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Elvis Presley – The King of Music 2015. All Hail The King!

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Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!
Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!
The Song of Ages 2015 is Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley.
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Prayer request from James Burton for his son, Jeff.
James Burton
22 hrs •
URGENT! Worldwide prayer needed for Jeff Burton.
Jeff is suddenly back in ICU and he needs a miracle.
We have seen our Heavenly Father work miracles time and time again and we are believing once again for supernatural intervention in Jeffrey’s life. Thank you in advance for believing with us and thank you Jesus for supernatural healing.
The Burtons
Update from James Burton:
James Burton
14 hrs •
From The Burtons…Jeff is NOT on life support. He is just really ill in the ICU but not life threatening. We are asking for worldwide prayer from our prayer warriors out there that he will be well again soon. We know God will see him through this as He has before. Thank you so much in advanced for all the prayers and we will keep you posted when we have updates. Thank you all so much and God bless you all.
Legendary Elvis posted this beautiful image on Facebook. I love it so much!! So, I want to share it here on my page.

I continue to be extremely livid and very hurt by the continual string of lies being put forth about Elvis. This is so disgusting and is enough to gag a buzzard. Those who choose to accept and swallow all the garbage coming out about Elvis are neither loyal nor loving true fans of the real man who was Elvis Presley and who IS Jesse.
The Elvis who we all saw leading up to August 16, 1977 is the only TRUTH that there really is.
The filthy piece of garbage movie “Elvis Lives” which aired on the AXS channel last week,in conjunction with the anniversary of Elvis’ departure from his life as Elvis,was a total travesty. I cannot understand why the Elvis Estate does not take legal action against such defamation and slander as shown in that garbage.
I do hope that no one who visits and believes the truth on my site actually took that nasty movie at face value. That movie is the most horrible portrayal of Elvis I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot of stinking money-grubbing trash in my life.
This movie depicted Elvis as being drunk all the time…showing him drinking alcohol which is something he did NOT do. Depicted him as having lost his voice and being incapacitated. I won’t even go into all the despicable lies which were in the content of that so-called movie. I cannot understand the production company wasting their time and money creating a movie regarding a person and a topic about which they, obviously, know NOTHING. Guess they have only read the lies about Elvis in certain books, etc.
Below, I furnish 3 prime examples of the real Elvis Presley leading up to the day he chose to leave. All of these prove that he had NOT lost his voice; was NOT at all incapacitated; did NOT look anything like the horrible actor who portrayed him in “Elvis Lives“; was NOT in any way incapacitated on the night before he left and was actually out driving his own car.
These two videos and the very last photo ever taken of Elvis on the night before he left all PROVE that he was the same wonderful man that he had always been right up until he carried out his plan to escape the miserable life in which his career had entrapped him.
This first video is of Elvis deplaning upon his arrival in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977. As you will see he was in good spirits and certainly DID NOT need any assistance whatsoever to walk down the steps of the plane, interact with those waiting to meet him, and he carried on conversations with the two men who presented him with awards…laughing and sharing a funny comment of some kind with the second man presenting the trophy. Also, be sure to take note of the DEA STAFF emblem on his jacket.
Elvis at the Indianapolis Airport June 26 1977
Matthijs Janssen
Published on Jun 26, 2013
Elvis Presley Receiving a plaque from RCA commemorating the pressing of the two billionth record at RCA’s Indianapolis pressing plant (which was done during the manufacturing of Elvis’ new album, Moody Blue) before his last concert in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977
This second video shows Elvis on stage in his very last concert in Indianapolis (the very same day as the above video of his arrival at the airport). You will see and hear him singing the song “Hurt”. This one song perfectly showcases how magnificent his voice was right up through his very last public appearance.
elvis presley – hurt – last live version – upgraded video – june 26, 1977
ziel online
Published on Aug 17, 2014
amazing and I think the best version ever of this last live performance of HURT. What a great voice!! Check it out!
Also, in addition to this very last performance of the song “Hurt” in the above video, below is another magnificent performance of this song in an earlier 1977 concert in Rapid City. This was a short time before the first video above in Indianapolis. NOT one single syllable from a man who had “lost his voice“.
Elvis Presley-Hurt Live 1977
Published on Jul 3, 2013
Taken From His Concert In Rapid City 1977.
Finally, below is the very last photo ever taken of Elvis. This was taken upon his arrival back at Graceland from a dentist visit just hours before he “passed away”. As you can see he was driving his own car himself with other passengers in the car. He took time to acknowledge the fans who were waiting at the gates of Graceland. This proves that Elvis certainly was NOT incapacitated in any manner the night before he left.

