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Several thoughts today:

I have been attacked for posting on other sites to invite people to my site.  My site has reached over 90,000 visits with no help from the established “Elvis world“.  None of the Elvis sites have provided any positive referrals to my site.  After much “to do”, EIN did post some material from my site to represent my opposition to what Paul Monroe had said about me in their interview with him.   Many of them have posted nothing but lies about me. 


never said that Dr. Hinton was cleared of all charges.  When I mentioned that fact, I was speaking of the complaint filed against Dr. Hinton with the attorney general of Missouri regarding so-called “mail fraud”.  The letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to the attorney general cleared Dr. Hinton of all the mail fraud accusations.

Below is Ms. Mason’s obituary in order that those who have slandered her may feel ashamed of themselves:


A wonderful “Thought for the Day”.  Thus I give the truth for FREE to everyone.

Think on This …

Be not overcome with those things that make for discouragements, for He will supply the strength. Lean upon the arm of the Divine within thee, giving not place to thoughts of vengeance or discouragements. Give not vent to those things that create prejudice. And, most of all, be unselfish! For selfishness is sin, before first thine self, then thine neighbor and thy God.

Edgar Cayce Reading 254-87

Become part of the legacy.

I hope everyone will visit my YouTube channel and view my 25 videos which document so much of what you see written on my site. 

Here is my channel name: TCB4EAPonefan and the link


Below is a close up photo of the back of the Sundial Jumpsuit which Elvis wore on his last tour in June, 1977…the shows which were his very last and were “coincidentally” taped by CBS for TV airing.  This was Elvis’s farewell tour and that is why it was taped for TV…his goodbye.

Please take note of the numbers displayed in the display of the Sundial on the back of his suit.  You will clearly see the numbers “8” and “16” are repeated in the design.  The outer point’s number “16” and the second set of inner point’s number “8”.  The third row of points (the rectangular shaped images) the number “16” is seen again.  Also, the spaces between (without the points) in the second row of points are, of course, the number “8”.

Coincidence…I don’t think so!!!!

Remember, Jesse wrote that he had been planning this since 1976…in fact had planned to carry it out in 1976, but “chickened out“.  So, he had plenty of time to see to “details” in advance.

FOOTNOTE TO THIS ARTICLE;  A friend has written me that he thinks that he read somewhere that this suit was actually made in 1974…but he is not sure.  However, if he is correct, then obviously Elvis DID NOT have this suit made for 1977.  So, the numbers may be another event of Synchronicity…just as the “88” on the Lisa Marie plane were not chosen by him.  But, still it is likely that he still chose to wear this suit because of the “numbers” displayed on it.










FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

When Dr. Hinton exposed me by putting his identity on the book, I immediately came under these same vicious attacks and they are the very reason that I have a web site now.  Yes, I DID originally set up the web site just in order to refute those lies…NOT TO MAKE MYSELF LOOK IMPORTANT.  I have lived with these lies since 2001 and watched all of it go by.

I attempted to defend myself against the lies and misrepresentations on a message board back in 2003 which only led to more lies and attacks.  So, I gave up.  I contacted EIN and respectfully requested that the lies told about me in the interview with Paul Monroe be removed.  This met with more disrespect.  So, this web site is the result of watching all of the garbage about me on the Internet for the past 10 years.  I finally asked Elvis/Jesse if I could use my real name to defend myself and he responded “Yes, and you can use my name too!”

Since then, he has told me that I am his “voice”.  I am speaking out for him as well as myself.  I love him dearly and I am not doing any of this to make myself “look important”.  I am doing it to make myself look like the decent, truthful, honest, loyal, devoted and dependable friend to Elvis/Jesse that I have always been and will always be.

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2011

The only reason that I am going to address any more statements made on Topix is because it gives me the opportunity to set some things straight that have been misrepresented for almost 10 years.

Also, I now look back on the attacks on the Topix threads as a blessing because it brought things to my mind that I wanted to address and set straight here on my site.

I am going to be collecting some things to place on here today.  So, stay tuned for these  articles.

Here is something from the first mention which I want to address in great detail:

I do want to state emphatically, here and now, I DO NOT have and have NEVER had anything to do with Bill Beeny nor Phil Atchison.  I have a distaste for both of these men who approached Elvis with a lack of caring and respect for his privacy as Jesse.
I don’t want to stoop to name calling so I will say only that Bill Beeny is not a credible nor reliable source of information.  It was his two “Elvis” DNA samples which were used on the Fox 8 report in 2002 where it was “proven” that Jesse’s DNA did not match Bill Beeny’s two samples.  In 2008 with added DNA proof from the first cousins of Elvis on both sides of his family, it was proven that Jesse is Elvis.
First of all, one has to question why a Dr., who Bill Beeny would not identify, would give the samples to a man whose motive was to prove that Elvis did not die?  I DO NOT believe that either of those samples actually came from Elvis.  THE TWO SAMPLES WHICH BILL BEENY HAS AND WHICH WERE USED FOR THE FOX 8 INVESTIGATION AND REPORT DID NOT MATCH EACH OTHER!!!!  Of course, this makes perfect sense in that the real 1975 biopsy would not match the 1977 autopsy.  However, because the 1975 did not match Jesse, I believe that they are both fakes.
I have not asked Jesse about the descrepency of the fingerprints.  I do not know if he has had his fingerprints altered to prevent being recognized or not.  But, it does stand to reason that if one has plastic surgery to alter their appearance…then altering finger prints would not be impossible.
I do not like to write anything on here about which I have no black and white documentation but I do think that it is high time that I tell the full true story about how Elvis/Jesse agreed to send a cheek swab to FOX 8 and the full background which I know, firsthand, about the items used in that report.  Further below, I plan to post links to every one of the FOX 8 reports which I have on YouTube and ask that you watch each of them in their entirety. I have added the two FOX 8 reports from May and November of 2002 to my YouTube videos and you may view them below.  They appear below the first 5 videos.
When Dr. Hinton was doing his interviews, he asked for DNA and fingerprints.  Jesse
and I discussed the situation.  First of all, even way back then, Jesse had told me that he wanted me to help make his decisions.  After the book came out, Dr. Hinton and I immediately came under attack by Smiley and Monroe.  They were the ones who reported us to the TV station on which the reporter, Maria Antonio (I think I recall that was her name) did the report and was a part of the catalyst of the investigation.  They also were the ones who reported Dr. Hinton to the Attorney General of Missouri. Those two people had hated me for years and really had nothing against Dr. Hinton until Hinton got Monroe’s hopes up about Jesse coming out in 2002.  Monroe went on the Rikki Lake show based on Hinton’s lies and was mad because he had looked foolish for supporting Hinton after Jesse did not come out.  They also called Suzanne Stratford in an effort to have her do a report to “expose” me.  Suzanne already knew a little about me and declined.  She eventually had to get the station attorney to stop Monroe from calling her.
I contacted Suzanne for the first time after the May, 2002 reports aired and attempted to tell her that Hinton and Felix-Johnson had lied to her about who Felix-Johnson was and about Jesse coming out.  At that point in time, Suzanne was taken in by Felix-Johnson and it took some time for her to recognize that I was telling her the truth…but she did come to understand that later.  I commend Suzanne for her integrity.
Jesse was very concerned about what was happening to us because of the attacks by Smiley and Monroe.
At that point I agreed to him submitting DNA as it appeared that would be the safest thing for him to do to disprove the lies about Dr. Hinton and myself.  He did send a cheek swab to FOX 8.
During a phone conversation during this time, Jesse told me that he had a pair of Elvis’s jeans with blood on them and that he wanted to send them to me.  Dr. Hinton and Felix-Johnson, at that time, were carrying out their own personal agenda against me with Jesse.  Jesse said he thought it was best if I had something which they wanted.  I again refused his offer.  I have NEVER asked him to give me a single thing to prove that he is Elvis…I have no need of that material proof…he has proven who he is to me, beyond all shadow of a doubt, countless times over the past 19 years.
So, as you will see, when you watch the FOX 8 reports below, Jimmy Velvet came on the FOX 8 report with a pair of Jeans which may be the same ones that Jesse had offered to me.  However, the blood on the jeans did not match Jesse.  They said that there was DNA on the jeans from a man and a woman and that they could have come from people who had handled the jeans for the past 35 years.  Had the jeans been the same jeans that Jesse offered me or if they were the same jeans and had been usable, it would have been settled once and for all then and there that Jesse is Elvis.
The next event involving Jesse’s DNA which he sent to FOX 8 occurred when the plaintiff in the DNA court case in Shelby County contacted FOX 8 in 2008 and hounded Suzanne Stratford until she finally gave in and had the plaintiff’s Elvis/Jesse’s DNA (from the envelope which Jesse sent to her in 2008) compared to the cheek swab DNA which Jesse gave to FOX 8 in 2002 for their report.  The DNA from Elvis/Jesse on the plaintiff’s envelope did match the first DNA which Jesse gave to FOX 8 in 2002…proving that the man who wrote to the plaintiff as Elvis Presley was the same man as Jesse who gave the DNA to FOX 8 six years earlier.
But, most importantly, the plaintiff also had DNA from Donna Presley (Elvis’s first cousin on the Presley side of his family) and Brenda Smith (Elvis’s first cousin on the Smith side of his family) and Jesse’s DNA matched both of the first cousins.  You will see this fully reported and demonstrated in the FOX 8 reports below.  So, this discounts the 2002 results of Jesse not being Elvis.
Had Jesse allowed the plaintiff’s case to go forward in Chancery Court, it would have proven that Elvis is alive.  That could not be allowed to take place.  He wrote in his letter to the Attorney General of Missouri that if he provided any more proof as he had done that he “would be eliminated very easily”.  He also wrote this same statement in a private and confidential letter to me.  That was why I was so frightened when I heard that the plaintiff was telling people that he “gave her DNA”…which was not true…he licked the envelope in which he sent her a note.  He has licked all of my letters for 19 years and I would NEVER betray him by doing such a thing!!!!
I spoke with him just as soon as I could after I heard what she was saying (our conversation was on the Saturday evening after Lisa Marie had given birth to her twin girls that same week).  He told me that he was “not concerned about the DNA as long as they don’t know my location.”  So, that eased my mind.
In the letter to the Attorney General, Jesse said that the proof he had given was “sabotaged”.   He was referring to the “Elvis” samples which FOX 8 used from Bill Beeny.  FOX 8 had hoped to use hair samples, however, cut hair will not provide DNA…it must contain the root of the hair shaft.
So, the above is the absolute truth about the events involving the “disproving” of Elvis/Jesse’s DNA.  Each reader may choose whether to believe the truth or the distorted information placed on message boards, etc.
Again, I am not forcing the truth on anyone.  If you don’t believe me, then just don’t visit my site any more.  I do wish, though, that you would not come to my web site and take something from it and then go somewhere else to distort my information and make feeble attempts to discredit me and Jesse.
My site is the truth and the truth will stand ’til doomsday.  “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  In my circumstances, I live by the creed that “I shall tell the truth and the truth shall make me free”.
Below are the links to all of my YouTube videos of the FOX 8 reports.  Please do take the time to watch and look for the things which I have spelled out above.  Suzanne Stratford and I  corresponded and spoke on the phone a number of times following the 2002 reports.  I can tell you that I have found her to be VERY honorable and honest.  Everything on her reports is factual and fair to everyone involved.  There are only three areas of these reports that I would like to clarify as written below:
(1) The Ali photo was taken in 1984 NOT 1992 as was stated in the report.
(2)  Linda Felix-Johnson was/is an imposter.  She is NOT once mentioned in Elvis/Jesse’s letters in the book.  Dr. Hinton and I began having problems in our friendship around the summer of 2000.  I caught him lying to me and betraying me behind my back and each time I confronted him, he said “I’m not lying now.” without ever admitting to his lies nor apologizing.  Things continued to deteriorate between us until, in Feb. of 2001, he called me and I totally dismissed him from my life.  It was always Jesse’s wish that the book be “ours”  all of us…not just Hinton’s as I have shown in Jesse’s letters on my site.  Linda Felix-Johnson was brought into our tight knit little group of 4 behind the backs of most of us and Hinton set it up for her to “take my place” which was convenient in that she had my same first name.  I just felt sick to my stomach, all over again, this afternoon while watching the 2002 reports with her appearances and false representation.
Yes, after mid September, 2001, Jesse did not want to speak with Dr. Hinton personally again. This was because of a very harsh and vile message of anger which Hinton left on the voice mail of one of our mutual friends.  Dr. Hinton did email me in 2004 asking that I try to patch things up between he and Jesse.  He said the problems between he and Jesse were caused because the messages he was getting were telling him things that Jesse wanted him to do and then when he did them, they were not what Jesse wanted.  This is because the person (Felix-Johnson) relaying the information to Hinton from Jesse was manipulating things to attempt to shut Jesse off from everyone except herself…including Dr. Hinton.  She had attempted to allienate Jesse from me also earlier…Hinton even attempted to help her do this to me.  I thank God and Jesse, that he saw through it and we are still the best of friends.
Because of the timing with the book being out there and Hinton having his web site, Jesse chose to relay all of his information (after the Sept. 2001 split) to Dr. Hinton through Linda Felix-Johnson thus the statement that she was the one in contact with Jesse in the reports.  Yes, this was true after the middle of September, 2001.  She was NEVER involved until just a few months before the publication of the book.  When she wrote her letter in the back of the book (at Hinton’s request) it was in Jan. of 2001.  She lied in her letter when she said “years“.
I had suspected for quite some time that she and Hinton were going out there meeting with people doing their interviews while showing Jesse’s letters to these people and allowing them to believe that she is the “Linda” (who is Shuma) in Jesse’s letters.  In 2004 I learned, from    someone who was present during most of those interviews, that is exactly what Hinton and she were doing.  I believe you can see that happening in the 2002 FOX 8 report.  In fact, this same person told me that Felix-Johnson had started referring to herself as “Shuma 2”.  You will have to forgive me if I hold resentment about this…I am only human.
(3) Yes, Dr. Hinton was telling the truth about Elvis being alive and being Jesse.  But, he lied when he said that Jesse had not told any of his friends that he was not going to come out in 2002.  Hinton knew very well that Jesse had told me that he did not approve of what they were doing and that he was incredulous that they thought he would put himself through that.  I wrote Hinton and Felix-Johnson a number of Emails telling them that I had his July, 2002 letter stating exactly that and that if I made that letter public, it would blow them out of the water.  They chose to just ignore me totally.
I have displayed this letter written to me by Jesse on several other pages of my web site.  But, here it is below as proof once more.  I have come to believe that Felix-Johnson perhaps intercepted my Emails and that Hinton never even saw them.  She also intercepted the contract which was sent to Hinton by FOX 8 for Jesse to sign and accept in order that he might meet privately with Suzanne Stratford.  Felix-Johnson worked in Hinton’s office and helped him run his web site, so she was in a position to do a lot of damage…and she certainly did.  Suzanne learned about this years later.  Felix-Johnson also began lying to Jesse about Suzanne to cause him to drop his plans to meet with her.  You see, Felix-Johnson became obsessed with weeding out everyone so she would be the only person in contact with Jesse…even attempting to get rid of Hinton himself.  I now have come to believe that she was the one feeding the statements about Jesse coming out in 2002 to Hinton.  Because he was not speaking directly with Jesse himself, he was probably just set up by Felix-Johnson to make those statements about him coming out.  She is a villain in this whole mess.
It is a very sad thing for me to even watch their manipulative behavior on the FOX 8 2002 reports…I guess that’s why I haven’t watched them again for the past 8 years.  It wasn’t until this afternoon when I decided to expose the Bill Beeny con that I realized that the DNA investigation from the 2002 reports was not fully recapped in the 2004 nor the 2008 reports.
I can prove via Emails between myself and Dr. Hinton that Felix-Johnson was not involved until right around the first of 2001.  Also, I have documented already on two previous pages, that I tried to tell them the truth about him not coming out in 2002.
I don’t like to show others up as liars…but I have been put in a position where I have no choice if I am to properly prove that everything on my site is the truth.  So, please forgive and overlook this “all too human” side of me.


Here, once more is Jesse’s letter to me in July, 2002.  He wrote this to me after I sent him a tape of the FOX 8 May, 2002 reports which he had not seen until I sent them to him.

Their false promises about Elvis/Jesse coming out in 2002 are one of the root causes of my having a web site now to defend myself and Jesse.


You may read a lot more about this topic on my two pages below:

On page #20, you will see my Email which I sent to Hinton and Felix-Johnson in August, 2002 (after the first Hinton interviews aired on FOX 8 in May 2002) regarding Jesse’s letter stating that he was not coming out.  You will also see where I had supported Jesse giving the DNA.  I have now uploaded the November, 2002 FOX 8 reports on which you will see that Jesse had, indeed, sent the cheek swab to FOX 8.  They wanted a video of Elvis/Jesse to which I would not agree for Jesse’s safety.  This too angered them at me.

This first interview excerpt, reporting the findings of the DEA investigation, clears me and Jesse:

Below is the full 17+ minutes of the November, 2002 reports which shows the Beeny DNA.

Also, you will see Jeannie C. Riley on stage stating that she KNOWS that Elvis is alive and that she could rattle off the names of a number of entertainers who see him and talk to him all the time.  I, too, could rattle off some names of entertainers as well as a handful of people who worked for and were friends with Elvis who are still his loyal friends to this day.  Remember there were only 6 people involved in August, 1977.  However, I will NEVER name anyone as I do not want people hounding these people.

Below is my YouTube video of the November, 2002 FOX 8 report which includes the Bill Beeny DNA and the interview with him.  I apologize that this tape is not the best quality.

Sadly, the 2002 reports are the reason that I have been painted in a bad light due to the fact that nothing they did proved that Jesse is Elvis.  But, as you have seen in the first 5 FOX 8 reports, there have been many later developments which have cleared up much of the confusion caused by the 2002 reports.

