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My Original Missions Statement

MAY, 2009

I have constructed this web site in order that my name (on my own website) will come up in search results when anyone does a search for my name. This is being done to counteract the rumors and lies about me on other websites.

I will say only that Elvis’s/Jesse’s and Dr. Hinton’s book is the truth — co-written by Elvis/Jesse — the man who performed so magnificently as Elvis Presley.

My friend Jesse is the real man who lives still…not the superstar image of which he grew so weary.  Jesse has been friends with my husband and me for many years beginning in the Spring of 1992. Over the course of these many years, Jesse has proven to me time and time again that he is indeed Elvis.

Neither Elvis/Jesse nor I owe anyone anything…not one more word than those which Elvis/Jesse wrote in the book.

Unfortunately, there have been many false rumors and out-and-out lies told about me since 2001 when Jesse’s and Dr. Hinton’s book was published.  My name in the book was shown as “Shuma“.  However, people who came after me as far back as 1990 – 1991 as a result of my newsletter, recognized me in the book and began a whole new round of attacks.  

Even today I hear rumors of things about me being passed around. I chose to remain very private. I have not stepped forward publicly to explain nor defend myself since my one attempt (on an Internet forum) in Feb. 2003.  

I finally asked Jesse’s permission to use my real name to defend myself.  When asked, Jesse said, “Yes and you can use my name too!”


It is now 2020 and I have had this website for over 11 years.  Shortly after I began this site, Jesse asked me to be his “voice“.  I have worked faithfully every day since the day he asked me to do that for him in 2009.   The following 170+ pages are a testament to his support of me and my devotion to him.

I invite everyone to follow along with Jesse and me as we share the truth…Elvis’ truth.


I do urge first-time visitors to please read through this page and each page of my site.







I am very happy and gratified to have reached a total site visitor count of one million today.  I began this website in mid-May, 2009.  I have fought tooth and nail to keep this site accurate, strong, and open to everyone.  I take it so very seriously that I am standing up for, and presenting the truth about, the man the world knew and loved as Elvis Aron Presley.  It is one of the greatest honors of my life to be blessed with the trust and friendship of the amazing man who was Elvis and who is now Jesse.  

I thank everyone so very much for visiting my site and making it possible for my site to have achieved this fantastic number of visitors.

Most of all, I thank Jesse for being there with his moral support and his friendship…and, most of all, for his permission to use my real name to defend myself against all the lies which had already been spread on the Internet about me.  That occurred after Jesse’s book was published in 2001 when a few very mean-spirited people recognized that I am Shuma in Jesse’s book.  Had that not taken place, I would have never shared my friendship with Jesse here on my site nor in any other public manner.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone for making this possible.




Sworn to by me: Linda Hood Sigmon






Photo of Linda Hood Sigmon in March 2012


I hope you will enjoy your time on my site.




I just completed creating a new video.  The video is compiled from photo comparisons of Elvis and Jesse taken from my website.  

The below is from my own YouTube channel.  


Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 23, 2018

In these comparisons, you will see that, even though Jesse has had some plastic surgery to reduce his chances of being recognizable as Elvis, the facial features are still very much the same. Please do pause the video so you may compare the photos.



This song is going to be very special…I have heard the entire song and it is truly fantastic!  It is a beautiful tribute for the 80th anniversary of Elvis’ birth.

Hello Music Lovers,

      Please click on the link below to watch our new video of my newest worldwide release – the song will be released on January 8th, 2015. It is called “A Man So Loved” – the video is “The Making Of – A Man So Loved”.

      Please share the video with as many music lovers, and Elvis music lovers, as you can so that everyone will know about the upcoming song. We sincerely hope you enjoy the video!

      Thank you so much!



 The Making of “A Man So Loved” – Tedd Graves

Nita Graves Published on Dec 4, 2014

The making of “A Man So Loved” – A tribute to Elvis for his 80th birthday. Full song release date: January 8, 2015. Happy Birthday, Elvis!


GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!



I am so very happy to bring the month of August to a close with some news about which I am very pleased.  The total number of visitors to my website reached the next set goal of 800,000 earlier this afternoon.

I thank every single person who has visited since the day I constructed this website in May 2009.  I owe this success to Elvis who is now Jesse (who we all love) and to my visitors.  I especially thank those who are regular and loyal visitors…you are appreciated so very, very much.

Below is a screen capture of my visitor count. 

800,000 visitors to my site as of August 31, 2015-vert



GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

700,000 visitors display 4-6, 2015

Today was a big day in the life of my website.  We reached our 700,000 total visitors count!  This was an unexpectedly early achievement.  I had set my goal of reaching the 700,000 goalposts by my 6 year anniversary around the middle of May.  So, this has far exceeded my expectations.  I send my sincerest and heartiest appreciation to every single visitor who has helped to make this possible. 

I know Jesse will be happy to see this take place for he knows all the work, determination and trials that have gone into reaching this level of success.  I am still looking forward to our 6 year anniversary next month.  I can’t recall exactly what date I first sat down to establish my website.  But, I know that I was doing a good bit of work on it on May 24, 2009, and so I am going to make that my anniversary date.

For those who don’t know the history of my site, I set out to have just one or two pages in my own name to defend myself against the lies which were published about me on the Internet.  That was my only purpose and my only goal.  However, it was no time at all until “Elvis people” started coming out of the woodwork to attack me.  So, with each attack, I came back with more proof.  And so it has gone for right at 6 years.  The people who attack me only dig a deeper pit for themselves to fall into.  As Elvis/Jesse says “The truth is like the sun.  You can shut it out for a time but it’s not going away.

