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Our previous page is now growing too long and therefore, it is time to start a new Current News and Events page.  Because I do want to continue with the spiritual train of thought which has prevailed upon our prior page #11, I have decided to title our new page as Current News and Events – Page 11 Continued.  My reason for this is that in Numerology 11 is a spiritual number and is befitting that our spiritual material be concentrated on a page which bears that number.

I plan to pick up with some of the thoughts from the prior page when I begin posting new articles on this page…such as the Bible Codes, Statue of Liberty, Numerology, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the soul’s existence on other planets or spheres before coming to earthly existence, and how Elvis fits into all of this as he being a messenger of God and God’s love to humankind.


My first article on this page is going to relate to my theory that Elvis/Jesse was a silent partner in the Orion Pictures Corporation.  I have not asked him about my theory other than asking him if it is correct that I have pages on my site devoted to Orion the singer as well as Orion Pictures.  He confirmed that it is all right and further validated my belief that some of the Orion songs are really him.

Below is a copy of a portion of an article about Orion Pictures.  This article is from a book titled AMERICAN FILM NOW.

Please take note of the fact that Orion Pictures’ name was chosen by Numerology

For those who have been following my web site from the early pages, you may recall that Jesse wrote to me in late 1992, shortly after the birth of his grandson Benjamin Storm, the manner in which the child’s name was chosen.  He said that his numerology chart indicated that the little boy should be named with 5 letters for Elvis/Jesse and 8 letters for Elvis’/Jesse’s date of birth.   He also told me that they considered naming the little boy Jesse but decided that it would draw too much attention.   After he told me that, I checked his grand daughter’s name and found that the same formula also applies to her name Danielle Riley.  The reason that I mention this is because Orion Pictures also fits that same method of Numerology.  I know that this does not exactly fit Cheiro’s Book of Numbers use of the numbers but that is what Jesse wrote to me.  Larry Geller has been quoted as saying that Elvis devised his own method of numerology. 

So, I said all of that to say this:  The owners of Orion Pictures said that the name was chosen based upon Numerology and the name of the corporation matches the formula used for naming Elvis’s two grandchildren. 

Benjamin Storm

Danielle Riley

Orion Pictures

I find it amusing that, even though the author of this article evidently has no knowledge of Numerology, he pointed out that evidently there must be “silent partners“.

Also, please bear in mind that Orion Pictures was founded in January, 1978.  Good timing too!!


Think on This…

(Q) Am I an old or a young soul in evolutionary growth?

 (A) All souls are from one. It is the application that has grown to be that which is termed old or young soul. For all souls were created in the one. The entity has applied self, the entity has kept self close in contact with many who have through the awareness of the oneness of God’s purpose with man been attempting to bring him to that awareness; and hence an “Old” soul in service.

Reading 1770-2


Below I am sharing a portion of a posted comment on the ElvisLightedCandle forum recently written by Wanda June Hill.

Wanda June and I have become friends and we correspond by Emails.  I feel so much honored to be in touch with her.  She is someone who I have admired and respected for over 20 years.  She DOES NOT believe that Elvis faked his death because he had convinced her, beforehand, that he was going to die.  He wrote her a farewell letter early in August of 1977 and waited to mail it so that she would receive it around the 16th.  He even discussed with her over the phone the details of his impending funeral…the clothes he would be buried in, etc.

She and I haven’t discussed it, but I read somewhere that he phoned her very near the 16th.  Wanda June was a very dear and trusted friend of Elvis’s.

Wanda June and I have agreed to disagree about whether Elvis did or did not die.  Anyone who is familiar with either of us knows that we both stand by our truth.  I certainly respect her and she, in turn, knows that I am honest and sincere and that I strive only to present the wonderful truth about the man that we both know and love.  Wanda June has written many years ago that her material could be used by others who were presenting the truth and the positive information about her friend, Elvis.  Her only goal has been to present the image of the real man…a wonderfully kind, generous, humorous, intelligent, well read, seeker of spiritual truths…who loved to associate with normal everyday people…not just the rich and famous.

