Express Radio) @

STANLEY’S COMMENT ON BOOK – As we all know, since the early 90’s Dee Stanley has claimed Elvis and his mother slept together in the biblical sense. Her book was never published except for excerpts in the sensationalist paper, the National Enquirer. Now though, her book is available for download as an E-book and here are comments from Dee’s sons and also from Dee herself.

Billy Stanley: “I tried to STOP it, and I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT… This is the last time I will comment on this… Lies about Elvis will not be tolerated, by me and I am ashamed by this book….”

David Stanley: “It looks like a book written by my mother ( The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis) has been made available at Barns and Nobles via e-b ook. Let me make this clear – while I love my Mother my official comment on her book is that it is a pack of lies… I knew Elvis and knew him well. I am truly ashamed that my mother woul…d print such untruths. I am in no way connected to this trash.”

Rick Stanley: “I have just heard of a terrible book written by my mother. It is filled with unspeakable LIES. I cannot believe I am just now hearing about this. Do not waste your time on it. This is the first we have heard of a book being done by our Mother. We are just now hearing these terrible LIES. Again we were not aware of any of this until about an hour ago.”

So, Billy tries to stop it…David calls it a pack of lies and Rick says the book is lies and tells fans not to waist their money on it. Bravo to the Stanley boys on making these statements.

BUT, Dee has also made a statement which says: “Dee Presley , has no knowledge of a recently published book. She gave NO permission , NO money has been exchanged , and she looks forward to clearing up any scandalous words she may have said years ago, and who is responsible for releasing this trash.”

There sure are questions raised with these comments, if Dee knew nothing about this book being released as an e-book that how could Billy Stanley have tried to STOP IT? Dee has said she wished to do an interview here on E.E.R in order to give her side of things and as always here on E.E.R we allow everyone the right to reply.

I sure would like to know how on earth a company like Barnes & Noble would release a book that had not given any permission from the author…I mean how would they get hold of the manuscript? The information on the Barnes & Noble site state, Publisher: Dee Presley

I will be contacting Barnes & Noble and asking for their comment regarding the claims from Dee and to also give them the right to reply. We will see what happens next.


I have spent several hours going through my massive collection of videos of TV shows which I have taped for many years regarding Elvis.  I know that I taped the Geraldo show of which I wrote above…but I cannot find the tape.  Evidently, I forgot to write the title on the tape and I can’t watch every tape looking for it. 

As you can see, I do try diligently to back up everything I write with substantiating proof…but this time I cannot locate it.  So, I have been on a search on the Internet and came up with the very best proof that I can.

Below is the link to a forum on which this show was discussed.  One person wrote a very detailed and accurate description of the entire show and, at that time, posted links to YouTube videos…a set of 5 which showed the entire show.  Unfortunately, these videos are no longer available on YouTube.  So, I have done the best thing that I can and below you will see a link to this forum, a copy of the post describing the show, and photos of the links which used to take one to the YouTube videos.

I furnish all of this to substantiate my account of the show which I wrote above:

Post subject: Dee Stanley is shown as the Nut case that she is on Geraldo
Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:30 am 

For some, this Geraldo program will get your blood boiling especially the begriming of the program when One of the most Hated Woman by the Elvis fans is interviewed by Geraldo.

Then we get to see from the Editor of the Enquirer as to how well they research what they try to sell in their magazine.

By saying that, we can see that they do very little and that Mike Walker should have been ashamed of himself..

Stanley’s allegations that Elvis had an insest relationship with his Mother put her in the Number One spot ahead of her own son David as being one of the most disliked and hated people to be associated with Elvis by default.

What this program did at the same time was show proof that she is the lowest of low, a person that did not deserve to still beable to use the name Presley, garbage through and through.

Thank goodness Vernon never adopted any of her kids so that they could use the name too.

This program not only showed the witch for being the true insane and unbalanced person that she was and is, but this program does also have some good points too, especially when JD come’s forward and show’s how much he cared about Elvis and what he knew and what he thought of Stanley and how he put her in her place, The program also showed how much Joe Esposito Cared about Elvis and what he knew, seeing Janelle McComb come forward and what she said, said it all, Bill Burke also was also able to show that Stanley was nothing but a liar.

Stanley it seems was not even stopping with the incest suggestion in her forth coming book that never happened, she even wanted to come out and say that Elvis was gay as well. One lie after another.

I’ve watched this program twice now since it aired and I found myself getting a little teary eyed when JD gets to speak and also when Janelle got to speak.

They spoke from the heart and they spoke with conviction and truth. Not anything Stanley could make believe to anyone that she had any of it in herself, that is for sure.


PEP 8)

I am sorry that I don’t recall if Jesse told our mutual friend that “there will be no book forthcoming” before or after this show aired.  Since J. D. is no longer with us to be bothered, I think it is alright for me to say that at first J. D. did not know the truth.  But, later on, he and Elvis/Jesse did resume contact and they were close friends up until the day J. D. died.  J. D. was a true and loyal friend.  Elvis/Jesse spoke to me once right after he had gotten off the phone with J. D. and told me some of the things they were discussing.


The following photos are extremely rare and will further prove my material in which I have shown that Elvis was very much involved in law enforcement.  He was not just collecting badges as a hobby.  The collection was one thing.  His actual involvement in law enforcement on all levels local, federal, etc. was a very important part of his life.

You will love these photos.  They are shared as a courtesy from my friend on Facebook…ELVIS LIVES.  If you have not been to Facebook and visited this person’s videos and photos, I urge you to do so.  He has such beautiful and very rare items.  I thank him for his permission to display the following photos.

Elvis flew on a commercial flight to Denver, Colorado to be awarded Captain’s badge with the Denver Police.

I encourage everyone to look at all of this very carefully.  Does this look like someone who was “strung out” and just collecting law enforcement badges as a pass time?



I just found that several of these photos were also made public by :


Below is another very interesting instance in which Elvis/Jesse AKA John Burrows was once again the Unit Production Manager.  This movie is the biography of Ray Charles.  Anyone who has watched this wonderful movie will be able to understand why this particular movie would be of interest to Elvis/Jesse.  If you haven’t watched this movie, I very highly recommend it…a great movie.

Below is the proof of John Burrows involvement:

The following is from Internet Movie Data Base at

Ray Charles has the distinction of being both a national treasure and an international phenomenon. By the early 1960’s Ray Charles had accomplished his dream. He’d come of age musically. He’d made it to Carnegie Hall. The hit records “Georgia,” “Born to Lose” successively kept climbing to the top of the charts. He’d made his first triumphant European concert tour in 1960 (a feat which, except for 1965, he’s repeated at least once a year ever since). He had taken virtually every form of popular music and broken through its boundaries with such awe inspiring achievements as the LP’s “Genius Plus Soul Equals Jazz” and “Modern Sounds in Country & Western.” Rhythm & blues (or “race music” as it had been called) became universally respectable through his efforts. Jazz found a mainstream audience it had never previously enjoyed. And country & western music began to chart an unexpected course to general acceptance… Written by Crusader
Full cast and crew for
Ray (2004)

Below is the trailer for this movie on YouTube.  This video is owned by: KING0FKEYS


One last comment from me about this Elvis/Jesse/John Burrows connection:  Don’t forget that Orion Pictures was the production company of Great Balls of Fire which is the biography of Jerry Lee Lewis.  See the similarities…all Rock and Roll greats!!


I just found that there are two copies of Jesse’s book up for sale on Ebay.  I have had a number of inquiries about the availability of the book…so, I hope this will be helpful to those who are searching for it.  Just click on  the title below and it will take you to the item on Ebay.

Buy It Now $70.00 Time left:6d 18h 40m
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Free shipping

Time left:5d 16h 45m


I came across an article which I like and think everyone else will also.  We all know this info. already…but it is nice to see again.


The following page is the last page from the book by Marion Cocke.  As you can see Elvis expressed to her his desire to just leave it all behind and lead a normal life.

This fact was stated by Elvis to many of those around him in 1977.

This is a precious book which I heartily recommend to everyone who loves Elvis/Jesse. 


The photo below is in color and taken at a slightly different angle than the one which Jesse allowed to be used for the cover of his book.  I enjoyed seeing this photo and hope you will also.


Below is a photo of the back of the jumpsuit which Elvis wore during his final concerts.  As you will note the sundial has 16 points around the outer edge.  Others have pointed out that inside the sundial there are 8 emblems…but I have not been able to view closely enough to recognize that fact.  Again the emphasis on “16“.

Along side is an actual photo of a sundial.  One can see that Elvis designed the image on his jumpsuit to incorporate the “16” points.



Here is the link where you may read the complete history of Orion Pictures:

I have never said that Elvis/Jesse was one of the owners of Orion Pictures…only that the company was very much Elvis oriented.  I have much more information on individual movies which they produced relating to Elvis as time goes on.  The time line of the movies related to Elvis and the happenings regarding Elvis being alive run parallel and are very obvious.

Also, there is a very significant reason why the name Orion means so much to Elvis/Jesse.  But, due to the harsh reaction to anything which most people do not understand, I will not write the details on this web site.  That is a shame because it is something very interesting and profound.

Also, THIS IS ELVIS, was a Warner Brothers Production.  People asked why Warner Bros. would be the producer of that movie as Elvis never was associated with Warner Bros.  But, Orion Pictures was.  In his conversation in the 1981 tape he spoke of some movies that had come out in the recent past which he did not like at all and he wished they had asked him before they did the movie.  I believe he was referring to the Dick Clark movie starring Kurt Russell as several of Elvis’s friends and associates were involved in that movie..Joe Esposito, Charlie Hodge, etc.

I believe that THIS IS ELVIS was Elvis’s movie the way he wanted it made.  The Warner Bros. and Orion Pictures association would explain the choice of Warner Bros. for the movie.

The reason I write all of this based strictly on my own personal observations and opinions is because, as I have stated so often, I do not ask Elvis/Jesse prying questions.  Through the years I have expressed many of my beliefs to him…but never have I asked for his response.

He did remark once “You never cease to amaze me.” which of course is a phrase he once used publicly.  But, when he said this to me it was because of the massive amount of information I had been sharing with him.


For those who were not aware of any of the Elvis Is Alive events back in 1988 when Gail Brewer Giorgio’s book came out and caused a world wide stir and was on the New York Times bestseller list, there is a still sealed with the tape available on Ebay now.  I want to again repeat that Elvis told me that he did “not want that woman to make any more money off of me” and I respect his wishes totally.  However, this is not a first sell book and therefore no money will go to her.  I think anyone who has not “been there” for the past 22 years, will find this book very interesting.  The tape is priceless and is of phone conversations with Elvis in around 1981.  This tape has been voice authenticated by a law enforcement agency in Texas as being the voice of Elvis.  Even though a “cover” was brought forth to say it was him…it really is Elvis himself on the tape.

It has been established that it was most likely his friend Ellen Marie Foster with whom he was speaking.  She was a friend from before 1977 whom he had told before August 16 that she should not believe what she would be seeing in the news soon.

You will hear him speak of recording (after 1977) and saying that there are people who helped him to continue without bringing him too far out into the open…I believe this reference is to the Orion recordings and performances…The Killer, The King, etc.

Here is the link to the Ebay article….as you will see, it is a very affordable price.


I have displayed proof earlier that Elvis and Jimmy Ellis were friends as stated in one of Joe Esposito’s books.  Below is what I previously displayed:

Page #92 from Joe Esposito’s Book “Celebrate Elvis Volume 1”
 This proves that Jimmy “Orion” Ellis was friends with Elvis and Joe:


Also, remember that Elvis/Jesse himself confirmed my beliefs about the Orion songs…that some of them are really Elvis himself.



As I have promised from day one on my site, if I realize that I have made an error of any kind or even think that I may be wrong about something, I set about to correct and make right whatever it is.

Having said that, I want to make sure that everyone understands that the only movie which Elvis/Jesse has said he worked in as John Burrows was Pump Up The Volume.  While I still certainly do not believe that is the only work he has done in the movies nor under that name, I have done more research and I now see that it appears that there is another man who does such work with that same name.

I have finally, after all these years, located a photo of John Burrows. It is actually an interview with a man named John Burrows and he most certainly is not Elvis.  Therefore, it is one of two things, either they are two unrelated people or this publicly appearing man is a cover for Elvis.

I only know for sure that Elvis himself said, back when the movie came out (BEFORE it was released) that his name would be in the credits and it was.  There has never been a photo of “John Burrows” shown anywhere before, that I have been able to locate.  I have searched diligently and on IMDB where profile photos are shown of the people about whom they show their work credentials and history, no photo is shown of John Burrows.

Also, it is very suspicious that, for a time, the episode of Wonder Woman on which John Burrows was the unit production manager, was for a time “pulled” and could not be viewed…now shows someone else as the Unit Production manager on IMDB.  Very suspicious, especially considering the plot of the show.

It is very late here my time and so I will stop for tonight.  As soon as I have time, I will copy and paste a still from the interview video with John Burrows on here so you may all see the other John Burrows.

So, from here on out, I will reference no other movies on which I have seen John Burrows in the credits unless I first ask Elvis/Jesse himself.  

I apologize for any over-stepping which I may have done.

Thank you for your understanding.  I do my level best to be totally accurate in all that I write and display.  I am always 100% honest to the very best of my knowledge.



The Making Of Nightmare On Elm St. 2/5 which is owned by  (tnvincesanity)
You may watch this video at: or below by clicking:
Footnote:  This video has been removed by the user.



Foreword:  I, myself do not visit Elvis Express Radio nor Elvis Information Network to read their articles, so I am only reporting what a poster displayed on the below forum.  I do hope this is accurate and that the book has actually been pulled by Barnes and Noble.

I set up a news alert for Dee Stanley Presley’s name last week in order to keep abreast of any news about her and the below forum came up in my news alert today…so that is the only way I am aware of it.

I advise each reader of this to visit the two above web sites to see for themselves if the article has been updated to state that the book definitely has been pulled.

It is reported on the forum, whose link I will display below, that Barnes and Noble has pulled the Dee Stanley book.  This reportedly originated on Elvis Express Radio.  As I have stated before Lee Dawson is anything but a fan of mine…but I applaud EER regarding this filthy piece of trash book.  Also, the writer has also quoted from an article in EIN…again a web site that is anything but a fan of mine.  But, again I also applaud them for printing the truth about that despicable piece of garbage written by Dee.

I hope that I am not speaking out of turn when I relate something that took place after Elvis’s Oct., 1988 telephone call to Gail Brewer-Giorgio.  Gail, in hind sight unfortunately, taped that conversation and later made it public with one of her books.  It was confirmed by Gene Smith that it definitely was Elvis himself who phoned Gail.  Gail told me herself that one of the Stanley boys phoned her (Gail) and asked her if Elvis called her again, would Gail please ask Elvis to call him.  So, this also displays their duplicity in arguing so strongly that they know Elvis died.  This is one of those rare things which I cannot document…so it is up to the visitors who read this to decide for themselves.  I doubt very seriously that the other two know that their brother called Gail with that request.

The best thing I’ve seen that the Stanley’s have ever done is below: …..VILE STANLEY BOOK PULLED: Elvis Express Radio reports that…..the vile book of disgusting lies about Elvis Presley and his mother written by Dee Stanley has now been pulled from the Barnes & Noble site. Stanley told E.E.R that she had no idea the book was published and had taken no money for the piece of trash called ‘The Intimate Life & Death of Elvis Presley’.However, Billy Stanley has made a statement that he tried to stop the book being published? Whatever the truth is we hope to find out as we have contacted Barnes & Noble to get their comment on this story.While I am pleased that the book has now been pulled, one thing has to be remembered and that is Dee wrote the book in the first place, tried desperately to get it published in the 1990’s, had excerpts…including the whole incest story….published in the tabloid paper, the National Enquirer and went on national TV in America to try to sell her stories. Remember that!STANLEY’S COMMENT ON BOOK – As we all know, since the early 90’s Dee Stanley has claimed Elvis and his mother slept together in the biblical sense. Her book was never published except for excerpts in the sensationalist paper, the National Enquirer. Now though, her book is available for download as an E-book and here are comments from Dee’s sons and also from Dee herself.Billy Stanley: “I tried to STOP it, and I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT… This is the last time I will comment on this… Lies about Elvis will not be tolerated, by me and I am ashamed by this book….”David Stanley: “It looks like a book written by my mother ( The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis) has been made available at Barns and Nobles via e-book. Let me make this clear – while I love my Mother my official comment on her book is that it is a pack of lies… I knew Elvis and knew him well. I am truly ashamed that my mother would…d print such untruths. I am in no way connected to this trash.”Rick Stanley: “I have just heard of a terrible book written by my mother. It is filled with unspeakable LIES. I cannot believe I am just now hearing about this. Do not waste your time on it. This is the first we have heard of a book being done by our Mother. We are just now hearing these terrible LIES. Again we were not aware of any of this until about an hour ago.”So, Billy tries to stop it…David calls it a pack of lies and Rick says the book is lies and tells fans not to waist their money on it. Bravo to the Stanley boys on making these statements.Dee Stanley trashes her own book: In a surprising development Dee Presley has also made a statement which says: “Dee Presley has no knowledge of a recently published book. She gave NO permission , NO money has been exchanged , and she looks forward to clearing up any scandalous words she may have said years ago, and who is responsible for releasing this trash.”There sure are questions raised with these comments, if Dee knew nothing about this book being released as an e-book that how could Billy Stanley have tried to STOP IT? Dee has said she wished to do an interview here on E.E.R in order to give her side of things and as always here on E.E.R we allow everyone the right to reply.David Stanley (shown above with Elvis) told EIN yesterday: I just came across my mothers new book on the Internet, The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis.  I wanted to make my position very clear on this published work. It is a pack of lies and I am deeply saddened that she continues to say such horrible untruths about Elvis. While I love my mother because she is my mother – I am ashamed  of her and her actions concerning the publications of such untruths. I speak for all of us,  The Stanley brothers,  in saying that this book is truly a piece of trash and in no way are we associated with it or her lies.To the fans I admit that over the years I have said things about my step-brother that I wish I had not had said. This was motivated by a deep sense of hurt and loss.  As I recently confided with my fiend Joe Esposito, I was angered by the fact that Elvis left me so soon. For this I am truly sorry.  I loved Elvis very much and miss daily.

What my mother has said is disgraceful. I, along my brothers Billy and Ricky, stand by the Elvis we all knew and loved. I thank God more than ever that he was the Parent figure in my life. I will love and defend him for the rest of my life as being the greatest human being I ever knew. Shame on you Dee.

EIN Comment: Dee Presley’s condemnation of her own book raises a few questions. Is the released book what she wrote or has she changed her mind on what happened? How did at least two online book outlets obtain the book to offer for “download” sale? And why did Billy Stanley know about its release and not Dee? (See our earlier stories dated Wed 20 and Thursday 21 October)


Clarification of my article yesterday regarding the photo of Jimmy Ellis.  Someone pointed out to me that they did not understand that I was saying that it was Elvis, Jimmy Ellis and Priscilla in the photo.  So, here is my reworded first paragraph.  I apologize for any confusion about who everyone in the picture is.

I am very happy and excited to present the photo below.  This photo was shared with me by my dear friend, Betty, who knew and was friends with Jimmy Ellis personally.  Of course, in the photo with Jimmy Ellis is Elvis and Priscilla. Betty believes that this is Jimmy Ellis in this photo.  I agree with her.   I extend my heartfelt thanks to Betty for sharing this fantastic photo. 



