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SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2010

Elvis/Jesse has suggested that we watch all of his movies with the idea in mind to look for significant numbers within the movies…such as the gravestone in “Loving You”.  I have found the numbers which he referred to in Jail House Rock.  As you can see, the numbers behind and to the left of him 1313 again add up to the “8″.






I spoke with Elvis/Jesse this week and we discussed something which he had brought up in our last prior conversation.  It is involving Numerology which is a topic to which he wants his fans to pay attention.  I promise that anyone, who takes the time to look back over the dates and name numbers in Elvis’ life, will readily recognize why he trusts in and uses Numerology in his life still to this day.  It is very fascinating once one looks into it.  Also, I feel that most people will be like me… begin seeing that numbers have had a very strong influence in their own life… even when they were totally unaware of it.

He told me in our prior conversation that the gravestone in the movie “Loving You” even correlated with the August 16, 1977 date.  I recalled that somewhere, in his book, he had mentioned that we all should look at the numbers in all of his movies.  Since I have been primarily using my copy of the rough draft for references in doing this web site, it wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered that there are several letters from Jesse in the published book which do not exist in my rough draft.  I received my copy of the rough draft on September 20, 2000.  The letters which I did not look at for a very long time were written by Jesse to Dr. Hinton after the rough draft was sent to me, and so there were more pages added to the book after I received my rough draft copy.  I recalled that somewhere in the book, Jesse made the comments about checking out the numbers in his movies.  But, I had totally forgotten that he specifically mentioned the gravestone in “Loving You”.  So, when I did not find the comment about the movies in my copy of the draft, I went looking in the published book and found that it was in one of the letters which Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton in October, 2000.

I will place below the copies of several more letters from  Jesse.  In these letters, you will see that he greatly stresses the importance of Numerology. 

*I do have the handwritten copy (from my copy of the rough draft) of one of the typed letters shown below and I will insert it below.

He has asked me to be his spokesperson and his “voice”.  So, I always want to make sure that I am putting the emphasis on the points which he wants to get across.  The two most important thoughts which he definitely wants the fans to know are:

 (1) The very significant part which Numerology has played in all of his life… even before he knew anything about Numerology i.e. the numerical translation of his name, the date of his birth, the number of times that the number 18 occurred in his life such as his year of birth 1+9+3+5 = 18, and the month and day of his birth 1-8…on and on.

(2) His “dying” was not done as a hoax,..he had to do so in order to even continue to physically survive.  His life was in such a state of misery and he knew the only way to save his life was to “die“.  So he “died” in order that he might truly live…as Jesse.

The above is from the June 19, 2006 edition of SUN.

Also, remember that Gene Smith said the very same thing…see my page devoted to Gene at https://lindahoodsigmonstruth.com/15-gene-smith-elvis-first-cousin-and-closest-lifelong-friend-says-it-was-not-elvis-in-the-coffin/

Now that I have said all of the above as a preface to telling you what Jesse told me and which I, at his suggestion, am displaying for all to see is this:

In our prior conversation, Jesse said that I should look into the gravestone in the movie “Loving You”.  He had already displayed it in his book…with the fact that one of the years on the stone added up to 24…a number which is very prominent in August 16, 1977.  But, I had totally forgotten that he put that in the book and I had not gone any further calculating the name and the dates.

Since he told me to check that out, I have done so.  I bought a DVD of the movie in order that I could freeze frame the image of the gravestone and display it on here.  You will see it below:

In the above instance, I have used the typed words of Jesse’s book which was co-authored by Dr. Donald Hinton.  No copyright infringement is intended.  This is for educational purposes only in order that others may read Jesse’s written words and things which he spoke to me “Shuma” and to Hinton.  Normally I try to only display copies from my rough draft of the book.

*Further down on this page is the handwritten copy of one of the letters shown.  That copy is from my own copy of the rough draft of the book.

So at Jesse’s suggestion, I ran up a numerology analysis based on Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  It astounded even me when I reached the end of the calculations.

I am going to just post for you below, my hand scribbled worksheet so that you may see exactly how the name and the numbers on the stone correlates to August 16, 1977:

Surely even the most die hard skeptic will admit that they cannot begin to explain all of the Numerological matches occurring with the August 16, 1977 date which I have already presented on this site…and now Jesse has shown us this.  This is rock solid proof that Elvis did select the date on which to leave us.

I ask everyone to please just accept that Jesse is Elvis and rejoice that he is still here on earth with us and cares enough about all of us to share his proof with us.  He left so many clues as guideposts for us who truly loved HIM and not just the image “ELVIS“.

