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Elvis Presley – The King of Music 2015. All Hail The King!


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Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!



Lets make it happen again for this new year of 2016!

The Song of Ages 2015 is Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley.

Let’s all remember to vote every single day in 2016 for this same song again or any Elvis song which may be added to the list.  Below is the link for voting for the new year.



James Burton

September 2 at 7:08pm ·

Update from the Burtons…Jeff is more stable now but they did take him off of the kidney and liver transplant lists since he had 2 heart attacks. We are praying for a complete healing. We would like to express how grateful we are to everyone. If you had been here with us you would have witnessed Jeff’s miracle…he did NOT die and he told the doctors it is because he has so many prayers being lifted up that God is hearing them. Jeff is still very seriously ill but has a fighting chance with God, the prayers and the staff at Vanderbilt. We are so grateful and humble! The Jeff Burton Family…God Bless You All.

I know we will all be keeping Jeff in our thoughts and prayers.



Leiber and Stoller: behind the music

Jerry Leiber is gone now but Mike Stoller is still with us. And thankfully, we have Hound Dog – the story of one of pop music’s greatest songwriting teams told in their own words.

Hound Dog: the Leiber and Stoller Autobiography [with David Ritz] (image courtesy Wikimedia)

“…we were… part of the rhythm and blues and rock and roll revolution…. we found ourselves by sheer coincidence or exceptionally good fortune, smack dab in the middle of the action.” – Mike Stoller

My Aunt Mary Ann, my mother’s youngest sister, was only eight years older than me. What that meant was that she was a teenager in the later 1950’s. Like any teenager of the period, she had a portable record player and a huge stack of 45’s. I spent every visit to my grandmother’s house when I was six-seven-eight listening to those records. I heard Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Duane Eddy, The Drifters, The Coasters, and, of course, Elvis.

I don’t know how many other kids my age were falling madly in love with rock and roll and rhythm and blues. But I did, and I’ve never fallen out.

So when a friend of mine surprised me with Hound Dog: The Leiber and Stoller Autobiography as a birthday present, it was like being that second grader all over again.

Less an autobiography and more a transcribed oral history, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller tell their story with a combination of verve, sentimentality, and humor that belies their status as two of the most important songwriters/record producers of the rock and roll era. If the list of Leiber/Stoller songs reads like the Billboard chart for any given year from the early fifties through the late sixties, that’s because it kind of was. These are the guys who wrote some of the great “transition” songs that took rhythm and blues into the rock and roll era: “Kansas City,””Riot in Cell Block #9,””Smokey Joe’s Cafe,” and the most significant of all, a song they wrote for Big Mama Thornton that got picked up by the singer Jerry Leiber described to Mike Stoller as “some white kid named Elvis Presley” named “Hound Dog.”

That song, which gives its name to this oral history, gave Leiber and Stoller mixed emotions. The version of the song that Elvis did was copied from from a Vegas act who parodied the song, and the lyrics which we all know so well – “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog/Cryin’ all the time/You ain’t never caught a rabbit/And you ain’t no friend of mine” are not even in the Leiber/Stoller composition. But as Jerry Leiber, the partnership’s lyricist notes, “…the fact that it sold more than seven million copies took the sting out what seemed to be a capricious change of lyrics.” He then adds, as if to defend his bona fides as an R&B aficionado, “But lick for lick, there’s no comparison between the Presley version and the Big Mama [Thornton] original. Elvis played with the song; Big Mama nailed it.”

The relationship between Presley and Leiber/Stoller yielded other gems before it was ruined by (who else?) Colonel Tom Parker, The King’s manipulative, crooked manager. But in that brief period of their connection Jerry and Mike wrote some classic Presley songs: “Love Me,” “Treat Me Nice,” “You’re so Square (Baby I Don’t Care),” “Don’t,” and the masterpiece, “Jailhouse Rock.” They also wrote what Elvis called “…a great goddamn Christmas song,” the fantastic “Santa Claus is Back in Town” and the title song for the Elvis film “King Creole.” Then their connection was severed by Parker and they wrote only one more song directly for Presley, “Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello.” The catalysts were two: they tried to get Elvis and the Colonel interested in a film project, a movie based on Nelson Algren’s novel A Walk on the Wild Side to be directed by Elia Kazan; then, too, they wouldn’t sign a blank contract indenturing themselves to the Colonel. Their reluctance to become pawns of Tom Parker proved the undoing of the friendship with Elvis – a friendship reflected in Presley’s term for them: they were, he said, “his good luck charms.”

Losing Elvis was disappointing, of course, but Leiber and Stoller found compensations. Their love of R&B led to their relationship with The Coasters, a group that formed from the break up of one of the early R&B successes, The Robins, the group who recorded “Riot in Cell Block #9” and “Smokey Joe’s Cafe.” Leiber and Stoller wrote all the classic Coasters hits: “Yakety Yak,” “Charlie Brown,” “Along Came Jones,” “Young Blood,” “Little Egypt,” “Poison Ivy” and a favorite of mine, the proto-rap “Shopping for Clothes.” They wrote “There Goes my Baby” and, with Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill, “On Broadway” for The Drifters. They wrote “Love Potion #9” for The Clovers and co-wrote “Spanish Harlem” (with Phil Spector, whom they loathed) and “Stand by Me” (with the singer himself) for Ben E. King.

For Leiber and Stoller, as for all the original Brill Building songwriters, 1964 changed everything. But instead of resting on their laurels and giving way before the deluge of rock groups writing and playing their own material, the pair, fascinated by not only rock and roll but by jazz, particularly bebop, and cabaret music, turned their talent to writing for jazz artists. One of their later triumph’s was the 1969 smash for Peggy Lee, “Is That All There Is?” They even produced the first Stealer’s Wheel album – the great sounding “Stuck in the Middle with You” is an example of their production work. Eventually, they moved into consolidating music catalogs – their wise management of their own and other songwriters’ material made them very rich men.

Finally, Hound Dog: The Leiber and Stoller Autobiography offers readers some amazing anecdotes: Mike Stoller’s lucky escape from the Andrea Doria ship disaster; Jerry Leiber’s night of drinking – and nearly drag racing – with James Dean a couple of months before his death; Leiber and Stoller trying unsuccessfully to convince Marlene Dietrich to record their song “Is That All There Is?”