I did a search on Barnes and Noble just now and it does appear that Dee’s book is no longer available on Barnes and Noble.  I will paste my search results at B & N below.  As you can see, the only book that is now shown in the search results is their book from long ago by all of the Stanleys.

Barnes & Noble

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  • Showing 1-2 of 2 results for dee stanley presley
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    Release Date
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I saw a mention that it was available at some other Internet store…but I don’t know the name of the store to verify whether it is still available there or not…hopefully it is gone totally and forever.

It certainly is interesting how the Stanley boys have done a 180 turn around on what they are saying about Elvis.  I believe it is because they are beginning to see that the fact that Elvis is still alive may become a proven fact.

Also, I found it interesting that David says all of the negative things he said heretofore about Elvis stemmed from hurt and anger that Elvis left us too soon.  Grief over the death of someone usually does not take the form of lies and attempts at ruining the image of the person for whom one grieves.

I don’t believe a word that the Stanley’s say.  Even Rick who is a minister has said some very derogatory things about Elvis while preaching.  I heard him once on a Billy Graham crusade using Elvis as an example of what not to do.  How revolting and disgusting!



Rick Thomas wrote the following.  I thank him so very much for sharing this beautiful video with me.  It features interviews with the singers who recorded the Christmas Duets with Elvis in 2008 as well as comments by Priscilla.


Please post this comment! Elvis is very involved with Priscilla Presley, my gut feeling is Elvis chose these singers for his Christmas duet album there is no doubt Elvis is working behind the scenes.

                                          Rick Thomas





The Making Of Nightmare On Elm St. 2/5 which is owned by  (tnvincesanity)

You may watch this video at:
Footnote:  This video has been removed by the owner



The following Orion Pictures movie is one of, if not THE, most significant in regards to right-in-your face bold ELVIS!!!  Please do take the time to watch the below video.  It will blow you away.  My husband and I always went to see the Orion movies as soon as they came to the theater.  I was always there to see the clues and “Elvis messages” and I was very rarely disappointed. Most of them were so bold and even those which were subtle, that only someone who truly loves Elvis the man would recognize, made me ecstatic every time.  We always stayed and watched the credits all the way through.

This one gave me my cause for ecstasy immediately…during the opening scenes.  You will hear Elvis singing Are You Lonesome Tonight .  This song also plays later on in the movie during a very gripping scene.

The plot of the movie is also very much Elvis related.  It is about a boy whose body had absorbed the cells of his twin who did not develop. It was not known that he had been a twin until he began having seizures and surgery revealed an eye, tooth, etc. from the twin growing within him.

The boy becomes an author…but the twin lives also as his alter ego and writes books of a different nature.  At one point in the movie the twin says “I’m back from the dead and you don’t seem glad to see me, you ungrateful SOB.

This is an excellent movie, one of my very favorites.  If you have not watched it, you are in for a treat when you do.

Please do watch this…I promise it will make your day.

So, below is the link and the embed of the YouTube video:

This video belongs to:  g8view


Here is the plot summary from Internet Movie Data Base

Plot Summary for
The Dark Half (1993) begin TOP_RHS –>

When Thad Beaumont was a child, he had an operation to remove a tumour from his brain. during the operation, it was discovered that far from being a tumor, the growth was a twin brother of Thad’s that never developed. Years later, Thad is a successful author, writing his serious books under his own name, and his pulp money-makers under the pseudonum “George Stark”. When blackmailed by someone who has discovered his secret, Thad publically “buries” George Stark. From that point on, Thad increasingly becomes the prime suspect in a series of gruesome murders. Written by Murray Chapman <>

Novelist Thad Beaumount has buried his alter ego George Stark, a pseudonym he used when writing fiction of a darker nature than he would write using his real name. He even stages a mock burial of George for the benefit of the press. When a local man is killed, evidence leads Sheriff Alan Pangborn to George’s grave, and he begins to suspect Thad. Meanwhile Thad is beginning to have visions of sparrows flying, something that hasn’t occurred for twenty-three years since he had brain surgery. As the string of gruesome murders continue, someone claiming to be George Stark starts calling Thad on the phone. Thad fears for his family’s safety, and Pangborn can’t decide whether or not Thad is the murderer. Written by Ed Sutton <>



I will no longer post any news articles nor updates regarding this case.  I do not support the ongoing case in any manner, shape nor form.

The case is not being done with Jesse’s approval nor is it in the best interest of his safety and well being.  Therefore, I personally hope, and believe, that something will take place to stop these proceedings.

He always comes first in my heart and mind and my only concern is for his best interest.  Those who love him will feel the same way.



I have been asked some questions about why I do not support the court case, why Elvis/Jesse does not support the court case, am I sure that I am still in touch with the real Elvis Presley, why is the court case not within his approval while my web site is, etc.

I will state very briefly here a few answers…but I will not air “dirty laundry” here about this case nor why Elvis/Jesse does not support the case.

His disapproval of this case was made clearly known to each of us involved in October of last year…2009.  If you will note, I have stated a number of times, when posting an update on the case that my only interest in this case was because it involved Jesse’s DNA.  I have not posted one word of update about anyone involved in this case.

You may recall, if you were visiting my web site back last year, that I did remove my pages regarding the party involved and the case from my site rather abruptly.

Therefore, I will no longer update anything about this case on my web site.  I have been torn about even mentioning this case in the manner in which I have because Elvis/Jesse asked that I remove ALL concerning the party in the case from my web site…which I did.  I knew how interested my visitors were in anything that would prove that my site is the truth…so I shared the little that I did.

Secondly, can anyone visiting my web site (and viewing all of the evidence, copies of actual letters to me from Elvis, my 54 pages of evidence…time after time documenting that I am telling the truth) seriously think that I am so dumb that after 18 years of contact, I would not know if the real Elvis has stopped being my friend and being in touch with me on the phone and in writing???  Get a grip people!!

You may not like me, you may be jealous of me, you may not like the truth about the lack of support for the court case…on and on as to your reasons for not believing me.  But, I can assure everyone that I am neither naive, dumb, nor dishonest.  My web site speaks volumes about me and the truth.

The man I am in touch with to this very day, the man who called me several times to check on my recovery from my recent surgery and sent me two gifts for my recent birthday IS ABSOLUTELY ELVIS PRESLEY…the very same man with whom I first became acquainted in 1992.  Absolutely nothing about our friendship has changed…we still discuss the same things with references to the past, inquiries about the well being of my husband and our little dog (by name).  NO, there are not two Jesse’s, there are not two Elvis’s…there are fakes, frauds and imposters who muddy the waters and lead others astray.

When Elvis/Jesse spoke with me in October, 2009, after he made his position on the case, etc. very clear to me.  I offered to remove my web site and he told me no, that I could keep my web site.  He has many times since then reaffirmed to me that he supports me 100% and that he would do anything he could to help me. I have asked nothing of him and I don’t intend to.  The only things I have asked of him is his permission to display some things and his approval for some of the info which I have on my site.  I do very frequently print off pages from my site and send to him for his enjoyment and his opinion.  He knows that if there is one word on my site which he does not like, that I will remove any and all content with just one word from him.

He also knows that if he changes his mind and wants me to take my web site down that it will be gone IMMEDIATELY.  That, by the way, is the only reason that I will ever take it down.  Even if there comes a time, when I no longer add to it nor update it, it will stand for at least three years.  I have paid for that in advance.  But, if Elvis/Jesse wants it gone, I will forfeit my money and delete the entire web site the moment he asks me to do so.

As for the reason that he opposes the court case while supporting my web site.  The reason is really quite simple and obvious…aside from the fact that he and I are very close friends.

I can post the truth on my web site until doomsday and never actually PROVE that he is alive to the point that it will intrude on his personal life nor place him in any danger.  As he spoke to me years ago about another situation relating to him being alive “Oh well…no body would believe him anyway.”  And NO, he was not referring to Dr. Hinton.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, THERE WILL NEVER BE ONE WORD ON MY WEB SITE WHICH COULD EVER LEAD ANYONE TO FIND HIM.  I know public people that everyone would recognize if I were to mention their names who are currently in contact with Elvis/Jesse but I will NEVER, under any circumstances mention the name of one single individual who is currently in touch with him…public person nor private person.  He will never be exposed nor tracked down via my web site.

Take note that Orion the singer, Jimmy Ellis, has passed away.  Shelby Singleton the producer of the Orion records has passed away.  The whole ORION the singer connection to Elvis himself ended way back in 1982…for the most part…

Orion Pictures went bankrupt and their film library was bought up by MGM.  Again, that is all in the past.

You will NEVER see one word on my web site concerning Elvis/Jesse’s current life…NONE WHATSOVER.

Therefore, my web site is a source of enlightenment and enjoyment to his fans, a means for me to disprove the lies told about me after the book was published and a means for me to stand up and defend Elvis/Jesse against the trash that has been put out there over the years about Elvis and then about Jesse and his book.

Elvis, did not owe one single word of explanation to anyone about what he did, why he did it, nor even one word that he is still alive today.  I count myself the most blessed person in the world that he has chosen and allowed me to be his trusted friend.  That is a God given honor and blessing to me.  I treasure it with all of my heart and soul.

The court case is being done in spite of the fact that he asked that it be stopped.  The extent to which this case may go is a disgrace.  A ruthless attempt to prove a point to the ultimate culmination of fame and money.

These above statements are all absolutely the truth and will be my final comments on any of this.  I hope this will settle some of these questions once and for all.  It should certainly be appreciated by everyone involved that I am taking the high road about all of this and refusing to air “dirty laundry” about anyone involved.

Truthfully yours,

Linda Hood Sigmon


I apologize that I have not posted anything new recently.  I am still recovering from my surgery and the pain still limits my activities.

I recently wrote to Jesse and asked his permission to display two very precious things on my site.  We spoke this weekend and he gave me his permission, and I feel so honored to be able, to share these with my visitors.

I thank Jesse, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing these precious gifts with me and for giving me his permission to display them here on my web site.

Over the many years of our friendship, Elvis/Jesse has given me countless lovely gifts.  Needless to say, I treasure everything he has ever given to me and will for the rest of my life.  I will never, in this lifetime, part with one single letter, card nor gift which he has shared with me.

Of the many gifts, there are a few which hold very strong sentimental value for him and which are especially treasured by me…and hold equal sentimental value for me.  Two such gifts are displayed below.  Both of these are rings which belonged to Elvis’/Jesse’s mother.  You will see very clear images of the rings themselves along with his handwriting which accompanied each of them when he sent them to me.

The first was given to me many years ago…I do not have the date, on which I received this first ring, recorded.  I do know that it was a gift for my birthday one year as he had written my name and the date of my birth on the outside of the box.

As you will see, this was his mother’s ring which was kept in a safe deposit box by Delta in 1958.  It is a beautiful platinum and diamond ring.

The next ring is a lovely diamond and ruby ring.  He gave me this ring in June of last year.  You will see, from the excerpt in his accompanying letter, the precious memories he has of her wearing this ring.

In the next photo, you can see where the ruby stone had been which was discovered missing by his mother.

Again, thank you so very much, Jesse, for giving these treasured gifts to me and for allowing me to share them here.


Back in June of this year, Elvis/Jesse suggested that I put an article on my web site about the tombstone in the movie “Loving You”.  I did so along with a numerological analysis of the name and dates on the stone.  You may refer back to my article dated Wednesday, June 23, 2010  to read the entire article which I posted back then.  Below is the link to that page.  Also, here are several excerpts from that article which will help you to more easily understand the significance of the information which I am presenting today regarding the movie  “Flaming Star”:

….I spoke with Elvis/Jesse this week and we discussed something which he had brought up in our last prior conversation.  It is involving Numerology which is a topic to which he wants his fans to pay attention.  I promise that anyone, who takes the time to look back over the dates and name numbers in Elvis’ life, will readily recognize why he trusts in and uses Numerology in his life still to this day.  It is very fascinating once one looks into it.  Also, I feel that most people will be like me… begin seeing that numbers have had a very strong influence in their own life… even when they were totally unaware of it.

….In our prior conversation, Jesse said that I should look into the gravestone in the movie “Loving You”.  He had already displayed it in his book…with the fact that one of the years on the stone added up to 24…a number which is very prominent in August 16, 1977….. 

Since he told me to check that out, I have done so.  I bought a DVD of the movie in order that I could freeze frame the image of the gravestone and display it on here.  You will see it below:



…So at Jesse’s suggestion, I ran up a numerology analysis based on Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  It astounded even me when I reached the end of the calculations….

Remember that August 16, 1977 =  August is 8 or 1 x 8, 16th is 2 x 8, and 1+9+7+7 equals 24 which is3 x 8.  So look below to be amazed at the numbers on the tomb stone.

The name on the gravestone is Deke Rivers, the year of birth was 1878 and the year of death was 1934.  He was a man who had no family and so there were no days and months on the stone.  Also take notice that the first name “Deke” translates into 16 and when added to Rivers equals 8.

Here is my scribbled work sheet in order that you may run the report utilizing the above formula for yourself:

….It is exactly as significant as Jesse told me it would be.  Only Elvis would have ever taken note of the numbers derived from that gravestone.  The numbers match ALL of the numbers in the date August 16, 1977 exactly!!  Even if someone did notice the numbers on the gravestone, how would they have arranged for Elvis to “die” on a matching date? Very foolish question, isn’t it? See how absurd the arguments against Jesse are?….

 Current News and Events Page 3

Today, I am presenting another very similar article regarding the movie “Flaming Star”.  Please do bear in mind that Jesse said we should watch all of his movies and look for significant things of this nature…dates, numbers, names, etc.  I have previously shown such items from several movies…Jail House Rock and Charro.

“Flaming Star” (a movie which ends with Elvis’ character, Pacer Burton, dying) carries the same August 16, 1977 correlation as does the movie “Loving You”.  In fact the significant date is again on two grave markers.  You will see photos of this scene from the movie below.

I want everyone to keep in mind that the suggestion to watch for these items came straight from the mouth of Elvis Presley to me.  In this instance, I am using his name as Elvis simply because perhaps the impact of knowing that it was HE who told me this will sink in better than my saying that Jesse told me.  He IS now Jesse and I only think of him and address him as Jesse.  But minds seem so very closed to his current reality, that I am hoping to somehow penetrate the fog of ignorance and disbelief.

Below, you will see that “Flaming Star” began production on August 16th.  Then you will see two grave markers from a scene in the movie showing only the year of the two deaths “1878”.   As you can see above, the tombstone in “Loving You” showed a birth year of “1878”.  Also, above you can see the way that the digits in 1878 add up to a significant correlation to August 16, 1977the number 24.  One important fact is that “1878” and “1977” both add up to the number 24.  In addition, the first two digits of 1 and 8 are, of course, the month and day of Elvis’/Jesse’s birth…and are also the number 18 which is so very strong throughout Elvis’s life.

There was also another very significant reason why August 16, 1977 was “the perfect date“.  From my breakdown of this date above: Remember that August 16, 1977 =  August is8 or 1 x 8, 16th is 2 x 8, and 1+9+7+7 equals 24 which is 3 x 8.  So, we have the sequence of three 8’s in that date which, of course equals 24…in addition to the fact that the digits in 1977 equals 24. 

For those who have missed some of the Cheiro’s Book of Numbers facts which I have shared heretofore, below is the documentation which will explain the importance of the choice of the number 24 date for Elvis’s “retirement“. 

First of all, below is a brief excerpt from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers which explains about “compound numbers”…meaning numbers of two digits which are not reduced down to a single digit.  Please take close note of the phrase: “….this knowledge which will enable one actually to pick out what days will be fortunate…”. 

Having read the above regarding the compound numbers, please look below at the meaning of the number 24 …again taken from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  This will plainly explain why Elvis chose that “perfect date” of 8-16-1977 on which to leave his old life behind and reinvent himself as Jesse.

I fully understand and realize that those who don’t care to invest any time in understanding Elvis, the man, nor his adherence to Numerology, probably will just shrug off this material and think it is all just a series of “coincidences”…so don’t bother going off to the gossip boards and making light of all of this.  Just bear in mind that in so doing, you are laughing right in the face of Elvis Presley himself.

Also, take note of the fact that even the year of production of “Flaming Star”, 1960, actually equals “16” (1+9+6= 16)…see below “August 16, 1960”.

See “1878” in the scene below:


Elvis was, and Jesse is, very familiar with the work of Mr. Edgar Cayce and I am a firm believer in his work also.  I have been a member of the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment for many years…having visited the ARE headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA and having read many, many books related to Mr. Cayce and the teachings taken from his readings.

As Elvis/Jesse wishes people to look into Numerology, I would like to suggest that others look into the volumes of spiritual truths to be found in Mr. Cayce’s works.  Each day I receive a “Thought For The Day” from the ARE.  Today’s thought is so very pertinent to my situation for the past decade because of the lies spread about me on the Internet.  I share it here with my visitors because my God does know that I am trying to live by these words…but being only human, I find it almost impossible.  I pray that I may find the strength to live up to this directive given by God to each of us.


Think on This …

For only as ye forgive those who have blamed thee without a cause, who have spoken vilely of thee without reason, can the giver of life and light forgive thee–even though He came into experience that ye, even ye, might know thy place with God, with thy Maker.

Edgar Cayce Reading 3660-1

Become part of the legacy.

FOOTNOTE ADDED:  In order to avoid any derogatory remarks, stemming from ignorance, being made regarding the nature of the work of the A.R.E., below is their mission statement.  This is a non-profit God-centered work which touches and enriches lives all over the world.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) is to help people transform their lives for the better, through research, education, and application of core concepts found in the Edgar Cayce readings and kindred materials that seek to manifest the love of God and all people and promote the purposefulness of life, the oneness of God, the spiritual nature of humankind, and the connection of body, mind, and spirit.



I wish to make a statement here to merely set the record straight regarding some information recently being spread by a person who shall remain nameless.  This person has, for the past few months, been privately stating that they are in touch with the real Elvis.  I was contacted by phone by an associate of this person in August who attempted to convince me that I WAS in touch with the real Elvis years ago, but that the person I am in touch with now is no longer the real Elvis.  This person has a reason for convincing her/his self that I have been in touch with a fake Elvis beginning some time last year.

This is absolutely a fabrication and there is no truth behind it whatsoever.  Elvis/Jesse and I have NEVER been out of contact since 2009.  We speak at least once a month…many times more often.  I have received mail from him during the past year just as I have for many years.  We just spoke on Sunday, November 14th.  I write to him usually once a week…he receives my mail and speaks of my mail when we speak on the phone.

I wish this person no harm, but I do want to make it perfectly clear that, in the end, this person will be proven either to be a liar or a sadly used person by someone who is setting them up for a fall.

Also, to set the record straight.  I have never had, nor will I ever have, any association whatsoever with Michael Jackson nor his fans.  I have NO opinion about, nor interest in, the rumors about his possibly still being alive.  This whole Michael Jackson issue has nothing, whatsoever, to do with me nor Elvis/Jesse.  Again, I wish all of his fans the very best and my lack of interest is no reflection upon Michael Jackson nor his fans…that just simply is not a part of my realm of interest.


Below you will see another example of a very strong “coincidence” relating Orion Pictures to Elvis.  I have not viewed this movie, so I cannot comment on the content of the movie.  But, judging just from the name of one of the characters and one of the stars in the movie along with the fact that it is an Orion Pictures movie, I would be surprised if there are not some “hints of Elvis” in the movie itself.