I am going to share several Emails from Dr. Hinton to me in late 2000 which absolutely prove that Linda Felix-Johnson was a Johnny-come-lately imposter who Dr. Hinton allowed to present herself as me “Shuma” to people with whom they were doing interviews.  I am not doing this to be unkind to Dr. Hinton.  But, the purpose of my web site is to clear my name and part of doing so is proving that Felix-Johnson was not involved for “years” as she claimed in her letter in the book nor in the interviews.  Watching these 2002 reports once more and seeing her misrepresenting herself and hearing Jesse’s book referred to as “their book” when speaking of Dr. Hinton and Felix-Johnson has sickened me all over again.  I cannot stand by and allow that deception to continue.

 “The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, but that they know so many things that ain’t so.”
~ Mark Twain


Yes, I am aware, through my Google News Alerts, that others have carried their hatred of me over to other message boards and are writing more out-and-out lies about me.  I will not be acknowledging this type of garbage.  Those who choose to believe and follow the lies are most welcome to stop coming to my site.

I will reiterate once more that my site is absolutely the truth and the truth will NEVER change.  Those who rip me to shreds under pseudonyms and insinuate that others have told them things about me, without ever naming the people, are nothing more than vultures who circle the Internet regurgitating filth to others without a shred of truth.  Spineless lying cowards!!

My web site is filled with rock solid evidence which anyone can check out and verify that the facts I state are true.  I do speak with Elvis/Jesse often and I do print out and send him the material which I add to my site.  So, he is fully aware of what goes on.

He so very kindly told me that he would autograph photos for my friends if they would send him the photos and SASE.  I am so sorry that I could not offer to do this for everyone.  I had to choose a small number of people for whom to do this.  Every one of these people has received their autographed photos back and have been so grateful for them.  So, these people do know that I am in touch with him personally.  I mailed the last photos to be autographed to him the end of last week and I know this person will also be thrilled with their autographs.

Below is some good music to listen to which will bring us all back to the truth and joy of Elvis being alive and living his life as peacefully as possible as Jesse.

Remember that, a little while back, Elvis/Jesse confirmed that I am right that some of the Orion songs are, indeed, him.  I have always believed that this is true.

Here is a YouTube video of one of my very favorite songs.  It is from the Orion Rockabillyalbum:

This video is owned by   .  She has a gorgeous channel with so many great videos of Orion performing and many of the Orion songs.  I do ask that she please not take offense that Elvis says that some of the songs were recorded by him.  This, to me is the very greatest compliment that could ever be given to a singer…that they are good enough to be a “cover” for Elvis.  So, I present this video with the utmost respect for the great talent that Jimmy Ellis was.  This video has some beautiful photos of Mr. Ellis.

I believe that this is a message song to Elvis’s fans to let them know that he is OK and having fun.  The lyrics: “Everything’s All right“, “I’m gonna’ have some fun tonight. ” saw Aunt Mary coming and I ducked back in the alley (rather than “Uncle John saw Aunt Mary coming and he ducked back in the alley”) and at the end, “All right, Charlie!” i.e. Charlie Hodge.  You will see one photo in the video showing Charlie Hodge wearing his red Elvis staff jacket with Jimmy Ellis.

Here is the link:


I apologize that this is going to be another article which I am writing to show up another liar.  I don’t like having to spend time and space on my site dealing with unpleasantness, but I have no other choice from time to time.  After all, the whole reason that I have a web site with Jesse’s approval is to defend myself against the injustices which I have been dealt by people with whom I was once closely associated and by total strangers who hate me because I am not in alignment with their own agendas.

There is a very vile, vicious, slanderous and totally untrue message written about me on the Elvis Community forum.  It came up in my Google News Alerts yesterday morning and I made the mistake of reading it.  It upset me very much.  I vehemently hate being lied about.  So, I will be posting the proof that Hinton and F-J were liars where I was concerned.  They were telling the truth about Elvis….but they were misrepresenting her totally.  I had been planning to post the following Emails from Hinton proving that Felix-Johnson was an imposter attempting to take my place and that she was aided by Hinton.  The two of them wanted Jesse and the book for themselves.
As you will see, the person who wrote this filthy article claims to have spoken to people “behind my back” who told this person what I had “done to them“.  I want to state, once and for all, I have done NOTHING to anyone.  I was a true and generous friend to every single person I have encountered in my friendship with Elvis/Jesse.  Jesse knows this to be true.  I was used, abused, lied to, manipulated and stolen from by Hinton and Felix-Johnson (a woman who has never exchanged so much as one single word (spoken nor written) with me.  She has NEVER known me and yet she was so jealous of my friendship with Elvis that she set out to destroy my friendship with him in order that she could take my place in his life and in the book.  Eliza Presley who I befriended in every possible way, swindled from me, has since manipulated behind my back, laughed about all the aid which I gave her so that she might literally have a roof over her head and survive, etc.  I have not “bashed” her.  I have told the truth about her without airing all the dirty laundry in order that other kind and compassionate people will not be stolen from as I was.   I have told the truth that Jesse asked her, politely, to stop for his sake.  Jesse had her court case derailed because she did not stop.  I will still take the high road and not divulge the truth about Eliza, her personal past, the things she did to Jesse to try to expose him, etc., nor the details of how much she abused my generosity and kindness to her.
Below is the article from The Elvis Community to which I am responding…it appears that this person may have joined the Elvis Community for the sole purpose of posting about me.
Here is the link to this article for those who care to
I thank this poor miserable person for writing their filthy message about me, because, once again it gives me the opening I need to set some more things straight.

I ask that everyone please go back to the two latest YouTube FOX 8 news reports which I just added over the weekend…the two from May, 2002 and November, 2002.  This will refresh your memory to the crocodile tears and lies which Felix-Johnson told on those interviews.  You will hear them refer to it as “their book” speaking in reference to Felix-Johnson.  She had absolutely no part in that book until I removed Hinton from my life because of his lying and betraying.  I did this near the end of December, 2000 and Felix-Johnson wrote her fairy-tale letter 2 weeks later on Jan. 16, 2001.  She has taken in a lot of people by making them think that she was Elvis/Jesse’s dearest friend in the book.  She was a lying imposter.

The Joke was on her in one instance, though.  I was told by someone else who was there and was friends with Hinton and Felix-Johnson that a publisher came to Linda Felix-Johnson and offered her $85,000 for “her” story of her “years” of friendship with Elvis.  Wonder how she explained to them that she had NO story.  The $85,000 they were willing to pay her was for MY story.  MY story which I will NEVER sell for any amount of money!!

Below you will see two Emails sent to me by Donald Hinton in late 2000: 

One which was written on September 7, 2000 in which he states that he would never involve anyone except the 4 of us….the four of us were Hinton, “Bern” referred to as F in the Emails, my husband Tom and myself.  NOFelix-Johnson.  You will see that he states that I helped him so much with the book when we worked on it together before.  Hinton spent all-expense-paid weekends here in our home three times.  We treated him royally.  Jesse phoned to speak with him while he was here during those three visits.

The second Email from Donald Hinton to me is dated December 19, 2000.  In this one you will see that it was Jesse’s wishes that the book be ours…not just Hinton’s.  Please note his declaration that he will tell the world that I am the one “who deserves all of the credit for everything“.  Then less than a month later, he had Felix-Johnson write her letter of lies for the back of the book.  Loyalty and gratitude meant nothing to Hinton.

You will also see his statement “I am truly sorry for all of my past behaviors that have made you feel betrayed.”

The “kind” words written to me by Hinton in his Emails were meant to make up for the many ways he had lied to and betrayed me for many months leading up to my ending our friendship near the end of December, 2000. 

The first day that I knew that she was even mentioned in the book, was the day I actually read the book. 

I am sorry to present all of this against Hinton and Felix-Johnson…but I have sat still and kept quiet for far too long…almost 10 years.  I wish them no harm now…just want to set the record straight for my own sanity.

Below you will see the proof of the lies told by both of them:


The above photo is of Hinton and me here in our home going over some of the details of the book during one of his three weekend visits with us.

…and last, but not least, Linda Felix-Johnson’s letter of lies which was published in the back of the book (gag!)

I fully realize that those who choose to lie about me, will not accept the truth which I have proven above in black and white.  I can only tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.   Everything on my web site is the truth and that will never change.


A very good friend has posted a wonderful message of truth and support for me on the Elvis Community forum in response to the vile attack upon me on that forum.  I have asked his permission to share what he posted on here.  This is a good man who is telling the absolute truth.  My husband and I have attended three of his shows.  I have shown him a lot of my things sent to me by Elvis/Jesse.  We have had meals together and we speak on the phone at least once a week…many times more often.  I introduced him to Jesse and he has had letters and gifts from him. He is my true friend and he knows that I am telling nothing but the truth.  I thank him so very much for his friendship and support.  He is one of my friends for whom Jesse autographed several photos just a few weeks ago.

In response to the Discussion On Linda Sigmon

I realize that this stuff is hard for anyone to believe unless you have been where Linda Sigmon has been and where I have been long before I met Linda 4 years ago. (Mannon Campus) Have you ever Met Linda Sigmon Face to Face and Her Husband? I have several times and I know from experience that she is on the up and up. What she is saying is true. I knew about 90% of this before I met her and I got if from a good friend of mine that worked with Elvis from 1970 until 1977 when Elvis retired. Linda and My friend did not know each other. I am in the music business and I have met a lot of people that knew Elvis and I was told some odd things about Elvis that I did not believe until I was able to really do some research via the internet. Before the internet it was a little slow on gathering the info I was told to gather. Anyway (Mannon Campus) sure you probably did go behind Linda’s back and talk to people. The people that are out to Bash Linda, Why don’t you get in touch with me and I will fill you in on some stuff that might make you a believer, Aww probably not if you don’t believe Linda, Why should you believe me, right. As far as Linda Bashing Eliza, I don’t see it that way, She has the right to go after Eliza after the things she tried to do to Jesse and I know what they are first hand. Also the money that Linda sent to Eliza is staggering just to have Eliza laugh at her for sending it. What kind of person do you want to support, one that would help anyone she could or one that just takes and takes and takes and then laughs at you for helping her. Not me, my friend, I don’t want nothing to do with anyone like that. Jesse has sent me letters and gifts not through Linda direct from where he was at the time, because I was friends with one of his best friends and he knows if I was friends with Linda and his friend then I was his friend too and that I am a Friend to Elvis/Jesse. If you really want to know Linda Sigmon as I do talk to her every week several times a week for years as I have and you will see that you have formed a bad opinion of her and you don’t have a clue of what a kind person she really is. I am sure if you came under all the slander and lies that she has you would respond probably more violently then Linda ever has. So all I can say is don’t put your opinion out on the net until you know all the facts about the person you are talking about. It could bite you in the behind. My Friend I am not against you in any way but unless you know who you are really talking about then please refrain from posting blogs about them


Also, another good friend wrote and asked me to post his message of support:


No matter how much proof you provide people still can’t accept Elvis is alive! I have been reading as you prove time after time he is still here. for some reason I think the world today couldn’t handle the fact Elvis is the greatest entertainer in life as well as staging his own death that now makes him the king of all media! What if Elvis really came back!! he would be the most hunted celebrity in the world and his life would be 100 times worse then it ever was! I think people should say if I was Elvis would I come back! No!!!!!!!!!! His family has too much to gain by him staying away! Sometimes I wonder if he was able to give his point of view and tell the whole story, would it be enough for people to believe and leave him alone.

Rick Thomas

Thank you so much, Rick.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011

I have received word from several people that Paul Monroe is up to his old tricks of attacking me and telling lies. I want everyone to know that I have NEVER had a thing to do with this poor insane man. He has called here a number of times and I have refused to speak with him. He went on a public message board/forum back in 2003 and published my home address and phone number with the message “Call her, America!” as a result of his calling here and my refusing to speak with him. Mary Smiley has also called here and harassed me over the years. If they ever phone here again, the police will be notified.

Paul Monroe was NEVER a part of the Hinton episode. He most certainly IS NOT Jesse. This is the most absurd lie that he has come up with yet. Anyone who cares to look into Paul Monroe will learn what a low life loser he is.

Paul Monroe was someone who Hinton and Felix-Johnson evidently mistakenly brought into their group. Monroe went on the Rikki Lake show supporting Hinton back when Hinton was telling people that Elvis/Jesse was going to come out. Then when it was proven that Hinton was giving people false hopes, Monroe, who is mentally unstable, turned on Hinton and has been out to destroy Hinton and by association, me. Monroe was angry because Jesse did not write him a letter…evidently Hinton and Felix-Johnson had made that promise to Monroe.

I will stand boldly in the face of each and everyone of these attackers. They are liars while my web site is absolutely nothing but the truth. Elvis is Jesse now and he backs me 100%. So, if you wish to destroy me in the name of your being Elvis fans, then you are fighting Elvis Presley himself.

I want to make one thing clear to these people: I am NOT afraid of you. You have absolutely no power over me. You have done your darndest to destroy me and have failed. All you can do now is run around on the Internet to FREE boards and forums and spew forth your threats and filthy lies.

I have learned that Paul Monroe has been calling a lady and leaving all kinds of threats. She will be taking these recorded threats to the police.  She knows and will prove they are from Paul Monroe.

My husband is a trained law enforcement officer (no, he did not work in that type of work…it was a requirement of another of his professions) and I want it to be clear to anyone who thinks of approaching me at my home that we have a very strong security system and you will be met at the door by my over 6′ tall husband with a weapon to hold on you at bay until the police arrive.

You have attempted to bully me for the past 10 years and that is all over now.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011

Two more people have written to tell me that Paul Monroe has started a rumor on the Internet that he is the “Jesse” I talk to and that he is going to prove it.  The HELL he says!!!!

This is the biggest lie this sniveling cowardly lunatic has told yet.  I WILL NOT stand by while he says this garbage.  He and I have never even had a phone conversation EVER because the  times that he has called here UNINVITED I have gotten off the phone as soon as I knew who it was calling.  As I wrote above, he then went on a message board/forum and posted all of my private information saying “Call her, America!” because I refused to speak with him.  I have friends who were there on that board and will attest to this fact.

There are many, many people who know me and who know all about Monroe’s insane antics over the last 10 years and will vouch for the fact that he and I have NEVER had any contact whatsoever.

In fact, Paul Monroe is the very reason that I even have this web site.  He went on EIN years ago and gave an interview in which he told bold faced lies about me.  I was never able to get his trash about me removed from EIN after I made a number of very polite and respectful requests to have them deleted.

Then EIN joined forces with a woman (who is a distant cousin of Elvis’) and linked her totally untrue page about me to their site.  That was the last straw and that is when I requested Elvis’s own permission to use my full name to defend myself.  Shortly after he approved, I set up this web site.  Those who came here when my site was first set up will recall that back then that was just about all of the content of my site…my proof refuting the lies perpetrated by Paul Monroe, EIN, and this cousin.

Last night, I saw that the cousin was the first person on YouTube to comment applauding a video which included trashing me along with other people with whom I have absolutely NO association or acquaintance whatsoever.

I want to remind everyone that these recent attacks upon me were started simply because I made the mistake of going on a forum where I shared some of my history and knowledge and invited people to my web site.  End of story for me.  Until I saw that others came back at me on there attacking me once again.

WILL NOT be quiet for one second while these Internet bullies tell their string of lies about me.

If anyone who visits my site chooses to believe a person of the caliber of Paul Monroe, then please, once again, feel free to never visit my site again.

Over two years ago, Paul Monroe along with several others joined together to attack me on the MySpace The Truth About Elvis message board.

There is something very wrong is our society when someone tries to tell the truth…a very good and wonderful truth… and gets attacked so viciously.  While bold faced evil spirited liars can run all over the Internet telling the most vile and outrageous lies and they go unhampered.

But, none of this changes the truth and none of this will change this web site.


First off, I apologize to my visitors that I am spending my time on my site recently in defending myself against the lies and false accusations of the above mentioned person. I plan to return to sharing clues and news about Elvis being alive and now Jesse very soon..providing my web site is not shut down.

Below is an excerpt from my former page which I devoted to nothing but the lies and threats from Paul Monroe. I want to share these once more for those of you who were not here back when I first started my site. As I have written previously, the original cause of my web site was because Paul Monroe had given an interview on Elvis Information Network in which he told out and out lies about me. When I was unable to get those lies removed from EIN and then EIN posted a link to the lies and crazy accusations about me which … displayed on her page “The Hinton Crew”, I constructed my web site only to defend myself and disprove their lies. I later removed some of that page when my web site was well established and began displaying predominantly evidence that Elvis did not die and that he is now Jesse.

Because of recent attacks from these same quarters, I have once again made it my purpose to show this liar up for the type of person that he is.

Having said all of that, I am going to display some excerpts from my original articles regarding the attacks and lies:

First of all, here are the mentions of me on EIN by Paul Monroe. You will be able to tell by these quotes that Paul Monroe certainly was NOT saying that he was “Jesse” back then:

Linda Hood Sigmon/Shuman: Shes a hoot.. She was the one who conned Dr. Hinton under the guise of Jesse and she is a former … • Found on Google
The following are other less-than-accurate mentions on EIN which also come up in search results.
Provides a broad range of news, articles, reviews, interviews, and research … at Dr Donald Hinton and LindaHood Sigmon, two prominent figures in the … • Found on Yahoo! Search
 Dr Donald Hinton: A poor fool that was suckered into believing that … • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search


Next you will see a threat to me from Paul Monroe.  I am sickened by the things he wrote in this message and don’t like to display it again.  But it proves the nature of this man.


The above is just one of many threats Paul Monroe has made to me over the years. He has left a phone message and wrote the above to me on the Internet. So, his current attack is nothing new. He has just chosen a different angle this time.

