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This is the first lesson ye should learn: There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development.

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I am making some progress on restoring the second of my ORION pages.  Worked on it again last night.  I have just completed providing documentation regarding the part that Jerry Lee Lewis played in the ORION songs which he recorded with Elvis…which began the “yellow brick road” to Elvis’s involvement in ORION PICTURES .  The cover up was put in place that it was actually Jimmy Ellis who had over-dubbed the Jerry Lee songs.  I have never bought that story for one minute. 

I invite everyone to please visit that page and see what I added last night.  I hope to get the page completed very soon.  In the meantime, I want to share a YouTube video which was shared with us on the blog page by our good friend, Ann.  This is the song from which the entire controversy sprang regarding who the “friends” are on the Orion songs with Jerry Lee, Charlie Rich, and Carl Perkins.   The songs which were finally placed on the THE KILLER, THE KING album by Jerry Lee and Elvis Presley.  This album was the culmination of the years in which Orion, the singer, was performing…up until sometime around 1981.  THE KILLER, THE KING was released in 1982.  This album tied it all up with a beautiful bow…to set the record straight.

Here is the link to my page on which you may see all sorts of documentation regarding this entire saga.

Here is the link to the YouTube video which Ann so kindly shared with us.  Enjoy!!!  🙂

Elvis Presley & Jerry Lee Lewis – Save The Last Dance For Me

paolo de Uploaded on Jul 2, 2010



Just for good measure…another Orion song by Jerry Lee and Elvis…

Jerry Lee Lewis Jimmy Elvis Presley cold cold heart

king75creole  king75creole Uploaded on Aug 9, 2010


I do have many of the Jerry Lee and Elvis songs from the ORION project available on my ORION pages.  However, I believe that they may be in the portion of my second Orion page which I am still in the process of reconstructing.  I am so embarrassed by this lack of availability of my documentation which this damage has caused to my pages.


Below is my favorite of the Orion albums.  By that I mean the albums which were released straight out as being Jimmy Ellis Orion.  There are some really great songs on this one.  I do believe that you will recognize the voice of Elvis on some of these songs…Long Tall Sally for instance.

Rockabilly Orion album  cover with the list of songs

 Orion- Long Tall Sally

Elvisorion56 Published on Jul 24, 2012


I have always (since 1988) really liked to listen to this particular song because of the lyrics.  He even changed one word to make it about him trying to keep from being seen after 1977.   Listen to where he says “…saw Uncle John with bald-headed Sally…saw aunt Mary coming, so I ducked back in the alley.

Also, I love that the repeated words are  “Everything’s all right. Gonna have some fun tonight.  Everything’s all right...  I take these words as a message from him that he is OK and having a good time after 1977.  At the end he says “all right, Charlie“…could it maybe be Charlie Hodge?

Also, on this song when he speaks, it is absolutely the voice of Elvis.  Jimmy Ellis does not sound exactly like Elvis when he speaks.



I have just now finally finished restoring my second Orion page.  It is now 4:44 AM and I am literally asleep at the switch. LOL  I did want to get that page completed because it does have a wealth of proof related to the topic of Elvis/Jesse’s involvement with ORION the singer and subsequently with ORION PICTURES.  I think you will have fun with this page as there are many images and lots of YouTube videos of the Orion songs.  Please don’t miss out on this page.

Here is the link to the page:



Continuing the train of thought about Elvis/Jesse and Orion Pictures.  I recalled an  article from a book which I had photo copied at the library 20+ years ago.  This article was all about the forming of the corporation Orion Pictures.  There were several very interesting and important things mentioned in this article which I think everyone will find most interesting as it relates to things “Elvis”.  First of all, below is an excerpt from one of the pages in which several of the 5 public figures who organized the company stated that the name for the company was chosen because of “NUMEROLOGY“…now who do we know who would base a name upon numerology?! 

Please recall that on one of my Orion pages, very recently, I explained that Jesse had told me how he helped to choose the name for his grandson Benjamin Storm based on Numerology; and I also stated the fact that the name of Orion Pictures exactly fits the very same formula from which he derived the name Benjamin Storm which has the 8 letters for Elvis/Jesse’s birth date and the 5 letters from the names Elvis and Jesse. 

When you read the executives’ explanation of the naming of the company…you will understand that this formula was also used for naming Orion Pictures.  Also, you will see that the author notes that there are 7 stars in the constellation of Orion but that there are only 5 public figures who started the company and he wonders about the “two silent partners“.  Also, it is significant to note that the Orion logo which is seen at the beginning of every Orion movie is formed from the image of the Orion constellation and that the stars come together to form the O in Orion.  Please also note that even though the Orion constellation only has 7 main stars, the logo is formed from 8 stars.  There is the number 8 again…Elvis/Jesse’s “number“.

Here is the excerpt from this article:

Orion Pictures named because of NUMEROLOGY

Below is the link to a video of the Orion Pictures logo which appears in each of their movies…some variations…but always the same constellation and stars forming the O in Orion.  There are many videos of this on YouTube if you care to take a look for more examples.

Orion Pictures (Intro)

MrCinematicTrash Uploaded on Apr 2, 2011


Also, the timing of the forming of the new corporation “early in 1978 falls exactly in line with the time frame in which Elvis left the public stage and began his new private life as Jesse.  It is reported by several people close to Elvis that he had expressed an interest into getting into the film industry from a production standpoint.  Three who come to my mind are Joe Esposito, Elvis’s ex-wife, and Nancy Rook.

Here is another excerpt from this same article which does clearly state when the corporation was formed.

Orion Pictures timing of corporate forming

As we all know, Elvis did make four of his movies with United Artists and it certainly is reasonable to believe that he had formed a working relationship and, perhaps, friendships with these 5 executives.  Here is a link to a search which I just did for Elvis Presley and United Artists and as you can see the relationship was substantial.


The above excerpts were photocopied in the late 80’s to early 90’s from a book at our public library and I did fail to make note of the title of the book.  The chapter which contained the above excerpts was titled THE PEOPLE – THE POWER – THE MONEY – THE MOVIES.  The title  of the book may have been AMERICAN FILM NOW…but I am not certain.

He also recorded some of his later soundtrack albums at the United Artists Recorders Studio on Sunset Blvd.

Below is an excerpt from the book THE ELVIS ENCYCLOPEDIA BY ADAM VICTOR which details the deals made with United Artists and Col. Parker and Elvis. 

Do I dare express an opinion here that the “two silent partners” in the Orion Corporation were perhaps Elvis and Col. Parker?  Hm.m.m.m.m  maybe!!!!

Elvis and United Artists


If you think that this is just too much stuff to read and digest, then just imagine the last 25 years in my shoes of following details…especially back in the 80’s and early 90’s when there was no computer or Internet access.  Most of my research was done in video rental stores and the public library in printed books and magazines.

I shall be adding this entire article to my ORION ELVIS/JESSE pages.  But since it is a brand new article, I wanted to share it on here as well.


I want to let everyone know that Jesse did call me this morning while I was still up working on restoring one of my ORION pages.  He was calling me from a different phone which he only uses if he wants to call me in the wee hours of the night.  As I have explained before, this phone always cuts us off almost as soon as I answer.  This time he did say just a few words, but I wasn’t able to catch what he said.  But, it made me very happy just to know that he is all right and that he was thinking of me.  I am sure he will call again soon when he is able to speak for a while.