As you will see the name of one of the characters in this movie is “John Burrows

The Mean Season   – John Burrows, Detective Chief  played by Fred Buch.  You should also note that the character is a police officer.
                                                                                                                                                                         One of the stars is Kurt Russell, who played Elvis in one movie, the Dick Clark production, and made his acting debut in a movie with Elvis when he was just a youngster.  He played the youngster who kicked Elvis in the shin in the movie “It Happened At The World’s Fair”.

Below is a link to the data about this movie in order that you may see these facts for yourself.  I have also copied and pasted the main details below.

The Mean Season

The Mean Season


END product-rating –>

TriviaPowered by

The actual City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team appeared in the movie as the City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team in a scene where Kurt Russell’s character enters the house of a victim. Many interiors were also filmed inside the City of Miami Police Department Headquarters.

Originally this was a yet unpublished novel written by novelist John Katzenbach in 1982, when it landed on producer David Foster desk. Foster optioned it as a film and it was published a novel named “In The Heat of Summer“.

The screenplay underwent through several drafts before finally settling on Leon Piedmont’s version.

The film was passed on by several studios before Orion Pictures optioned it and finally released it in Winter of 1985.

A vicious Miami serial killer opens a line of communication with his favorite reporter (Kurt Russell), transforming the journalist into a city-wide celebrity – but also endangering the newspaperman’s innocent schoolteacher girlfriend (Mariel Hemingway). Richard Jordan, Richard Masur, Joe Pantoliano and Andy Garcia costar in this suspenseful, effectively chilling crime thriller based on the novel “In the Heat of the Summer” by John Katzenbach (“Just Cause,” “Hart’s War”).
CastPowered by
Character Actor
Malcolm Anderson Kurt Russell
Christine Connelly Mariel Hemingway
Alan Delour Richard Jordan
Bill Nolan Richard Masur
Phil Wilson Richard Bradford
Andy Porter Joe Pantoliano
Ray Martinez Andy Garcia
Kathy Vasquez Rose Portillo
Albert O’Shaughnessy William Smith
Harold Jacoby Lee Sandman
Carl Mason Dan Fitzgerald
Ruth Lowenstein Cynthia Caquelin
Warren Phillips Fred Ornstein
Peter Peterson Fritz Bronner
Everett Durfee Mike DeRienzo
Ray Sloane Michael Clay
John Burrows Fred Buch


This is the first time that I have ever actually found John Burrows’ name appearing in conjunction with an Orion Pictures movie.  So, this is a very significant find to me.

FOOTNOTE:  Please see my new article regarding this movie below on Thursday, December 9, 2010.  There is some very interesting new material which I know you will enjoy.


I ceased many months ago to even acknowledge, much less waste my time confronting, any of the untrue and unkind comments about me which people continue to bring to my attention on other sites, blogs, forums, etc.

There is one question that keeps coming up which some people have asked me personally and which I will be glad to clarify here and now.

It seems that the fact that I have never seen Elvis/Jesse face to face causes some to doubt that my account of my years of friendship with him is the truth…or to think that I have been “conned” by a fake.  Neither of these could be further from the truth.

#1 – If I were making this whole thing up, would I not have just lied from the start and said that I had met him not once, but many, many times.  My honesty is substantiated by the fact that I have always said that I have never met him.  Also, even if I had met him…no one would believe me anyway.  Even if I posted a photo of myself standing side by side with him, people would still say that it is not really him….just as has been done about the photo of him with his grandson, Benjamin, whose likeness I have documented.

#2 – I have never really had the need to meet Jesse to know that he is Elvis.  I knew so much about Elvis, the man, before I was in contact with him that no one could have fooled me even when we first came into contact.  Especially not now after 18 years of contact.  He has mentioned coming to see me a few times and while he knows that he would be welcome, I have not encouraged it.  I never want him to feel that he has to do anything for me.  Also, I would never want him to think that I am trying to set him up for a photograph or worse yet media exposure.  People just don’t understand that he has been hunted down for years and that most people would stop at nothing to expose him.  He cannot afford to arrange meetings with people at predetermined times and locations.  So, I would never ask that of him for fear that he would even think that I were trying to set him up.

I have witnessed some of the means that people have attempted to use to track him down with exposing him in mind…mailing GPS devices, showing up at his door, hiring private detectives, parking out side of hotels all night long where his acquaintances were staying hoping to follow someone to him, etc.  All of these types of activities are nauseating to me.  I can name the names of those people who have attempted these measures.

So, again I hope that this will settle this matter once and for all.  But, if not, it will be my last comment on this type of criticism.


I just came across the following article written by the man who published and helped Gail Brewer-Giorgio to promote her book and the production of the ELVIS FILES TV show with Bill Bixby.  His article is brief but gives a very good history of the 1988 rise to fame of Gail and her book.

It makes me sad to see that he says that he is “embarrassed to say that it was me” who “hyped it in the media“.  I have to conclude that perhaps he did not believe that Elvis was really alive back then and is now shamed that he was the media hypster.  However, whatever Mr. Corwin’s current opinion of the IS ELVIS ALIVE? “myth“,  I am sharing this because it is a good history of how things took place.  And, also, because it gave me the opportunity to share the real truth and make others aware of the truth on my web site in the comments section.

Evidently, Mr. Corwin has not followed the subsequent events regarding the fact that Elvis is alive.

I have included below my response to Stan Corwin’s article.

Here is the link to this article as well:

Is Elvis Alive?

Posted on November 29, 2010 by admin

.entry-meta –>(regarding the below “mug shot” of Elvis)  No, he was not arrested.!!!  This was part of the procedure which he went through in order to be awarded the CAPTAIN OF DENVER POLICE badge in Denver, Colorado.  If you scroll up on this page to my article o fSaturday, October 30, 2010, you will see this mug shot along with photos of Elvis flying on a commercial flight to be awarded this badge.


The King


By Stan Corwin – Media hypster

Remember years ago when everyone was looking for Elvis at Burger King, in Kalamazoo, all over the globe?   Because HE WAS STILL ALIVE.   So the strange myth began & people were saying that somebody created this, hyped this in the media.  It didn’t just happen.  They were right and I am embarassed to say that IT WAS ME.  I did it.  I am a media hypster —  a good one.
Well, it all began some years ago when I was president of Tudor Communications, a bicoastal media company.   Author Gail Brewer-Giorgio approached me with her written revelation that Elvis Presley did not die, complete with “evidence” that he was still alive..  Gail appeared on OPRAH with her startling “facts” and generated a national public response.
We rushed the book —  IS ELVIS ALIVE? —  into print and publication, and affixed an audio tape of Elvis speaking from somewhere AFTER HIS DEATH.   The tape was shocking and was authenticated as being the voice of Elvis.   This much-hyped media product was an instant rage.  There were orders for over 2 million copies.  The book with accompanying tape — became a New York Times bestseller.  With some innovative marketing we had tapped into Elvismania everywhere.
A few tears later, after the Tudor experience, Gail and I decided to create and produce an IS ELVIS ALIVE? TV Special.   THE ELVIS FILES materialized as a two-hour nationally syndicated prime-time show, hosted by TV star Bill Bixby,  It was aired live from the Imperial Palace hotel in Las Vegas with yours truly serving as Executive Producer, and also “audience warm-up person.”
Simultaneously we created a 900 number to call during the show (for $1.00} to register your opinion as to whether Elvis was still alive, or dead.   Incredible to imagine, over 1 million people made the call.
The total media blitz was a mega success.  The TV Special was seen on over two hundred stations by 20 million viewers and garnered a national rating of 9, which paralleled that of
OPRAH and JEOPARDY.  Everything Elvis sold in abundant numbers.  Despite the many skeptics and cynics, Elvismania was alive and thriving in all its media-extended formats.
Here’s to the King.

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    I enjoyed reading your article very much, Stan.

    I became friends with Gail, went on to publish a newsletter with Gail’s blessings and later, in 1992, actually began being in contact with Elvis himself.

    I am so very honored to remain his close and trusted friend to this day.

    I invite everyone to visit my web site on which I share the truth about Elvis being alive freely with anyone who wishes to visit. I now have 53 pages chocked full of material which substantiates that Elvis did not die as well as my many years of contact and friendship with him.

    Most importantly, I have Elvis’s 100% support of my web site. You will be able to see his handwritten letters on my site.

    Again, my site is absolutely FREE to everyone. No membership, no registration, no tracking, no ads, etc. I share all of my site in order to defend Elvis’s good name and to defend myself against untruths spread about me on the Internet after his book was published in 2001.

    Thank you for reading.
    Linda Hood Sigmon

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    I am so sorry, the link to my site did not appear in my comment which I just submitted. Here is the link:

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  1. Click here: Dr. Nick on Elvis Presley – Topix
This is a really good interview with Dr. Nick after his most recent book was published.  I believe that I have shared this before…but it is good enough to watch again.


Today I want to share a beautiful quote of Elvis from many years ago…before August 16, 1977:

“I am a soul, a spirit, a force. I have no interest in anything of this world. I want to live in another dimension entirely.” – Elvis Presley

For those who have access to Sirius radio, there is a really good line up of shows coming on about Elvis the rest of this week.  I don’t have access myself, but wanted to share this schedule for those who do.  Enjoy 🙂

There is a really good lineup for tonight especially:

Upcoming Highlights Sirius Radio

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Elvis Rocks The White House
Wed 12/1 8:00 pm ET
December 21, 1970 marks an incredible day of American rock ‘n’ roll history as Elvis A. Presley took control of President Richard M. Nixon’s Oval Office. You’ll enjoy hearing the story from the inside perspective of Jerry Schilling as he shares his memories of this historic event from 40 years ago. Of all the requests made each year to the National Archives for reproductions of photographs and documents, one item has been requested more than any other. That item, more requested than the Bill of Rights or even the Constitution of the United States, is the photograph of Nixon shaking hands with the King. Elvis For President 2012! (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Elvis Week 2007 Starring Priscilla Presley
Wed 12/1 9:00 pm ET
The 30th Anniversary Elvis Week three years ago stands on record as the biggest and one of the best Elvis Weeks ever. Highlights from 2007 included the incredible concert at the FedEx Forum, Lisa Marie Presley’s stunning performance of “In The Ghetto,” and more Elvis World VIPs gathered together at Graceland in Memphis than ever before! Enjoy this look back and hear some of Priscilla’s favorite Elvis stories as we kick off the December holiday season! (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: The Larry Geller Story
Wed 12/1 10:00 pm ET
Larry Geller is a one-of-a-kind guy and has among the most unique insights and perspectives on the type of man Elvis Presley is. No surprise since Larry may have spent as much one-on-one time with E as anyone. Even better, Larry is one of the best story tellers you will ever meet. Join Elvis Radio for this special show as we guarantee you’ll be delighted to hear Larry share his compelling stories and Elvis memories. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: ELIC, The Fan’s Choice!
Thurs 12/2 8:00 pm ET
Elvis Radio asked the fans to choose their all-time favorite Elvis concert performances, and this two-hour concert special is one of our early Elvis Radio holiday gifts to Elvis fans ‘round the world! (2 hrs)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Maestro Joe Guercio
Thurs 12/2 10:00 pm ET
Joe Guercio is best known for the eight years he served as Elvis Presley’s musical director, beginning in Las Vegas in 1969. He formed the orchestra that backed Elvis and his band on every tour until the King of Rock’s passing in 1977. Joe arranged Elvis’ stage introduction and wrote the 6-note fanfare that began each of his live concerts during that time. Joe also conducted several other singers in his career and arranged hit songs for Steve & Edie, Barbara Streisand and Gladys Knight. Joe is a frequent guest on Elvis Radio LIVE from Graceland and has been the guiding musical maestro for the TCB Band and 2010 European Elvis Concert tour as well as the performances on the Elvis Cruise. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Elvis Live In Concert ’54 – ’61
Thurs 12/2 11:00 pm ET
Most fans are most familiar with Elvis’ live concert performances post-The ’68 Comeback, as Elvis ceased performing live in concert to concentrate on his movie career between the spring of 1961 and his return to Burbank, CA, in June of 1968 when he begin rehearsals for the NBC TV special. It’s with great pleasure that Elvis Radio presents this music special that features Elvis’ earliest night club concert recordings, his Louisiana Hayride performances, his very first appearance in Las Vegas, the famous Little Rock backstage recording from May 1956 and his historic USS Arizona concert fund raiser on March 25, 1961. (1 hr)

Elvis Live In Concert: Madison Square Garden June 10, 1972
Fri 12/3 8:00 pm ET
You’ll dig the King’s triumphant return as he conquers the toughest crowd in the world. Ain’t nothing like a New York audience, you better be at the top of your game, and man, Elvis brought his A+ game to 8th Avenue atop Penn Station! Think of the biggest superstars who have played the Garden…Willis Reed (#19), (Senator and Rhodes scholar Princeton star) Bill Bradley (#24), Walt “Clyde” Frazier (#10), Earl (The Pearl) Monroe (#15), Patrick Ewing (#33) and Dave DeBusschere (#22). Yo, New Yawk, don’t forget #1, Elvis Presley! (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Sun 12/5 12:00 am ET; Sun 12/5 10:00 pm ET; Tues 12/7 6:00 am ET

The Best Of Elvis Radio: W.S. “Fluke” Holland
Fri 12/3 9:00 pm ET
To get you ready for the Million Dollar Quartet Anniversary Show, Then & Now, we thought you would enjoy learning a little bit more about that historic back story through the eyes of the drummer who was working at Sun Studio on December 4, 1956. Fluke began with Carl Perkins and plays on the original recording of “Blue Suede Shoes,” but went on to become Johnny Cash’s drummer in the Tennessee Three. Fluke has been recognized by several respected drummers, including Ringo Starr. Holland is heard on many of Johnny Cash’s most famous songs, including “Ring Of Fire.” The Man In Black is on record as telling Fluke, “I want you to work with me every show I play for as long as I’m in the business”. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Guest DJ Eddie Clendening
Fri 12/3 10:00 pm ET
Eddie has the challenging acting role of playing Elvis in the Broadway stage production of The Million Dollar Quartet. You’ll get to know a little more about Eddie during his guest DJ show that originally aired in June 2010 for Elvis Radio’s 6th Anniversary. Eddie is one of the coolest young cats you’ll ever meet, and, he is not an Elvis impersonator! (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Guest DJs Melissa Etheridge with the MDQ
Fri 12/3 11:00 pm ET
As part of Elvis Radio’s Million Dollar Quartet anniversary weekend (12/4/56), here’s another fabulous encore program from June 2010. You’ll hear from the TONY Award winner Levi Kreis (Jerry Lee Lewis), Lance Guest (Johnny Cash), Rob Lyons (Carl Perkins), and Eddie Clendening (Elvis) plus their special VIP guest, rock star Melissa Etheridge. (1 hr)

The Million Dollar Quartet Anniversary Show, Then & Now
Sat 12/4 12:00 pm ET
Million Dollar Quartet is the name given to recordings made on December 4, 1956 at 706 Union Avenue at Sun Studio in downtown Memphis. This historic event is considered by many musicologists as the first supergroup jam session, although the true story bears the fact that this was really a combination of a Carl Perkins studio recording session with a surprise drop-in holiday guest visit from Elvis Presley, and the recording debut of Sam Phillips’ newest session piano player, the young Jerry Lee Lewis. Johnny Cash popped in to Sun for a brief time, and when studio engineer Cowboy Jack Clement punched record to roll tape, who would have predicted that rock ‘n’ roll history was going to be created! Join Elvis Radio’s Bill Rock for an incredible two hours with Eddie Clendening (Elvis) and Rob Lyons (Carl Perkins) for the Million Dollar Quartet Anniversary Show, Then & Now. Eddie and Rob bring their acoustic guitars, and you’ll hear them perform Elvis and Carl Perkins songs and share their own unique bios on how they made it to Broadway. TY says, “If Sam hadn’t called the newspaper photographer, there may not have been an MDQ!” (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Sat 12/4 10:00 pm ET; Sun 12/5 5:00 am ET; Mon 12/6 7:00 am ET; Tues 12/7 8:00 pm ET

Source: / Updated: Nov 30, 2010


NASA has scheduled a press conference today at 2:00 PM EST which may be interesting.  I mention this because of Elvis’s/Jesse’s interest in extraterrestrial/UFO topics.  This may prove interesting in view of the Sept. 27, 2010 press conference held by the military officers who held their press conference regarding their first-hand accounts of UFO incidents.  Below is the announcement by NASA and a photo from an Orion Pictures movie mac and me.  I will write a little more about this movie later when time permits. 

Here is the link to the NASA announcement:


Body starts –>

Dwayne Brown
Headquarters, Washington
dwayne.c.brown@nasa.govCathy Weselby
Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.
Nov. 29, 2010


NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery; Science Journal Has Embargoed Details Until 2 p.m. EST On Dec. 2

Body starts –>WASHINGTON — NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe.

The news conference will be held at the NASA Headquarters auditorium at 300 E St. SW, in Washington. It will be broadcast live on NASA Television and streamed on the agency’s website at

Participants are:
–       Mary Voytek, director, Astrobiology Program, NASA Headquarters, Washington
–       Felisa Wolfe-Simon, NASA astrobiology research fellow, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, Calif.
–       Pamela Conrad, astrobiologist, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.
–       Steven Benner, distinguished fellow, Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, Gainesville, Fla.
–       James Elser, professor, Arizona State University, Tempe

Media representatives may attend the conference or ask questions by phone or from participating NASA locations. To obtain dial-in information, journalists must send their name, affiliation and telephone number to Steve Cole at or call 202-358-0918 by noon Dec. 2.

For NASA TV streaming video and downlink information, visit:

For more information about NASA astrobiology activities, visit:

I was able to watch the NASA news conference and it was very interesting.  No, they did not produce an ET.  But, they say that now they may have a better chance now that they know what to look for…those are my words summing up the gist of the conference.  Below is the link to a FOX News report giving a much more apt description of the news conference:

I will be adding more about the Orion Pictures movie mac and me (mac stands for Mysterious Alien Creature) as soon as I get my material lined up to post.


This is another of the Orion movies which was released in 1988…a big “Elvis” year with Orion Pictures.  This was one of the earlier Orion movies which we watched and I loved it.  It is a very sweet and cute little movie.  As you will see below from the cover of the VHS box, it is about a cute little alien creature who is befriended by a little boy.

Below, is the description of this movie which I wrote and included in my movie clues report which I wrote 20 years ago.  I look back at my “baby steps” written back then and marvel to see how far we have all come.

Here are several stills from the movie showing several of the above mentioned shots which I mentioned in my above article:

Now, tell me, who do you think of immediately when you see a PINK CADILLAC?!

Of course, I know that this is a take off from the line in another similar movie where the line “They’re back!!!” is spoken…but still in this case, I think it may have had several other connotations as well. 

 Of course, this movie does not have the bold Elvis clues, ie his music, nor image, etc. which many of the Orion movies do.  But, even so, I think anyone who watches it, with Elvis in mind, will see several very cute Elvis related “hints”…as I mentioned in my above article.

Here are a few of the lyrics of a song from the movie…I like the first sentence: 


Singertired of feeling all by myself.  Being so different From everyone else.
Below is the back cover from the VHS box:


Below is a YouTube video owned by kikamor.  This video shows many of the significant things which I pointed out in my above article.  Also, you will hear the theme song which I love and find very poignant.  You will see the dance scene with the dancing Teddy Bear (that’s mac in the Teddy Bear suit).  You will see my favorite scene of the entire movie at the end which shows the alien family driving away in apink Cadillac convertible with the balloon caption “We’ll be back.”  For a time, I was hoping that this was a clue about Elvis coming back…but I did not know that he was going to change his mind about “coming back“.  He indicated to Gail Brewer-Giorgio in his phone call in October, 1988 that he was hoping to come back.
Footnote:  Unfortunately the above mentioned video has been removed from YouTube.
However, here is another which shows some of the points which I mentioned above.
Mac and Me – Full McDonald’s Dance Scene
Uploaded by on May 20, 2007
Here is the trailer:
MAC AND ME (1988) theatrical trailer
Uploaded by on Mar 15, 2007
Although, this movie got some pretty bad reviews, I truly enjoyed it.  Even though I watched it because it was an Orion movie, I enjoyed it because it was a very sweet movie.  I do recommend it for a “feel good” movie as well as for the Elvis connection.


