For those who have taken an interest in the very important testimonies from high ranking professionals in the military, various governments, etc. who have witnessed the UFO phenomenon themselves and/or have experienced the “silencing” placed upon them by the government, I think you will enjoy the video below.  This is NOT the SIRIUS film itself but contains much of the information which comprises the film.

This was Published on Apr 23, 2013 by donnalaura123 on YouTube.

I have not had time to watch all of this myself…but have seen enough to know that it is very, very relevant to the truths being presented this week in Washington, DC at the Citizen’s Hearing.  As I have written before, I have subscribed to the live streaming of the daily hearings as well as the archives to be watched later this month.  I haven’t been able to stay tuned all day every day, but will certainly be watching all that I may have to miss from the archives.

This should all be on the major news media.  However, the media here in our country is too self-important and absorbed in the day to day, that something of this magnitude just goes over their heads.  What a shame!!

Sirius Disclosure Project (NOT the film)


I hope that this will not be taken down.  If you truly wish to see this, I would urge that you do so very soon…just in case it is gone later.



Don’t forget that the Encore channel is airing Elvis movies each night in May.  Below is the scheduled line up.  Hooray for Encore!!!

Encore Elvis movies for month of May, 2013


FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013

Linda Sigmon shared John Edward‘s photo from Facebook:

Shine as bright as you can...never compromise your light for anything or anyone! Share this with family and friends to remind them to do the same!

Shine as bright as you can…never compromise your light for anything or anyone! Share this with family and friends to remind them to do the same!




Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
Keep the mental attitudes of helpfulness and hopefulness in its relationships, in its dealings with the fellow man. For these will make for greater returns in harmony and peace within self, than may be acquired in any other way or manner. And also bring for SELF, not only a useful life but useful in a PURPOSEFUL manner.

Reading 1100-6


MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world. These are indicated, and these are part of thy experience. Be happy of it, and give thanks daily for it.

Reading 2376-3


TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013

It has been sometime since I have written very much about the Orion/Elvis/Jesse topic.  Recently I received an Email update regarding the new book by Maia Nartoomid, BLUE STAR LOVE, which details some of the spiritual life of Elvis.  As I have stated previously, Elvis said that his soul came here from the Blue Star Rigel in the Orion constellation.  Thus my affinity for the Orion the singer and the subsequent Orion Pictures ties to Elvis who is now Jesse.

In this Email update, Ms. Nartoomid shared a link to a YouTube video of herself speaking about the topic of Elvis’s statement.  This took place at a book signing recently.  I want to share that video here with all of my visitors:

I want to re-emphasize that Ms. Nartoomid nor Wanda June Hill share my knowledge that Elvis is still alive as Jesse.   However, the contents of both their works are a must read for those who hunger to know and understand the real Elvis…the inner man and not just the superstar image.  That image died on August 16, 1977…but the man lives on as Jesse…the person to whom he gave life on that day, his stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley.

Blue Star Love – Maia Talks about her book on the spiritual life of Elvis Presley

ElvisCandlelight ElvisCandlelight

Published on Apr 30, 2013

For more info on the book BLUE STAR LOVE:…


Although Jesse and I have never spoken specifically about his other home, Rigel, he does know from the huge amount of material which I have shared with him since back in 1992 regarding my beliefs about Elvis and this topic…he certainly knows what I believe and think about the Orion connection.

I did, however, ask him during a phone conversation, several years ago, if I am correct in having my pages of this web site devoted to Orion the singer and the Orion Pictures movies.  He did say it was all right for me to have these pages and he also confirmed my belief that some of the Orion songs are actually sung by him.  He responded “Yes” when I told him that it has always been my belief that some of the Orion songs were done by him. 

Recently I came across a photo of Jimmy Ellis, who was ORION, which I had never seen before.  This photo shows Jimmy with Charlie Hodge.  Sadly, Jimmy was murdered some years ago.  I want his fans to understand that I certainly mean no disrespect to Jimmy who was a very talented man.  Those who know me, will attest to the fact that my saying that someone sounds enough like Elvis to be a part-time cover for him is the highest compliment that I could pay to any performer.

Below is the photo of Jimmy with Charlie:

Jimmy Ellis with Charlie Hodge


This photo is taken from the above YouTube video which is owned by Barbra Delawder and was uploaded on Aug 6, 2010.

This version is sung by Jimmy Ellis…in my opinion.  However, I do believe that those duets with Jerry Lee Lewis which were later released in 1982 on the blue vinyl album titled THE KILLER, THE KING are done by Elvis.


Once more, I  remind everyone that Joe Esposito wrote in his own book that Jimmy Ellis did attend a Jimmy Dean Show in Las Vegas with Elvis and Joe thus proving that Elvis was friends with Jimmy.

Below is my earlier article regarding this fact:

Page #92 from Joe Esposito’s Book “Celebrate Elvis Volume 1“

This proves that Jimmy “Orion” Ellis was
friends with Elvis and Joe:


As an aside to the above train of thought, below is a Bible Code Slide which I ran in 2003 encompassing the words Orion, Rigel, Memphis, Elvis,  Egypt, Shuma…

This first image is the color-shape word code or “key” for the slide.

Bible Codes Elvis, Rigel, Orion, Memphis, Shuma cropped

As you will see in the graphic of the slide below, the  words Orion and Memphis run parallel to each other leading to the word Elvis below.

Bible Codes Elvis, Rigel, Orion, Memphis, Shuma cropped slide

I emphasize that my work with the Bible Codes was done utilizing a software computer program which came out in 1999.  This was done for my own enjoyment and not to prove nor disprove the legitimacy of the Bible Codes.  Nor do I offer any guarantee that anyone else may be able to produce the same slides as I did as there are variables which one chooses to complete the word searches…skips, etc.

Here is the software program which I used:

Bible Codes Front of CD cropped

Bible Codes back of CD<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>


I have always held a place in my heart for this song which pays tribute to Sun Records.  I love the lyrics so much.  I have owned many of the Orion albums and records since 1988…about 25 years.  The Rockabilly Orion album is my favorite in addition to all of the songs with Jerry Lee Lewis.

Give a listen and see what I mean…

James ‘ Elvis ‘ Ellis & Orion- Memphis Sun ( Rockabilly )



MrMack1970·209 videos Published on Aug 20, 2012A Voice like the King…in his older Days ! 


FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013

Earlier this week, I received a most beautiful message.  I have obtained her permission to share it here on this page for all my visitors to read and enjoy.  My heartfelt thanks to this dear lady for writing and for her permission to share her message here.

Sharon on said:

Important Message about Shirley Mason…
Dear Precious Linda….As I sit here amazed with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks…My heart is full of how God has used me in a way I never dreamed..I am humbled beyond words..I just finished listening to the radio interview with Brian West you did in April….as well as the past few months reading all the info you have on your website…..For this… I want to thank you Linda, for such a beautiful person you are..and for such a job “well done” in the service of our Lord…..for Jesse/Elvis..You are a remarkable, honest women and I truly am amazed by you!!!!! As for me I am a 60 year old mother of 4 wonderful boys, a darling baby girl, my angel in Heaven, who died at 33 hours old in 1971…14 grandchildren who keep me hopping!!! My story starts about Elvis long ago…I was raised listening to his music..I have two older siblings who played his songs day and night. We had a friend who had his own rock and roll dance hall..who sang Elvis songs and even had Jerry Lee Lewis at his club to play for us!!! As far as my story now…I could write my own book..about all the experiences I have had through the years…about him/Elvis being ALIVE….My first experience was in 1986, when after prayer God gave me a vision about the truth!!! This led me to Gail Brewer Georgio in 1990. then on to Orion, Dr. Hinton, the other Linda, and most importantly my dear friend Shirley Mason !!!!!! I know what she said is true…I know she was Authentic and I can prove it !!! I have the Origional Handwriting Graphology Report in safe keeping!!! I was her DPA and was honored to have written her Obituary and hold her Memorial service. I held her precious hand as she left this world and promised her to keep her music and THE TRUTH ALIVE !!! I still have her Beautiful Urn in my possession.. When you spoke so kindly about her on your website and on the radio..I was so touched and so thankful for you…I have a friend who has a letter from Shirley where it shows her fear…from who knows what source…because she did the analysis..and stood by it…!!!! I am what you call a behind the scenes person, backstage they say….I organized every single thing she did !!!! Including Fox News!!! I feel after reading your website and seeing the trouble you have had…I needed to come forward and speak for Shirley Mason myself….There are details I cannot reveal in this manner and things you need to know…I just dont know how to do it….Please let me know how I can help you….My heart goes out to you….God Bless you in abundance…..Until then…..I Praise the Lord for untangling the web of deceit I was in…I had no idea until five months ago when I first began reading your website….the things that were not true… I am so sorry..Its time for Shirley as well as myself to speak up and support you…And please tell Elvis/Jesse that no one had to tell me he was Alive…cause Prayer works!!!!! I cant wait to tell him sometime…I know he would understand…It’s amazing!! Everything else that has followed just proves my experience was true… you are the icing on the cake…..I am overwhelmed….Take Care… Hope to hear from you soon..
Your Sister In Christ, Sharon
Remember it’s all in HIS Time!!!