Our good friend, Jan, shared this gorgeous video with me some time ago.  It is, by far, the most beautiful video of Elvis I have ever seen…because he is filmed so very close up.  This was a song which he recorded in 1993 to be aired with the Aloha show here in the US.  He wanted something special to add to the original special to air just for the U S.  This is absolutely magnificent!!!

ELVIS Early Morning Rain

theElvisZone Uploaded on Mar 23, 2010

(Best Picture & Sound Quality) HD Wide Screen and More Close Up ELVIS Aloha from Hawaii is a music concert that was headlined by Elvis Presley, and broadcast live via satellite around the world on January 14, 1973. It was watched by over one billion viewers worldwide and remains the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in television history.




I have just completed the restoration of another of my site pages.  This page is the third, and last, page dealing with the topic of the Orion connections to Elvis/Jesse.  This final page is really only a rebuttal to an interview done by ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK (EIN) with Phil Aitcheson.  In their interview they cast aspersions about the facts regarding Elvis’ behind the scenes work relating to ORION in music and movies. That interview was the catalyst for this final Orion page.  I could not let that interview go unaddressed.

Here is the link to the now reconstructed page:



I have very good news this afternoon.  I just got off the phone from speaking with Jesse.  It was so wonderful to get his call as always.  We had a good visit.

However, he is having a health issue today and is going to the Dr. this afternoon.  Please do say prayers for him.   He did go to Memphis and his health issue began while he was there. But, other than that, he is all right.

He asked me to acknowledge and thank everyone for everything…messages and the few who send him things for himself and his little friend, Nick.  He especially asked that I acknowledge George and Melli from the Messages to Jesse board.  He is very sorry about George’s wife who has ALS.  Also, he extended his sympathy to Melli’s friend whose little boy and friend died just recently.  He said he is sorry that he can’t remember everyone to mention them all.

I specifically asked him if my web site is causing him any problems of any kind and told him that he should not hesitate to tell me if it is.  He said that it is not causing him any trouble and reiterated that I am his “mouth piece”.

He said that he really enjoys the DVD’s that I make for him each week.  Any time I insert a YouTube video link into any of my articles, I copy them for Jesse to see when he reads my print out of everything posted during the week.  He says that some of the photos and videos of him bring back memories to him…things that he had forgotten doing.  I told him that when I stop and think of all the things he experienced in that 42 years, I can’t imagine how he handled it all.  How could one person assimilate all of those experiences? 

He wants us all to remember that he is no longer Elvis. 

That is all that I can recall right now.  If anything more comes back to my mind, I will post it.





Normally I don’t like to report things which are not firsthand on my own part.  But, because I know that so many of my visitors are very concerned about Jesse since he told me of a new health issue a few days ago, I will report that he did phone a mutual friend very early this AM and said that he is “doing OK“.



I apologize to everyone who has been having problems accessing my site.  This is the very first time that I have been able to get on the site to post anything myself since 3 AM Monday morning. 

I have spoken with Mark, my web host, and he has checked out the problem.  There is really good news and then there is a little bad news.  The good news is that my site has experienced a large surge in the number of visitors attempting to gain access at one time and it has overloaded the server.  The bad news is that that is the reason for the problems getting onto the site.

Thank everyone for your patience and persistence in visiting my site. 

I promise that I will NEVER just walk away and shut the site down without some word of farewell.  So, any time you cannot get my site to come up, please just keep trying back later.



I have been working for a long time tonight finishing up the reconstruction of 4 more of my pages.  These pages are all about the same topic.  My proof that Jesse, himself, did not make any promises that he would appear publicly in 2002.

I have restored everything on the 4 pages and have also added some new updates to further clarify the facts presented on this topic.

I hope everyone will take time to visit and read all 4 pages.  I do apologize that because of there being 4 pages documenting the same fact and because these pages were constructed at different times, there is some repetition.  I did not try to remove the repetitions as that would have compromised the continuity of each page.

The first page is a “Parent Page” which provides links to the remaining three pages.  I will insert the link to the first page below and ask that you follow the links on this page for the remaining three pages after reading this first page in full.  I did post some new text on this first page this week while reconstructing the pages.




I have just added an important document to the following page.  This is an invaluable piece of proof of the behavior of Hinton and Eliza “Presley“.  I urge those who have already viewed this page, to go back and take another look at this document.


We caught the last few minutes of the ORION movie “Great Balls of Fire”, which is the biography of Jerry Lee Lewis, tonight on the MGMHD channel.

I noticed several things in the credits which I have forgotten to mention before in my Orion Pictures material. 

1)  Michael St. Gerard who played Elvis in the short lived TV series “Elvis – The Early Years” also played Elvis in a small part in this movie. 

Michael St. Gerard


2) An Elvis song was used in the movie.

3)  Jerry Schilling was a technical adviser.

Jerry Schilling News,

Get the latest Jerry Schilling News, Bio, Photos, Credits and More for Jerry Schilling on

1989, Great Balls Of Fire, Movie, Technical Advisor  

4)  The following credits were listed for EPE: 

 5)  Production Companies


6)  T-Bone Burnett who worked with Lisa Marie Presley on her latest album “Storm & Grace” was the producer of the soundtrack album  for this movie.

T-Bone Burnett Producer

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the timing of the release of this particular movie from Orion Pictures was that it came out in 1989…right on the heels of Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s New York Times Best Selling book “Is Elvis Alive?” which was all the rage in 1988.  Those who have read Gail’s book will recall that Jerry Lee Lewis was a prominent topic in that book along with Orion (the singer).  

Also very interesting to note that Orion Pictures released another movie which featured a lot about Jerry Lee Lewis, and for whom Jerry Lee did the soundtrack.  That movie is “Breathless” and it was the “transition” of Orion from the singer to the movie industry in 1983.   The Killer, The King album was released in 1982 at the end of the singer’s prominence.

Please see my Orion pages to read the full details about “Breathless“.

If anyone doubts one syllable of the above article, I challenge them to do some research and find that the above is absolutely the truth.  Does all of this Orion Pictures material not have enough Elvis connections to convince even the most skeptical among us?

Also,  “Great Balls of Fire” will air again on the MGMHD channel this coming Monday at 1:40 PM EDT if anyone would like to watch for some of the details mentioned above.



Just want to let everyone know that my web host, Mark, just called and my web site is back to full speed. I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Mark also sent me a new photo for comparison to the photo of Jesse.  He says that his children saw this photo and one of them said “That’s Jesse!” and another said “It’s Elvis!“.  From the mouths of babes…

I thank Mark so very much for sharing this with all of us.

Elvis photo from Mark for comparison to JesseJesse closeup for comparison


A friend to our site, Rick Thomas, sent me an Email recommending the following YouTube video.  I have watched this film before and really like it.  I cannot recall if I have ever posted it on my site before.  But, even if I have, it bears repeating.  This is a wonderful commentary about just one of the many, many impressive events during Elvis’s career and should be watched by every fan.