Jerry Leiber is gone now (he died in 2011), but Mike Stoller is still with us. And thankfully, we have Hound Dog – the story of one of pop music’s greatest songwriting teams told in their own words.

A few samples to show you the Leiber/Stoller magic:

The Coasters – Shoppin’ For Clothes


Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

Music that makes you feel


the Drifters There Goes my Baby

James crawford

Peggy Lee — Is That All There Is? 1969




I have told the truth over and over and over endlessly for over 7 years here on my site, on my YouTube channel, and on my Facebook pages.  And yet, the same tired old questions continue to be circulated.  So, for the LAST time, below is the proof that another of Moran’s lies about Jesse is untrue.  This time, his lie that Jesse’s DNA does not prove that Jesse is Elvis.

Below is Moran’s video of the 2002 first FOX 8 news reports after Hinton released the book.  It has since been determined that Bill Beeny is known to have a very checkered past.  The DNA samples which Beeny submitted on this news report did not match each other nor did they match Jesse’s.  Contrary to the interpretation which Moran has been using in an effort to discredit Jesse, there is a very good reason why the two Elvis samples which Beeny had did not match each other and did not match Jesse’s.  It is because BEENY’S SAMPLES WERE FRAUDS without a doubt.  No reputable Dr. would put his professional and personal reputation on the line by allowing DNA samples of Elvis Presley to leave his possession nor that of Baptist Memorial Hospital to someone like Beeny.  While it is absolutely true that the autopsy DNA definitely would NOT match any earlier DNA which was actually Elvis’, this does not prove that Jesse is not Elvis because his does not match the alleged samples provided by Beeny.

I have previously provided, here on my web site, some documents proving Bill Beeny’s questionable activities in his past before he ever started his Elvis is Alive work.

This is Moran’s video:

Mickster Moran  Published on May 11, 2013

“Not only did the “Jesse” sample not match the other two samples, but they didn’t match each other. In other words, Elvis’ autopsy tissue did not match the liver tissue from 1975.”

Fox News: Elvis DNA does not match Jesse or Autopsy

More importantly, FOX 8 continued to interview Dr. Hinton and to run updates about Jesse through late 2008…a period totaling 7 years.  Had they believed that the first report concretely proved that there was no truth to the Jesse topic, they certainly would not have continued to investigate and air reports for all those following years.  As you will see in my video below of the last report which FOX 8 researched and aired, it does prove that Jesse’s DNA from 2008 DOES match the DNA which Jesse submitted to FOX 8 himself in 2002.  Also, Jesse’s DNA DOES match that of two of Elvis’ cousins on both the Presley and the Smith side of his family. 

Unfortunately, the segment of this report regarding the woman who claimed to be Elvis’ half sister was later proven to have been untrue due to the fact that there was an error in the report which matched this woman’s DNA to Jesse and the cousins.  This woman knew, when she pursued her case in court, that the lab had issued a corrected report but she chose to enter the uncorrected report into the court system two times.  This has all been documented on my web site in the past.


Linda Sigmon

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2010

In this 2008 followup report on Jesse and Dr. Hinton, it is shown that Jesse’s DNA from 2002 matches Jesse’s DNA from 2008, thus proving that the same man has consistently been Jesse. This interview with Dr. Hinton proves that he has NEVER changed his certainty that Jesse is Elvis Presley.

Also, this prior FOX 8 report (shown below) from 2004 definitely proves that Jesse’s handwriting is that of Elvis Aron Presley and that Dr. Hinton was exonerated by the Attorney General of Missouri because of the handwritten letter which Jesse sent to the AG in Hinton’s defense.  

ELVIS IS ALIVE FOX 8 May 24,2004, interview with the graphologist who states that Jesse is Elvis.

Linda Sigmon

Uploaded on May 24, 2009

As you may verify above, and with the information with ALL of my FOX 8 news reports on my YouTube channel, I had posted my copies of these reports many years before Moran trotted out his video in 2013.   So, as you can see, Moran only shows the very first results and not the more conclusive later reports.


A historical figure in Elvis’ professional life has passed away…
Edwin Howard, 92, was legend of Memphis arts, culture reporting

By John Beifuss of The Commercial Appeal

Edwin Howard — Memphis’ premier arts-and-entertainment columnist for decades and the first reporter to interview “a promising young Sun artist” named Elvis Presley — has died.

Mr. Howard, 92, died early Monday at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He and his wife, Corinne “Tugar” Hanover Howard, relocated to the Washington, D.C., area in 1990, almost a decade after the closing of the Memphis Press-Scimitar, where Howard presided over “The Front Row” — a column about theater, movies, opera, symphony music, travel and other “amusements” — from the 1940s until 1981.

But Mr. Howard’s most historic encounter occurred July 27, 1954, when Sam Phillips associate Marion Keisker phoned Howard from Sun Records to ask if she could introduce the influential arts columnist to a new singer, a 19-year-old Humes High graduate. “They would have to come in on the boy’s lunch hour, Marion said, because he was still driving a truck for Crown Electric,” Howard wrote…

In a column published the day after Elvis’ 1977 death, Howard remembered: “The boy’s hair looked as if it had been cut by a lawn mower, but the trademarks were already there — flat top, duck tail and sideburns. He was shy, and except for ‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir’ let Marion do all the talking.

“There was a time, after his return from Army service, when he began to blossom as an actor and might have developed into a fine one. But again he drew back and instead remade again and again the same formula films. He never developed, never learned how to spend his money — or his time … His life had become so sad to me that his death seems less so.”

What a vast shame that Mr. Howard did not follow Elvis’ entire career enough to know and understand the magnitude of Elvis’ career at the time of his “death“.



Below is a notice which I posted on my Facebook page earlier this week regarding new stipulations relating to those who send messages for Jesse via Emails.


After spending the better part of today wading through so many Emails to Jesse, I realize that I MUST set a few guidelines if I am to continue offering this privilege to others. The following rules shall apply for the entire month of September and each month thereafter. I thank everyone for understanding these new stipulations.

(1) I ask that each visitor limit themselves to fewer Email messages per month. I may have to discontinue the Email option and only allow messages to be posted on the Messages For Jesse page of my web site.

When Jesse spoke of the Emails which I forward to him, he was referring to ALL of the messages which I send. This includes the messages from the page devoted to that on my web site

(2) Please do not send any videos with your Email messages.   It is too time consuming for me to locate the videos and put them into a format which I am able to burn on to a DVD. When there are a number of videos in different formats, it becomes burdensome. I thank you for your help and understanding. 

(3) Please attach no more than one photo to your messages.

(4) Please do not write Emails to me at the address as I only check the messages on that Inbox once each month when I go there to prepare the Emails to print them out for mailing. When there are personal Emails to me at that address, it takes me a lot of time to read them and sort them out from those to Jesse.

Because of my on-going health issues and the demands on my time, I have stopped responding to Emails very much at all.

Also, I have been getting many more Private Messages on Facebook and I must cut back on those as well.

I ask that you please respect and understand why I have to set up these rules and guidelines.

There is only one of me and I am old and tired. Ha, ha!


One of my Facebook friends, Jeannette, shared the below image of a handwritten note by Elvis which was sold.  I am sharing it here to compare to Jesse’s recent letter.  I love this beautiful note which he wrote to a friend…such kind words of inspiration.

Just a clip from Jesse’s letter which I posted recently:



My Facebook friend, Pamela M.,  sent this article and the accompanying video to me.  This young lady does a beautiful rendition of an Elvis song.  I think my visitors will enjoy seeing it too.  I will add it to my DVD for Jesse this week.

Pamela writes:  “I do not know if you have ever heard this girl sing Elvis’ song, but I thought I would share. I think Jesse would be impressed and honored! ♡♡

Everyone Laughed When She Told Them She Was Going To Play An Elvis Song. Until She Started Singing…

Any time someone tells you that you’re too young to chase your dreams, remember that Elvis Presley was only 18 years old when he recorded his first song. He began as a kid from Memphis paying to record a couple of tracks at Sun Records and went on to become one of the biggest musical icons of our time.

This young girl covers his classic song “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” which was recorded in 1961. Her soulful rendition of the King’s heartfelt ballad leaves no question as to whether or not this girl should chase her dreams just like Presley.

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley Cover




Below is an excerpt from an article in which Marian Cocke, Elvis’ private nurse is quoted and also includes quotes from her book.  A book which I have owned and loved for many years.  I am sharing this because she firmly states that she never saw any evidence of abuse or misuse of any prescription drugs during the two years she spent with Elvis in his home and at the hospital.  Also, please take note that he called asking her to come by his home shortly before he “died“.  He said goodbye to many people close to him leading up to August 16, 1977…without giving away his plan.  

Wanda June Hill has given me permission to share anything she has said and therefore I am showing this from her: Wanda has told me that now that she knows he is alive and looks back, she recalls things he said to her leading up to the day he “died”.  One thing which she recalls him saying is “I’ll be gone, but I’ll be around“.  Elvis was laying it on really heavy to Wanda that he was going to die…even telling her exactly the clothes he would be wearing in the coffin. This is why she believed he really died.

Jesse told me once “I was giving her clues for two years.” while speaking with me about Wanda.

The next night Elvis returned home to Graceland and Marian followed. She would be his private duty nurse for the next two years while also fulfilling her position as house supervisor at Baptist Memorial.

Refusing to be paid for her private duty nursing, Marian said ‘Everything I did for Elvis was because I wanted to’.

Her tasks while working at Graceland-where she would sometimes roommate with Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie-included checking Presley’s blood pressure and dispensing his medications. As his friend and nurse, she would often talk with him through the late hours of the night when he had trouble sleeping.

To dispel any rumors that Presley died of a drug overdose, Marian stated in her book, ‘I Called Him Babe: Elvis Presley’s Nurse Remembers‘, that all of Presley’s medications to treat his hypertension, colon problem, high blood pressure and fluid retention were carefully monitored by Dr. Nick, herself and the other nurses who cared for him.

She added, ‘If there were other medications ordered by another physician we were not aware of them-There was never a time that I noted any sort of medication abuse or misuse-The coroner’s report stated that Elvis died of a heart attack and that he had an enlarged heart. This was no surprise to me. Elvis had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known’.

One morning before Marian headed back to work at Baptist Memorial, she hugged Elvis as she said goodbye. When she reached the door of his bedroom, he said, ‘Miss Cocke-I just want you to know the doors of this house will always be open for you’.

A few mornings later, Presley called and asked her to come by around 4 *p.m. before he left Memphis for a concert. He refused to leave for the airport until she arrived. Marian, who noticed fatigue in Elvis’ voice, agreed.

At around 3 p.m. that same day, Marian received a call to go to the emergency room. Several doctors, including Dr. Nick, were hastily trying to revive Elvis using CPR. The EKG machine gave the news before the doctor could-no signs of life were evident. On August 16, 1977, Elvis Aaron Presley was pronounced dead at age 42.


As Marian put it in her book, ‘My boy was gone-‘

I believe that there is a mistake in the 3rd from last paragraph above.  I believe this should read “asked her to come by around *A. M.” rather than 4 P.M.

You may read this full article at the following link:

Below is an excerpt from my copy of Mrs. Cocke’s book which I have probably shared somewhere on this site before but which I share again because of the content.  Please take note of the Elvis quote at the end of this excerpt…he wanted to be “free” of being Elvis Presley.

Here is a link to the search results for Mrs. Cocke’s book at Amazon:

Below is a scan of the front cover of my own copy of her book:

One of the recently released books which slander Elvis is the David Stanley book about which I have written previously on my site.  I want to share the two videos below to show, again, the scurrilous lies contained in Stanley’s book and some other recently released tell-all books.

David Stanley has recently denied the media reviews of his book which state that he has written in his book that Elvis deliberately overdosed in order to commit suicide.  I have furnished my own video in which it is proven that he was associated with a nasty man, Albert Goldman, back in 1990 when they were telling this same suicide crap (please excuse my use of that word…but no other word sums up their garbage).  Below I share my own video again from the June, 1990 Geraldo show in which Joe Esposito confronts David about his lies and his association with Albert Goldman.

I recently came upon a video of Albert Goldman when he appeared on a talk show himself during that time and in which he was aggressively attacked by audience members because of the lies he had written in his book and was verbally spreading.

I am showing these two videos so that everyone may see the kind of man with whom David Stanley joined forces back then: 

After viewing these videos, you can make up your own mind as to whether you believe David Stanley and other Elvis “friends and associates” rather than his private duty nurse and true friend.