Paul Monroe posted on The Truth About Elvis message board a good while back that the following video on YouTube under the name of Rusty James is really himself – Paul Monroe.  Monroe has told so many lies that one never knows if anything he says is the truth so I don’t know if he really is Rusty James or not.  The type of language Monroe uses on a daily basis leads me to think that these videos may be Monroe.  You will see further below that I have started a campaign to get these filthy videos removed.  They are being reported to EPE for legal action to be taken, hopefully.

There are a number of these filthy videos and I am going to share only one of them so that you may see the filthy mouthed disrespectful man that Paul Monroe is. He has told so many lies that I don’t know for sure if these videos are really him…but knowing his use of vile and vulgar language, I have no problem believing when he said that this is him. I apologize for even sharing something so nasty and disrespectful to Elvis on my site but I have to do so in order to make everyone aware of the caliber of Paul Monroe.

This does have very vulgar language, so do not play it in front of children. This should be reported to EPE and I urge everyone to do so:

This video is just one of many by this person.  It is one of the most filthy and disgusting things I have ever watched.  There are many more videos by this same person on YouTube as you may see by going there.





Again, I sincerely apologize for displaying the above filth on my site.  It is all just as disgusting to me as it is to you.  This is the very reason that my web site was set up in the first place…to refute these vile things.


Another plea regarding the “Rusty James” aka Paul Monroe YouTube video of his version of U S Male.  A good friend has pointed out the following:

IN CASE you didn’t know, “U.S. MALE” is the song that Rusty James plagiarized in that YouTube video substituting the original lyrics with his bull sh… tough guy shenanigans.  That’s copyright infringement. One needs permission to do that. And I’m sure the family would say NO to that garbage. I liked Jerry Reed.

If anyone knows how to contact Jerry Reed’s family, please do let them know what has been done to his song.  They could sue the person whose video this is.

One more update about the Rusty James videos.  I see that there is not an appropriate category for flagging these filthy videos on YouTube, therefore, I am asking that everyone write to EPE and please do ask everyone you know to do the same.  We cannot sit back while this idiot defaces Elvis in this way.  In another one, he had taken footage from an Elvis movie and overdubbed it to have Elvis saying the most filthy vulgar things one can imagine.

You may find these videos by searching on YouTube for “Rusty James”.
Even if you hate me and don’t believe that Jesse is Elvis, if you are an Elvis fan this should become a driving campaign for you also.
Here is a link to the contact information for EPE
Here is the correct address to which to file complaints: 

SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2011

A friend has sent me the following two links as possible ways for us to contact the family of the late Jerry Reed to report the vulgar use of his song on the YouTube video which was done by “Rusty James”…whoever this jerk is.  As I said, Paul Monroe posted on a message board, The Truth About Elvis on Adam Muskiewicz’s MySpace, that these videos are of him.  However, Monroe is known to have little respect for the truth…so, I don’t know for sure who made this and the other multitude of filthy disrespectful over dubs to films and photos of Elvis, but WHOEVER it is needs to be stopped immediately.

Here are my friend’s two links for the Jerry Reed reports:  .

Hopefully, Jerry’s family or representatives will alert their attorneys to this travesty.

Again, please do write to EPE and report this filthy obscene trash @

Here is a link to another of these filthy videos…this one is worse than the first, so if you doubt my word that these need to be stopped, just watch some of this one:

SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2011


I was mistaken about the link which I posted above for contacting EPE.  The link I gave will take you to a screen where you may find the contact information for EPE.  I suggest that you file your complaints at the following Email address.
For companies that wish to develop television, print, radio, online or other types of advertisements using Elvis Presley’s trademarked name, image or likeness, including possible use of Elvis footage, recordings, photographs or other intellectual properties. Also for producers of films, television series and stage shows seeking permission for a depiction of Elvis, or use of Elvis footage, recordings, photographs or other intellectual properties in such a production or its promotion.

I apologize for my error.  I have been so busy and distracted fighting against the attacks upon me that I am spread way too thin.  I am sorry for the mix up.


I have some very important pieces of proof of Elvis/Jesse’s involvement with Orion Pictures which I want to be sure to share just in case my site does get shut down.  I have shared these before but not in one place listed in 1-2-3 order where no one can miss the significance.

This is a bombshell of proof that Jesse is correct when he confirmed that I am correct in having my information about Orion the singer and Orion Pictures on my web site.  He did also confirm at that same time that I am correct that some of the Orion songs are really him.

I will just state the three documented facts first in 1-2-3 order.  Below that I will furnish proof of the facts I state.

I ask that everyone please put on your thinking caps for this as it is so VERY important.  If I get the information below across to everyone, I will have served my purpose and proven that Elvis did not die and that Jesse was correct when he confirmed my Orion material.

(1) THIS IS ELVIS (the movie) was filmed by Warner Brothers while they were partners with ORION PICTURES.

(2) FINDING GRACELAND (the movie produced by Priscillla Presley) with the plot that Elvis is alive, was filmed by LARGO ENTERTAINMENT while they were partners with ORION PICTURES.

(3) THE WONDER WOMAN “AMAZON HOT WAX” episode with the plot of a singer who faked his death and wanted to come back with the unit production manager – JOHN BURROWS was produced by Warner Brothers while they were partners with ORION PICTURES.

Do I have to spell it out any more plainly than the above????

I will show documentation below to prove the above facts and I urge everyone who reads this to do the research yourself and you WILL find that all of the above is rock solid information.

Now, do you believe what Jesse tells me??????

Below I will present documentation of the above facts:

*(2) Above Finding Graceland.  Here are the documented facts about the release dates and company credits, etc. which prove the above.  This is from my earlier report on this same movie.

Company credits for
Finding Graceland (1998More at IMDbPro » offers expanded company and employee contact details for over 30,000 companies in the entertainment industry as well as representation listings for over 80,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers. Click here for a free trial!

Production Companies

The movie “Finding Graceland” has caused many raised eyebrows.  It is the story of a drifter who claims to be Elvis Presley after 1977.  This movie had ties to EPE… some filming was actually done at Graceland.  Priscilla Presley also was involved in the production of this film which many found interesting in that she would be involved in a movie about Elvis being alive.

The thing that I found most interesting about the production of this movie has to do with an Orion Picturesconnection.  This movie was produced by Largo Entertainment and TCB Productions.  As you will see below,Largo Entertainment had established an ongoing association with Orion Pictures.  Also, this association began the year before the release of “Finding Graceland” in 1998.
Anyone care to note the date of this “rebirth” announcement by Orion Pictures:
Jan. 8, 1997 (The year before Largo produced FINDING GRACELAND!)
V Page – the show of showbiz
Posted: Wed., Jan. 8, 1997
Orion Pictures and Largo Entertainment have inked a multipic pact making Orion the domestic distrib in all media for two feature films produced by Largo and another to be co-financed by both companies.
The Largo pics are the John Irvin-helmed crime drama “City of Industry,” slated for a March 7 opening, and “This World, Then the Fireworks,” directed by Michael Oblowitz and pegged for a summer release after a Sundance film fest premiere.
Orion senior exec VP Steve Stabler confirmed the deal, saying, “This is the formation of a strategic alliance for the production and distribution of feature films by Largo and Orion with a view toward continuing in the future.
Largo chairman Barr Potter told Daily Variety, “This is the culmination of a longterm dialogue. Steve Stabler and (Orion senior exec VP) Brad Krevoy are terrific producers with a proven track record.”
Under Orion marketing chief John Hegeman and domestic distribution head Jay Peckos, Orion is understood to be ramping up its motion picture releasing operation with a view toward putting 16 films on U.S. screens this year.Orion had a multipicture deal with Live Entertainment that has ended with Steven Buscemi’s “Trees Lounge.” But the Largo deal signals the opening of an aggressive acquisitions campaign, according to Krevoy, in order to fill the Orion pipeline.
“This deal sends a message to all filmmakers, especially those at Sundance, that Orion is back into acquisitions,” said Krevoy. Orion also has “Ulee’s Gold” premiering at Sundance this year.
Three-pic deal includes ‘City,’ ‘This World’

Company credits for
Finding Graceland(1998More at IMDbPro »

Production Companies



*(1) Above THIS IS ELVIS – This film was produced by Warner Brother while they were partners with Orion Pictures.

Details proving this below:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                   Orion Pictures Corporation was an American independent production company that produced movies from 1978 until 1998. It was formed in 1978 as a joint venture between Warner Bros


This Is Elvis (1981)

Company credits for
This Is Elvis (1981More at IMDbPro » offers expanded company and employee contact details for over 30,000 companies in the entertainment industry as well as representation listings for over 80,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers. Click here for a free trial!

Production Companies


Orion PicturesThis is a featured page

BackgroundOrion was first known as the Orion Pictures Company, that was first started in 1978 as a joint between Warner Bros. Pictures and three former executives of United Artists: Arthur B. Krim, Eric Pleskow, and Robert S. Benjamin. Orion was initially ran under Warner Communications (now TimeWarner) for a while. In 1982, Orion bought Filmways, Inc., after Orion was unhappy with distribution agreements with Warner Communications in the end of 1981.
THIS IS ELVISwas released in April of 1981 just months before Orion left their partnership with Warner Brothers.
This is Elvis” was released by Warner Brothers in April, 1981 as shown below from

This Is Elvis (1981)

  101 min  –  Biography | Drama | Music   –  4 April 1981 (USA)

   The rare personal films never before seen by the public…

For any doubters, here is the Orion Pictures and Warner Brothers logo:

As I have spelled out before, Elvis/Jesse said in the 1981 taped phone conversations that he was not happy at all with some movies that had come out about him in the recent past.  I believe he was referring to the Dick Clark movie with Kurt Russell which came out in 1979.   He did not like the way he was portrayed.  He said he wished they had asked him before they did it…some of Elvis’s friends and associates from before 1977 played a part in that movie production.   I believe that THIS IS ELVIS washis biography…done the way he wanted it done.

*(3) Above – The Wonder Woman – Amazon Hot Wax episode

I have recently covered the details of this TV show in great detail. It was filmed and produced by Warner Brothers while they were partners with ORION PICTURES. 

As I have detailed previously, this episode plot was that of a famous singer who faked his death and wanted to come back…but he was worth more money to the music industry dead than alive.

The unit production manager of this episode was John Burrows.  I have proven all of this previously.

This episode aired in 1979 and that was during the time that Orion Pictures and Warner Brothers were partners as documented below:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                   Orion Pictures Corporation was an American independent production company that produced movies from 1978 until 1998. It was formed in 1978 as a joint venture between Warner Bros

I will display the link to my YouTube video which proves that the plot is that which I have described and that John Burrows, Unit Production Manager was shown in the credits.

Also, here is a still shot of John Burrows in the credits:

Here is the link to my YouTube video of clips from this episode which proves what I have written about the plot:


I certainly do hope that the above will convince some of my attackers that Elvis is alive and was active in the movie industry long after 1977…just as he had planned to do.

He is not going to appear publicly.  He does not want to appear publicly.

I have presented the truth on this site time and time again.  It has been very difficult because of those who have attacked me.

I stand firmly as Jesse has asked me to do to be his “voice”.  I hope that some of you have benefited from my crusade and are happy knowing that Elvis did not die.  That he has enjoyed a productive life after 1977.

As for the attacks upon the beautiful photo of him with Benjamin, he and I have both been hurt by the crude remarks.  Everyone should look at that beautiful photo and rejoice that he looks healthy, happy and enjoying the company of his grandson who he told me was “the love of my life“.

This may or may not be my final article.  I do want to thank everyone who has visited and caused my web site to have so many visits.  I want to thank my loyal friends who know me personally and have spoken up in my defense against those who have sought to destroy me and my web site.  And shame on those evil doers!!!


I have just stumbled upon a YouTube video which I want to share with everyone.  I have never seen this video before which surprises me because I have seen so much of the material about Gail Brewer-Giorgio.  I absolutely understand and respect why Jesse does not want her to make any more money off of him.  I knew Gail so well BEFORE she wrote her subsequent books, and I heard his compliments to her when he called her in 1988.  I no longer have any contact with Gail whatsoever and have not since the early 90’s nor do I support any more of her work, but at the time I knew Gail she was such a sweet friend to me and I liked her very much.  I would not be here now were it not for Gail’s first book, The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told published by Legend’s.

So, I am going to present this video of Gail because it is an opportunity for others to see Gail very early on after her novel Orion disappeared from the book shelves…long before she wrote the bestseller “IS ELVIS ALIVE?”  The reason I want to share this is that you will get to hear some of Elvis/Jesse speaking from the 1981 taped conversation which I have referenced above in my article about Orion Pictures and at other points in my site.

I don’t think Jesse will object to my sharing this in order his 1981 voice may be heard.

I think everyone will enjoy this video very much…please do take the time to watch it.

This video is owned by:    to whom I am so grateful for placing it on YouTube to share.

And, yes, I did see the Geraldo show on which Gail appeared and on which they trotted out a guy named “Darlock” who claimed it was him on the 1981 tape.  That is no more Darlock on that tape than it is me.  He was a cover (just the same as Larry Kolb was for the 1984 Ali photo) and  as saying it was Al Strada in the pool house door photo.  For those who choose to believe the “covers”, then please go merrily on your way…you are not welcome here.

This was originally posted on about March 24, 2011
When we made one of our trips to Graceland, we photographed a display of some of Elvis’s books.  I later looked into several of these and one of them really caught my attention.
As you will see, the title of one book is “The King” by Morton Cooper and with a small crown shown.  Needless to say, this was one that I had to read.
I think that perhaps this book was on display for a purpose…as a clue to what Elvis had planned and did do…maybe even inspired the TV filming of his last concerts as well.  I will insert below a scan from the back of this book setting the stage for the book.  I think you will find it interesting.  Then I will insert a scan from the front inside dust cover of this same book.  You will immediately see the parallels to what Elvis did, I am positive.  There will also be several other brief scans from the book in which you will see direct parallels to Elvis.  In fact the parallels are so striking as to make one think that the book was based on Elvis’s own life in the 1970’s…except this book was published in….1967!!!!
I do want to state here that the booze mentions absolutely DO NOT parallel Elvis’s life. He did not even want anyone drinking beer from a can in his presence. Elvis, himself, absolutely never had a drinking problem whatsoever.  There are those who throw this claim in when they write their ignorant and uniformed stories about him.
First of all, below is the photo which we took of the books which had belonged to Elvis before he retired:
Here is the back of the book in full:
Below is the scan from the inside front cover of the dust jacket.  Wasn’t Elvis thinking of his “retirement” during that last concert and of the work he hoped to do involving the drug busts about which Jesse wrote in his book…which came to an abrupt halt after he was recognized during one of the busts…and perhaps thinking too of his status as a Federal Agent?  And too, maybe about the movie industry in which he hoped to work and invest?
Here is an excerpt from the book which could have been written about Elvis himself in the 1970’s :
Here is another excerpt which certainly could have been written about Elvis on stage.  Take note too, that this King’s last show was being carried by a major TV network just as CBS was filming Elvis’s last shows.
Next below is another excerpt from the book describing one of this King’s songs…doesn’t it make you think of Elvis singing the song “My Way” during his last shows? “Regrets I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.”
So, we can well imagine that perhaps Elvis consciously or sub-consciously absorbed the plot of this book and used it as a pattern for his future plans.  I have no idea what year Elvis read this book, or perhaps re-read it later on, but it was published in 1967…long before any of the above parallels were in place in Elvis’s life.  Back during the time he was still making those movies of which he had grown so very weary.
Below is the publishing date from the book:
This book has, to the best of my knowledge, been out of print for many years.  But, you may able to locate a used copy as I did.
There was another of Elvis’s books which was also on display at one time.  I don’t recall that I ever actually saw this one myself, but others wrote about seeing it.  As I recall, it was even written up in a newspaper article.  That book was “The Passover Plot” which of course was based upon one man’s theory that Jesus “faked his death”.  As I recall, the newspaper article was saying how ironic it was that “The Passover Plot” was on display at Graceland with all of the talk about Elvis having faked his death.  Does make one go Hm.m.m.m doesn’t it?
As Jesse has written, they did leave many clues to let people know that he did not die.

SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2011



This web site is provided absolutely for FREE of any charges to everyone.  There are no charges whatsoever associated with this site: No fees, no registration, no membership requirement, no tracking, no advertisements of anything for sale, and absolutely NOTHING for sale in the past, the present, nor will there be in the future. 

This web site is for information only about the TRUTH that Elvis Presley is alive and I have been in contact with him for the past 19 years.  My admonishment to everyone who visits my site is to digest what I am writing and documenting for yourself and make up your own mind whether you believe it or not.  If you do not believe my material, please just go your way and don’t come back to look at it any more. 

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Below are several letters from my dear friends who have written beautiful letters for my web site.

The first one is from Bobbi, who has been my good friend since we met on line back in 2003 when I attempted to defend myself on a message board.  She has been there with me for the past 8 years through thick and thin.  I thank her, from the bottom of my heart, for all the years of steadfast friendship.  And I thank her for taking the time to write her long detailed letter.  My love to her.

Dear Linda:

First off I want to say thank you for allowing me to post this on your board knowing that it will only bring you further grief. I could have posted it anywhere because I assure the outcome will be the same no matter where I say this so I will say it my house of belief and not thrust it on anyone anywhere else and if someone does not agree or dislikes anything I say it will be because they CAME here not because I went where I wasn’t wanted.For years I was on message boards fighting against nasty things being said about Elvis. Then Hinton came out with his book, I continued to go to the boards, still fighting with the likes of PPP (Pill Poppin PauL as he liked to refer to himself) and MS. It was during these times that I had the great pleasure of becoming friends with Linda Hood Sigmon and am friends with her to this day, and forever will be. Fortunately for all of us, somewhere along the line MS left and PPP would crawl out from under his rock at different times to try and get the attention he so greatly craves.