Here is Rick’s observation to me in his Email:


Here is the proof Elvis Had  real Narcotics Badge!  Bud Krogh says it was Real Badge.

Rick Thomas

We Were There When Nixon Met Elvis


US National Archives

Uploaded on Jan 25, 2010

In commemoration of the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, the National Archives presented a discussion about the meeting between Elvis and President Richard Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970. Timothy Naftali, Director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, hosts a discussion with Egil Bud Krogh, Assistant to the Counsel to the President, and Jerry Schilling, veteran music industry professional and long-time friend of Elvis Presley. Krogh and Schilling were present in the Oval Office and now offer their eyewitness accounts of the meeting, along with on-screen projections of related photographs, memos, and correspondence in the holdings of the National Archives.


Lisa Marie will be performing on the TV show THE TALK tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 13).  It is carried here by a CBS affiliate station at 1:00 PM EDT in my area.  I have set my DVR to record it. 

I thank my friend, Mary, for Emailing to tell me about this show.





Below is a wonderful article from USA Today about Graceland.  Also, in this article, Lisa Marie puts to rest, once and for all, all rumors about Graceland EVER being for sale.  It is NOT going to happen…no way, no how.  Hats off to Lisa for setting this straight.

Lisa Marie Presley dispels Graceland rumors

Putting rumors to rest

Elvis’ only daughter, Graceland’s sole owner, is emphatic about sharing one important message with fans and followers of the Presley family. “Sometimes there are rumors about it (Graceland) being sold,” she says, “and that is NEVER going to happen. There’s always a rumor. It is NOT getting sold. Graceland was given to me and will always be mine and then passed to my children,” she says. “It will never be sold.”
Presley also maintains ownership of the contents of the home: the record awards, clothing, furniture and all artifacts on display throughout the tour.

Elvis Presley forever captured the world’s attention and adoration, so perhaps it’s no surprise that his beloved Memphis home – Graceland – took top honors this week in the 10Best Readers’ Choice contest for Best Iconic American Attraction. The public had four weeks to vote on 20 nominees – renowned attractions including the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the White House. But Graceland loyalists amassed nearly half of all votes for the entire category; many of them likely Elvis fans.

ICONIC AMERICAN ATTRACTIONS: Complete list of award winners

But despite its status as a great American landmark, Graceland was and is a home. “It was my childhood home,” says Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ only daughter and the owner of Graceland and its contents. “I was born in Memphis and it was my home,” says Lisa Marie. When told on Monday that Graceland was just voted the most iconic American attraction among a heady list of other highly recognizable American landmarks and attractions, she said, “Wow. That’s really incredible. I’m very humbled and flattered to hear that. It’s incredible . . . it’s just incredible.”

Elvis Presley died at Graceland in 1977, at the age of 42, when Lisa Marie, now 45, was nine years old. But his tragic early death failed to diminish the impact he’d already had (and would continue to have) on the music industry and pop culture worldwide. Graceland – today a museum estate which the public can visit – presents those who enter with a moment in American history perfectly frozen in time.

“It’s got a very special energy there, when you go,” says Lisa Marie. “It’s like a time capsule: nothing’s been changed or moved since 1977. It’s like a time warp and the energy is still very much there. You can feel it,” she says, emphatically. “It’s from the essence of that time period. It’s a very special place.”

Elvis and Graceland

Elvis Presley, an enigmatic and talented singer, first gained wide popularity 1954, with Memphis’ Sun Records label. In 1955, RCA acquired his recording contract and less than a year later, the handsome Memphis crooner with the gyrating hips also became a movie star. In 1957, just before a two-year stint in the U.S. Army put his performing career on hold, Elvis took the proceeds from his first hit – Heartbreak Hotel – and purchased Graceland, a 10,000 square foot Southern-style Colonial mansion.

His parents moved into Elvis’ dream home with him – a far cry from the tiny first home they had all shared in Tupelo, Miss. The years following Elvis’ 1960 return from the Army were filled with hit records, films and concerts. Girlfriend Priscilla Beaulieu moved to Graceland and lived with “The King” while he became a legend beyond the scope of anything the world had seen before. They eventually wed in Las Vegas, in 1967, and held a wedding reception for family members a few weeks later in the trophy room at Graceland. In 1968, the estate gained a new resident when Priscilla and Elvis brought home their infant daughter Lisa Marie.

Elvis made some conversions to the mansion’s second floor – originally four bedrooms and three baths – to accommodate his changing lifestyle. He adapted one of the bedrooms so that his new baby had a nursery. The heralded Memphis estate fascinated the world, but to Lisa Marie, Graceland was simply home.

Elvis accommodated his ever-expanding wardrobe in a second upstairs bedroom, and turned the remaining bedroom into an office. His father Vernon maintained a separate office in an out-building on the property, where – with the assistance of a cadre of secretaries – he managed family business and piles of fan mail. Gold records began to accumulate in the basement TV room.

“It was such an incredible place to grow up,” says Lisa Marie Presley. “Very special.” Sharing her take on the recreational aspect of Elvis’ home turf, she says, “It was almost like a big playground for my father and everybody. It was my father’s sanctuary, and he made it into such a special place. He made it into a home for a lot of people.”

With a noticeably happy tone, she also recalls, “There was lots of mischief. There were golf cart convoys, motorcycles, fireworks, firecracker wars, snowmobiling, sledding and horseback riding,” she says, “for his closest friends and his family . . . and we all had a lot of fun doing that sort of stuff, getting into mischief and having fun. It was incredible.”

Evolution of Graceland

When Elvis died in 1977, he was buried at Graceland. He and Priscilla had amicably split some years before, but still shared custody of Lisa Marie.

Two years later, when Vernon Presley also passed away, Priscilla became co-executor of the Presley estate. It was her decision to open the property to the public. “It was a private residence up until my father passed,” says Lisa Marie. Priscilla’s business acumen turned a family home burdened by large upkeep expense into a successful empire that now includes TV and video projects, merchandising, and a worldwide licensing program. Once she was an adult, Lisa Marie’s own role grew and Priscilla was able to move to an advisory position; she remains closely involved in the estate.

Graceland was designated a National Historic Landmark in March of 2006. In June of that same year, the property received its first visit by a sitting President, when George W. Bush visited Graceland with the Japanese prime minister. Today, millions of people have toured of Graceland.

The basic Graceland Mansion tour ($15-$33) now includes the living room, kitchen, dining room, music room, parents’ bedroom, TV room, pool room and the infamous Jungle Room. The tour’s final stop is the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and members of his family were laid to rest.

Other tours include the Elvis Presley Car Museum; Elvis’ Custom Jets; and 2013 exhibit additions ‘Live from Vegas’ and ‘Hawaii: Concerts, Movies and More!’

10Best: Memphis Travel Guide

A new VIP tour component – ‘Elvis … Through His Daughter’s Eyes’ – examines life at Graceland from Lisa Marie’s perspective and lets ticketholders get a glimpse of toys, mementos and even rare home movies from the years the world’s most famous father and daughter shared at home. But the upstairs rooms at Graceland remain private.