Following are the company credits along with the release dates:


Mac and Me (1988)

PG  95 min  –  Adventure | Family | Fantasy   –  12 August 1988 (USA)

Production Companies



I subscribe to this newsletter and have found some wonderful things at their site.  There is a beautiful interview on here with Ann Margret which I just watched…and, though it is about his “death”,  I still think everyone will love seeing how much she loved him.  Too bad, we have never seen this emotion come through, EVER, from P.P.  Wonder why?????

Elvis : The Gospel Collection is a great collection of gospel songs. The CD has 16 selections, both studio and live versions of How Great Thou Art and a couple of surprises. The first is the live medley performance of three gospel songs, not available elsewhere in this sequence, Help Me (Live); Why Me Lord (Live); How Great Thou Art (Live) and O Little Town of Bethlehem is from the Elvis Christmas Duets CD with Karen Fairchild & Kimberly Schlapman (uncredited). The sound quality is incredible. Sony outdid themselves with this CD release. An exceptional CD; buy it. With the inclusion of O Little Town of Bethlehem from the Elvis Christmas Duets CD with Karen Fairchild & Kimberly Schlapman (which is uncredited apart from singled out for copyright 2008) this would seem to back up our thinking that the three songs Winter Wonderland, The First Noel and If I Get Home On Christmas Day on the Blue Christmas CD that are also credited to 2008 are unused overdubbed tracks from the Christmas Duets sessions. And this is no problem Winter Wonderland as you can hear in the sample online.

Have you heard the news …

I have forgotten to mention the past two weeks we now have the 2001 Elvis calendar available to order, see thememorabilia section.

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– Viva Elvis debuts at No. 48 on US Billboard Top 200 Album Chart 

– Blue Christmas & Elvis : The Gospel Collection CDs Released
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– Elvis Presley : Hudson Theater in New York City for the Steve Allen Show : July 1, 1956
Thank you, Thank you very much

David Troedson

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To kick of the first we have the Ann-Margret talks about Elvis – Recorded February 11, 1994, which is the highest viewed most popular video on our site. Also, a new feature is the ‘share’ button, you can add to your Facebook MySpace or Twitter pages (for those that have one) or simply to an email to send to a friend. This function is only available in the embeded in a page video, indictated by an arrow and yellow box (you can click on this to go to the web page) after the pop up link. We use both as it is far more convenient to use a pop up in many cases.

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I have had computer technical problems since last Thursday.  Saturday, I spent a large part of the day trying to find the root of the problem.  Then, again today, I have spent a large part of the day correcting the problem.  So, I apologize that I haven’t been able to add anything new later yesterday nor yet today.  Also, I have SO MANY things that I am so eager to add that I don’t know which to add first.  So, I will start with something I really like now and then add more as time allows.  I am NO WHERE near the end of the things I have to share…so stay tuned!🙂

First of all, I have located a YouTube video of an interview with Jerry Lee Lewis which substantiates what Jesse wrote in one of his letters to Dr. Hinton during the writing of his book.  This video will clear up some misconceptions regarding the relationship which Elvis and Jerry Lee had as well as the fact that Elvis truly was very depressed during the last two years of his life.  Hearing Jerry Lee speak about Elvis’s phone calls to him in 1976 will substantiate that they were still friends…explaining why Elvis recorded Save The Last Dance For Me with Jerry Lee before 8-16-1977 to “help Jerry Lee out” as well as why Elvis/Jesse recorded some of the Orion songs with Jerry Lee after 8-16-1977.

First of all here is a portion of a letter, in Elvis’s own handwriting, in which he details how depressed he was during 1976 and 1977.  This should touch the heart of everyone who loves Elvis.

Once again, this copy is taken from my copy of the rough draft of the book and I have not edited this page from his letter at all…it is just exactly as Elvis, himself, wrote it.

Here is the video of the Jerry Lee Lewis interview regarding Elvis’s depression and his calls to Jerry Lee in 1976:

This video Uploaded by on Apr 18, 2011



There was an interview done with Jerry Lee which I read…but I cannot recall exactly where I read it and so it is, unfortunately, one of those things which I do want to mention but which I cannot substantiate.  But, I think having watched this video, you can well imagine that Jerry Lee most likely would have made such a statement.

Jerry Lee’s statement:

Elvis was smart. He knew when to get out.”


I just completed an addition to my page regarding the truth about why Elvis did not “come out” in 2002.  Again this is an excerpt from another of Elvis’s handwritten letters taken from my copy of the rough draft of the book.    

The page to which I just added the following may be found at:

The Truth About Why Elvis/Jesse Did Not Appear in 2002

I have previously posted some of the following excerpt from Jesse’s letter to Dr. Hinton (which he wrote on 9-18-1998) on another page of my site regarding the book.  I want to also include it on this page. 

Here you will see that he had decided to allow the book to be published in 2002.  I am still unsure about why it ended up be published in 2001.  Jesse and I have never discussed this detail at all.  I, personally, feel that he was pressured to do so…but that is just my own opinion.

I want to also point out the date on which Elvis/Jesse wrote this letter to Dr. Hinton.  It was a very long (5 handwritten pages) and detailed letter and I feel that the date he chose to write this letter was specifically chosen for it’s #9 properties.  You will recall that I have explained before that Elvis and I share the number 9’s in our Numerology charts…especially the number 27.  The date of this letter is 9-18-1998.  All of the digits in this date are number 9’s. 9; 1+8=9; and 1998 -1+9+9+8= 27= 9; and finally all three of the 9’s = 27 which equals the number 9.  Also, as I have explained previously the number 18 is very strong and significant in Elvis/Jesse’s life.

Here is an excerpt from the first page showing the date of this letter:


The above is another very strong example of how important and constant  Numerology continues to be in his life.  Also, note his mentions of the numbers involved in 2002.



This morning I became aware, through a news alert to which I subscribe, that someone has written an article regarding Jesse having made some kind of an “error” in his book regarding the Operation Fountain Pen / FBI fraud investigation theories upon which the “Alivers” base their beliefs. (Words in italics came from the brief news alert description of this article.)
I did not visit the site to read the article and have no intention of doing so.  I will not mention the author nor the site on which it appears as I don’t want to encourage this nonsense…nor do I intend to get involved in any more back and forth arguments with any of my critics. It is a waste of my time and web site space.
I did forward the link to the article to all of my close personal friends so they could read it if they wished.
First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear here, once and for all, that many of the theories passed around as “truth” for many years about the events leading up to and taking place after August 16, 1977 have NEVER been included on my web site i.e.the FBI investigation into the fraud involving the selling of one of Elvis’s planes, the story about the helicopter landing and taking off from the back yard of Graceland on August 16, 1977, nor the story about someone named “Jon Burrows” buying a plane ticket during that time, etc.  These topics are not involved in any way with the facts which I state…the truth… which is Elvis’s/Jesse’s truth.
Gail Brewer-Giorgio, Phil Atchison (sp?) and their associates were the ones who spread these theories and I am not associated with that.  It is true and very interesting that the FBI investigation was culminating at the time when he left us.  But, as I have demonstrated so many times before, he chose that date for so many other reasons…the least of which was not Numerology.  So, this FBI investigation definitely was not the deciding factor in what he did, how long he had been considering and/or planning it (since several years earlier), nor why he did it.
Jesse himself expressed (in one of his letters to Dr. Hinton) during the writing of his book how he felt about some of the “stories” which Gail has promoted.  I will insert below his handwritten statement regarding this.  This statement was published in his book because it was written in his letter of introduction to the book.
Several of my good friends have written me back expressing their opinion of the current feeble attempt to discredit Jesse who is Elvis. Below is a comment from my friend, Rick:
Gail & her book did cover some good points but your information is correct!  The air plane thing was a problem but not the deciding factor of leaving!
Another such letter was from my good friend, Susan.  She has given me her permission to share this on my site. 
My heartfelt appreciation to Rick and Susan.
Good day Linda dear ,
Thanks for sending this, but I stand with you I’ll not read their lies about Elvis/Jesse, you or Hinton . You are so right they all are egotistical lying jerks!!!!  All of these know-it-all self-proclaimed Elvis experts know not one true story about Elvis Presley . They got their so called truth from all those awful books put out there many years ago by low life people who’s only connection to Elvis was they may have worked for him or hung around him like blood sucking leaches .So many say Elvis was “my best friend”.  They all are walking in the same shoes as the Stanley’s . With their million dollar book deals after August of  ’77 . They are all liars and were never a true friend to Elvis . Elvis knew who his friends were before he left us…men like Howard Hughes and that sweet lady Ann Margret .
Linda dear, I know it’s so very hard not to feel the stinging hurt from their lies, but please try and not let them have the satisfaction of hurting you . These low life’s are a very small group of Elvis haters who have spread their lies to the world for many years now . They were there fighting with Gail and all the Elvis alive newsletters, plus anyone who feels Elvis didn’t die that August day. For too long now we who believe Elvis didn’t die have been put down as “crazy people” who live in a fantasy world of dreams believing he didn’t die. Yes, much too long, they have driven this Elvis dead or alive mystery train with their lies and awful hate they show for Elvis and others .
Linda dear, I’ve read your lovely web site for over a year and half now and It’s so refreshing to hear the gospel truth about Elvis and Jesse . I thank you so very much for having the courage to stand up to these lying idiots who’s only interest in Elvis is to lie and hurt other folks . Like I said these idiots are but a small group of individuals who love to hate. My dear, you have accomplished so much with your web site . You have 60 thousands plus folks clicking on your site reading the truth about Elvis and Jesse . Those Idiots can’t stand to hear the truth about Elvis, plus it shows the world just what liars they really are .
I give you my heartfelt thanks for telling the world the truth about Elvis and Jesse. You are such a courageous lady and I am proud to call you my friend . I thank you for your friendship and your trust in me, because I know with those idiots out there you do wonder who to trust . My dear, life is to short to even give these Idiots a second thought.  But I know their lies give you and so many others stinging pain to our hearts. Jesus said by their fruits they shall be known. Your fruits are in the garden of Eden. The fruits of those lying idiots are rotten to the core. May the good Lord bless you with happiness and better health .
Love you bunches,
Your friend always,
Here is what Elvis wrote himself about Gail and her theories:
Once again I sometimes fail to remember that the vast majority of those who visit my web site have not had the opportunity to read Elvis’s/Jesse’s book and I forget to share more from the book.
When time permits, I will scan and share the entirety of his letter of introduction to the book.  I don’t believe I have done this before, if I have, please forgive the repetition.  To be honest, now that I have had my site for over 1 1/2 years and reached 53 pages, I cannot always recall all that I have already presented. 
While we are on the subject of the book, I want to set the record straight about one other out and out lie that has been published about me on Discovering Elvis.  I haveNEVER owned but two copies of the book.  The complimentary one which I received and one more which I bought, just like everyone else at the normal $12.95 sale price in 2001.  Therefore, it is a lie that I have EVER had a single copy of the book for sale ANYWHERE.  I never made one cent off of the book when it was for sale.  I NEVERwant nor intend to make one cent off of my friendship with Elvis.  That is why I am giving away FOR FREE on my site, more truth than has ever before been SOLD by others about Elvis and his continued life after 1977.  I would appreciate it, in the future, that others check their facts before publishing lies about me.  The reason that I have posted opportunities for others to purchase the book is because it is difficult to locate and I often hear from someone who is looking for it.  Early on I posted the fact that 2nd hand sellers had it offered on Amazon for ridiculously high prices because I found that interesting and amusing…certainly not because I had any interest in those selling at those absurd prices.  Also, I have not the foggiest idea who those 2nd hand sellers were.  Discovering Elvis published that I was selling books on Amazon which, as I wrote, is an out and out lie.
This from a so-called Elvis expert who has joined other so-called experts in criticizing my “investigative journalism“.


I have so much I want to put on my site that I can hardly decide what to present next.  But, God willing, I will eventually get around to all of it.  So, I appreciate very much those who continue to return for my updates.

My good friend, Rick Thomas, just sent me the link to two very informative, enjoyable, and interesting YouTube videos about Elvis which pertain to some of what I have already presented on my site.  I will insert the links to these videos below.  Please do take the time to watch and listen to the information on these videos…they will help you to understand a lot of things about Elvis THE MAN.

This frist video (audio) is taken from the filming of the documentary Elvis on Tour in 1972.  It is my understanding that this portion of the interview (which is audio only) was never used.

This YouTube video belongs to:  DirlyDirlyDee

This 2nd video is most relevant to the points which I have tried so hard to get across to everyone about the topics which were/are of such importance to Elvis/Jesse.  It is a long video, but please do take time to absorb what you see and hear.  This is an excerpt from the program Elvis By The Presleys.
This YouTube video is owned by:  livingElvis

ELVIS by the Presleys LEGENDADO PT – BR – parte 8


This third YouTube video is also taken from the filming of Elvis on Tour in 1972.  This is an interview which I came across some years ago and is my very favorite of his interviews.  Anyone who has not seen this, is in for a real treat.  Enjoy 🙂
This YouTube video is owned by:   terry2405
As I wrote above, I have so.o.o.o much material that I want to present.  I will continue to add as frequently as possible.
I have just learned that Sherrill Nielsen who was a good friend and backup singer of Elvis’s has been very ill since the spring of this year.  There is a CD album available for download and the proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to help Sherrill and his wife, Brenda, with their mounting medical expenses.
For all who care to help, here is the link and the article about Sherrill’s illness. 
Album Notes

Sherrill Nielsen is a renowned 50 year veteran in the world of Southern Gospel Music. He wrote: “I first organized the group in the 1970’s. Elvis gave us the name VOICE from a Christian periodical he had read. For several years we opened all of Elvis’ concerts. Elvis may have left the building, but his VOICE is still here.”

Summarizing their talent and commitment to excellence; love and appreciation for an audience is an analogy for “The Impossible Dream,” and must be experienced to be understood. On the back of Sherrill’s first paycheck Elvis wrote, “God loves you, but He loves you best when you sing.” The same could have also been said of VOICE. Sherrill Nielsen, Donnie Sumner and Tim Baty have always been dedicated to the golden sounds of what Southern Gospel Music is truly all about. New groups are constantly coming on the scene, but VOICE will always be remembered for providing the old Southern Gospel music; its harmony, message and sound – the timeless classics.

In March of 2010, The Southern Gospel News reported “Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame recipient, Sherrill Nielsen, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Sherrill and Brenda were performing in Europe when they found a blood clot in his leg. They flew home to Alabama, where he developed pneumonia. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Sherrill is also a Living Legend Award recipient; was the original tenor with the Imperials and his tenure in Southern Gospel music includes groups such as Masters V, Hovie Lister & the Statesmen, Speer Family, Songfellows and the Plainsmen.”

Sherrill and Brenda have health insurance, but it’s not covering everything and those uninsured medical expenses continue to soar. This presents them with a serious financial problem, because Sherrill and Brenda have been unable to perform and earn an income since the first of 2010.

Therefore, Adonda Records has determined to give 100% of the net profits from the sale of this CD to Sherrill and Brenda to help defer some of those soaring medical costs.

You can help:
1. By praying for Sherrill
2. By downloading this album
3. By spreading the word to others





I am very excited about my next (updated) article.

Because I have now viewed the Orion Pictures movie “The Mean Season“, I am going to move a copy of my earlier article regarding this movie here in order that I may explain more clearly all of the significant “ELVIS” correlative items in this movie and the credits…more things that I have recognized while viewing the movie and the credits. 

Below is my original article which will be followed by my new updates:


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2010(date of my original article)

Below you will see another example of a very strong “coincidence” relating Orion Pictures to Elvis.  I have not viewed this movie, so I cannot comment on the content of the movie.  But, judging just from the name of one of the characters and one of the stars in the movie along with the fact that it is an Orion Pictures movie, I would be surprised if there are not some “hints of Elvis” in the movie itself.

As you will see the name of one of the characters in this movie is “John Burrows” 


The Mean Season   – John Burrows, Detective Chief  played by Fred Buch.  You should also note that the character is a police officer.


                                                                                                                               One of the stars is Kurt Russell, who played Elvis in one movie and made his acting debut in a movie with Elvis when he was just a youngster. 


Below is a link to the data about this movie in order that you may see these facts for yourself.  I have also copied and pasted the main details below.

The Mean Season

The Mean Season
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The actual City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team appeared in the movie as the City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team in a scene where Kurt Russell’s character enters the house of a victim. Many interiors were also filmed inside the City of Miami Police Department Headquarters.

Originally this was a yet unpublished novel written by novelist John Katzenbach in 1982, when it landed on producer David Foster desk. Foster optioned it as a film and it was published a novel named “In The Heat of Summer“.

The screenplay underwent through several drafts before finally settling on Leon Piedmont’s version.

The film was passed on by several studios before Orion Pictures optioned it and finally released it in Winter of 1985.

A vicious Miami serial killer opens a line of communication with his favorite reporter (Kurt Russell), transforming the journalist into a city-wide celebrity – but also endangering the newspaperman’s innocent schoolteacher girlfriend (Mariel Hemingway). Richard Jordan, Richard Masur, Joe Pantoliano and Andy Garcia costar in this suspenseful, effectively chilling crime thriller based on the novel “In the Heat of the Summer” by John Katzenbach (“Just Cause,” “Hart’s War”).
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Character Actor
Malcolm Anderson Kurt Russell
Christine Connelly Mariel Hemingway
Alan Delour Richard Jordan
Bill Nolan Richard Masur
Phil Wilson Richard Bradford
Andy Porter Joe Pantoliano
Ray Martinez Andy Garcia
Kathy Vasquez Rose Portillo
Albert O’Shaughnessy William Smith
Harold Jacoby Lee Sandman
Carl Mason Dan Fitzgerald
Ruth Lowenstein Cynthia Caquelin
Warren Phillips Fred Ornstein
Peter Peterson Fritz Bronner
Everett Durfee Mike DeRienzo
Ray Sloane Michael Clay
John Burrows Fred Buch


This is the first time that I have ever actually found John Burrows’ name appearing in conjunction with anOrion Pictures movie.  So, this is a very significant find to me.


New update below:

First of all, I want to display photos of our TV screen showing the character’s name of John Burrows in the credits.  Please do take particular note of his title and the main headingunder which his name appears in the credits.  I will demonstrate the extreme significance of these two things a little farther down in one of Elvis’s/Jesse’s own handwritten letters.

I want to also point out that this very special clue was not given at any point within the script of the movie.  At no place is the name John Burrows shown or spoken in the movie.  Once again, this special gift was to those of us who paid attention and read credits to look for clues.  I would have never picked up on this when it was released in the theaters back in 1985.  It was not until 1988 that I first made the connection between Elvis and Orion Pictures.  After that, I sat through every bit of the credits of every one of their movies which I watched in the theater or at home.  It was the most amazing and fantastic adventure and treasure hunt imaginable.

I can never thank Elvis/Jesse enough for all of the absolute joy he has given me through these clues.

