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There has been so much controversy over the photo of Jesse, who IS Elvis, with his grandson Benjamin in the photo which was taken in 1994 and which Jesse gave to me, personally, in 1997.  I have seen and heard an endless litany of totally illogical and nonsensical comments about this lovely photo.  So, I have decided to provide here, all in one place, the images which shall prove, to any logical person, that Jesse is Elvis in this photo with Benjamin.

I have presented all of this proof numerous times on many various pages of this site…but since it does not seem to sink in when I provide it within the scope of a written article,  on this page I shall present nothing but the photo and other photo and video comparisons.  Surely everyone can intelligently view the photos and videos.



I just completed creating a new video.  The video is compiled from photo comparisons of Elvis and Jesse taken from my website.  I hope everyone will enjoy this video. 

The below is from my own YouTube channel.



JUNE, 2015

Below is some undeniable proof that the photo of Jesse with his grandson Benjamin absolutely is a photo of the same man who the world knew as Elvis Aron Presley.  Jesse has told me that he is very pleased that I have this proof displayed on my web site.  He said How can anybody deny that!?

You will see below several photos of Elvis taken during his Army physical.  In these photos, you will see that Elvis had scars on each of his legs…one on each leg on the shin.  After scanning the photo of Elvis with my newer scanner this month, I was able to see, for the first time, that Jesse’s photo does show BOTH of these scars…identical to the scars on Elvis’ legs.  We had shown before that the scar was always visible on his right leg.  However, it was not until the recent clearer scan that the scar on the left leg is also clearly visible.  Below, you will see the proof:

Elvis Presley

Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Elvis Army physical showing scars on both legsClose up of Jesse's legs showing both scars

There is a slightly expanded article about the above proof of the two scars near the end of this page.  However, this is such crucial evidence that I feel it deserves a place of prominence nearer the top of this page.

Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Elvis and Jesse side by side comparison

Elvis68Comeback with Jesse

Elvis and Jesse another comparison






Mr. Simon Laxon who is a wonderful friend to the truth about Jesse, who IS Elvis, has created 92 wonderful video comparisons of the photo of Jesse to different photos of Elvis.  Each of these videos demonstrates that the faces DO match.  I am sharing just one of his videos below…a favorite video of mine.  I urge everyone to visit Simon’s YouTube channel to view all of his other 91 videos.  Simon is certainly one of my heros.  I cannot thank him enough.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 34

Published on Apr 3, 2018






 The inset of Benjamin is mine, of course.


Jesse and Benjamin full with Ben from the tabloid cover 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                  This photo of Benjamin above (right) is from the inside of the NATIONAL EXAMINER…as is shown in the text of the article. 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2014 – update to the original information


You will see below I have found an original photo which was taken at the same time as the photo used on the cover of the National Examiner.

Benjamin with Lisa and Michael Jackson original photo used on Tabloid

UPDATE:  Sunday June 23, 2019

While going back through some older files, I came across another magazine which contains a photo taken at the same time as those shown above.  These are good clear photos as well and actually show a better view of Benjamin than those in the National Examiner.




You can easily see that it is the very same little boy.  Benjamin was born in 1992 and the photo with Jesse was taken in 1994.  


Elvis Jesse for front page of site

A very good friend, Lucilia, has created a very good match between a photo of Elvis’ face and the photo of Jesse’s face. I thank her so very much for doing such a beautiful job of, once again, proving that Jesse is Elvis.



My thanks to Live In LaKech for compiling and sharing the following 4 photo collages with us in 2012.





MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

Here is another proof that Jesse’s collar bone does match Elvis’.


Elvis is Jesse and this proves it.

TheBojo44 Uploaded on Dec 24, 2009


ELVIS IS ALIVE – Photo evidence examined.

Published on Nov 10, 2012 by L Griffiths

Is Elvis alive? I am no crazed fan but I grew up with Elvis’ music around me. I have always been interested in the truth, in every aspect of life, so when I found this evidence, I wanted to do as much as I could to examine it scientifically. I was shocked at what I discovered. See for yourself and make up your own mind.



My thanks to Patrik Conrad for creating this beautiful compilation to once more prove that Jesse is Elvis.

