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Also, just before Mark called, Jesse called and that made my day, of course.  Jesse had surgery on one of his hips about 10 days ago and he is all right and is recuperating presently.  When he is completely recovered from this surgery, he will be having the same surgery done on his other hip.  So, let’s all remember him in our prayers.  He sounded wonderful and in very good spirits about everything.

He tried to phone me yesterday morning around 5 AM two times, but both times the phone cut off before we could speak.

He is the absolute BEST of the BEST forever…


Here is a news article for today regarding a special Elvis commemorative edition by USA Today:

20 essential Elvis songs: Did your faves make our cut?

  • 1976

    ‘Way Down’

    When backup singer and gospel legend J.D. Sumner sings the phrase “Way on down” at the end of each chorus, he’s digging deep for a sound that’s three octaves below middle C, one of the lowest notes ever recorded by a human voice. The last single released before Elvis’ death shows that his voice was still compelling – “feel it, feel it, feeeel it” – up to the very end.

Written by Jerry Shriver; produced by Kim Willis and Korina Lopez

Jerry Shriver, USA TODAY 7:41 a.m. EDT July 9, 2013

Need evidence to defend the King’s throne? Read on; USA TODAY’s Jerry Shriver plays DJ.

Wise men say only fools rush in to a debate on Elvis’ oeuvre. The man could, and did, sing just about anything. Including the phone book (cue up Memphis, Tennessee).

Elvis Presley adopted Mario Lanza-inspired romantic pieces, Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s down-and-dirty blues, pop tunes from Brill Building wiseacres Leiber and Stoller, Jackie Wilson-style R&B and several shades of country — and spit them out as rock ‘n’ roll.

Along the way, there would be cool Christmas songs, blue-eyed soul, soundtrack snoozers and enough schlock to make you Do the Clam. Plus, he knew gospel, chapter and verse. Lord, could Elvis sing gospel.

He was Americana before we knew the word.

That’s why, when assessing the more than 750 songs Elvis recorded, it’s more useful to appreciate his mastery of multiple styles rather than quibble over whether How Great Thou Art was, well, greater than Hound Dog.

So put your suspicious minds at ease and savor this survey of the best of his breadth, from the Sun sessions to the sunset years: 20 essential Elvis songs and the moments in them that make you turn your head (and pelvis) toward the speakers.

USA TODAY’s Elvis Presley special edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of his first recording, a $4 acetate of ‘My Happiness’ that he cut as a gift for his mother. The 48-page keepsake, on newsstands July 9, covers the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s influence on music and society.

My husband went right out to the local supermarket to buy two copies of this edition…one for me and one for me to send to Jesse.  However, it is not available here today.  We will try Wal-Mart tomorrow.


SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2013


We have been to a number of stores (including the supermarket of publications, Barnes and Noble) and have been unable to find a copy of the USA TODAY’S special Elvis editionI have phoned other stores and had the same disappointing results. 

I was able to send to Jesse the USA Today’s newspaper edition for the 9th which carried a very nice long article regarding Elvis’ influential role in the world.



TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2013

Because I was having so much trouble finding a store in my area which carried the USA Today special Elvis commemorative issue, our friend, Jobet, posted this link to their on-line store at which we may purchase the magazine.—usa-today-c854.aspx


MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013

Here is another of those musical clues which Elvis gave to his audiences during his last tour.  This song was performed on June 18, 1977…he knew he would not be here at Christmastime and that he would be alone for Christmas.

 1954775  Published on Dec 18, 2012

“9 days before Elvis’s last show and just 7 weeks before he died.”



One of our good friends on the blog page recently shared this very rare and special performance of MyWay.  This is unique because of the quiet words which Elvis says during the musical intro to the song…listen very closely…said as a prayer.  Then the other very special feature of this performance is that the audience begs for more of the song after the end and Elvis sings some more verses.  Again, I point out that this song was also featured a number of times during his very last tour…another farewell song.




Published on May 9, 2012

15 Feb 1977. Orlando, Florida. A very unusual version of My Way; after finishing the song, the audience wants to hear more so Elvis sings the last 2 verses again. This version of My Way is also notable for a false start and a spiritual comment Elvis makes during the intro…



I would like to thank Kalie for sharing the following video with us on the blog page. 