Remember that August 16, 1977 =  August is 8, 16th is 2 x 8, and 1977 equals 24 which is 3 x 8.  So look below to be amazed at the numbers on the tomb stone.

Here is the page from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers on which you can see the formula for assigning number values to each letter of the alphabet:

The name on the gravestone is Deke Rivers, the year of birth was 1878 and the year of death was 1934.  He was a man who had no family and so there were no days and months on the stone.  Also take notice that the first name “Deke” reduces to 16 and when added to Rivers equals 8.

Also take notice that the letters in the name Deke Rivers total 35…the year of Elvis’ birth which would have been one year after Deke Rivers’ death in ’34.

footnote:  One more fact about the 1878 date…it already has two 8′s in it and if the remaining 1 and 7 are added together…we once more have the 888 which is in August 16, 1977.  Also there is the “18” in that year as well!

Here is my scribbled work sheet in order that you may run the report utilizing the above formula for yourself:

It is exactly as significant as Jesse told me it would be.  Only Elvis would have ever taken note of the numbers derived from that  gravestone.  The numbers match ALL of the numbers in the date August 16, 1977 exactly!!  Even if someone did notice the numbers on the gravestone, how would they have arranged for Elvis to “die” on a matching date? Very foolish question, isn’t it? See how absurd the arguments against Jesse are?

I feel so honored that he told me to check that out.  He didn’t give me any details except to say even the information on the gravestone was important (he was referring, of course, to the numbers).

If everyone will just stop and digest this gift which Elvis has just given us, surely the bickering can stop and everyone can just be so happy for him…and happy for each other, we who love him so much.

Thank you for reading this very special article based upon words straight from Elvis/Jesse’s own mouth…through me, his “voice”.

*Here is the handwritten copy of one of the letters shown above.  This copy is from my own copy of the rough draft of the book.



Elvis’/Jesse’s Numerology

I want to extend an apology to those visitors who have not had the opportunity to read Elvis’/Jesse’s book and therefore are not familiar with the references to numerology which Elvis/Jesse mentioned in his written words in the book.  I feel that I sometimes write as if every viewer is already familiar with the book, etc.

Secondly, before I delve into Elvis’/Jesse’s spiritual beliefs, I wish to state that something which Hinton and Felix-Johnson said in the interview (which I have published on my page titled THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY ELVIS/JESSE DID NOT APPEAR IN 2002 was spoken in total error.  The article said that “Elvis is a changed man….” and went on to mention his spiritual goals, etc.  I want everyone to know and understand that Elvis was always a very spiritual man who had a hunger to know the truth of life.  He read and discussed the Bible with so many people around him for many years.  He asked Larry Geller to bring him books to read which were about the  metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our souls’ journey…all of this BEFORE 1977! Again, “the image is one thing, the man is another“.

I  am sure, though, that many of the visitors to this site do already know that numerology has played an important role in Elvis’/Jesse’s  life. Because of my desire to know and understand the man….not the superstar image, I have bought some of the books which I learned were read by Elvis and were his favorites.  I respect him so much and therefore, I wanted to understand what his beliefs and philosophies were/are.  I knew only a very little about numerology  before I began reading the books that meant so much to Elvis.  I say “Elvis” because I read the books long before I came to know the man who is now Jesse. In so doing, I have been amazed at the instances and significance of numerology in his life…”the numbers”.  It is no wonder that Elvis/Jesse came to understand and accept the validity of numerology.

One of his very favorite books was/is  Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  It is very fascinating reading material.  I recommend it to anyone truly interested in better  understanding Elvis’/Jesse’s life…or for that matter, better understanding their own lives. Those who have read Jesse’s book, will recall that he mentioned the role that numerology has played in his life.  Also, he suggested that others look into it.

I do want to emphasize very strongly the importance of the mentions of numerology in Jesse’s introduction to his book. Jesse wanted the readers to see that he was handing them the information and the tool which they would need to decipher that date 8-16-1977 and recognize that only Elvis himself would have understood and known the many, many significant numbers derived from that “Perfect Date“.  This was his way of proving to each reader that he really is Elvis.  The numbers don’t lie.  I am going to insert copies of two excerpts below so you may correlate it to what I have just written:

Then farther down in the letter, he wrote:

You will see as you read on that 8-16-1977 was indeed “THE PERFECT DAY“.  Elvis said many times that he could feel God directing his life…and so he knew that this date was given to him by God as a sign.  So, on this page I will be displaying and/or explaining a few examples of ”numbers” at work in Elvis’/Jesse’s life…dating back to his early life…long before he became aware of numerology.  Thus you will come to understand why Elvis/Jesse embraces numerology as one of the guideposts in his life. To begin, I am displaying the full typed copy of Elvis’/Jesse’s introduction to the book.  This copy is from the rough draft of the book:


The following is the above 3-page book introduction written in Elvis’/Jesse’s own handwriting.  Again from my own copy of the rough draft of the book.