Lisa Marie: Life after Elvis

What many visitors don’t know is that after visiting hours are over, the Presley abode is still a home. “It shuts down quite nice at night,” explains Lisa Marie, who visits her hometown often. “I have family that I love very much who live there in Memphis,” she says. “When I go to Memphis, I visit (Graceland),” she explains. “We have dinner there.”

Picture that. After the last tourist has gone home for the day, and Elvis’ devotees are once again outside the estate’s famous gates, Lisa Marie still moves about the property in privacy. “My family still goes there, and we still have a life there,” she says. When asked if any important events of late have happened at Graceland, The King’s only daughter easily recalls, “Thanksgiving a year or two ago. Mom wasn’t there then,” she says, “but we’re going to be there in a couple of weeks, together.”

Lisa Marie’s popularity as the only child of an iconic performer makes privacy hard to come by. “I’m usually there after hours, typically,” she says of her visits to Memphis’ beloved landmark, “but occasionally while tours are happening.” Does she overnight in the private haven somewhere above the Jungle Room? “I have stayed there in the past,” she says, “but not recently, no.”

Lisa Marie, who splits her time between the U.S. and the U.K., is currently on tour to promote her third album, the critically-acclaimed Storm & Grace. She’ll be playing the Levitz Shell Pavilion in Memphis on Saturday, September 21, following a Sept. 20 showcase appearance in Nashville during the American Music Festival. Other tour dates and tickets can be found at



As many of my visitors know, I have recommended books by Larry Geller previously.  Below is one page from his web site which I find particularly informative about Elvis, the man.  I have enjoyed all of the books written with or by Larry. 

Here is the link to Larry’s site where you may buy his latest book:  Leaves of Elvis’ Garden.  Below is Larry’s description of this wonderful book:

“If you find answers in the leaves of this book, I’m grateful; at the very least, you’ll learn more about the inner life of Elvis Presley and his very personal, very spiritual journey.”
Larry Geller


Elvis and the science of numbers

Another strong influence in Elvis’ life was the Book of Numbers by Cheiro, also known as Count Louis Hamon, one of the most celebrated and colorful metaphysical figures of the early twentieth century. Some of Cheiro’s clients included Mark Twain, Sarah Bernhardt, Mata Hari, Oscar Wilde, President Grover Cleveland, Thomas Edison, King Edward VII of Great Britain, King Leopold l of Belgium, King Umberto I of Italy, Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra of Russia, Rasputin, Pope Leo XII, Herbert Kitchener, William Gladstone and Joseph Chamberlain.

While Elvis was as sincere about this as he was his other spiritual pursuits, this new game appealed to his boyish side as well and presented him with the opportunity for more generous gifts to his friends. Cheiro’s book explained the significance of birth dates and their related birthstones, so Elvis asked a local Las Vegas jeweler to bring in a variety of rings with precious and semiprecious stones. When the jeweler opened his huge case at Elvis’ request, not only the rings but also bracelets, necklaces, and other goodies spilled out onto the floor.

“All right, let’s see what you got, man.” Elvis was holding Cheiro’s book, according to which his own birth date of January 8 meant his birthstone was a black sapphire. He checked out my birthday, August 8. “Cheiro says you’re a black sapphire like me,” said Elvis.

The jeweler handed a beautiful sapphire ring to Elvis; he first tried it on his own finger, then gave it to me. It fit me perfectly.

“You see,” said Elvis, “it’s your ring.”

As each guy in the group came in, Elvis would verify his birth date, refer to Cheiro’s book, and ask the jeweler for the appropriate stone. The deliriously happy jeweler would quickly reach into his inventory for the ring with an opal or emerald or whatever stone was required.

When the jeweler left, his case was considerably lighter but his wallet was much heavier. Elvis’ generosity was truly appreciated by everyone, but sometimes that appreciation was tainted by greed. Previously antagonistic to his boss’s growing spirituality, one of the guys expressed a newfound appreciation for the pursuit that had become so important to Elvis.

“Well, Larry, I guess that spiritual crap pays off after all.” He admired his expensive gold ring with its beautiful jade stone. “Just keep those damn books comin’.”

Elvis found refuge in an exotic and mystical realm, as far from his world of the glittering lights of show business and the trappings of fame and fortune as you can get. Here his inner being felt at home, comfortable and safe.

Probing to uncover concealed meanings, Elvis sought to unlock hidden codes in words and phrases, unearthing new insights by rearranging letters. He came to understand that letters and numbers were keys to deeper communication.

Elvis read passages slowly and silently first, then read them aloud, as if he were trying in this way to impress their meaning on his consciousness. He would thumb through pages curiously, and then suddenly stop. When he was struck by a paragraph, sentence, or a word, he would underline it. Many of his books contain notations and reminders in their margins.

Night after night upstairs at Graceland, Elvis and I spent hours sweeping through ancient religious and wisdom texts. The science of numbers, letters, symbols, and cycles appealed to him because it explained and imposed a system on the universe. The more insights he had, the more he was able to bridge the gap between his religious upbringing and his new studies. He began to comprehend that the world truly was a conscious creation of God, complete with its own patterns and meanings. There was no such thing as coincidence; nothing happened by chance.

“Good Lord!” he exclaimed, reading from one of his books, “I probably never would have left my church if they had taught this material. I mean, to finally get even a hint of what it’s all about, to be able look behind the veils. I’ll tell you what: All those prophets and whoever it was that wrote the Bible are much wiser and greater than I ever imagined.”

Another significant eight in Elvis’ life was Colonel Parker, whose birthday was June 26 (the digits add up to 8). Ironically, Elvis’ last public performance, in Indianapolis, was on that date; and it was on June 26, two years after Elvis’ death, that his father died. His beloved grandmother, Minnie Mae, died on May 8, 1980.

The Colonel and Elvis were opposite polarities. “It’s very interesting, Elvis,” I said, “that you were born under the sign of Capricorn, and the Colonel under Cancer. You’re both eights, and Capricorn and Cancer are the exact opposite signs in the zodiac.”

“You’re right about that, Larry; we sure are opposite. The Colonel is the business end of our organization. I’m the artistic and creative end. We need each other. I stay away from his area and I want him staying away from mine. That way, it’ll run smoothly.”

The number eight…represents two worlds, the material and the spiritual. It is in fact, if one regards it,                       like two circles just touching together.

Below is from me…

The above analogy of the number 8 causes me to think of the lives of Elvis and Jesse.  One on earth/below (Elvis) and one in spirit/above (Jesse).


I came across the YouTube video below which I hope will be of interest to others.  I want to share this for the sake of those who were perhaps not watching way back in the fall of 1977 when the CBS special of Elvis’ last concert tour was aired on TV.  For many years, this film was rarely seen anywhere.  It is now available for viewing in full.  I loved it very much when it first aired and I still do because it is the last time that we saw him on stage being ELVIS for us all.

I hope Jesse won’t mind that I share this on the site.  He did tell me once “I could never look any worse than I did on that last tour.”  I think he looked wonderful…he certainly did to me.  I have always believed that he actually allowed himself to look un-well during the filming of that tour because it helped to make the news of his “death“, less than two months later, more believable.

You see, Elvis KNEW this was his very last ever tour and, therefore, he and Col. Parker made the arrangements for it to be his first ever filmed-for-television tour.  He wanted it to be a farewell show to his fans.