There were lines drawn  (even among people that were supposed to be your friends), and you were forced to be either a believer or a non believer.  People who believed were/are treated like they are scum, while the ones who didn’t believe were the saviors. Here to save people from the likes of us or at the very least save us from ourselves – LOL. They didn’t want the fans getting hurt by the lies they claimed were being told (never have found Linda in a lie to me, can’t say the same for the rest of you) but it was okay for them to be cruel and hateful to us under the guise of friendship. We just didn’t get it, but they did and wanted to make sure we did too.
Well actually, we do get it, it is your way or the highway. It took me a long time to realize that I had nothing to offer anyone and couldn’t even really support my good friend for fear of making things worse for her. I quit going to the boards for the most part–nothing there but name calling and people who are interested in fighting. Someone would ask a question, you would be nice and respond with an answer, and then all H–l would break loose because you did. You were crazy, you were this, and you were that.  I realized after awhile that I DON”T have to defend my true friend or myself or what I think. I could care less what a bunch of people like PPP, MS and AJ think of Linda, me, or anyone else in my life. I don’t need or want approval from a man who is as hateful about women, Elvis, and his own family and life in general. as PPP.
I could spend eons listing all the vile and nasty things Paul has done and said to people over the years, including myself. The lies he has told are too numerous to mention, so I’m only going to state a few. First off, I have never once seen him give one iota of proof to the things he attests to be true and I DARE anyone to show me where he has posted one bit of proof that he has offered about anything. What tapes have you heard? He claims he has them. What pictures have you seen?  He claims he has them. This is not the first time he has claimed to be Jesse –what proof have you ever seen of that–none that I know of. LOL He is always welcome to come forth with that proof. I could probably prove that to be a lie, given a chance myself.
Where is everyone screaming at Paul, about what a louse he would be/is for doing something like that? No, they are still picking on Linda and what LIE has anyone caught her in? None, you just don’t believe her.  Paul’s been dead on more than one occasion, talked about carving women up, sent people’s personal stuff all over. Made bogus dirty post in others names, sent porno cards to people and much, much more. Yet, I have seen people give him the benefit of the doubt. After he was berated by a few he was then even told when he behaved “nice posting” are you kidding me? But yet all because you don’t believe someone’s point of view you talk about them like they are garbage. Are you kidding me? Ask him for some proof and see how quickly you are on his list and he will be on you like he is on Linda.
I could go on forever but I have given PPP way more attention than he deserves or thought than I wanted to. So I’m going back to forgetting he even is on this planet. I just don’t understand the hateful attitude against Linda when there are true villains out there. Who is a true Elvis fan and could look at that picture of Paul’s parody of Elvis and not have total disdain for him?  As I said, the list goes on, but he gets breaks from everyone. Not one word of mention how HE flops however the wind is blowing.  He has ridden that fence for so long it should be permanently embedded you know where. Whatever side gets him the most attention at the time is where he is. Whatever side he thinks might be right at the time is where he is. Remember when he apologized to Jesse and Hinton? Then went back again?
Then remember when Eliza came out, she was the real deal, then she was scum after he thought that might not be the best traveled road? You forget so quickly and blame so easily; Linda’s bad, bad to be around but PPP is way okay—WHAT?!
On to the people like BR let’s pretend to be my friend –then jab me in the back, and I’m the bad one. I don’t get this!!!  This is someone who in her own words uses the fact that she is related to Elvis to help her in her business ventures but Linda who has never made a dime off of him is ridiculed. You would trust someone who used Stratford and Linda for her own agenda – LIED, and you know it, but you find them trustworthy. Strange!
There are people like AJ, Tim (the cook on The Truth About Elvis MySpace message board), and many others from the past who, since they cannot accept what is said, find it necessary to be nasty I find that strange also. Yet they come to Linda’s site almost daily to see what has been written. Then they scurry off like little rats to talk about her. Why do you waste your time on something and someone you don’t believe?  Surely you should know after all these years that you can’t save us from ourselves or the awful clutches of Linda – LOL. I truly don’t understand YOUR agenda. We’re stupid, foolish and I guess we enjoy that. You are way ahead of us in the smarts area and are all knowing – is that not enough for you?
This is just my statement and mine alone – no one else is to be attributed to it. The days of caring or my fighting with anyone over this, I hope, are over (although I can’t say never because “you people” love pushing buttons–almost like an ex spouse).
Linda Hood Sigmon is my true friend, and I believe her with all my heart and could really care less what anyone thinks.  And it is for sure I could care less what a bunch of people whose only agenda in all this is to be as nasty as they can be. Who cares if you believe what she says?  She has never asked you too. You all involved yourselves because you wanted to, and not because you were asked. Linda has NEVER asked anyone who didn’t want to to be any part of this.
In my stand with Linda, I have never called anyone a name, or been mean to anyone – save MS and PPP – and then I never used the words I truly wanted too. You have run your mouths all over the internet for years about Linda. You have shoved and shoved her for years and she for once shoves back a little (not even in personal attacks, just refutes what you say about HER) and you whine. You should be ashamed, but of course you won’t have enough class —you know it all.
So, I guess all I really want to say is that given a choice to be the side of right  (In their minds only ) and that means following the people who I have mentioned earlier I will stay with the One person in all this who has NEVER lied to me, been mean or nasty to anyone without being attacked first, has never asked a soul for anything— my friend, Linda.
See, what you all don’t know is that it is not important to her if you follow her; in fact I’m sure she feels like I do, that being friends with some of these people would not be a ringing endorsement of truth.
There were stories about Elvis being alive before any of you ever heard the name LHS. Why are you so fixated only on Linda? I know because she knows him and you can’t accept that. That’s cool, but why don’t you spend your time calling out the others who claim to have seen him and claim to know he is alive–nope just Linda cause she is the easiest. Better yet, why don’t you just not bother with any of this?  Most of you claim you don’t believe he is alive anyway. So, I ask as I did before—what is your agenda?
Certainly it is not because you think she is disrespecting Elvis when you have nothing to say to the likes of PPP.
So in closing (yes finally, Linda! LOL), I just want to say thank you Linda, for being my friend and if I am not on the boards more, I guess it is because I don’t have to be. I know what a class act you are and I’m allowed to think whatever I want to. Don’t need the bad vibes in my life.
Thanks again.


The next letter is from my closest and longest friend, M. J.  She and I have adopted each other as “sisters”.  I cannot begin to thank her enough for all of the years of friendship we have shared.  She became acquainted with me over 20 years ago when I published my newsletter.  She is my support and I know I can call her anytime of the day or night and hear a voice filled with love and caring and that I will get good sound advice. 
I introduced her to Elvis/Jesse many years ago and she is still in contact with him to this day. 
Thank her for writing this letter for me to share with everyone. 
When Do You Believe?
In addressing the ongoing vicious attacks and personal agendas against my friend, my sister (by our choices), Linda Hood Sigmon, why is it that attempts to question 8/16/77 have always been laughed at and ridiculed, when in reality, a true devoted fan is very aware of the events leading up to 8/16/77.  We remember Elvis not in the best of health, physically and emotionally in pain.  Anyone who truly loves Elvis remembers concerts where he is giving every last ounce of himself into singing and entertaining us, while pushing himself to the max, exhausting himself completely.  When after concerts he would be alone with his thoughts trying to unwind, even with others present, trying to quiet the memory of thousands of fans just moments ago screaming his name.  When someone is younger, just starting out, that level of adulation can seem welcome and loved.  As one gets older and wiser, and please remember, we are speaking of a man who has always been sensitive, extremely caring and emotionally rich with a wealth of love and feeling for all, that same adulation begins to grow tiresome and one becomes weary from the weight of it all.
Also from the assault of critics demeaning his age, weight, and “less physical” shows, and even ripping into his personal life.  Add to this, the imminent arrival on store shelves of a book written by trusted friends, former staff/bodyguards who perhaps after their heavy handed tactics in crowd control, were recently dismissed from Elvis’ employ, deemed their actions correct in writing a tell-all book to show Elvis the error of his ways.  To ask him “What Happened?”  But possibly, more so, to write whatever in their attempt to sell their book, knowing that his name sells and unfortunately that as much as fans can build a person’s career to the greatest of heights, critics with envy and malice in their hearts can destroy that great career into ruins.  All of this coupled with financial woes and personal threats on his and family members’ lives.
Would this not seem too much for anyone to bear?  And interestingly enough, it is at this time that perhaps Elvis himself started to give fans an insight into his “plans”.  With the inclusion of the song “Fairytale” into his concerts, Elvis began prefacing the song at so many concerts with the words, “This is the story of my life.”  Lyrics include the words, “You used me, you abused me, you never thought to need me, but I BET you won’t forget me when I go.”  That wordbet being hit extremely hard by Elvis when singing this song.  Quips to friends and associates about “looking good in my coffin” only months prior to 8/16/77, perhaps magnify his plans.
With all this being said, why is it impossible for people to even consider the possibility that, in fact, he did find a way out, a way out to enjoy his life and leave the life of Elvis and to give life to his beloved twin brother, Jesse.  Remember, how many occasions he would share with friends, “I’m just so tired of being Elvis.”  And then when occurrences like the pool house door photo emerge, with Elvis looking out onto fans visiting his Meditation Gardens on 1/1/78 sitting in his chair in only his own personal way, legs crossed, intently watching?
And the January/February 1980 issue of Country Music Magazine, dedicated to Elvis filled with interviews with family and friends and so very interestingly, page 78, a color page with the shadows of 3 figures predominately featured as they stand, awaiting to walk into a new land, perhaps the skyline of New York City shown in the distance, the middle figure’s pose so reminiscent of a painting that Elvis had posed for so many years before.  But the highlight of the thought provoking page, just 2 simple words, in big, bold, white block letters, “Jesse’s Comin'”.  Jesse who?  There is no mention as to some up and coming county music artist or at least a logo as to some record label or producer that may have purchased said page.  Just “Jesse’s Comin'”, and this right after page 77, a page in black with the simple inscription, again in white, “Elvis” and under it “January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977”.  And in the lower right hand corner “RCA Records” and their logo, Nipper the dog, listening at a victrola for his master’s voice.  Hmmm?
And finally, unto Linda herself and her loving, 19 years long friendship with Jesse, the white haired man, a bit older now, sitting on a riding lawn mower, clutching his first male grandchild, exuberant at this finally realized first meeting with his grandson.  Jesse’s joy can be seen, can be felt, as he holds on securely, yet so lovingly to Benjamin, both waving at the camera.  Again, the high, gorgeous cheekbones are there, but this time the wide, joyous smile of a man, simply a grandfather holding his grandson.
Does all this not make you question?  Not make you believe?  Do you believe when several months after you have asked your friend, your sister, “Please, ask him to call me, I would so just want to hear him speak.”  And the phone rings, and you answer, and you hear a familiar voice speak, “Hi Honey, this is Jesse, Linda asked me to call you.”  Do you believe then, when you recognize the inflection in his voice, that soft, Southern silken voice that still occasionally gives up a slight stammer when he becomes nervous or unsure?  Remember, you have loved him since you were 15, so you’re very aware of THAT voice.  Do you believe then?
Or do you believe when you receive a letter from him, immediately recognizing his handwriting as he shares with you on paper his trust in his friend, Linda.  And how “The life I chose does not include anything remotely to my past existence.”  Or do you believe when you receive a first gift from him, a beautiful, simple, gold crucifix?  Or do you believe when you receive other gifts, beautiful jewelry of rings and necklaces?  Or maybe you finally believe when the phone rings one evening and his voice is sad with emotion in telling you “Honey, I just lost a good friend.  Joe just called me, and he just found out that Charlie just died.”  Do you believe then?  Do you believe when news of Charlie’s passing is reported in the news the following day…the following day?  While Jesse had immediate knowledge minutes after Charlie passed.  Do you believe then?  When do you believe people?
As for me, I believe and I thank God for showing him the way to this life, Jesse’s life, and I believe Linda, and I will forever be in her debt for her friendship, her sister ship.  And for making my dream a reality and for her being Jesse’s most trusted and most loved friend.  Again, when do YOU believe?
In addition, I just want to share that it was I that Linda was on the phone with when AJ did call Linda.  Linda spoke with AJ very briefly, advising her that she was on a long distance call.  Linda and I continued our visit, and her call waiting again signaled her.  Linda chose not to take this next call.
God Bess, and please, believe…

I know that you are going to enjoy and find the following letter from a friend so very enjoyable and informative.  Pepper and I became acquainted about one year ago and I have enjoyed knowing her tremendously.  She is a very remarkable lady…very active, energetic, and vivacious to a degree belying her “youthful” senior years.  She is such a dear to write this letter for me to share with all of you.  I have read the full chapter in her book about Elvis and it is very interesting and touching.

Please do take the time out of your busy life to sit back and enjoy this letter from my friend, Pepper:

Hi Linda, I love your site, but it troubles me to read that there are people who write such unnecessary things that must cause you undue stress. You are such a warm, kind, and caring person….not to mention HONEST that I can’t begin to understand why on earth anyone would attack you. I totally agree that it is your right to share Jesse with your readers and those readers who don’t like what you write can simply not go to your site. But that apparently is too simple for them. It seems to me there are those who are ignorant regardless of what their IQ registers. Since you have used lots of your precious minutes of life, explaining and trying to rectify this sorry situation perhaps, at this point, for your health, you should simply ‘consider the source’ and not continue to give them the satisfaction of knowing their actions, attitudes, and words irritate the heck out of you and all the readers who believe or KNOW Elvis still lives as Jesse.
As you know, we are NEW friends, and I look forward to say, we are OLD friends. LOL. I would like to share our ‘history’ with your readers, so bear with me.
It was sometime in April or May 2010 when I happened to hear of you by way of the internet. I was deep into writing my biography when Elvis entered my mind. I decided to devote a chapter to him which is titled, ‘Don’t Cry Darlin.’ As I relived these moments I wondered if he was still alive. My granddaughter told me to ask the computer. I had owned my computer for about four years, but only used it to write, play canasta or rummy and do emails. I was absolutely astonished to find so much material. Somehow, I ended up on EIN. It was then that I learned there is so much arguing about whether Elvis died in 1977. I checked the site out for about three months, but then it became too stressful to listen to this same group of readers’ bad mouth each other…sometimes daily. Before I discontinued going to EIN, I read a post from Linda that said something like she was going to stop being a part of the readers there because she too did not like the mean and nasty personalities of some of the ‘regulars.’ She also made mention of her website and said she would no longer respond to emails written to her and that she had set up her site not to have a message board. I was so happy about that, but terribly disappointed that I could not talk with her. I had something to say and I was sure she would want to hear from me.
Finally, sometime late in June, we connected. And from our first laughter I knew she was someone who I would be proud to call my friend and I hoped she felt the same about me.
After I told her the information I learned on the internet totally amazed me and that I had not read any books written about Elvis after August 1977 (With the exception of Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book, Is Elvis Alive?”) I told her my story. I worked two jobs and one of them was as a nanny in a 24/7 child care facility. I worked regularly on Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes picked up a shift one or two other nights in the week.
March 12, 1988, I got off work at 2:45. On my drive home I remembered I intended to stop at the Safeway store for a loaf of specialty bread. Since I had already turned at the corner I pulled into the drive at the back of the store where three cars were parked….preventing entrance to the store’s back door. A group of guys were standing around the cars…visiting….and doing no harm. I continued on to the front entrance. There were no other vehicles in the parking lot. When I entered the store I noticed the clerk was talking to someone. He wasn’t checking him out so I assumed he was with the group at the back.   I quickly proceeded to the bread counter and was disappointed they were out of it. I immediately turned around to make a quick getaway. I was tired. What happened next was absolutely amazing. It’s strange how in a split second I had been the receiver of a very special blessing.
As I turned on an aisle that would take me to the entrance, the man who was visiting with the checker turned on the same aisle to take him to the back of the store. I am a very friendly spirit and was taught at a young age to always smile and speak to everyone when the opportunity was there. In any case, when he saw that we were on the same aisle, I thought he looked a bit nervous…sort of like in an instant he almost stopped. Instead he continued to saunter towards me. I had my big smile ready and continued to look at him. Just as I got close enough for, “Good morning” he turned and looked directly at the shelves and then he reached for a can of something. I slowed my step and he didn’t pick the can up. He just stood holding his hand up to it. By then I knew I didn’t have the opportunity to be my friendly self, so I walked on. About five or six steps past him I came to a screeching halt. I turned to look back and he was still standing in the same position. I slowly walked back and past him a couple of steps and turned and just stood staring at him. I was waiting for him to walk again so I could speak…he didn’t. I walked towards the door again and passed him. Once again I stopped, turned around and stood while he continued to keep his position. This time I walked past him farther away. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and honestly thought his arm must be tired from holding it in that position for so long. I knew he was aware of my presence and it was quite obvious he had no intentions of making eye contact. Under different circumstances I would simply have gone home…knowing not everyone is as friendly as I am, but not this time. This time was not ‘normal circumstances’ and so I was very bold, which is really unlike me. What I did surprised both of us.
I walked to him and stood beside him. I said, “Excuse me, you look like Elvis Presley.” He ignored me or acted like he didn’t hear me. So a bit louder, I repeated, “Excuse me, you look like Elvis Presley.” Very slowly, he turned and looked directly in my eyes. I raised my voice an octave. LOL. “Wow! You really look like Elvis.” 
With a beautiful smile he said, “If you don’t tell anyone…I won’t.”
I am so embarrassed at what happened next, but the second he spoke I knew he was Elvis. I was so startled and my knees were so weak that I thought I was going to faint. I fell into him. Our arms were around each other and I was sobbing…not crying, but sobbing. I didn’t know I could manufacture so many tears in a moment. My head was resting on his chest and my hands were kneading his waist line….and yes, he had a waist line. He was looking trim and ‘feeling’ fine. No pun intended. The first thing I heard him say is, “Don’t cry Darlin’,” but I couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know how many times he asked, “Are you okay?” I couldn’t speak, but I moved my head forward and backward on his chest.
Finally, I thought I must be really making him nervous. I was out of tears, so I moved a short step away and as we looked at each other, I made a really stupid comment. “You’re not Elvis.”
Whimsically, he said, “I’m not?” “Why would you say that?”
“Because Elvis doesn’t have blue eyes.”
“I don’t?” The only reason I said that is because he has brown eyes in the 2’ x 3’ picture I have of him. We talked about the extra pounds he gained. Why he did what he did, but I don’t remember what he said. I was totally in shock and I believe he was in a mini shock. LOL. I honestly felt bad for him and was sorry that I was causing him stress. I told him I didn’t buy all of his music and I hadn’t been able to see all of his movies, but I told him I just loved him and his talent. So much time went by with both of us not saying much of anything. He was genuinely concerned for me…he knew my actions weren’t normal. He repeated, Are you okay? Are you sure you are okay.” He was so well mannered….The true southern gentleman. After about twenty minutes the clerk walked towards us from the back of the store. As he moved slowly he glanced at us and then to the floor. He repeated that until he got past us. I could barely get out a whisper of a hello. He didn’t do any better. Elvis didn’t say anything out loud, but since we had moved to the other side of the aisle I was in front of him and we were both facing the clerk, so he could have mouthed something.
About five minutes later a pretty female appeared at the end of the aisle in the back. She was a bit perturbed…It was quite noticeable. She asked, “Are you coming?” Her glare was a bit intimidating. LOL.
Elvis replied, “In just a minute. I’ll be there in just a minute.” Then he said, “I really have to go. Are you sure you are okay?” I told him I understood and I would be.
We both turned and walked in different directions. Before I got to the end of the aisle I quickly turned and looked back. I was so happy he was still walking…very slowly. We were far enough apart that I felt I would need to yell to get his attention and then I didn’t know if he would reply, but he did.
I didn’t want to yell, “Elvis” because by then there could have been other customers in the store by this time, so I yelled, “Excuse me.” He immediately stopped, turned around with a smile while I asked, “What name do you use now?”
Without any hesitation, he replied, “John Barrow.”
I said, “Thanks, and have a great life, John Barrow. God Bless you.” He nodded, and waved and walked on. I was standing beside my car when the three cars made a quick departure onto the avenue. I heard lots of boisterous laughing. I hoped they were laughing at the situation and not me.
There’s much more to my story, but I am saving it for my book. Perhaps it will be published someday, but if not I will print copies for my daughter, grand and great grandchildren, family and close friends.
In any case, Linda was glad to hear my story. And she invited me to stay in contact with her. I continued to read the information she shared and then one day she posted she had talked with Jesse two weeks earlier. I was elated to learn he was still alive. I so prayed somehow I would be able to talk with him once again so I could apologize for my ridiculous behavior that early March morning in 1988.
Then Linda gave her readers and Elvis, John/Jon, Jesse a blessing. She opened her site for a time so we could send our thoughts to Jesse as a Christmas greeting and continued it through the New Year. We could include pictures and there was no limit to the length of our emails. This created lots of extra work for Linda and at a time when she was having some serious health situations to deal with. She made it clear from the beginning that it was not to be used as a message board for the readers to write to each other. The messages were strictly for Jesse. And, of course there were some who abused her kindness and generosity to the point that they could have caused Linda to ‘forget the whole thing’ so the hundreds who wanted to contact Jesse wouldn’t be able to.
Jesse has my phone number and address. He hasn’t used it and I don’t expect that he will, but that’s okay. I have a much better mental attitude since I had the opportunity to talk to him about our meeting so many years ago. I had no idea it would be good therapy for me. It’s like I really have closure and I am confident that Linda will keep us all updated…… long as she stays healthy enough to add new posts and as long as she is allowed to keep her website.
So please, one more time….If you want the truth and nothing but the truth about Elvis Aron Presley, now using the name of Jesse Presley, read all the information posted on the site of Linda Hood Sigmon. You may not like all that you read, but it will certainly give you insight into Elvis/Jesse Presley and if you have an open mind and pray about what you read I am confident you will believe and understand how the events that took place in August 1977 led up to today. God Bless us all.
P.S. Linda, as you know I am not going to put myself in your situation by posting my phone # and address. I don’t want to waste precious minutes of my life on negative things………I like ‘happy.’ I will continue to pray for you and I am praying that the readers who are badgering you will find another outlet and experience what it’s like to be happy. My last thought for all of us is…..”Love One Another.”
Have a fun day and a fantastic forever.
Sincerely, a NEW friend,
Pepper R