The next significant new fact which I wish to point out…now that I am positive of the fact, is that David Foster, the producer of “The Mean Season” mentioned in the following excerpt from my above article, is none other than the now ex-husband of Linda Thompson, Elvis’s former and longtime girlfriend.  You may recall that I have pointed out earlier on my site regarding Orion Pictures, that Linda Thompson had a bit part in one of the Orion Pictures’RoboCop movies. 

Below is the blip which I have displayed earlier about Linda Thompson in RoboCop 2:


Here is just a tid bit of information regarding Orion Pictures and Elvis:


Full cast and crew for



RoboCop 2 (1990)





continuing about “The Mean Season” …..

The actual City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team appeared in the movie as the City of Miami Police Department’s SWAT Team in a scene where Kurt Russell’s character enters the house of a victim. Many interiors were also filmed inside the City of Miami Police Department Headquarters.

Originally this was a yet unpublished novel written by novelist John Katzenbach in 1982, when it landed on producer David Foster’s desk. Foster optioned it as a film….

The film was passed on by several studios before Orion Pictures optioned it and finally released it in Winter of 1985.


So, to sum up “The Mean Season” starred Kurt Russell who has the Elvis correlations; was produced by David Foster who had the Elvis correlation; had a character in it named John Burrows who was the Chief of Detectives with the Miami Police Department; was actually filmed using actual Miami Police Department SWAT team members and was filmed on location within the City of Miami Police Department Headquarters.

The Miami Police Department significance may escape you…until you read the following letter which was written by Elvis/Jesse to Dr. Hinton during the writing of his book.  Take special note of his comments about having done some police work after 1977…in Miami… which was cut short.  (Please take note that I am the Linda to whom he referred in this letter and in all of the letters which he wrote to Dr. Hinton during the writing of the book.  The reason that I make such a point of this fact is because of someone else named “Linda” who attempted to present herself as being Elvis’s/Jesse’s “Linda”.) 






Jesse allowed Dr. Hinton to publish the above handwritten letter in it’s entirety in the book itself. 

If you missed his two mentions of his police work in Miami in the above letter, please be sure to go back and read again specifically looking for those two statements.

I hope you have enjoyed the above and have found it as confirming as I believe you will.


I wish to reiterate that almost all of the letters which I have displayed from the book are from my copy of the rough draft of the book which Dr. Hinton sent to me in the fall of 2000, at the time that Jesse asked for a copy of the rough draft so he could look it over and decide on any changes. 

When I scan and display any of Jesse’s letters written during the work on the book, I always check in the published copy to make sure that I do not display anything which Jesse had edited out.  It is never my intention to divulge anything that he wishes to be kept private.

I am sharing these copies because they are from my copy of the rough draft of the book.

If I owned the copyright to the book, I would just scan every page of the 88-page book and display it here for everyone to read for FREE.  But, I cannot do so because the copyright belongs to Dr. Hinton.

In the excerpts from several of his letters to Dr. Hinton below, you will see that my husband and I were definitely included in Jesse’s wishes regarding the book.  Also, you will see that Jesse has always known that I care nothing, whatsoever, about monetary gain from anything relating to my friendship with him.  His friendship is the greatest treasure on earth to me.  Money is of no importance to me where Elvis/Jesse is concerned.






In the page letter below, you will see that it was Jesse’s hope that I would profit from the book along with Dr. Hinton.  Again, I reiterate that I had and do not have any interest, whatsoever, in any gain from the book.  I care not whether even one more copy of it is ever sold. 

Also, again you will see that his initial intention was that the book would be published after he was actually gone from this earth.

The purpose of this message today is to just continue to set the record straight.  I want to make it clear to everyone how much a part of the book that I was in Jesse’s letters and plans.

I will never sit by and see others slander me and my loyalty to Elvis/Jesse by saying that I have ever “sold” anything relating to my friendship with him…and I NEVER will.

I share everything on my web site for FREE to everyone…even my harshest critics and those who hate me because of fear and jealousy.


I have decided to set up an open message board…just until Christmas.  This message board will be for those who wish to write Christmas greetings and wishes to Elvis/Jesse.  Though he does not access the Internet at all, I will print off and send to him all of the messages written to him. 

I want to thank my good friend, Susan, who suggested this to me.

This message board will be strictly monitored by me.  I will delete any and all negative comments of any naturewithout reading them in detail.  DO NOT USE THIS AS A PLACE TO ATTACK ME PERSONALLY.  You will be wasting your time and mine.  

Please do feel free to visit and post your messages of love, respect and support to the man we all love so very much.

Merry Christmas to everyone! This message board is my Christmas gift to my visitors and to Elvis/Jesse.

Here is the link to the message board:  MESSAGES TO JESSE

FOOTNOTE:  Your message can be posted in total anonymity.  I want to make this clear to everyone since the messages will be visible to those who visit the message board.  The photo and Email options are totally optional and may just be left blank.  You may also use a pseudonym for your name.




I am so very sad and sorry to report that Sherrill Nielsen passed away yesterday at 11:00 AM.  He was a close friend to Elvis and a very talented man.  He will be greatly missed.

Here is the Email message which was sent out by Donnie Sumner yesterday:

I regret to inform you that MY FRIEND Sherrill (Shaun) Nielsen
passed away this morning at about 11:00 A.M.
Sherrill fought a good fight and has now received his new body
I will miss MY FRIEND
Remember Brenda in your prayers
I haven’t heard about the funeral arrangments yet
But Sherrill and Brenda have a home in Cullman AL
and I assume the memorial service will be in Cullman
I’ll let all of my friends know as soon as I am informed
God bless you all
Your friend

I am certain that it will be fine to send condolences to his family at the following address…the same address which I posted earlier this week to which donations could (and still can) be sent to his wife, Brenda.

The address again is:

Mrs. Brenda Nielsen

P. O. Box 2626

Cullman, AL 35056


I especially like the “Thought For The Day” which I received this morning.  It is encouraging and comforting…as well as excellent advice to which I strive to adhere. 

Think on This …

Look only upon that which brings peace, harmony, joy, in the lives of those that thou may serve from day to day. Think not upon those fearful things about thine self, for HE (in faith) will care for these… Listen to the voice within; for He is nearer even than thine own body!

Edgar Cayce Reading 262-75

Become part of the legacy.


I hope that those who visit my site who are US citizens will take a moment to send a message of thanks to one of our soldiers who is away from home and family this holiday season protecting us, our country and our freedom.

The art on the cards is done by children…each card shows the child’s name who drew it and their age.

My thanks to each of you who take the time out of your busy holiday pace to do this for a soldier far from home.

Thank you so much,


This is the card which I chose…there are many to select from.

The following message was shared with me by my dear friend, Bobbi.  My thanks to her for sharing.


If you go to this web site,   you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier who is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.
How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!!  It’s FREE and it only takes a second.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of  these?  Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them.
This takes just 10 seconds and it’s a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do.  We can never say thank you enough.
Thanks for taking time to support our military!
Here is an Orion Pictures Christmas gift to my visitors.  I hope that you will find time in your busy holiday pace to watch this beautifully sweet Elvis-flavored”Christmas movie.
The title of this movie is Prancer.  Below you will see the report which I wrote about this movie in my movie report back in early 1990.  We saw Prancer in the theater when it came out in 1989 and loved it so much.
I do want everyone to understand that, since I have personally been in touch with Elvis, he has not once lived in Michigan.  The Michigan sightings and Ali connection were all back in the 1980’s…well over 20 years ago.  So, please don’t disturb these quiet little towns nor Ali by trying to find Elvis. 
I will never mention any location in my web site where he has ever been since 1992.
You will see that the little girl who is the main character in the movie is named Jessica and they call her “Jessie”.  This is one of the very significant things about the movie.  I did not know anything about Elvis being Jesse back in 1989-1990 and therefore you will note that in my movie report, I did not know to point out the little girls name.  I call your attention to that fact now.
I point out also that I believe that Ali no longer lives in the location that he did back then.
One other thing, there were rumors of Elvis calling radio stations in the vicinities of the filming of some of the Orion Pictures movies.  In fact, I have a copy of a letter which he wrote to a friend, before I knew him, in which he wrote about phoning a radio station.  Perhaps later, I will dig around and find that letter to share just a tiny excerpt about this fact.
This is from my movie report.  Please remember that this was before I began publishing my newsletter and long before I came to be in contact with Elvis.


Here is the copy of the back of the VHS box.
I loved this movie and the clues were fantastic.  I loved it when they sang “How Great Thou Art”…which is not traditionally a Christmas song!
While on the topic of Muhammad Ali, I want to share the quote from Ali which appears on the back of Jerry Schilling’s book Me and A Guy Named Elvis which was originally published in 2006.  I have not had a chance to read Jerry’s book yet, but I feel certain it is very good and well worth the read.  I like Ali’s “current” wording:
 While we are on the topic of “Michigan”, I have one more article which I want to display.  The following scans are from the virtual tour of Graceland which was put out on a 2 CD-ROM set by Elvis Presley Enterprises in 1996 titled “Virtual Graceland – Your Personal Tour of Elvis’s Life & Home“.  The first scan below is from the front of the CD case:
Isn’t that just beautiful!!! 🙂
Now, the reason that I have showed you that is to show you the following.  Once you enter the virtual tour, you have options of listening and following a tour hostess or you may click on one of several icons to explore for yourself.  One of the icons is a photo of a calendar on which the date Jan. 8 is displayed.  Once you click on the calendar icon, you are taken to a display which shows some photos of Elvis, a guitar with a movable guitar pick which, when moved, takes you to different years in Elvis’s life.  This is in order that it will display significant events in Elvis’s life in whatever year you rest the guitar pick upon.
Now, the significant thing which I want to point out is this.  Behind the front scene on this display is a replica of the front page of a newspaper titled “World News” with a blank main headline.  As you move from one year to the next in Elvis’s life, the headline is filled in with a world event which also took place that same year.
Now, the fun stuff!!  Below the blank headline on the first page of the paper and each subsequent world event headline are the sub-titles for two columns.  The title of the one column of the paper is “The King Lives on CD-ROM”.  The title of the second column is the one because of which I am writing this entire article.  Drum rol.l.l.l.l.l.l  “Michigan Boy Makes Good“.  I just loved this back in 1996 when I bought the CD set and I still do. 
Now, one must scratch one’s head and wonder why EPE back in 1996 (8 yearsafter all of the hoopla about Elvis being alive in Michigan had passed) would choose to include this in their very serious tribute to Elvis and very respectfultour of Graceland?  I think I know why!!!
Below are scans of everything which I have mentioned above so you may see for yourself.  So, enjoy the scans:
Here is the “questionable headline” enlarged:



First of all, I want to apologize that I have not posted anything for the past few days.  I am not well and am busy this week with Dr. visits…3 so far and have another tomorrow as well as two more upcoming to be scheduled later today.  So, I ask that my visitors please bear with me.  I promise I will continue to update my site as often as possible.

In my article above about Orion Pictures and the movie Prancer, I mentioned the fact that there were rumors of Elvis phoning radio stations in the vicinities in which Orion movies were being filmed.  I also said that I would try to locate a letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to our dear mutual friend regarding the fact that he was, indeed, phoning radio stations.

I have located that letter and will display the excerpts below as well as the date and time of the letter and Elvis/Jesse’s signature.  As you will see, I have blacked out the name of the state which he was in and the call numbers of the radio station.  I never intend to give out his actual location…not even though it was almost 20 years ago when this letter was written in Jan. 1991.  By the time I received my very first mail from him in the spring of 1992, he was no longer in that state…nor, to my knowledge, has he been there since I have known him.

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these excerpts.



I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you who have posted a Christmas message to Elvis/Jesse on my message board.  The board is still open for messages.  For those who still intend to post, I must ask that you do so very soon.  I hope to mail out my second printing to him on Monday of next week in order for them to reach him by Christmas.

I am so happy because everyone has been so very, very nice to me about this.  I have only had to remove one message.  This is so meaningful to me and I know it will also be so meaningful to Jesse.  He has several times told me that he is “so sorry that these people are coming after you“.  I am strong because of him and God.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 (12:11 AM)

I vowed that any negative remarks posted on my message board devoted to  Christmas greetings to Elvis/Jesse would be removed.  However, in one instance, I have decided to leave one vile message on there so that everyone who visits may read it.  I will also be printing this off to include to those which I send to Elvis/Jesse so that he may see for himself (once again) what one of his so-called friends is saying about him and me.  I have not written one negative word about Mr. Lacker prior to this.  I have steered clear of him because I knew what his attitude toward me would undoubtedly be.  I have not, until today, read one word which he has written about me.  But, since he has invaded my personal web site…I am glad to let him have his say.


My web site will not become a battle ground between me and anyone.  I will not waste my time nor my web site space on the likes of Marty Lacker.  There is much inside and behind-the-scenes information which I have and know proving that Jesse is Elvis.  I am not shaken for one second by Mr. Lacker’s unkind and disgraceful attack on Jesse and me.  Mr. Lacker would do well to brush up on his typing and also clean up his foul mouth if he expects to garner the respect of decent Elvis fans. 


He has time and again spoken and written disgraceful trash about Elvis.  Just check out his part in the Alanna Nash book Elvis Aaron Presley…Revelations of the Memphis Mafia with Marty Lacker and two other so-called friend and relative.  This book is so disgusting that I cannot begin to read it…just scanning through it makes me nauseous.  Mr. Lacker is one of those former friends about whom Elvis/Jesse wrote when he said that they had revealed intimate thoughts about him to make money because that is the only way they have to  make money. 


I will say only one thing in response to Mr. Lacker.  How do you explain that the DNA from my friend Elvis/Jesse from 2002 and 2008 matches the first cousins on both the Presley and Smith sides of Elvis’s family…the same DNA which is now the basis of a court case for which a hearing date has been set???


Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you too, Mr. Lacker!!


Here is Mr. Lacker’s “kind” message to me about myself, Elvis/Jesse and my site:


Marty Lacker
12-16-2010 9:48:43 PM CST

Elvis fans don’t be fooled by this nut. I’ve posted countless times on EIN telling everyone Elvis is not alive and this Jesse thing is bullshit. I was there when he died. Linda’s NEVER been there and why the hell would he write a book with these people after all these years? And Linda, you made one big mistake because if Elvis were around he wouldn’t have dark skin under his eyes. He took care of that in the mid 50’s. But that’s right you weren’t there and don’t know because you DON’T know Elvis! Elvis fans have a merry christmas and let Elvis’ soul rest in peace. TCB Marty Also look on youtube if you don’t believe me, even Joe Esposito said they’re full of shit!

Still looks pretty dark in this post -’50’s photo below, doesn’t it, Mr. Lacker??



My thanks to my dear friend, Susan, for reminding me of this danger.

For those who have chosen to post their Email addresses, I offer one word of extreme caution:  If you receive any Emails from anyone claiming to be Jesse under any Email address, DO NOT OPEN THESE EMAILS.  Elvis/Jesse DOES NOT communicate via Email at all with anyone.   There are those who seek to con people or trick them into thinking that they are in touch with Elvis in order that they may later ridicule, abuse, or tamper with someone’s computer.  Please do be very cautious about opening any Emails from people who you do not know.

If you have already established contact with anyone claiming that they are Elvis/Jesse, please stop all contact immediately.  This can only be a fake and a fraud.

Also, DO NOT OPEN any Emails with a subject line containing Elvis is Jesse nor Jesse is Elvis.  One such Email contained a virus which caused a lot of destruction on my computer a few months ago.

I am so sorry that we all have to be so careful and suspicious.  But, unfortunately, that is the world we live in today.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has written such sweet messages to Elvis/Jesse. 


Once more, Marty Lacker has again invaded our message board for Christmas wishes to Elvis/Jesse.  Once more, I will not remove his message from the board in order that all may view what he had to say.  Nor will I delete it when I print the messages out for Elvis/Jesse in a few days.

Here is Marty Lacker’s most recent message:

Marty Lacker
12-17-2010 8:21:57 PM CST

kebekdisk. Everyone go look at that persons youtube account. The Joe Esposito interview part 2. 6 minutes into the video he is asked about Dr. Hinton and Jesse. I tried posting the link but it would not let me. Linda you’re busted! I don’t know you so I don’t know what your deal is. But the fact is you’ve been conned or you’re conning everyone. If you all say that you’re good Elvis fans watch that video and act like good Elvis fans! Don’t give this nut anymore attention. Jesse my ass! I already spoke about the DNA crap on EIN. He had his eyes and nose done in the mid 50’s. He had an eye lift in 76 even though he didn’t need it! I know for a fact Elvis would not let himself look at all like this “Jesse” person does if he were around today. And how dare you question my friendship with Elvis! You weren’t there! I was! I was the co-bestman at his wedding and foreman of the MM for a time. I was not in Memphis the day Elvis died but I KNOW for a fact he is gone. Linda you have some nerve for having anything at all to say about me when you’re lying about even knowing Elvis! But worst of all you’re giving his fans false hope. This is the last time I’ll ever speak about this nonsense or even think of this website again. I can tell you one thing, if Elvis were around he would track this “Jesse” down and kick his ass! I’m still TCB Elvis! RIP

Yes, Mr. Lacker, I am well aware that Joe, in at least one interview, slammed Dr. Hinton, the book and Jesse.  I have not seen this interview myself, but I am sure that I, as well as anyone else who cares to watch it, may locate it by doing a search for “Joe Esposito and Elvis” and perhaps by adding “Dr. Hinton” to the search on YouTube.  I encourage everyone to locate and watch Joe’s comments. 

Joe has denounced others who have spoken out about Elvis being aIive so it is nothing unexpected that he would do so about Dr. Hinton and Jesse.  I respect Joe and the job which he has been doing for all of these 33 years.  But, I have already proven on my site and/or it has been noted or shown other places that Joe has changed his story about the day he found Elvis’s body: about whether rigor mortis had set in, whether CPR was done on Elvis or not, whether he was found in the bed or on the bathroom floor, etc.  Also, I have proven that he and George Klein got their stories mixed up about who was in the pool house door photo…Al Strada or Elvis’s cousin Jimmy, etc.  The inconsistencies are endless and countless over the years.

I have absolutely no quarrel with Joe, Dr. Nick, nor others.  I respect them very much.  They have proven loyal and true to Elvis…always.  I would never attack them in a harsh manner. 

I would never have confronted Marty Lacker had he not come on my own web site to attack me.  Nor would I have questioned his true friendship and motives where Elvis is concerned were it not for the disgusting manner in which he has spoken of Elvis and his revolting lack of  good taste exhibited by his language and indelicate manner of stating his “truths”.  Were you not paid, Mr. Lacker, for your part in the writing of Alanna Nash’s slanderous book about Elvis? 

If I recall correctly, Mr. Lacker, you were neither there the day that Elvis “died” nor did you attend his “funeral“.  I may be incorrect in my memory about this…reading about you is not one of my frequent pass times.

Below are excerpts from two of Elvis’s/Jesse’s letters written during the writing of the book which may reflect a little more upon the reasons that I feel as I do toward Marty Lacker and a few others…both good and bad.

I want to make it perfectly clear to Mr. Lacker and anyone else who attacks me personally that I will never back down nor stop telling the absolute truth about Elvis unless he, himself, tells me to do so.  He has asked another person to stop their efforts to prove that he is alive and that person has not respected his request.  I would not hesitate one second to delete my web site and never do another thing if Elvis/Jesse were to ask me to.  The last time he and I spoke within the last month, I asked him if anyone was giving him a hard time because of my web site.  I told him that, if they were, I would take my web site down.  His response to me was “No, I don’t want you to.”  So, until he tells me otherwise, no one else will stop me from sharing his and my truth via my web site.