The footage in this film was shot and then edited into one “show” from several of the shows which he did on the tour ending on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis.



claudioraccagni  Published on Aug 16, 2012


From a friend on Facebook…so inspiring and so true…

Mother Teresa quote



I have just completed work on another of my earlier pages.  You may view this page at the following link if you wish:

Elvis/Jesse’s Handwritten Letters To Me

Also, just completed work on reconstructing another page.  Below is the link for those who may wish to view this page.




The next page in my list of pages to reconstruct was the following page…which, thankfully, was one which I had looked into earlier.  So, I only had to read it over and verify that all of the images and links were in place.  This is a very important page and I encourage those who are new to the site or who may have overlooked this page to visit it.

Gene Smith, Elvis’ first cousin and closest lifelong friend says it was not Elvis in the coffin.



Because I understand that many of you have been concerned because Jesse was having a new health issue the last time that he and I spoke, I want to give you an update.  This afternoon our go-between phoned me.  He tells me that he has heard from Jesse and that he seems to be doing all right.  Jesse told him that the Dr. said that one of the symptoms which he was experiencing was caused by stress.  He also said that Jesse has added new security features to his home in the wake of the recent break in.

Jesse continues to be very concerned about the on-going negative actions toward me because of the truth which I am telling.  I won’t publish his exact words about this (which he said to our go-between) other than to say “Ignorant @#%&@%#s… can they prove that I’m dead??”  I share this only because I think those who do spend their time telling lies about the material on my site and me personally, should know how Elvis, who is now Jesse, feels about their behavior.


Tom called me to come to look at the opening paragraph of a news article which he was reading on the Internet this afternoon.  I loved it and want to share it with everyone.

Warren Buffett Opposed Obamacare

When Warren Buffett proposed higher taxes on millionaires in 2011, the media gushed and fawned giving him and his views airtime as if Elvis Presley returned from the dead.

Read more:



There is a copy of Jesse’s book for sale on Ebay at a pretty reasonable starting price…for those who have been looking for one.  This book was listed before and did not sell…therefore, one may be able to purchase it for the starting asking price.

The truth about Elvis Aron Presley book


Time left:
6d 04h (Sep 24, 2013 16:15:08 PDT)

Starting bid:  US $42.99


I just read another nice article about Delores Hart.  I will share the part about Elvis below as well as link to the entire article:

Hart on Elvis and the Oscars

• Meeting Elvis: “I didn’t know who he was. When I was introduced to him, it was the most embarrassing thing. He came over and said, ‘Miss Dolores, my name is Elvis Presley.’ And I took his hand and said, ‘Oh, what do you do?’ Oy vey.”

• Their kiss: “I tried to approach it with an openness, to say let’s make this something real and honest to the characters so that (viewers) would believe there was a genuine relationship between these people. As you probably saw in the film, it lasted about four seconds. But the buildup on it was demanding…. I think, for me, the realization of kissing him – it was like kissing a new world that was opening to me. Because I knew by that time that (producer) Mr. (Hal) Wallis had offered me a seven-year contract and I knew from what went on in the newspapers that my life was going to take a tremendous change. So kissing Elvis was like kissing hello to a new world and a career.”

• Elvis’ acting ambitions: “He told me one time that he really wanted to be the next James Dean. He wanted parts that would really help him as a good actor. But he didn’t get those parts. His manager (Col. Tom Parker) – all he wanted was ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ ”

• Elvis’ spiritual side: “In ‘King Creole,’ we couldn’t walk on the street because of all the kids. So they had to put planks from building to building for us to go anywhere. In between shots, we were to wait in one of the hotel rooms. I can recall him picking up the Gideon Bible and just opening it at random, reading something from it and then saying ‘This is what this means to me.’ Or asking me, ‘Miss Dolores, would you open it and see what you think?’ At first, I wondered if he was playing games. But that happened more than once, and it happened in a way that I felt there was a young man in search of understanding something.”

• The No. 1 question she got after entering the monastery: “Did you get a lock of (Elvis’) hair?” (She did not.)


This article is very good in that it details the never-ending love for Elvis in Germany.  Many of the places related to him in Germany are landmarks and tourists attractions.

Below are some excerpts from this article..

Walking in the steps of the king: Touring Germany’s Elvis sites

September 15, 2013 6:30 am  •  By Suzanne Corbett Special to the Post-Dispatch

The King’s memory lives in Germany, especially in Bad Nauheim, where Pvt. Presley made his European home while stationed at Ray Barracks in Friedberg, during his military hitch between 1958 and 1960. Lucky for Elvis, the Army allowed him to live off base in neighboring Bad Nauheim, a resort village famous for its spas and natural springs.

Since the King of Rock ’n’ Roll rolled out of town, Bad Nauheim — and neighboring locations he frequented — have become a European mecca for die-hard fans seeking the Elvis-German experience.


Bad Nauheim Elvis Festival •

Bad Nauheim Tourism •

Wiesbaden Tourism •;



I have finished going back over and making the necessary repairs to another page.  Below is the link to that page.  This page consists of my very first ever interview.   Gary James interviewed me over the phone and then typed the transcript which he published on his web site.  I truly enjoyed speaking with Gary and was very pleased with the manner in which he conducted the interview and subsequently presented it on his web site,


My good friend, Joan, created this beautiful gift for me in appreciation of the work I do on the site.  I like it so much and so I want to share it here with everyone.

My heartfelt thanks to Joan for her caring thoughts.


Just a tiny update about Jesse.  He phoned me this morning at 5:14 AM and I was sound asleep.  It took me a little bit to get to the phone and our answering machine (which we leave on all of the time to screen calls) picked up before I could answer and he hung up.  So, I hope he will call again soon.  I am always so.o.o.o.o sad when I miss speaking with him.


Think on This…
Try to see self in the other’s place. And this will bring the basic spiritual forces that must be the prompting influence in the experience of each soul, if it would grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding; not only of its relationship to God, its relationship to its fellow man, but its relationship in the home and in the social life.

Reading 2936-2


Jesse did call me earlier this evening and we had a wonderful visit.  He especially spoke with me about an upcoming day for me later this month.  A day which I am trying to just ignore. Ha, ha!  So sweet of him to remember though.

He spoke with me at length about the critics of my site who harass me.  This does trouble him and he worries about me.  He gave me a statement which he emphatically told me to post on my site for those who call me names and refuse to believe the truth.  Here is his statement:  “I am alive and well.  I would not even still be here if it were not for Linda.

He said that he is so thankful that he has me to stand up for him.  He hopes that one day the ignorant ones will issue apologies to me.

He again reiterated that those who are so harsh toward me are jealous.  I know that this is correct.  I told Jesse that it really use to upset me because I was not accustomed to people calling me a liar and/or crazy, but, thanks to him, my web site is doing so well that it no longer bothers me as it once did.





If only it were easier for us mere mortals to achieve…


Think on This…
Because others have neglected or do neglect or mistreat or take advantage, know that if ye rail on them ye are creating poison within thine own system. But if ye do not rail on them, it turns upon THEM! But BLESS them, rather.