Even though I never had the pleasure of being directly in touch with Ms. Shirley Mason.  Her work plays a very important part in the foundation of my web site and my YouTube channel.    I hold her in very high esteem and respect her and the work she did in her life so very much.  I was so saddened when I learned that she had passed away several years ago.




SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013

Just want to let everyone know that Jesse did phone two times.  He phoned yesterday afternoon while we were away from home taking our little prairie dog “Rascal” to an Animal Hospital.  He only left a brief message that he would call me back.  He tried to call me once more at 2:30 AM this morning…but his phone malfunctioned and we did not get to speak.  Just want to let you know that he is OK.


A very good friend sent me the following atrocious news item.  I am so mad that I can’t even find the right words to express my disgust and anger.  I am infuriated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Westboro Baptist Church Picket Schedule

Graceland in Memphis, TN    May 17, 2013  4:45 PM – 5:30 PM

God hates your Idols, so Westboro Baptist Church will picket one of the many major idols of Doomed USA, to wit: Graceland. Former home of Elvis Presley. ALL the evidence suggests that his present home is HELL.

I ask that anyone reading this who can be at Graceland during the “protest” against Elvis at Graceland, this coming Friday afternoon at 4:45 to counteract this utterly vile planned event, PLEASE DO BE THERE TO SPEAK UP IN DEFENSE OF ELVIS ARON PRESLEY

It is obvious that these fools who have disrespected the funerals of others and who are now disrespecting Elvis have not bothered to read their Bibles fully…they certainly have not followed the directive of “Judge not, that you be not judged.

These fools need to follow the admonition of Abraham Lincoln “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Evidently, they have only read the garbage and lies written by Elvis’s former “associates” published in their money-grubbing books and on the front of the rag-mag tabloids.  Perhaps they should listen to the massive amount of gospel music which Elvis performed or read about the words he said many, many times giving God the thanks and praise for his God-given talent.  Elvis sang music praising God to more people all over the world than have ever listened to any evangelistic speeches.

I am sorry for being so angry…my words do not begin to express my contempt for these fundamentalist ignorant fools.

Here is the link to the information about their planned protests of Elvis at Graceland.

Again, if you are near Graceland, PLEASE DO SHOW UP TO PROTEST THEIR PROTEST.

Again I apologize for my anger…but remember that Jesus was made angry by the money changers and turned over their tables.  This is righteous indignation!!!!!

I attempted repeatedly to post my feelings in a comment on this site…but it would not accept my Email address nor the security codes which I typed in repeatedly.  I guess my reputation proceeded me. LOL



I finally did receive an Email in response to my many attempts to register on this site yesterday.  Don’t know why it took so long.  I just came here from finally getting to post my message on this site.  Below is what I wrote.  Also, below are what some of our good friends posted on there in protest of this outrageously stupid group of people who plan to assemble in front of Graceland to attempt to disgrace the image and legacy of Elvis Presley.  How dare they?!?!?!?!?

Here is my posted comment followed by several of those by some of our good friends:

These self-proclaimed “Christians” are a disgrace to the human race.

I have launched a campaign from my web site notifying as many Elvis fans as possible and urging those who can to be there for their protest and shout them down.

Does anyone know if these idiots have applied for a permit in Memphis to assemble on the sidewalk? If not, perhaps the police can shut them down.

I understand that EPE says that they cannot stop them because of Freedom of Speech and the fact that the sidewalk is public property and not their private property.

I ask that anyone reading this, please show up on Friday to help shut these fools up.

This is the same group of people who have been holding protests at the funerals of our nation’s servicemen/women to disrupt the services…these brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect the very freedoms that this hate-filled group is taking advantage of.

Elvis spread the message of God’s love to more people all over the world through his personal praise and gospel music than any fundamentalist crusades totaled. He saved lives and turned lives around by his personal example of humanitarian deeds, generosity, love and caring toward all who came in contact with him in person or through viewing his performances and listening to his recorded music.

Linda Hood Sigmon

Posted by Linda Hood Sigmon on 05/12/2013 at 2:54 PM

I can’t understand why your paper even mentions this item, you are only giving the oxygen of publicity to this group of nuts and weirdos. They need to find out the truth about Elvis Presley who spent his life caring, loving and giving to others, he had more love for his fellow man in his little finger than this whole bunch put together!!!!!! He was a great philanthropist and his charitable foundation carries on his work………..get the message straight-Elvis LOVED God and it’s quite obvious that God loved Elvis or he wouldn’t have Blessed him with such a voice. That gang of freaks should spend their time getting down on their knees and praying for forgiveness for the blackness in their heart and souls!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mariehui on 05/12/2013 at 8:14 AM

what a bunch of sick clowns………..Elvis Presley loved God and much more than those fools ever will. His Gospel music has brought more people to God than any preacher could, idiots like this bunch should get into the real world!!!!!!!!! God Bless you Elvis Presley!!!!!

Posted by mariehui on 05/12/2013 at 7:48 AM

Elvis had more love for his Lord, family and friends then these people that call themselves Christians. Do you people help the people that’s in need as Elvis did? He loved us. Do you people love us? You all need to take some lessons from Elvis Presley. He is a great man We all have sinned. But you see Elvis like me, we serve a loving and forgiving God (DO YOU?) You all should be ashamed of yourselves teaching those children hate like you all are doing.

Posted by melinda.faulkner.52 on 05/11/2013 at 6:10 PM


I am appalled, angry, frustrated, and fit to be tied at this outrageous accusation against Elvis. Apparently you have only read lies published by the gold diggers who wanted to make money off his name. The Bible clearly states judge not least you be judged. I loved Elvis since I was 6 I’m 56 no9w so that’s 50 years. God is my King and lives at the head of my life first and foremost but that does not lessen my love , admiration, and respect for Elvis and just for the record I am a Southern Baptist raised in the Baptist Church and Baptized there. I think you folks need to reread your Bible. Is this how Gods children are supposed to act? Aren’t we supposed to love our brother as ourselves and Elvis loved God deeply . You folks need to get a life and leave Graceland and Elvis alone. Maybe you have too much time on your hands. Jan Moreland

Posted by Jan Moreland on 05/11/2013 at 1:17 PM

I haven’t had time to check out all of the comments which have been posted but those which I did read were very much of a negative nature toward this church group while being of a very positive nature toward Elvis/Jesse.  


SUNDAY MAY 12, 2013

Jesse did call me last night and he is doing very well.  We had a wonderful visit…talked about the government cover-up of the truth about UFO’s, people who don’t believe that he (Elvis) is alive, some of our close mutual friends, a day trip which he had enjoyed recently, some music newly released by another artist (Jon Fogarty), our little baby Prairie Dog’s injury to his foot and the vet visit…  He also sends his thanks to those few people who do send him mail through me.

I was so happy and relieved to get to speak with him after having missed his calls for the past several weeks.


A good friend to our site  has posted something very interesting and relevant to my site and topics upon which we have touched in the past.  I think everyone will find this amazing.  God does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

There are no coincidences.  Everything has a meaning.  spoken by Elvis himself.

This is the blog post by our friend, Ron:


Submitted on 2013/05/12 at 1:10 PM

This is what I found.  This bust is a bust of a well known ancient person, but I’m sorry he bears a striking resemblance of someone we all know and love.  Well, I think so.  This, as far as I am concerned, cements the reincarnation theory and that he indeed has been here a few times. What do you all think ?
No, it’s not Elvis; its a bust of Mark Anthony

 Here is the image which Ron shared:

footnote on Weds. May 15, 2013

A visitor to our blog page has discovered that the statue shown in this photo is not that of Mark Anthony.  Perhaps someone reading this knows the real identity of this statue.  Ron was absolutely correct about the features on the face of this statue matching that of Elvis.  Evidently, the photo which Ron found was mis-identified by the person who displayed the photo initially.  There are a number of ancient historical figures who do bear the face of Elvis though.  Greek statues especially bear the features of Elvis…as does Michael Angelo’s David.


Below are several which are near and dear to my heart:

Elvis with Statue of Liberty in city
I wish to apologize for not knowing the name to which to give credit for the above beautiful photo.  It is an image which I saved a long time ago and for which I failed to save the credit.  If anyone knows who created this image, I will be so happy to acknowledge and give credit.

Statue of Liberty black and white Elvis


I wish to apologize for not knowing the name to which to give credit for the above beautiful photo.  It is an image which I saved a long time ago and for which I failed to save the credit.  If anyone knows who created this image, I will be so happy to acknowledge and give credit.

With the noble face of Liberty, his glorious voice set the masses free.

by Linda Hood Sigmon from the poem Elvis – The Gift

Music should be a part of each soul’s development. 