I say to Mr. Lacker and others of his ilk, someday the whole truth will become apparent and when it does, I will still be standing proudly as his true friend.  Those who have refused to see and accept the truth will be shamefaced as they should be now for the manner in which they have revealed, lied about and exaggerated the private details of Elvis’s life before August 16, 1977.  They have done this with a total lack of compassion for the man who gave them the keys to a life style they would never have even dreamed of were it not for him. 

I love him dearly and I will never make one cent off of my friendship with him.  His trust and friendship mean more to me than all the treasures on earth.  I wonder if Mr. Lacker can truthfully say the same.

Here are the excerpts which I mentioned above.  As always all of the excerpts from his letters are scanned from my rough copy of the draft of the book before it was completed.


I wish to address other remarks made by Marty Lacker in his above messages:

Does loyalty end when one believes that their close friend has died, Mr. Lacker?  Loyalty was and still is extremely important to Elvis/Jesse.  You will see in the following two excerpts from his letters written during the writing of his book why he chose us to write his book.

In the excerpt below you will also see his reason for writing the book for his fans.  Of course, he explained this in much more detail throughout his letters for the book.



Once more the following letter is scanned from my rough draft of the book.

In this excerpt from his letter written in November of 1998, you will see some of the details regarding how many friends were involved in the escape and some comments about the friends who knew and were sworn to secrecy and what their reaction to his book would be.

Once again, Elvis picked Dr. Hinton, myself, my husband and another very dear friend… it was because of our trustworthiness and most of all our loyalty.

Another very important fact regarding Marty Lacker’s remarks to me.  Ron Collamore, a very good friend, wrote me this morning saying the following:

In regard to Marty Lacker’s book “ELVIS: PORTRAIT OF A FRIEND,” he writes that he was in California on August 16, 1977 and he didn’t attend the funeral because his wife was so upset about Elvis.

Does that help you?

I thank Ron from the bottom of my heart for helping me with proving that Lacker lied.

I do not own a copy of Lacker’s book…if I did, I would scan the page to prove that he wrote this. This one fact from his own book proves that he lied in his first message on our board when he said he “was there” when Elvis died.  Here is his posted message once again proving that he lied.


Marty Lacker
12-16-2010 9:48:43 PM CST

Elvis fans don’t be fooled by this nut. I’ve posted countless times on EIN telling everyone Elvis is not alive and this Jesse thing is bullshit. I was there when he died. Linda’s NEVER been there and why the hell would he write a book with these people after all these years? And Linda, you made one big mistake because if Elvis were around he wouldn’t have dark skin under his eyes. He took care of that in the mid 50’s. But that’s right you weren’t there and don’t know because you DON’T know Elvis! Elvis fans have a merry christmas and let Elvis’ soul rest in peace. TCB Marty Also look on youtube if you don’t believe me, even Joe Esposito said they’re full of shit!



I think maybe it is time for one of Mr. Edgar Cayce’s “Thoughts for the day”.  Here is the thought which I received this morning:


Think on This …

Do not hold resentment. Do not get so mad at times when things are a little wrong. Remember that others have as much right to their opinions as self, but that there is a level from which all may work together for good. Smile always–and live the smile!

Edgar Cayce Reading 1819-1

Become part of the legacy.
I am striving very hard to live by this instruction….but it ain’t easy!!!!


On a more interesting note.  My friend, Ron Collamore, also wrote an interesting article to be posted on my site regarding the connection which Howard Hughes had with Elvis leaving on August 16, 1977.  I am in the process of creating a new page devoted to this topic.  I have copied my article from October, 2010 and displayed it on the new page.

I will be displaying also the excerpt from Elvis’s/Jesse’s letter in which he wrote of the help of Howard Hughes. There is a huge “WOW” revelation in Jesse’s letter which no one knew back when Jesse wrote the letter for his book.  You will love it!!

Here is the link to that new page: 



More response to Marty Lacker.  I came across another letter written by Elvis/Jesse for the book regarding the involvement of Joe in August 16, 1977 leaving.  I had not planned to bring Joe up in any detail on my site, but since Lacker has chosen to open that can of worms, I feel I must defend myself.

This is in no way meant to be an attack nor an affront against Joe.  I admire and respect him tremendously.  He has done a good job and I know that he will continue to do a good job.  He is truly loyal and devoted.


My friend, Ron Collamore, who wrote to tell me that Marty Lacker wrote in his own book that he was not there when Elvis “died” and that he did not attend the funeral has just written me the transcript of Marty’s actual written words in his book. 

Marty does not want to confront me on my own turf again unless he would like some more black eyes.  My site is the truth and I will continue to present more documentation in response to anyone who dares to invade my site to tell their lies.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to Ron, for all of his time and effort in helping me.  I truly appreciate the friendship and support of all of my friends who stand with me because they know I am telling the absolute truth.

Here is the typed transcript from Lacker’s book which Ron just sent to me:


Here’s what he’d written in his book.


Chapter 18


An Era Ends


“On August 16, 1977, I was driving on Interstate Five near Newport Beach, California where my family and I had moved to a new home and new life some months before. My wife had not been well and I was going home early in the afternoon. It was not a typically-beautiful California day. The sky was black and raindrops, the size of a marbles, were pounding on the automobile. I reached over and turned on the radio and heard the announcer say, “…ley is dead, more details as we get them.”


He began to play one of Elvis’ records. My stomach turned over. Had he said Presley is dead? Elvis Presley is dead? It was a long time before the record ended. I’m not sure I wanted it to end because I was afraid of what I would hear. And then  heard it, “We have lost a good friend, Elvis Presley is dead, more details as we get them.”


I almost ran into a light post as I start speeding home, telling myself it was just another one of those damn rumors. When I reached the house, my wife and daughter came running out to me in hysterics. They were crying and asking me if it was true and asking at the same time if I was all right.


My insides were churning when I called Graceland to find out if it was true. Larry Geller answered, and as soon as I said, “This is Marty…”


He said,””He’s gone, Marty. He’s gone.”


I didn’t think my heart was going to stand it. We were both silent for a moment, then I began to cry. Between the tears, I listened as he told me what had happened. Elvis and Ginger had gone to his suite about six-thirty that morning after playing racquetball for a few hours with Billy and Jo.


Elvis was apparently feeling good and not very tired, so he took his book he was reading and went into the bathroom. According to interview she has given, Ginger went to sleep.


She says she woke up once and Elvis was still not in bed, but instead of checking on him she went back to sleep She awoke a few hours later and since he was still not on bed, she went to the bathroom door and knocked. There was no answer so she opened the bathroom door and found him lying on the floor.


She immediately yelled for help and Joe Esposito and Al Strada ran upstairs to see what was wrong. While someone called an ambulance, Joe tried to find a heartbeat or pulse, but could not. Vernon arrived a few minutes later and then Dr. Nick and some of the guys arrived as the ambulance came up the driveway to the house. Dr. Nick and Joe rode in the back of the ambulance with Elvis’ body to the hospital while some of the guys followed in a car. Dr. Nick tried to restore Elvis’ breathing but it was too late. Elvis was dead when they found him on the bathroom.


I was so emotional, I couldn’t listen anymore. My wife was hysterical and I tried to comfort her but wasn’t much help. We kept watching television and listening to the radio to try to get some further news, perhaps we expected someone to say it was all a dream.


A few hours later, I called Graceland again and when George Klein answered and I spoke to him, we both broke down. George said everybody was sitting around in total disbelief. When I told him I would be there the next day, he said Joe or Billy would arrange air transportation for me, but the next day I had to call back and tell them I could not leave my wife, she was just too upset.”


I ask that those who have followed Marty’s comments for so many years and actually believed him, take time to take a deep breath and rethink his credibility status.

Marty gave Alanna Nash an account in her book about the fact that Elvis spoke to him of wanting to leave it all behind.  Billy Smith backed up what Marty said in the book.  Then they gave an interview to a publication in England actually detailing how Elvis did fake his death and left it all behind.

Then he came back and denied it all…saying it was just a joke.

I have displayed these articles on my site previously.  I will try to go back and find them and repost them on this page again.

What is this guy smoking????

Below is my earlier entire page regarding Lacker and Billy Smith in Alanna Nash’s book and in the interview which they later gave.

Here is the link to that page:



In two separate interviews, Billy Smith and Marty Lacker each spoke of the faking of Elvis’ death….once regarding Elvis’ plan to do so and once recounting that it was actually done.  These two interviews were done years apart.

Before I write one more word, I want it clearly understood that after the interview in the British publication THE PEOPLE, they have said “It was just a joke.”  Below you will see this news article about the interview with both of them.  

Following the THE PEOPLE interview,you will see that they had also included their accounts of how Elvis was planning to fake his death and had discussed it with them…this when they worked with Alanna Nash on the bookElvis Aaron Presley…Revelations From The Memphis Mafia. This book was published in 1995.

Here we have THE PEOPLE article:


Enlarged excerpt:

Front cover of Nash’s book:

Marty Lacker in the above book:

                                                     The above is Marty Lacker  cont’d

Billy Smith in the above book:


Billy Smith continued below:

I believe that this will be my final response to Marty Lacker’s attack and nonsense…but you never know…..














One other thought:  You may recall several years ago that Joe Esposito put a New Year’s message stating that he was going to be putting out a book that would cause huge fireworks.  He said that it would be the most talked about book since “Elvis, What Happened?”  However, when the book “Elvis Straight Up” was actually published there was nothing whatsoever noteworthy in it.  Certainly nothing to cause “fireworks”.  Wonder what it was that Joe was thinking of putting in his book and then changed his mind???  I think I know.

Once more, I emphasize that I do not mean any disrespect to Joe Esposito.  I hold him in very high regard and want to remind everyone that it was Marty Lacker who brought the dispute regarding Joe to my site…not me.

Please note:  I have added another piece of documentation regarding Marty Lacker below.  Please be sure to scroll down to view this information which I added on Monday, December 20, 2010.


I wish every visitor to my site a most joyous and blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with blessings and all things hoped for.

I want to thank every single visitor who has visited and for all future visits.

May God bless every one of you.

With my love,



For those who aren’t too familiar with Marty Lacker’s history with Elvis as it relates to his statement in our message board that he “…was there when he died“, I wish to present a paragraph from a biography of Mr. Lacker regarding his later years with Elvis.  This is taken from page #294 of The Elvis Encyclopedia by Adam Victor…a wonderful reference book for all things Elvis.  I just looked this up.

Two friends reminded me last night that Marty was no longer with Elvis after mid 1976…well before Elvis began putting his plans in place for August 16, 1977.  I did not want to state this fact though until I could actually research it and present documentation of this fact…something I always strive to do on my site.

It is also a well known fact that Marty Lacker dislikes Joe Esposito intensely, so isn’t it odd that he chose to use Joe to attempt to discredit me?

Below is the documentation of the above.  Marty Lacker was not even in close physical proximity to Elvis during the last year before Elvis left us.  So how could he possibly know everything there was to know about what Elvis was thinking, doing, or planning? Marty even stated in his own book from which I displayed the transcribed excerpt above…that he had started a new life in California.

I have been in contact with Elvis off and on since 1992 and I have been his close trusted friend for many of those years, so I feel safe in saying that I do know much more about Elvis at this point in time than Marty Lacker does.

I don’t mean to be unkind to Mr. Lacker, but he has put me in a position where I must fight back in defense of myself and Elvis/Jesse.

Also, another aside to this Lacker situation.  I did delete the entire lengthy attack upon me, which was posted following the two Lacker messages, from our Christmas message board without reading it at all…just glanced enough to see the nature of it.  I did get the impression, though, that it probably was written by a member of the Memphis Mafia.  Quite honestly though, I would have probably guessed it was Marty again using a different name.  However, one friend who did get to see the whole message before I deleted it, has told me the initials used by the person who signed it…and it appears to have been written by another member of the Memphis Mafia.  I won’t mention those initials here…not unless I find out for certain who wrote the message.

I write the above just to say this:  I will not be intimidated by ANYONE…so don’t waste your time.  The truth presented on my site will not change due to attacks nor pressure placed upon me.

I apologize to my visitors that I have found myself in a position where I must be very strong and confrontational.  Please do understand that by invading my site, Mr. Lacker has placed himself in a position to be proven dishonest as well as some other adjectives which I won’t include.

I made myself perfectly clear when I set up the message board, devoted to Christmas wishes to Elvis/Jesse, that this was not to be used as a place to attack me.  So, why did Marty intrude where he knew he would not be welcome and impart nasty remarks and name calling?  Why, if I and my site are so totally ridiculous and absurd, do members of the Memphis Mafia waste their time monitoring my site?  They could not have known that I had set up a message board unless they were keeping a pretty close watch on my site.  The same holds true for all of the other “established” Elvis sites who monitor and attack me on their sites.  Why waste your time on me?  I don’t waste my time visiting your sites and attacking what you write about me…I don’t even care what is on your sites!


I plan to print off the Christmas Wishes to Elvis/Jesse and mail them out tomorrow in order that they may reach him before Christmas.  I will print them out immediately before mailing.  Therefore, if there are those who would still like to add to the messages, you may do so until early tomorrow afternoon.

I will not be taking the board down even then…so you may still add more messages if you wish.  I will print and send them even though they won’t reach him until after Christmas day.

Thank you to everyone who has been so loving and kind in posting your messages.


I have done a search on YouTube for the video to which Mr. Lacker attempted to refer everyone to see me being “busted”.  I have located that video and below you will see the link in order that you may visit and hear it for yourself.  Yes, Joe does unequivocally denounce Dr. Hinton and Jesse.  As I wrote before, I have known that Joe did speak out against Dr. Hinton, Jesse and the book….so this video is not shocking to me.  In fact I see that this interview was filmed around the 25th anniversary of Elvis’s “death” as is mentioned in the interview…the time during which the book was published.

I hope everyone will watch this video as suggested by Marty Lacker and decide for yourself.  If Joe’s interview changes your mind and causes you to decide that all of the documentation on my 55 pages and the DNA proof from Elvis/Jesse is now discredited by Joe’s comments, then please do feel free to not visit my site again.

I always want my visitors to have full access to everything that is out there and make up their own minds.  I hope that my displaying this video will give Marty Lacker peace of mind that he got his word out there to “bust me”.

This video is owned by: kebekdisk



Several people commented on this video and expressed the sentiments of myself and many others regarding Joe and his account of August 16, 1977 and events thereafter:


Ive seen the interview after Elvis died and now this one.

In the earlier interview he says different things then he is telling her, about where and how he found him.

He in my eyes is Pinokkio, his nose grows every time.

He lies.

its funny that through the years even recently Joe changes his story soooo much I cant believe a damn thing he said. he said he gave mouth to mouth and then how could he when another time he said he couldnt open elvis’s mouth and his tongue was bitten off from elvis clinching his teeth in his death from pain. its very very weird. all these people get mad at people who think elvis is alive but really they are to BLAME cause they can never give a straight damn answer!!


Jesse’s handwriting has been analyzed by a court recognized analysts

Marty, if you wish to continue “beating a dead horse” so to speak…you may continue to come after me all that you wish.  But, just know up front, there is nothing you can say nor do to make me denounce that which I absolutely know to be the truth.

You may convince visitors not to come to my site.  But that will not hurt me.  It will only hurt those who miss seeing the truth.  My only objective is to defend myself and Elvis/Jesse.  If not one person believes what I have shown, that does not take away one whit from the fact that I have shared nothing but the truth and that I have documented that I am telling the truth.



Below are the most recent messages posted by Lacker and Memphis Funeral Services.

This whole thing is getting very boring and ridiculous.  So, I won’t waste any more of my time responding to any of this absurd obsession which these people seem to have with my site.

I am through…but I have told Marty that he has my message board at his disposal.

I ask that all of you forgive me for this whole mess.  I will just let these people run their course and then we will close the message board and get back to normal.  It may not be possible to leave the message board open for Elvis/Jesse’s birthday…time will tell.

I will no longer delete their trash from the message board since they seem Hell bent on making sure that everyone reads their ridiculous attacks.

Here are the most recent which will be the last that I copy and post on here…also below is my response to Marty on the message board:

Linda Hood Sigmon
12-21-2010 6:26:05 PM CST

You’ve got it Marty!!!! Your message will be left on here, just as the first two were. I am not even wasting my time reading this one all the way through. I am through wasting my time and web space on you. You are bordering on 
obsession with my site. You can post on here and take up space and leave yourself open for the disapproval of other fans. You should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t need the attention from “people who actually knew Elvis”. I have had this attention for a year and a half on other sites. So, my message board is at your disposal. Please, give it your best shot and post away. I apologize to my visitors. I want everyone to see why I have had to avoid allowing contact with myself from anyone up until now. This is a pathetic way for someone who supposedly honors Elvis’s memory to behave publicly. So, I am through, Marty. You have my message board at your disposal. Write anything you want. All of your messages are copied and posted on my Current News and Events page along with my responses to you. In fact, I will copy and paste your last one which I moved to my site back on here for all to see since you have a problem with my moving it. As you will see, your first two messages are still on here for everyone to see. I have absolutely nothing to hide from anyone. I have made NO “excuses” for anything on my site. I document what I write. I, unlike you, have no intention of ever making a penny off of my friendship with Elvis.

Marty Lacker
12-21-2010 5:58:59 PM CST
Well played Linda. I know you get a kick out of someone who actually knew Elvis is talking to you but that’s what I expect from a sick person. How would you feel if someone was spreading all this nonsense about someone you loved? Joe already went on national television and exposed your friend Gail and all her so called “evidence”. I’m sure he’d embarrass you too he’d probably love to promote his latest book, but that’s fine by me because he actually knew the man. Hell pick a tv show I’ll do it myself. Gail, the doctor, and Eliza, who else is next? This “Elvis is Alive” bullshit is on it’s last leg and you know it. And I’m going to speak out against it because one day none of us will be around to stop it and I’m sure some sick bastard will say they’re in contact with a 100 year old Elvis one day. You can take DNA and send it to a lab and say it’s whoever you want it to be. And I’ve seen those letters you’ve posted and I see problems right away. Handwriting can be faked. Elvis’ signature is not hard to pull off. You’ve already admitted being associated with frauds like Gail and Hinton. What are you going to do when this Eliza bullshit plays out? She’s already taken donations to “fight her case” or whatever. Haven’t you made money off of Elvis yourself? Eliza is your last hope and that’s not a happy ending for you. “Jesse” will eventually pass away if he hasn’t already then how are you going to benefit from Elvis? Are you just going to say “Jesse” faked his death and is going to live until 100? This Jesse crap has gone on for almost a decade and you and Gail have been doing this since the 80’s. You owe his fans an apology and like I said Jesse will never provide fingerprints because this would be over. Elvis accomplished more by the time he was 21 than you or anyone else involved could accomplish in 10 lifetimes! Why don’t you have the guts to leave this one on here for everyone to see what you all are if you have the guts.

12-21-2010 4:49:32 PM CST


want to share the following site with everyone.  It is named ” Christmas With Elvis” and has the menu buttons on which you may click to play many of Elvis’s Christmas songs…just beautiful!! I hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I do.  My heartfelt compliments to the owner of this beautiful site.  You will see that the owner of this site does believe that Elvis is gone.   So, I apologize if my site is offensive to this person.

Here is the link

Below is their gorgeous artwork on their home page.  When you play each song, you will see more gorgeous artwork.