Elvis Jesse composite comparison photo version 2



A good friend to my website composed this video showing that the key points in Elvis’s face match exactly the same key points in Jesse’s face. The distance between the pupils, the cheekbones, etc. These are features that never change…not even with plastic surgery which is what Elvis has had done to change his appearance to keep from being recognized.

ELVIS IS ALIVE – Key Points comparison between Jesse’s and Elvis’s faces

Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 25, 2018


My closest friend, M J shared the following photo from 7-10-1974 for comparison to Jesse’s from 1994…twenty years later.

Elvis and Jesse comparison


A very dear friend to our site, Lucilia, sent me a very astute observation which she has made about the smile of Elvis compared to the smile of Jesse.  I had noted the smile lines matching before…but Lucilia zeroed in on one specific part of Jesse’s smile which matches that of Elvis perfectly.  I will display Lucilia’s images below with her matches circled in red ink.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help as always.



Our good friend, Jean S., has been searching for a photo of Elvis with a very similar angle of his face as that of Jesse in his 1994 photo.  She came up with a very close match and shared it with me to display on the site.  Jean did a good job, don’t you think?  My heartfelt thanks to Jean for her diligence and effort.

First here is the photo of Elvis from which Jean worked:

Jean's Elvis photo for comparison


The only answer to Jean’s question which so many of us have asked ourselves many, many times is this:  “There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see.


The below is a collage that I made from the photo of Benjamin with Jesse and compared it to a photo of Lisa Marie with which we are all familiar.  They are nearly the same age in these photos.  The facial likeness is very strong.

Benjamin and Lisa at age 2 collage

Below is part of the letter which Jesse wrote to me in July 1997 to accompany the above photo of him with Benjamin.

Page #1


Jesses-letter with photo to me 1997 taken in 1994 - page 1

Page #2

Page #4

Jesse's letter which accompanied his photo with Ben page 4

Below is the gold face of Jesus which Elvis/Jesse sent to me, about which he wrote in his letter above. He sent this to me in the same package as the photo of him with Benjamin. That took place in July 1997. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful and special gift.



Two very good long-time friends to my site, Noddy, and Lucilia, have shared something which they have found which goes even further to prove that Jesse, with his grandson in the photo which he gave to me personally, really is Elvis.  They have each found photos of Elvis from his induction into the Army which shows some sort of injury/scar on his lower right leg.  They have pointed out that Jesse also has the scar in this very same location in the 1994 photo with Ben.  Below I will insert the examples which they each have pointed out.

I thank Noddy and Lucilia for all their years of steadfast devotion to Jesse and for sharing this find with me in order that my visitors may view this also.

This was all shared with me on Facebook a short while back and when I just checked back, I saw that it is no longer visible in my own timeline on Facebook.  Below is some of what Noddy wrote to me.  Lucilia then reminded us that she had shared similar proof earlier.  The photos which Lucilia shared are now gone from my timeline.  But she sent them to me again tonight in an Email attachment, so I am going to attempt to insert her collage photo comparison first.

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia

Dear Linda, I have just gone into having a look at Linda from Chicago’s you tube on Elvis’s information called Private Elvis. If you watch it from 1.49 to 1.53 you will see that there is a very distinctive mark on Elvis’s right leg above his ankle and he also has one similar on his left leg left above his left ankle in this video. The point that I want to make is this on his photo with Benjamin sitting on his knee … taken in 1994… I have been trying to find this specific mark on Elvis’s right leg and what do I see in this video, granted it is black and white, but the mark is right there where it should be to prove once again this person as Jesse is Elvis Aron Presley.  I cannot believe that I finally found it at long last.

Below are two screenshots that I have captured from the video below:


criszana  Published on Mar 13, 2013

Scar on Elvis leg during Army physical

Scar on Elvis leg close up view


Below is the link to an article in which these scars are also clearly visible from Elvis’ Army physical.

Wearing only underwear, singing star turned US Arm


Elvis Joins the Army

Private Presley reporting for duty

by Wolfgang Wild

From the age of 23 to 25 – March 1958 to March 1960 – Elvis Presley was a soldier in in the United States Army. His monthly pay was $78 – plus $1,000 from his record company.

