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The King of May – Elvis Presley With 34,108 Votes.



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We had to be away from home this afternoon until 8:30 tonight.  When we got home, there was a message from Jesse on our answering machine.  He left quite a long message.   He has been busy and just got a chance to phone today.  He said he won’t be able to call again for  a week or more, most likely.  As always, the only thing that matters is just knowing that he is well and all is good with him.


I received word last night that “someone” who shall remain nameless, has started a rumor that I administer the Facebook page titled EVIDENCE ELVIS PRESLEY IS ALIVE.  Please rest assured that, until last night, I had never even heard of this Facebook site.  I have absolutely NO association with this site…nor will I have any future association with it.  I did visit there tonight for just a few minutes to see what the purpose and platform of that site is.  I saw very quickly that this site is another of those on a wild goose chase and which refuses to accept Elvis’ own truth about the reasons for his choosing to leave the life as Elvis behind.  His truth is given in great detail right here on my web site…much of it in his own handwriting.

This Facebook site, EVIDENCE ELVIS PRESLEY IS ALIVE , encompasses total nonsense about Jesse having survived at birth; Cotner; Elvis seen in movies; etc.

I knew that the pitiful film The Identical was going to plant that fictitious story in people’s minds and that the next big rumor was going to be that Jesse never died at birth.   That asinine movie script was a total slap in the face to Elvis/Jesse and his parents.  I have written on my site about the making of that movie and made it clear, at that time, that I would certainly not see that film nor recommend it to anyone else.  I saw the trailer and, right off the bat, they showed the poor parents of the twins faking a burial of the stillborn twin.  That was so disgusting and an insult to Elvis’/Jesse’s parents.

I want to make it clear here and now that I have NO contact with the EVIDENCE ELVIS PRESLEY IS ALIVE  site in any way, shape nor form.  I respectfully ask that those who have joined that site, remove yourselves from my Facebook pages.  Either people believe the truth which Elvis, who IS Jesse now, and I tell on this site or they don’t.  You can’t have it both ways.  There is no room for doubt of the material on this web site. Putting your trust in my web site precludes the curiosity which you show by frequenting other pages and/or sites which express opposing views.  There is only one choice to be made and that is to choose THE TRUTH or to choose all of the nonsensical wild goose chases which are spread all over the Internet…especially on Facebook and YouTube.  

I clarify that I only have three pages on Facebook and NO other Internet web sites.  THIS is my ONLY web site, period.  The content which I share on my Facebook pages is simply the same things which are on my web site…only just the highlights from this web site in a condensed form.  I share no new items on there which are not shown on this site.

I would like to explain why I have two Facebook pages in addition to my own personal Facebook page.  I had my personal Facebook page long before the fan pages were created.   Mark, the administrator of my web site, chose to set up the Facebook Fan page titled ELVIS IS ALIVE.  He set that page up to be administrated by him and myself.  Several years ago, when it appeared that I could possibly lose this web site, MY web site, I chose to create another Facebook page with the very same title as my web site in order that if my web site should ever be taken from me that I would have a presence on the Internet under the very same name as my web site.  Therefore, when I post something on one of these two pages, I post it on both of them.  I know this is redundant but it is a safety net for me to have the second page titled on Facebook.

Here are the three links to my Facebook presences:

This is my original personal Facebook page:  Shown with my name and my photo.

This is the first fan page which Mark created:

This is the second  page which I created:

I wish all other “Elvis alive” presences on the Internet good luck with their chosen avenues of garnering attention.  Their following will be very disappointed in the long run.



Several friends have shared with me the following video of Tom Jones performing a tribute to Elvis song which he did just a few days ago.  I am posting this here so that I will remember to send it on to Jesse on a DVD.

Tom Jones – Elvis Presley Blues


I love this so much and never tire of seeing this quote….speaks volumes for my web site.  I have displayed the quote before…but it certainly bears repeating.

This was shared on Facebook, by a good friend, Bernice.

Elvis quote about the truth


FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015

This one fact alone speaks volumes about the most loved man in America…the world.

Guess which day set the record for most flowers sold in the US

elvis flowers death

Alain Le Garsmeur/Getty ImagesForest Hill Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee, USA where Elvis Presley was buried.

August 17th, 1977, the day after “the King of Rock and Roll” died, set the record for most flowers sold in the US on a single day.

According to then-Associated Press reporter Mark Knoller, who covered Elvis Presley’s funeral in Memphis, the grounds of the Forest Hill Cemetery were a “sea of flowers.”

elvis flowers

Alain Le Garsmeur/Getty ImagesSome fans sent various floral arrangements in the shape of guitars, hearts, and musical notes.

“I remember a spokesperson for FTD, the flowers-by-wire service, telling us they had more orders that day for Elvis than ever before in their history,”  Knoller later wrote for CBS News. “We were told 3,116 floral arrangements had been delivered.”

By that afternoon, Memphis ran out of flowers and scrambled to get additional flowers shipped in from around the nation.

Elvis, 42, was pronounced dead at the Baptist Memorial Hospital after his girlfriend found him unconscious in his bathroom on August 16th.

The official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia.

“The King’s” funeral was held on August 18th in his Graceland mansion.

The home remains the second-most visited residence in the US, after the White House.

Read more:




MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015

The below photo is such a good display of Elvis’ hands and is a good comparison to Jesse’s hands in the photo of him with his grandson…especially the left hand.  Check this out…

This photo is from the Facebook page by :

Elvis' hands to compare to Jesse's

 Elvis' left hand with Jesse's  Please note the long slender fingers.

Jesse and Ben 1994

…and this is a good example of the right hand

Jesse's right hand with Jesse's Please note the size and form of the palm and the heel of his hand.  Also, the fact that the little finger is crooked and does not align exactly with the other fingers.

Elvis right hand for comparison to Jesse's

The reason that I did not believe that it was really Elvis who was sitting in the chair and being interviewed in the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE was because the hands of the man in the video were not Elvis’ hands.  When Jesse told me that it is his voice but is not him sitting in the video, then I understood why I knew that the man in the chair was not Elvis.  Jesse explained this in a letter for me to share here on my site and which I have displayed since 2012 soon after the DVD was released.  Below is just the excerpt pertaining to the persons who were used instead of Jesse whose voice was the only real thing in the video…and he was reading from a script which contained some truth but fiction too.

Excerpt of Jesse's letter about people used in the Elvis Is Alive video

 So, above you can read the truth in Elvis’ own handwriting.

Jesse commented to me, regarding the debate about it really being his voice in the Elvis Found Alive video, that they had done a little bit of change to his voice.  Below is a YouTube video in which this fact is proven.  This person has adjusted the pitch of the audio just a tiny bit and was amazed to discover that with the tiny bit of adjustment, one can absolutely hear that it is the voice of Elvis.

While I do not agree with other material, nor opinions, published by this same person, I do value the work which he has done in proving that what Jesse told me is true.  I never need any proof of what Jesse says, but I know that others do.

My compliments to the creator of this video for the audio work he did.

Daniel Poole

While Jesse is unhappy with the final released version of the video, I do want to make my guess as to why Joel Gilbert did change the voice a little bit and got a stand-in to portray Jesse in the final video.  Jesse said that Gilbert did promise not to reveal him and that he would not bother Jesse any further.  It is my conclusion that the stand-in and the voice change were Mr. Gilbert’s attempts to share the truth that Elvis is alive while keeping his promise to Jesse to not reveal him.  Below is another excerpt from Jesse’s letter regarding this agreement with Joel Gilbert and his people:

Excerpt of Jesse's letter about Gilbert's not revealing him

Now, while I am at it, I want to set something else straight.  Jon Cotner evidently did receive contact from Joel Gilbert seeking someone to be in this movie.  It is my logical conclusion that, since Mr. Gilbert did need to find the stand-in for Jesse and that some people do think that Cotner resembles Elvis, Gilbert was searching for the stand-in to be filmed.  Joel Gilbert was and has been keeping things very confidential and so, obviously he would not have spilled his guts to Cotner that he had the real alive Elvis already filmed and recorded and that he just needed Cotner or someone to substitute a body.  Had Cotner contacted Gilbert to take him up on his offer, I feel certain that Cotner would have had to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.  Celeste Yarnall stated in the film which is on YouTube that she had to sign that agreement (as did the musicians in the studio with Jesse when he recorded the 15 songs).  See the below video of Ms. Yarnall making this statement.  This is my own YouTube video:

Celeste Yarnall Star Trek at Wonder Con 2012

I do fully know and understand that people like Cotner (and his followers) and Moran (and his followers) will not want to accept the above truth.  I am very well accustomed to their violent reactions to my truth on my web site, and to the fact that Elvis IS Jesse, and to me personally.  So, no one needs to waste their time nor energy fighting my truth futilely.  I will not be drawn into verbal combat with anyone.  Anyone wishing to make further fools of themselves attempting to counteract the truth…I wish you the best of luck…you’re gonna need it!