The following is the excerpt from Wanda June’s forum comment made on Sept. 8, 2011

HE HAD BEEN STUDYING HEBREW SO HE COULD READ THE LANGUAGE THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN IN. The fact is he being him, would have loved to have sung something in Hebrew…gospel of course, and he probably was “told it wouldn’t be a good thing to do” by certain people who ‘sponsored his recordings’…etc. Though he did say he didn’t like how recordings were being made in those last few years…didn’t want to record that way…he liked his musicians and singers in the same room as much as possible when recording…

One very early (1965) morning he read to me in Hebrew…kind of haltering here and there, and then explained in English what he’d read…he was ‘showing off’ his ability and how hard he had studied…but it was such a good feeling to hear
him reading Hebrew, the language that he said, Christ spoke when on earth.

He told me about his early days on the road, he’d be so tired, unable to rest and running from show to show trying to be heard etc, and he said he’d do the show and be so tired when he got done that he sometimes was shaky and needed help to get going, and he had fainted several times after shows and would have nose bleeds. His cousin told him that he “talked, jabbered” when he was on the floor, several times this happened. Then someone recorded it, and let him hear himself; he didn’t know what he said or what language it was and no one he knew that heard it, could say. So he found out about a man who was proficient in languages and sent him a copy of the ‘jabbering’. The man told him it was ancient Hebrew… Elvis was stunned at that time and in telling it later to me he was still in a state of awe that he could have done that, and not known the language…he felt it was something he had spoken in “an earlier lifetime” as he believed in his own past human lives and even had some ideas of where they might have originated.

God bless you, may it fall upon you like the rain of many springs.

Wanda June Hill
 author of “We Remember, Elvis” & “Elvis – Face to Face”

During my correspondence with Wanda June, she has shared some wonderful behind the scenes insights about her years of friendship with Elvis.  One of the experiences about which she has written to me ties right in with the above facts.

Wanda June wrote to me that Elvis believed that he had lived during the time of Christ…was there.  He underwent hypnotic past life regression and did actually go to that time.  But, there was something so horrific taking place in that lifetime that the hypnotist had to bring Elvis out of the regression early.

Wanda June has read that which I have written above.  She added the following:

The comments he made of being “put under” were brief, and he never brought it up again, or discussed that he felt strongly drawn back to the time Jesus was on earth or how he felt about “the horror” of returning when under hypnosis and past life regression. The person doing it was a hypnotist that he knew in Los Angles whose name I do not recall though she had been well-known in the area. This was in the mid 60’s

You can reword the above if you wish to use it, but those are the facts that I know and recall.

I cannot express how much Wanda June’s books, recorded conversations, and booklets have meant to me for the past apx. 20 years.  Her’s is the TRUTH of the real man…the inner man…his feelings and interests and problems with which he struggled.

I cannot recommend her material too highly.

She and I share in common the mistreatment which others in the Elvis world have hurled our way.  Even though Wanda June has the recorded tapes, handwriting, telephone bills showing Elvis’s number, etc., the Memphis Mafia members have denounced her because they did not know her.  Elvis did many things of which his associates and “friends” were totally unaware.  He had given up on most of them ever taking any interest in his spiritual pursuits and so he loved talking to someone from the normal world who listened and learned from him. 

He told Wanda June that he had lost sight of the fact that there were people who had good marriages until he became acquainted with Wanda June, her husband and little girl as well as those everyday people to whom Wanda June introduced him.

He spoke with Wanda June about Priscilla, their break up, Lisa Marie, his health issues and many other aspects of his personal life.  He wanted Wanda June to write a book telling people about the real man so that people would not believe the public portrayal which was out there.  He spoke with her about the bodyguard book “Elvis What Happened?”.   Wanda June was a true friend to him…just as I am a true friend to him now as Jesse.

My heartfelt thanks to Wanda June for her permission to reveal that she and I are friends.  I have not spoken of this before because I do not want anyone to give her any flack for communicating with me.  We came in touch through Facebook less than a year ago.



I want to share a link to a NOVA interview with  Dr. John Mack, Psychiatrist, Harvard University regarding alien abductions based on his experience with abductees and their case studies done by him.

This ties in with what Elvis told Wanda June Hill about his “other home” being near Rigel in the Orion constellation.  You will recall that he told Wanda June that she would start to see things happen in her lifetime.

