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To set the tone for this page and all of this web site, I want to share a quote which sums up my philosophy regarding my sharing of the truth about Elvis who is now Jesse.  This image was sent to me by a dear friend, Deb.  I thank her so very much for giving this to me.


I was so very happy and excited to see the official Elvis web site,, today with this wonderful banner ad across the top of the below page: 

America’s Comeback Team

Go Romney and Ryan!!!!!


There is a wonderful article about Lisa Marie at the Grand Ole Opry on the web site.

Lisa Marie Presley Gets Standing Ovation at Grand Ole Opry

August 22, 2012

A large crowd gave Lisa Marie Presley a standing ovation after her Grand Ole Opry debut performance on August 21, 2012.

After celebrating her father’s legacy during Elvis Week, Lisa Marie made her way to the Music City with stops including a luncheon in her honor and her singing debut on the biggest Nashville stage.

According to Billboard magazine,”She admitted to some nerves, before cracking a joke that she hoped there wasn’t a truck outside to take her away – a reference to then – Opry manager Jim Denny telling her father he needed to go back to driving a truck following his only appearance on the show in 1954.”

Elvis’ former guitarist James Burton and gospel legend Joe Moscheo were in attendance as Lisa Marie sang tunes from her new album, “Storm and Grace.” The new album has received great reviews with Rolling Stone calling it “the album she was born to make.” The blend of bluesy rythms and country tones was produced by 12-time Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett and can be purchase on iTunes and

“It’s been so warm and incredible coming here. I feel really at ease,” Presley told Billboard Magazine about her trip to Nashville. “To be in a place that appreciates singer-songwriters is an incredible experience.”

Read Billboard’s entire article on Lisa Marie’s Grand Ole Opry performance at Also, click here to check out recently added photos of Lisa Marie’s trip to Memphis for Elvis Week.


A very good friend to our site, Miroslava, attended the 35th Anniversary concert and taped much of it.  She has shared the following video on our blog page.  I will insert the link below so that everyone may enjoy this wonderful event.  She plans to upload another video to YouTube which includes her personal footage of the Presley family.  She was seated near them in the audience and has some fottage of Lisa with her twins.  I thank Miroslava from the bottom of my heart.




Jesse phoned tonight but we were only able to speak a very few words before the noise on the line returned…the very same noise which we experienced the last time he phoned on Monday 13th.  He waited a few minutes and called again but the noise was the same.  I am so sorry that I can only tell you that I asked how he is and he said “I’m all right.”  For that I am very thankful.  That is really all that matters to me…just to know that he is OK.



My good friend, Deb, sent along a news article about several attempts in the works to make biographical movies of Elvis’s life.  The only one of the four which caught my attention was one which is planned to focus on his spirituality.  Below is an excerpt from the article which focuses on this particular movie.

New film to highlight mystery of Elvis’ faith

Four different projects are attempting to release the first Hollywood biographical movie about Elvis Presley. Only one looks at his spirituality.

BY: Rob Kerby

The Identical,a $3 million independent project from City of Peace Films, is taking a surprising approach: the faith-based route,” reveals

Miller. “City of Peace president Yochanan Marcellino says the script, adapted by Space Cowboys scribe Howie Klausner from a play about an Elvis impersonator, focuses on Presley’s interest in Gospel music and his religious roots. The project will star Ryan Pelton, an actual Elvis impersonator. Marcellino says plans call for Identicalto include licensed Presley music — a combination of covers and original recordings — but he declined to discuss negotiations with rights-holders.”“Presley recorded over 80 Gospel tracks during his career,” writes biographer Peter Ramsay. ”Those who knew Elvis said he not only knew and sang hymns he actually loved Gospel songs. After concerts, late at night, Elvis and his friends would sing classic Christian songs such as ‘In the Sweet By and By.’” 

He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2001.


“Elvis started singing hymns as a child, attending church with his mother,” writes Ramsay. “There are many stories about Elvis’ respect for Christ. One such story goes like this: One night at a concert fans unfurled a massive banner while Elvis was singing. The banner read: ‘Elvis is King!’ Elvis stopped in the middle of his song and clearly stated in the microphone: ‘There is only one king and He is Jesus Christ.’