Reading 1311-1


Below is a very interesting article.  This is a report of an interview done with a man who served with Elvis in the Army.  Very interesting, very complimentary and honest.

Drums man served in Army with Elvis

by TOM RAGAN (staff writer
Published: September 22, 2013
Photo: N/A, License: N/A, Created: 2013:09:04 16:16:24
Photo: N/A, License: N/A

James Reil can honestly say he knew Elvis Presley.

The Drums man – who is 78, the same age Presley would be if he were still alive – met the charismatic young crooner in the Army and got to know him better as they served in the same platoon in West Germany.

“He was a regular guy to talk to,” said Reil, who was the only man from Pennsylvania who served in the unit.

On Jan. 8, 1957, his 22nd birthday, Elvis was classified “1-A” in the selective service. But he did not want any special treatment, and even turned down offers from the Navy and Air Force.

Elvis already was making his mark in the music industry that year, topping the Billboard charts with his No. 1 hit, “All Shook Up.” He also had three more hit songs in the Top 20 and a total of six in the Top 100 that year.

By the time he was inducted into the Army on March 24, 1958, Elvis was a singing sensation, a movie star and probably the hottest entertainment ticket in town, regardless of where he ventured.

So how was it that a mega-star met up with a small-town G.I.? Fate, pure and simple.

Reil met Elvis on a train en route from Fort Hood, Texas, to Brooklyn, N.Y., where they would board the USS Gen. George Randall along with more than 1,100 American servicemen, headed for a place near Frankfurt, West Germany.

“I got on the same train as Elvis, and I remember the Army terminal was packed,” Reil said.

Elvis and Reil were assigned to the 32nd Battalion of the American Third Armored Division near Friedberg, West Germany, serving in Company “C,” a scout platoon.

And so it began.

Elvis always had a lot of women and a gaggle of photographers following him around, Reil said. But the Army did not allow the women and photographers on base (unless it was approved by Col. Tom Parker, his manager and promoter).

A book, “Like Any Other Soldier,” was published about Elvis’ years in the Army from 1958 to 1960. Reil owns a copy of the book, in which his picture appears with Elvis and other members of the platoon.

Elvis lived off base most of the time, said Reil, who quickly remembers that Elvis did indeed show up every day and did what other soldiers did, including taking his turn on “KP” (kitchen police) duty, which also meant cleaning the latrines. Elvis also earned “Sharpshooter” and other marksman levels in the service, and learned karate from a private trainer.

“He was always showing us different holds,” Reil said.

He recalled that Elvis rarely carried money, usually because Parker was always around to make sure he had whatever he needed or wanted. Parker wasn’t a real colonel nor was his real name Tom Parker. He was born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk in Holland on June 26, 1909, and died in Las Vegas, 20 years after Elvis died, in 1997, at the age of 88.

Elvis was popular with the soldiers in his platoon, according to Reil.

“He was a nice fella,” Reil said, looking back.

He recalled one Christmas when Elvis was “homesick,” so he rented a bar in Germany and made food and drink available for his platoon after they received passes.

“He didn’t show up right away,” Reil said, but eventually came with a couple of carloads of German women.

“He sang a little bit, he had a good time and we had a good time,” Reil said. “They were nice girls, not prostitutes or anything like that, but nice German women who danced with us while we all had a good time.”

Elvis was always doing nice things for people, according to Reil.

For example, the men’s barracks in West Germany had concrete floors and it was very cold sometimes. Elvis felt sorry for the soldiers having to get out of their bunks and put their feet on the cold cement floor, so he bought rugs for them.

Being a Southern boy, Elvis was always cold, Reil said. “Elvis would sit on the hood of an Army vehicle that was recently used to keep warm.”

Reil recalled how Elvis enjoyed playing touch football every Sunday and how the others in his platoon joined in. Elvis was a good athlete, Reil said, and kept in good shape while in the Army.

“I wasn’t his best friend but we got along well,” Reil said.

He also talked about how Elvis did not drink or use drugs while he was serving in the Army, and sang gospel songs to himself while on duty.

“He was a regular guy and did what we did,” Reil said, summing up the 18 months he served in the Army with Elvis.

In 2010, Reil and seven other Army buddies who served with Elvis were invited to Graceland in Memphis, Tenn., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that era.

Elvis’ relatives and caretakers of Graceland “were really nice to us,” Reil said.

The veterans brought some of their mementos of Elvis and they were given photos and other items to commemorate the occasion.

At the time they were visiting Graceland, there were many rumors about Elvis being alive, but Reil said he and his friends only remember seeing Elvis impersonators, not the real Elvis.

“We had a lot of fun with it,” he said.

Reil was impressed with Elvis’ many solid gold records and his costumes on display at Graceland.

He recalled another example of Elvis’ generosity when one of the guys who served with them talked about Elvis buying a new Cadillac for a West Virginia soldier.

Reil has many photos of himself with Elvis in Germany and with the other members of the platoon. They are memories of a young man who would become famous throughout the world before his tragic death at his Graceland home on Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42. Elvis’ fans never seem to get enough of him and continue to visit Graceland by the thousands.

Reil was president of Vibra-Tech in Hazleton. He worked with explosives to bring down many old buildings safely.

His wife of 52 years, Patricia, passed away in July.

“I miss her,” Reil said.

He has four children, plus grandchildren and many memories of his own.

And he is one of few people who can say they knew Elvis Presley when he was young and innocent, and just another G.I. serving his country.


I have just finished reconstructing one more page of my site.  I invite everyone to visit this page now that it is back in good shape.  This page details some of the history behind the writing of Jesse’s book. 

The title of this page is: 

Jesse’s Book The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words

Below is the link to this page:



I want to share another video created by our friend Frankie Paradiso on YouTube.  He did this for August 16th, so I am really behind posting it.  I apologize to Frankie.  I haven’t checked my messages on YouTube for so long due to being so busy attempting to reconstruct the pages on this site.  I am so sorry that I have been long overdue in sharing Frankie’s beautiful work.

AMERICAN TRILOGY: Frankie Paradiso’s 16 August Ode to Elvis

Published on Aug 15, 2013

Celebrating the 36th anniversary of the King of Rock’s Great Escape on the 16th of August 1977, the Amsterdam Bard on Java salutes Elvis Presley with a trilogy:
1. RICOCHET BLUES Fondly dedicated to all who bounced back in admirable ways this year! Music & Lyrics by Frankie Paradiso; Musically, the ascent from gross wants (greed) to the finer needs (spirituality) is symbolized by the rising keys, namely from G to Bb to C to Eb to F#, reflecting the “souls who have nothing” (i.e. renunciated materialism) to gain everything in the spiritual realm, according to the Indian sage Meher Baba.
2. TELEGRAM SAM BLUES In loving memory of Sam Phillips, the man who discovered Rock music; Music & Lyrics by Frankie Paradiso. Sam stressed the exceptional gift bestowed on Elvis that made him pull himself up by the bootstraps after a traumatic childhood.
3. WANING MOON BLUES For my fine linguist friend in Brazil, Ms Iramaia Loiola!
Lyrics and arrangement by Frankie Paradiso, loosely based on his fave ballad, NO REGRETS by The Walker Brothers, whose diction owed much to the King’s;


Below is another of Frankie’s compositions via a YouTube video.  I thank him so much for this one as it is partially dedicated to me.  It touches my heart that he included me in one of his compositions.