Edgar Cayce Reading 2780-3

Thou wert born not when thou chosest, but when the World had need of thee.


Elvis calendar page - reincarnation

The above is a page which I saved from an Elvis desk calendar a few years ago.


The following is another Bible Code.  This one includes Elvis, Liberty and many other relevant words. Just some more food for thought…

This first image is the color-shape word code or “key” for the slide.

..Elvis, liberty, musician, etc. in Genesis 47 bottom half word keyElvis, liberty, musician, etc. in Genesis 47Below is the bottom half of this slide…it is too large for one image.

Elvis, liberty, musician, etc. in Genesis 47 bottom half


MONDAY, MAY 13, 2013

Just in case anyone has any doubts about the vile nature of the Westboro Baptist Church people who are planning a staged protest on the sidewalk in front of Graceland this coming Friday, I want to share an article which a very nice lady Emailed me explaining the facts about this group of nasty people who parade themselves as “Christians”.

10 Insane Facts About The Westboro Baptist Church

Mike Devlin

The tragic bombing at the 2013 Boston marathon, which left three dead and over a hundred wounded, has once again brought one of the most despised groups in the world to prominence.  The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, has for years made headlines by protesting the funerals of US soldiers. They do this in order to draw attention to their chief cause: the virulent hate of homosexuals.  

The WBC believes that homosexuality should be a capital crime, and that all such individuals are destined for Hell.  They plan to picket the funerals of the Boston victims; on their Twitter page they announced that “God Sent The Bombs In A Fury Over Fag Marriage!”

Thousands plan to stop them; they have already found themselves in the crosshairs of a cyberattack, and the drama will only get worse as they plan to spew their venom.  Below are ten bizarre facts to help you acquaint yourself with some of the worst people in the world:


They Rose To Fame Through Tragedy


The Westboro Baptist Church was formed in 1955 by Fred Phelps, and its members languished in relative obscurity for decades, waving their signs at gay pride parades and the like.  There are only a few dozen members at any given time,—mostly extended family of the leaders.  

They first received international exposure when they appeared at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a twenty-one-year-old University of Wyoming student who was beaten and tortured to death for being gay.  During Shepard’s funeral, they distributed leaflets that said: “It is too late to rescue Matthew Shepard from the life of sin and shame into which he was lured by the perverted, depraved, and decadent American society into which he was born. All who say, ‘It’s OK to be gay,’ have the blood of Matthew Shepard on their hands.”


They’re Not Fond of Swedish Vacuum Cleaners


In 2005, the WBC—in what was perhaps their most ludicrous act—protested outside an appliance store in their native Topeka against the crime of . . . selling Swedish vacuum cleaners.  The protest was in response to Sweden’s arrest of Åke Green, a Pentecostal Christian pastor who was arrested for hate speech against homosexuals.  Green was sentenced to a month in prison, but was later acquitted.  It’s unclear whether he was touched by the WBC’s support.


They’re Hypocrites

1987A Dmenuez Laugh

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011, the WBC promised to protest his funeral.  In an ironic twist, many of the church members—including Margie, daughter of the founder Fred Phelps—sent their messages out via Twitter for iPhone.  Margie posted: “Westboro will picket his funeral.  He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin.”  

The WBC’s promise proved hollow this time; they never made it to Jobs’ funeral.  Interestingly, the iPhone actually has many religious apps, including “Confession: A Roman Catholic App,” which was officially sanctioned by the Catholic church


They’re Musical


When Michael Jackson died in June 2009, the WBC quickly announced plans to picket his funeral, stating on their website:  “We will be there to tell you to Thank God for the death of this filthy, adulterous, idolatrous, gender-confused, nationality-confused, unthankful brute beast.”  As part of their protest, they released a song called “God Hates the World”, a takeoff of Jackson’s charity hit “We Are the World.”  Surprisingly enough, I was not able to locate a copy online.


Their Enemies Are Musical, Too


Along with funerals, the WBC holds protests at dozens of public events, including local Kansas City Chiefs games; music concerts; and even Comic-Con (where they appeared to protest the comic book readers’ worshipping of false superhero idols).  

On September 16, 2011, they arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, to protest the concert of the rock band Foo Fighters.  In one of the more awesome counter-protests ever, the band took the opportunity to arrive on a flatbed truck in homoerotic costumes and perform an impromptu version of their song “Keep It Clean,” which contains heavy homosexual undertones.  Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters’ lead singer, paused during the song to preach a message of equality.


The Supreme Court Ruled In Their Favor

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 At 2.28.36 Pm

After the WBC picketed the funeral of Marine Matthew Snyder in March 2006, the Snyder family sued them for invasion of privacy and defamation.  An initial ruling awarded the Snyder family $10.9 million in damages—but subsequent appearances in court began to diminish the settlement.  

A federal appeals court eventually overturned the decision altogether, ruling that the WBC’s picketing fell under constitutionally protected free speech.  Moreover, the court ordered the Snyder family to pay the WBC’s court costs of $16,000.  An outpouring of public support paid the fees, but the battle raged on until March 2, 2011, when the Supreme Court again ruled in favor of the WBC, stating they were “entitled to ‘special protection’ under the First Amendment.”


Canada and the UK Banned Them


In August 2008, twenty-two-year-old Tim McLean was on board a Greyhound bus, bound for his hometown of Winnipeg, when he was brutally murdered.  When the WBC announced plans to picket his funeral, the Canadian government acted swiftly, banning their entrance.  Several church members were stopped as they tried to cross the border at Niagara Falls.  

The UK took similar measures when the WBC claimed they would arrive to picket a production of The Laramie Project at Queen Mary’s College—specifically banning the entrance of the Phelps family.  The Laramie Project is a play about the plight of Matthew Shepard.


They Have Earned The Wrath of Hackers


Anonymous is an “hactivist” group, whose members could perhaps described as internet vigilantes.  They are known to retaliate against against anti-piracy laws, corruption, sex predators, and oppressive religions such as Scientology.  Their power is vast; they have hacked into the websites of the FBI, the US Department of Justice, major credit card companies, and other federal governments.  

So when the Westboro Baptist Church threatened to picket the funerals of the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting victims, Anonymous responded with vengeance—hacking into the WBC’s website, releasing the personal information of all its members, shutting the site down, and even hacking Fred Phelps’ daughter’s Twitter account.  When they again threatened to picket at the Boston Marathon funerals, Anonymous released the statement: “If #WBC protests the Boston funerals, they will have to expect us.”  Soon afterwards, they sacked the WBC website, posting such fare as inspirational pictures of Martin Luther King, and photos of cute kittens.


They Have Cool Neighbors


In March 2013, the WBC got quite a shock when a house neighboring their property was treated to a glaring rainbow paint job.  The Equality House, owned by Aaron Jackson, is only a small part of his organization, Planting Peace, which aims to build a better world by establishing orphanages, protecting the environment, and promoting tolerance.  

According to the website, “The [Equality] House is a symbol of equality, peace, and positive change” and it will “serve as the resource center for all Planting Peace equality and anti-bullying initiatives.” The organization recently recruited a surprise member, Fred Phelps’ granddaughter Libby, who abandoned the hateful teachings of the WBC years ago.


Even The KKK Hates Them

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 At 2.39.22 Pm

Formed in the wake of the American Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan has been known for almost one hundred and fifty years as one of the worst hate groups in the world.  But even the reviled Klan is disgusted by the activities of the Westboro Church—especially their habit of picketing soldiers’ funerals.  Many of the KKK’s members are veterans themselves, including “Imperial Wizard” Dennis LaBonte, and they have appeared at funerals in counter-protest to the WBC, generally keeping a low profile and handing out small American flags.

Mike Devlin is an aspiring novelist.  He loves almost everybody.

Here is the link to this article:

I have personally known very little about this vile group of people other than occasionally seeing a report now and then on the news when they disrespected a funeral service of one of our nation’s soldiers who died to protect the very freedom that this group of people enjoy and of which they are so undeserving.

I have not had a chance to check out each point which this author makes about them, but it all appears documented and believable to me.

So, is this the kind of people to whom we are to turn the other cheek and walk away leaving them to do their nasty and filthy acts of hatred?  What would Jesus do about them?  Well, I am of the opinion that they would fall into the same category as the money changers who so angered Jesus that he overturned their tables.

I would be most proud to stand in the front row of those opposing them at Graceland on this Friday evening.  Distance and health issues prohibit my attending.  But, I do hope and pray that there will be enough fans and friends of Elvis there to send them home with their tails between their legs…jackals that they are.

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From The Tea Party on Facebook


My good friend, who made me aware of the Westboro Baptist Church protest to be held in front of Graceland, has sent me a link to an Elvis song video on YouTube which fits this situation perfectly.  Enjoy this with a fighting spirit for Elvis.


melissapurplebaby1  Uploaded on Sep 15, 2011



It appears that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church could have used a few readings done by Mr. Cayce…or at least sat in the Sunday School Classes which he taught for years in his home church.  But then I suppose they would think that he was “of the devil” too.