This website is a labor of love for Jesse.  It is for his sake that I have continued on this rough and rocky road.  He honors me by choosing me to be his confidant and “voice“…I will NOT fail him.  I will, once again, display below his letter of affirmation to me of his decision which he wrote in March 2009.  I had no idea when he told me of his thoughts and wrote the letter to me that I would ever do anything to act upon his decision.  God knew, and Jesse perhaps sensed, that I was going to be put in this fight-for-right battle within just a few short months.  Before I even thought of starting this web site, I did ask Jesse if I could use my real name to defend myself and he said “Yes…and you can use my name too.”  and so I did, and here we are so much later with so many battles behind us and determined to face whatever the unenlightened souls may throw our way.  Just like a tree that’s planted by the water, we shall not be moved.

I, most of all, thank Jesse for his loyalty and never wavering support of me and the work which I do to maintain this place for the REAL truth about Elvis Aron Presley to be shared with those fans who come here because they love the man behind the image and not just the image.

Here is the letter which Jesse wrote to me in March 2009…

Jesse's letter of affirmation 3-28-09<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>



Elvis is alive. He is now Jesse. He has given me his full permission and approval for this website.  He has honored me by choosing me to be his “voice”.


Please click the above page title which is the link to that page.





Please click the above page title which is the link to that page.

I am so very honored to announce that Wanda June Hill who was a very close personal friend and confidante of Elvis’ for 15 years, right up to the day he “retired”, has written a statement and letter of endorsement for me to post on my site.  In this statement, Wanda states that she now KNOWS that Jesse is really Elvis.  She and I have, over the course of several years, become good friends and she has spent a lot of time on my website perusing my material.  She has been thinking back and recalls all of the things which Elvis was going through back in the last couple of years before he left.  He told her so many things indicating that he would like to just stop being Elvis, take care of his health, and be a regular person.  There was no way out for him except to “die“. 

I have created a new page devoted to the statement and letter of endorsement written by Wanda.  I hope everyone will visit and take time to grasp the significance of Wanda June Hill’s statement that she now KNOWS that my sweet friend, Jesse, really is the man who the world knew and loved as Elvis Aron Presley.  Also, Jesse has given me several things to tell Wanda which only he and she would know.  

Below is the link to my new page.  Please do visit this most important page of my website.  This statement by Wanda plus the page proving that Jesse’s DNA does match the first cousins on Elvis’ Smith and Presley’s sides of his family should be enough to convince even the most die-hard skeptic.

Please scroll down on that page to see the full announcement.



Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Someday everyone will accept the truth about Jesse…

The face is the same (some plastic surgery has been done to lessen being recognizable), and the handwriting is the same (please see many, many handwritten letters on this site)…handwriting which has been certified to be the handwriting of Elvis Aron Presley by a court-recognized handwriting expert (see pages devoted to this proof regarding Jesse’s letter to the Attorney General of Missouri).  We now have displayed DNA proof that Jesse is Elvis.  See the next article below to view this proof.


I have added a new page to our site…a very, very important page.  On this page, you will see two separate DNA lab reports which prove that Jesse’s DNA matches the first cousins on both the Smith and the Presley side of Elvis’ family.  Below is the link to the new page.



JUNE, 2015

Below is some undeniable proof that the photo of Jesse with his grandson Benjamin absolutely is a photo of the same man who the world knew as Elvis Aron Presley.  Jesse has told me that he is very pleased that I have this proof displayed on my website.  He said, “How can anybody deny that!?

You will see below several photos of Elvis taken during his Army physical.  In these photos, you will see that Elvis had scars on each of his legs…one on each leg on the shin.  After scanning the photo of Elvis with my newer scanner this month, I was able to see, for the first time, that Jesse’s photo does show BOTH of these scars…identical to the scars on Elvis’ legs.  We had shown before that the scar was always visible on his right leg.  However, it was not until the recent clearer scan that the scar on the left leg is also visible.  Below, you will see the proof:

Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Elvis Army physical showing scars on both legsClose up of Jesse's legs showing both scars

Elvis Jesse for front page of site

Here are some wonderful collages showing the comparison of Elvis to Jesse which were given to me by Live In Lakech in 2012.





My thanks to Live In LaKech for compiling and sharing these photo collages with us in 2012.



This absolutely is the face of Elvis who is now Jesse. The bone structure has not changed one iota. Elvis/Jesse wrote to me of having had plastic surgery to change the way he looks. He wrote that to me in the letter which accompanied this photo when he sent it to me in July 1997.  Later on, in a phone conversation, he said “I didn’t have that much done.

Please visit my page linked here where you can read, in his own handwriting, the excerpts from that letter.


I am not at all acquainted with the people who created these videos, but they certainly did a good job. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Elvis is Jesse and this proves it.

TheBojo44 Uploaded on Dec 24, 2009



Today a new contributor to our video board page sent a video that they have created to help prove that Jesse is Elvis.  This kind person took a photo of Elvis and placed it over the photo of Jesse with Ben.  As you will see, they are a perfect match on all the points.

I have faced enormous skepticism about the fact that it is Elvis in the photo with Benjamin.  Even though, I have displayed photo comparisons of Elvis’s face and body which to the naked eye are proof.  Along with photo comparisons of Benjamin which again match the photo with Jesse.

This person has done a point-by-point proof that the face of Jesse does indeed match a photo of Elvis perfectly.