Frankie Paradiso Sings “TWO TIMES A LADY” (Ode to Jeanie & Linda)

Published on Aug 22, 2013

A purely spontaneous musical Ode to two ladies, Mr Presley’s fave background vocalist and friend Mrs Jeanie Greene Lee and Jesse Presley’s courageous confidante Ms Linda Hood Sigmon – undeterred by by a plane flying over, Frankie Paradiso kept singing … based on Elvis Presley’s show-stopper “Unchained Melody”… Thanks!



My dear friend, Bobbi, phoned this afternoon.  She was telling me about a site on which one may find some good buys on many different types of Elvis related items.  I just visited it myself and she is right, there are a lot of Elvis things to be found.  I will insert the link below for your convenience in visiting.



A very good friend shared the following article with me and I think everyone will swell with pride when you read another distinction achieved by our sweet Elvis…now Jesse.

Chart Watch Extra: White Artists With Soul


Paul Grein June 26, 2012 12:45 PM  Chart Watch

To celebrate Black Music Month, I have for you today a list of the biggest white artists in the history of Billboard’s R&B chart. That may seem to be an odd way to celebrate Black Music Month, but it dramatizes that black music has influenced countless artists in a wide range of genres. Elvis Presley, whose hits “Hound Dog” and “Crying In The Chapel” were remakes of earlier R&B hits, is the most successful white artist in the history of the R&B chart, which is now called Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

Twenty-one white artists rank among the top 500 R&B hit-makers in chart history in chart researcher Joel Whitburn’s indispensable book Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010. The roster includes numerous blue-eyed soul singers (George Michael, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake), a rap icon (Eminem), disco stars (KC & the Sunshine Band), a pop provocateur (Madonna), funk stars (Teena Marie, Average White Band), Latino crossover stars (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Fat Joe, Jennifer Lopez, Angela Bofill) and instrumentalists (Herb Alpert, Kenny G).

Here’s a complete list of white artists who rank among the top 500 R&B hit-makers in chart history in Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010. At the end of each entry, I tell you where that act ranks among the top 500.

1. Elvis Presley. The king of rock and roll had 24 top 10 R&B hits, from 1956’s “Heartbreak Hotel” to 1963’s “(You’re The) Devil In Disguise.” Six of them, including “Hound Dog,” reached #1. Blues singer Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton had a #1 R&B hit with “Hound Dog” in 1953. Top 500 ranking: #46.

You may read the full article at this link:


I came across a video of the unveiling of a wax figure of Elvis which is just amazingly accurate.  I am including it here to share with everyone and so that I won’t forget to make a DVD of this video for Jesse to see.  I think everyone will like this uncanny wax figure.

elvis in wax

MultiEnews Published on Oct 18, 2012

New Elvis in wax at the Madame Tussauds unveiled October 18th 2012 in Hollywood.



Here is some very special footage of Elvis on stage.  The sound quality is excellent.

ELVIS PRESLEY Published on May 26, 2012




Below is one of my favorite “ORION” songs…

Elvis-Resurrection – Lay Around And Love On You 17 of 21

phantasm2000ad  Uploaded on Nov 1, 2008

I see that this YouTube channel has many other Orion songs displayed in this same manner…many of them, I do NOT believe are Elvis.  I have had the 45 of this song since it was first released in 1989 (I believe that was the year).

Jimmy Ellis’ fans are very possessive of all of the Orion songs.  I carried my 45 of this song (on blue vinyl) with me to a Jimmy Ellis show in Celina, Ohio back in 1989.  One of his fans said “WHERE’D you get that?!” as if they had the ONLY authorized use of that record.




Just today someone has started a discussion blog titled “IS ELVIS STILL ALIVE?“. 

I don’t plan to be contributing to this discussion because I already see the direction most of those involved so far are going…Jon Cotner, Mickey Moran, etc.

Sadly, the administrator of this new forum apparently considers Mickey Moran to be the “top expert“.  Therefore, I guess that he would not care to entertain any truth from my site.  After all, I have only been personal friends with Elvis for the past 21 years while Moran has been working on this “mystery” for about 25 years.   To him and his group, it is still a mystery because they will not accept the truth that Elvis did not die and he is Jesse now.

I have provided a very large mass of documentation showing by photo comparisons, recorded songs written after 1977, handwriting samples and analysis verifying that it is Elvis’ handwriting, facts galore based upon things before, as well as after, August 16, 1977.

I share this only if anyone is interested in reading the stuff these “Ignorant @$%&@#%s” are spewing forth. Ha, ha!

Please DO NOT report back to me anything which you may see on this forum.  I shall not be visiting it and have no desire to know what they are doing.  I only became aware of this forum because I have a news alert set up which notifies me of any articles containing “Elvis Is Alive“.

“The person who finds the needle in the haystack and then continues to look for that needle is a fool.”




SATURDAY, SEPT. 28, 2013

Jesse phoned just a few minutes ago.  He only had a little bit to speak this time because he had a meeting to attend.  He was calling to see if the birthday gift which he had sent out to me had arrived.  It hasn’t arrived yet and he was disappointed about that.  He said he is feeling good today and that is the best news of all.


SUNDAY, SEPT. 29, 2013

My good friend, Ron Collamore Emailed me to tell me that he had read in his newsletter from Elvis Australia that Dee Stanley Presley had died.  Below is the brief article from that newsletter:

Dee Stanley Dead

Dee (Devanda) Stanley, the former step mother of Elvis Presley is dead. Dee married Elvis’ father on July 3, 1960, in Huntsville, Alabama, much to the disapproval of Elvis, who refused to attend the wedding & was unhappy that his father married so soon after the death of his mother in 1958. However, all those around Elvis in Germany at that time agree that Dee seemed to make her initial play for Elvis and finally she tosses her hubby aside to snag Vernon.

We don’t wish to say [anymore] bad things about the dead, so we will say no more ….

I must add my two cents worth to their announcement.  Dee was a despicable nasty woman.  She and her sons began writing their garbage-filled book in Sept. 1977…only one month after Elvis retired.  They couldn’t wait to cash in before anyone else by telling their trash. 

Dee, herself, said that someone called her who she believed to be Elvis AFTER 8-16-1977.  The person who called her sounded like Elvis and knew things that only Elvis would know.  Rick Stanley later said on the Sally Rafael talk show, when this fact was stated to him, that his mother “really wasn’t around Elvis that very much to know his voice” (this is not the verbatim wording but is the essence of his statement).  So, she was not around Elvis enough to know his voice and yet she had the unmitigated gall to write her book as if she knew all details of Elvis’s life…even before she met him.

She attempted to write a second book back around the early 90’s.  It was already being published in excerpts in tabloid articles.  She appeared on the Geraldo show with J. D. Sumner and Janette McComb who reviled her and her garbage-filled book.  Jesse was aware of this book and he wrote to our mutual friend about it saying that “NO BOOK WILL BE FORTHCOMING“.   And the book disappeared and never made it into the stores.