Back when Dr. Mack was giving interviews, I watched him a number of times as well as reading his work.  He has, sadly, since passed away.  He was a great champion for his patients.

I think you will enjoy this interview very much if you are interested in learning more about what Elvis/Jesse was and is interested in.

NOVA Interview with Dr. John Mack



Below is the link to the Nixon Foundation store where the book about the visit which Elvis paid to President Nixon may be purchased.  I have shared this information before, but want to share it once more in case some visitors may have missed this.

This is an excellent book with all of the details about the visit and all of the photos taken.  The book is very reasonably priced.



There is a petition to congress to have Jan. 8th designated as Elvis Presley day.  I just signed the petition and ask that everyone who reads this please sign it also.  Also, please pass this on to everyone you know to sign as well.

Let’s hope this movement gains momentum and that Elvis Presley day becomes a reality.

Here is the link to the petition: 

We endorse the Elvis Presley Day petition to the U. S. Congress.

footnote:  I didn’t realize initially that this petition has existed for a number of years.  At first, I thought it was new.  Since it is still an active site, let’s all sign it and perhaps we can generate new support for this effort.



I just found that the following nonsense article was evidently published today in the National Enquirer.  This is the same FBI case about which Gail Brewer-Giorgio and her associates published information so many years ago. 

This case may have had some bearing upon Elvis/Jesse’s choice to retire…but he has never mentioned that to me as being one of the contributing factors.  He chose August 16, 1977 based upon Numerology and because of all of the problems with which he was struggling in 1977. 

I have never asked him, but this date for the FBI case may have been just one more event of synchronicity which guided him to proceed with his plan to retire on that date.

You may click on the title below to visit the National Enquirer article:


 Published on: October 12, 2011
Photography by: Getty Images “The Frank Sinatra Show”
ELVIS PRESLEY was rubbed out by the Mafia to prevent him from testifying in a big Mob trial, The ENQUIRER has learnedElvis’ “Paradise Hawaiian Style” costar Suzanna Leigh revealed the startling claim in a blockbuster new boo“I learned Elvis had been part of one of the largest FBI investigations of the 1970s, code-named Fountain Pen,” reveals London born Leigh.

“Apparently, he had been the innocent victim in a Mafia fraud case involving millions of dollars.

“Scores of federal agents worldwide had investigated it and Elvis was due to give evidence. The FBI was meant to be protecting Elvis when he died.”

When she first heard about the theory from British journalist John Parker, Leigh contacted Beecher Smith, Presley’s former attorney.

“He told me Elvis and his father Vernon were supposed to appear in front of a federal grand jury on August 16, 1977 – the day Elvis died,” Leigh writes in her memoir, “The Flip Side of Paradise”.

The actress, who says she and the singer bonded during filming and “became true soul mates,” also talked to ex-police detective Dick Grob, head of Elvis’ all-cop security team.

“He confirmed Vernon always believed his son was murdered,” Leigh, 66, confided. “He claims someone phoned a newspaper from Graceland at 1 a.m. to alert them that a big story was coming out that night – an hour before emergency services were called.”

Leigh says Grob made a bombshell allegation: “‘Elvis died of a massive codeine overdose,’ he told me. I knew Elvis was allergic to codeine, an opiate painkiller.

“Someone washed the carpet where Elvis had fallen – imagine that, cleaning up before

the police arrived? Only someone really close to him could have ordered that.”

Leigh, who last acted in the 1970s, eventually became a VIP tour guide at Graceland, says Grob is convinced Elvis’ death was “organized by the Mob. He told me they didn’t want Elvis or his father to appear in court.

“They must have gotten someone inside the house. ‘That’s what Vernon believed,’ said Dick. ‘Someone from inside the house let the killer in.’ ”

Leigh said, “We’re a long way from discovering the truth about Elvis’ death.”


Todays Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day is inspiring for the troubled times in which we are living:

Think on This…
Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world. These are indicated, and these are part of thy experience. Be happy of it, and give thanks daily for


Here is a most beautiful version of one of my very favorite songs. 



Today’s thought is a wonderful admonition for us all.  If we look at Elvis’s/Jesse’s life, we can see that he certainly tried to live by this philosophy before 1977.  He still does…though he certainly has many reasons to live otherwise in view of the things that have transpired after his “retirement”.