“Remembering Elvis At Christmas”



Elvis called last evening and he is fine. He said that he has enjoyed reading all of the messages so very much. He said that he doesn’t get to hear from his fans much and that the messages mean a lot to him.

Also, he gave me a personal message for Marty Lacker which will convince Marty that I am speaking with Elvis.  So, Marty, please send me your personal Email address and I will give you the message from Elvis. It is something which happened in the 70’s which only you and Elvis know about. If you prefer, I will just post the message on here. Just let me know, please.

I wish each of you a most blessed and joyous Christmas day.


I am so sorry to report that Myrna Smith has passed away.  She was a beautiful and talented lady.  She will be greatly missed.  I am sure that we all have some good memories of Myrna.  Our deepest sympathy to her family and friends.



First of all, the message board is still open for all who wish to post Happy Birthday wishes to Elvis/Jesse.  I want to thank everyone who has posted such kind and loving thoughts to Elvis/Jesse.  I will be printing off more to send him very soon.

Regarding the negative attacks upon me by Marty Lacker recently.  Marty has chosen not to send me his Email address in order that I may tell him what Elvis said.  I do have an Email address for Marty, but I will not intrude upon his privacy by writing him without his permission.  At this time, I will not post on here the details of what he told me to tell Marty in order that Marty will know for sure that I am speaking with Elvis.

However, I do want to share with everyone the brief comments which Elvis made regarding Marty (and others who behave like him).  Elvis said that Marty is a bitter man.  They feel that way because they were not “told” nor included in the plan.  Elvis said that he could only tell a select few about it.  (There were only 4 who knew initially and then only 6 when the plan was actually carried out.  Elvis/Jesse wrote this in his letters during the writing of the book.)  To tell so many others would have made the secret impossible to keep.  He said that he has chosen his new way of life and that he has new friends now.

Elvis said for me to tell this to Marty: “You are bitter and I understand that.”  “But I want him to leave you alone.”  

I hope to get back to posting some more special material relating to after 1977 very soon.  I have to go back under anesthesia tomorrow for another injection into a different area of my spine.  So, I may not get back to post anything tomorrow.  But, more soon…..


Just this minute, after I finished posting the above update, I went on my site to be sure that my above message did appear properly.  While there, I checked the message board to see if there were any new messages.  There is a new message from Marty Lacker.  I will display it below to share with everyone.  I will await Marty’s response to the above update which I just completed a few minute ago.

Marty Lacker
12-27-2010 5:12:39 PM CST

Oh this should be good! If Elvis were alive I wouldn’t be bitter let me tell you! Linda you’re either a nut or you’re an Elvis fan who’s been taken by this “Jesse” nut. If your just a fan understand that I try to set the record straight in the hope that fans get the real story. You have done a wonderful job gathering information and attracting fans. It amazes me that everyone still cares enough to wish Elvis a Merry Christmas after all these years. He deserves that believe me! But my opinion on “Jesse” and Elvis being alive is it’s bullshit! But you’ve come up with a winning idea. Feel free to post Jesse’s message to me on your web site and I’ll tell you what I think if the boards still up in the next couple days. TCB Marty


Marty, I am sorry that I did not immediately recognize that your message on the message board was posted before I completed the above article which included the two quotes from Elvis.

This is Marty’s most recent message in response to my completed article:

Marty Lacker
12-27-2010 5:37:38 PM CST
Well I plan to leave you alone the only damn reason I got back on your site is that I heard “Jesse” was going to tell me something that happened in the 70’s that only Elvis and I knew about. So what is it? Stop wasting my time.

I will post what Elvis told me to tell Marty.  I fully understand that when Marty remembers what Elvis is speaking of, he will never admit to me or anyone else that he does recognize that it is a message from Elvis.  But, in his own heart and mind this should give him something to ponder and to look back over and reconsider some of the unkind things he has said about Elvis since he has been away and also the unkind attacks upon me and the nasty things he has said about Jesse.

He told me to tell Marty this:  An incident took place back in the 70’s which Marty and Elvis both knew about.  Elvis said that when I ask you this question regarding that incident, Marty, you will know that I am speaking with Elvis.  Elvis said “Marty, how do you feel about David Stanley?

One other thing which Elvis said during our conversation was this:  He asked me if I pointed out to Marty what Joe said on the TV show years ago.  I asked him if he was referring to the Geraldo show on which Joe said “and that’s how Elvis feels about this situation“?  When I told Elvis that I had confronted Marty with what Joe said, Elvis said something to the effect “Well, I guess he really liked that!”

Marty, I know you are a proud man and will never admit to being wrong about anything.  But, whether you care to admit that what Elvis said strikes a nerve with you or not, some day you will be forced to admit that you have been wrong for the past 33 years.

Thank you for saying that I have “done a wonderful job gathering information and attracting fans“.  But, my web site comes from 22 years of living the fact that Elvis is alive.  It is not the result of just “gathering information” for all these years just so that I can establish my own web site to attract fans and give all of my information away to everyone. EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION WHICH I HAVE ON MY SITE IS FOR FREETO EVERYONE…EVEN MY HARSHEST CRITICS.  It is the result of my life spent loving Elvis and refusing to ignore all of the clues he left us before August 16, 1977…not to mention all that he has done for us who love him since August 16, 1977.  The most blatant clue about August 16, 1977 is that the digits add up to 2001!!  One does not even have to know that he adhered to Numerology nor to understand all of the intricacies of that date to immediately recognize that the 2001 number alone was no coincidence. 8+16+1977 = 2001

I have never accepted for one second all of the crap put out there by his so-called friends and the lame media, which reports any kind of garbage that comes down the pike. 

My goal is to defend Elvis against the lies told, to share his truth with the fans who love him and care enough to spend some time thinking for themselves and following the multitude of clues he gave us…including the wonderful book which he wrote in his own handwriting.

I defy anyone to disprove one single fact which I have displayed on my web site nor to prove that the multitude of facts which I have displayed are nothing more than “mere coincidence”.  I invite Marty and everyone else to begin on my first page and work your way through every single one of my 55 pages, look at all of the supporting documents, photos, and my YouTube videos and to come away able to legitimately prove that I have lied about one single thing. 

I plan to continue sharing more material as time and my health allows me to do so.  As I have steadfastly stated so many times before, I answer to no one but Elvis and my web site will stay up just as it is.  Nothing will be removed nor retracted unless he, himself, tells me to do so.  When he brought up the subject of what Joe said on the TV show, I specifically asked him if it is OK with him that I have had Joe’s statement on my web site and he responded that “Everything you have on there is just fine.”  I have never meant any disrespect to Joe and I still don’t.  But what Joe said on that show definitely substantiates the fact which Elvis wrote in his book that Joe was chosen by the Colonel out of all the people who worked for Elvis.   This must be another fact which sticks in the craws of Marty and the others.

To Joe, I sincerely apologize for drawing attention to you on my site any further.  Marty brought you into this fray by his comment about your Canadian interview.  Joe, please do forgive me.  I admire and respect you totally and never mean to cause you any discomfort at all.

Marty, anything you wish to write will be left on the message board for everyone to read.  No matter what it may be.  Again, I would have never gone on any other site to dispute nor attack you.  But, I have to defend myself and Elvis once you came onto my own web site to attack me.

I harbor no ill will toward you, Marty, nor anyone else.  I just have no respect for the manner in which you have conducted yourself for years regarding Elvis.  I know that Elvis is human and I do not have him on a pedestal.  But he is, to me, the greatest human who has lived and he gave more beauty, love and grace to this miserable old world than all other public figures added together. 

I love him dearly and I will defend him with my dying breath. 

Marty Lacker’s most recent message:

I want to thank Marty for his message after reading Elvis’s message to him.  I appreciate his good wishes to me and my site.  Even though he does not share my position…I appreciate his improved attitude toward me.  I wish Marty well also.

Marty Lacker
12-27-2010 9:17:50 PM CST
I believe I know exactly what he is talking about. I’m just not sure if it has been referenced at all by any of the guys in the media. I think it may have been referenced by David somewhat. Best wishes to you and your site Linda. But you know my position.




Message regarding the deletion of some of the messages on the Christmas – Birthday wishes to Elvis/Jesse message board:

I just decided that I had to go through the message board and remove a number of messages which were in no way a greeting to Elvis/Jesse.  These messages were taking on more and more a tone of demanding proof from Jesse that he is Elvis…more than DNA.  Fingerprints were being demanded.

I will not allow anyone to use my site to make demands on Jesse.  He owes the world not one syllable of explanation about anything.

He wrote the book because of his friendship with Dr. Hinton, “Bern”, my husband and myself.  He appreciated that we had all been loyal and true friends to him.  We stood by him when he needed us.  He said we were his “family”.

This web site is to validate and prove myselfnot Jesse.  He allowed me to use my real name to set this site up to defend myself because of all of the lies which have been told and generated about me on the Internet for so many years now.  He did not ask me to set this web site up to help him prove that he is alive…not in any way, shape, nor form.  I am just so very blessed that he has given me his permission and his 100% support of this web site.

Once more, I emphasize that the book was originally not to have been published until after he was actually gone from this earth.  When the book came out earlier and all of us – his friends – were being so viciously attacked and endangered, Elvis/Jesse submitted DNA to FOX 8 partially at my suggestion.  It seemed, at that time, the only way to stop the evil doers from their rampage.

I have no intention, whatsoever, of asking Elvis/Jesse to give one iota more of proof of another thing to validate me or my web site.  If he offered to do so, I would refuse. 

Please show respect for him and stop the bold demands for “proof”.  The fans are so very blessed to have all of the clues he has given to us both before and since he left us.  He did not owe us one single hint. 

Again, any more messages of the type described above which are posted on the messages to Elvis/Jesse board will be deleted immediately.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has posted those kind, sweet and loving messages to my most beloved friend, Jesse.


Today I will share another copy of one of Jesse’s letters to Dr. Hinton during the writing of his book…once again this is scanned from my copy of the rough draft of the book before it’s completion and publication.  I emphasize this fact repeatedly because I don’t want anyone coming after me for displaying copyrighted material.  As I have stated before, if I owned the copyright to the book myself, I would just scan and display the entire book on this site.  I don’t like that the book is being sold for exorbitant prices because it is no longer in publication.

This article will deal with Larry Geller’s book “If I Can Dream“.  I do highly recommend this book to everyone.  As you will see, Jesse wrote that he gave Larry permission to write this book and that he likes Larry’s book.

So, for those who wish to read a book written after 1977 which was written with Elvis’s own approval, then this is the book to read.

I do want to emphasize though that Larry Geller has NEVER stated one word to indicate that Elvis is alive.  As you will see he staunchly denounces anyone who does say that Elvis did not die on August 16, 1977.  But, I do respect and admire Larry Geller very, very much and I do not, in any way, want to contribute to any pressure being placed upon him whatsoever.

I share this only in order that the fans may know that there is another book which is readily available for purchase at a reasonable price which has Elvis’s/Jesse’s stamp of approval and which is a most enjoyable and informative book to read.

Below is a page from Jesse’s own handwritten letter about Larry Geller and the book “If I Can Dream“.  Below that are some scans from Larry’s book.  Please do take note that Larry began his diary in late 1976…the same year that Jesse wrote in his book that the “death” was originally planned to take place and less than a year before the plan was carried out in August, 1977.

You will also read some more of Elvis’s/Jesse’s comments about the details of the way it was planned and carried out.

Above you will see that Larry says that he “promised Elvis that he would help him tell his story.”

There is another author who Elvis asked to tell his truth after he was gone.  This lady was a close personal friend of Elvis’s for, if I recall correctly, 15 years.  I love, respect and admire this lady so very much also.  She also staunchly believes that Elvis died on August 16, 1977…even though he wrote her a very special “good bye” letter at the first of August but held it to be mailed to her in order that it would arrive very near August 16, 1977.

He led her to believe that he was dying leading up to August 16, 1977…even describing something about the clothing in which he would be buried. 

This wonderful lady’s name is Wanda June Hill.  She, like me, was a private everyday person…not a recognized name in the Elvis circle before 1977.  When she published her book, she, also like me, was attacked by the Memphis Mafia because they did not recognize her as an “insider” in Elvis’s life.  Mrs. Hill has copies of phone bills proving that she was speaking with Elvis.  She has tapes of conversations with him as well as letters, etc. from him. 

Because this lady is such a loyal friend and defender of Elvis while unequivocally stating that he is truly gone, I hesitate to even post anything about her on my site. For this reason, I do plead with everyone to please not bother this very special lady who was such a true friend to Elvis.

You may see all of this in her two wonderful books which she published later as one large book. Below you will see the front cover of her book.  I so very highly recommend this book to everyone who loves Elvis.  I don’t know if it can still be found but it is certainly worth the search.  The copy which I display below was purchased by me directly from Mrs. Hill many years ago.

Below is an excerpt of the letter which I mentioned above written on August 3rd and received by Wanda on August 15th.  This is only an excerpt…but as you will see it is a summation of their friendship and his asking her to tell the truth about him afterward…a final farewell.

You may read all about Wanda June and many spiritual topics relating to Elvis at the following beautiful web site.  Again, I ask only that everyone treat this web site and the people who own this site with utmost respect.  I ask that as a personal favor to me and to Elvis/Jesse as I know he would not want anyone harassed in any way.  Please contact them only if you have words of love to share with them.


You remember the first time I talked with you. I can recall thinking how nice it was to talk to someone who sounded like I used to sound and that you were sweet and innocent and nervous. I thought then how much I was going to enjoy knowing you and your family. I felt this ugly thing called jealousy because of your child when I saw her. I wanted her for my own, just because she was so loving and I wanted that loving for myself. Listening to you talk about your family life and your husband made me want that kind of relationship too. I never met many married people in California that were happy in marriage until I met you and then some of your friends. I guess it is true about the people you run with influencing your life. Mine has had its bad influences all the way. But I wanted to write to you and tell you that I have enjoyed knowing you and your friends this past year and a half most of all. I have never regretted meeting any of them and I have not one time wished that I did not have you for a friend. I could and feel I will be able to trust and enjoy an open relationship with you and with many of the people that befriend you and your family. I think that is a blessing from heaven and I treasure it.

“Remember when you came to the lot at M.G.M. in the spring of 1963 and I asked you to have lunch with me? I knew then I could trust you and that you would not do anything funny in there with me. I wanted to be able to just relax and with you I could. I was supposed to have lunch with another girl on the set that day and then you came up and I told her another time but she and I weren’t just going to eat lunch, in fact I was skipping lunch but then you were so nice and sweet and cute and I decided to spend it with you instead. You didn’t even know that other girl was giving you the evil eye the rest of the day and she damn near tripped you a couple of times and you didn’t even know! I’ll bet you never even noticed when she chopped at you do you? In fact I’ll bet you don’t even remember it. That was the kind of girl you used to be, trusting and awful sweet. I liked you from the first because you weren’t like her. I hope that you don’t change as you grow older and more successful. I want to tell you that life is nothing without trust and love and good friends. It is nothing without family and loved ones. And you can not replace them once they are gone. I know. Believe me. Love them and take care of them and never regret the things required of you by them. For that is what life is about. Loving and caring.
Love, Elvis P.

“P.S. If I have done anything to harm or hurt you over the past few years please forgive me for it. I know you have worried about me and spent a lot of time trying to help me, and it did. I would like you to remember me and to help others to do the same. But I don’t have the right to ask for a thing. So I’ll just hint real loudly, alright?”

Also from this same site is a very wonderful and special poem written by Elvis in 1977:


Poem written by Elvis in 1977. Found tucked in a Bible Elvis gave to Jim Hill (Wanda’s husband) for his birthday.

Below is the typed transcript of the poem from the web site for easier reading:

I sit here alone, thinking, watching how the moon’s light glows.

Meditating upon the garden water there below,

I’ve only just begun to spend my life, to have some fun-
But as I think of all I’ve lost, the hurt hangs on; so slow to go.

I’m now full grown and called a man-but really, is that what I am?

My heart’s so young, it feels like new-
To think I’m getting old makes me very blue.

Lord, Just let me laugh and be the clown I am.

Please give me dignity and grace-

So I can have the strength to face…

These final days that seems to race…

Let me have some time to do all I can
So facing death won’t be such a task.

Please Lord, thy will be done, that’s all I ask.

– Elvis Presley 1977

Inside a Bible Elvis gave to Jim Hill (Wanda’s husband) on his birthday 1/1/1977
Folded in half, being used as a bookmark

The following is scanned from a page of my final issue of my newsletter…March, 1991.

This is also from Wanda June Hill’s book “We Remember Elvis“.


As you can see above, Wanda June Hill’s material is of a very loving and spiritual nature.  Elvis treasured his friendship with her and I treasure her books and other material which I have been privileged to purchase and enjoy over the years.

I hope everyone will enjoy the above material and that it will help all of my visitors to better understand the real man…who is now Jesse. 


One other item regarding Wanda June Hill which I think everyone will enjoy and find very informative and interesting is the following interview with her done by Joe Krein.

Here is the link to a list of Mr. Krein’s interviews. You will find the menu tab for Wanda June Hill’s interview on the right side of the screen…it is the third interview down.





Wanda june Hill with Joe Krein Part One

if it sounds like you are hearing 2 tracks at the same time, be sure to pause one of them.



Wanda june Hill with Joe Krein Part Two


Wanda June Hill Website






I just copied the following post from my Facebook page and thought that perhaps others would be interested in listening to this radio broadcast.  I have clicked on the link for the radio station and it appears that we should be able to listen to it on the Internet.

 My thanks to the person who posted this on Facebook.

 This show will be on early tomorrow morning!


Friday morning (Dec 31st) you can hear film maker Adam Muskiewicz talk about Elvis’ bday, his upcoming film “The Truth About Elvis”, and the conpiracies surrounding his death/dissapearence…9am Eastern/8am Central Standard. Adam will be on with Don Anger

I’m listening to Rockin’ 101 WHMH – 101.7 FM Sauk Rapids / St. Cloud, MN



I need your assistance, please.


Hi Everyone:

Well, Adam Muskiewicz messed up very bad this morning. He did not show up for his interview on the radio station…Listen to Rockin’ 101 WHMH – 101.7 FM Sauk Rapids / St. Cloud, MN. So, Don Anger, the host, and his co-host had a field day making fun of everyone who believes that Elvis is alive…also saying some very insulting things about Elvis himself.

I immediately sent Don Anger a message through Facebook setting him straight about Elvis being alive. I sent him a link to my web site. Don’t know if he will stop being sarcastic long enough to visit my site or not.

I am asking that each of you who have a Facebook account, please go to Facebook and send Don Anger a message substantiating the truth of Elvis being alive and the truth of my web site. You may look Don Anger up through a Facebook search to reach him.  I saw that it says “Friends may send messages to Don”…so I hope that doesn’t mean that he won’t receive out messages.  But, all I can do is try very hard to fight to get Elvis’s/Jesse’s and my own truth out there.

Thank you all for your help with fighting this gross ignorance. Adam Muskiewicz has not been consistant nor credible in his behavior…ever. Jesse told me years ago, when Adam started out with his movie interviews, etc. “he won’t get anywhere with it”…thus all of the problems and delays with his movie. I, in turn, told what Jesse said to Adam. Adam said “What does that mean?”.

I have only spoken with Adam once, several years ago, when he called me just because he was trying to find a way to get in touch with Hinton. He had very little interest in anything which I had to say. He viewed me only as a way to get contact info for Hinton. I have written to him several times attempting to set him straight and asking that he not do his movie in a less than respectful manner toward Elvis/Jesse.

