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This is a photo of Elvis in 1994 with his grandson, Benjamin who was about 2 years old at the time.

Jesse gave me this photo as a gift in 1997.  I kept it locked away and never showed it to anyone until Jesse gave me permission to show it to Dr. Hinton and our mutual friend during a visit in November, 1997.  I never made any copies of this photo until Jesse called and asked me to make a copy of it for Dr. Hinton because he needed it for the book.  After sending the copy to Dr. Hinton, I returned it to my locked safe.  I have created this web site, and shared this photo here on my web site, in May, 2009 with Jesse’s full permission in order to refute the lies which were spread about me on the Internet after I was recognized as “Shuma” in Jesse’s book.

Elvis in 1994 with grandson

Below is part of the letter which Jesse wrote to me in July, 1997 to accompany the above photo of him with Benjamin.

Page #1


Page #2

Page #4

Also from my copy of the rough draft of the book:


Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Elvis and Jesse side by side comparison

Someday everyone will accept the truth about Jesse…

The face is the same, the voice is the same (please listen to his 15 new songs in the link shown in the right column of this page), and the handwriting is the same (please see many, many handwritten letters on this site).


I am not at all acquainted with the people who created these videos, but they certainly did a good job. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Today a new contributor to our blog page sent a video which they had created to help prove that Jesse is Elvis.  This kind person took a photo of Elvis and placed it over the photo of Jesse with Ben.  As you will see, they are a perfect match.

I have faced enormous skepticism about the fact that it is Elvis in the photo with Benjamin.  Even though, I have displayed photo comparisons of Elvis’s face and body which to the naked eye are proof.  Along with photo comparisons of Benjamin which again match the photo with Jesse.

This person has done a point by point proof that the face of Jesse does indeed match a photo of Elvis perfectly.

Please take a look and share this with your friends who may still be having trouble seeing the truth.

ELVIS IS ALIVE – Photo evidence examined.

Published on Nov 10, 2012 by L Griffiths

Is Elvis alive? I am no crazed fan but I grew up with Elvis’ music around me. I have always been interested in the truth, in every aspect of life, so when I found this evidence, I wanted to do as much as I could to examine it scientifically. I was shocked at what I discovered. See for yourself and make up your own mind.

I so very much appreciate L. Griffiths for producing this video of evidence to support the truth which I am telling.

Also, we have another similar video which I have had posted on this site for a long time.  Surely the two of these together will convince some of those remaining skeptics.

Elvis is Jesse and this proves it.

Uploaded by TheBojo44 on Dec 24, 2009

Once more, my heartfelt thanks to each of these kind and diligent people.


Later on another very kind lady did an analysis of Jesse’s face comparing specific points on each of their faces and, thereby, proving that all of the key facial points are identical on both faces.  I am so very sorry that I do not recall the identity of this wonderful lady who created this video specifically for me.  This is from my own YouTube channel.

ELVIS IS ALIVE Key Points comparison between Jesse’s and Elvis’s faces

This video proves that Elvis is Jesse now via the use of key points in Elvis’s face matched to the same key points in Jesse’s face. This photo of Elvis, who is now Jesse, was taken in 1994 and given to me, personally by Elvis/Jesse, in 1997.

ELVIS IS ALIVE – Key Points comparison between Jesse’s and Elvis’s faces



Two very good long-time friends to my site, Noddy and Lucilia, have shared something which they have found which goes even further to prove that Jesse, with his grandson in the photo which he gave to me personally, really is Elvis.  They have each found photos of Elvis from his induction into the Army which show some sort of injury/scar on his lower right leg.  They have pointed out that Jesse also has the scar in this very same location in the 1994 photo with Ben.  Below I will insert the examples which they each have pointed out.

I thank Noddy and Lucilia for all their years of steadfast devotion to Jesse and for sharing this find with me in order that my visitors may view this also.

This was all shared with me on Facebook a short while back and when I just checked back, I saw that it is no longer visible in my own timeline on Facebook.  Below is some of what Noddy wrote to me.  Lucilia then reminded us that she had shared similar proof earlier.  The photos which Lucilia shared are now gone from my timeline.  But she sent them to me again tonight in an Email attachment, so I am going to attempt to insert her collage photo comparison first.

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia

Close up of Jesse’s leg showing the scar.