I would like to refer everyone to the YouTube channel titled:

Mickey’s Elvis Page

ElvisFanMickey’s Channel

At the following link you may watch the trailer for Adam Muskiewicz’s (sp) movie which has never reach fruition.  When Adam began working on this movie years ago and there was a multi-million dollar reward being offered to anyone who could prove that Elvis is alive, I was very concerned for Jesse.  When I spoke to him about this, he said “He won’t get anywhere with it.” and that has proven to be true so far.

Mickey has several uploaded videos as well as links to other videos related to our topics.  You will see that he has links to some of my videos as well.


SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2011

Please refer back to the article which I wrote recently regarding the fact that Dr. Hinton betrayed Elvis/Jesse and me when he published the book and did the TV interviews, etc.

Below is an excerpt from a letter which Jesse wrote to a mutual friend of his and mine in which he again mentions “that Doctor” and the problems he caused Jesse because of his actions.

You will also see that he, once again, explains that he has chosen a totally different life from the life he lived as “Elvis”…he is not a multi-millionaire (by his choice).

I hope you will enjoy seeing something else in his own handwriting.

Below is the letter from a new friend who has been so very kind and supportive of me and my site for a while now.  I think you will enjoy reading her wonderful letter.  Thank you so very much, Loretta.

It is said the pen in mightier than the sword. Words can heal and make well or they can hurt and destroy someone. If you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather heal someone than hurt and destroy them?

I have no problem and cannot see anything wrong with Linda Hood Sigmon’s website. It is HER website which she pays for to share Information with others WHO WANT and ACCEPT the info. she is giving out and sharing.

She does NOT have a message board on her site so as NOT to encourage arguments among those in the Elvis World who do not agree with her. She does not instigate arguments whatsoever. Her website it free to ALL   What that says to me is that she wants to SHARE her knowledge and information with others. To relate to them that she has information that may not be common public knowledge but would be of interest to any Elvis Presley fan.

Key word here is she wants to SHARE it. She is NOT asking anyone for anything. And, to put it bluntly, people should take the HINT that she doesn’t have a message board on her website, therefore she is NOT even asking for ‘Your opinion’ on the matter.

I would venture to say, the average person, if they do not believe something to be true, will peruse the information given, BUT, if for whatever reason cannot accept it, they will move on and not return over and over to read what that person see’s as fallacy or misinformation.

So, it speaks volumes about the stability and the intent of those that return again and again to Linda’s website, It’s OBVIOUS that her information has weight and substance to it , and they are dying to know what is being said next. If they really believed with every fiber of their being that Linda is not telling the truth, they would not have even bothered to return to her site a second time. They do so ONLY to harass and instigate.

We are all adults who have our own minds and opinions and can choose for ourselves what we wish to believe based on what’s presented to us. If others do not agree with Linda, there is a very simple solution to the problem. I know it’s been said before but it’s worth repeating: …simply do not go to her website to read what she shares. No harm, no foul. No one’s arm is getting twisted nor are they forced to even read Linda’s website. In fact I have seen her practically BEG people who have tried to instigate arguments with her that if they do not agree with her…for them PLEASE NOT to visit her website at all. How many times does she have to say that before it sinks in?

Linda shares with others the fact that Elvis Presley is not dead, but alive and is living a private life now as Jesse. And, that she is in contact with him. Seems to me I have heard others on the internet claim they know “Jesse-Elvis” too. That they have received gifts and talked to him . I have even see one young lady claim that she was / is married to him now. How come no one goes after those people with the same fervor that they attack Linda?

I have heard on several occasions those that believe Elvis is dead proclaim: “Well, at least we have his (Elvis’) memory and music to keep alive”

Funny, I thought Elvis was MORE than just his looks , his voice , his music ,his acting ability. I always saw him as a down- to- earth person, extremely talented, but someone who was extremely compassionate to the plight of the poor and the underdog. Who was generous beyond belief. Had a wonderful sense of humor, He was also a deeply Spiritual Man who Loved the Lord .He was so Much MORE than his music.!

But all this seems to be forgotten in all the bickering and fighting.  I do not believe Elvis would approve of all the so called Fans that go out of their way to mock, harass, and instigate trouble for Linda and others. Who name call and say it’s their duty to Elvis to protect his legacy.

When given the choice to choose between death or life…choose LIFE!  If there are some unanswered questions and mysterious incidents that have happened surrounding someone / anyone’s death and there is a possibility that they may be alive …even the smallest remotest possibility…I would rather hold onto that. “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

I have seen the people who believe that Elvis is dead say the most disrespectful things, nasty things to others whose only crime is that they have said “It’s my personal opinion that Elvis is alive” .

One does Not have to PROVE their OPINION with facts nor does the burden of proof fall to them just because they had the audacity to actually form an OPINION that differs from others. It’s their God given right to have their OWN opinion !

Also, and I know I have said this before but “Facts are subject to CHANGE, as they come in, but the TRUTH is The TRUTH!  No matter whose mouth it comes out of, or even if you happened to like that person or not….the Truth does Not change. So, when I hear people say “ALL the facts say Elvis is dead”.  I say ….maybe all the facts are still coming in. Maybe we don’t have ALL the facts yet and only think we do. Maybe there are some out there still that haven’t come in yet. Maybe it’s an ongoing process. Maybe we too readily accept what the media tells us.

Maybe if you ever really truly made a spiritual connection with the man we knew as Elvis Presley, if you understood him on a Spiritual level, then and only then can you see what really happened and why he did what he did…the way he did it . Only then can you understand his suffering, his despair back then.

And, how about this : Those that say Elvis is dead have the nerve to say only a few small handful of people who saw Elvis in the coffin say that it didn’t look like Elvis !  Only a few?   Excuse me??? How can anyone make that statement or draw that conclusion?

The ONLY way you would know 100% what was going through every single person’s mind and what they thought on the appearance of the body in the coffin would be to talk with and interview EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHOSE FILED PAST THE COFFIN !!!  Every single person!  Has that been done? So, you can’t say with absolute certainty only a few small handfuls of people think that.  My ‘ GUESS’ is more than half didn’t think it looked like Elvis and were too polite or distraught to say anything. I know Tanya Tucker and her sister La Costa where there and said for the record it didn’t look like him. Guess Tanya and her sister are nobodies and their opinions don’t count either. I say their opinions DO matter.

The solution I can see is for all the individuals who say Elvis is dead, for them to go pay for their own website, call it the Dead Elvis Society or something to that effect and then they can go gather all their proof with others out there and discuss it among themselves.. But I don’t see anyone doing that.

I see them reading what Linda posts on her website, and then running off to some message board and laughing at her, mocking her and calling her names and yes, even to the extent for posting her personal information, such as her home address. It’s been done to her before.

So , it’s hard to believe it when I hear others file an actual complaint that their names and address’ are now out there  .If you don’t want your name , city you live in or photo out there don’t YOU put it online yourself and then blame others.. Personally, I use my correct name when I am online. I have nothing to hide in person or behind the keyboard .People who hide behind their screen names usually do so because they have a hidden agenda …they want to be able to say whatever they want to others, usually nasty sarcastic things to others and be able to get away with it .Shady people who like to set others up for a fall, only to later LOL at them. Sounds very cowardice to me.

I may have gone off topic a bit and rambled on. Thank you for letting me rant a bit on your website Linda, as I don’t plan to post that often. I have tried to draw a line and set boundaries and distance myself from all the online bashing, which profits ..NOTHING.

However , I will close now by saying, I think the complaints against Linda Hood Sigmon have no foundation. She is forcing nothing on anyone, not selling anything, nor asking for money. No crime is being committed.  The Complaints filed by AJ and other are just the attempt of a desperate person (s) grasping at straws. Linda has a right to post what she says is the Truth and also to give her opinion. And, I also defend the right of others to have their opinion as well. However, the bashing, name calling is over the top, stupid and unnecessary.

Just wanted it on the record, that I personally enjoy Linda and reading her website very much. She has always been nice to me .And, has never asked anything of me but to enjoy her website, which I do.

I have ALWAYS believed Elvis was ALIVE. It had absolutely nothing to do with Linda or anyone else. I believed that as far back as 1977…and had never heard of Linda Hood Sigmon back then…so no one can say she INFLUENCED me whatsoever. And, I sincerely hope Linda will keep her website up and running for those of us who do care and want to stay informed on Elvis / Jesse.

Very Sincerely,
Loretta Pereira

Sunday, March 27, 2011 @ 6:33 PM

I have now restored this page to the very best of my ability in order to place back on here all of the material which I had posted since last Sunday night.  Earlier today, all of my past weeks work was suddenly and “mysteriously” erased today when I attempted to post a new article and clicked on the “UPDATE” bar.   I suspect some type of foul play involving a possible hacker.  This matter will be handled properly.

I apologize that the above does not appear in the exact order in which I posted it last week.  But the bulk of my material for the past week is restored.

Thank you to my friends Ron and Deb both of whom sent me things which they had saved to restore my page.

Before that horrible calamity this morning, I had just finished preparing a new article and had it ready to load into my site.  I am going to place that new article below…with God’s help and no interference from troubled souls.

Below is an excerpt from one of Jesse’s letters to Dr. Hinton which I have already displayed in its entirety on the preceding page:  (As always, this copy is from my copy of the rough draft of the book)I want everyone to take note that Jesse wrote this letter to Dr. Hinton on April 20, 1998.

Below that I shall display two small excerpts from Dr. Nick’s book in which he detailed the events of one of the hearings about the charges against him which were caused by the meddling of Geraldo Rivera, ABC, 20/20 and their “investigators“.  Take note that Dr. Nick wrote his book around 2008 and it was released in January of2009. This was 10 years later than Jesse’s letter.

Then we have the following excerpt from Dr. Nick’s book:

Now, I ask all of you critics and experts:  Do you think you could have performed that many shows per day for that many days in a row and not needed medicine just to keep going?  Most of you could not even ATTEND that many shows for days on end and not end up fatigued and/or sick.  When Elvis performed, it was similar to an athlete playing a sport…he worked so hard and those suits were so heavy and hot under all the lights.  Add to that the traveling and the never going home to his own bed for even one single night when he was on tour. On top of all that, he could not even go out to walk down the street or eat out.  How dare any one of you cast one stone toward Dr. Nick or Elvis. They are both heroes in my book!!!!

I do urge everyone to read Dr. Nick’s book even though it is a sad book to read.  Just remember when you read about the autopsy that it WAS NOT the body of Elvis on whom they performed the procedure.

I have a letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote to a mutual friend of ours back before Elvis/Jesse and I were introduced to one another.  In that letter, he wrote some of the details about the person whose body was substituted.  When I have time, I will find that letter and post just a tiny excerpt showing what he wrote about that.



Product Details
The King and Dr. Nick: What Really Happened to Elvis and Me
 – Hardcover – Bargain Price (Jan. 5, 2010) by Dr. George Nichopoulos and Rose Clayton Phillips
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I have come to recommend Dr. Nick’s book because I would like everyone to be aware of the terrible injustice done to Elvis and Dr. Nick by the above named entities. It makes me so very angry that Dr. Nick has suffered so much turmoil and destruction in his personal life. It makes me even angrier that Elvis’s image was so tainted by their meddling.
It was to have been simply stated that Elvis “died” sitting in his reading chair in the bathroom. But, thanks to the above named parties, it is now accepted by a lot of people that he “died” on the toilet from a drug overdose.  What a travesty for that to have happened.
Also, I saw where Mr. Joe Krein recently joked about why would Elvis want the world to think that he “died” in the bathroom?   Saying he felt that Elvis would surely have preferred to die performing on stage.
To this remark, I respond: Would it not be a little difficult to fake your death on stage?? Jesse told Gene Smith several weeks before August 16th, that
I can’t even go to the bathroom without three tailgaters.”
Does that not tell everyone that the bathroom was the ONLY PLACE he could pull off the fake “death”? It was the ONLY place that he had the privacy to carry out his plan. Jesse wrote that it had to be done at Graceland not out on tour.
I also want to make it very clear to everyone what a false “fiancé” Ginger Alden was to Elvis. In Dr. Nick’s book, he details the fact that Ginger Alden had established secret contact with a journalist at the National Enquirer long before August 16thOn August 16th at 1:30, this journalist received a call, in which the
caller did not identify herself, telling him that something big was going to be happening at Graceland. Thenat 2:30, this same journalist received a second call…this time identifying herself as Ginger Alden (whose voice he had recognized in the 1:30 call) telling him that Elvis was dead. This was long before even a doctor had pronounced “the body” as dead. She found Elvis, called the tabloid, fixed her hair and makeup, and finally called downstairs for help. This, to me, describes a low life snake. How dare she be so cold and unfeeling to Elvis?
You may recall in Jesse’s book, he said that he chose the most “naïve” person he could think of to be the one who found him and that she almost waited too long. Jesse explained that he had been given a shot to make him appear dead and that his closest friends knew better.


As I mentioned above, I have located and scanned several brief excerpts from two letters which Elvis/Jesse wrote to one of our later-to-be mutual friends.  The first letter was written in Nov. 1990 and the second letter was written in Jan. 1991.  I have had these letters since later 1991 and they are Xerox copies which were dim to begin with, so please excuse the quality of the scans.  But, you will be able to see that he was writing details about the man whose body was substituted for Elvis’s on August 16, 1977.