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day


Think on This…
. . . each soul has a mission in the earth, and is in expression a manifestation of the thought of God, of the First Cause. Thus all stand upon an equal basis before Him. Then, ye have no right to condemn self or to judge others. Let all be done rather, then, as an appreciation of the love, the thought as may be expressed in appreciation to that Creative Force called God. And the greater lessons may be learned from His manifested activity in the earth through Christ Jesus.

Reading 2683-1


TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013


I have just sent the following Email to EPE at Graceland making a suggestion for a peaceful way in which they may counteract the protest.  I ask that each of you reading this, please also send your own version of my Email to EPE making the same suggestion.  Just ignoring them until they go away is not a strong enough response to show the world how  much we oppose them and what they are saying about Elvis/Jesse.

Once more, if you do agree with me, please send this suggestion along to everyone you know.

Here is the Email address to which you may send your suggestions to EPE:

All-Purpose E-Mail Address


I am writing to make a suggestion of one way by which you may combat the coming protest by the Westboro Baptist Church.  I do understand that you cannot do anything to have them physically stopped because of Freedom of Speech and their being on public property on the sidewalk.

However, I feel the best way to “over power” their protest is to play Elvis’s Gospel music at full volume during their entire time there.  How Great Thou Art would be good for starters.

I have a web site and I have been encouraging everyone who is near Memphis to be there to counteract their ridiculous protest.  I would love to be there wearing a large sign stating “God Loves Elvis and to chant throughout their protest “We love Elvis; we love Elvis; we love Elvis;……” on and on until they leave.

Please do encourage the fans to show up in support of Elvis.

Linda Sigmon


A very good friend who is retired from the military just Emailed to tell me that if EPE has any contact with the Memphis “Patriot Guard” that they have had success in controlling this group in the past.  Therefore I just passed that information along to EPE. 

I want to ask if anyone else reading this perhaps has any connection to the “Patriot Guard” and could contact them about the protest at Graceland.

The more people who get involved in this effort the better our chance of controlling and shaming this hate filled group when they show up at Graceland on Friday afternoon.

Here is what I just wrote to EPE:


 A very good friend just told me that if EPE has contact with someone in the Memphis “Patriot Guard” they have controlled this group many times in the past.  Please look into this.


Linda Sigmon


FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013

I came across a YouTube video which is an audio taping of a phone call between Elvis and a friend, Denver Police Officer Ron Pietrafeso, in 1971.  I have always loved hearing Elvis speaking…and, of course, currently Jesse which is even better because he is talking to me!!!

RARE Elvis Phone Call April 71

Trevor O Sullivan Trevor O Sullivan

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011

Denver Police Officer Ron Pietrafeso speaks with Elvis in an extraordinarily rare recording taped by Ron. It offers a fascinating impact into his battle with glaucoma – interior decorators bothering him and his experience of an earthquake.

The police officer also accompanied Elvis on the legendary flight from Graceland on the Lisa Marie his private jet to Denver to get a famous fools gold sandwich containing peanut butter grape jelly and bacon. When they arrived 22 fresh gold loaves were delivered and after finishing he flew straight back home






FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013 @ 7:30 PM

I have a dear friend who did go to witness the Westboro Baptist Church protest at Graceland this afternoon.  The following is her eyewitness account of what took place:

As promised, all of us went to the protest.  I don’t know if to be mad or not.  But this whole thing did not play out the way it should have.  The protest period was from 4:30 to 5:30 there was a lot of police action cars and also 5 police on horse back.  The front of Graceland was barred off in three sections one for the people who was protesting the protestors, there was a buffer Zone in the middle and the area closest to the gate of Graceland was for the protestors.  We were there with many gays people.  There were at least 70 on the anti protestor side; we waited and waited and there was no show from the protestors.  Then at the last minute someone came down and said they were protesting in front of the Kentucky Fried Chicken which is about a block down from the mansion.  By the time the group got down there the Baptist from Kansas City were pulling out so we don’t even know what they had to say.  The police should not have let them protest in a place that was not designated.  But that happened just like I tell you it did and there wasn’t any music playing at all from Graceland none at all.. One of the gay anti protestors started to sing but nothing religious.  One man did get on the TV, I am sure tonight, as they asked him what he thought about the whole thing and he said Kansas needs to stay in Kansas and that he thought it was BS. 
I wish I could tell you more but that was it, a botched protest to be sure.

I have to think that those “church” people from Kansas must have figured out their protest was not going to happen without opposition and so they “chickened out” and decided to do their feeble little protest at Kentucky Fried Chicken (Yes, pun IS intended. LOL).   

So, I am very happy to hear that their protest was a washout and that there was no violence at all of any kind.

I am VERY disappointed that EPE did not even care enough to play Elvis’s gospel music!!!!!!!  I know for a fact that a good number of us wrote to them suggesting that they do so.  Would that have been too much trouble for the man whose hard-working career pays their salaries?????  I get so sick and tired of EPE, etc. never standing up against those who slander and defame Elvis.  Now, that makes me mad all over again!!!!

I want to thank each of you who took part in posting on the Memphis Flyer site; wrote to EPE to request that they play Elvis gospel music; spread the word of the upcoming protest to everyone you knew; and most of all for showing up for the event.  Maybe they got wind of our efforts and that is what made them not show up in front of Graceland after all.

I certainly do thank my dear friend who went there to support the name and legacy of Elvis and shared the factual account of what took place with me so that I could share it here with everyone.


Followup up to the above Westboro Baptist Church protest article.  

Posted at 12:20 AM Sat. May 18, 2013

My good friend who was present for the whole thing and who wrote the above account for me to share, has written me again after seeing the late night news with the report of everything that took place.  Below is what she has shared with me:

Linda, a little more after seeing the news tonight.  The reports were on channel 30 and 24, Memphis stations.  I knew the people from the anti protestors went running when they heard the protestors were at the Kentucky Fried Chicken site but they were much younger so they had already gotten there before we did and  here’s what did happen: 

The Elvis fans, and gays ran those protestors right out of Memphis.  I knew the 5 mounted police men were in the group but what I didn’t know was that a phone call was made and the protestors ran and got into 2 vans and were run out of town by the fans, who were ready to beat the heck out of them but the police stopped them.  Tomorrow they will be in Oxford Mississippi to protest football, so you know these folks were definitely nuts.
Tell, Jesse that we are always here for him and may God bless him we love him dearly.
Love you also.
Oh and when the mini vans were driving away the Elvis fans were singing “Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye”.

So, good riddance to them!!!  Again, I thank my friend so much for the full story of what took place.



Below is a good article about Linda Thompson who is writing a memoir book about her life in full with Elvis, Bruce Jenner and David Foster.  It promises to be a “classy” book and not a sensationalized tell all.  Thank God for someone doing a book with respect.

Eclipse nighttime pool…

Posted date  Updated 

Expect Thompson’s memoir to be classy



Linda Thompson will tell about her romances with Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner and David Foster in the memoir she is writing.






Linda Thompson is finally writing a memoir detailing her long romances with Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner and David Foster. But it’s not a dirty tell-all. It’s the kind of well-tempered book we would expect from this Oscar-nominated lyricist and mother of Brody and Brandon Jenner.

“I got offers right away to write books — big money offers” after Elvis died, Thompson tells me gently in her Memphis-cultured voice.

“But I turned everything down. I didn’t want to be that person who capitalized on a lovely, loving, natural relationship.

“It was important to me not to be one of those vampires that bled on him.”

I met her last week while we judged an official Elvis contest downtown.

“He would be really astonished by it,” she says of Elvis tribute artists.

Elvis and Thompson saw a few Elvis impressionists in their Vegas days.

“He would say, ‘Well, there I am again.’ It was funny. ‘Here I come again,’ ” she recalls. “Elvis had an irreverent sense of humor. It bonded us.”

“We never went out” on the town, she says. “I was with him four and a half years, and once we went to the restaurant at the Las Vegas Hilton, downstairs in the steakhouse, and we couldn’t finish our meal. It was chaos.”

Her Elvis record collection is unlike any other.

“I have his album collection — but just what he collected, the things he listened to.”

Thompson is more than Elvis memories. She and Foster co-wrote the Oscar-nominated “I Have Nothing” for Whitney Houston. She has written for other singers. And she has acted in TV shows.

While we talked , she was in her Malibu house on an acre of land. Brandon was on property, working on his surfboard.

“And Brody’s on his long journey home from Indonesia, chasing waves, surfing. — So I can keep Clairol in business, coloring this gray hair he’s giving me.

“He called me the other day. — He goes, ‘Now listen, don’t worry, everything is just fine, but I had a little mishap. I fell against a coral reef, and it’s like razor, so my back’s all cut up.’”

At the time, Brandon was on a little boat.

“There was a guy who came on board with a machete and threatened to kill everybody on board — some Indonesian guy wanted them to pay to surf in his spot,” she says.

“I have fabulous sons, but unfortunately, they both have that thrill-seeker gene — bigger, higher, faster, scarier.

“I have a deal with God. If I’m breathing, that’s a prayer for my sons’ safety.”

Thompson finds bliss in her boys, her dogs Bentley (“my French bulldog/boyfriend”) and Gizmo (a Shih Tzu) and life by the beach.

“I have four chickens. I have four laying hens. And I have 50 fruit trees. I make apricot and plum jam every summer. I brought Memphis to Malibu.”

She works with charities for animals, children and old people.

Her adage: “People shouldn’t take life so seriously. None of us is going to get out of this thing alive, anyway.”

And she’s got this memoir nagging at her.

“Some things I’m privy to,” she says, “I’ll have to take to the grave with me.

“I don’t think you ever win by hurting another person,” she says. “Don’t sit around and wait for karma to bite somebody in the ass, or to reward you. Just try to do the right thing, and that’s immediate karma: ‘I feel good about myself.’”

Thompson is in town today, bringing Memphis to Vegas again, bidding us a Southern greeting:

“Holler at me if you’re here.”

Doug Elfman’s column appears Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He also writes for Neon on Fridays. Email him at He blogs at


I want to thank my good friend, Melinda Faulkner, who sent me a link to an article appearing in the Elvis Australia news.  I am not authorized to copy and share things from Elvis Australia, so I went searching on YouTube and found a different live performance by Emmy Lou Harris of a song about Elvis which has some very interesting phrases in it.  It is about a girl leaving and disappearing and that you should ask The Boy From Tupelo because he knows all about it.  This is just my paraphrasing of the lyrics.  Below are the lyrics which I copied from a YouTube video of this song. 

These lyrics were placed on YouTube by OneForEveryMood

Emmylou Harris – Boy From Tupelo

Published on Jul 31, 2011

Album: Red Dirt Girl


You don’t love me this I know
Don’t need a bible to tell me so
I hung around a little too long
I was good but now I’m gone

Like the buffalo
That boy from Tupelo
Any way the wind can blow
That’s where I’m gonna go
I’ll be gone like a five and dime
It’ll be the perfect crime
Just ask the boy from Tupelo
He’s the king and he oughta know

The shoulder I’ve been leanin on
Is the coldest place I’ve ever known
There’s nothin left for me round here
Looks like it’s time to disapear

Like the buffalo
That boy from Tupelo
The old wall down in jericho
Maybelle on the radio
I’ll be gone like the five and dime
It’ll be the perfect crime
Just ask the boy from Tupelo
He’s the king and he oughta know

You don’t love me, this I know
Don’t need a bible to tell me so
It’s a shame and it’s a sin
Everything I coulda been to you

Your last chance Texaco
Your sweetheart of the rodeo
A juliet to your romeo
The border you cross into Nexico
I’ll never understand why or how
Oh but baby its too late now
Just ask the boy from Tupelo
He’s the king and he oughta know

I am providing a live performance (below) of the song from another YouTube account because the above version is from the album rather than a live performance.

Boy From Tupelo – Emmylou Harris & Friends – 6/28/09

rb1229 rb1229 Uploaded on Jun 29, 2009



SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2013

A visitor on our blog page called my attention to this ignorant video on YouTube asking if it were true.  Of course, it is total hogwash.  I have no idea who this foolish man is who has made this video announcing that Elvis is coming out this August at Graceland.  There is absolutely no truth to this.  I posted a response to his video which I thought was worded rather mildly considering how very stupid the video is.

He has written me back a rather scathing reply.  So, I have decided to place the link to his video on here for all of my visitors to “enjoy”.  I am sure your responses to his video would be a welcome breath of fresh air to those poor misguided souls who are actually taking this trash seriously.

I can absolutely assure everyone that there is not one word of truth to this video nor any words spoken in this silly video.  It is too bad that there are people on Facebook who “no” this video is the truth and who say that I am a fake.  Ignorance reigns supreme on Facebook and YouTube in many instances, as we have all seen heretofore.

Enjoy! LOL

Elvis Is Coming Home August 16’2013

by ElvisAaronPresleytcb • 105 views

Graceland Live At Graceland

  • Linda  Sigmon 2 days ago

    This is a foolish lie. Why on earth are you doing this? I am friends with him and have been since 1992. He only wants to live out his life in peace as Jesse. The facts straight from him can all be read in his own handwriting at Linda hood sigmon truth site.

  • ElvisAaronPresleytcb 2 days ago

    i got people on facebook who no he’s coming home everyone said your’e a fake Elvis woul’d never betray his fans his video said he’s coming back if Elvis is Realy the same Elvis he woul’d not betray his fans.

    Linda Sigmon

    • You are making a complete fool of yourself. The man who said those words on the DVD is my friend Elvis, who is now Jesse. He was reading from a script written by Joel Gilbert…a movie script and not from his own mind.

      If you care to read his two page letter on my site in Elvis’s own handwriting…handwriting which has been analyzed and documented as his handwriting…you would know the truth. The people who say I am a fake are being very ignorant and foolish. I will trouble you no more.

      Elvis Is Coming Home August 16’2013


      While you are checking this person out, you may find it interesting to hear the desecration which he has done to Jesse’s song “The Dance”.  “Robert” does not do justice at all…he should not mess with perfection.


      Everyone should understand that “Robert” and those with whom he works are the same group that has a petition circulating asking fans to sign it in order that it may be presented to the U S Government asking that Elvis be permitted to come out publicly.

      This false notion is based entirely on the words which Jesse read from the movie script which was written by Joel Gilbert for the Elvis Found Alive DVD.  The same DVD about which Jesse wrote to me in his 2 page handwritten letter shown below.  You can see that Jesse was not speaking these words at all except in reading the script…he says he would never have said those things about political people.

      I do know the names of some others who are behind all of this…the names of those who hate me and have spread falsehoods about me previously.  They are to be pitied because they are so mistaken in all that they say and do.  Jesse is bothered by those who call me all manner of names.  But he says it all stems from one thing “jealousy” and I know that he is right.  I know how blessed I am to be his trusted friend and confidante and that it makes others angry for me to be in this position.  But, they are really only hurting themselves and those who do believe the words which they say…such as this man on YouTube “Robert“.

      I invite everyone to mark my words down on your calendars for August 16, 2013…there will be NO appearance of Elvis on that date.  I guarantee it based on Elvis/Jesse’s own words to me… spoken and written repeatedly.

      Here are Elvis’s/Jesse’s very own words regarding what he spoke in that “silly” DVD…the release of which he was not happy about at all.



      MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013

      Below is a news article written about the attempted picket of Graceland last Friday by the “infamous” Westboro Baptist Church.  I will share this article so that everyone may see that the description which my friend gave me and which I shared with all of you was totally accurate about what unfolded.

      You may access this article at:

      Westboro Church Members Picket In Memphis

      By: Shane Deitert

      Updated: May 20, 2013

      MEMPHIS, TN ( – A group of singing Memphians ran a group of controversial picketers from a Kansas church right out of town.

      Members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS, known for picketing outside soldier’s memorial services, picked Memphis, organizers say, because of Elvis Presley.

      “I don’t see anyone, I see people here representing the city of Memphis, saying how much we love this city,” said Allan Creasy, as he was dressed as Elvis.

      There was some initial confusion, as no one from Westboro appeared at an area designated by Memphis Police to rally outside Graceland.

      “Rock and roll is not of the devil, rock and roll is just fun,” said Creasy.

      Eventually, the Westboro members were spotted a few blocks away from Graceland. Counter-protestors then streamed towards them.

      “They had to do it over there at Kentucky Fried Chicken, that only tells me one thing, they are chicken,” said Bud Stonebreaker. “Graceland is down there, man… I mean good God almighty.”

      “When the police officers had an agenda that was less then forthright we just picked a spot,” said Shirley Phelps-Roper, with Westboro.

      As the crowd of counter-protestors swelled, Phelps-Roper apparently had enough. She made a phone call, and suddenly two minivans pulled up.

      Westboro members got into the minivans and drove off as members of the crowd started singing.

      “I don’t know what they were afraid of, we are fairly non-violent, we are singing songs, and talking about how much we love the city,” said Creasy. “They are the angry ones.”

      According to Westboro’s website, the group planned to rally on Saturday morning, protesting against the region’s devotion to football.


      Then there is this TV news report which is not nearly as accurate as it could have, and should have, been.  The TV report did not even bother to mention that they (church members) didn’t even come to be in front of Graceland and that they left town with their tails between their legs.  They should have been shamed on this TV report.  At least the lady from the Elvis shop stood up for Elvis.  Her comments were certainly more direct and to the point than the mealy-mouthed-politically-correct-vanilla statement from EPE.

      You may view the TV news report at this link:

      Westboro Baptist Protests Elvis at Graceland

      Posted on: 8:24 pm, May 17, 2013, by , updated on: 10:33pm, May 17, 2013

      (Memphis) It’s one of the best times of the year.