It is people like Adam who get public attention and then make themselves appear to be crackpots who make it so very difficult for the truth to get out to the fans.

With love and appreciation,



Here is a little more information about this radio show and my own personal message which I just posted to the person who originally posted the message about the show coming up this morning.  This message is not intended, in any way whatsoever, as a criticism of the Is Elvis Still Alive Facebook account.  I am just trying to get the word out of how badly handled this whole radio show was.  Also, how very negligent of Adam Muskiewicz to not show up for an interview which he scheduled.


Is Elvis Still Alive?

Is Elvis Still Alive? Friday morning (Dec 31st) you can hear film maker Adam Muskiewicz talk about Elvis’ bday, his upcoming film “The Truth About Elvis”, and the conpiracies surrounding his death/dissapearence…9am Eastern/8am Central Standard. Adam will be on with Don Anger
I’m listening to Rockin’ 101 WHMH – 101.7 FM Sauk Rapids / St. Cloud, MN


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Linda Sigmon Thank you for posting this news article and the link to the radio station. I just posted this on my web site for my visitors to check out also.
18 hours ago · LikeUnlike

Linda Sigmon

It was a very sad state of affairs on the radio show this morning with Don Anger. Adam did a no-show for the interview and they were unable to reach him when they attempted to phone him and got no option to leave a message for him.Mr. Anger and his cohost proceeded to have a field day making fun of all fans who believe Elvis is still alive. They were also most disrespectful to Elvis himself.I urge everyone who loves Elvis to express your displeasure with their most disrespectful attitude toward the fans and Elvis.I do hope everyone will visit my web site to see the truth for yourself. you to all.



I apologize that it has been a few days since I added any new material.  My new article today will be regarding another very strong Elvis – Orion Pictures movie clue.  This will be a fun one and I believe everyone will find the clues undeniable and most enjoyable as well.

The title of this Orion movie is CADILLAC MAN…right off the bat, who does the title make you think of?  We all know how much Elvis loved Cadillacs.  He gave the pink one to his Mother, he drove them, and he gave them away to friends, family and total strangers when he saw someone admiring them in the showroom but could not afford to buy one for themselves.

As an introduction to the Orion movie facts, I will once again share several scans from Elvis’s/Jesse’s handwritten letter to Dr. Hinton during the writing of the book.  I emphasize once more that these scans are from my copy of the rough draft of the book…NOT from the published copy of the book.

While I am on the topic of the published copy of the book, I want to explain a little more about the book…because so many of my visitors are so curious about the book and unable to buy it.  The published book is only 88 pages.  it measures only 5 1/4″ X 8 1/4″ and is only in paperback.

The biggest majority of the book…and by far the most important…is copies of Jesse’s handwritten letters, typed transcripts of those same written letters, the introductions by Jesse and Dr. Hinton, the last 21 pages consists of the following:  blank pages, the closing chapter which is so very short and contains no vital information, several letters written by the following people – Heather Hinton (Dr. Hinton’s wife);  Linda Felix-Johnson…her letter contains false information; and two letters from true friends to Jesse who have known him from back in the late 1980’s.  The remainder of the little book is just Dr. Hinton’s account of Elvis’s influence in his life, his becoming acquainted and friends with me, my introduction of him to Elvis, and comments by Dr. Hinton regarding his own experiences in caring for Elvis/Jesse and the writing of the book.  So, as you can imagine, when you have seen Jesse’s handwritten letters which I am attempting to display on here, you are seeing the “meat” of the book.  I hope this description will help to ease the minds of those who are so concerned about what they are missing by not being able to afford to buy the book.

Below you will see excerpts from a letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton when he sent him his first gift.  This gift was a Cadillac emblem which was given to Elvis by Charlie Hodge.  You will read this in Elvis’s own handwriting and also see a photo of the emblem itself

Closing lines of this letter:

Now, back to Orion Pictures’s Cadillac Man:

This is a fantastic comedy movie starring Robin Williams and Tim Robbins as you can see below:


Below is a copy of an excerpt from my movie report which I worked up based on my findings about Orion Pictures beginning in 1988 through apx. 1991…I worked on the movie report before I ever had any idea that I would one day publish a newsletter.  Those of you who subscribed to my newsletters will recall that I packed them full of my Orion movie clues as well.  I have a library of Orion movies because the connection between Elvis and Orion Pictures has been a compelling passion of mine.  My husband and I used to see the new Orion movies just as soon as we could after they opened in theaters.  It was all I could do to keep from standing up and cheering when the Elvis clues showed up.  It was a most wonderful adventure and I still am excited about it to this day.

Back then (22 years ago), there was no Internet for me to use and so all of my research was done in video rental stores, the library and watching for the upcoming Orion movies via the newspaper and TV ads…so you can imagine how diligent I had to be in my time to find the clues as I did way back then.  But, I loved every minute of it. 

During my research, I shared with Gail Brewer-Giorgio much of my Orion finds through typed letters…remember no Emails…and was very honored when she used my findings in her newsletters and later in her book The Elvis Files.  Gail phoned me when she was finishing up this book and asked if she sent a Fed-Ex pickup would I send her a copy of my movie report.  I was very glad to do this for Gail.  Much of one chapter of her book consists of information from my movie report.  She mentions me as Linda S. a number of times throughout her book…while at times, she used my material but only said “a fan” or even referred to me as “he” in at least one instance.  This is not a problem for me, but I do want to set the record straight about the use of my material.

Below is my material which she used from my letter to her about CADILLAC MAN.  This appears on page #231 of THE ELVIS FILES.  Also, below is her autograph to me in the front of this book.   I treasure and appreciate Gail’s friendship and enjoyed so much knowing her.  She shared so much inside information with me as things were unfolding and I will always be so grateful for all that she did and shared with me. 

After hearing the phone conversation which she had with Elvis in October 1988 in which he was so supportive and complimentary of her as well as his stated intentions of hoping to be able to reveal that he did not die, I was so steadfast in my support of Gail and my loyalty to Elvis and Gail.  I lost contact with Gail and later Jesse, himself, told me during one of our phone conversations that “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.”  He did promise Gail, in that phone conversation, that he would send her ammunition.  He followed through on this promise by having his closest lifelong friend and first cousin, Gene Smith, phone Gail on Palm Sunday.  Gail and I were close friends at that time and she shared all of this with me as it unfolded.  I was so very blessed and privileged to have had Gail’s friendship and I still treasure that time and those memories.

Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting on the death report analyzed, she would be able to prove that it was written by Elvis himself.  Gail did follow through on this and, just as Gene told her, it definitely did show that Elvis did, indeed, fill out the death report in his own handwriting…thus the weight being shown as 170#…I love.e.e.e.e that so much!!!!!

Here is the excerpt from my movie report:



Here is the copy from Gail’s book THE ELVIS FILES from my letter to her:

Here is Gail’s autograph in the front of my copy of THE ELVIS FILES:

All of that being said, below is my own YouTube video of most of the above mentioned clues for all to see and hopefully enjoy.  I apologize that I did not remember until after making the DVD and uploading it on YouTube that I failed to tape the part where “Taking care of business” is spoken two times in the movie.  I don’t recall exactly where those lines were spoken.  You will love the way Robin Williams answers the telephone and the closing scenes with his teenage daughter “Lisa”. 

I hope that those who have not seen this Orion movie will do so.  Or if you have seen it and not known to look for the clues, I hope you will see it again.  It truly is a wonderful movie…one of my very favorites.

Thank you all for taking the time to read all of my above material.  Please do watch my video on YouTube also.


Release dates for
Cadillac Man (1990More at IMDbPro »

Country Date
USA 18 May 1990
You may visit Internet Movie Data Base at to read a vast amount of information about this film.


I received a beautiful message today from a lady who has become a dear friend and a blessing to me through YouTube.  I requested her permission to post her message on the Message Board as well as on here for others to read.  Her message so touched my heart because her feelings so much mirror my own. 

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Jan for permitting me to display her words of love and support to Elvis and to me also.  Of course, I have already printed off all of the messages between us to send out to Elvis/Jesse.

Below is her message as it is now displayed on the message board:

01-04-2011 11:45:55 PM CST

Dearest Linda, I wish I had gotten to your Email about the radio show sooner because it really burns me the yahoos who continue to want to make fun of Elvis and the reason they don’t want to accept the fact that Elvis is alive is because they want to cling to everything derogatory about him that has been said by those weasels and leeches that he thought was his friends. Every time I think of that horrid EWH and how much it hurt him and cut to the depths of his heart and soul I just want to smack the ever loving stuffins’ out of them. Elvis was never on all those drugs. He took medication, yes, but the only way Vernon would pay for all the prescriptions is if they were in E’s name. Why can’t people just accept that E was sick and he was tired and other reasons and he knew he had to get away or he would be dead? He knew the fans would never have just let him walk away I would have, but not all of them. He did what he had to do for his own well being and safety and that of his family. It’s a no brainer for me I would rather have him alive and happy even if I never get to see him or hear his sweet voice ever again, than to have him dead. Linda please let him know for me that I understand and I have loved and respected him all these years 48 to be exact and no one and nothing will ever change that. I miss him every day of my life and not a one goes by I don’t think of him. His 76th Birthday is approaching and I am so glad and thankful he is still here and I wish him the happiest and best birthday ever and my channel will say Happy Birthday, Elvis with a message. He means the world to me and always will and all I’ve ever wanted is for him to be happy he so deserves that. Please tell him that for me. I hope this year all your hopes and dreams come true I set myself up every year to be disappointed at Christmas and it’s nobody’s fault but my own because every year I pray to find Elvis sittin’ by my tree and I wake up knowing full well he won’t be but I can’t help but feel disappointed anyway. I just blow a kiss to the wind and say Merry Christmas E, still love ya wherever you are. Silly me. LOL Take good care of you. Wishing you and your family abundant health, blessings, happiness, and all the good things in life. God Bless, Sweet Linda

When I wrote back to Jan asking her permission to display her message, her response to me was so very special also and she has given me permission to share it also.  Below is an excerpt from her reply to my request:

Dearest Linda,
I am touched and 
very proud indeed that you want to display my message and you have my full permission to display it in totality as it was written. I am very happy you want to use it and I wrote it from my heart and I stand by every word. You may post and display it wherever you wish, my friend. I am happy I made your day.  I would love for you to send it to E/J as I hope he will know the love forever in my heart for him. I never want him to feel bad about his decisions and I have never changed my mind in the way I feel for him. I don’t want him to ever agonize one minute that he let his fans down, he didn’t and I thank God he is safe and happy because that’s what is important. I don’t ever want him to feel embarrassed or bad about anything.  I just want him to have a happy life and never forget how much he is loved.  He gave me hope, inspiration, encouragement and he helped me through many pains and hurts in my life because of his music. He has been by my side and I will always be by his as long as I live and breathe. He owes no explanations for anything just to be happy.
You use it my friend with my blessing.




Here is a footnote regarding CADILLAC MAN and Orion Pictures.  I forgot to mention yesterday, that CADILLAC MAN is airing frequently currently and has been for about the past week.  My husband came across it as did two of my close friends.  I have observed many times, over the years, that near August 16th and January 8th, the Orion movies do air frequently.  So, check it out.


I just checked on our DirecTV search and found that CADILLAC MAN will be airing two times tomorrow.  On our guide, it will be on Jan 6 at 10:40 AM on channel #535 ENCeHD.  Then it will air again at 1:40PM on channel #536 ENCw. 




I have rewritten a sentence above regarding the people who wrote letters in the back of Jesse’s book.  A friend pointed out to me that it looked like Linda Felix-Johnson was Dr. Hinton’s wife.  This certainly was not the case


Below is the corrected statement: 


…the last 21 pages consists of the following:  blank pages, the closing chapter which is so very short and contains no vital information, several letters written by the following people – Heather Hinton (Dr. Hinton’s wife);  Linda Felix-Johnson…her letter contains false information;….






I have just uploaded a brief YouTube video in which the document examiner shows the manner in which he analyzed the handwriting on the “death certificate”  i.e. Medical Examiner’s Death Report comparing it to that of known handwriting of Elvis Presley.  They do indeed match.  This was the result of Elvis telling Gail in his phone conversation that he would send her “ammunition”. 


Below is my YouTube description which will refresh the information which I have shared about this previously.


I have had this clip saved for a long time…but, if I recall correctly, this clip is from the video “The Elvis Files” done by Gail Brewer-Giorgio.


This is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that Elvis did definitely carry out the plan to fake his death.


Elvis phoned Gail Brewer-Giorgio in October, 1988 after seeing her on some of the TV shows regarding her book Is Elvis Alive? which was a New York Times Bestseller. During that phone call (which she taped against his wishes) he complimented her and wished her well saying he hoped people would treat her kindly. He told her that he would send her ammunition. Elvis’s closest life-long friend and first cousin, Gene Smith, phoned Gail subsequent to this phone call from Elvis. He verified later that it was Elvis, himself, who phoned her in Oct. 1988. During that first phone call, Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting analyzed on the “death certificate” that it would prove that Elvis, himself, actually filled out the form. Gail did have the document examined and compared to Elvis’s known handwriting and the results did, indeed, prove that it was Elvis’s handwriting on the document. The part that I enjoy the most is that he filled his weight in as 170#…perhaps because the wax dummy in the coffin was created when that was his weight when he was younger. 


As I have stated several times previously, my husband and I visited with Gail in her home in January, 1990 and she played the tape for us.  As soon as I heard this tape, I absolutely knew it was Elvis speaking.  Later that year, Gail sold this tape as an accompaniment to her book The Elvis Files.  I felt very privileged to have heard it for myself before it was made public.  My gratitude to Gail for sharing it with us.


Here is the video of the document examiner’s statement:






The following is the precept by which I hope to conduct myself on this web site in this New Year and every year.   


Think on This …

All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world.

Edgar Cayce Reading 254-17

Become part of the legacy.


Once more, I wish to share my Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day.  This is not replacing any news or clues…I will get back to those just as soon as time permits.  So often the “Cayce Thought for the Day” meets my needs so perfectly for whatever I may be going through.  I hope that my visitors will find this to be true for them also.

Think on This …

. . . do not be afraid of giving self in a service–if the ideal is correct. If it is for selfish motives, for aggrandizement, for obtaining a hold to be used in an underhand manner, beware. If it is that the glory of truth may be made manifest, spend it all–whether self, mind, body, or the worldly means–whether in labor or in the coin of the realm.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1957-1




I have now closed our message board.  I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who wrote such beautiful messages of love, support and respect to Elvis who is now Jesse.  He did tell me that he enjoyed reading them (after I sent him the first print-outs)…saying he doesn’t get to hear from his fans much anymore.

Perhaps we will open the board for messages to him again for some special occasion in the future. 

Again, my thanks to everyone.




I must apologize for an error I made in my notice last Thursday about the movie “Coffee and Cigarettes“.  I have “brain blips” occasionally and evidently I was having one when I saw that movie was airing that night.  I was mistaken about this movie being an Orion movie.  I had thought that I recalled that this movie was an Orion Pictures release.  But after watching the movie, looking it up again on the Internet Movie Database, and (blushing with embarrassment now  (:-) ) going back to review my own articles on this movie from many months ago, I see that it was NOT an Orion movie.  The connection to Orion Pictures was through Mr. Jarmusch as you may read below in an excerpt from one of my earlier articles about this movie:


So, now that brings us to the significance of the following movie credits which include Jesse Garon Presley.  Mr. Jarmusch has a work history which includes an Orion Pictures movie which was very much Elvis flavored.  That is the reason that I was so eager to share the fact that Jesse Garon Presley was mentioned in the list of cast and crew.  As you will see, Mr. Jarmusch wrote and directed the movie below:  “Coffee and Cigarettes” in 2003.


The reason that Mr. Jarmusch’s mention of Jesse Garon Presley in the list of “THANKS” is so significant is because Mr. Jarmusch was the director and writer of another movie titled “Mystery Train” which was filmed in Memphis.  The Elvis theme is very, very strong in this movie.  This movie was released in 1989.  And guess what!!  Mystery Train was an ORION PICTURES movie!!  This is very telling to me that Mr. Jarmusch may have some insight into things which caused him to write in an Elvis themed segment in “Coffee and Cigarettes” and to choose to list Jesse Garon Presley in the list of crew in the THANKS section.


Below you will see the links to both of these movies.  Please do take time to view all of the information for both movies.







Jim Jarmusch (written by)








special thanks
personal thanks
special thanks: Academy Film Archive
special thanks
special thanks
special thanks
special thanks
special thanks
special thanks


Below is the information about the ORION movie “Mystery Train” and the link to view the info. on this movie:








Jim Jarmusch (written by)


Mystery Train



Release Date:  7 November 1989 (USA)




Three stories are connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley.



Company credits for
Mystery Train (1989More at IMDbPro »

Production Companies




I have just completed adding a YouTube video composed of short excerpts from the Orion movie MYSTERY TRAIN about which I have written above and also on earlier pages of my site.


Here you will see that it is a movie centered entirely around Elvis related themes.  It was filmed entirely on location in Memphis.  As I pointed out above, you will see that Jim Jarmusch wrote and directed this film just as he did the movie titled COFFEE AND CIGARETTES.  COFFEE AND CIGARETTES  is the movie which pays “respect” to Elvis Presley and Jesse Garon Presley under “Thanks” in the credits.  You will see that I have shown this fact above.


Watching my YouTube video of MYSTERY TRAIN will help to solidify the point which I have emphasized several times… that having done the movie MYSTERY TRAIN in Memphis and in association with Orion Pictures, Mr. Jarmusch may have had some insider information about Elvis, Orion Pictures and Jesse Presley which influenced his script for the movie COFFEE AND CIGARETTES.


I do realize that this line of thought is a little complicated to follow, but I hope it will shed some more light on the significance of all of the Orion Pictures which include Elvis in many and various ways…as well as the theme of Jesse Garon Presley in Mr. Jarmusch’s film COFFEE AND CIGARETTES in the segment titled “Twins”.


Here is my YouTube video:





In honour of dad: The Lockwood-Presley's landed in Los Angeles on the eve of Elvis Presley's birthday

In honour of dad: The Lockwood-Presley’s landed in Los Angeles on the eve of Elvis Presley’s birthday

Of her love for Britain, she explained: ‘We have found the quality of life so much more enriching and fulfilling.’The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life.’She added: ‘I can honestly say that I am the only person who came to England for the weather.’

Rainboots: The twins were fully prepared for the chilly Los Angeles weather

Rain boots: The twins were fully prepared for the chilly Los Angeles weather

Lockwood and Presley got married five years ago, and he is her fourthRead more:


Although this topic has no direct connection to Elvis/Jesse, I do wish to share the following link with those who have an interest in the factual information which documents the existence of UFO’s.  This is a topic in which Elvis/Jesse has always been interested. It is a topic in which the public needs to be interested and about which it needs to be informed.  This site has several videos of press conferences held in Washington DC at the National Press Club.  One is from 10 years ago.  These statements are made by extremely credible individuals who are willing to testify before congress to relate their experiences and documented evidence. 


Jesse phoned me tonight.  He asked me to thank everyone for all of the messages which you wrote to him.  He loved reading them.  He said that he wishes he could respond to each person individually but that isn’t possible.  He said if he did it for one person, he would want to do it for all and he just can’t do that.He said something that I just loved and I asked him if I could write this quote from him on my web site and he said that I could.  This is what he said: “You can tell people that Elvis is gone; but Jesse is going to be around for a long time.”  Hearing him say this made me very happy and I know it will make everyone happy who loves him so much.




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