Also, it was reported that during the taping of that Geraldo show, Janette McComb confronted Dee, in the ladies room, about the lies which she was telling and ended up hitting Dee with her purse. Way to go!!!

When I attended one of J. D.’s shows after that, I went up to the table where he was sitting and thanked him for what he did on the Geraldo show with Dee and J. D. ‘s face broke into the biggest smile.  I loved J. D. for standing up to Dee and labeling her as a liar.

I have read that Elvis referred to Dee and her children as “My Daddy’s wife and her kids.” 

So, that is my two cents worth about the now-dead Dee Stanley Presley.  One does not earn a degree of respect just because they die.  I’m sure that she and Albert Goldman are enjoying each other’s company “somewhere“.

Below is the banner from the Elvis Australia newsletter if anyone wishes to visit to see their announcement as shown above:


I know that I have previously posted some videos of Elvis on stage talking about his affiliation with the DEA and the International Narcotics Officers Association…but I am posting it one more time.  This is a nice presentation of the facts about Elvis.  However, this person is mistaken about Elvis being in the Witness Protection Program.  Jesse has written that he chose not to go into that program because if he had, he could never have had contact with anyone ever.  I sure am thankful that he made that choice because I would not be blessed to know him now.

ELVIS PRESLEY ALIVE and WELL in Witness Protection…ELVIS


MLordandGod Published on Mar 24, 2013

I share the following which is listed over to the side of the description of the above video.

ELVIS PRESLEY ALIVE and well in Witness Protection……ELVIS A FEDERAL AGENT for USA.
His FEDERAL AGENT career would make 007 envious!
When Elvis Met Nixon (2:55) TV-PG

On January 27, 1972, Washington Post columnist Jack Anderson was leaked information about President Richard Nixon’s appointment of Elvis Presley as a special assistant on the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Buy “Elvis Gone – Pt. 1” on

You may listen to brief samples of this very long.g.g.g.g narrative.  The tiny bit to which I listened was very enjoyable.  The part I heard was an interview with Dixie Locke.  So, if that is the tone of the entire narrative, it should be very good.  If you are interested the price is $9.99 to download.

Google PlayeMusic – You may also listen to brief excerpts from the 20 tracks at the following link:


This is a sweet video of Elvis’ cook, Mary Jenkins.   I loved watching it.

Elvis Presley’s longtime Graceland cook, Mary Jenkins


RobbiesVideoArchives Published on Mar 20, 2013

Edited from a 1996 BBC special, “The Burger and The King”. Mary Jenkins Langston passed away in June of 2000


MONDAY, SEPT. 30, 2013

The following video is not a pleasant one to watch, however, I wish to share it here for everyone to see.  The conclusion which this person reached and the “document” upon which he/she based their opinion is either laughable or proves for once and for all that the body on which the autopsy was done was not that of Elvis Presley.

I have loved Elvis since 1956 and have read so many books about him and I have NEVER once seen even one hint that Elvis ever had any kind of open chest surgery which left a long scar down the middle of his chest.  If anyone else has ever read such a report, I would like to see the documentation…title of the Book, article or magazine in which such a report appeared.  We all know how hard Elvis worked…2 shows a night and once in a while even 3, for 4 or 5 weeks at a time.  Does anyone ever recall hearing that he had taken months off to have open chest surgery?  I don’t think so.  Not even his closest friends, family, associates who have told everything they can remember or make up about him have ever stated such a thing.

So, this autopsy report which this person displays saying that the body which was autopsied had a long scar down the middle of the chest where an old surgery site had healed is either actually proving that the body WAS NOT ELVIS (which I KNOW is the truth) or the document which they are showing is a fake.

I’ll let each reader of this, who views this video, reach a conclusion for themselves…I believe the owner of this video is one of those “Ignorant @#$%^&@s” about whom Jesse spoke recently.  I will put this on a DVD for him to see…providing I can get my DVD burner to function this week.  Should be good for a laugh or at least a chuckle.

Proof Elvis Presley was the one who was autopsied on 8-16-77

TheResearch2012 Uploaded on Dec 23, 2011

Proof Elvis Presley was the one who was autopsied on 8-16-77 Going by the evidence gathered, there is not much more one could conclude other than Elvis was gravely ill, and passed away due to those conditions, . Elvis’ personal Dr said that Elvis died from problems with his colon. The 1st report released to the public said that Elvis died from heart problems, this would also support that.

The fact is Elvis Presley died August 16, 1977. Graceland is the best place to connect with Elvis Presley, his spirit is felt all around it.


This same person also has a much abbreviated version of this video in which it zeroes right in on the document itself without all of the preamble before displaying it so you may prefer getting right to the point.


Here is a captured still of this so-called proof.  If the document is real, then it does indeed prove that the body was that of someone else who had had some major surgery in the past.

I see that in the descriptions of the videos, this person does not mention my name but does mention the fact that “Some even want us to believe that Elvis is still alive now living as Jesse, or lived under other fictitious names.”  So, call me too sensitive, but I must take offense as I believe the reference is made to me.

Jesse  has stated that the man whose body was substituted for his was dying when they first found him.  I believe he said that the man had cancer.  Some of the details are in the book and some are those which I have read in private letters.  I don’t want to reveal anything private about the man who really did die nor his family…though I don’t know an awful lot.

footnote:  Can anyone possibly think that Elvis had a long scar right down the middle of his chest which he was trying to hide from the public?   As shown in the below photo…he most often appeared in the stage suits which were completely open down the front exposing the length of his chest.  This was the case right up through his very last performance on June 26, 1977.

I saw that someone posted a comment on this person’s video saying that the scar took place during the filming of Jailhouse Rock when he inhaled a cap off of a tooth.  I DO NOT believe that they made a long mid-chest incision to remove that cap and that he went right back to complete filming Jailhouse Rock.

Elvis showing all of chest



Wonderful news!  Jesse just called to make sure that I did receive his birthday package.  It did arrive in today’s mail.  The note he wrote to me and the gifts of ear rings and a lovely ring made me so very, very happy.  So he certainly did give me a Happy Birthday and it helped to make my special day last longer because it came today.  He sounded wonderful and said that he was OK today.  So, his call and knowing that he is all right is the very best gifts of all.

I reminded him that if anything I have on my site (which I mail to him every week) is not accurate, to please just tell me and I will remove it right away.  It made me feel so good when he said that so far I am right about everything.  I told him that a lot of the material which I share is drawn from evidence and conclusions which I have reached.  So, I was delighted when he said that what I have on here is accurate.  Lately, I have been sending him the full pages as I get them restored so he has a fresh copy of those pages too.

He told me, once more, that I am his “voice”.  I take that honor so seriously and spend every day doing my best to be worthy of that and to represent him in the best possible way.


Our good friend, Betty Jean, shared the  following link with us on the blog page.  It is such a beautiful video and I want to share it here so that all may enjoy it as well.  This footage is so very special in that it was stored away in a salt mine (of all places) and had never been seen before it’s release.  The title is Elvis – The Lost Performances.  Enjoy!  Those who may have not seen this before are in for a real treat.


MrThefox11Published on Nov 26, 2012

this has footage not seen on that’s the way it is & on tour from 1970 & 1972