Think on This…
Do not rail at anyone. Do not hold grudges.

Do not hold ANY of those tendencies that have so long made for disturbing conditions in the experience.



A friend on FaceBook just made me aware of the following threat of a lawsuit against me from the people who made the ElvisWhatIf film:

This is from the ElvisWhatIf FB PAGE

I learned something new on Friday Our CRAZY friend Mary Scott is also known as Linda Hood Sigman that came stright from my Attorney. We have filed a lawsuit against her as of Friday afternoon for Internet Defamation Slander and Libel I would also like to make it clear I Ian Cranston (ICizzle Productionz) made this Film. Im tired of people taking what I have done and giving the credit to others. Charlie Estepp did an interview about Johnny Harra that was it and said nothing wrong. If you think I will sit back and let this go on THINK AGAIN ! I do have the money and will have your ass in Court in a blink of an eye.”

I will state here and now that I do not even know who Mary Scott is.  I am perfectly happy to give full credit for this movie to anyone who wishes to take credit for it.  The following is my public annoucement that:

THIS FILM ELVISWHATIF WAS MADE BY  Ian Cranston (ICizzle Productionz). 

However, I do want to state that Charlie Estepp, himself, stated publicly on the internet that he was responsible for the web site and movie.  The movie was on YouTube on the account of cjestepp.  I just checked on this YouTube account and no longer see this film listed, so it may have been removed from YouTube…at least under the cjestepp account.

This article will also be published on my page devoted to the topic of this movie at ElvisWhatIf.


Think on This…
Use thy abilities – in every way – to heal those conditions, those disturbances in those relations with groups or
individuals; whether in body or in purse, in mind or in spirit. For thy way is set. Keep thou the faith – for this alone brings the joyous cry, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant – enter into the joys of thy Lord.”


Update regarding the threats made toward me by the producer of the film ElvisWhatIf.

I have followed through on a tip given to me by Mark a while back and am displaying below the message which was posted on the Elvis Community Message board by Charlie Estepp, himself, claiming his part in the movie.  Here is the link to this comment for those who care to research:

Post by Charlie Estepp on Elvis Community Message Board

Here is what he posted:

Elvis what if

Hello My name is Charlie Estepp and yes I do have part in this film I was the late great Johnny Harras manager I will be doing an enter view  about Johnny due to him being most of the Elvis sightings and being the first eta.There were lots of times things were Johnny and not Elvis Ian Cranston is doing some of the
filming however this film is not about me or ian its about Elvis faking his
death or not faking his death and gives the chance for everyone to tell there
stories with out the media or anyone thinking there wrong. it leaves it all up
to each person to think what they want with out anyone says they are wrong.This
post was brought to me by a friend so i wanted to say thank you for posting this
but you really need to get your facts stright and know what your talking about
before you try to run everything down.I mean no disrespect thank you for posting
my website and sending traffic my way I invite you all to check out my site and
if you every have an event and need entertainment please give us a call thank

  • Member
  • 3 months ago
  • 33 Posts

His above response was posted after the following member opened up the topic and shared the following clip to prove their point:

TruthSeeker started the HERE IS THE TRUTH BEHIND THE elviswhatif FILM PROJECT discussion inside a forum called General 3 months ago.









A visitor to our blog page today asked the following question and because I believe it is one of those questions that comes up from time to time, I am going to attempt to explain as much as I know about it on our news page to share with everyone.

Here is our visitor’s question:


October 21, 2011 at 3:20 PM

In all due respect. Can anyone ask “Jesse” why the faking of Elvis death was not done in a more dignified way.Maybe a simple heart attack,motorcycle wreck, an allergic reaction to medicine? Why make it look like he died in a middle of a painful bowel movement? Seriously,this has been a question I had for years.Because I can relate and understand his need to live a normal life the remaining years he has to live.


First, I will insert an excerpt from one of Jesse’s handwritten letters which was included in his book.  This provides some of the explanation.


So, as you can see, Elvis chose to “die“at  Graceland because that was the only place that “it” could have been pulled off…the switch of the bodies.  Also, as you can see there are hidden compartments at Graceland about which most people were unaware.  I will explain what I BELIEVE to be the missing information.

I HAVE NOT asked Jesse about any of this. 

I BELIEVE that the reason that he chose to have “it” happen in the bathroom was because that was the only place on earth that he could go by himself.  He had told his cousin Gene Smith just about 2 weeks earlier that he envied Gene because he had a normal life.  He told Gene “I can’t even go to the bathroom without three tailgaters.”

Second of all, I BELIEVE that the body which was pronounced dead and autopsied at the hospital was stored in a hidden compartment at Graceland and after Ginger found Elvis in the bathroom, Elvis’s close friends (who were in on it and knew he had been given a shot to make him appear dead to Ginger when she found him) moved Elvis’s alive body into the hidden compartment and brought the actual dead body into the bathroom where the EMT’s and others attempted to revive the person who was supposed to be Elvis.

Jesse has written in private letters that a man was found to take Elvis’s place.  This man was terminally ill and he agreed to it and that the man’s wife has been taken care of all these years.  They did things to this man before he passed away to make him resemble Elvis.  If you recall the paramedic said that he did not recognize that it was Elvis.

Next, I want to attempt to explain something which I BELIEVE to be the case.  If I recall correctly, it was originally reported that Elvis had been sitting in his chair reading a book titled “The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus“.  Elvis had told Ginger that he was going into the bathroom to read because he couldn’t sleep.  It was later changed to his having fell off the toilet.  I don’t recall exactly when the story was changed…I suspect it was changed to make it sound even more believable.

Everyone must understand that when it took place, it was announced that he died of an irregular heart beat…something which cannot be diagnosed after a person is dead.  There was a rather quick viewing of the body and a rushed funeral.  That should have been the end of the story.  Everyone involved should have been able to go about their normal lives from that day forward.  That WAS the plan.

When Elvis and his tiny group of sworn-to-secrecy friends took their vows to NEVER tell, over 34 years ago, they had NO idea that anyone was ever going to question IF Elvis really died.  I admire and respect those who have kept their vows to Elvis and have worked so hard to keep the secret.

Now, one other thing I wish to point out about the question of why Elvis “died” on the toilet is the following:  As I have explained in great detail before, Dan Warlick (who was Dr. Francisco’s assistant who was responsible for visiting the death scene and writing his report of the circumstances surrounding the death titled Medical Examiner’s Report) turned in his completed report to Dr. Francisco.  The next time that Warlick saw the document which he had completed, he thought that Dr. Francisco had copied his report word for word and then signed the copied report.  BUT….it was not Dr. Francisco who recopied the death report…IT WAS ELVIS HIMSELF!  Someone has asked me, incredulously, “why would he do that?  My answer is because he knew that some day he would perhaps want to prove that he did not die.  That is exactly what he did with that report in 1988 when he told Gail Brewer-Giorgio that he would send her “ammunition” and then did so by having his cousin Gene Smith phone Gail and tell her to have the handwriting on that report analyzed and it would prove that it was Elvis’s own handwriting on his “death” report.  Gail carried through with this and the analysis did prove that very fact to be true.

I will paste a copy, once more, below of his handwriting on this report.  The one thing I want to point out on this death examiner’s report, that seems to have been overlooked by most people, is that it says that the body was found in the “dressing roomNOT the bathroom on the toilet.

Once again, I state clearly that the above summary of events is what I BELIEVE based upon the facts that I do KNOW.   I have never asked Jesse to fill in any details for me.

Below this document, I will insert my YouTube video showing the document examiner’s proof that the handwriting on this document is Elvis’s.


Please visit my page devoted to the topic of this document by clicking this sentence. 


Here is today’s Thought for the Day…good advice for us all:

Think on This…
(Q) What is God’s plan for me in assisting the furtherance of His kingdom here on this planet, so that I may accomplish the greatest good with whatever talents I may possess? (A) Brighten the corner where thou art from day to day. Let not a day go by without speaking to someone with the smile of the face and eye reminding them that somebody cares, and it is Jesus!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

I want to share with everyone that Jesse did phone me yesterday a little after noon.  He is doing all right.  He has had the flu recently, but said that he is feeling better.  We were able to speak for a little while this time.  People have asked me what we talk about…so I will write just a little about our visit yesterday as we did not discuss anything of a private nature at all.  He was away from his home base yesterday and the weather was very nice where he was, as it was here at our home also.  He asked me to relate his words of thanks to a mutual friend of ours who had sent him a gift package of two sweatshirts (with sports names which he had requested) plus candy for Halloween…about which he said that he wasn’t sure that he could eat it all because there was so much.  To which I told him not to make himself sick (laughed).