Please take a look and share this with your friends who may still be having trouble seeing the truth.

ELVIS IS ALIVE – Photo evidence examined.

Published on Nov 10, 2012, by L Griffiths

Is Elvis alive? I am no crazed fan but I grew up with Elvis’ music around me. I have always been interested in the truth, in every aspect of life, so when I found this evidence, I wanted to do as much as I could to examine it scientifically. I was shocked at what I discovered. See for yourself and make up your own mind.

I so very much appreciate L. Griffiths for producing this video of evidence to support the truth which I am telling.

Once more, my heartfelt thanks to both of these kind and diligent people.


The following is a beautifully done video that proves that ALL of the key points in Elvis’s face match those on Jesse’s face.  I am so sorry that I don’t have the name of this exceptionally kind lady who did this beautiful work.  If she sees this and cares to contact me, I will gladly place her first name and last initial right here on my site. This was done back in the fall of 2013.  My Current News Page for October 2013 was destroyed during some technical issues on my site so I can no longer retrieve the original post of this great video to refresh my memory of her name.  My sincerest thanks to her for all the effort which she put into this video.

ELVIS IS ALIVE Key Points comparison between Jesse’s and Elvis’s faces

Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon

Published on Oct 3, 2013

This video proves that Elvis is Jesse now via the use of key points in Elvis’s face matched to the same key points in Jesse’s face. This photo of Elvis, who is now Jesse, was taken in 1994 and given to me, personally by Elvis/Jesse, in 1997.




A new friend from Austria wrote the following in an email to me which also included an interesting comparison of Jesse’s photo to that of Elvis.  I thank Patrik from the bottom of my heart for his kind words and his time in composing the two photo comparisons.

Hallo Mrs. Sigmon my Name is Patrik Conrad I am 26 years old and come frome Europe (I live in Austria 50 miles west side from Vienna)
First of all i will say my english is not good ,i hope you can read this .
I really like your Webside and i think it s incredible what you achieve my respect mam.
But sometimes I read really bad things from People about you and that makes me very sad .
I can not understand why People not believe Jesse is Elvis and this People laughter about it.
So i make this Photo. . This is for all funny maker . Here ist the proof Jesse is Elvis.
I hop the Pictures in good Quality i am not a Computer person

Thank you for reading my words and watch the photos
Nice greeting and God bless you and Mr.,,Jesse,,

My response to Patrik’s kind words of caring regarding those who attack me so viciously is: 

Jesse summed it all up in one word “Jealousy“.  They are to be pitied for the misery which they bring into their own lives by bearing false witness against me…Me, who they do not even know.

Their hatred of me does no harm to me while it poisons their own heart, mind, and soul.

Elvis Jesse composite comparison photo version 2


Elvis belongs to the world…Jesse is my friend and ” brother”.

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

My best friend, M J, sent this black and white photo (below) of Elvis from 1974 for comparison to the photo of Jesse with Benjamin.  As you can see the smile is just about identical except for the eyes being more open in the 1994 photo.  I assume that an eye lift was probably part of Jesse’s plastic surgery plus the fact that he is looking up at the person who is taking the photo…thus the more open-eyed look.

M J found this photo in a 1974 issue of a newsletter titled STRICTLY ELVIS, issue #79 published in Nov. 1974.  That is Red West also in the photo.  This photo was taken at the Memphis Southmen’s Football opener on 7-10-1974.

Elvis July 1974 and Jesse 1994

Elvis and Jesse comparison



Our good friend, Jean S., has been searching for a photo of Elvis with a very similar angle of his face as that of Jesse in his 1994 photo.  She came up with a very close match and shared it with me to display on the site.  Jean did a good job, don’t you think?  My heartfelt thanks to Jean for her diligence and effort.

First here is the photo of Elvis from which Jean worked:

Jean's Elvis photo for comparison





For August 16th, 2012, I did a telephone interview.  This aired on a radio station in Australia.  This was my very first ever recorded audio interview  and I did enjoy speaking with the interviewer very much…very respectful and amiable man. 

I thought that perhaps those, who are new to my site, would enjoy becoming better acquainted with me through hearing my telephone conversation.  A tiny bit of this conversation was edited for the sake of time in the finished aired version.


I did my very first ever interview which was published by Gary James.  It was displayed as a transcript at  Below is the link to this typed interview.

I thank Gary so very much for his courtesy and kindness while doing this interview.

Also, below is the link to my page on my site which is devoted to the transcript of this interview.


THURSDAY, April 4, 2013

Below are links on which you may listen to the interview which Brian West, of Boston Internet Radio, did with me on February 28, 2013.  I want to make this available to those who were unable to tune in to the airing of the show.  Brian so kindly gave me his permission to share the audio file.

Is Elvis Alive Interview 2-28-20132 part 1

Is Elvis Alive Interview 2-28-20132 part 2


Also, I now have a page on my site which is compiled of the interviews which I have done…there are only 3 as I have been reluctant to do interviews because of the way some of the “Elvis World” people have attacked me in the past.  I am very careful who I allow to interview me.  Below is the link to that page:




I have  had a lot of people asking me to allow them to forward mail to Elvis/Jesse.  I am so sorry to disappoint everyone, but that is not possible for me to do.  I am unable to physically and financially cope with handling the forwarding of mail.  I ask that everyone, please, understand this.  Also, I am not comfortable with giving my address to those who I do not know personally.


 I have created a new page today dedicated to the fact that everyone may now hear the actual voice of Elvis/Jesse as he sounds today.