Please take time to sit very quietly and listen to this magnificent song and to read the letter which Elvis wrote:

Words of Wisdom from Elvis

NewEarthStar NewEarthStar

Published on Mar 9, 2013


You may purchase the book BLUE STAR LOVE – From an Amazing Heart of Grace at the below web site.  This book is by Maia Chrystine Nartoomid who wrote an earlier book about 20 years ago which I enjoyed immensely.  She has interwoven a lot of personal material about Elvis and his friendship with Wanda June Hill into both of her books.  I highly recommend everything published by Wanda June Hill.  She was a true friend to Elvis and has shared so much information about the inner man who was Elvis Presley and is now Jesse.


The following video also ties into the above book BLUE STAR LOVE – From an Amazing Heart of Grace

Once more, much of the information in this video is as told to Wanda June Hill by Elvis himself during the course of their 15 year friendship.

I must emphasize here that neither Wanda June Hill nor Maia Chrystine Nartoomid subscribe to the fact that Elvis is alive now as Jesse.  Had I been in Mrs. Hill’s place with Elvis preparing her for his death, I would also not be able to accept the fact that he did not really die.  He discussed his approaching death with her in detail many times.  He “hinted” very strongly that he would like for her to write a book about his friendship with her.  She wrote two books. “We Remember, Elvis” is to be found in a search for Mrs. Hill’s name.

You may read an interview with Wanda June Hill at the following link:

I hesitate to mention this…but it seems to be the appropriate place to do so.  Some time ago, during one of our phone conversations, Jesse told me that he would like for me to write a book about our friendship.  I quickly said “Oh no, no, no!”   I was so very honored and humbled when he mentioned that to me, but I don’t think that is my task to do in this life time.  I feel that I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose by having this web site and sharing the truth for free to anyone who loves him. 

Jesse reiterated during our last phone conversation this past week that I am his “spokesperson and his “voice to the fans who believe in me“.  For that reason I will always find a way to have a presence on the Internet to tell his truth as long as I am physically and financially able to do so.

Encounters – Elvis Presley

ElvisCandlelight ElvisCandlelight Published on Jun 27, 2013


From the book BLUE STAR LOVE…
more info and to order here:


Here is the latest news on the pending sale of the rights to Elvis’ image, etc.  There are three big bidders in the running right now.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in ICON over the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More…)

I have written several articles about Iconix Brand Group (ICON) and its portfolio of brands. Iconix licenses out its brands and receives payments for the use of the names. This business model cuts out Iconix need to manufacture merchandise or hold inventory in warehouses across the country. The company continues to grow through acquisitions and joint ventures. One new acquisition could be coming and will provide shareholders with continued gains.

According to the New York Post, Iconix is one of several first round bidders for assets from Core Media Group. Apollo Global Management (APO), which bought Core Media Group, is selling its stakes in Elvis Presley Entertainment and Muhammad Ali Entertainment. Iconix joins bidders Sony (SNE) and G2 Investment Group to move onto the second round of bidding.

Core Media owns 85% of Elvis Presley Entertainment, with the late singer’s daughter Lisa Marie holding the other stake in the company. Elvis Presley is one of the most widely recognized artists and his branding is incredible powerful. Current partners include: Zippo, Dolce & Gabbana, Sirius, Fender, Avis (CAR), Budget, American Express (AXP), Budweiser (BUD), Harrah’s, and Coca-Cola (KO). The company also leases Graceland, the popular tourist destination, from Lisa Marie Presley. Graceland attracts over a half a million visitors annually.


Very comforting thought for today…

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day


Think on This…
For, as has been given, it is not all of life to live, nor yet all of death to die. For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means.