He mentioned two more of our mutual friends and hoped he would hear from one of them again soon to which I responded that I do have a letter from that person for him which I will send to him next week.  Also told him that I had mailed out a package to him this past week which is on its way to him including a DVD movie along with the print outs from our site. 

He thanked me for several DVD’s which I sent to him recently.  These were movies from a catalogue which I had bought to send to him some time ago in order that he could tell me some titles which he would like to watch so that I could obtain them for him.  He told me the titles of two DVD’s which another of our mutual friends had already sent to him so that I would not duplicate those.   He enjoys passing some of his quiet time watching movies and musical videos.

He enjoyed seeing the photo of the baby flying squirrels which I have been bottle feeding for the past 4 weeks.  He said that he had never seen a flying squirrel before and asked how I came to have them.  I explained that their nest had fallen from the trees onto our driveway during some wind and rain.  He said that he loves animals too…to which I responded that I knew that he always did.  He says that he asks people to contribute, if only a small amount, to the ASPCA which airs their fund raising ads during TV show commercial breaks frequently.   For a long while, my husband and I have been so very saddened by their announcements that we just have to turn the TV off or change channels until their announcements end because we can’t bear to see the eyes of those sweet little babies who have been neglected and/or mistreated and Jesse says that he does the same thing…not because we do not care but can only do so much.   So if anyone would like to honor Jesse’s wishes, I will insert the link to their web site at American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

That was the essence of our visit.  As always, his call made me so very, very happy and certainly brightened my day immensely.



I have just created a new page on which I have posted the full interview which I gave to Mr. Gary James with a few months ago.  Below is the title of the new page which is also the link to the new page.  Please do visit and read.


I would like to recommend that everyone visit the web site of Gary James at  He did a splendid job of presenting his interview with me.  He was very polite and respectful during the interview and did not misquote anything which I said.  I enjoyed the time I spent speaking with Gary very much.  My heartfelt thanks to Gary.  


I have created our next Current News and Events page:

Please click on the above link to reach the new page.









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































This sounds like a very interesting movie…provided they treat the topic with the respect which it deserves.  This visit was not a “lark“…it was seriously “Taking Care of Business“.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Think on This…
For, those things that are as hindrances or troubles MUST be turned into stepping-stones, and not stumbling-stones; else a soul falls backward rather than progresses.


This article will be getting back to the topic of Elvis having recorded/performed after 1977 under the cover of Orion whose public identity was Jimmy Ellis.

Once more, I want to emphasize that only SOME of the Orion songs were Elvis.  The majority of the Orion songs really were Jimmy Ellis.  If one listens to all of the Orion songs, it is very apparent that there were two different voices on the songs.

Since Jesse, himself, has affirmed to me that some of the Orion songs were done by him, there is no longer any question whatsoever in my mind.

I am presenting a brief excerpt from the book by George Klein titled ELVIS MY BEST MAN.  In this excerpt you will read about a visit which Jerry Lee Lewis and Sam Phillips paid to Graceland while George Klein was present.  As you will see, this visit ended up with Elvis and Jerry Lee jamming together at the piano.  This jam session was not recorded…what a shame!!!  My purpose in presenting this is so that those who believe that Elvis and Jerry Lee were not on good terms and that they would have never recorded together…as I BELIEVE they did on the Orion songs which ended up on the album titled THE KILLER, THE KING will see that it is not at all far-fetched that they would have gotten together and recorded songs to be released under the cover of Orion.

Also, please bear in mind that Elvis and Red West both told the Hollywood journalist, James Bacon, that Elvis recorded the song Save The Last Dance For Me with Jerry Lee to “help him out”.

So, Elvis has told the famous journalist that he recorded one of the Orion songs with Jerry Lee; and Elvis/Jesse has told me, personally, that I am correct in believing that some of the Orion songs are really Elvis.