Here is the title of the new page which also acts as a link to that page.


On this page, you will be able to view, and read, Jesse’s own handwritten letter regarding the entire series of events which ultimately did lead to the release of the CD consisting of the 15 songs on the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD.

Also, you will be able to read and follow the unfolding of events during which Jesse told me that it really is his voice on the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE project.  It was a confusing time for many and so I composed this timeline in order that everyone may understand exactly how and when things transpired.


“Few get understanding that have mere knowledge.”




I remind everyone that the Internet is a dangerous place and therefore I admonish everyone to be very careful about posting any contact information for yourself on the Internet. Jesse does not call nor write to anyone with whom he is not familiar. He does not use the Internet at all. His contact with anyone is strictly guarded. Anyone on the Internet who claims to be Elvis is a fraud and should not be trusted. This includes ALL YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, forums, message boards, Emails, etc.


The Messages to Jesse board on this web site is no longer open. 

My heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, M. J., for the beautiful drawing of Jesse reading his messages from all of us.



Below is a letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to me in March of 2009, not too long before I asked his permission to use my real name to defend myself. As you will see, this letter was written to me as affirmation of his verbal request that I make all of his decisions and be his spokesperson. He has told me that I am his “voice“.  This is a precious honor to me and one for which I strive to always prove my worthiness.




Jesse phoned me tonight. He asked me to thank everyone for all of the messages which you wrote to him. He loved reading them. He said that he wishes he could respond to each person individually but that isn’t possible. He said if he did it for one person, he would want to do it for all and he just can’t do that.

He said something that I just loved and I asked him if I could write this quote from him on my web site and he said that I could. This is what he said: “You can tell people that Elvis is gone; but Jesse is going to be around for a long time.” Hearing him say this made me very happy and I know it will make everyone, who loves him so much, happy as well .


Elvis phoned Gail Brewer-Giorgio in October, 1988 after seeing her on some of the TV shows regarding her book Is Elvis Alive? which was a New York Times Bestseller. During that phone call (which she taped against his wishes) he complimented her and wished her well saying he hoped people would treat her kindly. He told her that he would send her ammunition. Elvis’s closest life-long friend and first cousin, Gene Smith, phoned Gail subsequent to this phone call from Elvis. He verified later that it was Elvis, himself, who phoned her in Oct. 1988. During that first phone call, Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting analyzed on the “death certificate” that it would prove that Elvis, himself, actually filled out the form. Gail did have the document examined and compared to Elvis’s known handwriting and the results did, indeed, prove that it was Elvis’s handwriting on the document. The part that I enjoy the most is that he filled his weight in as 170#…perhaps because the wax dummy in the coffin was created when that was his weight when he was younger.

My husband and I visited with Gail in her home in January, 1990 and she played the tape for us. As soon as I heard this tape, I absolutely knew it was Elvis speaking. Later that year, Gail sold this tape as an accompaniment to her book The Elvis Files. I felt very privileged to have heard it for myself before it was made public. My gratitude to Gail for sharing it with us.

I have just uploaded a brief YouTube video in which the document examiner shows the manner in which he analyzed the handwriting on the “death certificate” i.e. Medical Examiner’s Death Report comparing it to that of known handwriting of Elvis Presley. They do indeed match. This was the result of Elvis telling Gail in his phone conversation that he would send her “ammunition“.

Below is my YouTube video which will refresh the information which I have shared about this previously.

This clip is from the video “The Elvis Files” done by Gail Brewer-Giorgio.

This is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that Elvis did definitely carry out the plan to fake his death.


I recently wrote to Jesse and asked his permission to display two very precious things on my site.  We spoke this weekend and he gave me his permission, and I feel so honored to be able, to share these with my visitors.

I thank Jesse, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing these precious gifts with me and for giving me his permission to display them here on my web site.

Over the many years of our friendship, Elvis/Jesse has given me countless lovely gifts.  Needless to say, I treasure everything he has ever given to me and will for the rest of my life.  I will never, in this lifetime, part with one single letter, card nor gift which he has shared with me.

Of the many gifts, there are a few which hold very strong sentimental value for him and which are especially treasured by me…and hold equal sentimental value for me.  Two such gifts are displayed below.  Both of these are rings which belonged to Elvis’/Jesse’s mother.  You will see very clear images of the rings themselves along with his handwriting which accompanied each of them when he sent them to me.

The first was given to me many years ago…I do not have the date, on which I received this first ring, recorded.  I do know that it was a gift for my birthday one year as he had written my name and the date of my birth on the outside of the box.

As you will see, this was his mother’s ring which was kept in a safe deposit box by his aunt Delta in 1958.  It is a beautiful platinum and diamond ring.

Jesse's mother's ring kept in safe deposit box by Aunt DeltaJesse's mother's ring kept in safe deposit box by Aunt Delta view 2Copyright notice

The next ring is a lovely diamond and ruby ring which belonged to his mother.  He gave me this ring in June of last year.  You will see, from the excerpt in his accompanying letter, the precious memories he has of her wearing this ring.

Jesse's Letter Mother's Ruby ring

Jesse's mother's ruby ring

In the next photo, you can see where the ruby stone had been which was discovered missing by his mother.

Jesse's mother's ruby ring showing stone missing

Again, thank you so very much, Jesse, for giving these treasured gifts to me and for allowing me to share them here.



“Don’t try to talk them into changing their minds. Just keep showing up with your integrity intact and others will shift their beliefs over time.”