ELVIS IS ALIVE 1990 Geraldo show: Joe says “…and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation.” 

Linda Sigmon Uploaded on May 27, 2009

Here is Albert Goldman spewing forth his lies.  He has since passed away…may God have mercy on his miserable soul.

Elvis author Albert Goldman get’s “abused” on live TV

J.R. as ELVIS (Channel 1)

Uploaded on Sep 5, 2009

Much-hated Elvis author Albert Goldman gets his butt kicked on live TV. He then complains that he is being “abused”. Goldman’s 1981 biography “Elvis” is one of the most controversial books of all time. Goldman claims he interviewed 200 people as part of his research, however, it came to light that the true figure was nearer 2. Goldman’s personal dislike of his subject resulted in a vile, mean-spirited attack on Elvis and his fans. Goldman did a similar hatchet job on John Lennon, but it is for his biography on Elvis that he will always be remembered. Goldman knew exactly how far he could go without being sued and he knew how to distort the words of those he interviewed. He is interviewed here following the publication of his second Elvis book; ELVIS-The Last 24 Hours in 1990. He is saying he got it wrong the first time and he now believes Elvis committed suicide. His final comment on here is priceless!




Jesse called late this afternoon and we had a nice chat.  He sounded really good and said that he is doing well today. There is no news to share this time.  He did tell me that he is still playing his guitar and still enjoys that.  He said that he guesses he should get someone to give him some lessons and I said “Oh, no!!  YOU are the best.!“.  He thanked me for saying that.  He is very humble and does not have a big head…which is the way he always was.  One of the quotes of him before August 16, 1977 which I have thought of and enjoyed a lot over the years is this one: “Don’t let your head get too big.  It will break your neck.”  I have seen that happen to a lot of people over the years.  Those truly were, and still are, words of wisdom.  As always, I was so happy to get his call.  Made my day a whole lot brighter as it always does.


So happy to see the good news about Jeff Burton’s improvement.  Let’s keep them in our prayers and thoughts.

James Burton

11 hrs ·

Update from The Burton’s…This is going to be hard to believe (NOT FOR OUR PRAYER WARRIORS). Jeff moved from the hospital to a rehab center. He is still in a lot of pain and he is very fragile but he is ALIVE!!! Jesus said What is impossible with man is possible with God – Luke 18:27. We are still asking our prayer warriors to please continue praying for a complete healing for Jeff. We love and appreciate all of you so very much. We will continue to keep you updated as updates become available. God bless you all…James and Louise and the entire Burton family.





I thank my Facebook friend, Natalie, who shared this video of an interview with Jerry Schilling which I really enjoyed.  I will be adding this to my DVD for Jesse this week.

Elvis Uncovered: Jerry Schilling

Studio 10  

Published on Jul 20, 2015

He was the King of Rock and Roll and the world knew him by just one name – of course we’re talking about Elvis. Jerry Schilling was his best friend and his right hand man and he joins us.



James Burton’s son, Jeff, has taken a turn for the worse and had to go back into the hospital.  Let’s continue thinking of and praying for him and his family.

James Burton

3 hrs ·

Update from The Burton’s…We have hit a bump in the road. Jeff had to come back to the hospital last night with very high fever and extreme pain. They are running all kinds of test to see what is causing this horrible screaming pain. They will find it and fix it according to GOD’S WORD. Please pray for NO more pain . Jeff is such a fighter and prays everyday to GOD for a complete healing ! He also knows how many people are praying for him, some he has never met. This is TRUE LOVE AND CONCERN FOR ANOTHER PERSON FROM ALL OF YOU! TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART.



I always enjoy the series of videos, Gates of Graceland, and their latest is no exception.

Gates of Graceland – Elvis’ Obscure Awards


Published on Sep 12, 2016

In the latest Gates of Graceland video, host Tom Brown and Graceland’s Director of Archives, Angie Marchese, take you on a tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland’s Hall of Gold in Memphis, Tennessee, to discuss some of the more obscure awards that were given to Elvis.

Also, another recent video from them.  This time recapping the events of Elvis Week 2016

Elvis Week 2016 Recap


Published on Sep 7, 2016

Re-live Elvis Week 2016 with our video recap! Learn more about Elvis Week at

If you look closely while watching the Elvis Week Recap video above, you will see Mr. Bill Barmer, the EPE employee whose image has been used inappropriately by many in recent months stating that he really is Elvis himself.  You will see Mr. Barmer in the scene showing the unveiling of the image of the forthcoming new complex at Graceland.  He is wearing the blue jeans, red t-shirt and has the white hair in a ponytail. 



Below is a cute story which was told by Louise Smith who is the widow of Elvis’ first cousin and very close life-long friend:


Louise Smith, Widow of Elvis’ cousin Gene Smith: I am sure no one knows that my husband, Gene, and I lived in Elvis’ home Graceland in the early years…our bedroom was upstairs next to his bedroom. One funny memory of that of Elvis’s myna bird. His big cage was in the laundry room at Graceland, right off the kitchen. When the phone would ring, the bird would start yelling, “Hello, hello, Elvis is not here, Elvis is not here.”….He would also say to anyone that came into the room, “I am Elvis’s bird and I am a bad bird.” He would also say this if a girl came into his room and then…give her a wolf whistle.
(No prizes for guessing who taught the bird that…..LOL)

I thank my friend, Jeannette who shared the above with me.  Also below is another item which she brought to my attention.


Louise Smith, Widow of Elvis’s cousin Gene Smith: One day Elvis came to our house and the press followed him inside. A man and a woman accompanied the man from the newspaper. They presented Elvis with a trophy. Written on it was the fact that during Elvis’s movies in the theater, they had sold more popcorn than during any other movies….they took a picture of Elvis and it was in the newspaper in Memphis. When he left, I told him that he had forgotten his trophy, and he told me he would get it later. He came over many times to our house and I always tried to give him the trophy and he always said he would get it later. Guess what – I still have the trophy!

By the way, I heartily recommend Gene’s book to everyone.  It is very interesting…especially how he ends it…which I have shown on my page devoted to Gene…below is that excerpt:


Clearer copy of the last two sentences on the above page:


PLEASE NOTE:  Sivle Yelserp is the backward spelling of Elvis Presley which was sometimes used to avert attention to Elvis…a code name. This is mentioned earlier in Gene’s book. 