Close up of Jesse's Scar on his leg

Dear Linda, I have just gone into having a look at Linda from Chicago’s you tube on Elvis’s information called Private Elvis. If you watch it from 1.49 to 1.53 you will see that there is a very distinctive mark on Elvis’s right leg above his ankle and he also has one similar on his left leg left above his left ankle in this video. The point that I want to make is this on his photo with Benjamin sitting on his knee … taken in 1994… I have been trying to find this specific mark on Elvis’s right leg and what do I see in this video, granted it is black and white, but the mark is right there where it should be to prove once again this person as Jesse is Elvis Aron Presley.  I cannot believe that I finally found it at long last.

Below are two screen shots which I have captured from the video, Private Elvis.

Scar on Elvis leg during Army physical

Scar on Elvis leg close up view


I came across a movie still from one of Elvis’ movies in which we can see that there was actually makeup on Elvis’ leg to hide the scar on his leg.  The scar on Elvis’ leg which matches the scar on Jesse’s leg in his 1994 photo with his grandson, Benjamin.  Check this out…



A new friend from Austria wrote the following in an Email to me which also included an interesting comparison of Jesse’s photo to that of Elvis.  I thank Patrik from the bottom of my heart for his kind words and his time in composing the two photo comparisons.

Hallo Mrs. Sigmon my Name is Patrik Conrad I am 26 years old and come frome Europe (I live in Austria 50 miles west side from Vienna)
First of all i will say my english is not good ,i hope you can read this .
I really like your Webside and i think it s incredible what you achieve my respect mam.
But sometimes I read really bad things from People about you and that makes me very sad .
I can not understand why People not believe Jesse is Elvis and this People laughter about it.
So i make this Photo. . This is for all funny maker . Here ist the proof Jesse is Elvis.
I hop the Pictures in good Quality i am not a Computer person

Thank you for reading my words and watch the photos
Nice greeting and God bless you and Mr.,,Jesse,,

My response to Patrik’s kind words of caring regarding those who attack me so viciously is: 

Jesse summed it all up in one word “Jealousy“.  They are to be pitied for the misery which they bring into their own lives by bearing false witness against me…Me, who they do not even know.

Their hatred of me does no harm to me while it poisons their own heart, mind and soul.

Elvis Jesse composite comparison photo version 2




Our good friend, Jean S., has been searching for a photo of Elvis with a very similar angle of his face as that of Jesse in his 1994 photo.  She came up with a very close match and shared it with me to display on the site.  Jean did a good job, don’t you think?  My heartfelt thanks to Jean for her diligence and effort.

First here is the photo of Elvis from which Jean worked:

Jean's Elvis photo for comparison



The only answer to Jean’s question which so many of us have asked ourselves many, many times is this:  “There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see.



A very dear friend to our site, Lucilia, sent me a very astute observation which she has made about the smile of Elvis compared to the smile of Jesse.  I had noted the smile lines matching before…but Lucilia zeroed in on one specific part of Jesse’s smile which matches that of Elvis perfectly.  I will display Lucilia’s images below with her matches circled in red ink.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help as always.

Copied from my own copy of the rough draft of the book:


At this point in time, after all the many examples which I have displayed on this site which prove that Jesse is Elvis, I must conclude that those who still refuse to accept the truth are those who, for their own personal reasons, simply do not want to believe that Elvis did not die and that he is Jesse.

Anyone who can view every document on this site, view the images, view the linked videos, listen to the 15 songs on the CD, view the handwriting, and logically look at all the details and facts surrounding the events leading up to August 16, 1977 and following that date and still not accept the truth, is simply in DENIAL because of one agenda or another.


FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

My best friend , M J, sent this black and white photo (below) of Elvis from 1974 for comparison to the photo of Jesse with Benjamin.  As you can see the smile is just about identical except for the eyes being more open in the 1994 photo.  I assume that an eye lift was probably part of Jesse’s plastic surgery…thus the more open-eyed look.

M J found this photo in a 1974 issue of a newsletter titled STRICTLY ELVIS, issue #79 published in Nov. 1974.  That is Red West and Sonny West also in the photo.  This photo was taken at the Memphis Southmen’s Football opener on 7/10-1974.

Elvis in July 1974 and Jesse in 1994Elvis in July 1974 closeup


Jesse closeup of face only.