Below you will see two excerpts from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  The two numbers which I have posted below are the #24 and the #42.  Of course, I have chosen these numbers because Jesse has written above how pivotal these two numbers were in his selection of the date 8-16-1977. I want to elaborate a bit on the importance of these two numbers in Elvis’ chosen date:  Yes, he certainly is correct that the digits of 1977 do indeed equal 24 and yes his age was 42 at that time.  But as Jesse wrote the facts about those two numbers and that date do go on and on. First of all being born on the 8th day of a month makes one facet of Elvis’ numerology chart an “8“…many of you already have read of his being an “8” in books, etc.  But, those who are knowledgeable about numerology know that there are many different numbers based on our full date of birth and the names given each of us at birth.

For those whose interest is peaked by reading of Jesse’s numbers, etc., his favorite numbers book is a good place to start exploring for yourself…Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.

First of all, we will look into the presence of his #8 in the date 8-16-1977.  Of course, the month of August being the 8th month is obvious to everyone…but look farther at the #8…first of all we have 1×8, 2×8, 3×8 which   equals  816, and  24. So, there we have the three multiplications of 8 (888) as well as 8+8+8 = 24.  So this alone was an amazing date for Elvis.  Then coupled with the fact that the year 1977 equals 24 as Jesse wrote above. Many fans noticed that the full date of 8+16+1977 equaled 2001 which was, of course, Elvis’ entrance music during the concert years.  I know that, to this day, I never hear that music without just stopping and listening to “Elvis’ music“.

Added on 12-2-2009:

I forgot to include the following in my original material:   I will insert below a copy from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.  As you will see, “the year number totaled and added to itself usually indicates an important year in the Destiny“.  Having said that, again as Jesse himself wrote, the year 1977 equals 24.  Therefore, if we add 24 back to 1977, we again get 2001!  So, not only did August 16, 1977 equal 2001 by two different methods as shown above… .it was loaded with the numbers 8, 24, 42, as well as 2001.

1977 = 24

+   24


So, as you can see, choosing 8-16-1977 was the work of a genius….the work of Elvis!!

Below you will see the two excerpts from Cheiro’s Book of Numbers explaining the meaning of 24 and 42.

As you can see the #24 was completely in harmony with Elvis’ plan for that day.  The first words of this just give me chills….”assistance and association of those of rank and position with one’s plansfavorable number when it comes out in relation to future events“.  This was truly a date with God’s blessings upon it for Elvis.

Also, refer back to the written words of Elvis/Jesse above in which he points out the significance of the date of birth and the date of death as it relates to his having been born a twin.

Then we have the number 42 (Elvis’ age) below:  as you will see, it is simply the reverse of 24 and has the same meaning as the 24.  Therefore it denotes all of the favorable aspects of the above written facts about 24.


Above I have copied the meaning of the next number 43…as you can see it is totally negative in its connotations and certainly would not have been a favorable number.  I include this just so you can see how pivotal the numbers are in making plans.

I hope to be able to go back over all the years and recall some more of my observations about numbers in Elvis’ life.  But, I will stop for now.  I’ll rest and give you the opportunity to reread the above and digest it all.  It is totally mind boggling and I am sure will open new paths of thought for everyone.

Anyone who has not believed that Elvis “faked” his death on August 16, 1977, needs to rethink their doubts.  The above “numbers” are exactly as Jesse wrote…”All of the facts (and there are many) even the experts will say they are more than coincidences.“


New addition on Thursday, December 3, 2009

As promised, I will try to continue adding new “numbers” material as I am able to recollect.  For many years, I ran up numerology calculations on Elvis even before I knew him personally….long before he and I became friends.  So,  that has been long ago and I did not keep everything written down.  But I will try to think of some of them.

Today, I again want to call your attention to the fact that Cheiro’s Book of Numbers says that the digits of a year when added together and then added back to the original year will yield a year of importance in a person’s Destiny.