“Donnie Sumner, in his autobiography In the Shadow of Kings, devotes a chapter to the question: Was Elvis a Christian?” writes Ramsay. “Sumner sang with Elvis for years as a member of the Stamps Quartet. Here is a lengthy excerpt from Chapter 27 of Sumner’s book:”

I recall one night when Elvis motioned for me to follow him and I did. After leaving Linda and all the guys in the living room, we found ourselves in his bedroom. He sat on the bed with his back to the headboard and I sprawled out across the foot of the bed, on my side with my head propped up by my bent arm and said, “What ya’ need, boss?”


His response shall always be the memory of a door that I once had opened before me and one that I failed to walk through. I was in no way a professing believer at the time and the question Elvis asked me took me totally by surprise. It is not within my power to return again to that point and redo it properly but I can tell you now, what was said.


“What does ‘being saved’ mean?”


I was astonished that Elvis would ask “me” such a question and I said to him in response, “Far out boss, why you askin’ me such a question? Do I look like a preacher?”


“Seriously,” he said, “I was watchin’ this show on TV and they were talking about when they got “saved” and I knew your dad was a preacher and I figured if anybody here would know, you would.”


Realizing, then, that he was seriously trying to determine what “being saved” really was, I made a brief attempt at trying to explain it, the way that I had been taught as a child, in a less than an ecclesiastical rendering.


I said to Elvis, “Well, the way I understand it, if you believe the story that Jesus really came as they say He did and that He died for sins the way they say He did and the other stuff they say, like, He rose from the dead, went back to Heaven and that He’s coming again some day: If you really truly believe all of that and discount any other way to be right with God as you and I believe Him to be, then you are saved and “being saved” is just a way of saying that you are a “born again believer.” Then, in a jesting after thought, I said, “How’s that ‘my son’?”


Elvis then asked, “Well, what happens then?”


I was really getting into it by then and answered him, “Well if you accept by faith the fact that all of this is true and ask the Spirit of Jesus to take control of your living, He will and He’ll help you do stuff like make the right decisions and be a better kind of person.” I said to him, “I’ve heard my daddy say, lots of times, “If Jesus wasn’t walking with me, I don’t think I could make it.” I then concluded my “redneck” message with the comment, “But the best part is, when you die you go to heaven instead of hell!”


Elvis’ short comment was, “Cool!” He then added, “Sometimes life is hell! Maybe I’m already there!”

Here is the link for the full article:


The August 20, 2012 edition of the GLOBE tabloid featured an age progressed portrait of Elvis (computer generated) showing him as he would look today at 77.  For the first time, I do like this version.  As you can see, they used a younger photo of Elvis.  This portrait does show the bone structure , etc. more correctly.  I don’t know if Jesse will approve of this version or not.  The reason that I like it so much is because it does show the same features as Elvis, who is now Jesse, in the 1994 photo with Benjamin…allowing for some plastic surgery.

I want to thank my good friend, Tim, who mailed this tabloid to me.  When Tim called to tell me about the photo, Tom went out immediately to get a copy of the GLOBE for me, but they were already off of the displays.  So, Tim, mailed the entire issue to me so that I could see it and share it on here for everyone to enjoy.

Normally, I don’t care for the tabloids…but in this case, I think they got it pretty close to right.  See what you think…

Too bad that they didn’t know that his eyes are so.o.o.o.o blue!


Earlier I created a playlist on YouTube of Jesse’s new song After Loving You.  I found that the original Elvis version of the song which I had used has been removed from YouTube.  So, I have created a new play list using another video from YouTube.  I think you will very much enj9y listening to the comparison.  

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Below is the link to a fantastic interview with Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers.  He became a close friend with Elvis and this is such a great peak into the difference between Elvis the Superstar and Elvis the man.  You will enjoy hearing this very much , I feel certain.

Bill Medley – About Elvis

Uploaded by on Jun 23, 2010

Bill Medley was born in Los Angeles. He met his singing partner Bobby Hatfield while attending California State University, Long Beach. The pair began singing as a duo in 1962. Their first single was “Little Latin Lupe Lu”; their first hit was “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”, produced by Phil Spector in 1964. Follow-up hits included “Ebb Tide”, “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” and “Unchained Melody”.