I wish to also add that anyone who takes the time to scrutinize the actions and words of Cotner and Moran will not have to scratch very far beneath the surface to arrive at their personal motives behind trying to stifle the truth that Elvis is Jesse



3) INCOME (Both have written books in the past; Moran has another book on the horizon; Cotner has sold CD’s and two books for years.)



I have seen this photo before but loved seeing it again.  This is special because it includes Elvis’ own memories of that day.  I thank my friend,Jeannette, who shared this with me on Facebook.

Elvis Fans Always & Forever

Elvis at 10...first time singing for public


Celeste Yarnall continues her battle with cancer.  She still needs our prayers and donations in any amount to her cancer treatment fund.   Below is the link to her fund raising page.  Also, you may read about her condition and course of treatment at this same page.    Please do pass this on to others who can help in some way.

My beautiful wife Celeste Yarnall, was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in November of 2014. Sometimes ignorance is bliss as we did not know at the time just how devastating ovarian cancer actually is. Celeste had lost…


My good friend, BlueRose, shared the below photo of Benjamin and his sister, Riley.  We think this is a good comparison to the photo of Benjamin with his grandfather, Elvis, who is Jesse. 

My hug of thanks to BlueRose for sharing this rare photo for us all to enjoy.

Benjamin with Riley and with Jesse

I remind everyone that Benjamin was only 2 years old in the photo with Jesse.  He was probably around 4 in the photo with Riley.



I want to let everyone know that Jesse phoned me tonight.  We had a very good visit and he is doing well.  When he phoned me last week, he was getting ready to leave on a long trip and he told me he would call me when he got back home.  So he had been home about 3 hours when he called.  He was tired and said he was going to sleep for a good long while.  No one recognized him in the area to which he traveled…always a very good thing about anywhere he goes.  I always am concerned when he travels and this time was no different.  So, I am very happy and relieved that he is back home safely.

Jesse brought up a topic in our conversation tonight which he had not mentioned in many years. That is the topic of the reason that he chose to reinvent himself as Jesse going forward from August 16, 1977.  I believe that I have explained before that after Elvis and I had been in touch and were friends for some years, he explained to me during a phone conversation, which I recall distinctly, that Elvis had lived 42 years and that Jesse deserved to have 42 years also.  Tonight he brought that up again and said that in 4 more years Jesse will have had his 42 years.  He said “then I’m on my own.”  I immediately told him that he shouldn’t be thinking that he is going to leave when he is 84 because that is just not acceptable and we won’t let that happen.  

While we are on this subject, I want to explain some things that backup Jesse’s logic, and his thinking the way he does now about living a normal life as Jesse.  Wanda June Hill has told me several things which she remembers about Elvis’ relationship with Jesse throughout his life. She said that she recalled Elvis telling her that when he was little, he would tell people at school that his name was Jesse.  But, more importantly, Elvis told Wanda how he sort of froze many times when it was time to step out onto the stage.   When this happened and he hesitated about taking that first step, then his father or one of the guys would give him a little nudge so he would step out.  Elvis told Wanda that sometimes, when he felt that he couldn’t go on, that it was Jesse who did the shows.  

When Elvis first explained to me about being Jesse and the reasons for it, he told me that he “…could always feel Jesse with me.

Those who have done some reading and/or watched interviews regarding the “twinless twin” phenomenon will better understand Elvis’ feelings and his choice to give life to Jesse.  This is a matter of soul and spirit.  When Elvis explained it to me, he then asked if I thought that people would understand about him now being Jesse.  I had to think about it for a little bit and then I told him that I felt that people who were of a spiritual mind would understand.

A few times, I have encountered ignorant people who have made some negative remarks about the truth on my site that Elvis is Jesse now.  Some have said that it is something that Elvis would never do…take on the identity of his brother.  Some have acted as though it is not what Elvis would do because they feel that it is disrespectful to the memory of Jesse.  I want to be sure that everyone understands that Elvis chose to live this life for Jesse and that he made this decision with the deepest respect for his brother and it is done out of appreciation for Jesse’s abiding presence in his life when he went through so many hardships.  I hope this will help everyone to grasp the reason for his decision to live for 42 years as Jesse.  I feel so very honored and blessed to have been able to hear him explain this to me.

After explaining all of this to me the very first time, in a soft voice with a sigh, he said “...and I thought I could have a normal life.”  This is the quote which I asked Dr. Hinton to put near the front of Jesse’s book.


My good friend, BlueRose, sent an Email to me today in which she included two photos of Elvis to be compared to the photo of Jesse.  I will insert these below as further photographic substantiation of the photo which Jesse gave to me in 1997.

Before inserting these photos, though, I want to cover a topic which keeps coming up as a question repeatedly.  The question is why are there no other photos of Elvis as Jesse…only the one which he gave me showing him with his grandson Benjamin which was taken when Benjamin was 2 years old in 1994?

First of all, I want everyone to understand that Jesse CHOSE to give that photo to me as a gift.  It was never initially intended to be put on public display, and had it remained in only my hands with NO copies ever made, no one would have seen that photo to this very day.  I treasured it and knew how very private and special it was that he had trusted me with it.  I kept it locked in a fireproof safe until the day that Jesse called me himself and told me to send a copy to Dr. Hinton for the book.  So, I took my copy to a Staples store and made the very best photo quality copies to send to Dr. Hinton.  I brought my copy from Jesse back home and locked it up again and continued to keep it private…that’s where it would still be if things had not gotten out of hand with the copies which I made for Dr. Hinton.  Since the photo was only published in black and white in the book, I felt that my color copy from Jesse with his handwriting on the back of it was still very private and protected.  But then, I was startled when I began seeing copies of it here and there on the Internet in color.  It became apparent that Dr. Hinton had been fairly indiscreet about giving other people copies of the photo in color.  That is the only reason that you see me using the photo on all of my pages…because it was already out there on the Internet. Since Jesse did write the letter to me and gave me the photo personally,  I felt that it was only right that I also display the photo along with documentation here on my web site.

Now, as to why the 1994 photo is the only one of Jesse since 1977, it is because he does NOT want anyone to know how he looks to the current day.  He does NOT want to be recognized…NOT EVER.  You must understand that the photo was only 3 years old when he gave it to me in 1997…so it was fairly current then.  That’s why I felt so strongly about guarding it so closely.  It was not until the book was published in 2001, that others saw that precious photo and then only in black and white in the book.   With the exception of the people to whom Hinton gave copies…then it was scattered to the wind.

Jesse has confirmed to me, over the phone, that it really is him sitting in the pool house door photo from New Years day 1978…just over 4 months after his departure date.  I have always known that it was really him and had to stop myself from getting too angry when I saw and heard the various lies that people were telling in interviews, etc. to cover up the fact that it really was him.  I have not always understood the WHY behind the lies as well as I have come to now.

The bottom line on anything to do with Jesse is always…protect, protect, protect.  And that is the foundation of my friendship with him and my loyalty to him always.  I will NEVER divulge anything that could cause him the least bit of a threat to his privacy, safety, and peace of mind.

Here are the two photos which BlueRose shared with me for comparison.  She wrote to me expressing her in-credulousness that there are still people who do not see that Jesse’s photo is Elvis.    I don’t understand it either…but I never tire of pointing it out time and time and time again.

My heartfelt thanks, as always, to BlueRose who makes time in her busy life to do things for us.

Elvis photo from BlueRoseElvis photo from Blue Rosejesse_benjamin cropped




FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2015

Today was an important date in Elvis’ life…the anniversary date of his very last stage performance as Elvis.  It is also the anniversary of the date on which his father, Mr. Vernon Presley, later died.  I also believe it is the anniversary of Col. Parker’s birth.  Lots of significance to June 26th.  I recall that Jesse wrote in one of his letters asking if someone knew the importance (my word cause I don’t remember Jesse’s) of June 26.  In honor of this date, I am sharing a video from YouTube which contains a large part of the Indianapolis show.  It is worth noting also that, based upon Numerology, it was a number 8 day.

Elvis Presley Last show 26 june 1977 (full)


SATURDAY 27, 2015

I was able to locate the note which Jesse wrote to Tom and me back in 2000 in which he told us to “…ask the Dr. (Hinton) if the date June 26 means to him.”  I mentioned about Jesse having written about that date in my article directly above.

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not page 2

While I was looking for the above note, I also came across two of Jesse’s letters to Dr. Hinton during the writing of the book.  These two pages are from my own copy of the rough draft of the book. In these two letters, you will see that Jesse has chosen to live his life as Jesse since 1977.  Also you will see, in the above note to us and in Jesse’s reference to us in the letters below that Jesse’s book was always considered to be for all of us…not just Dr. Hinton.

Also, you will see that Elvis DID NOT choose to enter the Witness Protection program because as Jesse he wanted to be able to communicate with some people.

I hope that those who are scouring the Internet looking for the real Elvis and circulating petitions for him to be allowed to come out will read these words, written in the handwriting of Elvis Aron Presley himself, and take his words as the truth which they are.  He has NO wish nor intention to come out publicly.

Jesse letter about us, book, and being Jesse

Jesse's letter about being Jesse and choosing not to enter the Witness Protection program.



I have something new to share about which I am very excited.   First I want to explain how this new very important piece of evidence came to my attention.  My very good friend and hero, Mark, who is the administrator of the “nuts and bolts” and who keeps my site working and designed the new version of my site as well, mentioned to me that he had re-scanned something and was amazed at the new clarity because he used an up to date scanner.  So, Mark suggested that I re-scan the photo of Jesse and Benjamin.  I have not scanned from the original copy, which Jesse gave me in 1997, since shortly after I began my web site…and I have a third generation of scanners now…been through 3 since I first scanned the photo.  So, last night I got out my copy from Jesse and did get a brand new scan.  Mark was correct, the quality of the scan is so much clearer.  Big hug to Mark for suggesting the new scan.

The good news is this:  Thanks to my wonderful friends, Susan, Lucilia and Noddy, we have proven earlier that Jesse has the very same scar on his right leg as Elvis did.  Well, when I enlarged the new scan last night, I saw clearly that Jesse also has the very same scar on his left leg as Elvis had.  In the Army physical photos of Elvis, it is seen very clearly that Elvis had matching scars on both of his legs.  In my 6 year old scan, we can only make out the one on the right leg.  But, now with the new much clearer scan, we can clearly see that Jesse does have the scars on both legs exactly as Elvis did.

Wanda June Hill recalls Elvis telling her how he got those scars when he was a child.  She isn’t sure now exactly what he said but she thinks it may have been burn scars from standing too close to an old fashioned wash pot.  These pots were usually cast iron, used outside in the yard,  and the fire was burned under the pot to heat water for washing.  I have never thought to ask Jesse about the scars…I just don’t ask prying questions of him.

If this final detail of proof does not convince even the skeptics, then I have to conclude that THEY DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE the truth which they can see with their own eyes.  I will display the new scan below along with two scans of Elvis from his Army physical.  I will display the original size of the new scan along with an enlarged view so everyone can see this clearly.

Below is the new scan…if you look closely, you can see the scars on both legs at matching locations on each leg.

Elvis with grandson, 1994 new scan June 26, 2015

 Below is the same scan enlarged…here you can see the scars more clearly:

Elvis with grandson, 1994 new scan June 26, 2015

 Here is a closeup of the scars on Jesse’s legs alongside a photo of Elvis’ scars during his Army physical:

Close up of Jesse's legs showing both scars  Elvis Army physical showing scars on both legs

Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)
Singer/Army Pvt. Elvis Presley clad only in his skivvies as he stands on scale while Army doctor measures his height at 6 1/2 at pre-induction physical examination at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. (Photo by Don Cravens/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

 Movie still with makeup on Elvis' leg to cover scarElvis move still showing scar on leg

Elvis with makeup to cover scars on both of his legs…enlarged:

Elvis move still showing scars on legs

I hope that the above proof will finally be enough to stop those who have published the photo of Rev. Dale Presley (holding his twin sons, Terry and Jerry, in the black and white 1950 photo) dead in their tracks.  I won’t mention any names!  I am sure most of my regular visitors know exactly to whom I am referring.


I am sure that all my visitors, in the last few days, have noticed the new updated appearance of this web site.  Mark, my good friend and technical guru who keeps my site working and makes it possible for me to have this huge site, created the below new art work for the wall of all the pages on my site.  

Mark learned that Google is going to start giving more search results for sites which are mobile friendly and less to sites which are not.  So, we decided to have Mark and his staff revamp this site to make it mobile friendly.  So many people, nowadays, are using Smartphones, Android tablets and other means of accessing the Internet.  That is why it was very important to me to invest in upgrading this site so that it will continue to be very well represented in the Google search engine.

I want to share the beautiful new art which Mark created.  It is beautiful and I love it so much.  Below you can enjoy seeing the full image rather than just in the background of all my pages.

My thanks to Mark…so very much. 

Background for my site June, 2015


TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015

I want to, once more, make everyone aware that the second book written by Wanda June Hill, ELVIS FACE TO FACE, is still available for FREE download from the ELVIS LIGHTED CANDLE website.  I urge everyone who has not taken advantage of this opportunity to obtain the book, to do so soon.  There is always a chance that the page on which this download is available could expire and there would no longer be a means of getting this wonderful book.  It is not available in print and so the download is the only means of obtaining it.

Here is the link:
By Wanda June Hill


I love the following photo of Elvis wearing pink.  I thank Wanda June Hill so much for sharing this photo.

        Real men CAN wear pink!

Elvis in Pink Shirt


TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015

Elvis Week schedule includes stamp unveiling, auction, tutorial for younger fans

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