So.o.o.o. look at this!  1956 was the year in which Elvis burst upon the scene…when he became“ELVIS!!!!“Now we all know that he chose to leave us in 1977…..with those two years in mind, take a look below

1+9+5+6  = 21

+          21

= 1977

Twenty one is another important number regarding the breaking down of the periods of Elvis’s life which is also very significant.  From 1935 to 1956 was 21 years.  From 1956 to 1977 was 21 years.  Then, of course, 2 x 21 = 42 which brings us back to the numbers 42 and reversed to 24.  So, until 1956 when Elvis hit the national stage, he lived as Elvis the regular man; then from 1956 until 1977, Elvis was the “superstar image“; after which he returned to being just a regular man who had a famous brother.

New addition on Friday, December 4th, 2009

As I promised, the following is further validation that numerology was at work in Elvis’ very early life when he, himself, did not yet know that such a thing as numerology existed.

We all know that January 8, 1935 was the date of birth for Elvis and Jesse.  The following is another result of the formula shown above from Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers.

1+9+3+5 = 18


1953  YES.S.S.S.S.S!!!! 

Now, see the below documentation from the timeline of Elvis’ life which is currently displayed on EPE’s web site:


Need I say more?!


Addition on SUNDAY, JANUARY 3, 2010

My friend Susan asked me the following question and so I thought that perhaps someone else would enjoy this information also:

Linda if I may ask when is your birthday ? I remember in your Elvis newsletter ( Notes For The Record ) that you asked folks to send their birth dates to you and you did print some in your newsletter.  I’m sorry, I don’t remember why you asked that.

My birth date is September 27.  The reason that I printed the birthdays of people in my newsletter was because I knew that this was something that Elvis would like to know about the people whose notes to him I published.  It is due to his Numerology knowledge.  In Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers one can check to see what  a persons numbers tell about them.

When he and I were getting acquainted, he had someone (from his pre August, 1977 life) call and ask me for some information about myself.  My birth date was one of the first things he wanted to know.  When I told this person my date of birth, he said “He’s going to have fun with this“. Then when Jesse and I spoke again, he told me that he is a #9 also.  This was something that I had not noticed up until the moment he told me that we shared the #9.  My birthday is the 9th month and the 27th day (equals a 9).  His birthday Jan. 8, 1935 also carries the #9′s. 1+8=91+9+3+5 = 18; which reduces to 1+8 = 9.    Then the final total of all the digits in his birth date 1-8-1935 = 27which reduces to 2+7 = 9.  So, he and I have the number 9 in common in our birth dates.

People who are compatible “numbers” get along well.  This area is too involved to discuss right here.  But it can all be found in Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  Perhaps you can find a copy at your library.

I am positive that if you were to ask anyone who knows about Elvis and his “number” they would say “8″.  Unless they are familiar with numerology.  That is only his day birth date number.  Numerology embraces all the numbers in a person’s birth date and the numbers which correlate to the letters in a person’s birth name.

Sometimes we have read in books or articles written about Elvis that at times he would say he was one number and at another time he would say that he was another number.  This is because we are all so much more than just the number of the day on which we were born.

So as you can see, only Elvis would have known that right off the top of his head.  These are the kinds of things which he and I discuss….things that Elvis himself would know and understand.  Needless to say, I have learned and continue to learn  more about numerology during the course of my friendship with Jesse.


MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010




Below you will see another worksheet which I have prepared on Elvis’ name.  The number 9 is very significant as you will see.  I will be elaborating a little more on this analysis soon… when time permits.  In the meantime, look it over and notice all of the instances of Elvis’ numbers resulting in the number 9.

I, myself, am a 9…having been born in the 9th month and on the 27th day.  This is something which Elvis/Jesse and I share.  I also think it is interesting that the year when I saw Elvis for the very first time, I was 9 years old.

An interesting part of this analysis is something that I have never checked out before and was very surprised to see.  I had never thought of this until Rick Thomas asked me if I saw anything in Elvis’ street address.

So, I ran an analysis of the street name ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD.  You will see that even the word boulevard has nine letters and the numerological value reduces to a 9…the very same way as Elvis’ name.


My friend, Deb, has sent me a link to a web site on which a Numerology reading based upon Elvis’ birth name and date of birth is displayed.  You will see on this reading that it bears out the significance of the number 9 about which Elvis/Jesse told me those many years ago.  It will substantiate the worksheet which I constructed and have displayed on this site.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Below is more information on the significance of the number 9.  When I read these items, I can certainly see a relevance to Elvis in these words.  See what you think:

Properties of the number 9


  • Number of the patience, the meditation.

  • Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas.

  • It is the expression of “the power of the Holy Spirit”, according to Etchegoyen.

  • Symbolize the plenitude of talents, the reward of the tests.

  • Symbol of the creation and the life as a rhythm and development.