Just in case there are those who have not visited this wonderful YouTube channel to see all of the proof that the photo of Jesse really is Elvis, I want to share the link again.

Simon is no longer active on his channel, but you will see that he has a total of 92 videos which do prove that the facial features of Jesse do match perfectly with Elvis’.

My forever thanks and appreciation to Simon for all the work he did to substantiate the truth which Elvis/Jesse has authorized me to share on both of my websites.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons


MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

I have obtained Jesse’s permission to display some more items which are written in his own handwriting to me.  Please visit my page dedicated to letters from Elvis/Jesse.

Elvis/Jesse’s Handwritten Letters To Me

New addition February 11, 2010

Below is an excerpt from one of the letters written to Dr. Hinton during the writing of Jesse’s book.  Here he mentions his plastic surgery and his not being happy with it.  As I have stated before, this explains the slight difference between Elvis before 1977 and Elvis/Jesse after 1977. Also, as I stated before…the bone structure has not changed….not even one bit.

This excerpt is copied from my own copy of the rough draft:

For those who are new to the Elvis/Jesse topic, the title of the book is “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“.

The photo which appears in the book written by Jesse and Dr. Hinton has caused a lot of discussion and arguments.  I can tell you with first hand knowledge that “YES“.  it is Elvis in that photo.

Elvis/Jesse sent the photo to me in July of 1997 and I kept it under lock and key except for showing it to Dr. Hinton and our mutual friend in Nov. 1997.  I never made a copy for anyone – none whatsoever– until Jesse himself called me in the fall of 2000 before the book was published in 2001.  He specifically told me that I could keep the original and make a copy for Dr. Hinton to put in the book.  I took the photo to a self service photo printer and I made several very good copies of the color photo — different sizes –and sent those copies to Dr. Hinton.  I put my original back in a locked fireproof safe and I still keep it there to this day.

I have the letter which Jesse wrote to me when he sent me the photo.  In that letter, he explained that this is the only photo which he felt comfortable sharing after his plastic surgery.  He told me where the photo was taken and that he was “ecstatic” to be with Benjamin for the first time.  I will not post any of Jesse’s handwriting on this web site without his explicit permission.   (* I now have some of Jesse’s handwritten letters to me on display.  Please see below.) I know that there will be those who argue about and doubt because I won’t post his handwriting…but if you had been friends with Elvis Presley for 17 years and he trusted you implicitly, would you betray him by making anything public without his specific approval?

*MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

I have obtained Jesse’s permission to display several excerpts from his handwritten letters to me.  Please scroll below to see the excerpt from the letter which accompanied this photo which he sent to me in July, 1997.

You will see that he wrote some details about the photo.  Most important, he again explained about the plastic surgery which he had done.

I am going to insert below several photos of Elvis before August,1977 in order that you may compare them to the photo of Jesse with Benjamin in 1994…the photo from Jesse’s book.

Also, it strikes me as odd that people have made such an issue of not believing that the photo is Elvis and yet the photo of Benjamin has very rarely ever been scrutinized to see if it really is Elvis’ grandson in the photo.  I am going to insert a known photo of Benjamin, which has been published, which should remove all doubt that the little boy in the photo with Jesse definitely is Lisa Marie’s little boy.

Jesse and Benjamin full with Ben from the tabloid cover


Jesse's Ben with composite of tabloid 11-97



You will see below that I have found the original photo which was cropped and used on the cover of the National Examiner.

Also, you will see that I have added a new photo to the collage. This photo is of Lisa walking with Benjamin at a little older age.



Benjamin with Lisa and Michael Jackson original photo used on Tabloid

Collage of Benjamin with Jesse and from photo which appeared on tabloid cover Lisa and Benjamin

UPDATE:  Sunday June 23, 2019

While going back through some older files, I came across another magazine which contains a photo taken at the same time as those shown above.  These are good clear photos as well and actually show a better view of Benjamin than those in the National Examiner.



You can easily see that it is the very same little boy.  Benjamin was born in 1992 and the photo with Jesse was taken in 1994.  



Here are some wonderful collages showing the comparison of Elvis to Jesse which were given to me by Live In Lakech in 2012.  My heartfelt thanks to her.





My thanks to Live In LaKech for compiling and sharing these photo collages with us in 2012.

Please visit my two pages which are a continuation of this page regarding this photo:


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