My friend, Deb sent me the link to this very nice video of Lisa Marie throwing out the ceremonial ball at a Chicago baseball game.  Very sweet…




We have all heard the term “once in a blue moon“.  Well, today is a blue moon day.  When there are two full moons within a month, the second one is a blue moon.  The term blue moon always makes me think of the Elvis song by that title.  Also, the blue is very relevant to Elvis/Jesse as blue was Elvis’s favorite color…I don’t know if it is still Jesse’s favorite or not as I have never asked about his favorite color now.  So many of his song titles contain the word blue as well as Blue Hawaii the movie.

Also, there was a blue light over the little house in Tupelo when Elvis and Jesse were born.  This was seen and recounted by his father.

Also, when Elvis directed that there be blue lights placed along side of the curved drive in front of Graceland, he called and asked his father how it looked and Vernon said that it looked like an air plane runway.

So, on this blue moon day, let’s all think of Jesse and hope he enjoys this “once in a blue moon day“.

I want to thank two of my friends, Deb and Donna, who reminded me of the fact that we have the blue moon this month.


At the risk of offending someone, I feel compelled to once more post a positive article regarding the fantastic movie 2016: Obama’s America.

The following shows how people from both parties are supporting the truth revealed in this movie.

As I have written before, there was an eruption of applause at the end of the movie which we attended.  One man in the audience implored everyone to go home and tell their family, friends and everyone they know to see this movie.  I wholeheartedly say the same thing.

Headline from The Hollywood Reporter:

Box Office Report: Veteran Steven Spielberg Producer Backing Anti-Obama Doc, Says ‘Fair’ and ‘Truthful’


In Theaters Now

2016 The Movie Blasts into the Top 10!

2016 broke into the top 10 films this weekend. “The movie capital didn’t see this coming“. Gerald Molen, the producer, known for Schlinder’s List, Jurassic Park,and Hook commented:

“We’ve gone out of our way to make a movie that’s fair and truthful. And these numbers tell me that the American people agree with that assessment.”

-Gerald Molen / Hollywood Reporter

Liberal and Conservative Voters Applaud

We are hearing of cheering and ovations in theaters. It is a truly exciting experience to go to this film. “Virtually everyone applauded” at the Palladium in San Antonio. The response to this film, by everyone has been amazing: “I didn’t want to see it, but I am glad now I did. I am going to take some more friends.

Now in over 1,700 theaters!

Thank you for your support last weekend. Because of this unprecedented success we are expanding! “Right wing blockbusters rule” is the new mantra, with the news outlets raving about how Obama’s Americacame out of nowhere to burn up the box office“. Help keep this film growing in theaters and expanding in more theaters near you. Take some friends this weekend and forward this e-mail to your friends!

Exclusive film clip: Obama and Kenya and his Grandmother

Current Theaters and Maps

Find a list of Current Theaters by going to

We will be in over 1,700 theaters starting on August 31.
Map of locations:

The 2016 Obama’s America Team

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You may locate theaters showing this movie at the following link:


Below is the link to a very good interview with Ed Bonja who traveled with and photographed Elvis for many years.  He came to know Elvis quite well.  This is a very good interview…done while in Germany last Sunday Aug. 19th.

Remembering Elvis with Ed Bonja

Ed Bonja was Elvis’ photographer from 1970-1977 and took Elvis’ last “official” photo. In this rare sit-down interview, he takes the time out of his busy event schedule to tell me more about how he met Elvis, and what it was like to know and work with “the King.” Between 1970-1977, Ed took more than 10, 000 photographs of Elvis.

Bad Nauheim, the tiny “spa town” in Germany is where Elvis lived from 1958-1960 while he did his American Army service. Thus, it is also the only city outside US that he actually lived for any period of time. As a result, the town itself has built up a number of fans itself. Many people come just to see the famout spots around town — places where Elvis has been pictured in photos, where he lived, etc.

This is the 11th annual European Elvis Festival, and it grows every year. Some of the attendees come to the event not only because they love Elvis but also because they love reminiscing the lifestyle of that era.

Ed Bonja took the photos that appear in this video and provides full permission for himself and his pictures to appear in this CNN iReport, and to be used on CNN.

Filmed at European Elvis Festival August 19, 2012
See a full report of the event and its fans:




I have just completed the setup of the next new CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE 21 for the month of September.

Below is the link to the new page on which our next news will be posted: