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MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014

For anyone who has taken an interest in the Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis records from Sun AFTER 1977, there is an original vinyl record of the duet “Save The Last Dance For Me” up for sale on Ebay at a very reasonable price.  Below is the link to this item.

Also, this seller has an audio player where you may listen to the entire song before buying.

Starting Bid: $2.99 (0 Bids)
Shipping: $3.99
End time: Jun-27-14 17:07:47 PDT


My dear friend, Susan, sent a photo of Elvis for comparison to the photo of Jesse taken in 1994.  It is a great match.  I thank Susan so much for contributing this to my site.

Elvis and Jesse side by side comparison


TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014

I love this so much…and thank God it is so very true.

 The Mind Unleashed‘s photo.  from Facebook.
The Mind Unleashed's photo.


| New York




Elvis Presley


White jumpsuit with rhinestone and gold lame detailing. “JC Costume Co., Hollywood, California” tag. Accompanied by a letter from Paul Lichter of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum. Minor staining and browning; non-working zipper.

Together with: The Promised Land album sleeve (vinyl not present)

Estimate 200,000300,000 USD

 LOT SOLD. 245,000 USD

(Hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium)



My friend Terri Fletcher adored Elvis.

When she was a teenager she worked as a waitress at a uptown hotel where Elvis and his entourage stayed at when he performed in Charlotte. She was asked to deliver a birthday cake to him compliments of the hotel.

The only thing she had to say was “happy birthday.”

She got through the tight security, knocked on the door and a bodyguard opened the door and there he was, the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley sitting on the couch with his girlfriend.

Fletcher was speechless – nothing would come out,. He looked at her, she looked at him and burst out crying. He tried to calm her down. His girlfriend tried, too. Finally, after five minutes, he said, “It’s OK, I’ve been embarrassed before and it doesn’t matter.”

After she composed herself, Elvis asked her to sit down and have some cake with his entire group. Her heart skips a beat when she tell this story.

In 1956, writer Jules Archer asked Elvis for an interview while he was making his first movie “Love Me Tender.” Along with most American parents of that day, Archer stereotyped Elvis as a “delinquent” because of his (for that time) long hair, the way he dressed and his provocative (again, for the 1950s) moves on stage, he told Reminisce magazine.

However, “The kid surprised us all” he said.

Archer said Elvis was the nicest, most warm-hearted, politest kid he had ever met.

Graceland in Memphis has a special exhibit commemorating “60 years of Elvis.” It traces Elvis Presley’s history, showcases rare memorabilia including his personal version of “That’s All Right” and his wardrobe from “Viva Las Vegas.” The exhibit will be open until February. Check it out at

Elvis has left the building.


I have referenced the letter which Elvis wrote to Wanda June Hill in August, 1977 a number of times.  He wrote it on the 3rd of August…but held off mailing it so that it would, hopefully, arrive on the 16th which was the date of his departure.  Jesse likes that I saw the clue in the timing.  It was, in essence, a “goodbye letter” in which he calls to mind when he first met her and the friendship which they had shared.  He closes by “hinting real loud” that he would like for her to help others to remember him.  Below I am sharing the link to the page on which a large excerpt from this letter may be read.  This appears on the web site Elvis Lighted  There is a lot of Wanda June Hill’s input on this site.  It is a joy to visit and peruse.



I especially wish to thank all of my visitors who are making our total number of visitors grow so rapidly…I owe it all to the subject of my web site, Elvis who is Jesse, of course.  I am also very grateful to my Internet server host/administrator who made it possible to rescue my original site when my domain name was stolen from me 3 years ago and who provides me with the space to have such a huge web site, and who is there when there is a problem (such as the lowlife who implanted a cookie on my web site this past week to advertise Viagra, no less!)  Mark came to the rescue and quickly removed this cookie from my site and reported the perpetrator to the proper agency.  So, three cheers and hats off to Mark.   Below is the screen capture of my last twenty visits just a few minutes ago.  I am so thrilled to see 20 visits within one hour’s time.  Thank you all, thankyouverymuch”

Last 20 visitors


As we all know today marks the 37th anniversary of Elvis’ final concert in Indianapolis.  I am thankful every single day that only the image left our view on that day.  That was a hard day for Elvis who knew it was his last “Dance” with his audience who he enjoyed so much.  But, it had to also be a day of great relief because he knew what was going to take place in just a little over 7 weeks.  Leaving that stage had to have been accompanied by a sigh of relief…this after about 20 years of wishing he could just have a normal. 

There was a HUGE significance in the fact that CBS had been allowed to film his concert shows for a special to be aired in the fall.  That was one of the biggest clues that Elvis and Col. Parker gave to the fans.  At no other time had any of Elvis’ concert tours been filmed for a TV special.  Elvis knew this was his last concert tour and he intended for it to air on TV as a special event because it was his farewell tour.  I absolutely loved seeing him in that tour.  However, Jesse said to me “I could never look any worse than I did on that last tour.

In honor of this day of remembrance of his final curtain, I am sharing a YouTube video of that final show. 

Elvis Presley Last show 26 june 1977 (full)

TheMMProducties TheMMProducties Published on Jun 26, 2013

The last concert Elvis gave.


Following the concert, I want to share with everyone Jesse’s song from his CD which was released in 2012.  This is one of my very favorites from that CD:  “The Dance“.  If you will do some research you will find that this song was not even written before Elvis left the world stage in 1977…so that, in itself proves that Elvis recorded this song after 1977.  Also if you care to look up the original lyrics, you will see that Jesse changed the lyrics in a subtle way to make it about himself who was Elvis.  Listen closely and you will hear him sing these words “how could I have known I’d ever say goodbye” and  “…wasn’t I THE king…”.  In the original lyrics, these two words were “We’d” and “A king“.  Just listen to all of the lyrics in this song.  It is so poignant and touching.  Jesse made this his own song just as he always did with the songs he sung as Elvis.  As Bob Dylan once said “Once Elvis sang a song, it had pretty much been sung.


Mariangela Presley Mariangela Presley·  Published on Dec 6, 2013


Jesse, thank you for everything before August 16th, 1977 and most of all for everything you have done since that date.  You light up my life, Jesse.




FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014

Let’s all listen to more Elvis!! Maybe some of his goodness to his fellowman will rub off on us all.



My friend Debbie shared this wonderful video with me on Facebook.  I love Elvis’ introduction and the lyrics to the song.  Elvis chose many of his songs for the messages within.   He wanted us to listen to the words.

Elvis – Fairytale

vsbonvenutoep vsbonvenutoep Published on Nov 30, 2012


Isn’t that a stunning performance…never better!



I have just completed constructing a new page of my site devoted to the endorsement statement and letter which Wanda June Hill wrote to be posted on my site.  I also posted an announcement of this new page on my Front Page and Missions Statement page.  Below is this announcement which includes the link to the new page.  This is so very important and so I wanted it on the front page.  Things which are only posted on the Current News pages get “buried” as time goes on and new monthly pages are created.




JUNE, 2014

I am so very honored to announce that Wanda June Hill who was a very close personal friend and confidante of Elvis’ for 15 years, right up to the day he “retired”, has written a statement and letter of endorsement for me to post on my site.  In this statement, Wanda states that she now KNOWS that Jesse is really Elvis.  She and I have, over the course of several years, become good friends and she has spent a lot of time on my web site perusing my material.  She has been thinking back and recalls all of the things which Elvis was going through back in the last couple of years before he left.  He told her so many things indicating that he would like to just stop being Elvis, take care of his health, and be a regular person.  There was no way out for him except to “die“. 

I have created a new page devoted to the statement and letter of endorsement written by Wanda.  I hope everyone will visit and take time to grasp the significance of Wanda June Hill’s statement that she now KNOWS that my sweet friend, Jesse, really is the man who the world knew and loved as Elvis Aron Presley.  Also, Jesse has given me several things to tell Wanda which only he and she would know.  

Below is the link to my new page.  Please do visit this most important page of my web site.  This statement by Wanda plus the page proving that Jesse’s DNA does match the first cousins on Elvis’ Smith and Presley sides of his family should be enough to convince even the most die-hard skeptic.

Also, here is the link to the DNA Lab Reports page:

I heartily encourage all of my visitors to share this new documentation with every fan you know who may be interested in knowing Jesse’s truth.  Also, feel free to share it with all those critics and skeptics who have refused to accept the truth about Elvis who IS NOW Jesse.


SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014

I want to direct everyone to the following link which was posted on our video board.  Because I know that some visitors are perhaps unaware of my video page, I am sharing this here for everyone to see and enjoy.

The author of the book BLUE STAR LOVE, Maia Chrystine Nartoomid, posted the link on my video page.  I so highly recommend this beautiful book to everyone.  Maia has been close friends with Wanda June Hill for many years.  Some of the material in this book was drawn from the personal knowledge of Mrs. Hill as a result of her close friendship with Elvis for 15 years.  This is a very enlightening book from which the reader will come away with a whole new understanding of the man behind the image and his spiritual heritage.  Elvis said that the image and the man were/are so very different.  I can tell you, personally, that the man is even more wonderful than the image on stage.  Elvis was/is a very spiritual person and devoted so much of his personal time to the study of all things relating to his closeness with God.

I read Maia’s first book, MAGII FROM THE BLUE STAR so long ago…about 24 years…and found it so enlightening.  Maia is a very extraordinary lady.  She saw Elvis in concert many, many times and got her first kiss from him I am told.  She is a very spiritually enlightened soul and a true fan of Elvis the man.

Her videos are fantastic:

You will see that you also may go to another page of her site to order this book.


The following is just a very brief excerpt from a USA Today article regarding travel in Memphis.  I just liked it a lot and wanted to share. Of course, the beginning was a lot more hard work than described…but the thought is still good.

Soul of the city

Travel anywhere in the world, and when you say you’re from Memphis, one person comes to mind in any language: Elvis. The young man who walked into Sun Recording Studio in 1954 to record “That’s Alright, Mama” and walked out a superstar was a shy and generous man who loved his family more than anything. Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, is one of the country’s most-visited historic homes, attracting more than 600,000 visitors a year.


Tonight I have been doing some “house keeping” on my site.  I realize that as time has gone on, I have published some topics which should have been added to already existing topic pages or have created new dedicated topic pages for the specific articles.  I have begun that process in baby steps.  Tonight I have created two new pages which contain articles from my July, 2012 Current News and Events Page.

Below are the links to the two new pages.  I may be moving further material on the Current News and Events pages to the new pages as time goes on.  I have so many Current News and Events pages to cover…so it will have to be a very slow and gradual process.

I have also completed cleaning out and restoring the Current News and Events page for July, 2012

Here is the link for those who may not have been visiting back then:




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