Reading 1977-1


TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2013

Because I was having so much trouble finding a store in my area which carried the USA Today special Elvis commemorative issue, our friend, Jobet, posted this link to their on-line store at which we may purchase the magazine.—usa-today-c854.aspx


For those who may be interested in buying Wanda June Hill’s book WE REMEMBER, ELVIS, I have just done a search on Abe Books. com and found that there are a number of copies on there beginning at very reasonable prices.  Here is the link to the results of my search:

It can also be found on…below is their copy:

Product Details

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition by Wanda June Hill (Sep 21, 2006)

Formats Price New Used Collectible

$23.99 $21.59 $20.00

Her first publication from back in 1978 was titled WE REMEMBER, ELVIS;  her second publication was ELVIS – FACE TO FACE which was published in 1985.  When I learned about her books and ordered mine from her, I received both books combined into one binder. 

As I wrote earlier, Wanda June is a lovely lady who does NOT accept the fact that Elvis did not die.  But, that is OK.  I respect her very much and she was in a very different position than that in which I have been for the past 21 years.

Once, her name came up in one of my conversations with Jesse.  I could hear the fond recollection in his voice when I mentioned her name and he said “Oh yes, she had a little girl.”  So, he does definitely remember her.

Wanda June has suffered her share of slings and arrows  in the same way that I have.  Marty Lacker has called her something like “a cracked ceramic vase“… just as he has called me all manner of  names.  But, Wanda June has taped phone conversations with Elvis in his own natural voice from the 15 years during which she was friends with him until August, 1977.  She has handwritten notes, letters, and gifts from him…just as I do for the past 21 years.  She has phone records proving the calls between the two of them as well.  So, the nay-sayers who want to protect their own turf and discredit anyone who does not fit their “mold” of Elvis do come after honest friends of Elvis’/Jesse’s who want the world to know the REAL man…the kind, caring, compassionate, generous, down-to-earth, loyal-to-a-fault, true friend that he was and still is with everyday people like Wanda June and myself.

Again, I cannot recommend Wanda June’s book and work any more highly than I do.  It is an excellent beautiful work about one of God’s greatest human creations…Elvis who is now Jesse.

Below are three pages from Wanda June’s book which I bought around 1990.  I present these in order that everyone may see the tone of her work.  She is exactly like me in regard to our devotion and loyalty to Elvis, and now mine to Jesse who was Elvis.  We both wish for every fan to have a chance to know the real man as opposed to the trashy and sensationalized books and tabloid stories.  Elvis, himself, hated these so very much even before he left us.  As we all know, they got so much worse after people thought that he was gone.

Vernon's letter to Wanda June Hill

Even though the truth is that Elvis did not die, it still does my heart good to see this article which Wanda June included in her book proving that the mainstream media was not reporting the official truth about the cause of his reported death. 

The following report was never seen on the nightly news or the front pages of major newspapers nor even on the front of the rag-mags.  Those media outlets were too busy promoting the lies which were based on hate-filled body guard books and the fiasco of 20/20’s Geraldo’s 2 week investigation in Memphis into the cause of Elvis’s death…two whole weeks in which he determined there was a cover-up but never figured out that the cover-up was that Elvis faked his death.

Newspaper article Drugs Did Not Kill Elvis from Wanda June Hill

The following is Wanda June’s dedication in her book:

Dedication in Wanda June Hill's Book WE REMEMBER, ELVIS

Her book was published in the revised form in 2006 as WE REMEMBER, ELVIS and is the one for which I have provided the links above to and

And so my goal is the same as Wanda June’s…to share his truth with “the fans who still believe in me.


Also, below is the information about the first book by Chrystine Hayes, MAGII FROM THE BLUE STAR about which I have displayed information  previously.  Again I purchased this book in 1990.

I highly recommend both of Maia Chrystine Hayes Nartoomid’s books.  Her latest is BLUE STAR LOVE – From an Amazing Heart of Grace.

Magii From the Blue Star

I also would, once more, refer my visitors to the web site which is owned by Maia Chrystine Nartoomid with contributions and activity by Wanda June Hill.

There can never be too many voices of truth in this world filled with hate and lies.


Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day


Think on This…
Hence as has been given, know thyself, in whom thou believest! Not of earthly, not of material things, but mental and spiritual–and why! And by keeping a record of self–not as a diary, but thy purposes, what you have thought, what you have desired, the good that you have done–we will find this will bring physical and mental reactions that will be in keeping with the purposes for which each soul enters a material manifestation.

Reading 830-3


A testament to Elvis’ continued popularity and following:

Special Report: Elvis Lives!