I remind each of you of the words which Elvis spoke to Gene in early August, 1977 during a private visit and conversation with only Gene:

I’m so tired of being Elvis Presley

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the pages from Gene’ s book…

Below is the information currently available on about purchasing Gene’s book. However, as you will see, it is only available from 3rd party sellers and is quite expensive. Makes me so glad that I bought mine when it came out.

Gene was a very good person and his book is the truth and not a sensationalized piece of garbage like so many out there now.

Elvis’ Man Friday by Gene Smith (1995-04-03) Hardcover– 1806

by Gene Smith (Author)


New from

Used from 




Hardcover, 1806



Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers).

Below are the front and back covers of my copy of Gene’s book:

Here is the link to my page devoted to Gene’s material and his statements.




I just came across this photo which is new to me.  It is of Elvis at Easter.  We have all probably seen the photo of Elvis holding the eggs he has found in the bag…but this one is even better.





A good friend, Nita, wrote to say that she just got the below book and that it is wonderful.  So, I want to share it here. Sounds like this would make a nice Christmas gift.  This is not a new book…but one of which I was not aware.  It has a five-star rating on Amazon.



Below is a photo of two gifts which Jesse sent to me a little while ago.  The ring has sapphires which don’t show up as blue in the photo.  I treasure everything he has given me over the years.  It is my joy to share things with my visitors.



I just enjoyed watching this video on YouTube and thought that Jesse and my visitors would maybe like it also.

We walked back to Dolan and saw this house from the street during one of our Memphis trips years ago.

Elvis’ Father’s Home beside Graceland Vernon A Closer Look.. Did You Know?

Spa Guy

Published on Sep 5, 2016

In this Video I show you where Elvis’ Father Vernon Presley had a home on the right rear side of the Graceland property down the side street.. The Presley’s no longer own the home and it is disrepair but it is still there… Check it out… Please don’t forget to give it a like and Subscribe for more stuff from the SG Network..


You will recall that, quite sometime ago, I displayed some comparison photos from Elvis’ army physical in which one can clearly see the scars on both of Elvis’ legs on his shins.  Today, I came upon some video footage of that event in which the scars are clearly visible in two places on the film.  Below is that video along with a still captured from this video.  Be very sure to notice the close-ups of him walking in his shoes and socks where there is a very brief glimpse of the scars.  

You will also see the scars clearly on each of Jesse’s legs in his photo below.

When I had displayed the comparisons earlier proving that Jesse has the exact same scars on each of his legs as Elvis had on each of his legs way back in 1958, Jesse had said he was glad that I had posted that.  So, I think he will enjoy seeing this new film footage.  I had to edit this film down to just the part which includes the desired images…but I failed to edit off the very last shot which shows a not-too-polite word…sorry about this.  My husband was in the army too and so I have heard this term used for this dish quite often.

  Jesse’s photo:



I went through one more very unpleasant exchange with a follower/believer of Mickey Moran on my Facebook page this month.  I had said that I would not post it on here after I finally was able to block the person attacking me.  But, it continues to gnaw at me and so I want to set the record straight here once more.  I thought I was through with this debate…but those who are ignorant have continued their attacks up through the day that I changed the entire setup of my Facebook account.

Because of the never-ending comments on my Facebook account in opposition to the truth which I have shared freely for all to see both here and on my Facebook presences, I have deleted much of the recent documentation from my Facebook presence, I have pretty much locked down my Facebook page so that only “friends” can see what I post, I have deleted about half of my “friends” on Facebook and have blocked a number of troublemakers from having any access to my page at all…they can neither view nor comment on anything, and I have disabled my two fan pages on Facebook completely.

Enough is enough is enough!

Below is some of the attack which was the last straw.  Following this attack, you will see my own YouTube videos which substantiate the fact that I have never hidden anything.  Moran made public his “cherry-picked” excerpt from the FOX 8 News Report in 2013.  

Christopher W. Petro How do prove something to someone who is delusional. I have posted things like the video you deleted that shows Jesse and Elvis do not have the same DNA. If it doesn’t support your theory, you delete it.

September 18 at 12:46am

Christopher W. Petro

Fox News: Elvis DNA does not match Jesse or Autopsy  YOUTUBE.COM

Linda Sigmon Christopher Petro That short clip which you posted of the FOX 8 news report about the DNA is something which Mickey Moran has put out on YouTube. It actually is taken from one of my many FOX 8 News reports spanning from 2002 through 2008. If you take the time to watch ALL of my YouTube channel which I set up in 2009 and choose the series of FOX 8 News Reports, you will find the clip which you threw in my face. But, more importantly, you will see that in subsequent reports, FOX 8 did prove that Jesse’s DNA matches the first cousins. FOX 8 also proved that Jesse’s handwriting is that of Elvis Aron Presley in subsequent reports. That is why I show ALL of the FOX 8 reports as part of my documentation. Here is the link to the FOX 8 report from which Moran copied the clip which you and he have bandied around against me:  You will see Moran’s clip at the 14:08 minute marker. You will also see that I posted my FOX 8 video in 2011 while Moran did not post his clip until May, 2013. If I were trying to cover up evidence, do you think that I would have ever posted that video from which Moran took his clip in the first place?  Those who follow my web site and know me will vouch that I always post the attacks against me and then provide solid documentation to refute the lies of others.

 September 18 at 1:01am

Linda Sigmon I shall be posting this entire exchange between you and me on my web site where all my visitors may see the fool that you are making of yourself and where Elvis himself will read all that you have stated when I mail my news articles to him this coming week. I am through fighting with you. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame or whatever you are after. Go peddle your lies somewhere else.

Below, you will see that I had made that entire news report containing his “damning” evidence against me and Jesse on my own YouTube channel on Mar 13, 2011 in a 17:26 minute video.  Not only that, but I had already made a portion of this available on an earlier video which I posted to YouTube on May 22, 2009:   FOUR YEARS BEFORE MORAN CREATED HIS VIDEO.  My first video was only 5:58 minutes long because I was newly signed up to publish on YouTube and my time limit initially was only 6 minutes, if memory serves me correctly.  Later on, after I had established my account on YouTube, I was able to post longer videos and therefore, I did so on Mar 13, 2011 in a 17:26 minute video.