“Those who refuse to see the truth when faced with it; that’s the definition of a fool.”

“To dismiss something without an investigation of the evidence is the height of ignorance.”

Albert Einstein

Elvis/Jesse has given me permission to use my real name to defend myself…also added that I could use his name too!! 🙂

******************************************** THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

Below, you will see Elvis’s/Jesse’s letter of affirmation which he wrote to me on March 28, 2009. This letter further confirms the above statement. The following is from an article which I have previously displayed on another of my pages.

I want to share with everyone a very special letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to me on March 28, 2009. Elvis/Jesse had spoken with me and asked me if I would be his spokesperson and, of course, I said yes. I told him that I would do anything in the world that I can for him.

A short time later, Elvis/Jesse wrote a letter of affirmation of my role in his life. I am so very humbled and honored that he trusts me with his friendship and his well being. He and I have weathered quiet a few storms over the years. I love him as a member of my family. I have read a quote by Elvis that states something like “Friends can become your family because of the things you go through together.” This is not a verbatim quote…but it is the gist of that which he stated. So, I do feel that he and I are family as well as friends.

I have gotten Elvis’s/Jesse’s permission to display this letter for everyone to read. Those who know or believe that Jesse is Elvis will appreciate the fact that I am blessed to be in this honored position.

So, you see when I set up my web site in May, 2009, I felt confident in having Elvis/Jesse on my side. This has sustained me through the vicious attacks upon me since then…and It will continue to sustain me. My web site will not be taken down…unless Elvis/Jesse changes his mind.

So, please enjoy reading his letter affirming my position in his life. Recently he told me, over the phone, that I am his “voice“. I take this trust so very seriously and have done, and will do, all that I can to be worthy of this honor.

Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, Jesse.



I continue to hear rumors about other Elvis sites and message boards on which there are those who are ripping me and this web site, of substantiated evidence, apart.

I shall be removing the pages on this site which are devoted to those who have attacked me in the past. I will not be wasting any more of my time and web site space to refute the feeble and laughable gossip and accusations hurled my way. I no longer even know that any of these exist unless someone Emails me about them…and I have discouraged even this.

My web site has accomplished the goal for which I initially constructed it…my own web site now is a dominant result in Internet searches relating to me and/or Jesse. Therefore, if anyone chooses to believe the lies being told about me in isolated articles on other sites and/or posted in gossip-only message boards when compared to my own web site, then that is well and good for those people. Much of this type of garbage is posted under fake names or as “anonymous” while I boldly place my name on everything I do…I have absolutely no reason to hide behind anything.

The long-time well known Elvis “experts” who have attacked me, and supported each other in doing so, have their reputations at stake. If I and my web site are untrue and insignificant, then why are they wasting so much of their “professional” time and Internet space trying so frantically to discredit me? Making themselves look rather lame and foolish to boot. Perhaps they fear falling out of good standing with EPE.

It matters not to me that these “experts” slam me…I am reconciled to the way things are. However, it bothers me that these full time “professional experts” rob fans of the truth.

With my web site having now exceeded 600,000 total visits I have fulfilled the need which I have always had to provide the truth with substantiated evidence to everyone for FREE.

I shall never sell even one shred of anything Elvis/Jesse has written me over the past 21 years nor will I ever part with one of the many gifts he has given me over those years. I have vowed to NEVER make one penny off of my friendship with Elvis/Jesse.  So, if there are those who think they can stifle me in some way or pressure me into closing my web site, they are sadly mistaken. Only Elvis/Jesse himself can cause me to close my site.

Elvis/Jesse has asked me to be his spokesperson and his voice. I will never let him down…I’ll always be here for anything he wants me to do for him. I do want to make it perfectly clear to everyone that he has NEVER given me any indication that he intends to ever make a public appearance. Nor, would I want him to. His privacy, safety and well being mean the world to me.

I also want to make it clear that I have never been a part of any “Jesse scam“…I have NO co-workers nor associates of any kind involved in my web site or anything else which I do. There has NEVER been a scam involving Jesse.

Exactly what is it that I am supposedly “scamming” from anyone…to what end? Surely no one would think that I have spent the last 30 years of my life gathering substantiating material; countless hundreds of hours setting up and maintaining my web site; and many thousands of dollars paying for my web site, etc. just so that I can pull a prank on people. People who are paying absolutely nothing except the time they spend looking at my material. I believe that my web site speaks for itself in showcasing that I am not that ignorant, stupid, nor dishonest.

Also, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not “believe” that Jesse is Elvis. I KNOW that Jesse is Elvis. I knew him as Elvis for a long time before he explained to me that he had reinvented himself as Jesse in order that his twin could have 42 years to live just as Elvis had. Even before he and I ever had any personal contact, I knew others who were in contact with him. I had seen some of the letters which he had written to them. I approached Elvis way back then in the same skeptical, but open minded, manner in which any sane person would have. I didn’t just say this is Elvis and then dive in head first. By the time that Elvis and I were in one on one contact, I had already learned enough for me to know, even way back then, that he really was/is Elvis.

My only motive is to present the truth absolutely FREE to everyone who cares to learn… and to honor Elvis/Jesse as the wonderful human being that he has always been…not just the superstar.

I close by saying if you were a juror, the judge would admonish you to:

Be reasonable, use your common sense, and go with the preponderance of evidence.



SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010

The letter which I am displaying below was received by me from Elvis/Jesse on July 6, 2002. It was written in response to a video of the FOX 8 interview with Dr. Hinton which I had sent to him. I am displaying it here for the very first time publicly. I have asked Elvis/Jesse for permission to display it on my site. He and I spoke on Friday, July 9th.