Because these are private letters to someone other than me and because there are names of individuals included as well as a location, you will see that I have blacked out some information.  But you will certainly be able to read enough to understand what the topic was.
I also have something more which I want to display to substantiate that there was a second body at Baptist Hospital on that day…a body whose toe tag said simply “John Doe” and for whom the attending Dr. was listed as Dr. Nichopoulos.  You will also see Elvis/Jesse’s mention of “Dr. Nick” in one of the excerpts from his letters.
Also, I will include Elvis’s signature from one of these letters…he had not yet explained to our friend about being Jesse at the time he wrote these two letters.
This article will take a while to construct, so if you don’t see everything mentioned yet…please understand that I am in the process of putting this together.
The frist two excerpts are from the Nov. 1990 letter:
2nd excerpt:
 This next excerpt is from the Jan. 1991 letter:
The following is Elvis’s signature on the second letter:


Below are displayed items showing the toe tag of the body which was at Baptist Memorial  Hospital on 8-16-1977.  Some may claim that this “John Doe” tag was placed on Elvis’s toe for privacy reasons…but would this not be ridiculous in that so many people had seen his “body” in the ER, the EMT’s had transported Elvis’s “body” and an autopsy was performed on Elvis’s “body” and at all of these times it was “known” by all to be the “body” of Elvis.
A good friend emailed this image to me several months ago.  It is the property of  They own the rights to this image and I have not been able to obtain a reply from them in regards to my displaying anything from their site on my site.  But this is so very vital to documenting the letter which Elvis/Jesse wrote above that I am displaying it with all credit being given to  I haven’t had much time to peruse their wonderful site, but from what I have seen, I highly recommend it to everyone…here is the link to their site:

Displayed on the left is the entire image which my friend emailed to me, in its entirety, as it is displayed  Displayed on the right is a close up of only two of the items in which you may see very clearly the “John Doe” body tag:




Also, to the top far left, please take note that in (what appears to be) a log of patients, that Elvis Presley is listed out of sequence.  His name should appear above with the other patients listed on 8-16.  BUT his name is listed below two others dated on the 17th NOT the 16th.  Then you can see that below his name, the person writing originally dated the next two names as the 16th and then wrote “17” over that.  This may have just been a mix-up during the chaos in the hospital or just sloppy record keeping….but it does make one wonder in light of everything else. 

Also, take note that there is NO “John Doe” listed for the 16th. 
Also, I find it interesting that all of the other patients seem to be identified as only “Mr.” or “Mrs.” while Elvis’s name is in full.  Wouldn’t you think they would have followed normal standards and also just listed Elvis as “Mr. Presley”?
It would seem that nothing about his place in this list is standard procedure
A good friend wrote to me with the following explanation about the list of patients which I questioned above:
About the Morgue Intake sheet. The checkmark by his name in the second column is for autopsy if I remember right. The date is date of death not date of intake. It is common for bodies that are autopsied to be out of sequence.

My thanks to this friend for helping us better understand this form.


Below is a copy of another document from the above images.  This one concerning the seamless solid copper coffin.  Please take note of the date shown on one of the lines of this form…8-16-1977.  The title of the line on which the date is written is very dim and the logo of obliterates much of the title of the line…but I can easily see that it may say “Date delivered“.  IF what I think it may say is true…then how could it have been located (there was NO Internet back in that day), ordered and received in Memphis ALL before midnight on the day on which Elvis was not even pronounced “dead” until mid afternoon?  Even if this line is titled otherwise, would it still not have been a little early for the coffin to have even been decided upon and ordered before midnight on the 16th…this for a very sudden death which left Vernon in a state of shock? 


I do hope that everyone will find the above interesting.  I have tapes of the series of Dr. Nick interviews on Current Affair of which Elvis/Jesse spoke in the above excerpt from one of his letters.  I plan to attempt to copy from my VHS tapes onto a DVD in order that I may be able to upload some of these reports onto YouTube to further document Elvis/Jesse’s letter.

I apologize for not having the letter from Jesse which he mentioned in our last phone call.  I have not received his letter and I haven’t spoken with him since his call on Sunday the 20th.  He may have changed his mind about sending the anecdotes or perhaps it has been delayed either by he or the mail. Should I still receive it, I will certainly post his anecdotes,



Please do not construe this article to be, in any way whatsoever, critical of Dr. Nick or Joe.  I admire and respect each of them so very much.  I do ask that no one disturbs either of them.  It appears obvious that they are both doing a very loyal work.

I have been told by two people (who do not know each other) that Dr. Nick is in very bad health.  Therefore, please do respect his privacy and his well being.

I have already heard that someone is threatening Murray Silver, Dr. Nick and my web host server.  The very same attacker as has been for weeks now.

I do know that even if the evil-doers do not actually visit my site themselves, that others will copy and share my material with them.  That is the kind of world we live in now.  That is a shame.  So, once again, I am faced with   considering whether to stop posting any new material or speak with Jesse about the possibility of shutting my site down.  I ask that all of my wonderful friends and visitors please pray about this and for me.

I now have my YouTube video of Dr. Nick on A CURRENT AFFAIR on Nov. 6, 1990 ready for viewing.
In this interview, Dr. Nick continues the battle which Joe fought on the June, 1990 Geraldo show against the lies told by David Stanley and Albert Goldman that Elvis committed suicide.  I have not discussed this with Jesse so I am speaking from my own personal perspective and opinion.  It is absolutely my opinion that Elvis/Jesse and Joe planned for Joe to blurt out “…and that’s how Elvis feels about this situation” on the Geraldo show.
Elvis/Jesse wrote in his book that Col. Parker chose Joe to help pull off the “death” so I don’t feel too bad about indicating that Joe remained in Jesse’s circle of friends afterAugust 16, 1977.
Likewise, it is obvious that Dr. Nick was involved in pulling the “death” off also.  So, I will presume to state that, in my opinion, Dr. Nick also was one of the 6 people who knew.  Therefore, I feel safe in stating that Elvis/Jesse was undoubtedly VERY angry that David Stanley and Albert Goldman were trying to convince people that he committed suicide.
In this video, Dr. Nick actually names the person who is suspected of “murdering” Elvis.  In the interview you will see that when Dr. Nick mentions this person’s name, it is blanked out and his lips are also blanked out so you cannot hear nor read his lips when he states this person’s name.  I can tell you with surety,after reading Dr. Nick’s book, that the person Dr. Nick names is David Stanley.
You see, Dr. Nick is just picking up where Joe left off with the Geraldo show on which Joe was extremely angry toward David and Goldman.  Obviously, it is ludicrous to say that David Stanley actually did murder Elvis.  But this statement puts David in an awkward spot since he said that Elvis committed suicide…it makes it look like David was using suicide as a ruse to cover up the fact that he actually murdered Elvis.
This whole scenario comes into play because David was supposed to be on duty at Graceland when Elvis “died“.  But David was not there because he had been out with a girl doing drugs.  When David arrived at Graceland and was told what happened he came unglued and said “I killed Elvis!” because he wasn’t working when he was scheduled to be at Graceland.  This also discounts any time that we have ever heard David declare that he “was there” and “saw Elvis’s body” on August 16th.
Now, for another ORION PICTURES bombshell!! I did not know this myself until yesterday, when I watched this video again for the first time in so many, many years.  They claim that Dr. Nick was writing a book with the writer Murray Silver.  Well, I knew that I never heard of such a book coming out.  So, I did an Internet search on Murray Silver to see if and when such a book was ever published.  I was not at all surprised to see that the book NEVER came out.  I believe that Dr. Nick used this proposed book as his means for getting on A CURRENT AFFAIR to debunk the suicide lies coming from David Stanley and Goldman.  You will see Dr. Nick holding the LIFE magazine….the very same magazine article which caused Joe’s appearance on the Geraldo show.
So, OK….here’s the bombshell!!!!  Another Orion Pictures connection!!!  God always gives me what I need when I need it!!!  Praise be!!!
Check out the following paragraphs from Murray Silver’s biography:
“In 1982, Silver published his first book, “Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis,” which was adapted to the big screen by Orion, in 1989. In doing so, Silver became the first Savannah writer in history whose first book was an international best seller and the subject of a major motion picture.
Following the release of the film, Silver undertook the autobiography of Dr. George Nichopoulos, personal physician to Elvis Presley, and the man widely regarded to be responsible for the singer’s death. Their book, “Who Killed Elvis Presley?” turned into an international scandal before it could be published.” 
*Hm.m.m.m.m  I wonder why?  Wouldn’t you think that a book being turned into an “international scandal” would make for a bestselling book rather than to cancel publication?
A good friend Emailed me this morning and wrote the following.  I did not recall this and so I am so glad that my friend did recall it.  So, it does appear that the book publication was perhaps withdrawn because of the topic.
“I REMEMBER that Dr. Nick put a book up for pub. in 1989 and they thought he had lost his mind because he was making the allegation that E. had been eliminated.”

Interestingly, I learned that Murray Silver had a book published in recent years titled “When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama“. Below is the link to the page about Murray Silver on  I see that, evidently, Silver was not happy with Orion’s adaptation of his movie.  At least that is the impression I got just now when I glanced at the topics of this latest book.

Here is a link to page which is devoted to Murray Silver with a list of all of his works.  Take note that the book about Dr. Nick “Who Killed Elvis?” is not listed.
I only learned of Silver’s latest book this morning, so I have not read everything about this book so I may be incorrect on detailing the book.  But I am certain of the title “When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama“.  If, in fact, his dissatisfaction with Orion about the film is mentioned in the book…then there is the Elvis – Orion connection which, in this instance, may be a coincidence…or not?.
Here is the link to this book:
And here is a brief excerpt from one review of the book:
This review is from: When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama (Hardcover)

After years of chemistry and rocket science reading, I came out of my shell in need of some culture, laughs, endearment and enlightment. I stumbled upon “When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama“, which provided me with a little of each, and plenty of entertainement.
Murray Silver manages to explain his grudge against the movie “Great Balls of Fire” I enjoyed so much (think of it, when someone turns your work upside down at will, without your least input, it must be frustrating!), and shows how the complexity of the movie industry attempts to weed out the outsider. Chapter 3, about how he met His Holines the Dalai Lama, kept me laughing out loud! Chapter 5, Strange Angels and Chapter 6, Crazy, take you into a Memphis that hardly exists anymore, and his respect and tenderness for the old bluesman, Booker T., is contagious. In Chapter 7 I felt like I got a two-for-one deal; it feels like a book within a book about the craziness involving the death of Elvis Presley –quite a handful

Below is the link to the A CURRENT AFFAIR interview with Dr. Nick and for good measure I will also add Joe’s Geraldo show once again:

Here is the link to my YouTube video of Dr. Nick:

Below is the link to my YouTube video of Joe’s Geraldo show of June 18, 1990:
I hope everyone has enjoyed this article which I truly have enjoyed putting together.


Please do not construe this article to be, in any way whatsoever, critical of Dr. Nick or Joe.  I admire and respect each of them so very much.  I do ask that no one disturbs either of them.  It appears obvious that they are both doing a very loyal work.

I have been told by two people (who do not know each other) that Dr. Nick is in very bad health.  Therefore, please do respect his privacy and well being.

I have already heard that someone is threatening Murray Silver, Dr. Nick and my web host server.  The very same attacker as has been for weeks now.

I do know that even if the evil-doers do not actually visit my site themselves, that others will copy and share my material with them.  That is the kind of world we live in now.  That is a shame.  So, once again, I am faced with considering whether to stop posting any new material or speak with Jesse about the possibility of shutting my site down.  I ask that all of my wonderful friends and visitors please pray about this and for me.


The biggest complaint made about my web site is the fact that I don’t allow visitors to post comments on my site.

With each fact which I post, I post accompanying items for documentation, i.e. books, links to web sites, copies of VHS boxes etc. of the movie topics, photos, YouTube videos, copies of documents, letters written by personal acquaintances of mine, links to audio interviews, etc.  I do so in order that every visitor may take the time to do their own research to learn for themselves if what I am stating is the truth.  I have stated time and time again, if you find that you do not believe what is on my site, then PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK TO MY SITE.
I believe that every visitor has the intelligence to check out what I share and make up their own mind as to whether they enjoy and believe my site or not. I DO NOT believe that my visitors need the input of “armchair quarterbacks” to tell them what to believe.
I do urge everyone to take advantage of the access which I provide for just about all of the articles on my site to find out for yourself if what I am  displaying is true or not.  I am only human and I certainly am not infallible, but I do know that I am HONEST.  If anyone brings anything to my attention about which I am mistaken or about which they can add more or different correct information, I am always glad to go back and add an update to my article, as you have seen me do many times.
The subject of whether Elvis is Jesse IS NOT OPEN TO DEBATE.  I have lived with contact from him beginning in 1992.  It has been PROVEN to me countless times that HE IS ELVIS.
I know of no clearer way to state this fact.  I will not expose anything private about him just to satisfy the demands of those who come here only to judge me harshly.
You have read in the letters written to be posted on my site of one lady who has seen him face to face; and my dearest friend to whom I introduced him many years ago who receives phone calls, letters and gifts from him just as I do and to whom he made known the death of Charlie Hodge the very same night that Charlie passed away BEFORE it was ever known publicly. This very same scenario took place three weeks BEFORE Col. Parker passed away…before the media had picked up on his dying process. This was followed up with a phone call to another friend telling him that Col. Parker had just passed on the day of his death shortly before it hit the news.
Others have received autographs from him in his book and on photographs…which he and I invited them to send to him to be autographed and returned to them.  Yesterday, the final one of these autographed photos was received by the person who sent it to him.  There were 14 of these people and all 14 have expressed gratitude when they received the photos back autographed…some were no less than ecstatic…ALL were grateful.
In an effort to bring a more peaceful environment to my web site, I have decided to go back and remove some of the back and forth involved with those who have been attacking me recently on various forums, message boards, etc. I will be working to accomplish this gradually.
IF I continue to have my site, I do wish it to be of a more positive nature than it has been for the past several weeks.
I will be saving all of the material which I remove to be used for legal or official documentation should it become necessary. This will be saved in my personal document files and not available for viewing on the Internet.
Also, I have seen that someone has referred to my web site as “rambling”.  Well, yes, I suppose it is to a degree.  This is because each day I post whatever news there is which I come across as well as whatever memory comes to my mind that I think others would find enlightening and enjoyable.  So, it is sort of like a daily journal in that respect and, like a journal, it records what is on my mind and what is going on with my site each day.  That is the reason that my Current News and Events Pages contain my new entries while I don’t always go back to revise my prior Current News and Events pages as things unfold.
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this lengthy dissertation.

I learned last night, on Facebook, that Johnny Harra has passed away.

The photo of him to the left was made during the filming at Graceland when he played Elvis in the movie “This Is Elvis“.   I’m very sorry to learn of his passing.


APRIL 1, 2011

This morning I want to share something that I do every single morning, no matter what else happens. 

Each day I click for free on the button to help provide food for rescued animals.

This is a beautiful site that does so much good for some of the animals who are not as fortunate as our “babies”.

Their sponsors also have some beautiful items for sale to help support this site.

If you click on the “remember to click” link to the right, you will receive an Email reminder each morning.

I hope my fellow animal lovers will take part in this effort. 


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I want to share something which a new friend, Nancy who lives in Memphis, has shared with me today.  This will be one of those rare instances which is word of mouth only.  But it is very interesting and further substantiates what Jesse wrote in his book which Hinton published:

When HInton’s book came out, I asked Dr. Nick about the gold teeth and he stated Elvis had two gold molars. This is probably why Elvis went to Dr. Hoffman’s office the night he left to have these teeth pulled out so that nothing would match his dental records.  Have you ever thought about that???????????
Love to You,


A good friend did some searching and found the truth about the consumer complaint site to which two women have reported me, my web site and my web host server.  She found the truth about this site and it’s owner who is a criminal wanted by the FBI.

This site does absolutely no screening of the so-called complaints to see if there is any validity to them…so the complaints can be nothing more than frivolous and unwarranted attacks upon an individual or company. ..such as those filed by the two women against me, my site and my web host server.  The only recourse that the victim of these false claims has is to sue the person(s) who filed the false accusations in the claims.  Even though the wronged victim may win the lawsuit and be awarded compensation through the courts, the site still will not remove the false complaints.  RipOffReports is not held liable at all…only the people who filed the false claims…who may be found personally liable for damages.

Once someone files a complaint, it is NEVER removed not even at the request of the individual who originally filed the complaint.  The site offers the right to file rebuttals by the offended party and those who know the accused party and wish to speak in rebuttal to the complaint.  However, they even have a limit on the number of rebuttals, I now understand.

RipOffReports does have an arbitration option…for which one is charged $2,000.00 for each complaint.  Even that is no guarantee that the complaint will ever be removied.  Should it be removed, I read that you must pay a monthly fee to keep it off their site.

Below is a thumbnail report on RipOffReports and a site on which one may sign a petition to get them removed from the Google search engine.  I have signed this petition and would ask that after reading the truth about this company below, that others will please join in this effort.  This con-artist racketeering site has dodged some court cases by slipping through some loop holes in the law.

It is too late to get my name off of there, but as you will see, there are over 400 other wronged individuals who have already signed this petition.  If we can get them off the Google search engine, perhaps it will protect others.  The complaints filed on their site, as you will see, can damage a person’s life, career, job search, etc.  and may stem only from one person’s lunacy and anger toward an individual.

My only recourse, at this point, is to sue the two women who defamed and slandered me on this con-artist “consumer advocacy” site.  I do have the documentation with which to win both cases.  As I have demonstrated heretofore on my site, I keep EVERYTHING…going back well over 20 years.

Here is just a portion of the information about RipOffReports. 

Ripoff Report

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article:

Ripoff Report is a privately-owned and operated for-profit website founded by consumer advocate Ed Magedson. The Ripoff Report has been online since December 1998 and is operated by Xcentric Ventures, LLC which is based in Arizona.[1] Ed Magedson is the site’s Editor-in-Chief.