  • As a product of 3 x 3, it is the expression of the perfection, the symbol of the virile power, in addition to be associated to the couple.

  • Nine is the number of the one who accomplishes the divine will. According to the Cabal, it is also the number of the achievement.

  • The freemasons have made it the eternal number of human immortality.

  • Being the last simple number, it is the number of finalization or finition; it is therefore the most complex, that marks the full lighting up of the numerical series.

  • This number was considered as sacred in Egypt and in Greece.

  • Number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation (nine months).

  • Number symbolizing the nocturnal and terrestrial things, for the Aztecs.

  • Number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels.

  • Represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter, which gives a triple manifestations of Trinity (3 x 3).

  • Symbol of the multitude, and according to Parmenide, it concerns the absolute things and it is the symbol of the totality of the human being.

  • A favorable number, associate to the eternity.

source:  RidingTheBeast.com




As you have read above there is a very strong significance of the number 9 in Elvis’ numerological makeup.  I noticed two new articles which relate to that in the past few days.  One of these is in reference to the anniversary of 9-9-1956 on which he made his first landmark appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.  Below are two brief articles about this fact followed by a brief article about another of the amazing qualities of the number 9.

This Day in Music: September 9

1956, Elvis Presley made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show, performing “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Love Me Tender” and “Ready Teddy” from the CBS TV Studios in Los Angeles.

Elvis Presley Biography

Elvis Presley Biography from Who2.com Rock Musician / Singer / Actor

Famous in life, Elvis Presley has become even more famous in death as an icon of American music and TV-era celebrity. Presley hit the charts as a rock ‘n roll rebel in the 1950s. His 9 September  1956 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (with Presley shown only from the waist up to hide his swiveling hips) turned him into one of the era’s biggest stars.

Also, as I have mentioned before, the number 9 is also my birth date number…my birthday being September 27.  Thus my birth month is 9, my day of birth reduces to the number 9.  Also, I love the fact that in the year that I saw Elvis for the very first time on TV, I was age 9.  That certainly was a pivotal point in my life.  So, when I watched him on the Ed Sullivan show that night, it was a very strong number 9 day for me as well as Elvis.

The Numerology of the Number 9

Global awareness by Hans Decoz


Ordinarily, I try to keep the math to a minimum when I discuss an aspect of Numerology. In the case of the number 9, however, the math highlights a philosophical observation that is unique, interesting and very revealing. So bear with me, please, because from a purely mathematical perspective, the 9 stands apart. Here is why:When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, reduce 54 to a single digit by adding them together: 5 + 4 = 9. Similarly, 8 x 9 = 72, and 7 + 2 = 9. Or 23 x 9 = 207, 2 + 0 + 7 = 9, and so forth. There is nothing coincidental about this peculiarity. Try it. Any number, no matter how large, multiplied by 9 reduces to 9. From a numerological perspective, the 9 simply takes over, like the infamous body snatchers. Any number that was initially increased by a factor of 9 loses its own identity and instead takes on the characteristics of the 9. No other number has that quality. 


Another of my own observations about the number 9 is that any number transposed will always be divisible by 9.  In other words 18 transposed to 81 is divisible by 9…9 x 9 = 81



A new friend to my web site has contributed a very interesting calculation…Numerology…derived from the time of Elvis’ birth until the time of his leaving us.  As has been explained previously by Jesse himself in his book and also here on my site, Numerology has played a very large role in his life as Elvis and continues to be a strong influence in his life to the present day.  So, I want to share the new number calculations which were so kindly shared with me by S K.  My heartfelt thanks to this new friend.

As demonstrated previously here on this site, the number 9 has been an extremely significant and oft repeated number in the name Elvis Presley, in his date of birth, etc..  S K’s calculations prove this truth even further.

S K writes:

Something I discovered a couple days ago I think you may find interesting: The length of time of E’s life from his birthday to his retirement day is all 9s when adding up all the digits in the weeks, days, and even the hours, minutes and seconds if it was timed exactly from his minute and second of time of birth to the paperwork of the other.

Tuesday, January 8th, 1935 – Tuesday August 16, 1977

2223 weeks = 9
15,561 days = 18 = 9
373,464 hours = 27 = 9
22, 407, 840 minutes = 27 = 9
1,344,470,400 seconds = 27 = 9



A new friend, Shawn, has shared with me recently some very insightful information which I have enjoyed very much.  Below I want to share with my visitors an amazing Numerology analysis of  house numbers and how our lives, or at least my own, certainly do have a correlation to where we are in our lives and our activities while residing at these house numbers.  I encourage everyone to work out your own house address and check the meaning of that number in the below material.