Also, below is another alleged photo from this same moment in time. I do not know the facts behind this second photo…but it appears to have been taken at the same time as the above photo.

FOOTNOTE: As I wrote above, I am not certain about the authenticity of this photo as far as when it was taken. It may have been on a different occasion…
I do hope that this attempt on my part will help to debunk all of the lies coming out in recent days from former “family”, “friends”, money-grubbing publishers, and film producers and the AXS TV channel.
A very nice friend on Facebook, Cristóbal has created the below new comparison of Jesse’s photo to that of Elvis. It had never occurred to me to think of putting Jesse’s hair onto the photo of Elvis. As you can see, it does show the matching features very clearly. My heartfelt thanks to Cristóbal.
Below is the very kind message which I received from Cristóbal recently before he shared the below photo comparison:
Dear Linda: I’m a man of 31 years who recently discovered your website. I’m from a town of Jaen in Spain, so, sorry if I misspelled but my English is a little bad. I want you to know absolutely everything that you have written on your page. I totally believe that Elvis is alive. Just I listen to the CD and I cried like a little boy! I take from 5 years listening to Elvis and it is absolutely his voice. I have spent many years reading and researching about the death of Elvis because he did not want to believe he was dead. I bought the book of Dr Hinton and there was something inside me that knew that Elvis was alive, but now I am absolutely sure your page. Thank you very much for your work, for giving hope to all fans. Elvis for me is everything. Please tell him from me that I admire and that is a very important part of my life. I wish I could tell you everything and I feel in person, it would be a dream for me. Thank you very much for everything Linda.
Cristóbal wrote:
Dear Linda, I send a photo I have done, so that people can observe the resemblance. Just change the eyes (because of plastic surgery ) the nose is identical, all features are the same! if some words you do not understand is because I use the translator, my English is not very good ?. I hope you like the picture. My support for Jesse and you. I send all my love .
I forgot to tell you , the most interesting photo is not had to make any modification. I just had to enlarge the hair , because the photo on the left is a little bigger . After I fit everything perfectly, hair and face. The silhouette is the same !!! A proof that Elvis is now Jesse .

My Facebook friend, Cristóbal, has created a video for us all to enjoy. His video shows that he took the eyes, nose and mouth from the photo of Jesse and pasted them on to the actual photo of Elvis to prove that the features all fit and come together so perfectly with no alterations at all.
My heartfelt thanks to Cristóbal for his effort and support of the truth about Jesse who IS the man known to the world as Elvis Presley.
Below is Cristóbal’s message to me which accompanied his new video:
Dear Linda , I attached new pictures and a video that I think you will like . In the pictures I added the nose and mouth of Jesse to the photo of Elvis. In the video you can see the process much clearer . I want to make clear that I have not made absolutely no change . All the puzzle pieces have fitted perfectly as you can see in the photos and video. The eyes and nose fit 100%. I have not made any photo retouching, just cut and paste, so that you can observe much better. Hugs!! Cristobal

I received Jesse’s letter in the mail today and am displaying it below. As you will see, he wrote it to all of you…my visitors. I am so very honored and humbled that he wrote this for me to share.
This is written by Jesse pertaining to all the fake things which I have confronted recently on my site regarding Pastor Bob Joyce being Elvis; the lies published by the “Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive” page; and the lies told by Mickey Moran about me, my web site, and the photo of Elvis, who IS Jesse, taken in 1994 which Jesse gave to me personally in 1997. Moran’s lies have been spread for the past 3+ years. Recently Moran has called me “sincere but naive” and “gullible“. Neither Jesse nor I appreciate lies very much at all.
So, here is Jesse’s response:

I want to thank everyone so very much for all of the kind and loving responses sent on the Messages to Jesse page and on my Facebook page in response to Jesse’s letter. Jesse and I both appreciate our loyal friends so very much. Hugs to everyone. Love, light and peace to all, Linda
A good friend, Mike on Facebook, just shared the below with me on Facebook. What a fool Moran is!!! This is exactly the reaction from Moran which I expected and predicted to my close friends.
I will not enter into another battle with Moran. I have been there and done that and learned that facts, reason and logic do not phase him. I refuse to do a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Ha, ha!!
The Presley Assignment by Mickey Moran’s photo