Background on Ed Magedson Consumer Advocate/Extortionist, owner of Ripoff Report who is wanted by the FBI and have lost several court cases even though his site claims other wise. He is a con who has been using his website for extortion and possible rackeetering. By the way, there is a $20,000 reward for anyone who can locate him according to the link below. His pictures are on the page and reports on how he’s is in hiding is all explained in the following link:

Criminal and Founder of Ed MagedsonThere isn’t much known about Ed’s early life or how he got started into the world of becoming a con, although his criminal record shows the true character behind According to, “Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity.”  
“Ed Magedson may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminials with a track record of fraudulent activity.”

 Here are some links to some of the details of this man’s criminal history:

These are taken from the site at: 

Ed’s Quick Links

Criticism and Controversy

Some aspects of the Ripoff Report have been the subject of significant criticism. Some of this criticism has resulted in litigation against the site.


Non-removal Policy

One of the more controversial aspects of the Ripoff Report is its policy against removing reports. Unlike some other message boards or blogs, Ripoff Report does not allow authors to remove their own reports and the site will not remove reports in response to legal demands from attorneys



New Arbitration Program

The current cost of the program is $2,000. (per complaint)

Corporate Advocacy Program and Extortion Claims

Some of the harshest criticism is focused on Ripoff Report’s “Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program”…. The program requires companies to pay a fee to Ripoff Report.

Below is the link to the petition to get Google to remove from their search engine…please do join in this effort to stop this con-artist from preying on other innocent people via his so-called “consumer advocacy” site..extortionist.  This criminal who is operating this site under the guise of a legitimate consumer service site is literally holding companies and individuals hostage…either pay him the exorbitant fees which he requires or your name is never removed from this fraudulent site.

Below is more contact information for Google to request removal of from the site at the following link:


Take Action Against


Here is what you can do… Don’t sit around and do nothing! Take action against websites that don’t have a checks and balances system in place. Websites that defame, post libelous comments, and other ‘negative’ reporting websites should be held responsible!Contact Google Inc. Request removal of websites like for violation of their T.O.S.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
phone: (650) 253-0000
fax: (650) 253-0001
use our web form at

Below is a much more complete biography of Ed Magedson who is the owner of from the followng site…I apologize that some of this is a duplicate of the above excerpt which I posted earlier in this article.  I feel it is important for everyone to see more of this all in one place to get the true picture of this criminal.

Criminal and Founder of Ed MagedsonThere isn’t much known about Ed’s early life or how he got started into the world of becoming a con, although his criminal record shows the true character behind According, “Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity.”
“[Ed Magedson] may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminials with a track record of fraudulent activity.”
What’s truly amazing is how far Ed will go to keep up the scheme. He has been sued more times than we can even count at this point. Blatant examples of extortion, possible racketering, and many other lawsuits were created against Ed. The biggest problem is that Ed is in hiding and no one can find him. For those of you who have the whereabouts of Ed Magedson, there is currently a $20,000 reward for his whereabouts. Please refer to for further information.The best information we currently have about Ed Magedson is via the article found in the Phoenix News. Here is a quick snippit describing Magedson: “He’s the postmodern Columbo, a shambling figure who eventually gets his way not because he’s slick or charming, but because he wears people down. He is a nitpicker, a fighter, a squeaky wheel who’s mastered the art of getting grease. He’s exactly what you’d expect of a self-titled consumer advocate, with one key difference. Thanks to the Internet, people actually have to pay attention to him. Before the rise of the Web, the powerful could write off gadflies such as Ed Magedson. But the Internet provides a bully pulpit that Magedson has harnessed with startling success — and woe to the business owner who tries to ignore him.”

“For someone so smart, Magedson is curiously accepting of even the most off-the-wall allegations. He estimates that 98 percent of the site’s complaints are true, which seems ridiculous after perusing numerous comments in which people accuse each other of everything from spreading sexually transmitted diseases to grand larceny.”
Ed Magedson Criminal Charges The following is a list of criminal charges that Ed Magedson has been charged and found guilty of, remember this is the man behind

Ed Magedson Lawsuits We are currently looking to track down information regarding current lawsuits pending for Ed Magedson. The following are past and prior lawsuits, plus other information regarding to lawsuits against Ed and/or

Court Orders Ed Magedson to pay Aylon $27,100,932.00 in a judgement based upon his defamation claims.

Attorney’s Levenbaum & Cohen file suit against Ed Magedson and his Rip Off Report

We will be updating this information with newer information, as well as continuing to build a resource log of other lawsuits.

What we know about Ed stated above, people would like to know where Ed is. We would like to make a disclaimer that the following information is for use of serving Ed Magedson or finding him to have him served, not to facilitate a crime or cause harm to another. This information is given strictly on the purpose of serving justice.

Ed Magedsons Last Known Residence:
6426 S McClintock, Tempe AZ

Other Information

  • He drives a 1986 Pontiac
  • Drivers License Is not Valid
  • Does Not have any utilities under his name
  • No residence under his name
  • Many outstanding judgements against him
  • Currently in hiding
  • <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>
  • Here is a more current photo of him from the Pheonix New Times article:
  • Ed Magedson

    Ed Magedson

I want to make it perfectly clear to the two women who filed their petty, untrue, and defaming complaints against me and my web site server what kind of an organization they have fallen in with.  Shame on them!!


UPDATE RE: THE MORTON COOPER BOOK “THE KING” about which I wrote above on this page:



My good friend, Susan, has sent me the link to where she has located some used paperback copies of this book for sale.  For those interested in reading this book which Elvis read, here is the link:

I just checked and there are reported to be 12 used copieis for sale with prices starting at only $1.28.


My good friend, Susan, has sent me the link to Elvis’s performance schedule just for the year of 1974.  I post the link in order that everyone may see for themselves that about which Jesse wrote.

Also, I will insert the excerpt from Jesse’s letter once more with the link to the 1974 show lineup:


Also from the above site, for which I just posted the link which shows all of Elvis’s live appearances, I will also post the link to Elvis’s tour schedule for all of 1977.  On this link, you will see that it shows all details of every single show including which suit Elvis wore during each show.  You will note that up until May 2, 1977, he alternated among different suits.  The point which I want everyone to take note of is this:  From May 2, 1977 through his very last performance on June 26, 1977 HE ONLY WORE THE SUNDIAL SUIT…FOR EVERY SINGLE SHOW!!!

Don’t you think he was trying to get the message across “It’s time!”  He even changed the words to the song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” from “…wise men say only fools rush in…” to “wise men know when it’s TIME TO GO” in SOMEinstances.

Farther below is the link at which you may see the above facts for yourself…please do take the time to look.

If I am correct, he did 26 consecutive shows in a row, but not all on the same tour, wearing only the Sundial suit.  To make this perfectly clear this was the ONLY SUIT he performed in from May 2, 1977 on.   Also, take note that the show on June 26 was the 26th time he wore that suit consecutively…26 in numerology equals his number 8.

IF my memory serves me correctly that was the date of *Col. Parker’s birthday and the date of **Vernon’s later death in 1979.  I haven’t refreshed my memory on those two facts in many years, so I may be wrong about that.  Again, you may check it out easily for yourself.

Here is the link to the 1977 show schedule showing the suit worn in the 26 shows:

Here is the photo of the back of the suit once more displaying all the instances of the numbers 8-16 in the design:

I love Elvis/Jesse’s mind…he is so brilliant!!!  No wonder we are still figuring out things he did way back before 1977.  As he wrote in his book, they left clues so people could know.

*Footnote about Col. Parkers date of birth mentioned above:  Yes, I was correct Col. Parker’s date of birth was June 26 as shown below from Wikipedia:

Colonel Tom Parker+


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Colonel Tom Parker
Born June 26, 1909(1909-06-26)
Died January 21, 1997(1997-01-21) (aged 87)
Las Vegas, NevadaUSA
Occupation Talent manager
Spouse Marie Francis Mott (1935–1986)
Loanne Miller (1990–1997)

“Colonel” Thomas Andrew “Tom” Parker (June 26, 1909 – January 21, 1997) born Andreas


** Footnote about Vernon Presley’s date of death being on June 26.  Yes, I was correct as shown below in an excerpt from the Bing search results:

  • Vernon Elvis Presley Born on April 10, 1916 in Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi, and died June 261979in Memphis, Tennessee Son of Jessie D. McClowell Presley … · Cached page
  • Born: April 19, 1916 Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi DiedJune 261979 Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee 63 years old: Parents: Jesse D. McClowell Presley …
  • Vernon Elvis Presley Born on April 10, 1916 in Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi, and died June 261979in Memphis, Category: Vernon and Gladys Presley

  • Vernon Elvis Presley Born on April 10, 1916 in Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi, and died June 261979in Memphis,


As I have stated previously regarding this movie, I am certain that this movie was made with Elvis’s seal of approval and input.  I have not asked Jesse…but I am so certain of this.

I would like everyone to go to this link on and watch the trailer.  You will see that this IS HIS movie.

I have written about this movie 3 times before on my site.  Please do refer back to those  articles…one on this page above and two on the prior page

Here is the link to the Amazon trailer and also there is access there to watch the entire movie.  If you have not watched it or if you have not watched it from the perspective that Elvis HIMSELF was behind the scenes in authorizing and contributing to this movie, then you will be so pleased when you watch it.

This is from the description:

This Is Elvis –>

4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (57 customer reviews)

A first fully authorized look at the man behind the myth……
My dear friend, M J, phoned me this morning to tell me that while listening to the Jay Gordon Elvis hour long show on radio, she heard them play a radio ad for this movie back when it was coming to theaters and at the end it said something like “The story only HE could tell“.  So, I thank her so much for sharing that because it once again returned my thoughts to this very important movie.
I want everyone to understand that Elvis/Jesse is most honest about his life.  There may be some things in this movie that bother you a little but you must remember that he does not pull any punches about his life.
In a phone conversation we were having, the topic of Joe Esposito’s book came up…the Good Rockin’ Tonight book  and I said that some of it bothered me a little and Jesse said “I told Joe to not pull any punches.”

So, it is the same with the movie THIS IS ELVIS.

More on and Google:

From the link below you can also read an earlier report about this fly-by-night web site written by this same author.  Below is the opening few comments from the earlier article in order that you may know who the person is who wrote the full article farther below:


“As many of you know, I frequently speak for The State Bar of Texas and have done a fair amount of work in the Texas legal community………

The story involves a business that was unjustly attacked via an online site I know all too well—The Rip-Off Report. The Rip-Off Report is, in my opinion, a black hat site social media site that disguises itself as a consumer protection organization. The irony is that a site whose stated purpose is to reveal scams, rip-offs, and other injustices actually has a few ethical nuances of its own that beg me to ask the question, “Who’s the scammer?”

The Rip-Off Report and Ed Magedson

As you will see, now is not the first time that they have had a go round of legal demands to get them removed from Google.  Which  RipOffReports met with some new underhanded means to get around the changes by Google by setting up “redirects” to their new URL’s
The RipOff Report Changes URL Structure

The RipOff Report Changes URL Structure

Early this week I began to notice the URLs of the have changed.  I covered The Ripoff Report in my post “

Black Hat Social Media:  What’s Wrong with The Communications Decency Act“.  I examined the URL changes and it appears that Ed Madgeson has hired an SEO.  The changes are search engine friendly URLs which have the following structure:  /%BusinessCategory%/%BusinessName%/%ComplaintTitle%/ .  They are supported by search engine friendly redirects (301’s) from the old URLs to the new ones. The URL changes do not appear to be simply the result of software changes; they are very well thought out.  Google seems to think so as well.

The URL changes are likely just an attempt to garner more search volume and rank higher on the company names under which reports are filed.  Google, however, seems to have missed this change as they are reindexing pages from The RipOff Report that were currently removed from their index pursuant to legal demands.  We know this because our phone has been ringing.

My question is do these purposeful URL rewrites and the SEO specific redirects around them put the site outside of the safe harbors of The Communications Decency Act?  I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to test the waters.


It is a disgrace when a company like RipOffReports can continue to operate with it’s history of extortion from the victims of the, often fraudulent, complaints filed against them.   

Here is a link to a YouTube video about this extortionist and his site:

Then there is this:


Here is the link to one more site which tells it like it is about  I don’t use their language personally on my site, but I must say RipOffReports deserves every well chosen word which this site has written about them and the people who file fraudulant complaints on their site which carries on illegal practices by hiding behind loophole laws and flying under the radar:

APOLOGY:  When I posted the above article about very late last night, I did not go to the public display of this page to double check as I normally do.  When I did do that this morning, I saw that when I copied and pasted the above articles, some sort of line of text appeared with the above article which DID NOT appear on the screen from which I copied it.  Evidently that is something that is embedded within some articles…I have seen this happen before with other articles such as my Edgar Cayce Thoughts For The Day which are totally harmless.  However, the one which appeared with the above pasted article was, to me, offensive.  To those who may have seen this, I do sincerely apologize.


I am not feeling well at all today and so I may not get anything new posted today…I apologize.  I do want to share, though, that I received a letter from Jesse yesterday and he is doing well.  He said he would write me when we last spoke on Sunday, March 20th.

He wrote that he is very concerned about the harassing attacks upon me.  He again reiterated his wishes for me in dealing with the attacks.  He wrote “One word for all those people who harass you “LIES” shall be your only response to them,”.  I shall do my best from here on to abide by his admonition.  I know he is right and that nothing I say can stop them nor convince them of the truth.

I want to share the Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day today with everyone as it truly does mean a lot to me today:


Think on This …

Know that ye are going through a period of testing. Remain true to all that has been committed to thee, and know that each day is an opportunity, and an experience. Speak a word for thy ideal. Not as to force an issue but ever constructive. Sow the seed of truth, the seed of the spirit. God will give the increase.

Edgar Cayce Reading 3245-1

Become part of the legacy.



I had planned to post some more good news about Elvis planning to retire in August, 1977 this morning…and I still will, but first I need to make everyone aware that the attacks upon me have not stopped and are in fact becoming more and more aggressive.  The attackers do not plan to stop until they destroy my web site.  A friend notified me this morning that when she typed in my name as usual to reach my web site that she got something else entirely and that in very small letters it said something about blocking my web site from access.  Here is what she wrote to me:

“I went back and clicked the second one on the page and got, ‘Lively Today.’ In very small type it said, ‘Block all”

Also, I did the normal searches for my name with Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL and instead of the usual results with there being many, many positive results about my site and things related to my site, now there are only a few results for my site followed by the very negative lies about me on other sites.  I am unaware of how this could be accomplished and am very sad that this has taken place after all my work to defend myself against lies over the years.

You may do a search for my name today and find all of the links to all of the LIES about me and Jesse if you wish to read them all and make your own decision about me, Jesse and my site.  There are many people who are determined to poison the minds of all those who support me and my web site.  Each of these people have their own personal agenda which varies from jealousy to fear of losing their reputations in the established “Elvis world” because they have been wrong for 33+ years…and then there is the lunatic fringe.

There is nothing on my site but the truth and God will take care of me and my web site.  However this ends will be God’s will.


I have just gotten off the phone with Reputation Defender of which I am a member.  They tell me that to correct the damage that has been done to my name in the search engines will cost at least $1000.00.  So, I hope the consciences of the people who are working so hard to destroy my site will rest easy when they go to sleep tonight.  They have done all of this damage to me for FREE

To even attempt to get the complaints about me removed from the extortionist site,, will cost me $2000.00 per each of the 5 complaints the two women filed against me…and that does not guarantee removal.  My only recourse is to sue the two women for defamation and slander because they filed false accusations against me on a site which can be accessed by businesses regarding job applications, credit card applications, insurance applications etc.  Of course, it will cost me an enormous amount of money and time to sue them. 

In response to more LIES written by AJR of Springfield, Mo. on the Topix thread:  I reiterate DOES NOT charge those who file complaints anything; nor do they require identification of the person filing the complaint; nor do they take the first step to make sure that the complaints filed have any truth or any substance warranting the complaints.  THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY BY EXTORTING MONEY FROM THE VICTIMS OF THE COMPLAINTS.  Those who file the complaints invest nothing but their time and imagination in writing the complaints.

So, for FREE these people have done a lot of damage to me personally just because they disagree with my web site…all of their actions stem from this basic fact…and their hatred of me. 



Below is the article which I had intended to post first thing this morning.  I hope it will bring happiness to those who choose to believe the truth:

I want to thank my dearest friend, M J, who phoned me yesterday morning to bring to my mind something which I had totally forgotten.  The three copies below are excerpts from Larry Geller’s book for which I will display the link below where you may purchase it.  This book is just as wonderful as his earlier books about Elvis and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Also, don’t forget that Jesse wrote in his own book that Larry asked his permission to write a book and that he gave it.  The result was the book “If I Can Dream” which Jesse said he liked.

The below excerpt was written by Larry describing the memories going through his mind as he stood over the coffin preparing to fix the hair of the body.

Here you will read about all of the plans Elvis had for making big changes to his life.  This conversation took place in Hawaii in March of 1977 (around the same time that Elvis wrote his  revised will).  Take note of his comments about planning to own his own movie production company.

This conversation also reflects the conversation which he had with Nancy Rooks to which I provided a link earlier in order that everyone could listen to her interview in which she told about Elvis telling her some of these same things that he told Larry…about taking time off and coming back to do work in the movies.

I point the two above things out as further substantiation of his post-1977 behind-the-scenes connection with Orion Pictures.

I have highlighted and underlined the significant portions to which I want to draw your attention:

Here is the link at which you may purchase Larry’s wonderful book:




“The world knows Elvis Presley all right; Elvis the image, but they don’t know me, the real person. There’s more to me than that guy up there on the stage. Larry, I’m counting on you.”

Below is the first excerpt which I wish to share.  It comes from page #150 of the above book:

Also, below is the link once again to the interview in which Nancy Rooks tells of his plans to stop touring and take time off and then come back to do movie work.  I have always thought very highly of Mr. Krein and have been hurt to see that he has also spoken unkindly of my site.  Nonetheless, I highly recommend his site and his many wonderful interviews to everyone.