Posted: Jul 15, 2013 11:07 AM EDT
Monday, July 15, 2013 11:07 AM EST

Updated: Jul 15, 2013 4:00 PM EDT

Monday, July 15, 2013 4:00 PM EST

By Cade Fowler

Elvis Tribute Artist Jeff VandenbergElvis Tribute Artist Jeff Vandenberg

According to Forbes magazine, Elvis posthumously raked in $55 million in 2012

According to Forbes magazine, Elvis posthumously raked in $55 million in 2012


Fans young and old still love the King. Even if it's not the original

Fans young and old still love the King. Even if it’s not the original


 Next month will mark 36th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. In life, he wowed audiences and became one of the most famous entertainers of all time with a following of millions of fans. But even in death he remains just as popular. Thousands of people go to great lengths to pay tribute to him.

His music is unforgettable. Just a man from Mississippi, who became a legend.

Elvis Presley died in August of 1977, but his memory still very much alive. “They call me Elvis. AKA, I guess,” said Elvis Tribute Artist Jeff Vandenberg. He’s one of estimated 75,000 Elvis tribute artists world wide to embody the King of Rock ‘n” roll.

One needs more than just fancy outfits “They want to hear ‘Hound Dog.’ They want to hear ‘Suspicious Minds.’ Two completely different eras,” said Vandenberg.

Fans young and old still love the King. Even if it’s not the original. Evident in the hundreds of appearances Vandenberg has made over the past decade.

“People want to get close to what they perceive to be the King of Rock n Roll. Some people never got to see him. This as close as they’ll ever get,” said Vandenberg.

A heart attack claimed Presley back in 1977. Every year since thousands have flocked to Graceland to pay homage to the King. Still, his work is a big seller. According to Forbes magazine, Elvis posthumously raked in $55 million in 2012.

He’s very, very popular. He’s influenced a lot of artists,” said Brian Will of FYE Music in Albany, where Elvis is still in demand. “He’s got tons of CD’s, lots of movies. We have a costumer who comes in who looks like Elvis. He buys a lot of his movies,” said Will.

Vandenberg’s version of Graceland is in Chula in Tift County where you will find everything Elvis from commemorative plates to figurines. It’s in honor of an artist who scored numerous number 1 hits from rock to gospel to country and blues. “It appears to get bigger and bigger every year. That I can’t explain,” said Vandenberg.

Perhaps it’s the different genres he crossed that appeals to so many of us that keeps the work of Elvis alive and well. For those who make a living as Elvis impersonators, it’s not an easy task pretending to be a King.

“There’s only one king of rock n roll. I’m not him. I’m just here to keep the legacy alive and the memory alive. Have a good time. Maybe make a few people happy. If I’ve done that then I did great a job,” said Vandenberg.

What’s certain is that even though the King is gone. His voice is for the ages. And decades after his death thousands still flock to Graceland to pay homage to the late legend. Vandenberg will performing a an Elvis tribute show August 16th at the Tift Theatre to mark the 36th Anniversary of Elvis’ death.



In the troubled world in which we all live now, it is so very hard not to form resentment toward those who mistreat us.  I have to work really hard to remember this admonition to which it is so very difficult to adhere.  Elvis said something like “Thoughts are things…“…  Controlling our thoughts is much more challenging than controlling our actual actions.

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
… if the entity allows [the relationships with individuals] to produce a hardening of the heart, or of a determination to get even, or of those conditions that hold for discontent, malice, or otherwise, these must surely bring the destructive forces that build that which the entity must meet; for, in truth, that builded in the mental forces of a body is as ACTIVE in the experiences as must come to the entity as were done in the very material act; for, as was given, “It hath been said, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; yet I say unto thee, he that hateth his brother is worse than he that DESTROYETH a body.”

Reading 1234-1


I did not know until I saw the following article that Scotty Moore has written another book based upon his work with Elvis.  I have his first book titled “THAT’S ALRIGHT, ELVIS“.

Arthritis silences notes, but Elvis Presley’s first guitarist as sharp as ever

Scotty Moore subject of new book

Scotty Moore was Elvis Presley's first guitarist.

Scotty Moore was Elvis Presley’s first guitarist.

Written by Billy Watkins

Scotty Moore will be at Lemuria Books in Jackson on Saturday at 1 p.m. to sign copies of his new book, “Scotty & Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train,” which he co-wrote with Brandon author and music historian James Dickerson.

Scotty Moore’s 82-year-old fingers have no more music left in them.

Arthritis has invaded the hands of the man “Rolling Stone” magazine rated 29th in its 2011 list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time, ahead of legends such as Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh, Muddy Waters, Slash, Dickey Betts, Bonnie Raitt, Carl Perkins, Roger McGuinn and Paul Simon.

Moore was Elvis Presley’s original lead guitar player who laid down the licks on classic early hits such as “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” He was also Elvis’ close friend and worked as his manager for a short time.

“It’s been about seven or eight years since I was able to play,” Moore says by phone from his secluded home outside Nashville. “I had stopped playing professionally several years before that, but I’d still play once in a while for my own enjoyment … just whatever song came to mind, really.

“Sure, I miss it. But the arthritis came on gradually, so I knew the day would come that I had to deal with it.”

Even though he makes few public appearances and spends most of his days working in his yard and watching “whatever I can find” on television, he is hardly forgotten.

“Paul called just the other day,” Moore says.

That would be former Beatle Paul McCartney, who studied Moore’s work note by note as an aspiring musician in Liverpool, England.

 “He was in Tennessee (for the Bonnaroo festival) and wanted to check on me,” says Moore, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. “We talked about this and that. We’ve worked together some through the years so it’s really not that unusual. Paul’s a good guy who respects the musicians who came before him.”

Moore will be at Lemuria Books in Jackson on Saturday at 1 p.m. to sign copies of his new book, “Scotty & Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train,” which he co-wrote with Brandon author and music historian James Dickerson at the urging of Moore’s sister.

The book chronicles every step of Moore’s career, but the priceless nuggets focus on Moore’s early days with Elvis, when a 19-year-old from Tupelo changed the music world for good with a killer combination — model-worthy good looks, a soulful voice and moves on stage that few fans had ever seen.

“You know, it’s funny to me when people talk about Elvis swiveling his hips and all that,” Moore says. “That wasn’t put on. It was a natural thing for him to be on the balls of his feet when he played guitar and sang. You put a guitar in his hands, ask him to play, and that’s how he stood. That’s how he kept rhythm to what he was singing.

“But after we saw how much the fans loved it, we’d sort of encouraged him to do it. (Bass player) Bill Black was the one who would whisper in Elvis’ ear and tell him to shake his leg or throw his belt out into the audience. It became part of the show.”

Some critics didn’t care for Elvis’ onstage antics. “But I never could understand why,” Moore says. “It wasn’t vulgar. It was just a man filled with music from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, and it was the only way he knew to let it out.”

Moore, who was born in Gadsden, Tenn., and learned to play guitar at age 8, says he was “in the right place at the right time” to become an important thread in Elvis’ rise to fame.

While that was part of it, Dickerson says Moore has never given himself enough credit for his pure playing ability.

“People heard Elvis’ early songs and thought they were done by a big band, when it was really just drums (D.J. Fontana), bass (Black) and Elvis playing rhythm. The rest of it was Scotty doing magical things with his guitar licks. That’s why he’s considered by many to be the pioneer of lead guitar.

“Keith Richards (of the Rolling Stones) always said that ‘when everybody wanted to be Elvis, I wanted to be Scotty.’ ”

In 1954, Moore was the leader of the Starlite Wranglers band. He became friends with Sam Phillips, who had a small recording label in Memphis.

“Elvis used to come around to the label’s office, and the secretary kinda took a liking to him,” Moore recalls. “She was older than Elvis — he was just 19 at the time — but he was nice looking, said, ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am.’ Just real respectful. He was driving a truck for a living at the time. So she encouraged Sam Phillips to give Elvis a chance.

“Sam called me and said he had this kid he wanted me to hear. He wanted to know what I thought of him.”

Elvis visited Moore’s home on July 4 and sang several songs. Moore was impressed with how many songs Elvis knew “but his voice wasn’t as deep as it got later. It was still kinda high,” he says. “And he was just OK on the guitar. He could play some rhythm but he didn’t know a lot of chords.”

The next day, Moore joined Elvis and Black in Phillips’ Sun Records studio for a recording session. For a while, things didn’t go well.

“Nothing seemed to click,” Moore says. “But we were sitting there, about ready to go home, and Elvis just started singing this song called ‘That’s All Right.’ Elvis couldn’t sit still much, and I think he was singing it out of nervous energy. Me and Bill started playing along with him.

“Sam stuck his head out of the control room and said, ‘What was that?’ I said, ‘We’re just messing around.’ Sam told us to start over but wait for him to turn the (recording) machine on. And that was the start of it.”

“That’s All Right” immediately found its way to radio. Elvis’ career had been launched.

Elvis, Moore and Black formed the group The Blue Moon Boys — borrowed from the second song they recorded, “Blue Moon of Kentucky. They soon added Fontana “because we really needed drums so people could hear us … the only amplification our instruments had was my amplifier, and it was nothing compared to the amps of today.”

They set out across the South in a 1954 Chevrolet, with Black’s huge stand-up bass tied to the roof. Moore and Black usually drove.

“If you let Elvis drive, no telling where you’d wind up,” Moore laughs. “He didn’t have much sense of direction, so if he got on a road he pretty much stayed on it. We’d wake up and not know where we were.”

And they weren’t getting rich. “We were making enough money to put gas in the car to get to the next show,” Moore says. “And if somebody was willing to pay us enough for gas, we would go.

“I look back now and realize it was all about the music, never about money. It had to be or we would’ve quit.”

Moore felt responsible for Elvis during their travels. “I remember his mother getting me off to the side before we left and said, ‘Please take care of my boy.’ I wasn’t much older than Elvis, but I’d been in the Navy for four years and I guess to her I seemed a little more equipped to handle the ways of the world. But I never forgot what she asked me to do, and I tried my best.”

Moore faced a tough decision in 1968.

He hadn’t made a lot of money from Elvis’ hit records he’d played on, and Moore had become interested in producing sessions with other talent. He enjoyed the work and it was proving to be lucrative. When Elvis landed a lengthy Las Vegas gig shortly after his ’68 TV “Comeback Special,” Moore was asked to go with him.

He chose to stay in Nashville and continue his studio work.

Nine years later, Elvis died at 40. His struggle with addiction to pain medication is well documented. When talking about Elvis’ final years, Moore is torn between anger and sadness.

“We could all see (his death) coming,” Moore says. “We knew things were not going along as they should have been … that he wasn’t being taken care of like he should’ve been.

“I say this without any hesitation: If things had worked out differently, and that group of us that started out with him could’ve stayed with him all the way through, Elvis would still be alive today. I firmly believe that.”

Book signing

Scotty Moore will be at Lemuria Books in Jackson on Saturday at 1 p.m. to sign copies of his new book, “Scotty & Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train,” which he co-wrote with Brandon author and music historian James Dickerson.

This video appears as a part of this article:

Scotty Moore – The Sun Sessions

ElvisAustralia Uploaded on Oct 28, 2007

Scotty Moore Talks About The Sun Sessions.


Here is the link to this article:

The following is a personal account of the author’s (of the above article) encounter with Elvis in the 70’s.  This blog article was posted by the author on ALL THINGS MISSISSIPPI

My encounter with Elvis Presley

Posted on by Billy Watkins

Check out my story todayabout Scotty Moore, who played lead guitar for Elvis Presley in his pre-jumpsuit days. Moore will be at Lemuria Books in Jackson on Saturday at 1 p.m. to sign copies of “Scotty & Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train.” It’s co-written with local music historian and author Jim Dickerson. Moore had some interesting insight into Elvis as a young performer and the years just prior to his death, in 1977.

I never saw Elvis in concert, but I did have the pleasure of being in his company for a few minutes in the summer of 1975. I was covering a Memphis Southmen game at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. The Southmen were part of the short-lived World Football League, and had some pretty decent players in former NFL stars Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Paul Warfield.

At halftime, I did what all sports writers do — head for the feeding trough. I saw several people standing down the press box hallway holding drinks in plastic cups and snacks on paper plates. So I excused myself as I weaved through them. When I entered the room that I thought was the dining area, I looked to my right and there sat Elvis Presley. Maybe six feet from me.

He was talking to a young lady about a party they were having after the game, and how he hoped she could make it.

All I could do was stare. Elvis was the first “star” of my youth. The first album my brother and I ever bought was Elvis singing songs like “Hound Dog” and “All Shook Up.” I must have stared at him for 10 minutes. And I can say this with all my manliness intact: He was, and is, the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.

My friends still give me grief about not shaking his hand or getting his autograph. But I was frozen. I’ve been fortunate in my job to meet a lot of famous athletes and celebrities. That’s the only time I was so star struck that I couldn’t say anything. Finally, as the second half was about to begin, I walked back to my seat on media row. All shook up.

This entry was posted by Billy Watkins.

Billy Watkins

About Billy Watkins

Billy Watkins is a lifelong Mississippian who has written about the people and places of this state for 36 years.




FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013

So.o.o.o.o sweet…lucky Dixie…

After the second show in Mobile Alabama on May 5, 1955 Elvis and his pink Cadillac hit the road, heading straight back to Memphis for his girlfriend Dixie Locke’s junior prom the following night, May 6, while Scotty Moore and Bill Black went on to Birmingham for a show – ‘a most remarkable display of priorities for a young aspiring artist at the bottom of the tour hierarchy’.

Text and photos from the book, A Boy From Tupelo. Elvis Presley and Dixie Locke : Dixie Locke’s Junior Prom : May 6, 1955. –


See more at:


Now, HERE is the kind of church group we like to see at Graceland!!!!



SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2013

While searching for a specific live performance by Elvis, I came upon a most wonderful YouTube channel.  This channel has absolutely the largest collection of live on-stage performances by Elvis that I have ever seen.  I will share the name and link to this channel…it is fantastic!!  There are hundreds of videos on this channel.  Hats off to the person who created this channel with such a wide array of Elvis performances.

Hosein Yunesi Hosein Yunesi


This series of videos was created by LiveInLakech.  These are about Elvis and Jesse…also FOR Jesse.  I have displayed some of these before…but they bear repeating.

Hats off to LiveInLakech for creating these beautiful and factual videos.

PART 1 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin

LiveInLakech Uploaded on Sep 10, 2011

This is a video montage of several clips, interviews, images all put together to create some possible alternate thoughts on the deeper and more private side of Elvis.

Many people do not know that Elvis Presley was born a twin. His brother died at birth, so Elvis is what is referred to as a “twinless twin”. Throughout his life, Elvis read over a thousand different books, encompassing a wide range of subjects related to philosophy, spiritual teachings and esoteric arts. Those close to him say he was always asking “why me” and searching for deeper meaning in life.

“My father’s library of spiritual books is amazing. I’ve gone through these books. They’re covered with his notes. He wrote on the top of the page, on the bottom of the page, in the margins – everywhere. You can hear him thinking when you read those notes” ~Lisa-Mary Presley

This video is presented and intended for education, comparison and discussion purposes only. The copyright holder is respected and not infringed upon. All images and music belong to their rightful owners.

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PART 2 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin

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PART 3 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse; The Journey of the Twinless Twin

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PART 4 of 4 – Elvis & Jesse, The Journey of the Twinless Twin

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I know that we have shared this photo of Elvis for comparison to Jesse before…but it is so good that I just gotta’ show it one more time. 🙂

Elvis GREAT photo for comparison to Jesse

Jesse closeup for comparison




MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013

Also, here is another really good photo of Elvis wearing his DEA STAFF jacket on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis…this was the very last show of his very last tour before “retiring”.  Our dear friend, Lucilia, shared this with me on Facebook.  This was placed on Facebook on the I Love Elvis page.

Elvis wearing DEA STAFF jacket on June 26, 1977 (very last show of tour)

My hero always…


There is a copy of Jesse’s book available on Ebay right now for a pretty reasonable price for those who have been looking.

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footnote:  I just realized that the link which I originally showed above was incorrect…it is now corrected


One more comparison….

