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My web site and personal computer were both hacked into several nights ago. The primary targets on the web site were the visual images and the audio files which substantiate Jesse’s CD.

I am working now to get things back to their original state. The page which I have devoted to hearing Jesse’s voice is temporarily in ruins until I am able to reload the copies of Jesse’s letter, etc.

Also, until just a moment ago, when I was able to reload my theme song “Wanna Be Startin Somethin“, my song heading at the top of this page, the front page, the page devoted to hearing Elvis/Jesse’s voice plus several other pages has been disabled.

I apologize for this inconvenience.


Our site just reached a new milestone tonight.  We reached a total of 175,000 visitors.  We have well over 200 visits per day from all over the world.  I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this possible.  I appreciate the visitors to this site so very, very much.

Thank you!  Thankyouverymuch!!!


THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012

Here is a refresher course on the two known photos of Elvis/Jesse taken after 1977 as confirmed by Elvis/Jesse himself.  I am doing this now because our good friend, Melinda, found and shared two with me to display here.  I thank her so very much.

Melinda found a photo for comparing to Jesse’s legs:










Melinda also found one for comparing to Jesse’s smile:

While looking at Melinda’s shared photos on Facebook, I came across two others that I like a lot.   I apologize to the posters of these two photos because I forgot to make note of your Facebook account name.  If you will contact me, I will be very glad to credit you for the photos.

This first comparison is of the blue eyes.  Jesse says that “the boys” tell him that his blue eyes always give him away.





This beautiful portrait so closely matches Elvis/Jesse’s seated posture in the pool house door photo taken on Jan. 1, 1978.  Jesse has confirmed to me that it really is him in that photo.

I wanted to show this because we all have seen him sitting in that same relaxed position before.












FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012

I want to forewarn everyone that Jon Cotner is preparing to release a book on August 16, 2012 and hinting that he is going to reveal things about the central character in the “fictional” book.  He is leading people on to think that he is going to show images…of who, himself????  Obviously, he is hoping that people will buy his book and DVD hoping to see proof that he is Elvis.  What a crock!!!!

Oddly, he has no image of the cover of the book displayed.  Maybe he hopes to collect enough money to actually have the book printed by August.  If he does not sell enough copies to cover the printing costs…what will he do with the money which he has collected in advance?

The prices of the book and DVD are exorbitant as is normal for the things he sells.

Here is the copy of the ordering information on his web site…he wants the money from everyone who wishes to buy it by June 20th.


Through My Eyes 

                    “The story of my life…Fairytale – A novel written by Jon Cotner”

The book will be offered as both paperback and hardcover edition. If you have any questions or wish to pay with a money order, please contact Dixie at

 Please pre-order by June 20th, using the Paypal or Google Checkout buttons above, because we need to know exactly how many of our friends are planning to order so the right amount of books will be printed. The book’s planned release date is August 16th, 2012. “

Here are his selling prices:

Paperback is $57.00 + $7.00 shipping and handling for the US orders and $16.95 for all other countries  (except for Canada which is $12.95)

          Hardcover is $77.00 + $7.00 shipping for the US, $16.95 for all other  countries and $12.95 Canada.

  There will be an optional DVD released with this book. You can buy it as a package deal and save $15.00 off the     DVD or you can buy it separately.  We decided a DVD was better than a CD. On the DVD, additional stories will  be told and the character in the book will be further brought to life. That is all I can say, the contents must remain a mystery. Once again, we want no copycats. There is a distinct possibility that the main character in the story, yours truly, may actually physically appear on the DVD. However, either way, there will be some enjoyable photographs.

The DVD will be $50.00 or $35.00 if you buy it with the book.

I have copied the above from his actual web site where the book and DVD may be purchased.  I will not include the link to his site here as I do not wish to encourage visitors to his site.

Hardback with DVD is $112.00!!!!!

Here is a YouTube video on which you may hear Jon Cotner doing his best “Elvis” and leading on a very sincere fan who believes him.  This charade and money making scheme by this man has to be stopped.

I ask everyone to please pause  for a moment to consider the fact that I have this 70+ page web site of facts and documentation which are given away FREE to all visitors with no restrictions…for 3 years…with absolutely nothing for sale.  Please compare this to Cotner who is on a money making campaign constantly and offers no real proof of anything.

The man is shorter than Elvis and is no where near Elvis/Jesse’s age of 77.  Perhaps this is why he hides his true identity.


I will close by saying that anyone who wishes to spend their money for a book about Jon Cotner, written by Jon Cotner himself with the full knowledge that Jon Cotner is not Elvis, then that is fine for them.  I only wish for Elvis fans to be protected from wasting their money on someone pretending to be Elvis.

An expanded version of this article is posted on the page titled:




FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012 – 4:14 PM

Jesse called about an hour ago.  I want to let everyone know that he is doing well.  He only had one specific thing he wanted me to post for everyone to know this time.