Extraordinarily, different branches of the U.S. Armed Forces had vied with each other to secure Elvis as a serving member. The Navy offered to form an “Elvis Presley” company, created exclusively from Elvis’ friends and men from Memphis. As an added incentive, he would be given his own private quarters and would perform in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley measures in at 6 feet 1/2 inch during pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis.


The Army offered a post that would allow Elvis to tour U.S. Army bases around the world, in an effort to improve troop morale and bolster recruitment numbers. The Pentagon also offered him the chance to join Special Services, which would mean he would not have to undergo regular soldier training but would still be able to entertain the troops.

Elvis declined all these offers and enlisted as a regular soldier. He was initially scheduled for induction in January 1958, but received an extension to finish the filming of the movie “King Creole.” 

He reported for duty on March 24, 1958. News reporters called it “Black Monday.”

Despite the media descriptions, Elvis’s recording career hardly missed a beat. During a two-week leave, he recorded five songs. And his record company, RCA, produced a steady stream of unreleased recordings during that time. 

Altogether, Elvis strung together 10 Top-40 hits during his months in the service.



Lucilia posted on my timeline on Facebook: 

This mark, at all stages of his life, always present in his beautiful smile.”SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2015


Today I came across a movie still from one of Elvis’ movies in which we can see that there was actually makeup on Elvis’ leg to hide the scar on his leg.  The scar on Elvis’ leg matches the scar on Jesse’s leg in his 1994 photo with his grandson, Benjamin.  Check this out:

Telefonschmiede Telefonschmiede was with Brett LeSueur. posted on Facebook:

Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scar

Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scar circle in red

Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scar circle in red cropped

Below is Jesse’s photo…see the scar on leg matching Elvis’:

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia smaller

I extend my thanks again to a dear friend, Lucilia, who first sent to me the above copy of Jesse’s photo with the scar circled in red along with a matching black and white photo of Elvis’ scar circled in red.   Also, my thanks to another friend, Noddy, who later pointed out the scar on Elvis’ leg in a video of his army physical which I show in my still frame capture from the video below:

Scar on Elvis leg close up view

Here is a close up and enlarged view of Jesse’s leg:

Close up of Jesse's Scar on his leg

The above scan of Jesse’s photo showing the scar on his right leg was done many years ago.  Years later I scanned Jesse’s photo again with a new all-in-one scanner-printer and the scan was clearer.  That was when it showed that Jesse has scars on BOTH legs matching the same scars on Elvis’ legs.  I wanted to explain the reason that I have two articles:  One proving the scar on the right leg, and the later article proving the matching scars on BOTH legs.


SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015

My friend, Barbara R. shared the below photo of Elvis with me.  She and I agree that it is a good match for Jesse’s smile.  I thank Barbara so very much.

Elvis and Jesse another comparison


FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015

A wonderful friend to me and my web site, Lucilia, has located another photo of Elvis in which the scar is seen on his right leg which matches Jesse’s scar.  I thank Lucilia for being ever diligent.

Scar on Elvis' right leg - Lucilia found

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia with close up


A very nice friend of mine on Facebook, Sabrina, saw the photos which I have posted documenting that the scar on Jesse’s leg is the same as the scar on Elvis’s leg in a number of photos.  She so kindly sent another photo which is an outstanding example of the scar.  I thank her so very much for her help.

Elvis from Blue Hawaii showing scar on his right leg


THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015

A good friend, Sabrina, has shared another great comparison of a photo of Elvis with our photo of Jesse in 1994.  This is an exceptionally good match even though Elvis was not smiling, the angle of his gaze shows that all of the features match Jesse’s.  I thank Sabrina so very much for her time and thoughtfulness in compiling this proof for us all to enjoy. Sabrina writes:  

“Herewith you will find two pictures: one is original from 1968; the other one 26 years later (your picture). Putting them together I was left very shocked, in a positive way, as you know I have no doubt.

It is well remarkable how the features of his face are the same as well as his nose and the eyes despite the surgical operation and the age.  In 1968 picture, his cheekbones are not marked just because he was not laughing! 

Besides what I found, are the sideburns (same cut, shape and level) and the thick hair…. the same, only the colour changes! “

Elvis Jesse comparison from Sabrina

Non-reversed image of Elvis (shown below) compared to Jesse.  I was unaware that the photo of Elvis (above) had been reversed until someone notified me about it on our Messages for Jesse page.  However, as one can see, it does not change the fact that Jesse’s facial structure matches that of Elvis.


 Below is the photo from which Sabrina took her comparison to Jesse.

Elvis with his ex-wife and daughter in 1968

Isn’t it wonderful to see how much happier he looks in 1994.  So much of the stress and pressure was absent in 1994. 


I have something new to share about which I am very excited.   First I want to explain how this new very important piece of evidence came to my attention.  My very good friend and hero, Mark, who is the administrator of the “nuts and bolts” and who keeps my site working and designed the new version of my site as well, mentioned to me that he had re-scanned something and was amazed at the new clarity because he used an up-to-date scanner.  So, Mark suggested that I re-scan the photo of Jesse and Benjamin.  I have not scanned from the original copy, which Jesse gave me in 1997, since shortly after I began my web site…and I have a third generation of scanners now…been through 3 since I first scanned the photo.  So, last night I got out my copy from Jesse and did get a brand new scan.  Mark was correct, the quality of the scan is so much clearer.  Big hug to Mark for suggesting the new scan.

The good news is this:  Thanks to my wonderful friends, Susan, Lucilia, and Noddy, we have proven earlier that Jesse has the very same scar on his right leg as Elvis did.  Well, when I enlarged the new scan last night, I saw clearly that Jesse also has the very same scar on his left leg as Elvis had.  In the Army physical photos of Elvis, it is seen very clearly that Elvis had matching scars on both of his legs.  In my 6-year-old scan, we can only make out the one on the right leg.  But, now with the new much clearer scan, we can clearly see that Jesse does have the scars on both legs exactly as Elvis did.

Wanda June Hill recalls Elvis telling her how he got those scars when he was a child.  She isn’t sure now exactly what he said but she thinks it may have been burn scars from standing too close to an old-fashioned wash pot.  These pots were usually cast iron, used outside in the yard,  and the fire was burned under the pot to heat water for washing.  I have never thought to ask Jesse about the scars…I just don’t ask prying questions of him.

If this final detail of proof does not convince even the skeptics, then I have to conclude that THEY DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE the truth which they can see with their own eyes.  I will display the new scan below along with two scans of Elvis from his Army physical.  I will display the original size of the new scan along with an enlarged view so everyone can see this clearly.

Below is the new scan…if you look closely, you can see the scars on both legs at matching locations on each leg.

Elvis with grandson, 1994 new scan June 26, 2015

 Below is the same scan enlarged…here you can see the scars more clearly:

Elvis with grandson, 1994 new scan June 26, 2015

 Here is a closeup of the scars on Jesse’s legs alongside a photo of Elvis’ scars during his Army physical:

Close up of Jesse's legs showing both scars

Elvis Army physical showing scars on both legs

Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Elvis Presley
Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

 Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scarElvis move still showing scar on leg

Elvis with makeup to cover scars on both of his legs…enlarged:

Elvis move still showing scars on legs

I hope that the above proof will finally be enough to stop those who have published the photo of Rev. Dale Presley (holding his twin sons, Terry and Jerry, in the black and white 1950 photo) dead in their tracks.  I won’t mention any names!  I am sure most of my regular visitors know exactly to whom I am referring.


I have shown so many comparisons that it has long since become redundant…but, nonetheless, here is another very good comparison:

Elvis for comparisonElvis with grandson, 1994 new scan June 26, 2015

Elvis closeup July 12, 2015Jesse closeup posted July 12, 2015



A nice friend on Facebook, Daniela S., shared the below new photo with me.  This, too, is a great example of another good match with Jesse’s photo.   My thanks to Daniela.

Elvis and Jesse 7-18-2015


I can’t recall if I have shared the following on my site before or not.  I came across it in my files recently and so I am sharing it here…maybe again?