You will see every single second of Moran’s video contained in my own videos.   I have never tried to hide anything from my visitors.  I started this web site in May, 2009 and started my YouTube account simultaneously.  You will see that one of these videos was the very FIRST video which I ever posted on YouTube.

I dare say that the clip which Mickey Moran has published was copied from my very own YouTube video.  The only difference is that I showed just about ALL of the FOX 8, Cleveland, news reports regarding Jesse from 2002 through 2008.  I have NEVER hidden anything because I KNOW that Jesse is Elvis and the truth is the truth no matter how the decks are stacked.  A very dear long-time friend from way back in the 1990’s lives in the Cleveland area and taped every single minute of the FOX 8 reports including some of the preview clips.  So, there is NOTHING from those reports which I do not have on VHS tapes.  My friend was following this entire story VERY closely and even spoke with Ms. Stratford over the years as the story unfolded.  So, I was kept abreast of the things going on behind the scenes at FOX 8. Later on, I contacted Ms. Stratford myself to make her aware that Hinton and Felix-Johnson were lying about Jesse promising to come out and that Felix-Johnson was an impostor and was NOT the Linda to whom Jesse was referring in his letters within his book.  I have provided documentation of all of this in earlier pages of my web site if any visitor cares to go back and check the statements which I am making in this article.

Below is my chart of videos on my YouTube channel showing how many years each one has been in existence.  It begins with my oldest video at the top and ends with my most recently added video at the bottom.

I know this is a lot to take in.  I do invite everyone to scrutinize ALL of my videos by visiting them, watching, and taking note of the dates on which I created them.

3:50ELVIS IS ALIVE.NBC August 16,1997 news report about Elvis’ health problems in 1977.


  • 7 years ago

0:17ELVIS IS ALIVE: Bruce Springsteen 2000 says “Elvis Is Alive!!”


  • 6 years ago



  • 6 years ago

10:08ELVIS IS ALIVE: Elvis Presley TV Series and Orion Pictures in 1990


  • 5 years ago

3:55ELVIS IS ALIVE – Wonder Woman – Orion Pictures connection


  • 5 years ago

4:26ELVIS IS ALIVE. Elvis’s post-1977 connection to Orion Pictures – CADILLAC MAN


  • 5 years ago



  • 5 years ago

6:21ELVIS IS ALIVE. Elvis Post-1977 Orion Pictures – Mystery Train


  • 5 years ago



  • 5 years ago

8:30ELVIS IS ALIVE Elvis’s Dr. Nick on Current Affair in Nov. 1990. Elvis did NOT commit suicide


  • 5 years ago

10:58ELVIS IS ALIVE – Orion Pictures Robocop 2 – Relevant Elvis information shown in this film.


  • 2 years ago

5:23Celeste Yarnall Star Trek at Wonder Con 2012


  • 1 year ago

3:59Elvis’ Law Enforcement documentation


  • 1 year ago

2:01Elvis is Jesse now – photos with Jesse’s own voice singing


  • 7 months ago

Also, Petro alleged that he did work on the Elvis Found Alive CD and is angry because he is not getting credit for his work.  To which I challenged him to put forth some documents from Joel Gilbert stating that he was involved in the recording project.  Furthermore, Petro alleged that all of the songs on Jesse’s album were created using a “voice synthesiser“.  He indicates that these songs were all created using this technology and were created by using actual clips of Elvis’ voice. Needless to say, I do not believe a syllable of what Petro has stated.  Jesse has talked with me about the circumstances of his recording those songs.  A very good long-time friend of mine, who is a musician himself, contacted one of the backup musicians on the Elvis Found Alive CD.  It was told to my friend by the backup musician some of the details of the recording.  What my friend was told by the backup musician correlates exactly with the facts which Jesse told me.  Below is Petro’s exchange with me regarding this topic:

Linda Sigmon Look, who ever your are!!! I have tried to block you from my page and cannot find your profile. Therefore, I shall report you to Facebook for harassment. I understand that you have been writing to other people and making all sorts of idiotic claims.  I do not know you whatsoever, so I must assume that you are one of the followers of Moran, Skutnik Michel or The Evidence Elvis is Alive Page, or perhaps you are a believer in Pastor Bob Joyce being Elvis or else the groundskeeper at Graceland all of whom I have recently discredited. My web site has been up for over 7 years, I have close to 100,000 registered members, and soon I will have one million visitors. What do you have to show for your “work”?  My site contains handwritten letters from Elvis dating back to 1992, DNA results proving that Jesse matches two of Elvis’s first cousins on the Smith and Presley side of the family, Wanda June Hill has endorsed the truth on my web site, I have proof of handwriting analysis by a court recognized expert who states that the handwriting is that of Elvis Aron Presley. I have a professionally created voice analysis (document) of the voice on the 2012 CD which contains 15 songs, a number of which were not even written until after 1977.  I have a massive number of photos proving that the photo of Jesse is the same man as Elvis Aron Presley. What do you have???? Put up or shut up.

September 18 at 12:18am

Christopher W. Petro I am none those. I know Elvis is dead. I also know your letters are bogus and most of your research is not even your own. It is just a retelling of the same stuff others have said, which is not based in fact.

September 18 at 12:36am ·

Christopher W. Petro I have worked on many projects, including Elvis Found Alive. So, I know when Jesse tells you that he helped with that project that that is bogus.

September 18 at 12:36am ·

Christopher W. Petro And I have not sent anyone messages. If you want to see my work, listen to the CD. Sorry, I get upset when people take credit for my work.

September 18 at 12:30am ·

Linda Sigmon As I said, put up or shut up. Show me some photos of you working on the Elvis is Alive project. Show me some documentation from Joel Gilbert proving that your name appears on a contract, a check paying you for your work, a letter from Joel Gilbert stating that you took part in that project and what your capacity was in the film or the CD. You are lying and I defy you prove one word which you have written. The material on my web site is from my own years of knowing Elvis myself…since 1992. He has proven to me countless times over the 25 years that he is Elvis. Lots of that proof is on my site. I have NO need of anyone else’s material. I speak with him on the phone about every week to two weeks. Again, show me your proof. I do know that you wrote to a friend of mine and claimed that you know the man in Jesse’s photo and other such claims. Show me your proof!!!!!