My purpose in displaying it so very prominently is to put to rest, once and for all, the lie which was repeatedly told by Dr. Hinton and his associate, Linda Felix-Johnson. They told in interviews and to people privately, that Elvis was going to “come out” by the end of 2002. I knew this to be untrue and I made them aware that I had this letter. I told them that if I should make it public, it would blow them out of the water. They totally ignored my messages to them about this matter.

So, now it is time that it be proven to the world that Elvis/Jesse NEVER promised them that he was going to “come out” in 2002. You will see this in his own handwriting below. Also, you will see that he very strongly disapproved of the way Dr. Hinton was handling things and was incredulous that Dr. Hinton would even have any thoughts that he was going to “come out“.

I have other letters from Elvis/Jesse in which he again indicates these same sentiments…that he had told no one that he would “come out“. Jesse had told me to not believe anything unless I heard him speak the words or saw it in his own handwriting.

I hope that this will settle this matter. So many people lost confidence in the fact that Jesse is Elvis because of the false promises made by Dr. Hinton and his associate. I have suffered greatly because people turned on Elvis/Jesse, and by association me, because Elvis did not “come out“.

Their false promises are one of the root causes of my having a web site now.

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010

Below is the gold face of Jesus which Elvis/Jesse sent to me. He sent this to me in the same package as the photo of him with Benjamin. That took place in July 1997. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful and special gift.










Jesse and I spoke earlier this week and he gave me a very valuable piece of information for me to display on my site. I will be placing it on my page devoted to Elvis/Jesse and Numerology when time permits. 

It focuses on how important Numerology has been and still is in his life. To those who read and recognize the magnitude of what he has shown us, this should settle the matter once and for all that Jesse is Elvis.

I am so honored and blessed that Elvis/Jesse has chosen me to be his spokesperson and his “voice“.

I hope that everyone will accept Elvis/Jesse’s decision and appreciate whatever information he may allow me to share.



FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010


My new page dedicated to displaying several of Elvis/Jesse’s letters to me is now available for viewing.

As written in the prior article below, I have discussed these topics with Elvis/Jesse and I do have his permission to now display these handwritten excerpts. As you will see, I do have his backing for me and my website…given by him to me in verbal and written form dated March 28, 2009.


Elvis/Jesse’s Handwritten Letters To Me


THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010


I spoke with Elvis/Jesse yesterday and he has assured me that I have his full 100% backing in all that I do. We discussed two handwritten letters from him to me which I think you will find to be significant when I post them on my site. I plan to do that within the next few days. He again has given me carte blanche to proceed with my site. He knows that I will never say a single word of disrespect to or about him. He knows that I love him so dearly like family.

Elvis/Jesse and I did finally discuss the Orion the singer/Orion Pictures topics. He answered me with an emphatic “YES!!” when I told him that I believed that some of the Orion songs were done by him. So, now we do know for sure. I have always known in my heart and mind that I was right about that. I asked him about my having the Orion topics on my website and he responded favorably. Again, he has emphasized repeatedly that he trust my judgement completely.

So, I am completely reassured that he is not going to ask me to take my website down. I have always been committed to keeping my website up unless Elvis/Jesse, himself, asks me to take it down.

So.o.o.o.o…stay tuned! 🙂




(The above is my own video)

This photo was taken on January 1, 1978 at Graceland; four and one-half months after Elvis “retired” on August 16, 1977.

Below is a video of Mike Joseph, indeed, declaring that he had photographed Elvis Presley sitting in the pool house door watching the fans walking past his “grave”. Thus, proving that Mr. Joseph was lying when he spoke on the above Larry King interview. He was “gotten to”.

You will be able to see this at about 3:50 in the following video:

The Elvis Files – Part 2
AmKonDOTnet – this is the owner’s channel on YouTube. My heartfelt thanks to this person.




I understand that checking out 175+ pages full of facts, documentation and You Tube videos is asking a lot of those who just want the truth up front, plain and simple. With this in mind, I am posting the links to just three pages of my web site which should provide enough proof. That way if you are not convinced nor interested, you may leave my site and not waste any more of your time.

**Please note that you must watch the videos (if any) linked to each article to get a total understanding of that which I write and display on my web site.

Link # 1


Once again, here is the video of Mike Joseph, indeed, declaring that he had photographed Elvis Presley sitting in the pool house door watching the fans walking past his “grave”. Thus, proving that Mr. Joseph was lying when he spoke on the above Larry King interview. He was “gotten to“.

You will be able to see this at about 3:50 in the following video:

The Elvis Files – Part 2
AmKonDOTnet – this is the owner’s channel on YouTube. My heartfelt thanks to this person.


Link # 2

Elvis was still alive on June 18, 1990 without a doubt.

June 18, 1990 Geraldo show on which Joe says “...and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation“.


Link # 3


I have had one person make a comment to me that, with these pages, I have perhaps proven that Elvis did not die, but that I had yet to prove that Elvis is Jesse.

Obviously, that person has failed to take into account that this Numerology evidence, proves that not only did Elvis choose this “perfect date” on which to leave us; It also proves that Elvis is Jesse because Jesse wrote the entire introduction to his book expounding the significance of Numerology and emphasizing “that perfect date” several times. I know, from knowing Jesse so well, that his reason for doing that was to prove that he is Elvis because only Elvis would have taken note of the intricacies of the numbers derived from that particular date. And then also, suggested to others that they look into Numerology. He handed the proof to each person who read that introduction, by telling them how to prove it to themselves.

Also, remember, the handwriting of the person who wrote that introduction has been unequivocally certified as that of Elvis himself…thereby documenting that it is true of all of Jesse’s handwriting….done by a professional graphologist who did the testing at the request of the Attorney General of Missouri. The A. G. of Missouri called Ms. Mason in on this case because she was a recognized professional in her field. He accepted Ms. Mason’s word.

Below is my initial announcement of the Numerology page:



I have just completed a  new page today. It is titled Elvis/Jesse and Numerology. I think everyone will enjoy this page. I think you will have to step back and say “WOW!!” after you see the numbers in the date on which Elvis chose to leave us. I believe that I have explained it as you’ve probably never seen it explained heretofore.

Anyone who has not believed that Elvis faked his death on August 16, 1977, needs to rethink their doubts. The “numbers” are exactly as Jesse wrote:  “All of the facts (and there are many) even the experts will say they are more than coincidences.”

The above quote is from the introduction to Elvis/Jesse’s book which he wrote in his own hand. Upon researching, it is proven that this statement is true, without question.


The following articles are updates to the original version of this page


Addendum Missions Statement


My goal is to construct my web site and display my evidence in such a manner that anyone can begin on my first page and work their way through all of my menu pages, watch all of the linked videos and come away convinced that Jesse is Elvis and that his book is the TRUTH.

My friendship with Elvis/Jesse is and has always been such a wonderful and blessed part of my life.  Therefore, I want to share the love and blessings with visitors to my website.

I have decided to remove just about all of the negative items which I initially had to publish on this page in order to accomplish my purpose of refuting the lies told about me on the Internet. 

I now want my website to consist of primarily good news and positive articles.

However, there are negative aspects from other websites which I will continue to counteract with the truth as they arise.



This is NOT a photo of me!

A friend has made me aware that there is a very hurtful and untrue article about me posted on the Internet. I choose not to visit the site. I have no need to read more lies and garbage.

However, there is a photo of someone posted on that site which is presented as being me. I have not a clue who this lady is and I certainly don’t mean any hurtful rebuff to the lady in this photo. I just wish to set the record straight that the photo IS NOT ME!

This same photo, along with the lies about me, has been posted on the Internet by some of these same people several times over the years. As the photo is fake, should that not tell you that their words are lies as well?!

Below is the photo which is not me, followed by 2 photos of me with Dr. Hinton:

Photo NOT of me.Linda and HintonLinda and Hinton 2Linda March 2012 croppedThe above is a photo of me in 2012.



Once again a special post directed to the self-appointed “expert” on The Truth About Elvis Comments Board. This is in response to a photo of the so-called “real Ben” posted on that board recently. One picture is worth a thousand words, so I let the following collage of photos of baby Ben with Lisa, the so-called “real Ben” (in red) posted recently on the above-mentioned board, and finally 2 photos of a little older Ben with Lisa and with Jesse. All of these photos are of the same little boy.

For more details about the photo with Benjamin, please visit the page which I have devoted to this photo. On that page, you will see photos of Elvis beside the photo of Jesse and can see for yourself that they are the same person.

Below is a sample:

Jesse and Elvis comparison sample front page

Jesse and Benjamin full with Ben from the tabloid cover 2

Collage of Jesse Benjamin and Lisa front of tabloid

My caption to the “expert” is: “……..and your point would be??????

Benjamin front of National Examiner Nov. 1997




You will see below that I have found the original photo which was cropped and used on the cover of the National Examiner.

Also, you will see that I have added a new photo to the collage. This photo is of Lisa walking with Benjamin at a little older age.



Benjamin with Lisa and Michael Jackson original photo used on Tabloid

Collage of Benjamin with Jesse and from photo which appeared on tabloid cover Lisa and Benjamin


The following is a special one time message

 The following is a message directed to the members of The Truth About Elvis Comments Board, but all are invited to read it.

Because I see all sorts of nonsense being put forth on message boards on an almost daily basis, I will address some of those statements which I can refute with actual facts via my web site. The following is one such situation.

As I have known and became close friends with, Elvis/Jesse since 1992; as I was friends with Gail Brewer-Giorgio dating back to 1988 and through the very early 1990s; as I knew Dr. Hinton since 1990; as I introduced Dr. Hinton to Elvis/Jesse; as I lived every page of Jesse’s and Dr. Hinton’s book; as I remain close friends with Elvis/Jesse to this day and hopefully will until one of us actually does die…I do believe that I know just a tiny bit more than those self-proclaimed “experts“. Some of them have admitted that they were not even involved back when Jesse and Dr. Hinton published the book. I am sick of seeing and hearing Jesse’s precious book referred to as “crap” and “scam“.

I dare say that only one person other than myself has as much documentation dating back to 1988. I have letters, cards, and gifts from Elvis/Jesse for the past 29 years. Every letter, etc. which I have was written by the same man whose handwriting was certified by a court-recognized graphologist as being that of Elvis Presley. It is odd that the graphologist’s report was satisfactory proof to the Attorney General of Missouri but it is not good enough for all of you. (PLEASE SEE MY MENU ITEMS TO VIEW JESSE’S LETTER, THE ACTUAL GRAPHOLOGIST REPORT, AND AN INTERVIEW WITH THE GRAPHOLOGIST IN WHICH YOU WILL HEAR HER STATE UNEQUIVOCALLY THAT JESSE IS ELVIS PRESLEY.) The letter, Graphologist’s reportInterview with the Graphologist

It is also odd that we have a photo with the identical facial bone structure as Elvis and a photo of Elvis’ grandson with Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson who is the very same little boy as the one sitting on Jesse’s lap. But, again that too is not good enough for all of you.