That is this:  He does not want anyone to think that the image on the front of the CD is really him.  He asked me if I had thought that it was him and I told him “No, I thought it was a computer generated image.” 

I told him again how ecstatic we all are about the CD.  He said that made him feel good.  I  had been playing it on Mark’s new music player as the phone rang.  It is, by far, my favorite music.

It was so wonderful speaking with him as always.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

It occurred to me that perhaps I should display the facts about the latest attempt to attack my computer.  This may or may not be the same source as the recent attacks.  But, I feel it may be a good thing for those who consider any further attacks against me to know that I do have a way of tracking back to the source of the attack…right down to the exact computer. 

Below is the copy of the report showing the source of the most recent attempted attack.

Just something to think about…a word to the wise is sufficient…deliberate malicious spread of a virus and/or hacking is a criminal offense.



Here is a link to an interesting article about Lisa Marie with some very lovely photos of her. 

Lisa Marie Presley on CO$: “They were taking my soul, my money, my everything”

Jesse is watching and hoping that her new CD will do well, so let’s all support her.


This is one of my very favorite videos…so sweet and beautiful…

elvis presley in rehearsals/gospel/1972

by daniel24262820



Our friend, Noddy, has been looking for the photo of Elvis which was used to create the computer age-progressed photo which was used on the cover of the CD.  Noddy came up with a very likely one.  I agree with her.  Thanks to Noddy for doing this research for us to see.

Below is what she found:


Elvis is alive and I feel great

Elvis Presley frequently used “Jon Burrows” as an alias. Perhaps no other popular entertainer has ever had as many impersonators as Elvis. It would have been easy for him to re-surface many times over the years and no one be the wiser. Credit: YouTube

Chip Etier

  • History Examiner

This is a pretty good article about the DVD and the CD.  This came out back in January (If I am thinking correctly).  My friend Kathy sent me the link again last night and refreshed my memory of this article.

Most of it is good…just overlook anything that doesn’t sound right. 😐

It’s always astounded me with the covers some singers are willing to attempt.  Listeners probably have their own nightmares of seemingly impossible covers by their favorite aging artists.  While some may argue that Mel Torme did an acceptable job of covering “Secret Agent Man”, few would disagree that Pat Boone’s renditionsof hits from Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin missed the mark.  Let’s give “the new Elvis” credit for the courage it must have taken to open his long awaited CD with a cover of “Every Step You Take” by the Police.  Elvis plays it straight, even with a rockabilly beat, and delivers an unforgettable cover of Stang’s classic rock tune.

“Heartbreak Hotel” revisits an iconic hit from the Tupleo Mississippi Flash followed by a new hit written especially for this project, “Lisa Marie.” This ballad is pure Elvis — an emotional soliloquy to his daughter, including a spoken interlude.

Taking a cue from Bob Dylan, the new Elvis includes a few of his old standards with new melodies.  Listeners will have to be on their toes to recognize “That’s Alright Mama” and “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

Loyal Elvis fans will appreciate the irony of the selection of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” and no doubt revel in the slow moody treatment.  How many times have you heard this song with the “ing” sound clearly present on both “starting” and “something?”  It’s easy to expect the insertion of “Lisa Marie” in the lyrics to replace “Billie Jean.” It’s also easy to hear a bit of lounge singer in this arrangement.

The fifteen track set wraps up with a rap piece, the “Elvis is Back Rap.” It’s an uplifting patriotic statement from the resurrected King wherein he reminds us that “everyone can be a superhero for America.”  Selected clips from the documentary remixed with a driving, thumping bass, drums, guitar, and echo chamber that ends suddenly with a reminder from the King, that “Man does not live by music alone,” and “In show business, you work with what you have.”

No doubt, 50,000,000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong and won’t be denied that their King is indeed back!


SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2012

The following is an excerpt from a good article about Lisa Marie and her new album Storm and Grace.  Here is the link to the entire article:

Lisa Marie Presley returns with rootsy third album

By Ryan Pearson, The Associated PressAssociated Press
Posted: 05/26/2012 07:26:37 PM PDT
May 27, 2012 2:37 AM GMTUpdated: 05/26/2012 07:36:40 PM PDT

Question: How much does your father’s music influence you? Are you listening to it lately, and do you hear it differently now than you did when you were younger?

Answer: Of course. The babies have to hear Elvis satellite radio all the time in the car. They love that. Of course. He’s always been a huge influence on me my whole life – always. It’s the first thing I ever heard. … It’s not something that I now listen to and it’s different, although I might listen closer. But I’ve remained consistent on the fact that I’ve always been an admirer.

Question: The album’s lyrics focus on religion on several songs. “So Long” includes the lines: “religion so corrupt and running lives” and “churches they don’t have a soul.” How were you thinking about religion as you were writing this? Is it something that is on your mind (Presley has long been identified as a Scientologist)?

 Answer: So many things were on my mind. As intriguing as the question might be, I typically don’t talk about what specifically my songs are about. And I also don’t discuss politics and religion – just as a general rule. But I also write very metaphorically. And I’ll write with whatever is on my mind and it’s not always literal. But I wrote what I wrote. … It’s an open canvas for everyone to draw on, the listener.


The beautiful portrait below was created by Robin Jeanine who has posted a very special message to Jesse on our Messages to Jesse board.

She drew this when she was only 15 years old and was her first attempt at art. So much God-given talent!!

Here are several excerpt’s from Robin’s Emails to me:

I think its so wonderful what you are doing so selflessly for Jesse and his loyal fans….Please read my message to Jesse that I posted today May 26th. I would love for Jesse to have a copy of the pencil portrait I did of him back in 1972. It was the first time I have ever attempted anything like that. 

From her Emails today:

Please keep in mind the portrait is nearly 40 years old, and has some dark spots on the face from the black folder it was stored in. Given all that, I believe it has weathered the years pretty well.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the concert I never attended for reasons I mentioned in my message to Jesse yesterday. So I find it very fitting that I am corresponding to you now. I believe this was meant to be. I have regretted my decision and my reasons for not attending that performance for all my life.

I have the greatest admiration for you and what you’re doing.

I thank God that I found you and your website Love, Robin Jeanine. God Bless you, Linda and your dear friend Jesse. Thank you for your time

Robin also sent a copy of the unused concert ticket from May 27, 1977 and I will display it below as well.


























Here is a lovely video made up of photos of Elvis and his Mother, Gladys.  Just so precious…

Uploaded by on Oct 18, 2010


Our good friend, Melanie Bradl, shared this on Facebook.


Here is a feel good video which my friend made for me…one of my very favorites.  I have requested that this song be played when my ashes are scattered.




A good friend to me, Jesse, Ms. M J, and our web site made this video for us:



Another of my very favorites…




Elvis PresleyMy Boy , Live (Brilliant Version )

Uploaded by km9711 on Aug 1, 2010


My Boy was sung ‘live’ by Elvis during his Summer 1973 Las Vegas season.







Many years ago when Benjamin Storm was a little boy, Jesse told me that he was the love of his life. 


TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012

Jesse has mentioned the first song on the CD,  “Every Breath You Take”, two times during our conversations so I know he likes that one.  He said that he had never cared for that song but that they came up with an arrangement which he liked.  I love this song…the spoken comments which he added to the end just make it classic Elvis.  Just like being back on stage with his audience.

I had never heard the original version by The Police.  So, I looked up a video of them on YouTube and thought that maybe others would like to compare their version to Jesse’s.  In my mind it is now Elvis’s/Jesse’s song.  His version is so much stronger than theirs.

Here is a link to the original music video by The Police:


Uploaded by on Feb 23, 2010

Music video by The Police performing Every Breath You Take (Black and White Version). (C) 1983 A&M Records Ltd.

As Bob Dylan once said “Once Elvis sings a song, it has pretty much been sung.”  Elvis always could take any song and make it his own.   He still can!!!!


Below are two of Lisa Marie’s recent TV appearances performing two songs from her new album “Storm and Grace“.  I love the title…Storm from Benjamin’s middle name…the name suggested by Elvis/Jesse; Grace from Graceland.


Published on May 23, 2012 by

Lisa Marie Presley Performs “Over Me” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Published on May 21, 2012 by

Lisa Marie Presley made her first ever American Idol appearance, performing “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. The song is from her new album, Storm & Grace.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here is the link to a very interesting and enjoyable interview with the man who played piano for Elvis’s group “Voice” and his warm up band.  He offers some very heartwarming memories of his time with Elvis.

This article is copyrighted so that I can only share the link to the article.  There are several of his comments about Elvis which mirror traits that I see and love in Elvis/Jesse to this day. 

Here is the link:  Interview with Per-Erik ‘Pete’ Hallin about Elvis Presley and gospel

Elvis Australia :



This I know to be true…thus my friendship with Jesse.

Think on This…
Know that whatever experience ye have in the material sojourn’s for a purpose. Know that it is not by chance that ye are in a material or earthly consciousness in the present. For know that all activities of the mind, of the body, must be based upon SPIRITUAL things.




THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

Some more relevant lyrics from my adopted theme song from Jesse’s new CD.  From the song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”

“Sing it to the world, sing it out loud.

Lift your head up high and scream

out to the world.

I know I’m someone, let the truth unfurl.

No one can hurt me now

because you know what’s true.

Yeah, I believe in me

So, believe in you.”


FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

I have begun a new Current News and Events Page for the month of June.

Below is the link to the new page: