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My brother-in-law gave me a birthday gift over the weekend in the form of a very old People Magazine which featured Elvis and the one year anniversary of his “death” on the cover.  There was one portion of the article which caught my eye.

Below is the cover and also the excerpt from the article which pertains to Ginger Alden.  Because I have heard that Ms. Alden has said that Uncle Vester, Nancy Rooks, Dick Grob and Dr. Nick have all lied about her, I felt that this article certainly backs up the statements which I shared  on my Current News Page  recently.  Please take note that, one full year after Elvis “died”,  Ms. Alden had NOT been back inside Graceland since the funeral.  This bears out what Nancy Rooks wrote in her book.  Below is this excerpt from Ms. Rooks book once more:

Nancy Rooks book 3

Below is the cover of the August 1978 People Magazine.

1978 People Mag cover

Below is the excerpt from this magazine article.  You will note that I have underlined in red the particular sentence to which I have referred.

1978 People Mag article Alden

Seems to me, she was still pretty naive if she thought she could appear in a movie, as described in this article, and not know that it was deliberately being done to cash in on the aftermath of Elvis’ “death“…and if she thought she could convince anyone else that the similarities were simply “coincidental“.

This movie was filmed here in North Carolina not too far from the county where I grew up and in which  my husband I were living at that time in the 1970s.  The man who created this movie…Earl Owensby, was himself an Elvis Impersonator, and starred in this movie himself playing the part of the “NOT Elvis” Rock ‘n Roll star.

Below are several excerpts from Internet articles regarding Earl Owensby and the movie in which Ginger had her first acting role.

Owensby is to Hollywood what a Taiwan dress manufacturer is to a Parisian coutourier: he makes low-budget knockoffs of genre hits and other box-office smashes. You name it, he`s done it: Southern revenge dramas, crash-`em-up car flicks, horror, cheapo James Bond, 3-D movies of various stripes, even a film made to cash in on Elvis Presley`s death (starring E.O.).

“Was friends with Elvis Presley . Even named his son, actor Elvis Owensby after the late “King of Rock & Roll.”

Made a strange (albeit highly fictionalized) ‘Elvis tribute film’ called _Living Legend: The King of Rock & Roll (1980),  less than three years after Presley’s death. It co-starred actress Ginger Alden , who was Elvis’ fiancee at the time of his death.

Studio in North Carolina. Small town.”



I expect many of you have seen the headlines in recent days regarding the fact that Andy Kaufman’s best friend has announced that Andy faked his death 30 years ago.  He has also written a book about this fact.  He explains that Andy discussed with him in detail his plans to fake his death.  One of his old friends (not sure if it was this same friend)  said in an interview that he told Andy to not ever discuss it with him again.  That if he was going to do it, just do it, don’t ever talk to me about it again.  He also said that Andy promised to return after 30 years and that the 30 years expired this past May.  I have seen a very convincing video on YouTube some time ago which was purportedly Andy Kaufman in recent years.

The reason I am bringing this topic up on my site is because it is very well known that Andy Kaufman was a HUGE Elvis fan and did an imitation of Elvis which has been seen on some top TV shows, etc. back in the day.  My point is that Andy imitated Elvis and it is most probable that Andy choosing to fake his death was patterned after the fact that Elvis faked his death.  Take note also that Andy was doing his Elvis act BEFORE Elvis “died“.

Take a look…

Andy Kaufman Does Elvis Presley




Andy Kaufman’s Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, 1977

Johnny Carson  Johnny Carson   Published on Dec 3, 2013

Andy Kaufman does his Elvis Presley impersonation and sings Elvis’ hits “Love Me” and “Blue Suede Shoes”. This was Andy Kaufman’s first appearance on the “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1977.



Andy Kaufman becomes Elvis


Andy becomes Elvis at” The Andy Kaufman Special” (also known as “Andy’s Funhouse”). it was shot in July 1977. (before Elvis died).
Andy was the first person who did Elvis.


Below are two of the YouTube videos regarding the theory that Andy Kaufman is still alive.

Andy Kaufman believers say he may be living in Albuquerque

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