Like · 3 · September 18 at 12:41am

Christopher W. Petro With a voice synthesiser. Lol.

Here is one of the several videos of songs which Petro claims have been created using this device:

Christopher W. Petro

Is this Jesse too? We did it with a computer, the same way Elvis Found Alive was made. Same software. I can make Elvis or Jimi Hendrix sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” if so inclined. A voice analysis could not tell the difference since sample snips of Elvis’ actual voice are used to do the overdubs. The rest is computer magic. 

Elvis Presley – Up All Night (Spoof)

September 17 at 8:39pm

Christopher W. Petro

Elvis Presley The Flintstones Spoof

This is the fourth in the series of “What if Elvis Presley did TV Themes/Adverts like modern…


This concludes my article regarding the recent attacks against me, Jesse and the truth which is shared here on my site and which was shared on my Facebook account.  Each reader is invited to reach your own conclusion based upon the above material and my over 7 years of honest work on this web site.

There was another confrontation against me on one of my Facebook Fan Pages in the same time frame by a woman named Mary Stonebraker.  It took me a little time to digest this woman’s attack and to arrive at the reason for her suddenly challenging me on my own page.  But, then it did dawn on me that I have been told, for sometime now,  that she is involved with people of the same ilk as Moran and that she has been posting claims that she talks to Elvis all the time.  Her irate challenge against me evidently stems from Jesse’s own handwritten letter in which he states that I am the ONLY person he is in contact with and that others are impostors.  I feel sad for Ms. Stonebraker because she has, evidently, been taken in by the false rumors etc. put out there by others and is evidently in contact with someone pretending to be Elvis.

This whole situation is becoming almost as chaotic and contentious as the presidential election. LOL  But, I do NOT have to wait for an election date to put an end to it all.  



On a much brighter note…our good friend, Galen, posted a very interesting message to me on our Messages For Jesse page and I asked his permission to share it here so everyone may enjoy reading it also.  Galen’s message was posted in response to the video which I posted above about Elvis’ father’s house which is located behind Graceland.  I thank Galen so much for sharing his memories with us.

GALEN on September 21, 2016 at 1:14 PM

Dear Linda and Tom, Hope this finds you well and rested, Thank You for the video on the current news and event pg, Elvis’s fathers home brings back a lot of memories, I’ve been in that home on several trips back in the late 60’s, A friend of my family from Huntsville Alabama and was a niece of Dee’s , Would go up to Graceland during summer vacation from school and stay with Vernon and Dee, And her father Richard would ask us to pick her up since we were going to Tupelo and Memphis for the summer and Christmas holidays, She would fly Southern Airways from Huntsville and we would pick her up on our way back to Huntsville, Since we were already visiting Grandma in Germantown, I remember one time we drove up to Mr. Vernon’s house and mother would go up to the front door and Mr. Vernon would come out the side door next to the driveway , and hollar ”Dorothy come around this way” He then would come out to the car and me and my brother who would be in the back seat and he would ask about my dad, how were things back in Huntsville, He asked if we wanted some milk and cookies and of course we said yes sir!, I remember the living room a maid was using a broom to clean the top corners of the ceiling and I noticed a funny looking phone and the maid asked if we had ever seen a french phone before and I said I had never been to France , she laughed so hard and said naw that’s what they call that brand of phone, I remember it was pearl handle and gold where you put your ear and talked from, I peeked around the staircase and about that time Mr. Vernon came in with the milk and cookies, ” You boys want to see the rest of the house” Yes Sir was our reply, and a personal tour given by Elvis’s dad , how cool was that, another time we got to go swimming in that very pool, I would look over the fence and Mr. Vernon would open the gate and we walked up to Graceland, Elvis was at this time making movies out in Hollywood and not there but Mr. Vernon did ask if we boys wanted to meet Elvis the next time we came to visit I asked when would Elvis be home and Mr. Vernon said it’s hard sometimes to tell but I know for certain he’ll be home for Christmas!! We never got that chance, If we weren’t coming and going it would be Elvis coming and going and we would just miss meeting one another, Ah yes memories dance upon the pages of my mind!! God does move in mysterious ways !!!! Much Love and Light and Peace ………..And as Always ………..TCB……….Yours Sincerely ………GALEN





First ever scripted Elvis Presley biopic to film at Graceland


Elvis Presley Enterprise

A new scripted biopic based on the life of Elvis Presley will be filmed at Graceland it has been announced.

Weinstein Television has partnered with the Estate of Elvis Presley to develop the 8-10 part series, which will delve into every aspect of the star’s life. The production will have access to all of his personal archives including journals, clothing, automobiles, and his Graceland home.

Priscilla Presley will be involved in the project along with executive producers Jerry Schilling, Harvey Weinstein and David Glasser. The series will be based on the book Elvis by Dave Marsh and will showcase the star’s incredible life and career.

“I’m a big fan of Harvey Weinstein’s independent films,” said Priscilla Presley. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him on this show and tell the story of how Elvis changed the culture of music and initiated a revolution that changed the world.”

TWC Co-Chairman, Harvey Weinstein commented: “To this day, Elvis is one of the few that lives up to the word ‘icon’. He is one of the most celebrated entertainers of all time whose influence surpasses the music he created. People’s fascination with his story goes beyond the stage and this biopic will pay homage to his brilliant legacy and give viewers an in-depth look at how he became ‘The King.”

The new biopic will be the first ever scripted series to be filmed at Graceland.

I thank my friend, Pamela, who made me aware of this news article.


Doesn’t seem that this action was really necessary…not when they don’t lift a finger to stop slanderous books, etc. 

Elvis and Priscilla Presley with newborn daughter Lisa Marie in February 1968. Photo: Public Domain

Danish museum forced to pay Elvis Presley heirs

Published: 21 Sep 2016 11:12 GMT+02:00

A Randers museum will have to fork over 500,000 kroner ($75,000, €67,000) to the estate of American icon Elvis Presley.

Denmark’s Maritime and Commercial Court (Sø- og Handelsretten) ruled on Wednesday that a museum in Jutland had violated the rights of the Presley estate by calling itself Graceland Randers.

The court ruled that the name was too similar to the original Graceland in Memphis, Presley’s former home which now draws over 600,000 visitors a year to see the singer and actor’s memorabilia, including gold records, jumpsuits and his famed pink Cadillac.