We all know that Elvis was, and Jesse is, very much aware of the numbers in his daily life.  Anyone who has not studied Numerology and does not believe in the relevance of Numerology, will be in for some eye opening information once a study of Numerology is begun.  I, myself, began studying Numerology because of Elvis’/Jesse’s adherence to it.  The thing that convinced me of the validity of Numerology was a study of the numbers in Elvis’ life from the moment of his birth…his name numbers, his birth numbers, the events in his life which lined up perfectly with the meaning of dates, ages, etc.  He could be God’s “poster child” for Numerology.  I don’t know as much as I should nor as much as I would like to about Numerology.  I do keep a copy of Cheiro’s Book of Numbers on my desk where I have it within easy reach though.

An example of Jesse’s adherence to it came up years ago when he was getting ready to move and he had his people looking for a house with a #9 address because I and someone else in our little group had #9 addresses.

I think you will be very intrigued when you read the below house numbers material:


(To calculate your house numerology just add all numbers to a single digit unless it adds to master numbers 11, 22, 33 )

example : 2576 Simpson St = 2+5+7+6 = 20 …. 2+0= 2 …House numerology is a #2)


Essence of One. Independence; new beginnings; oneness with life; self-development; individuality; progress; creativity.

A home with a One vibration is excellent for a person who wants to embark on an individual creative venture. A person living in a One house will learn from experience rather than instruction and advice from others. A One house is conductive to someone who wants to follow their own instincts and express individuality with creativity and originality. Strong emotions can sometimes be felt in a One house, especially if there are several strong individuals sharing the home. But the emotions are healing and can even spur inspirational creativity. A One house is not a house that will always be neat, as sometimes minor details are secondary to the creative process. If you have been a caretaker for others and have come to a place where you need to be number one in your own life, then move into a One house. You will feel more assertive, independent and willing to take risks in this home.

Challenging aspects of a One home. Sometimes in a One house you may feel isolated and alone, even if there are others around you. Others may view you as selfish, but you are only isolating yourself so that you can make the decisions that you know are right for you.


Essence of two. A balance of the yin and yang energies of the universe; polarities; self-surrender; putting others before yourself; dynamic attraction one to another; knowledge comes from the balance and marriage of opposites.

A home with a Two vibration is an excellent home for two people who are going to share space as close roommates, lovers or as wife and husband. Two vibrations could be likened to lighting two candles from the same source; they are separate yet share the same light. People living in a Two house can be as connected as peas in a pod. You will be strongly tuned into the energies and feelings of the others with whom you share your home. Living in a Two home you will have a strong desire for peace and harmony through diplomacy. You will often find yourself standing back and tuning into situations rather than advancing your point of view. You’ll find that you can fully and lovingly understand the perspectives of others. Gardens, music, art and magic all flourish in a Two home. You will develop your gentle nature and a desire for harmony. This is a perfect house to explore and develop your psychic and intuitive abilities. It is an excellent house for a marriage or partnership to grow

Challenging aspects of a Two home. Because the Two vibration can expand your sensitivity, you may find a tendency to sometimes become oversensitive or to care too much about the feeling of others. Should this happen just take time to be still and listen to your inner voice. Also the energy of a Two home may sometimes seem to exclude others because the occupants of the house can be very self-contained.



Essence of Three. The Trinity: Mind, Body, Spirit; the threefold nature of Divinity; expansion; expression; communication; fun; self-expression; to give outwardly; openness; optimism.

A home with a Three vibration is a home where you can feel and be positive about your life. It is also a home where you communicate with flamboyance. This is a home where you can expand your vision for your life. Positive thinking produces positive results. A Three house fans your enthusiasm and enhances your warm nature. It is a great house for parties and entertaining. Three houses can be conductive to generating sexual/spiritual energy. Move into a Three house and find your social life expanding. It is a home where people from different cultures and different backgrounds can meet and relate to each other with warmth and love. The power of the Trinity is strong in this house as well as the energy of the triangle and the pyramid.

Challenging aspects of a Three home. There can be a tendency in a Three house to expand too quickly, scatter your energies and spread yourself too thin. Be careful about finances because in a Three house there is a tendency to enjoy now and pay later. Also sometimes there can be a tendency to be overly optimistic. But certainly the fun that you will have in a Three house can make up for any challenges.



Essence of Four. Security, four elements and the Four Sacred Directions, self-discipline through work and service; productivity; organization; wholeness and unity.