The following interview aired on Elvis Express Radio. The interviews are about the days after August 16th. This is a telephone interview with Dick grob on May 29 , 2008 and the 2nd is an interview with Nancy Rooks . Also an telephone interview done on may 30, 2008 . The 2nd part is right after a few Elvis songs. Because you are hearing what was aired. But you need to hear the follow up that Lee Dawson and i did. You will not believe it.

One final word on the above train of thought about what Elvis was planning to do:  For those who have the 1981 taped phone conversations, you will hear on there that what Elvis described to Larry is exactly what he did. Also, Jesse wrote in his book that only 6 people knew of the plan to escape…just as he told Larry that only 4 or 5 guys would go with him.  Larry’s book was only published 2 or 3 years ago while Jesse wrote his book beginning over 13 years ago.


As a memory refresher for those who may have forgotten my public notices which I have prominently displayed on the front page of my web site, I shall post those once again here.  These stipulations apply to everyone who visits my site:



Upon entering this portal, the user agrees to the terms set forth by the owner of this website. The contents of this web site are solely for information and entertainment purposes. The owner of this web site does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the opinions formed by those who read the pages contained on this website, whether in agreement/disagreement of the information contained herein, written or implied.

With respect to content available on this web site, the web site owner makes no guarantee, express or implied and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness of information nor that the information contained herein would not oppose the opinions of others. This website is for information/entertainment only and none of its contents may be used in a commercial, personal or public manner. To do so constitutes the misuse of information and a violation of the terms of agreement. The misuse of information on this website includes but is not exclusive to its use/reference on public websites, chat rooms, message boards or forums, news papers and magazines. The visitor of this web site agrees not to use, refer to, copy, post or discuss its contents in any public manner. Enter this portal only if you agree to the terms outlined above.


Pursuant to my posted notice of intention to display the

names of those individuals who continue to misuse

information about me, my web site and/or my material, I

have exercised the option outlined in my notice which I

published at 10:00 PM on Friday, March 25, 2011.  This

notice to every visitor to my web site has since been on display

on the front page of this web site.  You may find it near

the top of that page beneath two other notices of rights

and terms of agreement. 

Please visit that page to read the posted conditions regarding the access and use of material from this web site.


SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011

I just did a search on Ebay for “Larry Geller” under “books” and found some wonderful buys on his three earlier books about Elvis. ” IF I CAN DREAM” and THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS PRESLEY – LARRY GELLER POCKET BOOK BY JESS STEARN AND LARRY GELLER 1980 USA and the re-publication of the second book under the title of: Elvis’ Search for God by Jess Stearn, Larry Geller

Here is the link to this search so you may see the results for yourself.  “THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS PRESLEY” is my personal favorite.  Which is another book which Elvis wanted to be written to tell the world about the inner man and his spiritual search…also Jess Stearn was the author who he wished to help write it.  I love this book so much.  Back when this book came out, there was no Internet and I was fortunate enough to find a used copy of it for sale in an antique store where someone’s estate was being sold.  It is one of my all time favorite books about Elvis.

I only see one copy of this original edition of this book on there right now.  Here is the display on it: 

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I know you will truly enjoy each of Larry’s books if you have not already read them.

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SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011

I want to explain something concerning some of the attacks and complaints being hurled upon my web site.  The company which provides the means for me to construct and maintain my web site, TipTopWebSites, is in no way whatsoeveraccountable for any of the contents on my site and cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever.

The Communications Decency Act is a law which protects entities which hosts sites, forums, message boards, blogs, etc. on which material can be displayed written by other individuals.  This law makes the hosts and/or servers of such sites immune from all liability for what is displayed by outside individuals on their hosted sites.

This is how has escaped prosecution for the lies and slanders contained in the complaints which are shown on their site.  This is how Topix, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook,  and other such sites can allow any kind of trash onto their forums and blogs.  This was how EIN got away with allowing Paul Monroe to tell his false information about me in the interview which they published.



Elvis with Charlie Hodge side by side – left below: 

Elvis with Perhaps” Jimmy Ellis/Orion side by side – middle below 

Notice the difference in heights in each photo.

Jimmy was known to be taller than Elvis…while Charlie was known to be much shorter than Elvis.

Below right is a known photo of Jimmy Ellis (younger).


A good friend who was a personal friend of Jimmy Ellis’s shared the middle photo with me…she believed it is Jimmy Ellis.  I do not know the history of the photo.

So it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.  Once again, I have not asked Jesse about this photo.  However, when I asked about my having the Orion the singer and Orion Pictures pages on my site, I told him that I had always beleived that some of the Orion songs were actually him.  He did say “Yes“. 

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011

My friend, Michele, wrote me the following this morning:

The photo on your page listed as Jimmy Ellis with Elvis and Priscilla is really Charlie Hodge.  See photo on second row, second photo in link.


I thank Michele so very much for her information as I always welcome input on my material.

Here is a copy of the page which Michele referred us to:

For futher comparison, here is a photo of Charlie with Elvis and Pat Boone where you can see Charlie more clearly.  I just don’t think that is Charlie’s face in the above photo.  But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so to each his own choosing.

But….I still have my doubts that it is Charlie in the photo.  I have previously documented from Joe Espositos’ book that Jimmy Ellis did attend at least one show in Las Vegas with Jimmy Ellis.  There may have been others.

The above is a candid shot and it may be that the person in the photo was identified in this shot as Charlie Hodge because someone guessed or assumed it was Charlie because they were thinking of someone frequently seen with Elvis.

I personally do not believe it is Charlie Hodge as the face does not look like Charlie while it does look like Jimmy Ellis.

Below is the copy of the page from Joe’s book detailing the show which he and Elvis attended with Jimmy Ellis in Las Vegas.

Page #92 from Joe Esposito’s Book “Celebrate Elvis Volume 1”
 This proves that Jimmy “Orion” Ellis was friends with Elvis and Joe:


So, once more I leave this debate totally in the hands of each visitor.  I am not asking anyone to believe that it is Jimmy Ellis in the photo…although, I personally believe that it is.  One reason for my belief is that the lady who sent me the photo was a close friend of Jimmy’s and I trust her judgement.

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011

I pray that others will apply the Edgar Cayce Thought For The Day to their attitude toward me and my web site.  I do try to see the point of view of others although it may oppose my own…unless it is expressed in hurtful and dishonest manners.  Then I do defend myself against lies.

Think on This …

Remember the beautiful ever, and look for the agreements rather than for disagreements. Do not condemn that which has not been applied nor that self has not experienced in the same character of circumstance. Thus, never repeat that which might be harmful to anyone, even though it be only gossip for the moment.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1533-2

Become part of the legacy.


My friend, Michele corrected my wording in one paragraph about the Sundial suit above on this page.  Sometimes in my eagerness to present something, my fingers go faster than my brain when I am typing.  I have gone back and corrected my wording to reflect what I was attempting to express regarding his very last tour…shows which were taped by CBS…NOThis very last show.  I apologize for this error.

Michele also contributed the following background information about the Sundial suit which explains about the 1974 debut of the suit.

Elvis’ Mexican Sundial suit:  Many sources list it as the Aztec calendar suit.  When most people hear sundial, they think of clock time but the design is more akin to the Aztec calendar.   Wikipedia states that the one pictured below is from the The Aztec Sun Stone, also called the Aztec Calendar Stone, on display at the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City.

The Aztec Sun Stone, also called the Aztec Calendar Stone, on display at theNational Museum of AnthropologyMexico City.

Also, you footnote that the suit was made before 1977.  That is correct.  Elvis wore the suit in 1974 for the October Lake Tahoe tour and then it was retired until 1977.  Costume designer Gene Doucette has confirmed there was only one suit ever made so Elvis wore the same suit for all of those shows in 1977.  Here is a picture from the Lake Tahoe concert in 1974.  You can see that Elvis is thinner in this photo than the ones from 1977.  Bill Belew has said in several interviews that Elvis did not want to be measured in 1977 and he would have to guess how much to let his jumpsuits out.  The suit being made in 1974 has been documented on many sites.

Here is one from:


My thanks, as always, to Michele for her knowledgeable input.

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011

I am going to display two more photos which my husband and I took on one of our Graceland trips.  I honestly do not recall where these were taken.  But I am thinking that at least one of these was taken in the Jimmy Velvet museum.   This would have been during either our 1985, 1988, or 1992 trips.  I have our 1997 trip photos in a separate album.

First of all, below is a photo of another of Elvis’s personal DEA outfits.  This one is red which is something we have rarely seen. 


The next photos are from a display of a letter written by Ellen Marie Foster when she contributed a ring, which Elvis had given to her in April of 1977, to the museum in 1980.  I am almost certain that this was in the Jimmy Velvet Museumalthough I cannot recall positively.

Ellen Marie Foster is likely the person to whom Elvis/Jesse was speaking during the phone conversations in 1981 which were later released by Gail Brewer-Giorgio with her book “Is Elvis Alive?” in 1988.  The voice on this tape has been authenticated by the Houston, Texas police  department as being the voice of Elvis Presley.  The official statement by the person who did that voice print analysis is on one of Gail’s tapes.  It may be included in one of the YouTube videos which I have already presented… I don’t recall.  Once more, Darlock who was trotted out on the Geraldo show was merely a cover to squelch the Elvis is alive stories.

When I published my newsletter in 1990-1991, I became acquainted with a very dear lady who had been a very close personal friend of Ms. Foster’s and they had visited on the phone and through letters  (there was no Email back in those days).  During the time I was friends with Pat E., she sent me some of the letters which she had received from Ellen Marie Foster in order that I could see and read them for myself.  I did not make copies…as that would have been a breech of trust.  But, I very clearly recall those letters.

Pat E.  was very distressed because, all of a sudden, she lost all touch with Ellen.  She was so worried.  She was given the impression that Ellen had passed away.  But, Pat did not believe that to be true.  She even went to the address at which Ellen had lived and found that the house had been demolished.  During my newsletter, Pat. E. had asked if anyone, including Elvis, knew about what actually happened to her friend Ellen Marie Foster, to please get in touch with her.

Pat E. felt that because Ellen was in contact with Elvis himself after 1977, that something had happened to her…that perhaps she had been moved for her own protection.  I do recall that there was a rumor about a lady in a store after that who someone suspected was actually Ellen Marie Foster.  This lady had made remarks which caused this suspicion…I believe I recalll that it may have been in CA…but again my memory on that is very faint.

Pat E. phoned me several years ago….BEFORE I was telling a soul that I knew Elvis and we chatted for a while.  She asked if she could call me again sometime and I told her certainly.  But, I have not heard back from her though I would love to.  If anyone reading this, is acquainted with Pat. E. from back in Gail’s days or my newsletter days, please do encourage her to contact me.

Anyway, Ellen Marie Foster became a close friend of Elvis’s from March, 1977 on.  He gave her one of the first gifts which he had given to Gladys…a ring.  The letter and the ring are/were on display and we photographed the display.  I have cropped and enlarged the letter and the ring in order that I may display a fairly legible copy her for everyone to enjoy.  There is a faint notation which she wrote at the bottom of the letter, but I cannot read what it says, so I have not copied that portion.

Everyone should bear in mind that Elvis phoned Ellen Marie Foster just a few days before August 16, 1977 and told her that he would not be going on the upcoming tour.  She asked him why…had he decided to cancel the tour?  He told her “No”.  He told her that she would be seeing things happening in the next few days and to not believe what she heard and saw.

Here is Ms. Foster’s letter about Elvis and his gift of the ring to her:

So, you can imagine how thrilled, honored and touched I was when Elvis/Jesse sent me the very first thing which had belonged to his mother.  Those are certainly most treasured and protected by me.  Words cannot express how touched and blessed I have been to receive not only these most precious gifts but by the sentiments with which he gave them to me.  I am so very humbled by the honor of being his close friend.

I have displayed two of the rings which were his mother’s which he gave to me on this site on other pages.

Below are those photos with his accompanying handwritten notes once more:

The close up below shows the missing stone about which Jesse wrote above:


I am going to add just a little more documentation to the above Ellen Marie Foster material:

First of all, I think I have been able to make out what the notation on the bottom of her letter may be.  I believe it is a Notary Public’s witness to her letter as being written by her:

Here is the copy of the portion in question.  I am sorry that this is not as clear as the top of the letter.  The angle at which we photographed it in the display caused the top part to be much clearer than the letter farther toward the bottom.  As I wrote earlier, I have scanned the photo and cropped and enlarged it the very best that I can.

I believe I can make out the words “…sworn to Before me this (day?)…May, (year?)  Then the notary’s signature followed by the written words “Notary Public”.  I expect there was the normal Notary Seal stamped into the paper itself as well.

Also, I have been going back over some of the letters which I received from Pat. E. back in late 1990 and refreshing my memory.  She was not at all sure that the 1981 tapes were from Ellen Marie as she knew how fiercely loyal Ms. Foster was to Elvis.  But she does mention Ms. Foster speaking with “Sivle” and coming to take her for a ride in a white Cadillac limousine, etc.

These letters to me were, of course, written to me personally and privately so I won’t reveal any private comments by Pat. E. but I have decided to scan just a little from several of the letters so you will know that I really do have the letters written by this lady.

She gave me permission to print and to give out her address and phone number when I was publishing the newsletter…so, I feel comfortable in sharing a little of her handwriting from these letters.  I will also show where she mentioned the letter (by Ms. Foster) with which she had entrusted me.

If Ellen Marie Foster was really speaking with Elvis on the phone and telling Pat. E. some things about it, I do not think that she would have been revealing anything of a very personal nature about their conversations.  Pat. E. felt adamantly that Ellen Marie Foster would NOT have ever taped her conversations with Elvis unless she had his permission.  One thing we must remember is that around 1981 and 1982 was the period of time when Elvis was thinking of making himself known to the world.  In the 1981 conversations, he talks of Christmas being a good time to let some people know…people who were going to be shocked.

Pat E. was very loyal to her past friend Ellen Marie Foster.

Below are just some snippets from Pat’s letters to me in order that you may see that the letters about Ellen Marie Foster to me really do exists…I did publish things at her request in my newsletters.

I have cropped and edited to protect the confidential portions as well as Pat’s address, phone number etc. even though when we last spoke she had long ago moved from the location from which she wrote in 1990.





I am home from my out-patient procedure at the hospital this afternoon…and not back to 100%.  However, I have just set up a message board on which everyone may post Easter greetings to Jesse. 

Here is the link to that page as well as my introduction to that page spelling out the guidelines for use of this message board:


This is a message board strictly for those who love Elvis/Jesse to post Easter Greetings to him.

No messages of a negative nature directed at me or Jesse will be allowed to remain on this board.  This time they WILL ALL BE DELETED ASAP without being read by me or responded to by me.  Jesse has directed me that my response to anything of this nature shall be “LIES!!!” and so it shall be.

Also, Jesse does not correspond with anyone via the Internet, through the mail nor through phone calls.  Therefore, for the safety of those who post messages to him, I ask that you not reveal any contact information about yourself.  The Internet is a dangerous place and I certainly don’t want any disturbances to come to anyone because of my web site.

Please do feel free to post your messages on here through this coming Sunday, April 17th.  I plan to print them off and mail them out to Jesse the first of next week in order that they may reach him, hopefully, by Easter Sunday.

My heartfelt thanks, in advance, to those who participate in this labor of love for Jesse.


I just came across this web site which may interest others.  I haven’t had time to peruse the site much at all…but It appears to furnish access to ordering information for many Elvis related books, etc.



I touched base with my good friend, Betty, who originally Emailed me the photo of Elvis with Jimmy Ellis.  As I wrote earlier when I first posted the photo and again above, she was a long time close friend of Jimmy Ellis up until his death.  She sent me this photo originally because she was certain that it was Jimmy Ellis in the photo.

I asked for her opinion once more on this photo and she wrote me several Emails.  Below are some quotes from her responses.  Some of what she told me to substantiate that it really is Jimmy Ellis in the photo is very private and I would never divulge that without the permission of both Jesse and Betty.

Here are the excerpts from Betty’s Email responses to me:

“Yes, I know it is Jimmy Ellis…..
So yes, these two men knew each other and I am sure up until Jimmy’s death Elvis was still seeing Jimmy.
Being a friend of Jimmy Ellis for many years up until his death, I truly believe that this photo of Elvis and the man in question is actually Jimmy Ellis.   I do know that Jimmy thought very highly of Elvis, and did attend some of his shows.”

Once more below is the photo in question alongside a known photo of Jimmy Ellis when he was younger before 1977…as he would have been back when he could have been seen with Elvis in Vegas:



Below is the link to my new page followed by the introduction on my new page:

This new page is titled simply :   LIES!!!

I shall begin populating this new page with links to the lies about me of which I am already aware and then add to it as new links surface.  I shall be removing some of the existing material regarding these links which I have already mentioned on my site, and leaving some others as they appear if it relates to some important information which I have already shared.

Jesse told me his advice on Sunday, March 20th when we spoke and then again in his letter to me which I received last week.  So, from the day he told me forward, I shall abide by his wishes.

Henceforth links to all such slanderous material will be posted on this page with no response from me at all.  Just the fact that it is displayed on this page, will signify the worthlessness of the accusations contained.
In most cases, I will only publish the link to the offensive article in order that anyone who wishes to read such things about me and my web site may do so and then make up their own mind about whether to believe me or to believe the words of the attackers.
The reason that I have fought so steadfastly against the lies and misrepresentations about me has always been to try to clear my name of the trash started about me back in 2001 when Hinton published the book and exposed who I am.
I have felt that to just ignore such garbage about me would cause me to appear that I am unable to refute the lies or just trying to bury my head in the sand and hope that they would go away.  Neither of these could be further from the truth.  I can and have refuted the attacks time after time.  But, I recognize now that nothing I neither say nor do will dissuade those who hate me and are Hell-bent on my destruction.
Jesse is correct and therefore my answer to all of the below slanders and defamations is simply:
 L I E S ! !