The signer’s estate had sued Graceland Randers and its operator Henrik Knudsen, a self-proclaimed “professional Elvis fan”, for 1.5 million kroner. 

See alsoElvis Presley heirs sue Danish Graceland

After the lawsuit was filed, Knudsen changed the museum’s name to Memphis Mansion. The museum is home to some 6,000 pieces of Presley memomorobilia and also includes the Highway 21 Diner.  Since its opening in 2011, it has grown into one of Denmark’s top 50 tourist attractions. 

Knudsen told The Local last year that he was caught off guard by the lawsuit from Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), which represents the Presley family. 

“When I got this idea back in 2005, there was a lot of media that wrote about this crazy Dane who had this wacky idea and I head nothing [from EPE]. Then in 2010, we broke the news that we would build a house inspried by Graceland and suddenly got a letter from an attorney. But by then I had already trademarked the name,” Knudsen told The Local. 

Knudsen contends that EPE had every chance to stop his use of the Graceland name before he had invested so much into the project. 

“I did everything official, I did everything the right way. You can’t just come and bully me,” he said. 

“Everything I’ve done has been with my heart in the right place. I am a die-hard Elvis fan and I was doing this when there was no money involved,” Knudsen added.

Knudsen also organizes trips from Denmark to the United States and says he has brought hundreds of Danish tourists to Graceland in Memphis. 

He even says that during his travels to the US, he has on numerous occasions met with The King’s former wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa-Marie, who expressed their approval of what he is doing in Denmark. 

“For more than 25 years, I’ve been working more or less as a full-time Elvis fan. Everyone has been thanking me for what I am doing in Denmark, and now suddenly this,” Knudsen told us in 2015. 

Although the court told Knudsen to pay 500,000 kroner, it also acquitted him on several other charges brought b the Presley estate, including the sale of false Elvis products. 

The Local (



Two updates on the condition of James Burton’s son, Jeff.

James Burton

September 16 at 10:16am ·

From The Burton’s: Another Praise Report!!! Jeff is much better and back at the rehab center yesterday. They said he had the worst case of gout they had ever seen at Vandy, it was all through his body not just in his joints. They were afraid it could give him another heart attack. They gave him heavy medicine and after 5 days he was able to move.

He said he prayed and prayed to God to save him when he was in the emergency. We never lost FAITH and knew all of YOUR prayers were with him. We always feel your love for Jeff and for us. We humbly and with our LOVE say THANK YOU to all of you, the wonderful staff at Vandy and our GREAT GOD for this incredible BLESSING! There is truly something that God wants Jeff to do and he wants to do it whenever God reveals it to him.

Please, please continue your prayers for Jeff and we will keep you posted as updates are available. We love you all very much and GOD BLESS YOU!!! The Burton Family

James Burton

September 25 at 7:09pm ·

Update from The Burton’s…A special “Thank You” to our dear friend Carolyn Mosley for the healing signs that have followed Jeff to every hospital room. We read them everyday which has helped us keep our Faith strong! Again, another special “Thank You” to all of our powerful prayer warriors for your prayers with Faith. Jeff is walking a little with a walker now!!! Yes…Believe It…THANK YOU JESUS!!! Please, please continue the prayers and we will keep you all updated as much as possible. We are so thankful for each of you and we love you all very much. God bless you all…The Burton Family.


Benjamin Keough has some photos posted on his Instagram account.  Below are two which I think Jesse will enjoy seeing.



My friend, Pamela M. sent the below video to me.   I thank Pamela very much for thinking of Jesse and me in this sweet way.

Pamela wrote:

I saw this and I thought WOW. I have always loved hearing him sing this because it fits him so perfectly. I hope you love this as much as I do.

Elvis:  My Way

Please visit the above link to view this video…


My dearest friend, M J painted this beautiful shirt depicting the cover of the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD which came out in 2012.  She sent the shirt to me for my birthday.  I thank her so very, very much for all the time, effort and talent which she devoted to creating this beautiful shirt and for thinking to give it to me.  

This is the shirt back:

Below is the front:



Jesse did call me last night but was only able to speak for just a minute.  But he sounded fine and I was so happy to get his call, as always.


Jesse called again this afternoon so that we could have longer to speak than we did last night.  We had a good visit and caught up on our everyday news about family and friends.  He has been doing fine.  Things have been kind of hectic around him lately and he has not been having the privacy to use the phone much.  This happens from time to time…

I am so elated that he did call last night for my birthday and that we did get to enjoy a good visit this afternoon.  

We had some laughs today and talked about a lot of things.  He said he doesn’t know where I get my moxie to stand up to those who don’t believe our truth.  I asked him if it bothered him that I came back at them the way that I do and he said that it didn’t.  I surprise him sometimes.  

Never underestimate the strength of a sweet little old southern lady when she is defending her big brother who she loves.  Ha, ha!



I loved learning that the birthplace of Elvis is the most visited tourist attraction in the state of Mississippi from the below article.


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Work is wrapping up on the latest phase of improvements at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum.

Water is being pumped back into the pond on the north side of the birthplace property in east Tupelo.

Throughout the year, crews have added sidewalks , replaced a bridge, improved landscaping and several other features as part of Phase four of improvements at the popular destination.

Officials say the improvements are an investment in a project honoring the original American Idol.

“We are the number one tourist attraction in the state of Mississippi, the state recognized that and has helped us considerably with about, four million dollars over the last six years, we bring in about 80 thousand visitors to our city every year,” said Dick Guyton, of the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum.

Guyton points out that an outdoor pavilion was completed earlier this year at the birthplace and museum.


Bruce Springsteen’s New Memoir Says He Wrote the Song “Fire” for Elvis Presley, But He Died Before It Could Happen

by Roger Friedman – September 27, 2016 

Bruce Springsteen’s memoir, “Born to Run,” is chock full of interesting stories. If there had been galleys and time to read it before publication, I’d have been able to give you a more comprehensive review.

Springsteen includes memories and anecdotes about a lot of people. He says he wrote the song “Fire” for Elvis Presley, but he died before it could happen. The Pointer Sisters had the hit, produced by Richard Perry.

Bruce Springsteen – Fire (rare)

imotka Uploaded on Aug 23, 2006

It’s not “I’m on fire” … it’s FIRE! And live of course!










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