Elvis and Jesse for comparison 7 22 2013

Someday everyone will accept the truth about Jesse…

The face is the same, the voice is the same (please listen to his 15 new songs in the music player at the top left of this page), and the handwriting is the same (please see many, many handwritten letters on this site).


I want to try, once more, to dispel the false rumors which are being circulated that Elvis is going to appear in Memphis on August 16, 2013.  Those who are circulating this rumor and the petitions are misleading the fans.   I have heard from fans who are saving their money frantically to be there to see him.  These rumors are cruel to those who believe them.

Mark my words: 




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Below is an announcement of a special event being held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.  My friend, Ron, shared this with me and thought that others would perhaps enjoy learning about it.  Perhaps some of my visitors may be interested in attending.  Sounds very nice.


FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013

We have covered so much over the years and those who have been involved for years have seen and heard all that is in this video.  But, because I know there are those who are relatively new to the topic, I want to share this video in order to provide some background information.  I must stress though that Jesse told me himself (many years after I first came to know  Gail) “I don’t want that woman to make any more money off of me.”  referring to Gail Brewer-Giorgio.  He also said that some of the things which Gail promoted were “pure fiction“.  That being said, I think you will find some good information in this film…although, I now know things that contradict some of the things in the film.  But, still there are some  good nuggets of truth contained.

Please take note especially of the facts about the pool house door photo…which Jesse has told me, himself, is really him; also, the facts about the handwritten death report which was written by Elvis himself…it was Elvis’s first cousin *Gene Smith who told Gail to have it analyzed and it would prove that Elvis did, indeed, fill out that report; Monte Nicholson also is interesting.  

*Below is the link to my page about Gene Smith.  (I must apologize that this is one of the pages on which a number of the images are missing.  However, I did just go to that page and re-inserted the most important image which was missing.  Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and take note of the copies from the last two pages of Gene’s book.  The last sentence says it all.

Elvis Presley – Elvis death

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So true…

Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

Think on This…
But do not put off today that which will bring hope and help to the mind of another . . . Those things that make for the putting off become a joy never fulfilled. Use, then, the experiences from day to day as the basis, and these will grow under thine very effort; surprising even to self as to the joy that comes from same, and gradually taking shape to become a joy to self and blessings to others.

Reading 877-9


A good friend on our blog page found a wonderful YouTube channel and shared it with us yesterday.  This channel has a huge amount of very special Elvis related videos.  Among those are videos from the Elvis – The Early Years TV series which aired back in 1990.  If you have not see these shows, you are in for a real treat.  To me they were some of the very best shows ever made about Elvis. 

I will also tell you, too, that Jesse wrote one of our mutual friends (back before I knew Jesse myself) that he was excited and couldn’t wait for the series to start airing.  I do have a copy of this letter in his own handwriting and have displayed an excerpt from it pertaining to this TV series.  So, yes, these shows are VERY special indeed.

Here is the link to this wonderful Youtube channel:

Efan56’s channel


I also have a clip from one of the shows on my own Youtube channel showing a tie in between the TV shows about Elvis and Orion Pictures.  So special…

Here is the link to my video:

ELVIS IS ALIVE: Elvis Presley TV Series and Orion Pictures in 1990



I have now completed repairing another of the pages of my site which had missing older images.  Since, I referred my visitors to this page earlier this week, I want to share the link to the page now that it is completed.  This page does have some very significant information contained within it’s material.  Below is the link to my page titled:

Gene Smith, Elvis’ first cousin and closest lifelong friend says it was not Elvis in the coffin.


SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013

My friend, Kalie shared this with me on Facebook.  So relevant to the truth which I share on this site.

Kalie  shared Catalyzing Change‘s photo.

@[193431794045607:274:Catalyzing Change]

 My thanks to Kalie.


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The page which I just completed is very interesting and is a large piece of the puzzle which proves that Jesse is Elvis.  So, I want to invite everyone to visit this page and take in all of the material which I have provided.  I also added several brand new copies onto this page to further document the truth.

Below is the link to the repaired page:


TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013

Below is the link to another page which I have completed repairing.  I am sharing it here because it contains an important piece of documentation.


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AUGUST, 2013.