 A home with a Four vibration is a stable and secure energy. Four represents the four walls or boundaries that provide security. It symbolizes solid foundations and protection. If you have been experiencing instability and uncertainty in your life, move into a Four house. You will find your practical, secure, earth nature coming forward. A Four house is very grounded and very connected to Mother Earth. It is in this home that you can find your roots and plant the seeds of your dreams. In this home you will find certainty, stability, and strength. You will also be able to relish the fruits of your labor. Kahlil Gibran says in The Prophet “Work is love made visible”. Your work can offer you satisfaction and can be a source of security. A Four home lends itself to steady employment and building foundations for the future. Often those who are drawn to a Four house will be involved in areas of service to others, such as nursing. This is an excellent house for a group of people to live in who are working together toward common goals. For example, groups of people working to help Greenpeace would find a Four vibration house conductive to their common goal. Call the assistance of the Four Elements, the Spirit of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, into your home. Ask for the sacred winds from the four directions to further enhance the Four vibration of your home. If you are interested in gardening and connecting with the earth energies, a Four house will suit you.

Challenging aspects of a Four home. Sometimes living in a Four home can feel like work, work, work and no play. If you find this happening, take a day to be madcap and carefree. Be silly. There can also be a tendency to hard or to be stubborn. Remember, there is always enough. Loosen up! Life is not as serious as it sometimes seems.


Essence of number Five. Feeling free; self-emancipating; active; physical; impulsive; energetic; adventurous; resourceful; well-traveled; curious; excitement; change.

A home with a Five vibration is vibrant, alive and ever-changing. Hold on to your hat if you have moved into a Five house. If you feel that you are stagnating in life this is the perfect house for you, for five is activity, movement and change. Life becomes a merry-go-round of going to meetings, answering the phone, attending parties, out-of-town trips. It is all exciting and adventurous. This is a good house to move into if you want to increase your communication skills. A Five house is all go, go, go with lots of people coming in and out. Five houses tend to be hubs of activity. Five energy lends itself to mental stimulation, gathering information and experiences and sharing it concisely and quickly. This is a great house for a journalist who works at home. A Five house lends itself to having experiences from a vast variety of areas. You might also think of a Five house as a place for Wine, Women(Men) and Song. If you are planning on being celibate this is not the house for you. Your sexual appeal will increase in a Five house and this is a good house for romance.

Challenging aspects of a Five home. Sometimes living in a Five home can make you feel that your life is a whirlwind. Slow down. Take time to smell the daisies. Also, there is sometimes a tendency to make snap decisions. Usually your instincts are right in a Five home. But if it is a very important decision, take second breath and deliberate carefully before you decide.


Essence of number Six. Self-harmony; compassion; love; service; social responsibility; beauty; the Arts; generous; concerned; caring; children; balance; community service.

A home with a Six vibration is a center for harmony and balance. This is an excellent vibration to have for a family especially when there are children in the home. Living in a Six house can contribute to feelings of community service and wanting to help others less fortunate than you. It is an excellent house for someone wanting to develop their artistic abilities. A very good home for a counselor who works at home, for the energy of Six is nurturing and caring. And a counselor working in a Six home will find it much easier to go directly to the heart of the matter with their client, but in a compassionate caring way. The sense of family is all-important in a Six vibration. Close loving relationships with your partner, roommates, friends and family come to life in a Six house. Also the beautifying of the home, as well as the surrounding area, will be important in a Six house.

Challenging aspects of a Six home. Because a Six vibration is so geared toward giving, sometimes there might be a tendency to give too much of yourself. Seek a balance between giving to others and taking care of your own needs. Sometimes the comfort of a Six house can make one inclined toward being reclusive. If this happens, push yourself to get out and see the world.


Essence of number Seven. The inner life; a mystical number symbolizing wisdom; Seven chakras; the Seven Heavens of the Hawaiian Kahunas; birth and rebirth; religious strength; sacred vows; tendency toward ritual, particularly spiritual ritual; the path of solitude; analysis; contemplation.

A home with a Seven vibration is a sanctuary for contemplation and retreat. It is a place where you can analyse past experiences and present situations, with an emphasis on spiritual development. A Seven house is perfect for someone who lives alone who wants to retreat and meditate and seek divine inspiration. It can be a bit difficult for more than one person to share Seven space, unless others in the home compliment your contemplative mood. This is an excellent home for a student or a researcher, in that a Seven vibration lends itself to focused investigation. Seven vibration contributes to intuition, dreams, visions, telepathic experiences, philosophical and metaphysical studies – all helping find your path in life.

Challenging aspects of a Seven home. This is not a home for those who want to advance in the material world. The energy is focused on the spiritual rather than worldly goods. Also if you are desiring a relationship a Seven house isn’t the best to live in, since there is a tendency toward being alone and even aloof in this vibration.