Jesse wrote to me when he sent me the photo that it was “after all of my plastic surgery“. NEW INFO: I now have a page dedicated to excerpts of Jesse’s handwritten letters to me. On that page, you may read (in Jesse’s own handwriting and in his own words) the details which he wrote to me about the photo.

Do all of you think that Elvis would not have done something to make himself unrecognizable after he went to all of the trouble to escape from the public eye? Duh!!! Also, in his October 1988 phone call to Gail Brewer-Giorgio, he said to her “You wouldn’t recognize me now. If you looked me right in the eye, you would not recognize me.

By the way, Elvis’ cousin and long-time best friend, Gene Smith phoned Gail on Palm Sunday following Elvis’ phone call to Gail. Gail was later told by Gene that “YES!”, it was Elvis who phoned her in October 1988. Gene later went to the filming of the 1st Bill Bixby show and made his filmed statement that he did not believe it was Elvis in the coffin…describing the differences which he saw. This happened after Elvis told Gail that he would “send her some ammunition“. I feel sure that Gene was part of the “ammunition“.

I have added a page dedicated to Gene’s statements and to his book which has some intriguing information at the end. Also, I have added a link to a YouTube video of Gene making this statementHere is the link to that page:

Below is the link to the video on which you will hear Gene Smith explain that he did not believe it was Elvis in the coffin…this after standing and studying the form in the coffin.

The Elvis Files – Part 2

This video is owned by

In that phone call, he told Gail that she was doing a good job, that he had seen her on the shows, and that he hoped that people would treat her kindly. His words, spoken to Gail, and which I heard on Gail’s tape of his phone call (when my husband and I visited Gail in her home in January of 1990) were the driving force behind my strong support of Gail. This was also what impelled me to publish my own newsletter (continuing my support of Gail). He stated to Gail that he would be coming out and that when the dust settled she and people like her would have the last laugh. He indicated that he had been disappointed before when he wanted to come out. This is probably a reference to some of the “sounds-like Elvis” songs of the late ’70’s early ’80s. Also, that may help explain the January 1980 issue of Country Music Magazine’s – Elvis Special Collector’s Edition in which the un-sponsored page of Jesse’s Comin’ appears. Note: I have a page set up (complete with copies of the pages for you to see) explaining more about Jesse’s Comin’ magazine pages.

However, Jesse now wants to just live the very quiet life of a normal man who had a famous brother.

Many years later, he spoke these words to me “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.” I did not question him about why he no longer approved of Gail. I never told Gail that I had become acquainted with Elvis. Gail was always very nice to me and I certainly was not “kicked out” of her group. It was always my intention to not tell anyone that I knew Elvis. But, my cover was blown when Dr. Hinton decided to put his name and face on the book. Jesse had requested and all of those in our tiny group had agreed to go by pseudonyms. People who had subscribed to my newsletter recalled seeing that Dr. Hinton had contributed notes to my publication and a few people immediately recognized that I was “Shuma“. That was when my problems began.

Also, do you think that, in an effort to be totally obscure that he would not travel in an aged vehicle and appear un-wealthy by using an old lawnmower, etc? Remember how Elvis used to ride Lisa Marie on the golf carts? Well, don’t you think he might very well want to take his grandson for a ride in the yard on some sort of vehicle…the very first time they met? The photo was made in 1994 when Benjamin was about 2 years old. Benjamin was born in Oct. of 1992. I know this because Jesse wrote me a letter in 1992 (soon after Benjamin was born) telling me all about how Benjamin’s name was chosen and the part he played in the naming…has to do with Numerology…things that no one but Elvis would know. The formula which he gave me for the naming of Benjamin holds true in Riley’s name as well.

He has never mentioned Riley to me at all, but after he explained the suggestion he gave for Benjamin’s name, and the numerology behind it, I looked at Riley’s name…sure enough the same numerology guidelines also appear in her name.

I now fully understand that the people on The Truth About Elvis Comments Board care not one whit about the truth…so those few of us who do KNOW the truth will waste no more of our time on Adam’s message board. You may continue to fight among yourselves…being unchallenged by those of us who try to share the wonderful truth that Elvis is alive, that he is Jesse….. and we do keep him aware of things going on.

There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Revised on Thursday 6-4-2009

I wish to add the following updated information regarding some negative material about EIN which I presented in my original Mission Statement: It should be noted that EIN did not create the lies which were published about me on their web site through the interview which they did with Paul Monroe, who was the person making the false statements. Therefore, it is  Monroe who is to be held accountable for spreading falsehoods about me all over the Internet.  Monroe currently continues to post his trash about me on other websites.   Monroe has no respect for himself nor others…not even Elvis himself.

EIN’s mistake was in not listening to me when I contacted them to tell them the truth…when I requested that they remove the lies about me which Monroe had told in their interview.



I have added additional pages to my web site which include documents and YouTube videos that substantiate the facts which I have stated above.  Please see the menu of pages located in your left sidebar.

Every word stated on this web site is the absolute truth as I have lived it and know it to be….therefore, there is no room whatsoever for disrespectful questioning.

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This copyright covers every page of this website and ALL of my original material contained therein.