I am so very sorry that I can’t recall who shared this with me a good while back.  But, as always, I am so grateful.

Crease at top of Elvis' nose matches JesseCrease at top of Jesse's nose matches Elvis



My good friend, Richard C., shared the following photos with me which are very good comparisons to Jesse’s photo.  I thank Richard from the bottom of my heart for sharing these photos of Elvis with me.  I have been so far behind that I haven’t read his kind messages on Facebook until now.  I thank Richard for his patience.

The first three photos are those which Richard shared with me.

Sara Lucia Zonderico Brandão’s Photo       Carolina Presley’s photo

               Elvis' right hand from 1977 Hawaii vacation

Richard’s own photo from show he attended

                        Richard's photo from display

Elvis and Jesse another comparison  Elvis' and Jesse's right hand comparison Carolina Presley's photoElvis for comparison 2-vert-vert



Shawn K. composed the below photographic comparisons of Jesse’s photo with those of Elvis.  One can never have too much photographic evidence of the truth.  I thank Shawn very much for creating this for us to enjoy.





Below is another comparison of Benjamin…no denying that little face…especially the chin.




Once more a pretty comparison for all to enjoy…

ELVIS 1970 to Jesse

Please take note that the cheeks and the vertical lines running down to the chin are identical.  The crease at the corners of Elvis’ mouth were changed during the plastic surgery it appears.

ELVIS 1970 to Jesse circledby red


“Hello Linda.  I was looking at one of the comparison pics of Jesse and Elvis and noticed another area on both that are spot-on.  I circled them on the pics.  If people can’t see that Jesse is Elvis then they are blind.  Also their chins and bottom lips are identical. Here is the picture I hope you share it.”

Mike Mcfarlin comparison of Jesse and Elvis


Janaury, 2018

Please don’t miss visiting a good friend’s new YouTube channel on which he has created numerous video comparisons between Elvis’ face and Jesse’s face.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Below is just one example of this person’s creativeness and diligence:

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 14

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Feb 6, 2018


SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018

My good friend, Jeannette H., shared the below photo with me for comparison to Jesse.  I love this one!!!  I thank Jeannette so very much.

Isn’t this a grand match?!?!


My wonderfully creative friend, Simon Laxon, has just published a new video comparison of a photo of Elvis with Jesse’s photo.  Another beautiful match.  My heartfelt thanks to Simon.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 37 

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Apr 22, 2018



I truly enjoy seeing the matches done with the photos of Elvis in the ’70s. He was a little heavier then, but the bone structure is always the same. After 1977 when he lost weight, then the bone structure became more obvious and thus he matches the 1950’s and 1960’s photos even more easily.

My heartfelt thanks to Simon, as always.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 36

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Apr 12, 2018


Simon Laxon has now created a total of 63 video comparison videos which document that the photo of Jesse perfectly matches the photos of Elvis.  Surely, this volume of perfect matches should be proof enough for anyone who really cares to see and know the truth.

My heartfelt thanks to Simon for all of his talent and steadfastness in proving the truth.  He has been a real blessing to my work.  Simon provides the clear results of his work and leaves it up to each person to make up their own mind.  

I hope my visitors will visit Simon’s YouTube channel and view his large volume of  Elvis/Jesse comparisons:

Here is one of his recent matches which is a favorite of mine:

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 58

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Jul 6, 2018



My good Facebook friend, Jeannette, has shared another wonderful Elvis photo with me for comparison to Jesse.  As always, I thank Jeannette so very much for her help and support.

Please also take notice that this one also shows the prominent slanted collar bone in both Elvis’ and Jesse’s photos.



Just in case there are those who have not visited this wonderful YouTube channel to see all of the proof that the photo of Jesse really is Elvis, I want to share the link again.

Simon is no longer active on his channel, but you will see that he has a total of 92 videos which do prove that the facial features of Jesse do match perfectly with Elvis’.

My forever thanks and appreciation to Simon for all the work he did to substantiate the truth which Elvis/Jesse has authorized me to share on both of my websites.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons


Please don’t miss my other two pages regarding the topic of this photo:

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