Essence of number Eight. Infinity; material prosperity; self-power; abundance; cosmic consciousness; reward; authority; leadership.

A home with an Eight vibration is abundance in all areas of life; abundance of friends and family and material possessions. If you want to get the material side of your life in order, move into an Eight vibration. Eight contributes to organisational and managerial skills which contribute to growing material success. Through discipline and hard work you can achieve a position of power. If you find that you have been working too hard on your spiritual and emotional development and you just don’t seem to have it together in the material world, this is the home for you. Power and financial abundance are all possible in this vibration. Awards, honors and public recognition are possible here. Eight is the vibration of wholeness. Your relationships can develop more than just one aspect – they can embody physical, spiritual and mental characteristics. You can command respect and equality.

Challenging aspects of an Eight home. You must be careful to consider the welfare of others and be wise with your finances, otherwise an Eight house will mean that you are always having to deal with abundance issues.


Essence of number Nine. Humanitarianism; selflessness; dedicating your life to others; this is a number of completion and of endings; release; universal compassion; tolerance; wisdom.

A home with a Nine vibration is a home to reap and harvest from past efforts. It is a home where your love and compassion for humanity expands. This vibration allows you to see beyond your own boundaries. You give to others freely because you recognize how much you have gained in your own life. You can develop a breadth of wisdom that can even be prophetic in a nine vibration. Because you know that you are part of a universal family, you have the ability to release the small things in life – you won’t take offense easily. Old friendships are important and you might hear from people from your past while living in a Nine house. You will find people drawn to you because of your compassion and wisdom. This is a good home to live in to tie up loose ends in your life. Live your truth because you will be an example for others.

Challenging aspects of a Nine house. In your effort to be aware of what the greatest good is for the greatest number of people, you may fail to see the needs of the individual. In addition you may fail to see the particular need of one aspect of yourself as you are overly concerned with the overall picture for your whole self. For example, you maybe be aware that candy is not good for your overall health, but you may fail to see that the inner child inside you needs the comfort of candy now and then.

Master Numbers

Master numbers can be reduced to smaller numbers (Two, Four, Six, etc.) and carry the energy of the smaller numbers. However, in metaphysical traditions the following numbers are thought to have a special power and significance of their own:

11    Especially good for developing intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and other metaphysical faculties. This would be a good home for someone who wanted to develop these capacities.

22    Unlimited potential of mastery in any area, not only spiritual but physical, emotional and mental as well.

33    All things are possible.

I believe that every moment our life is guided, and I believe that wherever we live is one part of a greater plan for our life and evolution. We often have no choice in the home we live in or the subsequent numerological vibration. However, every vibration has its own beauty and will give you what you need at the time. For example, you may think that you want to be alone and develop spirituality, and then you find that you have to move into a Three vibration house, which is the energy of communications, expression and expansion.

Even though this might not seem like what you want at the time, I would suggest that this is exactly what you need. I don’t believe that there are accidents in where you are living. You chose a vibration that you need at the time for your spiritual growth. However, if you want to offset the numerological vibration of your home, add a letter to it (only in the accordance with your local postal authority’s regulations, of course) and include that new address in all your correspondence. Although the vibration of the old address will still affect the overall energy of your home, you can mitigate the original energy through personal choice and change.

Denise Lynn (from her book ‘Sacred Space’)



There are several more items which I want to share regarding Elvis and the number 9’s and also the number 8’s.

During Elvis’ performance on the  Elvis – Aloha From Hawaii  concert, at one point, the lights above and behind Elvis are shown directly over his forehead and the three lights appear in such a way as to be seen as “999”.  A friend pointed this out to me way back in 1990.  I haven’t viewed the show recently and don’t recall which song he was singing when this took place.  It was a “coincidence” that the lights and the camera work created the numbers on his forehead.  However, remember that Elvis said something like this:  “There is no such thing as coincidences; everything has a meaning“.

Below is the screen capture of this from the concert:

Also, Elvis’ plane the Lisa Marie was another of the 8’s “coincidences“:

‘The Lisa Marie’: Elvis Presley’s Convair 880 Jet Airplane …

Also, last of all, I always thought it was significant that the topic of “Is Elvis Alive” came to the attention of just about everyone in 1988.  Of course, that was the year in which Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s best selling book was published and she appeared on many of the big name talk shows.  Also, Jesse did phone her in October, 1988 because he “thought he could trust her”.  But then she taped their conversation and sold the tape with her books.  After which Jesse told me “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.”


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