The Presley Assignment by Mickey Moran
Yesterday at 7:58pm •
Linda Hood Sigmon appears to be up to her old ways again. lol! She posted this on her website. She’s right, I don’t know Jesse and I don’t want to. She does have firsthand experience with delusions but she’s not qualified to diagnose me. Wow!!! Linda probably wrote this herself. Well, one of her personalities probably did. I know one thing for sure: Elvis could never be as ugly as the person she has a picture of if he had plastic surgery, was kicked in the face by a jackass, and was dipped in battery acid. His DNA has been proven to not match Elvis’ and she still carries on this charade. Oh well, it’s good to keep crazy people occupied so her delusions are probably for the best.

In addition, here is the screen shot of his post which my friend also sent to me.

Below is the link to my page which was created in 2014 which disproves the claim by Moran.
In case anyone doubts that Jesse’s letter was really written by him, may compare his printing to known samples of Elvis’ printing from before Aug. 1977 in the attached photos:

Also, below is an excerpt from a letter which Jesse wrote to Donald Hinton back in the late 1990’s when he was writing the book. I cannot recall offhand if this particular excerpt was published in the book. However, I don’t think Jesse will mind my sharing it here as it is copied from my own copy of the rough draft of the book. In this letter, you will see that Jesse offered to begin printing his letters in case his handwriting was difficult to read. Jesse told me several years ago that he was going to start printing most of his letters.

I hope the above will squelch any doubts created by the nonsense published by Mickey Moran in response to Jesse’s letter to me last week.
My friend, Jeannette on Facebook, has shared two wonderful items with me on Facebook and I so much want to share them here on my site. I do beg the forgiveness of the Facebook account who wrote and shared these two items on Facebook…I certainly mean no offense to them that I am sharing these on my web site. I admire their dedication to honoring Elvis with truthful facts.
These two items were placed on Facebook by Save The Legacy Of Elvis Presley.
Save The Legacy Of Elvis Presley
Yesterday at 5:19am •
“During the European Elvis Festival in Bad Nauheim – Germany last waak we went to a talkshow with Anette Worlf… She was the second director of the CBS special “Elvis In Concert”. She was in charge of filming the fans and the backstage footage with Elvis. When Elvis came of the steps of the “Lisa Marie” in Indianapolis on June 26th 1977, he saw Anette standing. Elvis gave her a kiss and said… “Hello darling. How are ya” and then he walked away. For the next faw days these were the only words that Elvis spoke to Anette. But as the filming of the special went on the relationship between both became closer & closer. Anette told us that that short period with Elvis was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her. It was a gift she will always treasure. Elvis was the nicest human being she had ever met. When the crew was filming backstage in Rapid City on June 21st 1977, Anette pulled the cameraman backwards so Elvis could be filmed in front walking to the stage. He saw Anette doing that and gave her a big smile. Her heart just melted! Just before taking the stage Anette filmed Elvis in profile to show the viewrs what he was doing… He was praying. Several weeks later she got a phone call from the colonel while she was editing that footage. The colonel told her that Elvis had passed away and immediately put the phone down if it was not so important. Just at that moment all the monitors froze and at that moment she really knew that Elvis had passed away.”

The second item which Jeannette shared with me is one regarding George Klein speaking about Ginger Alden. I do hope that Jesse won’t be upset by my sharing this fact: Back when Ginger Alden’s book came out, Jesse told me that she had “made things up in her book“. As you will see, George’s recollection agrees with Jesse’s statement to me:

Save The Legacy Of Elvis Presley added 2 new photos.
August 25 at 4:31am •
“During The European Elvis Festival in Bad Nauheim last week GK talked about Ginger Alden… He told us that Elvis once told him that he couldn’t go on with Ginger! She was way too young for him. She didn’t like to go on tour with Elvis. She just didn’t like the life she was leading. She just stayed with Elvis because of the money. GK had introduced Terry Alden to Elvis but he told Elvis that her younger sister Ginger was more beautiful than her sister. So Elvis told his friend to take both sisters upstairs and put them in Lisas bedroom. Then Elvis came in and brushed Terry off gently. He started a romance with Ginger. But Elvis saw quickly that the whole Alden family was just after his money. They wanted new house, jewely, cars etc… Elvis hated it when people asked him for something and decided to break up with Ginger. Larry Geller once said that Elvis had told him that Ginger was on her way out. Although Elvis had given Ginger a 14 kt diamond engagement ring he didn’t plan to marry her! After Elvis passed away the Alden family sued EPE because, they claimed, of tha fact that Elvis would have promissed them new house, cars and jewels… Clearly Elvis didn’t keep his promisses because he realized that the Aldens were only after his money! If Ginger and her family loved Elvis why did they something like this. GK isn’t very happy that Ginger now has written a book filled with exagerations and lies!”
Jesse also wrote that he chose “the most naive person to find the body“…and that “she almost waited too long“.
Here is a video of George making his above statements:
Talking Elvis with George Klein (Part 4) – 15th European Elvis Festival 2016

memphis flash
Published on Aug 21, 2016
Elvis Presley’s friend George Klein sharing memories with Maria Hesterberg of the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft at the European Elvis Festival on August 2016 in Bad Nauheim.
I extend my heartfelt thanks to Jeannette for bringing these two articles to my attention.
I just got off the phone with Jesse and he sounded wonderful today. He said he has been doing well. We just had a really nice visit and “family” chat. He wanted to see how our sick family member is doing. A mutual friend of ours lost a family member less than two weeks ago and we both feel so sad about that. Last week when Jesse phoned, we were having a thunderstorm and it caused our phone to disconnect his call and so he called me right back. Today, when he called, I was holding Rascal and sitting in the chair watching TV. I got up to get a pen and paper to write something down for Jesse and, while holding Rascal in one hand, the pen in the other hand and trying to cradle the phone between my ear and shoulder, I accidentally mashed a couple of buttons and disconnected our call again. So, Jesse called me back. Thank goodness he knows that I would NEVER hang up on him. I have told him so many times that I would walk across hot coals and broken glass to get to the phone to speak with him.
Below is a current prayer request from James Burton and his family for his son Jeff. I am so very sorry to hear this update. Please pass along to others as well.
James Burton
20 hrs •
Update from The Burtons…Jeff has suffered a heart attack and is fighting for his life. He is conscience and heard the doctor talking to him. We are asking all of our prayer warriors to pray for his heart to get well and that he is fully healed. Jesus said to him, “If you can believe,[a] all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23. “And Jesus cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick.” Matt 8:16. Please pray with FAITH…not fear. “The prayer of faith WILL heal the sick, the Lord will raise you up.” James 5:15.
We know that God works miracles everyday and we know that He has plans for our son Jeff. Please pray in faith that God will heal Jeff completely. We believe that He can and He will heal Jeff. “Jesus said if 2 of you in faith agree about something and pray for it, it will be done by my Father in heaven” Matt 18:19. “Jesus said what is impossible with man is possible with God” Luke 18:27.
We have the best fans, the best friends and the best prayer warriors in the world and we are coming to you as a family of believers to ask for your continued prayers for our son Jeff. We are so thankful for all that you have done for us in prayer and we ask for your continued prayer support. James and I and the entire family truly appreciate each and every one of you more than you could ever know. And we know that heaven is truly hearing all of our prayers. We will provide updates as they come in. We love you all and we thank you all again and may God bless each and every one of you. The Burton Family.
Jeannette, my Facebook friend, shared this video with me and I want to share it here because I know Jesse will enjoy seeing this video about his Jungle Room sessions. They make a good point about the songs which were recorded in 1976 reflecting Elvis’ state of mind. Jesse told me that he had planned to leave in 1976 but that he chickened out. He also told me that the last two years of his life (as Elvis) were pure misery. Just watch this video and then listen to the Down In The Jungle Room CD set which just came out. The songs from the Jungle Room sessions are among some of my favorites. I am especially fond of “The Last Farewell” and “Danny Boy“. But, as I have so often said, my favorite Elvis song is which ever one I am listening to now. Jesse once asked me way back in the early 90’s which song was my favorite and I believe I answered him in that same manner. Although, I did tell him that there was one song which he did which I never liked and he asked me which one. I told him that I did not like “Fever“. He thought about it for a little bit and said that he did not like doing that one either.
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