      Tourists are in town from all over the world for Memphis in May, and the Grizzlies are uniting the city like never before with their playoff success.

      Then there’s the Westboro Baptist church.

      They’re in town too protesting the king of Rock and Roll.

      “Memphis is in the United States. You`ve got this idol over here it`s huge. They`ve turned this guy into an idol. They worship and serve him more than they do the living God,” said Westboro member Shirley Phelps-Roper.

      The group known for protesting solider funerals and other national events made Graceland their stage Friday.

      Extra police officers were on hand to keep the small crowd in order, with no interruption to traffic or tours at Graceland.

      The small group did bring out counter protestors who say the group doesn’t know what Memphis is all about.

      “I’ve always considered myself a bit of an activist so if I were to let them come to my city and I didn’t do anything about it or at least have my voice heard I would have felt really bad,” said Michael Schaffer.

      Renae Roberts runs an Elvis souvenir shop and believes the protesters have the right to be out there, but not their idea of Elvis.

      “He came from the church. I mean he sang in the churches and that`s what he did and Elvis was a very spiritual person,” said Roberts.

      Graceland released a statement about the protest saying they “strongly believe in the value of diversity and condemn the intolerant positions and disruptive behavior of this group, even as we acknowledge their own individual right to freedom of expression.”

      The group is headed to Ole Miss for their next protest.


      WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2013

      Our friend on the blog, Linda FC, has written that she believes that Anderson Cooper will be doing an expose’ tomorrow on the Westboro Baptist Church.  This should be interesting.  It may be that the founder’s granddaughter will be a guest on this show and that she no longer shares the beliefs and views of her grandfather, Mr. Phelps.

      I have set my DVR for this show.


      A good friend on our blog page, Lucilia,  has shared the following video of Elvis performing the song “Help Me“.  She has pointed out that the autographed photo which Jesse gave to Dr. Hinton, and which appears on page 21 of Jesse’s book “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley”, appears to have been taken during this performance.

      Below is the link to the YouTube video as well as the autographed photo.  The lyrics to this song are very touching when one considers how unhappy and alone Elvis felt before he became Jesse on August 16, 1977.  Also, remember that Jesse has stated that he first began thinking of faking his death in 1974…the year of this performance.

      Elvis Presley GOSPEL – Help Me – 1974

      JOSÉ FRANCISCO RODRIGUES KIKO Published on Mar 10, 2012



      Our friend, Jobet, on the blog page.  Has posted a collage of photos which she came across with images of Elvis without a shirt to compare to the image of Jesse with Benjamin. 

      This collage has appeared on our site sometime ago and was given to us by another friend, Live In LaKech, if I recall correctly. 

      I had this collage along with a number of other images of this type displayed on my Current News and Events pages some time ago when they were originally shared with me.  However, during one of the attacks upon my site, I believe these images were deleted.  I have meant to go back and restore them to the site and just have not gotten it done.

      My thanks to Jobet, for bring this beautiful collage to my attention once more.



      I shall post the other collages which were given to me by Live In Lakech earlier below on this page:


      I noticed in my news alerts last yesterday that Elvis Express Radio has run a headline on their site stating that “GRACELAND PUT ON THE MARKET“.  The article which EER ran was actually written by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York…obviously someone who knows not that of which he writes. 

      EER headline Graceland Put On The Market

      footnote:  I just checked and found that EER has now changed their headline to read:  ELVIS PRESLEY PUT ON THE MARKET

      Luckily, I saved the above photo image when I saw it on their site last night…

      I want to assure everyone that the physical property, Graceland Mansion, is not for sale nor has it ever been.  I have noticed several other versions of this rumor being passed around on Facebook, etc.

      The rights to the name and image of Elvis along with a 90-some year lease on Graceland was first sold by Lisa Marie back in 2004 to Mr. Robert Sillerman who owned CKX; then Mr. Sillerman’s company sold their ownership to a company named Apollo Global Management in 2011.  Now that same holding, evidently, is for sale again. 

      The actual physical property of the home itself has never been sold and certainly is not for sale now.

      It is a very sad thing that anything to do with Elvis’s name and image was ever sold outside of Elvis/Jesse’s family where it should have stayed.

      As a result of this sale, we now see that the price of tickets to Graceland and the museums have climbed to unreasonably high amounts.  I have been told this by those who have visited there in recent times.  Rather than being strictly about the wonderful man who was Elvis, and who is now Jesse, it has become “big business”.

      At least when Mr. Sillerman’s company owned the rights, he was a human image of the ownership.  He did TV interviews and made appearances at Graceland.  But, all of that changed once it was sold to a huge company with no human image at all.

      To me, this is a sad turn of events.


      Here are the remaining collages which were given to me by Live In Lakech last year.







My thanks, once again, to Live In LaKech for compiling and sharing these photos with us earlier last year.


I happened upon a YouTube video which was filmed back in 1979.  In this interview, Orion (Jimmy Ellis) and Gail Brewer-Giorgio were both interviewed about Gail’s book and the Orion performer.  Interesting in retrospect.

Jimmy Ellis 1979 Interview With Gail Brewer And Orion

Alex Moes Published on Jul 22, 2012


And on this same note:

Here is a video of Jimmy Ellis performing a song with an eerie title and lyrics…

I’ll Be With You Always Live by Jimmy Orion Ellis

Steve Silver Uploaded on Nov 8, 2008

Final Goodbye


This is another fine song done by Jimmy Ellis himself.



This week marks the 4 year anniversary of my web site.  On the one hand, I can scarcely believe that it has been that long. But on the other hand, I don’t quite know how I have survived all that has been crammed into these past 4 years…the highs and the lowest of lows caused by attacks, etc.

Now, there are 314,500 visits…at least 314,000 more visits than I ever anticipated on my first day of setting up this site. LOL

I give all of the credit to Jesse, who is the man the whole world loved as Elvis Presley.  My name on this site means nothing and would have never drawn any attention whatsoever were it not for the magnificent man around whom my site is centered.  It is my utmost pleasure and honor to share the truth about him with those who love him and hunger to know the truth…the truth that he is still here.

Thank you so much to each of my visitors.  Don’t know how much longer this site will continue…only God knows that answer for sure.  But I thank Him for every day, every visitor, and, most of all, every truth which I have been blessed to share through the means of this web site.

Love and light to all who read this…

Linda Hood Sigmon


THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

Here is another article about EPE being on the market...i.e. Elvis’s image and name, etc.

Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali’s Images Are Up For Sale, And ‘The Congress’ Offers A Cautionary Tale

By Alyssa Rosenberg on May 22, 2013 at 9:04 am

In a move that speaks to the extent to which famous people stop being individuals and start being part of a conglomerated project that includes their images, Deadline notes that Elvis Presley Enterprises and Muhammad Ali Enterprises, which include the rights to the images of both men, may be headed to the market. If still images of Presley and Ali could generate $60 million a year, it’s intriguing to think what they could generate with technology that could bring them back to life as shadows. What would nostalgia concerts featuring Presley rake in? What about technology that lets a promoter put on a fight between Ali and Manny Pacquiao?

The company that resurrected Tupac Shakur in the form of a hologram for a memorable 2011 concert, Digital Domain Media Group, actually planned to create a similar digital replica of Presley before it filed for bankruptcy in 2012. And bringing the dead back to reclaim their former glory, with all the profits going to the corporations that own their images, isn’t the only way that this sort of technology could be valuable–and very disconcerting.

If the prospect of someone owning your likeness, your expressions, your voice, and the ability to manipulate those images and audio to make you do or say anything, is odd enough when you aren’t around to see it, or to verify whether or not your image is doing or saying something you’d actually do or say, it’s even more unsettling to consider what it would be like for someone to be able to do those things when you were still alive. That scenario’s precisely what’s at issue in a new movie making its debut at Cannes, The Congress, which combines live-action and animation to follow a fictionalized version of Robin Wright as, on advice from her agent, who believes she’s wasted her career, she allows herself to be digitized and manipulated, in part so she can afford to spend time with her son, who appears to be somewhere on the autism spectrum. Even without the trippy animation, the trailer gets at how disconcerting it must be to see someone, apparently yourself, do things that you haven’t done–and that you’d never do.

If I may add a footnote to this article…Just think how disconcerting this would be if you were alive to see it and not be able to do anything about it.  I don’t like that idea very much at all!!!!!

You may watch the trailer of this movie The Congress at the link below:


Also, below is the link a Bloomberg video report about the selling of the name and image of Elvis.  In this report you will hear it distinctly explained that Lisa Marie owns the house, Graceland.


FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013

Below is an article regarding Lisa Marie’s views regarding the possible sale of the rights to Elvis’s image and name.

The Elvis Presley Family Supports Potential Sale Of CORE Media’s Majority Estate Stake

By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Thursday May 23, 2013 @ 7:22pm PDT

Nellie Andreeva

As we reported earlier this week citing the Financial Times, CORE Media Group is exploring a sale of Elvis Presley Enterprises as well as Muhammad Ali Enterprises. There had been no official comment on the potential sale until now. Deadline has obtained exclusively a statement from the Presley family about the development. “Our family enjoys a strong working relationship with CORE and is supportive of their process,” the statement says. “Lisa [Marie Presley] will maintain her interest in EPE and ownership of Graceland Mansion and looks forward to whatever opportunities enable the best long-term interests of the family.” Lisa Marie Presley owns 15% of EPE, which manages the assets of the Elvis Presley estate, including the 100-acre property in Memphis, Tennessee. CORE’s predecessor, CKX, bought the other 85% in 2005. (The Muhammad Ali family retains 20% ownership in MAE.) The Presley and Ali assets are estimated to fetch more than $200 million but CORE is not dead set to sale and may retain the properties if it is not satisfied with offers.


Here are the details of CORE and Apollo Global Management. CORE Media Group is a portfolio company of Apollo Global Management, a global private equity firm, and parent company to 19 Entertainment (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance), Elvis Presley Enterprises and Muhammed Ali Enterprises.

As I wrote recently…Big Business…thus we have an Elvis Mr. Potato Head and other various gadgets which show nothing of the real man, Elvis…nothing more than a way to make money off of his name and image…kind of like Mickey Mouse, etc. 

Elvis, himself, made money the old fashioned way…he earned it.




FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013


Jesse phoned me tonight and we had a very good visit.  He is doing fine.  He is going on a one or two day trip and was leaving shortly after we spoke.  He does get lonely and enjoys getting out of the house. 

He asked me to be sure to post his thanks to those friends who have sent gifts to him for his little friend, Nick.   As always, he sends his appreciation to those friends who do send him mail from time to time.

He said that he reads and keeps tabs on what is going on in the music world these days.   That is how he, sometimes, gives me the name of a CD  or DVD that he would like to have.  Once in a while, those in which he is interested have not yet been released.  So, I always try to pre-order those for him.  He says that these are a pleasant past time for him when he doesn’t get out of the house.    It also makes me so happy to be able to do things for him.

It also always makes me so very, very happy when he calls…sure made my day today!!


SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013

I forgot to mention one of the topics which Jesse and I discussed during his call yesterday…something I think everyone will find interesting.

Jesse asked me what took place with the Westboro protest at Graceland last Friday.  I told him all about it and how the protestors decided to do their “thing” at the Kentucky Fried Chicken location rather than Graceland itself. 

He complimented me on my suggestion to EPE that they play his gospel music during the time that the protestors were present.  I told him that they DID NOT play any music at all.  He said maybe they would have if the protestors had actually shown up.  I like to think that they would have…

Something else regarding the Westboro protestors:  Lisa posted on our blog page the following comment.  I want to share this because it just goes to show how vile and disrespectful this group of “church” people really are.  I congratulate the police force in Moore, Oklahoma for their action with this insane group of people.  The presence of these protestors at this little child’s funeral further proves how far removed from the love of God these “Christians” actually are.

I thank Lisa so very much for sharing her news with use on the blog page.  She lives in Oklahoma and therefore has the truth of what took place.


Submitted on 2013/05/24 at 7:08 PM

Just wanted to share with everyone regarding the Westboro church people who protest at everything under the sun. They showed up today at the funeral of one of the little children who was tragically killed in the Moore OK tornado this week. The bikers who try to always come to protect the scene were waiting on them forming a barrier around the church where the little boy’s funeral was being held. When the Westboro church people showed up the police immediately arrested them because they had not obtained a permit to form a protest. YAY!

I missed seeing the Anderson Cooper show about the Westboro Church because it aired on a different day than the one on which I  planned to view it.  But, several people have posted on our blog page about watching the show, if you care to go to that page to read what happened on the show.  It appears that they showed their true colors on that show and that they are definitely a vile group of people who misrepresent God and Jesus in all that they say and do.

I just did a search for videos of the Anderson Cooper show regarding Westboro and it appears that there are a number of videos from the shows which Anderson has done about this church in the past.  Below is the link to my search results if you care to watch some of these.

Also, here is the link to a video of one of the Memphis TV station’s news reports about the event.  There were some fans there with signs and who were voicing their opinions about the audacity of Westboro to even attempt to protest Elvis.

I am so disappointed that this is on Daily Motion rather than YouTube and I don’t believe that I can copy it to a DVD from this site.  I would so love to copy this for Jesse to see.

Westboro Protestors Leave Memphis “All Shook Up”


Below is something new earlier this month, from Graceland/EPE, which I just stumbled upon.  This looks like it is interesting and fun.  I haven’t had time to view the entire episode yet…but I think it appears to be a nice thing for the fans.

Elvis Google+ Hangout: Episode 1


I feel certain that those of you who visit the website often are already aware of this.  But, maybe there are others like myself who will find this new.


I find the comment which is made in response to the question about why Elvis never performed “Always On My Mind” on stage in Vegas to be interesting.  You will note that the archive specialist responds with something like “Well, that is a question for him.”   She actually says this two times…know it doesn’t mean anything coming from someone with EPE.  But, I did find it to be a strange way to phrase her response.  You will find this comment at about 23:07 minutes into the show.


SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2013

A very good friend called me today to tell me about a very intriguing comment which he heard Joe Esposito make on Friday on the Sirius radio Elvis show.  George Klein was conducting a telephone interview with Joe when George brought up the topic of the Cirque du Soleil – Viva Elvis show closing in Las Vegas.  Joe promptly responded “Elvis didn’t like that show.”  Then he tried to cover up his “mis-spoken” comment by saying something like “He never saw that show…but he wouldn’t have liked it if he had seen it.”

This show was last performed on August 31, 2012.

My friend tells me that he was not the only person who heard and took note of what Joe said.  He tells me that if others would like to hear this remark, they may tune in on Monday to the G. K. Replay of the Friday show.  It will air again sometime Monday…those with Sirius subscriptions may check on to determine what time it will air.

Joe has made very clear statements of this type before.  Especially significant and memorable is what Joe said on the Geraldo show back in June, 1990.  For those who are new to my site, I have a YouTube video of Joe saying this on that show “That’s how Elvis FEELS about this situation.”  The topic being discussed was the theory put out by Albert Goldman and David Stanley that Elvis committed suicide.  I feel pretty sure that Jesse and Joe planned for Joe to make that very clear and adamant statement on the Geraldo show.  Jesse, obviously, would have been upset and angered by the way Geraldo did his 20/20 expose’ and even more angered by the false allegations that he committed suicide.

An interesting footnote regarding the comment on the Geraldo show was something which Jesse said to me several years ago.  Those who have been with my site for an extended period of time will recall when Marty Lacker was posting very nasty messages to me on the Messages to Jesse page in December several years ago.  Jesse was giving me info. to counteract Lacker.  Jesse asked me if I had pointed out to Lacker what Joe said on the Geraldo show.  So, I do know that Jesse wants me to use that fact to prove that I am telling the truth.

Here are the two links to my Geraldo show on YouTube where you may see what the topic of the show was and also may listen to Joe’s clearly stated comment…remember that this took place in June, 1990.

Because of the topic being that of alleged suicide by Elvis on this entire show and the show airing in 1990, there is no way that this comment was a mere slip of the tongue.  If Elvis were dead, he obviously would certainly not have had a point of view regarding people saying that he committed suicide…nor an opinion of Albert Goldman being a little man who assassinates people after they die.

This first video is of the introduction to the show proving what the topic of the show was:

ELVIS IS ALIVE. Geraldo show June 18, 1990 Did Elvis Presley commit suicide?

Uploaded on May 27, 2009


ELVIS IS ALIVE 1990 Geraldo show: Joe says “…and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation”.

Uploaded on May 27, 2009


This is a good time for me to remind my visitors that I do have a YouTube channel on which you may view a good deal of my documentation of the facts which you read here on my site.

Below is the link to my channel:

Also, we must remember that in his book The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley, Jesse wrote that out of all the people who worked for him, Col. Parker chose Joe to be involved in the August 16, 1977 faked death plan.

Please remember that when Jesse was writing his letters which became the book itself, he had originally intended for the book to not be published until AFTER he actually passes away.  Thus Joe has been put in the middle of a situation because the book came out way before Jesse or Joe passed away.

Joe has spoken out very critically about Hinton and the book.  He has totally denounced Hinton, Jesse and the book.  I feel pretty certain that he has done this for a two-fold reason.  The first reason being that he took an oath that he would carry the secret to his grave.  The second being that Jesse wrote in his book that those close to him who had cared for him all these years were going to be angry about Hinton being given the rights to the book…because THEY would feel that they should have “top billing“.  Joe may feel that this should have been HIS book…not Hinton’s.


MONDAY, MAY 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I want to express my appreciation to, and of, all those who have served to keep our great nation free…with liberty for all. May God bless those who have served and who are serving…and the families of those whose loved ones have passed away while defending the freedom of our nation and that of other nations.


I came across this video of Elvis performing in 1977 and shown with the music of “Orion”.  I hope everyone will enjoy seeing this beautiful footage.  Jesse has told me that he could not look any worse than he did on the last tour…but I love to see him then, as I always do.

Elvis Presley (Orion’s Voice) – Rockabilly Rebel

LiverBird04 Uploaded on Jan 29, 2009  Apologies in advance to all Jimmy Ellis fans out there for borrowing the great mans voice, without whom this video could not have been made. R.I.P. The late great Jimmy (Bell) Ellis Born February 26, 1945 Died Dec. 12, 1998



He should have sent the pick to me for Jesse…

McCartney leaves pick on 1st visit to Graceland

(AP) MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Paul McCartney made his first visit to the one-time home of the King of Rock `N’ Roll and left a gift behind.

According to the official Twitter account of the former Beatle, McCartney dropped a personal guitar pick on Elvis Presley’s grave and said it was “so Elvis can play in heaven.”

The lifelong Elvis fan toured Graceland, the Memphis mansion, on Sunday.

He was in Memphis to play a show on the North American leg of his “Out There” tour.

The show at FedExForum marked McCartney’s first visit to the Bluff City in two decades.

(Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


Yet, another huge error in an article and it’s headline….GRACELAND IS NOT FOR SALE.  There is also another error in this report…CORE did not purchase Elvis’s image and name in 2004.  That sale was made to Robert Sillerman’s company CKX.  Do reporter’s ever actually research their stories?????

Elvis may appear ‘live on stage’ for Graceland sell-off

London, May 27, 2013

 First Published: 02:15 IST(27/5/2013)
Last Updated: 02:16 IST(27/5/2013)

Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion, along with his music and rights to his image, are up for sale in a £130-million deal, which could see The King appear “live on stage” more than 35 years after he died.

American owner Core Media Group is offering a package that includes royalty

rights to 24 of the star’s films and numerous TV appearances, the Daily express reported.

“Other future revenue sources include a tribute stage show in an Asian casino hub such as Macau and a massive expansion of Elvis-themed digital and social media projects,” media analyst Mike Raia said.

Jack Soden, chief executive of Elvis Enterprises, which was bought by Core from the Presley family for about $66 million dollars in 2004, believes that the virtual technology could even lead to Presley going on tour again, at least in the shape of his digital image.

Hm.m.m.m.m.m I wonder what Jesse will have to say about all of this…


TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013

Below is the link to a nice page about Elvis’s visit with President Nixon in December, 1970.  There is a display of photos from that visit which are displayed in such a way as to almost appear to be animated.  Also, there is a text description of the meeting.  Elvis looked so wonderful during that visit.

This is from the National Archives.

Also, when you click on this second link, you will be able to go to a photo viewer on which you may click through all 25 photos.  This is especially good...

For those who may have missed seeing the very intriguing letter which President Nixon wrote for the book by Bud Krogh, I will display again below.    This letter was written just one week before President Nixon passed away.  His comment about “a book signing” is very special.

Death and funeral of Richard Nixon – Wikipedia, the free …

On April 22, 1994, Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, died after suffering a stroke four days earlier.


I also have a page devoted to this topic if anyone has missed seeing it…below is the link to that page

Perhaps President Nixon knew that Elvis was still here in 1994


This is a very good admonition…one that I truly need to work on.  I would not be honest if I did not say that I believe that some of my physical problems are the result of stress caused by my inability to let go of resentments which I do harbor.

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day


Think on This…
For resentments of any nature bring their fruit in the physical. Not that there should be wholly that of passive resistance, but: THY WILL, O LORD, BE DONE IN AND THROUGH ME AS THOU SEEST I HAVE NEED OF FOR MY SOUL DEVELOPMENT, AND THAT I MAY THROUGH THIS DEVELOPMENT BE THE GREATER CHANNEL OF BLESSING TO MY FELLOW MAN.

Reading 288-37



Our friend Frankie Paradiso, wrote the following song and created the following video to defend Elvis/Jesse against the recent Westboro Baptist Church attempted protest against Elvis.  Our thanks to him.  I will be sure to send this to Jesse on DVD this week.

Frankie Paradiso’s Protest Song “NEVER AGAIN”

TheJester1962 TheJester1962


Published on May 28, 2013

NB The song proper begins at 1:36
When WBC protesters started marching toward Graceland on 17 May last, yelling that The King of Rock was “Satan in Hell”, Frankie Paradiso felt moved to write and perform a song in defence of the great humanitarian who practically invented modern rock music with his unique voice, blending the gospel, blues and country music of his era into a unique brew we all enjoy quaffing daily. Everybody who knew Elvis personally was impressed with his enormous charisma & talent, and his kindness to all, not to mention his genuine modesty and spirituality. His bodyguard and confidant, the late Mr Lamar “Buddha” Fike claimed that Elvis Presley was the most unprejudiced human being he had ever known … totally colour-blind”; and Mrs Linda Hood-Sigmon recently confirmed on her excellent website that “Elvis spread the message of God’s love to more people all over the world through his personal praise and gospel music than any fundamentalist crusades totaled. He saved lives and turned lives around by his personal example of humanitarian deeds, generosity, love and caring toward all who came in contact with him in person or through viewing his performances and listening to his recorded music”.

Music & Lyrics, Vocals & Guitar by Frankie Paradiso
(Brief fragment from IF I CAN DREAM sung by Frankie Paradiso for illustrative purpose only)






[Quoting “If I Can Dream”]




Once again, my sincere thanks to Frankie.


Here is a TV news report about the fact that Elvis’s name and image are up for sale…this one includes a video of the report for those who are interested.

May 22, 2013, 11:06am CDT

Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali business assets going up for sale (Video)

May 22 (Bloomberg) — On today’s “This vs. That,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu looks at the selling of two pop culture icons as the business assets surrounding Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali are coming up for sale. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


Mr friend Susan sent this video to me in an Email many months ago and I never got around to displaying it.  I was just trying to clear out my Emails and came across it again.  It is so correct in the presentation of how unhappy and lonely Elvis was and how tired he was of being Elvis Presley.

“I’ve had a hard life…people don’t think that I have, but I have.”  “I had all kinds of women back then but I never knew if they loved me or if they loved Elvis.”  “The last two years of my life as Elvis were pure misery.”   “I felt like I was losing my mind back in 1977”. These are all quotes from Jesse himself  over the years.


elvisworldwide elvisworldwide Uploaded on Aug 3, 2009







FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

Because there appears to be a growing number of petitions being circulated in regard to Elvis making a public appearance, I have posted the following on my own two Facebook pages and wish to share it here also.

This is an open letter to all of the Elvis fans who are circulating the petitions wanting him to appear publicly:

I know that you love Elvis and mean him no harm. But, I must tell you that this petition is futile because Elvis stopped being “Elvis” on August 16, 1977. He will not be coming back at all.

I have been in touch with him since 1992 and we are very close friends. He says I am his “family now” his “baby sister”. He has chosen me to be his “voice”. My web site has his full approval and support. It has been in existence for 4 years and is chock full of his own handwritten letters. In these letters, which appeared in his book, you will see that he asks that no one try to hunt him down.

He only wants to live out his life in private as Jesse…just a regular person who had a famous brother. Jesse says that “Elvis” did die that day, but Jesse is going to be around for a long time.

He is, after all, 78 now. He has the normal effects of aging just as I and all others do. He was miserable as Elvis and that is why he left…he was “so tired of being Elvis Presley“.

On my site, you may read his two page letter which he wrote to be published on my web site explaining how the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE came to be done and his great dissatisfaction with the resulting video. He is not happy with Joel Gilbert’s words which he had “Elvis” speaking in that DVD. He was only reading from a script…a movie script. He said that he would have never said some of those things.

I will insert the link to the page on which his letter appears.

Your current path will only lead to bitter disappointment when he does not appear. This rumor has been spread so many times over the years. It is not his wish to return to the public.

I ask that you please check out his truth on my site and then spread the word to others who are working so hard to get their petitions signed. It is a complete and utter waste of time.

You may hear all 15 of his songs from the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE CD on my site for free…music player to your upper left corner of the screen on all 90+ pages of my site. You will see a large number of photo comparisons which prove that Elvis is Jesse. His handwriting has been analyzed by an internationally trained graphologist who worked for the Kansas City Bureau of Investigation for ten years and whose opinions have been accepted in many court cases.

He has told me himself that the photo of the pool house door at Graceland on New Years Day 1978 really is him.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I hope you will follow through on what Elvis has written and said about his wishes to not have any publicity and to be allowed his privacy and a normal life style. He gave up so much to get to the place he is now in his life.

I shall be circulating this letter on my site and my two Facebook pages. I ask that, after careful consideration, you please pass this among your friends as well.

Much love and light,


SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2023

Something to think about:

Schopenhauer on the Emergence of Truth

All truth passes through 3 stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer



Here is the link to the new page: